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WGAL News 8 App

Take the WGAL News 8 app with you everywhere you go and be the first to know of breaking news happening in Lancaster and the surrounding area. Always stay up to date with the latest local news, national, sports, traffic, political, entertainment stories and much more. Download the WGAL News 8 app for free today. Our Local News, Weather and Sports App Features Include: - Lancaster breaking news alerts with push notifications - Live streaming breaking news updates from our WGAL News 8 reporters when it happens, where it happens - Local news submission area for breaking news, news tips and the ability to email your news photos and videos right to our newsroom to be featured on air - Up to date, current local weather conditions, hourly Lancaster weather updates, and 7 day forecasts - An interactive radar that lets you zoom in and out to street level and watch storms as they approach. Move the map around to see major weather activity - Share stories via email or your social media pages - Lancaster weather alerts and updates, News 8 Storm Team videocasts and more

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WGAL News 8 app reviews

  • So far so good. 4/5

    By Annodeel🌻
    The main thing I like about WGAL is they are more York, Lancaster news. Keep up the good work. I just want to add I am a new transplant from Bucks County, about 35 miles north of Philly. I was a big Action News fan for many years. It took awhile but I do enjoy watching your broadcasts now.
  • Nope 1/5

    By peleguru
    Why is there an ad covering portions of text in every article? There is no way to see the text. Just a way to buy a new Honda. And back to our story in progress. The app shuts off randomly too. Junk.
  • Less video 3/5

    By Zoigal
    I can read the story faster than waiting for it to build & run.
  • CNN rehashed 2/5

    By Guy511
    Most news posted is a few days behind next to no updates on local news, all the adds they spam you with block out some of the articles information.
  • Poor App. 1/5

    By ido10digits
    Try to read a story and some of the words are hidden under an ad. Have to piece together the meaning of what is being said!!!Don’t know if I am missing something or it’s a tech problem. Either way, I now view the app for weather only!!! Also, IMO the reporting is poor and biased!!!
  • Good news app 4/5

    By kwrabbit50
    I still would still prefer an add free a app
  • Local News 3/5

    By Eby~
    Hate how you have to watch a commercial before every news story! They blast them in high volume too! So annoying! So, if there is a breaking news story and you’re at work, school, church etc... you can’t quick watch the breaking story quietly! So annoying! Also on the weekends the news is not changed out enough! I want less of Harrisburg news and more of what happens in EasternLancaster County! We want to see news about the bad accidents, fires, crimes and good things that happen here! Lately all your reporting has been about York and Harrisburg! Hire a reporter that covers Esstern Lancaster County! One last thing. Some of your anchors and reporters have been here quite some time. It’s totally unacceptable for them to still be pronouncing our town names wrong!! Kim still says Strasburg wrong! 🙄 Many are said wrong, by a lot of your employees! Locals are over it! It says, you don’t care! Hire some truly local people that were actually born and raised here! (NOT TRANSPLANTED!) Have them go over and over names of towns and other words that are unique to here. Make them pass the test. It’s a pass or fail to get/keep the job. Period. If you want to work here, you should care enough to want not continually insult the people that live here!
  • Movies??? Not!! 4/5

    By doctuc
    I really am disappointed when I click on a movie, wait 30 seconds OR MORE for it to buffer, and find out It is just a photo with a caption with the camera moving in and out, or the movie is set to music and you have to read the caption s. If I wanted to read it ( no glasses at the moment) I would have read the article. Also because my eyes are are getting older it would make it so much easier if I could enlarge the article or picture on my phone screen to see it better. Can this be fixed?
  • WGAL 3/5

    By RRDBC
    Overall app is good. The ads in the middle of a story that cut out important information is VERY annoying and there is no way to remove the ad to see the missed storyline.
  • Delayed 1/5

    By ERSMDS11
    Just moved to this area from Philadelphia region. News in this area is horrible, but I really took to WGAL, particularly, Joe Calhoun. I downloaded the app, but found that I was getting alerts well after they happened, and after I had heard about them from other sources first. Decided to remove the app from phone. Hoping to get an accurate & timely alert for weather only from WGAL.
  • Update more frequently 1/5

    By Duke-of-Hoelz
    Please update this site more frequently, Thanks
  • My rating 2/5

