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  • Current Version: 4.1.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Wex, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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WEX Connect App

Save money and time for your fleet by easily locating the closest and least expensive fueling stations. WEXConnect updates prices in real-time as transactions occur, so you are sure to always get the most up-to-date fuel pricing.

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  • Can’t find stations in network 1/5

    By 🙏🔎✝️
    Been to 4 different stations none of them in network so So they canceled my card assuming fraud leaving me stranded with no way to get gas had to beg people for money to get gas nicest
  • Inaccurate 1/5

    By how many nicknames are
    Your App said 7/11 on firestone blvd was selling gas for $1.84 I drove 2 miles out of the way to take advantage of the low price. I paid $3.80. Also Your App sends me to gas stations that are closed. Several times I’ve encountered this. Thought you should know. In case you give a Crap.
  • Owner 1/5

    By mrwksw
    Change app it doesn’t work poor move
  • Informative but needs a little work 3/5

    By 101 mannY
    Used to like this app a lot more last year. Somehow, in January of 2019, I noticed 8 had to set my preferences every time I looked up gas prices. Annoying!
  • Great App! 5/5

    By Loving Soliraire
    Covers all the gas stations in my area, and very up to date!
  • Excellent 5/5

    By Francphp
    5 stars
  • App support fail 1/5

    By illinois fleet mgmt
    No support for the app. Worked fine for a week and then stopped. Left our company and 200 drivers with no way to find fuel stations. Reinstalling app did not help. It’s a shame. No response to emails and phone calls.
  • Support staff a major fail 2/5

    By BrettMom
    This app was working fine for over five years. Then it stopped working suddenly. It lost all my favorites and the locater services were not working. They do not have support for the application. I had to try to contact them through there fleet website. It took three attempts to reach someone. When I did, they wanted to know what my account number and business was. Then they sent me a PDF file of how to use the app. I think I already know how to use the app. You just can’t use it when it’s broken. They have no support for the application whatsoever.
  • Extremely helpful 5/5

    By M_P_73
    So thankful to find the best prices around me quickly, help to stay on time traveling!
  • Screwed up app 1/5

    By Tauntinator
    This is a great app when it works but that is seldom seen. It takes away your favorites and tells you it is unable to locate remote places like Cincinnati or Boston or New York City. Often will not allow you to re-enter data such as your location or favorites. Not recommended unless you don’t need gas or never go anywhere!!!
  • Issue 1/5

    By lpooollpp
    Not working after update
  • Much improved 5/5

    By Ap2_06
    Thank you for updating! Everything works and the new UI is worlds better!
  • Doesn’t Work 1/5

    By HeWhoWandersIsNotLost
    Downloaded the app on both my personal and work phones and it doesn’t work on either phone. Keeps saying that my location can’t be found and when I enter an address, City/State, and/or ZIP code, it also says my location can’t be found.
  • No longer working 1/5

    By Joseph Kuhtic
    When i first downloaded the app it was great. I used it for two days without issue. Today when I went to use it. It tells me that it cannot find my location. If I try to manually enter a location it tells me the same thing
  • Stopped working 3/5

    By Habeeb Snodgrass
    This was a good app but about a month ago the map stopped working. Then this week the it stopped searching all together. I hope you get it working again soon.
  • Not working 1/5

    By Julie 5374
    The app is not working. I tried reloading the app and it still does not work.
  • informative 5/5

    By Ricmoo99
    great price info
  • Inaccurate info and UI harder to use than it should be 2/5

    By Snurdburglr
    I’ve been sent to so many stations that don’t exist or have bad addresses that I feel like I’ve burned as much gas as I’ve put in the tank. The map mode has limited features, and “use two fingers to move the map” is archaic. I feel like if this was outsourced to use something like Yelp’s AP, it would be a lot more user-friendly as far as navigation goes.
  • Brain dead app 1/5

    By Hungry Fisherman
    App worked great on my old iPhone 4S, not so good on my new iPhone 7. At least once a week the app goes brain dead and does not respond. I have to delete it and reinstall. Works good for a few days then bam! no response from any feature. I have to reload the app and all my favorites again. I have complained but no one seems to know what the problem is.
  • Service station owner 5/5

    By LAngelCA
    Very happy, very helpful 👌
  • Good app, but needs work 3/5

    By The Kitchen Witch
    In my area, pricing is fairly accurate. Some stations show as not updated for 72 hours. Since I’m not sure how updates arrive in the database, this could be an issue with station and not the app. Data is presented well and will surely find you a gas station if you need one. What would make this a better app would be to increase the load speed. Users are familiar with WEX, but to see the logo up to ten seconds on older devices is just ridiculous.
  • Needs work 3/5

