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WFSB-TV Channel 3 - Stay on top of breaking news, weather and traffic with the Channel 3 app. It’s the information you need to know on the go. Get the top local headlines for Connecticut, as well as news from around the U.S. and the world. The Channel 3 app puts the power of Early Warning Pinpoint Doppler in the palm of your hand and you can check pinpoint traffic before you hit the road. Download the Channel 3 app now.

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WFSB app reviews

  • Your app 1/5

    By Muddinyori
    Every time I either click on a link from an alert or go directly into the app It always says we’ll be right back and it never opens
  • Why are there headline notifications? 2/5

    By HugoSTE45
    Every time I get a notification I can’t tap on it and actually read the news bite. It just shows the logo with the words we’ll be right back. I want to read the news bite without backing out then combing the news or weather section every time. I don’t want a video of it. Most of the time it won’t load due to crap WiFi/LTE coverage. Not that hard people.
  • My favorite channel!! 5/5

    By Cyn3729
    I absolutely love the whole crew!!
  • Needs orderly set up 2/5

    By CherieAmes
    Maybe it is because I am new to this ap, but it is very difficult to follow your ap. Previously, I have followed the news on the WCVB, Boston. Give it a look, it might be helpful.
  • I'm done 1/5

    By diane143
    I've had this app installed for years. There is no way to customize the notifications anymore, and even when there was all I seemed to get was multiple sports notifications daily despite turning that off. So my option is too many invasive, senseless notifications or zero notifications. Going to free up some phone space and delete it.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By RudyRay0523
    I’m from CT but I live Upstate in NY now. Good news or bad news,This app brings home to me.Also the it’s easy to navigate. Thank you!
  • Morning 5/5

    By abcdefghijklmnopqrdtibwcyx
    Love all the folks in the morning. They are able to mix accurately news weather. Traffic with a true sense of humor. No other program would have a retiree to get up at 4:00. Please keep it up. Thanks. Bob
  • #1 5/5

    By from waterbury
    Best news station in the state. Love the app. Keep up the great work
  • Weather updates 2/5

    By tompolaris
    Weather updates especially radar are slow if they move at all
  • App needs work 2/5

    By gadfly48
    When I select to go to the app, it takes me to a not ready screen a lot of times, instead of my selection. The teases should give me the gist of the story like other news apps do. Instead, it is more of a bait than a substantive tease.
  • Review 5/5

    By Moonbeam38
    Amazing people
  • Review 5/5

    By maofkevinjoy
    I absolutely love this channel I don’t have time to watch it on TV so This app keeps me informed as to what is going on in my state great app a must have 😁ALSO HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL ....
  • Good 5/5

    By Monkeyboy53
    Happy Hoildays from Columbia you give me updates on School Delays on School I am Sub Teacher Thanks Edward P Strong
  • This is in dedication to the late Denise D’Ascenzo. 5/5

    By ms senior Connecticut 2014
    I’m saddened by her passing. She brought a spark to Channel 3. However, that spark will forever shine bright. She made the station Glow. I have rated this station top 500 and will always be a star above other’s. I will miss Denise in the mornings but I will see her gleam through the other staff members. Therefore, l demand all of you step forward and keep marching forward, we all have a job to do! Keep pressing forward “Joy Cometh in the Morning, saith the Lord. Psalm. Rest In Peace Denise from Ms Jones, Senior Connecticut 2014
  • Always dependable 5/5

    By Convient personal assistant
    It’s comforting to know that at a moments notice I can make decisions in regards to weather, traffic and can be alerted to instant notifications of the days events.
  • I’ve been watching WFSB since adrianne baughns 4/5

    I’m only 51 but I was brought up on WFSB channel 3. I’ve watched thru Hilton (when he almost blew off Mt Washington) and Gayle and the Oprah/Stedman interview. Dennis and Denise, all these yrs (I love to look at 20 yrs ago clips). And..... since I was an adult.... Scot Haney. Lol. I remember saying to my husband that if I wasn’t married, I’d date that Scot Haney. Then everyone told me he was gay.... and oh well... I still loved him all these yrs. (just not in the dating way! Lol) I’ve watched thru 9/11 (when Bruce lost a family member) not to mention challenger disaster and storm Larry and October tornado in Windsor locks. And thru first female governor, not to mention realizing in that time what “cancer” meant. As time has changed and so many people are just watching smart tv, Netflix, and streaming. I cannot give up local tv because I cannot give up WFSB 3. Thanks for the years and memories
  • Best radar and best up to minute updates! 5/5