    By isabel 1973
    It freezes a lot , there’s times when I can enjoy the news , but lots of times it’s starts freezing and sometimes it has no volume , or the anchor stars repeating it self , it can be frustrating, hopefully it gets better 🙂
  • Convenient but not the best news app. 4/5

    By Bellebell12
    I am not a fan of read or hear the news, because most of them are about negative or violent issues. I understand the importance about knowing what is going on around and this app makes its job. However, the amount of adds is really annoying! So after a couple of minutes trying to concentrate on the news being interrupted with publicity, I’m done and I turn it off. I highly appreciate the weather alerts though, that’s why still I keep it.
  • Dew point 4/5

    By Disappointed weather freak
    It would be great if you would show the dew point in your weather section
  • Good but distracting by too many ads! 4/5

    By ruthie4girls
    It is great to get the headline first thing, however, being easily distracted...I have to battle my inclinations to read side stories...for this reason, I avoid getting involved any further...
  • Terrible 2/5

    By Bunnislippers
    I really just want the weather and to read local news. I don’t really want videos or a ton of other nonsense news. The weather interface is terrible. The app stalls, the details aren’t there like on a real weather app. I basically almost never use this app and have considered deleting it.
  • Ads 1/5

    By kidmurphy
    There’s too many ads and they’re too long. I want to read the news not see all the ads
  • Clunky 2/5

    By Furmomof3
    I find the WGAL app to be very buggy. Any given story has parts blocked by advertisements overlaying the text. Way too much advertising. Not very much local news. Lots of “Stitch” which is not news and usually not local. Why on a local news app? On the upside, I like the very prompt notifications of breaking news but usually have to go to a different app to get the story to not become frustrated by ads and graphics overlaying content.
  • News stories cut off 2/5

    By MomMD of 4
    Recently the written news articles are cut off mid sentence. Sometimes this is at the end of the article and other times in the middle. It’s not every article, but at least one out of every three. Not certain what’s going on, but they need to fix this.
  • Snowbirding with WGAL 5/5

    By Barbara Kingsley
    As a retired English teacher, I’m often out of the tv range of WGAL. The app affords me the latest news and alerts, keeping me apprised all the time. It’s perfect for the traveler.
  • WGAL app needs upgrades 2/5

    By Lancaster Reviews
    Application frequently crashes or is slow to load. Stories need to be updated more frequently. Recently was still posting a “butter sculpture” story from the State Farm Show from January till the middle of summer. Some difficulty in navigation and functionality. When reading articles more than halfway down the page, will then take you back to the 1st article when exiting your reading.
  • The best news in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. 5/5

    By chefdiet
    I followed WGAL since they still have PM Magazine hosted by Doug Allen and Kim Lemon. Until now I still follow WGAL. They all work as a team. The journalists, cameraman, and technical supports work together side by side to representing WGAL. They all did a fantastic job and the way I see them they are likes, One big happy family. They always treat each other with respect and dignity. I love them all, the journalists, the cameramen, and all technical supports, and I love WGAL. Keep up the good work. Love, Diet.
  • Love local news 4/5

    By Up2starz
    I love to get all the local news stories and receive notifications of updates on what’s going on. The only thing that I don’t like is that the app doesn’t have all of the same stories that the website has.
  • WGAL app. 1/5

    By Beland56
    Not a fan of your app. Waaaaay too many ads and news stories are too brief! Tried connecting to live feed and saw m5 minutes of commercials looped, over and over. Cya ! Deleted app
  • Overloaded with Ads 4/5

    By Mrs Jacy
    Too many commercials & ads
  • Interactive radar map 5/5

    By 32nd.
    I’ve found your radar map to be very accurate for rain, but sweep moves too fast to get good idea of actual timing of rain arrival in your area. Please add ability to pause sweep at a certain time!
  • Area news coverage 5/5

    By all bad nicknames taken
    We’re from out of State but we travel to south central Pa. often. WGAL app gives us a sense of what’s going on in the region so that we have a connection with the people who live there. Very good coverage.
  • Takes too long to download 1/5

    By 773 trucker
    I click on your page to get the latest news. I get old news that has been posted for days. That’s only after the commercial, which takes forever to load. And then the news video locks up. BTW I use an iPhone 7.
  • Weather 4/5