    By BillA518
    Covers a lot of stations GasBuddy doesn't. Search is clunky and doesn't remember your latest/most common searches. 'My Favorites' doesn't work until after you do a manual search.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Alfred wiggun
    What a pile of garbage. I can't imagine why anyone would voluntarily use this.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By $2 gas please
    Easy informative very happy
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Silverknight46
    I use this app all the time. 👍. It has saved me time and money. I am able to get the best price in the areas I will be traveling.
  • Works great 4/5

    By JediMasterRocco
    Wish there was a way to set default to search by distance instead of always price
  • Low quality app 1/5

    By Filthyjason
    Updated for 3.2.2 version. Still not working well, searches have problems toggling between price and distance, typically one or the other says no results but the other does show results. Map view doesn't list all stations that do show up in the list view. Sometimes they do, other times they don't. I haven't tested this while driving yet, below is my review from the previous version. ***** This must have been a first timer or just an app in need of a refresh. It usually has my location off by miles, usually somewhere I was 15+ mins ago. I even end the app and reopen it. The searches by distance seem to use something other than just the miles like it says, maybe zip code? I can be a mile from a station it knows about, but it won't show me in any distance searches, but shows locations much further away. I typically just go to more expensive stations that I know accept my card because this app is just not that good.

    By ChicagoNerd
    This is the best app by far of the gas and prices that are actually what the app says they are, down to the day and the cent! Hands down... the best GAS APP IN TOWN!!
  • Search Function Needs Work 2/5

    By Farmer of the Silver Shield
    I downloaded this app and searched for a car wash. Everything else but a carwash was listed, page after page worth. If you can't find one, just say so!
  • Great app 5/5

    By Cutty$$
    Saved me a lot of walking to get fuel in the middle of the night.
  • Prices 1/5

    By Aowen7a
    Don't rely on this app to be up to date on fuel prices I've seen multiple times now that even if the price was updated "2hrs ago" that the prices are drastically different most of the time by 20-30 cents a gallon!
  • Service Search 2/5

    By TomASpencer
    The service search button doesn't work. Lame. If you can't get it to work, take it off.
  • Sometimes works 1/5

    By I got gas
    Don't depend on this app to open every time. Also don't depend on it to refresh without closing or the stations listings to stay up-to-date. I have found multiple stations which are not listed on the app, yet are accepted. This is a poor first shot at creating a useful tool. Aka- a dull axe
  • Rating 5+* 5/5

    By Evening Star1970*
    Fabulous app highly recommended. 👍🏻
  • Great app! 5/5

    By MoJensen
    Works great for all our drivers. They are not only able to see the closest stations but where diesel is as well!
  • Difficult to use 1/5

    By Still entering by hand
    The refresh function doesn't seem to work. I have to keep closing and reopening the app to find out how close I am. Unless you are familiar with the area it is difficult to know which stations might be located in the direction you are headed.
  • Great app! 5/5

    By FPDavis
    I use it every time I'm ready to buy gas.
  • APP works great 4/5

    By Phb49
    Finds cheap gas with ease.
  • Excellent Application 5/5

    By Art Sosa
    The App for searching for gas prices. The only App that I found for searching for E85 (which most cars can use - and it's made in America). It provides prices and location and the information is current. I tried several others but I found this App to be the best for gas prices and location search. Thanks guys for the excellent work.
  • Horrible price accuracy 1/5

    By dcgdc
    List gas prices at least $0.20 cheaper then they are on average!
  • NO PRICES SHOWN!!! 1/5

    By Jimmysara
    I am in Las Vegas, and NOT ONE GAS STATION had a price. Worthless app, I am deleting
  • Prices 1/5

    By Mike Bucalo
    Often the prices found on WEX are falsely reported by the retailer. I have been checking diesel prices since 08/01/2014, some pricing is bogus.
  • Exceptionally helpful! 5/5

    By Rugbybooster
    Can you add a 50-mile radius option?
  • WEX Connect 5/5

    By Northside 777
    An excellent app! Very happy with it
  • Useful Tool 4/5

    By BrooklynBenWard
    Prices are changing pretty fast these days. WEX manages to stay nearly accurate. Allows current location, ZIP code or address searches.
  • Gives a heads up when I need it 5/5

    By Tattoos brew
    Getting the prices in town do help when I want to know the best prices.
  • Money saver! 5/5

    By *123456
    It works great for us, no matter where we are!
  • Big Help! 4/5

    By Hansoncanyon
    This app aids in my saving money on fuel, no matter if at home or on the road. Relying on it daily and weekly.
  • Scrolling thru list 4/5

    By Jaybo8944
    I like the app but the problem I have is when I try to scroll thru the list wherever I touch the screen it opens that particular location. Seems to me there should be a scroll area on the list screen.

WEX Connect app comments

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