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WGAL News 8 App

Take the WGAL News 8 app with you everywhere you go and be the first to know of breaking news happening in Lancaster and the surrounding area. Always stay up to date with the latest local news, national, sports, traffic, political, entertainment stories and much more. Download the WGAL News 8 app for free today. Our Local News, Weather and Sports App Features Include: - Lancaster breaking news alerts with push notifications - Live streaming breaking news updates from our WGAL News 8 reporters when it happens, where it happens - Local news submission area for breaking news, news tips and the ability to email your news photos and videos right to our newsroom to be featured on air - Up to date, current local weather conditions, hourly Lancaster weather updates, and 7 day forecasts - An interactive radar that lets you zoom in and out to street level and watch storms as they approach. Move the map around to see major weather activity - Share stories via email or your social media pages - Lancaster weather alerts and updates, News 8 Storm Team videocasts and more

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WGAL News 8 app reviews

  • WGAL 5/5

    By car"
    I look at WGAL every day and appreciate it 100%
  • Overall good. 4/5

    By EIEIO&Y
    For the most part I like the WGAL news site. I don’t like the news articles that only contain news information in video form. If there isn’t some form of written information, I usually skip over that video. I don’t need to watch ads for a news article that I may not care to see in the first place. WGAL weather is notably good! Thank you.
  • Locks up screen on iPad often 1/5

    By Farmer jr buyer
    I like WGAL but the app does not work well on my iPad. And each update seems to make it worse.
  • I like it but it could be better 3/5

    By Up2starz
    I love reading the news and I like getting updates on the latest news stories but I hate that you are limited to so few of the news stories. You only get to read what the people who run the app want you to read. There are tons of other news stories that are not reported on the app that are on your website. Why is this? It’s something that you really need to work on and really need to take a look at and think about. Restricting news does not look good. You should have full access to everything on the app as you do on the website.
  • More input please 1/5

    By Duke-of-Hoelz
    Tired of seeing the same headlines day to day, week to week. I know there is more news happening in the county and around the region. People are using media sites for information which I believe you are falling short providing on a timely basis. Please have a greater response in updating your site more then once a day.
  • Ads 1/5

    By kidmurphy
    I want to read the news when I log in to WGAL I don’t want to go through ads that are 20 to 30 seconds long. You want to give the public the news than give us the news without the advertisements. I realize that these ads help to pay for the news channel be there shouldn’t be an ad before EVERY news article.
  • Area news coverage 5/5

    By all bad nicknames taken
    We’re from out of State but we travel to south central Pa. often. WGAL app gives us a sense of what’s going on in the region so that we have a connection with the people who live there. Very good coverage.
  • WGAL app. 1/5

    By Beland56
    Not a fan of your app. Waaaaay too many ads and news stories are too brief!
  • WGAL 5/5

    By Robby Roadman
    I relocated to Ocean City, Maryland and I really miss the professional news reporting, weather, and traffic that was News 8! The TV stations down here do their best but......! I have the News 8 app and use it quite often to get the news back home. To appreciate how spoiled I was with News 8 just turn on the news down here! Best wishes to News 8 and all the staff members!
  • Not news 3/5

    By Freckles8893
    Some of the articles stay on for days, even weeks. It’s not news anymore!
  • Apple TV 3/5

    By surgerbear
    The WGAL should be on the Apple TV so I can stop wasting battery life watching the news
  • Not well rounded enough 3/5

    By willynil
    I do no like the app for weather and such as to news I can’t rely on it it is always someone’s tilted opinion I would love to see a well rounded paper one must remember there are varieties of a picture I like to look at the whole picture then I will decide which fits me only then maybe it would be interesting and fair
  • Dew point 4/5

    By Disappointed weather freak
    It would be great if you would show the dew point in your weather section
  • To many ads 3/5

    By Firepeoof
    News is awesome, not to left leaning like the fake news they are affiliated with. All still good news but way to many ads
  • New alerts 3/5

    By Chief5a
    It’s very frustrating to receive news alerts only to open the app you not find the news related to the alert!
  • Ask 1/5

    By searsjewel
    Too many ads, slow to load, not updated
  • To many ads 3/5

    By Sgp365
    Please do less ads and more news
  • Could be a bit better... 3/5

    By jenunine
    The news in the app doesn’t seem to be updated as timely as it could be. And how it ‘pops’ to reset, like when you’re finished reading an article, is extremely annoying.
  • Improved 4/5

    By doctuc
    I like that you can easily access local and national news as well as weather. My complaint is that they “improved “ the Doppler radar history for 5-6 hours. No one needs that much history of rain. They also disposed of the slider bar at the bottom and you can no longer pause it. I think they should shorten the history and reinstall the slider and ability to pause.
  • They get everything wrong 1/5

    By @kkks
    So a few months ago a accident happened which didn’t end well and WGAL got every little detail wrong and I knew what happened, so what I’m saying is they don’t know what there saying at all.
  • Appreciated 5/5

    By jasper/smokey
    I’ve come to use and appreciate the news and alerts. Good app!
  • Commercial heaven 2/5

    By Billcameraguy
    Too many commercials, takes forever to see a video. The “interactive radar “ is a joke. That being said, I do use the app but try not to view any video
  • WGAL is a Great Station! 5/5

    By Nutsin33037
    However, when I check into the news from WGAL, I’d like to get the local York, Lancaster & Adams Co. news...not the national news...I get that from the major station’s nightly news, so I’m just looking for news & weather from “home.” Thanks for listening....
  • WGAL 5/5

    By Justmine....u
    Great app ,love how they notified you !
  • To whom this concerns 1/5