    By PopperDon
    I enjoy everything about the app Except the weather part of app... yes it shows the basic weather for the day, but to see the weather for the upcoming days or week, it’s a hassle... Hate to say I use another weather app where everything is right there!!!
  • Hate the automatic commercials 2/5

    By judigcat
    I will be deleting the WGAL because while it’s convenient to get the news I don’t like being forced to watch a commercial every time or have a news video that is automatically loud. I’d much rather just read the news articles.
  • Sports 3/5

    By Steeltown Girl
    I used to follow sports news and stories here but could no longer find it! Did something change??!!
  • Overall good. 4/5

    By EIEIO&Y
    For the most part I like the WGAL news site. I don’t like the news articles that only contain news information in video form. If there isn’t some form of written information, I usually skip over that video. I don’t need to watch ads for a news article that I may not care to see in the first place. WGAL weather is notably good! Thank you.
  • Locks up screen on iPad often 1/5

    By Farmer jr buyer
    I like WGAL but the app does not work well on my iPad. And each update seems to make it worse.
  • WGAL 5/5

    By Robby Roadman
    I relocated to Ocean City, Maryland and I really miss the professional news reporting, weather, and traffic that was News 8! The TV stations down here do their best but......! I have the News 8 app and use it quite often to get the news back home. To appreciate how spoiled I was with News 8 just turn on the news down here! Best wishes to News 8 and all the staff members!
  • Not news 3/5

    By Freckles8893
    Some of the articles stay on for days, even weeks. It’s not news anymore!
  • Apple TV 3/5

    By surgerbear
    The WGAL should be on the Apple TV so I can stop wasting battery life watching the news
  • Not well rounded enough 3/5

    By willynil
    I do no like the app for weather and such as to news I can’t rely on it it is always someone’s tilted opinion I would love to see a well rounded paper one must remember there are varieties of a picture I like to look at the whole picture then I will decide which fits me only then maybe it would be interesting and fair
  • To many ads 3/5

    By Firepeoof
    News is awesome, not to left leaning like the fake news they are affiliated with. All still good news but way to many ads
  • New alerts 3/5

    By Chief5a
    It’s very frustrating to receive news alerts only to open the app you not find the news related to the alert!
  • To many ads 3/5

    By Sgp365
    Please do less ads and more news
  • Could be a bit better... 3/5

    By jenunine
    The news in the app doesn’t seem to be updated as timely as it could be. And how it ‘pops’ to reset, like when you’re finished reading an article, is extremely annoying.
  • They get everything wrong 1/5

    By @kkks
    So a few months ago a accident happened which didn’t end well and WGAL got every little detail wrong and I knew what happened, so what I’m saying is they don’t know what there saying at all.
  • Appreciated 5/5

    By jasper/smokey
    I’ve come to use and appreciate the news and alerts. Good app!
  • Commercial heaven 2/5

    By Billcameraguy
    Too many commercials, takes forever to see a video. The “interactive radar “ is a joke. That being said, I do use the app but try not to view any video
  • WGAL is a Great Station! 5/5

    By Nutsin33037
    However, when I check into the news from WGAL, I’d like to get the local York, Lancaster & Adams Co. news...not the national news...I get that from the major station’s nightly news, so I’m just looking for news & weather from “home.” Thanks for listening....
  • WGAL 5/5

    By Justmine....u
    Great app ,love how they notified you !
  • To whom this concerns 1/5

    By clwhitsel
    I don’t like how the president of the United States is unfairly covered. You might not like him but the people have spoken and he should be respected! I know that i didn’t like all of the presidents that we had but I did respect them because they were voted by the people. I just say one more thing if God did not want President Trump to be in office he wouldn’t be there!
  • Begin rubicon project tag 2/5

    By SeaRay290
    Content gets so stale. Why does the Wgal ads have “begin rubicon project tag”? That is behind the scenes web coding. It has been that way forever and no one there notices.
  • Very unhappy 3/5

    By Nana4G
    Used to be my go-to app for news and weather! Now it is disorganized, news links are way down the list and headlines are repeated. I find the news is not always current but I use it mostly for the weather.

WGAL News 8 app comments

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