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  • Current Version: 5.0.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
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Whataburger App

Get access to more rewards, more surprises, and more Whataburger®. Check out the easiest, most rewarding way to get Whataburger just like you like it! — EARN MORE: Earn 10 points for every $1 spent on online orders or scans towards delicious free food. Redeem points for your favorite Whataburger items, along with chances to win exclusive experiences just for rewards members. — SKIP THE LINE: Get Whataburger brought to your car or your doorstep with curbside pickup or delivery. — MAKE IT YOURS: Customize your order and save your favorites to easily reorder again and again. — ONLINE GIFT CARDS: Give the gift of Whataburger by sending online gift cards right in the app! — PAY WITH YOUR PHONE: Get your favorite food faster by connecting a debit/credit card, Apple Pay, PayPal, or Whataburger Gift Card. — FIND YOUR HOMETOWN WHATABURGER: Take comfort in the fact that you’ll always know exactly where the closest Whataburger is located.

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Whataburger app reviews

  • Very excellent app, but it could still be better. 4/5

    By Member$Only
    Love the Whataburger but I just wish that there was a way to combine more stuff like have a meat patty(‘s) with chicken or fish patties. Plus the same with the salads have like a half spicy chicken/half fish option. That is all, everything else is great, I love how you can load money into the app for example for later use, or the way in which favorites can be added for later orders, that is amazing please leave that and keep up the great work. Thank you so much for everything. :)
  • Giant pile of garbage, absolute dumpster fire 1/5

    By RJS jr.
    App is an absolute dumpster fire, slow and buggy as all get out. Signed up an account for the free Whataburger and it didn’t give me a free burger! What the heck, absolutely unacceptable! My toddler could build a better app.
  • Restaurants don’t honor orders 1/5

    By Emmersonian
    Don’t use app, most restaurants don’t accept orders from them but keep the money. Total scam.
  • System Error 3/5

    By Kate898767
    Recently there have been system errors. Hopefully this is fixed soon. Other than that the app “was” great.
  • Pretty misleading 1/5

    By generic.black.woman
    Every ad I’ve ever seen for this app assures a deal for a free item with the download and sunup of this app. Being a penny pinching broke dude always looking to save a buck it’s pretty disappointing when I realize that’s not the case. The rewards system looks great and all that for when I do decide to stop by Whataburger, but no one likes being lied to, especially when you’re stoned and want a cheap meal 🤷‍♂️
  • Horrible service and food. 1/5

    By Madatwhataburger
    Always gets orders wrong, fries were burned, no ice in drink, burger was ordered plain and dry but I got a burger with everything on it. I will not be ordering again because this is not the first time this has happened. Your workers need to check the order and make sure they made it the way It was ordered, but they made it with everything on it trying to rush.
  • Terribly glitchy app 1/5

    By jon1990
    It messed up my phone
  • Drive thru is faster 1/5

    By Pinecone4444
    Drive thru is faster. No point to use the app.
  • Great modifications 5/5

    By Isaac_Dubb
    I honestly love this app lol. I hardly eat fast food but I go crazy on some what a burger. And I really like their abilities to modify burgers and other items. Never knew you could toast both buns on a burger now I do that every time! Only thing I’d recommend is maybe put special deals on the app, I would eat there a lot more
  • New rewards system makes you have to spend much more 1/5

    By Jekehu
    Now I have to spend $70 to get a free Whataburger Jr. It used to be free after five visits. Seventy divided by five is $14, and I’ve never spent that much in one visit.
  • Doesn’t work - system error occurred 1/5

    By CutieCourt83
    Make it possible to use this app with the new IOS. Literally doesn’t work and each time I try to use it it says “system error occurred”. What’s the point of having pickup if you can’t use the app to order it?
  • New Update has changed my tune! 5/5

    By MarkoftheAngels
    The new reward system and the new longer list of potential rewards is very refreshing to see, and I am glad that the developers have been listening! I might be using this app more often, at least for the improved medium milkshake reward (was previously small shake). The functionality for ordering food is still the same, reliable format, though again, the option for ASAP ordering isn’t always reflected in service, but that might not be the app’s fault. The offers page is also often empty when I order, but I don’t know if the app’s to blame.
  • Lousy App 1/5

    By ah SSH why shh ER TV
    I’ve been a big fan of Whataburger for many years but this app is truly lousy. Every single time I tried to use this application it was a major pain in the butt for everyone involved. I use the Sonic app faithfully with no issues. Don’t bother with this app unless you’re a glutton for punishment.
  • New Rewards system is awful 1/5

    By rarook
    The old system was 5 purchases earned you a freebie from select menu items. The new system has you spending $50-100 for most anything on the menu. I liked the limited options with a better reward system than more options and needing to spend a ton in order to get anything.
  • The worst experience ever 1/5