    By clwhitsel
    I don’t like how the president of the United States is unfairly covered. You might not like him but the people have spoken and he should be respected! I know that i didn’t like all of the presidents that we had but I did respect them because they were voted by the people. I just say one more thing if God did not want President Trump to be in office he wouldn’t be there!
  • Begin rubicon project tag 2/5

    By SeaRay290
    Content gets so stale. Why does the Wgal ads have “begin rubicon project tag”? That is behind the scenes web coding. It has been that way forever and no one there notices.
  • Very unhappy 3/5

    By Nana4G
    Used to be my go-to app for news and weather! Now it is disorganized, news links are way down the list and headlines are repeated. I find the news is not always current but I use it mostly for the weather.
  • Crashes 1/5

    By Luis piña hio
    This app crashes after just seconds of starting. The adds play and the news crashes. Do you read these reviews or are they sent for no reason?
  • App 5/5

    By vic the destroyer
    I really like the WGAL app I can watch the neeesanytime Thank you
  • Check on recall of my Honda thanks no recall on my car 5/5

    By Tleskow
    Thanks helpful great to find info 👍
  • Too many commercials 2/5

    By JimSilly
    Commercial before EVERY news item? Overload. Commercials are too long. 30 second commercial is something I just turn off and go to next article.
  • Old news 2/5

    By Feltonite
    It is the middle of June and there is still info on the ap from the Farm Show!!!
  • Less sports 4/5

    By oldman from Lancaster
    The channel 8news team is the best. My only regret is weekend news. I would rather the programming was based on less sports
  • Ad man 2/5

    By cheaplnp
    To many ads same thing over and over again and again!
  • Radar 4/5

    By 32nd.
    In future mode, Radar image moves too fast to view the time & the track of the system. Adding the Ability to stop the radar image to get a good view of storm at a specific time would be helpful
  • Not good app 1/5

    By ddggbby
    Stories outdated, feature stories appear far after other publications. Too many adds to scroll through to find a story. Very disappointing.
  • News App 4/5

    By RetiredInPa
    Like the app; but there are lots of ads. That being said, as someone else mentioned — it’s free!
  • HATE IT! 1/5

    By midsomerlady
    Since my first review last June, I’ve really come to hate this app even more! The way the app was before with individual windows was perfect for everyone, in my opinion. We could all go to the window or windows we wanted and didn’t have to scroll through news we didn’t want to read, ads we didn’t want to see, videos we didn’t want to watch and those that wanted all that could just swipe to the right or left.
  • Annoying 1/5

    By M. Freed
    If you don’t open the app, it stops sending you notifications and then harasses you to open it. I would give it 4-5 stars if it would stop doing this and would send notifications of breaking news.
  • If it’s not broke! 1/5

    By llslmfr
    The app was a decent app, now after changes it does not work half the time. Would not recommend to anyone
  • Useful but... 3/5

    By Central pa mom
    It is useful. The traffic alerts have saved me from getting caught in traffic jams and occasionally the headlines are something I want to know. The number of alerts are maddening. Knowing that an incident of some sort is occurring in another state is not something I want or need as an alert but overall it's just useful enough that I keep using it.
  • WGAL 2/5

    By Old Marine63
    Very annoying, everything I open a article, I must watch a commercial, often the same commercial.
  • WGAL advertisement app 3/5

    By Bylion1
    Used to love the weather info but I find myself staying away because I am so tired of seeing the same Smarty Pants Andover and over again. I now find myself check the Millersville link for weather info.
  • So tired of the same adds 2/5

    By seamstoknow
    You need to rethink how you use the adds. There are way too many and they are always the same. I want to see the news, weather, etc and would appreciate having the option to opt out of the adds. It would be wise for you to consider that suggestion. Thank you.
  • Glitchy- No Live Stream! 2/5

    By Libra56
    My cable company dropped this channel, but I really like their news and weather, so wanted to live stream it on my phone. The app offers live streaming of their newscasts, but when I try to watch, the app crashes right after the ad that precedes the stream. I used to be able to get it to work on the 3rd try, but now it crashes every time. Disappointing.
  • Weekends 3/5

    By you don't like bad reviews
    Too bad no one updates regularly on the weekends. I work 6 days a week Friday through Wednesday. It’s a bummer not to be able to check current news and weather especially with a bad storm rolling through.
  • Ads, Ads, and more Ads! 2/5

    By Saltwateranglin
    This is the local station so I’m stuck with what they put out...and it sure isn’t much! Same repetitive ads for any story you click on and they are usually for just a few seconds of worthless content. What ever happened to: what, where, when, who, and why when reporting the news. Most always you get one, maybe two, of the W’s. Really poor coverage. The weather page, my most frequent, is nearly as poor. Very, very limited information. I don’t even bother with any of the junk they put out. Why waste time any further. Such a shame, we need a good news site but we are stuck with this. Get rid of all those ancient news people, they are just dragging down the whole place now. Get up with the times, get fresh new good people and good looking people that are at least pleasant to look at while you boar the crap out of us. Wake up WGAL!
  • Just Okay 2/5

    By Nukeboy2k
    I can’t say I’m a fan of the format. Perhaps the biggest complaint is being unable to zoom in any fashion. Also I preferred when local news could be categorized by county..... it was so much easier to look for a specific article or report. Lastly the app should showcase the weather and Brittany Garzillo.
  • WGAL News App 4/5

    By Sara E
    Like the app and WGAL news coverage. It’s my first place to look for local news & weather. Really dislike the automatic commercial before each video. I already know about the news team and that drinking while driving is illegal. Just want to see the news video. That’s why you won’t get 5 stars until the video format changes. Otherwise your app is good and easy to use.

WGAL News 8 app comments

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