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WGN-TV Chicago Weather

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  • Current Version: 5.0.301
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WGN-TV Chicago Weather App

When in doubt, Chicago turns to WGN-TV chief meteorologist Tom Skilling and his team to understand the weather. With the Chicago Weather Center app, you will have the latest forecasts and reports on current conditions from Chicago's superman of meteorology with you wherever you go. Features * Access to station content specifically for our mobile users * 250 meter radar, the highest resolution available * Future radar to see where severe weather is headed * High resolution satellite cloud imagery * Current weather updated multiple times per hour * Daily and Hourly forecasts updated hourly from our computer models * Ability to add and save your favorite locations * A fully integrated GPS for current location awareness * Severe weather alerts from the National Weather Service * Opt-in push alerts to keep you safe in severe weather

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WGN-TV Chicago Weather app reviews

  • Used to be a great app 1/5

    By Salad Chik
    I don’t know what happened to this weather app. It used to be a great local app for Chicago area weather. Not any more. Example: The other day I got a “lightning has been detected in your area” notification. The storm was forty miles away and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky near me. Whenever I go to click on other weather notifications, I get a black screen. PLEASE GO BACK TO THE WAY THIS USED TO BE. This version stinks. I am looking for a different weather app. This one is terrible.
  • Eats Battery In Background 3/5

    I be been using this app for years with no problem. Since version 5.0.301 came out, it is constantly running in the background. Where I used to be able to charge my phone every other day, I now have to do it daily or even during the day to get me by.
  • Never accurate! 1/5

    By Shielady
    This app won’t even show rain on its radar when there’s a thunderstorm outside my window! Even a broken clock is right more often!
  • Garbage 1/5

    By DDXGUY13
    This app is still having the same map issues ever since they changed the map last year. The map freezes constantly to where you need to close the app and reboot it to get it to “possibly” work. This malfunctioning ramps up even more during any kind of storm event in the Chicago area. We had tornadic storms on 5/23/20 and the map was doing nothing but freezing up and sometimes showing nothing. Also, who puts up the forecast information on this app? For Sunday, 5/24/20, it now says there will be thunderstorms tonight. I then look at the hourly forecast and it will be partly cloudy all night and the potential for rain doesn’t start until Monday at 6-7 am! This is not a matter of the weather just being unpredictable and making the forecast incorrect, this is flat out negligent and false forecasting that I would expect from people who don’t call themselves “professionals.” This app used to be great but has fallen off a cliff over the last year or so. I’ve now downloaded another weather app and will start relying on that
  • Not the same 1/5

    By sparkyone64
    Something went wrong with WGN weather app. After years of using now it get nothing ? Oh well time for something new. Tom you let me down !
  • New version 3/5

    By nostridomus
    I loved this app until it was updated recently. Now I have these random green shapes that are on there and I have no idea why or how to remove them. It’s not the outline of a storm area as they are there even when it’s a sunny day. I love the accuracy of the weather and all but if I cannot get rid of these shapes, I will have to search for a new weather app😕
  • WGN weather 5/5

    By Gil Ak
    Grow in Chicago . Always watching the Chicago weather!! Home sweet home !!
  • Great to mediocre. 2/5

    By jayztee89
    This app was the best in 2017-2018. Somewhere since last year the app has become unstable. iPhone XS Max to now the 11 and it still takes forever in a day to load on WiFi or cellular. Maps freeze up often etc...
  • Great for storms nearby 5/5

    By Cason Pilman
    This is great for checking the weather if there will be rain, and It can tell the temperature as well. Highly recommend this app for weather.
  • Poorer than before 2/5

    By Reno P
    Ever since wgn let Mapbox take over the app it has performed poorly. Radar takes forever to pop up. AND YOU CANNOT SHARE IT!!! WGN please take control of this app and make it better. It would be nice to share the map with others again. Especially when it’s going to be BAD WEATHER.
  • What happened to Europe? 3/5

    By bbgeneva
    I use the app all the time in Chicago. We regularly travel to Europe and have used the app over here as well, until now. Sitting here in rainy Bordeaux and the app says it cannot be used here. What’s up with that? What has changed?
  • WGN weather 1/5

    By roch4s
    Data has disappeared from future days of week. How to fix?
  • What happened? 2/5

    By Sunnyside of the sreet
    Have loved this app for years. Used it on many long road trips all over the country. But after the last update, it stops loading after a couple of days. What have you done ?!
  • Freezes/cannot open 1/5

