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WGN-TV Chicago Weather App

When in doubt, Chicago turns to WGN-TV chief meteorologist Tom Skilling and his team to understand the weather. With the Chicago Weather Center app, you will have the latest forecasts and reports on current conditions from Chicago's superman of meteorology with you wherever you go. Features * Access to station content specifically for our mobile users * 250 meter radar, the highest resolution available * Future radar to see where severe weather is headed * High resolution satellite cloud imagery * Current weather updated multiple times per hour * Daily and Hourly forecasts updated hourly from our computer models * Ability to add and save your favorite locations * A fully integrated GPS for current location awareness * Severe weather alerts from the National Weather Service * Opt-in push alerts to keep you safe in severe weather

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WGN-TV Chicago Weather app reviews

  • Horrible 1/5

    By Trader gaga
    Since the updates in June I believe and the addition of map box as it’s apparent source, it’s jittery and often missing data. Sometimes it just doesn’t update at all. It’s crap compared to the older version. What are they trying to do, save money? Unfortunately a couple of the other weather apps use the same source, and equally crap. Come on WGN, get back to some useful version.
  • Inaccurate 1/5

    By Sid The Kid #87
    I have had this weather app for several years and currently today 9/3 it is indicating on my phone that I should be having pouring rain and severe weather where I live. My iPad has the old version and is more accurate indicating the sever weather is south of me!! PLEASE GO BACK TO THE OLD VERSION OF THIS APP!!
  • Why so dark and small 2/5

    By Kimbokimkimkim
    why have you changed the clouds, the sun and rain drop to one color; darker gray? It’s awful! And the text is so small now it’s really hard to read! what have you done please make the text bigger and change the imagery to proper colors!
  • Crashes 2/5

    By Jopus58
    This has been my favorite app for years and with the latest update all I get is a blank screen after I use it once and then I have to reboot again
  • Last update is fantastic 5/5

    By Rozelind
    You fixed all the bugs and the app is easier to read and navigate. Thank you!
  • Can’t read city name anymore 3/5

    By Bingo O72
    Most recent update changed the font or size of font and now I only see three capital letters of the city name. And the color change with dark clouds rather than white is harder to see. I enjoy the app overall but the city name thing might get me to switch to something else.
  • Radar 1/5

    By Jo Jo Y
    What happened to the radar? Not very good anymore.
  • Please plesss make text bigger’ way too small! 4/5

    By momzet68
    Please make text bigger! WGN is my fav weather app but it’s so hard to read! Way way too small!!
  • Bad layers 1/5

    By LD66
    The most recent update puts bright red or yellow blocks overlaid on the map where there’s storm warnings... which completely obscures the radar showing where the storms actually are?! There’s no way to dim of remove the layers. Meaning when you need it this app most it renders it useless.
  • Older maps were better 3/5

    By TJ426
    The new maps are hard to read and not as good as they used to be.
  • Latest update 1/5

    The most recent “update” is awful. This has been a great weather app for many years but now it is terrible. Radar is not at all useful when you are in the midst of a hail-producing storm and nothing shows up on the WGN app radar! Ridiculous. The WGN weather team—one of the very best in the business—should be ashamed of this updated app
  • Not consistent. 1/5

    By Dmarie9317
    It’s never the same as what’s on their current televised weather report. I don’t trust this app.
  • Could be great... 2/5

    By JstipakChicago
    I loved this app when I downloaded it years ago. Since the last update it takes forever to load and some of the settings are frustrating. Please fix! I love Tom Skilling and his weather reports.
  • Tom Skilling Please Help! 1/5

    By PT DJ Podcaster
    Tom(or anyone at WGN)-can someone please fix the app? The new black Map is hard to read and the quality of the app went from 5Stars to 1 Star. I’ve never reviewed an app before but this really was a drastic change in quality. I hope some can resolve this!
  • Not good anymore! 2/5

    By Jandee1215
    I used to use this app daily and now the quality is poor. The map is black and text is tiny. Very disappointing! This is since the last updates.
  • Used to be favorite weather app 1/5

    By Nugget109
    This used to be my favorite weather app however with the new update the watches and warnings overlay blocks out the radar making it impossible to track storms. They also use red for severe weather which used to be for tornados and makes it very confusing. Needs to be updated ASAP.
  • Hate update 1/5

    By Sweeties mom124456$890
    Hate update can I undo? Don’t like the black map. Liked the radar map the way it was😢
  • Not the WGN or Tom Skilling I Trust 2/5