    By Justice of Peace Janice
    Channel 3 app is my “go to” for weather and I love “Future cast” so I can plan my day, especially when storms are predicted.
  • No sound 3/5

    By Neverwill
    Overall good place to get local news but I stopped being able to hear the Watch Live feature. I can watch weather and get sound and go through News stories with the individual videos playing sound, but the “Watch Live” section hasn’t played with sound for weeks on my iPad. App is fully updated, ios is updated and sound plays in every other game and app.
  • Issues 3/5

    By Gramma 15
    When I find local (Avon) news, am unable to read unless I subscribe... not gonna happen....
  • Un-pauseable , un-mutable video. 1/5

    By GadgetGod
    I had to delete the app. Every time I would go to the technical weather discussion a video ad would play. Did not matter if I was muted, or on cellular data. I have the app setting set to disabled auto play but they still won’t let you pause or mute.
  • App Crashes 4/5

    By softballzgirl16
    Just updated the app this morning (10/24) and it crashes when trying to open it.
  • Truth seeker 1/5

    By mooseknuckle supreme
    Liberal bias is not news it’s propaganda
  • Spell check 1/5

    By exit10
    I reed storees veryday on this app The punctuation and misspelling drives me crazy! Professional journalism should be spell checked
  • WAY too many useless push notifications 2/5

    By saleen8927
    The app is okay. It’s a little clunky, but I really only care about “latest news”, and that’s easy to navigate to and use. WFSB has great CT news coverage. My huge negative for the app is that it sends what seems like 700 notifications per day and all hours of the night. I know you can turn them off, but it’s a news app - I do want to see a push notification if there’s a breaking news story, or an accident on a major roadway, etc. They do send those types of notifications, but the problem is they also send crap like “Will you need an umbrella tomorrow? Watch the report later!”. Do they really think anyone wants to see that type of push notification? They literally send garbage like that all through the day and night. They also seem to push every news story, including routine articles. I have some national news apps, and they only push something if it’s a huge story. I get maybe one alert every 3 or 4 days from those apps, and it’s for legitimate need-to-know news. The only problem is they are national and of course aren’t going to tell me if there was just a major accident on 95 that has a road closed. WFSB will, but to be honest, you’ll probably miss it because it will be between a “watch live at 6 to see if fluffy got adopted” and “Find our what one Connecticut resident thinks about the changing leaves. Open the app to learn more”.
  • Annoying adds 1/5

    By Dave G (55)
    Always have to watch a very long add before viewing videos. Scott Haney is so annoying. He makes my head hurt with his stupid banter.
  • Disappointed Viewer😞 1/5

    By Aggie Tracy
    I don’t like the changes, that have been made. I loved Better Ct, on from three to four. The few times that I have watched it I wasn’t impressed. The whole show is just to rushed. And, I definitely do not need to see another half hour of news. Not sure what is going on at the network, but hopefully someone is paying attention!!!
  • Professional 5/5

    By subwayman 61
    Great work every time. Bruce Deprest The Best
  • Mama Nolepa 5/5

    By tlpops
    So nice to have her back
  • Cluttered 4/5

    By Bobby Shags
    The app is too cluttered. Weather forecast is not updated frequently enough and you often get different forecasts on different screens.
  • Needs Fine Tuning 4/5