    By Quickphil
    For the last week the app will not open unless i delete and reload on my iphone x
  • Could be a 5 3/5

    By Clarkie1966
    It is my favorite weather place, but it often won’t come up when you need it.
  • WGN 9 Weather app 4/5

    By Eagle**1
    Was working fine until you’re recent update. My iPhone 6S plus can no longer open the app. Will have to switch to another source. Please fix this issue. It is the best of all weather apps I have access to so I am now frustrated. With ur recent update, I have to turn off my 6S Plus & restart it to open ur app. Vert annoying!
  • What happened???? 2/5

    By Ganache Girl
    This used to work beautifully but in the last 6 months the screen freezes on the initial page and nothing will unfreeze it! I am forced to delete the app and reinstall! It is happening every week or two now. With all the graphics and science behind Tom Skilling and the WGN weather team forecasts you’d think they would have the IT support to fix the app. Like the app when it will open.
  • What’s going on 1/5

    By disapointex
    I have to uninstall then reinstall every couple of days as it locks up
  • Freezes 1/5

    By frazzled50
    All of a sudden it won’t open on both my iPhone and iPad. Developer website is WGN 9 with no direct access to the app so I can’t complain or correct. Not happy as this is (was) my go-to weather app.
  • Alice 1/5

    By Jopus58
    I have written a couple of times asking you to fix this app. I used it for years but no more!!! It won’t open. I have rebooted many times and it will work one and done. I have deleted and reinstalled and same thing. It was the best now no reason to even have!!!!!!
  • What happened? 1/5

    By Mrs. Wiggy
    Born and raised in Chicago, WGN has been my go to for accurate weather forecasting, thanks to Tom Skilling, in my opinion. I moved to Florida 5 years ago and was happy to discover the WGN weather app. I still enjoy checking the weather in Chicago and other areas of the country where I have family and friends. The app worked beautifully until recently. Now when I tap the app, nothing!! I have to delete app and add it again, only to have the same thing happen! I’m fairly surprised that this is going unfixed. I have always had iPhones and have never had difficulty until lately. I hope somehow the bugs get worked out and the app is restored to its past excellence.
  • App not working 1/5

    By Gewlzfreak
    What is wrong with this app and why isn’t it getting fixed? For at least a couple of months the app will open but do nothing. I have to shut my phone off, then it will open and go to the weather, but the next time I open the app (within minutes) it’s back to just showing the logo screen only. And it’s not just me, I know people with other iPhone versions and they experience the same thing. Thought with the update 3 days ago it would be fixed...NOPE!
  • Could be great... 2/5

    By JstipakChicago
    I loved this app when I downloaded it years ago. Since the last update it takes forever to load and some of the settings are frustrating. Please fix! I love Tom Skilling and his weather reports. Update: it has only got worse. I really wish the best weatherman in the world had a great weather app.
  • Won’t open 1/5

    By Ubc174
    After the latest update this app will no longer open on my iPad or iPhone. Guess I will be deleting and moving on. It used to be great!
  • It’s down more than up 1/5

    By Tobytoes!
    Judging by the 4-5 year old single star ratings, issues aren't addressed. A few days ago I had to delete and reload to see the forecast, worked ok for about a day and a half....then, now, nothing. It’s too bad but what do we expect for free?
  • Stopped working on iPad 1/5

    By J24.....................
    Since the last update this app stalls on the opening skyline page and does not display the weather data. I deleted the app and reinstalled, it opened correctly once then stalled whenever I tried to open it again.
  • Won’t open 1/5

    By sfdcubfan
    So the version gets changed two weeks ago, and surprise surprise, now it won’t even open on my mini iPad 4. I won’t update to iOS 13 until Forbes is happy, but if WGN made changes to fit the new iOS, it leaves the rest of us behind. Bummer. I really liked the app.
  • App won’t open. 1/5

    By lambo026
    App won’t open for the past few weeks.
  • Terrible now 1/5

    By Chicago Riz
    This used to be the best weather app out there but the recent updates are making this the worst weather app. The last one in December 2019 was the final straw. The app won’t even open & when it does it freezes. I rated it one star because zero isn’t an option.
  • Need a way to remove ads 4/5

    By moonlitbeach
    Please provide a way to remove the ads. They are annoying. Otherwise, I like this app for local weather.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Trader gaga
    Since the updates in June I believe and the addition of map box as it’s apparent source, it’s jittery and often missing data. Sometimes it just doesn’t update at all. It’s crap compared to the older version. What are they trying to do, save money? Unfortunately a couple of the other weather apps use the same source, and equally crap. Come on WGN, get back to some useful version.
  • Inaccurate 1/5