    By Mashfan40
    After continuously checking this app, which showed nothing on the radar, nor hourly, I was caught in the worst hail storm yesterday in Homer Glen, IL. Since the last 2 updates, the forecast has been unreliable and worthless. I have no idea where you are now getting your information, but people’s safety should be a priority.
  • New update 1/5

    By dkh33
    I totally agree with Rgreen13’s review. The map is now very difficult to read. Please revert to the older view!
  • Update is terrible 1/5

    By fix please 337
    The new map colors make viewing storms impossible. The colors for the warning areas overshadow the radar colors. Please fix this!
  • Bring back the color! 2/5

    By CobraDaytona
    Sorry, I dont like the "dumbed down" look of the forecast and hourly. The colorful icons of the previous version made for a quick glance of the upcoming weather, now you really have to concentrate and read. 6/19 Looks like they changed the map vendor on this release. I don’t like the look of any of the map choices. Dark is too dark as is the normal map and light is too light. Please bring back the old map style Looks like the fonts got smaller to as well 6/25/19 Chicago is under a severe storm watch until 9 PM. All I see for the area is the red warning. Cannot see any storm information underneath it. So this renders not only the app useless but potentially dangerous. I don’t know if the storm is right above me or still an hour away I’ve played with all the transparency and that doesn’t really help.
  • Ruined by June 2019 update 1/5

    By R13green
    This was my go-to app, but the recent update changed my mind. It’s harder to read and navigate. The severe weather alert colors have changed; severe thunderstorms used to be yellow and tornadoes used to be red. We are under a severe thunderstorm watch right now but the alert is red, which startled me because I mistook it for a tornado watch! There is a pretty big difference between the two! On top of that, the alert colors are so bright that I cannot see the actual radar underneath, and I haven’t found a way to make them more transparent. I know developers rarely revert back to older versions of an app after an update but why’d you change what wasn’t broken?
  • New update is Meh 4/5

    By Ryguy250
  • Dark mode 1/5

    By menhary
    How do I switch it back to normal?
  • New map source deceases visual efficiency. 4/5

    By AJZebraGirl
    WGN9 weather app is by far my favorite. I access it multiple times a day to see the daily weather forecast and even hourly forecast when rain/storms/snow is moving into my area. The forecast is just as accurate for Lincoln, NE as for Chicago, IL. I’ve come to rely on and trust this app for weather. Unfortunately the app recently changed to a different map that is much darker in color for the satellite view and decreases the visual efficiency of the radar. I’ve switched to the other two map view options: Dark is a flat grey map (not too bad) and Light is a flat bright white map (eye piercing even when screen brightness is turn way down). During active weather events when I want to view radar, I find myself cumbersomely switching between map views and not liking any of them. Hopefully the app developers will work on the overall quality of the map in satellite view to be more like the previous map source version.
  • I’d prefer the weather channel 2/5

    By Rosie 007
    The new update was bad they changed the colors for the watches and warnings so it’s confusing but otherwise it is a great app.
  • Revert back to old version please 1/5

    By CarolsTunes2019
    What happened? This was my go to app like a million times a day. Now I hate it!
  • New update 2/5

    By DDXGUY13
    The app keeps freezing ever since I installed the new update. I try to zoom out on the radar screen and it instantly locks up. Also, every time I go in the app, the network error message now pops up
  • Hate the latest update! 2/5

    By Pthardy
    Always my go to weather app but this update is awful. Hate the dark look. Also, can’t see the actual storms through the warned area overlays.
  • Unhappy with June 19 2019 App update 1/5

    By Selasorum2017
    I've been using this app for quite some time and it's always been user friendly. The latest update is, by far, the worst I've seen yet. It's too busy, not as easy to navigate as the previous version and the timing doesn't seem to display accurate results. Lastly, the updated version loads the map either fully black or zoomed into my home street vs the town, I have to manually zoom out to see the surrounding nearby towns. Poor update and two thumbs down for latest update, especially when you cannot even submit a review without the app crashing. That's pretty bad!
  • They ruined this app 2/5

    By Imp44##
    The new (as of 6/19/19) weather map is awful! Very dark, and when animated, very jerky movements. Unbelievably awful! Im hoping they switch back to the old Home screen weather map or I may have to switch to a different weather app.
  • Too Dark 1/5

    By RysiaJ
    The new version of the app has gotten worst. It’s too dark!!!! Not liking it. The older version was lighter and easier to view. Please make it look lighter as before.
  • New version doesn’t work 1/5