    By Chardenay
    Overall the app is good. Its easy to use and the content is laid out under subheadings that are easy to navigate. I especially like the reporters on channel 3 and have grown up watching several of them. Denise D’Ascenzo is my favorite anchor and she feels like a part of the family after all these years! I use to love the morning show - they worked well together and had me laughing & looking forward to my morning cup of coffee - but it is not the same or as enjoyable without Irene. Such a bummer! The part that needs some more work is the live broadcast feature. More often than not I am watching the “Be Right Back” screen and seeing the SAME commercial over and over again. I get that commercials pay for the app but can we at least have a variety? I am really resenting State Farm at this point. A better idea would be just to play the news cast as it is, the whole broadcast with the actual tv commercials being played in real time. Why can that not be done? You’d still get the advertising in and we would not have to sit and look at the blue screen for long periods. Fix that and I will change my review from a 4 star to a 5 star.
  • Self importance 1/5

    By 3364mf
    Eliminating the cbs national news to hear about an antique plane crash at Bradley is awful. Which executive made this decision ? It was a stupid decision.
  • No search 1/5

    By Vf2843
    On what planet does an app Not have a search function ?
  • Read not watch 1/5

    By Tarascio
    Please make all stories readable as well as watchable. I don’t want to watch the stories or news. I want to be able to read it when I am not in a situation to watch.
  • Hate sitting thru a 15 second ad to watch a 10 second story 2/5

    By hateyourapp16180
    Hate sitting through a 15 second add every time I want to watch a story that last 10 seconds.
  • Review 3/5

    By #Imaweome
    The apple application is very glitchy but I love the show!
  • My App IS updated!!!!!!!!! 1/5

    By TheresaJCT
    How is it that I keep getting the message my app needs to be updated to see a story???? I keep updating it!!! I close the app, even turn off the phone!!! But.... go to read the story and I get the “your app needs to be updated to see this story!!!!” Please Fix it!!!!!!!!!!
  • WFSB 1/5

    By 15nov
    I get the “ we’ll be right back” message way too often when I try to access WFSB from my I-pad.
  • Liberal bias 1/5

    By davdg1956
    Not bad for standard issue media, but still has a liberal bias to reporting. Gone are the days of Reporters delivering the facts. It’s all been replaced with leading articles and opinion thinly disguised as news leading heavily to the left. Sad.
  • They took you away 5/5

    By kendaluscious
    I no longer have access to my life long, favorite local news & weather channel! No more Scott Haney or Kelly Rippa in the morning to begin my day! Not Happy!
  • Best station 5/5

    By mjf735
    As a volunteer in my community it’s also wonderful to know that major or just events that should be covered get covered , and WFSB has great people that serve everyone, so thank you WFSB 3, you are an amazing channel,and the crews from channel 3 are the best people for our everyday events that you cover
  • Ad avalanche 1/5

    By EMTTrainer
    Could be a very good app if we didn’t have to see the same 15-30 second ads repeated with nearly EVERY news article viewed. Unable to skip if desired. I removed the app after just 3 articles viewed.
  • Stuck on Close Caption. 2/5

    By Jellybeanzbrain101
    Watch the live news and noticed close cation in on. Not able to disable. Noticed to many updates. I like WFSB but there app needs work. Had to uninstall.
  • Review 1/5

    By gtyfvh
    Your stories are usually brief to the point of having no information and you never update when you say to check back for updates
  • Never ending stream of "watch now" alerts lead to dead links and commercials 1/5

    By mas90guru ct
    This app is ok for reading past news but they send lots of "click here to watch now" link bait which when you click leads to a dead link or a commercial which then leads to stale recorded coverage of 4 hour news.
  • Number one in great reporting. 5/5

    By mFoursherman
    Great station. Listen to you all the time.
  • Video playback can’t be disabled 2/5

    By LordMMaximus
    Every time I read an article, the video plays automatically. I disabled video playback in the settings, and the videos still play automatically. This eats up a lot of data. Please fix.
  • Weather videos are 24 hrs behind 2/5

    By Darren W.
    Weather videos are from the previous day, not updated regularly. Live streaming of broadcasts is inconsistent and unreliable at best. In other words, you can’t count on this app to give to live or even current news.
  • Notifications 1/5

    By fuckkeybank
    Sends out to many notifications 50 or 60 a day. The text is poorly written. I don't need a comedian I just need facts.
  • Ch3 is the best 5/5

    By Slvrfox2003
    I love your entire team

WFSB app comments

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