    By Sid The Kid #87
    I have had this weather app for several years and currently today 9/3 it is indicating on my phone that I should be having pouring rain and severe weather where I live. My iPad has the old version and is more accurate indicating the sever weather is south of me!! PLEASE GO BACK TO THE OLD VERSION OF THIS APP!!
  • Why so dark and small 2/5

    By Kimbokimkimkim
    why have you changed the clouds, the sun and rain drop to one color; darker gray? It’s awful! And the text is so small now it’s really hard to read! what have you done please make the text bigger and change the imagery to proper colors!
  • Last update is fantastic 5/5

    By Rozelind
    You fixed all the bugs and the app is easier to read and navigate. Thank you!
  • Can’t read city name anymore 3/5

    By Bingo O72
    Most recent update changed the font or size of font and now I only see three capital letters of the city name. And the color change with dark clouds rather than white is harder to see. I enjoy the app overall but the city name thing might get me to switch to something else.
  • Radar 1/5

    By Jo Jo Y
    What happened to the radar? Not very good anymore.
  • Please plesss make text bigger’ way too small! 4/5

    By momzet68
    Please make text bigger! WGN is my fav weather app but it’s so hard to read! Way way too small!!
  • Bad layers 1/5

    By LD66
    The most recent update puts bright red or yellow blocks overlaid on the map where there’s storm warnings... which completely obscures the radar showing where the storms actually are?! There’s no way to dim of remove the layers. Meaning when you need it this app most it renders it useless.
  • Older maps were better 3/5

    By TJ426
    The new maps are hard to read and not as good as they used to be.
  • Latest update 1/5

    The most recent “update” is awful. This has been a great weather app for many years but now it is terrible. Radar is not at all useful when you are in the midst of a hail-producing storm and nothing shows up on the WGN app radar! Ridiculous. The WGN weather team—one of the very best in the business—should be ashamed of this updated app
  • Not consistent. 1/5

    By Dmarie9317
    It’s never the same as what’s on their current televised weather report. I don’t trust this app.
  • Tom Skilling Please Help! 1/5

    By PT DJ Podcaster
    Tom(or anyone at WGN)-can someone please fix the app? The new black Map is hard to read and the quality of the app went from 5Stars to 1 Star. I’ve never reviewed an app before but this really was a drastic change in quality. I hope some can resolve this!
  • Not good anymore! 2/5

    By Jandee1215
    I used to use this app daily and now the quality is poor. The map is black and text is tiny. Very disappointing! This is since the last updates.
  • Used to be favorite weather app 1/5

    By Nugget109
    This used to be my favorite weather app however with the new update the watches and warnings overlay blocks out the radar making it impossible to track storms. They also use red for severe weather which used to be for tornados and makes it very confusing. Needs to be updated ASAP.
  • Hate update 1/5

    By Sweeties mom124456$890
    Hate update can I undo? Don’t like the black map. Liked the radar map the way it was😢
  • Not the WGN or Tom Skilling I Trust 2/5

    By Mashfan40
    After continuously checking this app, which showed nothing on the radar, nor hourly, I was caught in the worst hail storm yesterday in Homer Glen, IL. Since the last 2 updates, the forecast has been unreliable and worthless. I have no idea where you are now getting your information, but people’s safety should be a priority.
  • New update 1/5

    By dkh33
    I totally agree with Rgreen13’s review. The map is now very difficult to read. Please revert to the older view!
  • Update is terrible 1/5

    By fix please 337
    The new map colors make viewing storms impossible. The colors for the warning areas overshadow the radar colors. Please fix this!
  • Bring back the color! 2/5

    By CobraDaytona
    Sorry, I dont like the "dumbed down" look of the forecast and hourly. The colorful icons of the previous version made for a quick glance of the upcoming weather, now you really have to concentrate and read. 6/19 Looks like they changed the map vendor on this release. I don’t like the look of any of the map choices. Dark is too dark as is the normal map and light is too light. Please bring back the old map style Looks like the fonts got smaller to as well 6/25/19 Chicago is under a severe storm watch until 9 PM. All I see for the area is the red warning. Cannot see any storm information underneath it. So this renders not only the app useless but potentially dangerous. I don’t know if the storm is right above me or still an hour away I’ve played with all the transparency and that doesn’t really help.

WGN-TV Chicago Weather app comments

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