    By mookoz
    Crashes and locks up regularly on a 5S. Avoid this app.
  • What happened? 3/5

    By ljaytee89
    After the update 2 days ago to newer maps, the app just freezes. This is on new hardware too. iPad Air 3rd Generation and iPhone XS Max. Not to mention the dreaded no network error is making its appearance more. No reason when I have full bars of LTE and can speed test roughly 150mbps down. WiFi same thing.
  • It lags 1/5

    By mr qurap
    It takes for ever to load and when you tap on something it won’t do it and you have to keep tapping it to work
  • Please stop shrinking text! 2/5

    By Oakangel
    I’ve had this app for a couple of years, and with the last couple of updates, the text keeps getting smaller and smaller - and the app doesn’t offer a setting to change that. It’s getting ridiculous and frustrating. Please either enlarge the text again or include the option in the settings so that someone doesn’t have to get a magnifying glass out to get the weather!! Otherwise, I still think it’s a great app.
  • Love this app. When it is working. 2/5

    By seahorsesone
    When this app works it’s great. However, have uninstall and reinstall almost every other day. I am now seeing that lots of folks have the same issue. At least I now know it’s not my system.
  • App Won’t load 3/5

    By TheBreed_
    I’ve had this app for many years and as of today (when all the storms were rolling through) it hasn’t loaded and it keeps saying “network error”. Luckily I have other apps but this is my main one to check the radar which I love on here. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times and still having the same issue.
  • Never works when you really need it 2/5

    By kappppppppppppp
    Again storms rolling in trying to use the app to find how to close they are, always brings up some kind of error when you really need to use it
  • Hard to read the print 1/5

    By Dizzy Lizzie - Cornfield USA
    I was wondering if you could make the print and controls smaller. I can still see them with an ultra powerful magnifying glass. This is not a good app for people with vision problems. Does the ADA mean anything to developers of apps like this?
  • No problems for me! 5/5

    By Rhfgcfffbdvhyvfcff
    I love this app. Tells me the weather great. I wish there was an app for the Apple Watch though. I like the calm weather alerts instead of a BLASTING sound.
  • Frozen 1/5

    By jamesdooo
    The app is crashing or frozen!
  • Used to be my favorite 1/5

    Used to be a great app. Not sure what happened to it. Extremely slow to load, sometimes doesn’t load at all....
  • No longer works :( 1/5

    By Celebrateu4evr
    This was my favorite weather app, but it stopped giving me notifications. Everything looks to be set correct with alerts and notifications are turned on, but no alerts :( We play lists of outdoor sports and the lightening warning was so useful.
  • Ice app but unreliable 1/5

    By magyarguy
    A very nice App in terms of layout and info except that anytime there is serious weather activity it tends not to load. I get the splash screen and then it freezes. Can fix it sometimes with a reinstall. I used to think it was because of demand, but it failed to load at 3:00;AM and I don’t think a lot of users were up at that time. Please fix this. Added: coldest day of the year and it’s down again. Can’t count on this app and it’s off to the trash. Worse than useless.
  • Used to rock 1/5

    By name nicker
    As a Chicago cycle commuter this app used to be ideal for my mission specific needs; radar, wind speeds, etc Its just too glitchy now. I would not recommend it, especially since the developer is well aware that problems abound and have done little to correct them. I doubt Tom Skilling has any actual input with this app even though his name is on it. He is (was?) legit and the app is not (anymore).
  • Agree 4/5

    By wallinger
    I too have to reload the app for it to work. This is a recent problem and very irritating. I haven’t had it happen on my iPhone, but it happens on my iPad Pro, the current model. Otherwise it’s an excellent app with excellent quality videos.
  • Where did the future radar go? 2/5

    By Ntiikmkmi
    This was my go to weather app for a long time but after the update a couple of months ago I may delete this app. The hourly, daily, etc. forecast is still fine but the radar- which used to show past and future now only shows past to present.. I may have to switch to another weather app if they don’t fix this soon
  • Et tu Tom Skilling?! 2/5

    By myUnerringAdvic3
    I am using iPhoneX with all updated/current software and I am having the worst time with this app. Some days just the radar works, some days just the hourly works. Mostly nothing works. I greatly rely on my weather app this fall with the severe winds and weather we’ve been having. I need you to have my back Tom, please make it right!

WGN-TV Chicago Weather app comments

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