What The Forecast?!!

What The Forecast?!!

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  • Current Version: 3.15.0
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: William King
  • Compatibility: Android
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What The Forecast?!! App

What The Forecast?!! won a 2018 People's Choice Webby Award in the category of Mobile Sites & Apps - Services & Utilities!! Thank you to everyone who voted and helped make that happen!! What The Forecast?!! is an accurate weather app that will explain, in real terms, how nasty it is outside. You will never again wonder if you should just go back to bed (which, of course, you should). Sometimes, it is better to just give up and try again tomorrow. WTForecast?!! features: - Over 8206 obnoxious phrases describing the current weather conditions. - Switchable profanity settings (On, Some, Off).** - Listen to the latest weather saying in different voices. - Accurate weather reports directly from AerisWeather. - Daily forecasts for 10 days. - Hourly forecasts for 48 hours. - Weather alerts from NOAA. - Backgrounds and precipitation that match the time of year and current weather conditions. - Select from U.S. or metric units in the app Settings. - Descriptions of basic weather terms used in the app. - Share your weather reports on Facebook, Twitter, etc. **Make sure you go into the What The Forecast?!! app settings and set the profanity setting to "On" for the full effect. You won't be disappointed (Or, maybe you will. I don't know you...).


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What The Forecast?!! app reviews

  • Great App 5/5

    By Spankys fun
    Love it every time I need a laugh I check my weather.
  • I love it! 5/5

    By Sophmore88
    This app is great! It tells me ALMOST everything I need to know. I wish it could include things like UV index and pollen levels though. I love how I can customize it to whatever I need.
  • Enjoy 2/5

    By not-cool12
    I was enjoying this app until I seen it take the Lords name in vein. Using GD is not cool at all. Deleted the app. I understand that there is a profanity choice. I was fine with other choice of words. Not cool. Not cool.
  • Perfect. 5/5

    By ellencampbelledits.com
    Vulgar? Oh yes. But always a surprise.
  • Fun, sometimes wildly inaccurate 4/5

    By TehBetWinnar
    I love the snarky comments about the weather. The accuracy can be way off (5+ degrees) and I think that’s a function of the closest weather station not updating or something.
  • Funny 5/5

    By PetiteElite
    Funny, but could use more features.
  • Thanks for making weather funny! 5/5

    By iPeppz
    It’s about time someone made a weather app that says what most of us are thinking! I love it. At least when the weather is sh*t, I can count on WTForecast to make me laugh at it! ⭐️
  • Best Weather App!! 5/5

    By Mugziemarie
    This always bring a smile to my face and truly makes me laugh!! It’s great and I recommend it to everyone!!
  • LMMFAO 5/5

    By Lil Witch 13
    I love this app. Makes my day, everyday! Thank you.
  • Great APP 4/5

    By R19m3
    I like the APP so far. Provides me with the weather details I need with a little humor to start and end my day. I do like the standard feature where you can save other city locations. Improvements to suggest: I would like it if eventually the app, offers temperature numbers on the ride side of the city names when clicking on your locations list. Also being able to swipe left on the main temp display to see your saved cities weather display.
  • I love this app 5/5

    By Kins07
    I love this app. And I have a submission for a saying that my manager said, Oklahoma City rained so hard flooded some street. He says ‘this weather makes my dad’s cat throw up’ and he was serious 😂
  • A blast 5/5

    By jfpear
    I love this app. All the different sayings are a blast to read and share. Thank the maker!!!!
  • Inaccurate 2/5

    By Meenbeen
    The phrases and say sings are pretty funny, but the weather is never right. It’s been saying thunderstorms and rain for the past week and it hasn’t rained in days. Really frustrating when you’re trying to make plans. Will be looking for another weather app immediately.
  • Good for a laugh, but not an accurate weather report 2/5

    By Not sleepy
    I enjoy the funny of this App, but the forecasts are way, way off. It is 90 degrees and the App says it’s 72...says it’s snowing and the sun is out and 62 degrees. Nope.
  • Need to change the voice, but I still love the app!! 4/5