    By 432TheTruth432
    I ordered on the app and never received the order I called the restaurant and was given the sorriest of excuses for not receiving my order when I compromised and asked for a delivery time they simply said and I quote “I don’t know” i then requested a refund and was told “you will have to call customer support” I called customer support and waited for 37 MINUTES before my call was answered only to receive “we will request your refund but that comes from the store” it’s a shame because we really loved Whataburger but most definitely will not want anything to do with them anymore. The only reason I am giving a 1 star is because I can’t give 0.
  • Great app, but need some improvements 3/5

    By Infamous_Doktor_Jackal
    The customization is great, the layout and pictures are just right. However, it would be nice to be able to order a single item instead of having to go with a meal with everything. Sometimes I just want a burger without fries and a drink. The way this is laid out. It makes me feel like they are just trying to make the cash grab to get the little extra money they get from the fries in the drink when I actuality, it makes me want to close the app and open up my Wendys app and order something from there because they will let me order just the sandwich without forcing me to get the stuff that I don’t want. Don’t get me wrong I would rather have Whataburger, but if it means spending more than I want to every single time that I’m going to have to pass.
  • The ad said Free Whataburger when you Join 1/5

    By Flasportscene
    I downloaded the app and joined whataburger rewards. There was no free whataburger. They was an opportunity to earn a whataburger. I found the ad deceiving and will delete the app soon.
  • New rewards is 100% scam 1/5

    By Pbower321
    The old rewards were AMAZING. Decent small options as a freebie after 5 visits. Now, you have to spend 10 points per $1 spent. So now to get a cinnamon (which was free after five visits) is $25 worth of points. But keep in mind, the menu prices have increased. The #13 meal: Three (THREE!) chicken strips, medium fry, drink is now $9.30 after tax. Nearly $10 for three chicken strips????? This meal used to be $7.50 after tax.
  • Ain’t worth it. 2/5

    By JoeLouis915
    Offers and rewards really made the app great but recently they give nearly no offers and the new rewards make it so you have to spend a ridiculous amount to get anything.
  • App 1/5

    By MontyHerrin
    I got s as iPhone 14 , & app wont even download
  • No Honey butter side cup option 3/5

    By Russiang4
    No issues with app but why is there no option to get the side of honey butter cup with honey butter chicken biscuit. Why order ahead with the app if i still have to order and pay at the window?
  • Don’t get this app 1/5

    By tommy291056914
    Tried to order and it charged my card 11.99 then charged 10.99 and nothing showed on the app of me ordering , even called the Whataburger where I ordered and they said they did not have anything in the system then tried to charge my card another 18.99 but luckily I did not have no more money in it , Ben using the app for a good minute never had any problems , do better
  • No Protein only options for diabetics to order ahead. 1/5

    By VicFFI
    There aren’t any protein only option for people with diabetes (estimated 37 million people in the US). Or for people on low carb diets. In store there is the option to order sausage, bacon, eggs, and meat patties from the individual menu. But the app only pairs these items with carbs. The app already allows for individual carb items like biscuits, hash browns, and apple slices. Please add some no/low carb options.
  • Great, but…… 3/5

    By FFireball
    I liked the app better when looking at account history I could see how many times I visited when using the app. Visits not how many rewards. Change it back
  • Terrible app - terrible experience 1/5

    By logan177
    The app looks and feels like it’s from the 2000’s and the billing is atrocious. I loaded a gift card on the app and can only use the remaining balance if the order is less than what I have. There is zero way to use it.
  • Hating the app changes 2/5

    By Ppamalamajamma
    This used to be a great app. It was easy to figure out how to add a receipt to receive reward points. I had to go into FAQ to find out, and that was the only way I could go to the screen allowing me to enter receipt information. I also want to be able to look back at the receipt info I’ve entered so I can track my reward points, because I know my points total is inaccurate. Please correct these issues.
  • Changes are a downgrade and don’t use Giftcard 2/5

    By Austin Aggie
    Sadly the new rewards program is a significant devaluation of existing rewards and future earning options are cut by 50-75%. Sad But the reason for the 2* is the fact if your gift card balance doesn’t exceed the order it cannot be used. The lowest amount that can be added to card is $15. This is designed to stand funds on the card. Benefits merchant harms consumer. Not allowing user to select curbside / drive through option also stupid. Punishes those that use the app
  • New Rewards is Bad 1/5

    By TehGamingKoopa
    I’ve loved this app for many years now, and that was mainly due to the rewards program being so simple and worthwhile. Now that they’ve changed it, the amount of money you need to spend to even get close the points values needed for basic items such as a drink are in the $30 range. You have to spend $100 to have enough points for a regular Whataburger, which is ridiculous. Massive disappointment that makes using the app close to useless.
  • Loyal customer 1/5

    By LDS Warrior
    They no longer let you scan your receipts in the app to gain points.
  • Business owner 1/5