    By Scadelphia
    This app is good but your computer voice does not pronounce every word correctly, so the saying is not as funny!! And no matter what voice setting you use it sounds like a computer!! It would be so much better if you were able to get the voice to sound more natural, like Siri.
  • Glow 5/5

    By Gloria-glow
    Love it, so stinking funny!!
  • Ummm 5/5

    By Veronica3k26
    Great app all around, very funny. But uhh today I opened the app during a thunderstorm and it displayed a dark background with red rain along with the words “this would be the perfect day to ride a unicorn, but this is hell and the unicorns are dead” it also had weather warnings of “maggot rain” along with lava and acid rain. I reloaded it and it changed the quote to something about Satan using my soul for something? Along with the weather forecast being 456 degrees? The dates were also incorrect and put me at oct 6 2017. Perhaps this was a joke during Halloween time last year? I would really like an explanation as to why this happened.
  • Hilarious 5/5

    By FigNewt412
    Simply genius
  • Fun app but cannot use send text feature 1/5

    By VRBand
    This looks like a fun app but will not allow me to select a contact name when sending a text. The text box pops up with the weather forecast but cannot choose who to send it to. Using iPhone X.
  • This App is always good for datatainment 5/5

    By 4Michell
    I ❤️ this silly App. It’s my first weather go to.
  • Funny but might as well just be a joke app 1/5

    By Devkennedy06
    While it’s comments are hilarious, it’s really annoying how inaccurate this weather app is! It’s not been close even one time. Says it’s cloudy and raining when it’s sunny and 80 out type of deal 😂
  • Funny as hell 5/5

    By EmpressDitaVonTease
    Best app ever 😂😂😂
  • Confusing. 2/5

    By okiegirl1968
    I can’t find any extended forecast. Nothing you show is on my version except no ads
  • My weather app soulmate 5/5

    By Pandora Perfect
    ....this app speaks to me. We are one. #CalmYourTits 😍
  • Please make available on Apple watch 5/5

    By Mega Man 2.0
    I love this app so much that I even paid for it but I am disappointed that there is no apple watch app. Please make an app for the Apple watch!
  • Looking for a weather app 1/5

    By 56mojo
    Looking for a weather app that accepts zip codes. This ain’t it. Location Service must be on👎🏽
  • Awesome entertainment & good weather too 5/5

    By boret69
    Awesome entertainment & good weather too
  • Funny af but inaccurate as hell! 3/5

    By camaro66
    I basically use this app to get a laugh but when the weather doesn’t correspond with it, it’s no longer funny! Like right now we’re getting a lot of rain & wind from TS Alberto and the app says sunny. But there’s the ❗️at the top with 5 weather warnings! Fix and I’ll give 5 stars!
  • Useless 1/5

    By Tap2003
    Apparently, turning off the profanity renders it no more useful than any other weather app. I guess it thinks funny and vulgar are inextricably linked. 😕
  • Weather not accurate 3/5

    By PhxDawg
    I’ve used this app for a year, but for about the last month, the temperatures have been inaccurate. I live in Phoenix, where not knowing what temp it is can result in burnt feet for my dog or badly timed outdoor activities because of the heat. Right now it is showing that tomorrow’s temp will be a high of 82, when we are in an excessive heat warning for the next week or so, with temps over 100 every day. So as much as I have enjoyed this app, I’m having to avoid it and use more accurate weather apps that I have. Here in the desert, safety is more important than a good laugh.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By dieselcrackel
    Love this app! Forecast is accurate compared to the weather channels app. Love the sayings too 👍🏻
  • Well done 4/5

    By Can in Afhganland
    This app not only gives an accurate weather forecast, it does it with some attitude! I wish it had a widget and a radar option, but it’s so great otherwise that I refuse to get rid of it
  • I Love It 5/5

    By RWP6911
    I personally think this is the best app ever. My friends in other states simply love when I post.
  • No widget for IPhone X 1/5