    By awe'some
    Where’s the beef what happened to the rest of the beef?
  • Reward 1/5

    By Car626
    Always trying to scam the customers with this point system.. the other rewards was much better! Smh 👎🏼
  • Better options for rewards 5/5

    By AdriiDanii
  • Solid Update👌🏾 5/5

    By why youtubr
    Finally An Update On Rewards!!!!!
  • new point system is a great idea 5/5

    By I_am- bootymuncher
    app could always be updated to be more fluid but the features is great
  • New Point System is terrible 1/5

    By Johnson_1995
    The new rewards system is practically useless. At a rate of 10 points per dollar spent, you need to spend an entire 100 dollars to get a single free whataburger. The old point system was better. Making the rewards far more difficult to get is definitely on purpose. Terrible change.
  • Ying Yang 2/5

    By Whataman210
    So the app works sometimes, kids hard to navigate, especially trying to contact the store if I have a complaint. Which I usually do. I feel like its just better to go in and order.
  • BOOOOO 1/5

    By Brooklynn72
    Screw you guys for changing what was a great rewards program. Y’all are pulling a Starbucks move. Not cool.
  • New Rewards Program 2/5

    By Raptor Hawk
    If this new rewards program means no more emails with free burgers, etc. then I have no reason to go to WB anymore. When I went I’d buy extra meals, but now I have no further reason to go. The burgers are worse than they used to be and MUCH more expensive these days. And WB is bad about shorting you on fries and o-rings. The burgers used to taste fresh and well made, now they are greasy and you can tell the ingredients are a lot cheaper quality. Free food that I didn’t have to “earn” was a draw. But now I have to earn food that used to be much better and cheaper. And you want to spin this into a positive change!?
  • Can’t split payment b/t balance and card 1/5

    By cindypain
    The inability to pay for my meal on the app using both my remaining account balance and my card is a major deterrent from using this app.
  • Texas Whataburger A+++ 2/5

    By Toonces D.
    Drove all the way from Canada, as soon as I crossed the border, I stopped at the first Whataburger, even if it was the middle of night, I still had to get my TASTE OF TEXAS!! Now I come in from Oklahoma several times a year, my first stop once I’m in Texas, is of coarse Whataburger. I have to get my taste of Texas as soon as possible.
  • App a bit clunky 3/5

    By NickTXep
    Still favorite spot to eat but as far as app I find it’s only one I don’t really use like I do starshmucks or chikfilizzis(exclusively pay with app for those places). Always use those but not this one and it’s solely for the reason that app does not feel as convenient or easy to use .
  • App doesn’t work 2/5

    By kduurhehd
    App does not scan at all and can not add or redeem points.
  • Hahahahahahahhananana 1/5

    By splitsecond
    $10.10 delivery fee? Really? I have. Screenshot I wish I could post it. This app is trash beyond trash. Update: just checked again at a different location much closer to a store, $8.50 delivery fee. Cheaper to go through third period apps which means y’all are losing money. So dumb.
  • Can’t sign in 1/5

    By Zushi218
    I have an account I was signed out and when I try and use Google to sign back in it think that I’m trying to make a new account even though I already pick the sign in option and when I try and just reset my password i get a message saying that my email doesn’t have a password to my account and ask me to sign in using a Facebook account which I don’t have one so I have no way of accessing my account anymore
  • Lots of improvements needed 1/5

    By A0emouse
    This app will let you reload $ in your account without an update. But then won’t let you show the barcode to pay without updating. When you are in the drive thru that’s not acceptable. Also will let you buy food to go in and pick up. But when you get to the restaurant the door is locked. You can’t get a refund and you don’t get your food. It’s always a risk using the app to order ahead.
  • Best food 5/5

    By —:,):/)&’vegrecbndd
    The most amazing food I have ever had in my life it is the best and it’s so easy to order it!!!
  • Love the app…BUT 5/5

    By araines1976
    I love the WHATABURGER app, but really need some improvements. Wish there was a way to customize items. Yes, you can on lunch, dinner, but what about breakfast. I know for us as a family, we have some that don’t eat eggs and have some that just want eggs on their taquitos. Please just make it so you can customize Here is the reason why. I go to the actual Whataburger and ask for something to be done 3 times, but yet, get to the window and see it’s rung up the wrong way and I am charged MORE!!! If I could just customize my stuff on the app and pick it up, it would make it so much easier. If there is a mistake, it might be my fault, but 99.9% of the time, it would be the person making the order inside. Anyways, please consider making adjustments to the app.
  • Can’t pay on app 1/5

    By Fc123abc
    Doesn’t let me pay on the app. Tried using all the payment methods I have and keeps showing “safetechanalysisasync” error
  • Was great, now just good 4/5

    By misstxbelle
    I have been using this app from the beginning. Now within the last month the curbside pick up option is no longer available. Curbside pick up is available locally, just not on my app?? I have reported this before but no resolve.