    By Tsunomi1
    I’d give this 5 stars because I think it’s a great app. I loved using this app on my Samsung Galaxy J7 because the widget made it easy for me to see the weather at a glance and the snarky comments always gave me a laugh. However I just updated to a IPhone X and even though I can download the app I can’t use a widget because there are no widget options for my new phone. Highly disappointing. I paid for the no advertising and I can’t even really use the app so I’m deleting it.
  • 😄 5/5

    By maltesergr8
    Always makes getting the weather forecast amusing!!
  • Love this!!! 5/5

    By jonuttie
    We listen to this over and over again at work!!! LoL!! 😅😂🤣
  • App says it is 79 and sunny 2/5

    By Rvngrammy
    Actual temp is 64 according to three othe apps, and my own eyes, it is 64 and cloudy.
  • What the forecast 5/5

    By Engineersyd
    Very well done! Most of the phrases fit our weather exactly; but, some of the time, it’s just a wee bit off the mark. I realize that you can’t be everywhere to fit the remark exactly! No problem! Just keep the snide remarks coming; and all will be well with the world! As a matter of fact, our weather people could take lessons from you guys! They are as dry as burnt toast! Keep up the fantastic work! As long as the app is available, I’ll keep using it! Makes my day!
  • My favorite weather app! 5/5

    By Harp128
    This app is awesome. I love my weather report with a bit of snark and this app delivers in the best possible way!
  • I actually care about the weather now 5/5

    By Mahabharata ghvgshg
    Honestly who cares about the weather but with this app it makes me want to actually check how many degrees it is outside just because it’s so inappropriate funny and interesting.
  • good. 4/5

    By sad english major
    finally, something as apathetic as i am. would love to see a widget option for this.
  • Inaccurate 2/5

    By Xtxyxyxycy
    Love the humor that this app adds to an otherwise boring subject but its forecasts are completely inaccurate. Not reliable at all
  • It keeps crashing 5/5

    By King lova
    I love this app but it keeps crashing. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling but it continues to crash. Idk why, I really enjoy the app but I’m disappointed that I can’t open it....
  • You had me at forcast 5/5

    By Slimer23a
    There isn’t much else to be said about NUMBER 1 RATED WEATHER APP IN THE APP STORE! While the weebly award is something we are all proud of for this app. Where’d the Grammy at?!?!?!?! Outstanding app and developer. I follow him on Instagram and if you ever have a concern with the app he’s on it. He’s not in this for the money people. He’s here because this is what he enjoys doing and he only wants to give the best product to the best people ( us ). So I’m slapping down that insane 5 star rating because this app is something I use when I’m sad and even as a joke around my high school campus. Keep up the good work!!!!!
  • I didn’t even know I needed this is in my life! 5/5

    By Lemna gibba
    I LOVE THIS APP SO MUCH! Giving much needed laughs! Thank you!
  • at first glance... 5/5

    By dkdobrasil
    its witty and smart and easy to navigate right off the bat! i love weather and now i've got the forecast with personality
  • Please add thunderstorm quotes 5/5

    By Itstime566666
    I love this app, it makes my day even when I'm in the worst of moods. I would definitely recommend getting this app as I can assume it took a lot of time to make it. I was wondering if you could add some thunderstorm quotes like "I hope you aren't cheap and got lightning rods" or "don't get scared and go inside, it's just lightning!" Thank you for your time and for putting in a good mood every day.
  • Radar 5/5

    By TennaSteve66
    Please add radar other than that it’s perfect
  • Hilarious app! 5/5

    By LuckyTaco121
    It’s hilarious and I love it!
  • Who Thought Funny could be the weather?!! 4/5

    By Linda Joy 1211
    Love this app. I keep checking the weather in Antarctica. Not that I’m planning my next vacation there, I just like to read the cold as $4!+ forecast! I only wish it had radar. Then it would be 5 *****’s!

What The Forecast?!! app comments


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