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Whataburger App

Check out the easiest, most rewarding way to get Whataburger just like you like it! — ORDER ONLINE: Now testing in select locations, and we’re gathering feedback along the way. Check Whataburger.com for updates on locations near you. — CUSTOMIZE YOUR CRAVINGS: Try the endless possibilities of customizations and add-ons to perfect your order. — SAVE YOUR FAVES: Save your favorite customizations and go-to meals to easily reorder again and again. — EARN REWARDS: Five visits earns you free food. Order or scan your app on five separate visits and get a free Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit, Medium French Fry, Taquito, Cinnamon Roll, Small Shake, Medium Onion Ring or Medium Drink on your next visit. — FIND YOUR HOMETOWN WHATABURGER: Take comfort in the fact that you’ll always know exactly where the closest Whataburger is located. — PAY WITH YOUR PHONE: Get your favorite food faster by connecting a debit/credit card, Apple Pay, PayPal, or Whataburger Gift Card.

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Whataburger app reviews

  • Horrible 1/5

    By Frugal gamer
    So evidently they have been working in alignment with Favor here in Houston and I feel like that is a mistake . I tried to redeem a coupon for buy one get one free and ordered it to be delivered. 2 hours passed and I received nothing . I call back and reach the restaurant and they say they never received my order . I try to cancel it jn the app and I can’t cancel it. So I call the corporate office and the lady reassures me I will receive my refund . Fast forward to the next day and I receive an email pretty much telling me I can’t get my $21.80 back cuz the ticket is still pending fulfillment and delivery they instruct me In said email to go to the app and cancel it and I should receive my refund . I’m angry at this point and I return to the app AGAIN to try and cancel my order . Won’t go through . I email the agent back expressing my frustration and how the app is glitching on my side and I just want my money back . Like food shouldn’t be stressful . Horrible experience and I am still currently working on my refund for food I never received and evidently can’t cancel.
  • $9 in delivery fees 1/5

    By AstralDarkstar
    Not including tip. Pretty sure I left this review before.
  • Not Impressed 2/5

    By rbrancheau
    Won’t let me make an 8.84 purchase with 4.50 on gift card + my debit card. UI looks like it was made in Microsoft Paint
  • Too many bugs after a year, no fixes 1/5

    By twgunn1
    After a year, you still don’t have the option to go through the drive through. It worked for a month or two then right back to not being able to go through drive through. The local locations around here do not make your order til you get there and then from time to time your forgotten about. I waited 20 mins after getting to location and order was placed 10 min prior. I ended up going in. The only thing that I saved was no one touched my debit card. Please fix these bugs, not just say you’re going to. Otherwise, why have the ap??
  • No Drive-Through Option 1/5

    By Geez, nickname already.
    How in the world is there no drive-through option? Also, $7+ tax for a burger almost as thin as a krystal? Beyond ridiculous.
  • Worst app delivery experience ever 1/5

    By Neatguynick
    I ordered $40 of food. It never showed. I was unable to get any customer support in getting my order, the driver number didn’t work, and the restaurant didn’t answer. And I missed half of my movie because I was trying to call and get my food.
  • Mobile order 3/5

    By agahagsgsjdhbdnd
    It takes forever for you to get the food t
  • App review 1/5

    By Rich_homieRob
    You’re guys app still needs a lot of work, the User Interface looks decent but I tried 4 times in a row just now to “add receipt code” to receive rewards and it takes me to the next screen then crashes. So then I hit “contact online” and the first screen pops up fine, I select I have a “problem,” to let you guys know it’s not letting me input my receipt code, and then the app crashes again and closes itself. This happens with everything it do on this app. You guys need to fix it.
  • needs to be updated 3/5

    By KaylaMercedes14
    I like this app cause it's easy to pop up at whataburger and grab and go BUT I hate that you can't customize the burger/sand which all the way, like if I wanted the BBQ on the side it doesn't give me that option. id have to "remove" the sauce then pay .55¢ to order the same sauce I also hate that I can't order my fries with no salt. Plus I hate how the rewards have a time limit. i've gotten so many rewards and then when I'm ready to use them they are gone maybe if the app did this update i'd order from it more
  • Worthless 1/5

    By junowhatt
    Literally no different than ordering at the drive thru.
  • Payment methods 3/5

    By Alex92094
    I would love for your minimum to be lower than 15$, i literally was just missing .60 cents and now i have to drive to the restaurant what happened to making things easier?
  • Whataburger is no longer a friendly local business 1/5

    By App not as bad as airline
    I guess Whataburger has gone too corporate for me. They clearly do not know what it means to give. To give rewards only to take them away is simply bad business. I’ve eaten WB twice a week for at least ten years. You’ve lost a loyal customer due to the bad taste your shady business practices have left in my mouth.
  • Worst food app 1/5

    By Cmccraw
    Worst food app on the market
  • Not working for me 1/5

    By Miami305boii
    Tried to order and the app just froze on order screen.
  • App is frustrating for add-ins 3/5

    By Hadtogoin
    No place to say bring creamer or Splenda for coffee. There needs to be a place to add a note. No way to order a cup of water with a pancake order or a sausage biscuit. Have to order a meal to order water.
  • Useless delivery window 1/5

    By Annoyed user 12345678
    Why include a delivery window option if you are just going to deliver ASAP? I specified a delivery time 1 hour later and food was delivered in 30 minutes. The problem is we could not eat until after an appointment, hence the delivery window.
  • App crash 1/5

    By flower101929392
    I’m trying to add a visit with receipt but every time I try to add a location it crashes and the closes! I’ve tried multiple times but it continues to crash!!
  • Gotta do better guys! 5/5

    By BeccaJoye
    Failed experience with store near Grapevinne Mills/Hey 26. Ordered online - arrived within pick up window. Waited in 🚗💨💨💨 5 min-no response. Now standing in store waiting on order. You gotta do better! Chick Fil a has this down! Disappointed.
  • Disappointing 1/5

    By AlyahMcGriff
    Huge fan of this place but what’s the point of offering mobile ordering if it isn’t offered half the time?
  • Need drive thru option 3/5

    By AlphaQuailMan
    Can not use app to do a drive thru order, only curbside. Charges card before arrival. Even though they do not prepare order until you arrive. McD app works much better. But the best burgers by far are Whataburger’s. Please fix the app
  • App 2/5

    By kweston2003
    My biggest complaint with the app is that it doesn’t allow me to check in. I’ve used it at multiple locations, and it’s fine when allowing me to order, but when I get to the location to do curbside it always tells me there is no internet connection and won’t allow me to select a stall Number or check in at all. I get great phone service where I live so I know that isn’t the issue.
  • Inconvenient 1/5

    By despair and cake
    I spent the majority of my time on the app scrolling through useless information to get to the next step which got old really quick. The curbside pickup signs at the restaurant are barely off the ground and it took me 10 min to even find them. Employee came out with someone else’s order and kept insisting it was mine and that my name was Fernando after I kept telling him NO. No option to leave a review for the order experience either! Big waste of my time.
  • App Can Ruin Orders 2/5

    By rarook
    Whattaburger has great fast food. Definitely the best I've had in the midwest. But their app leaves much to be desired as it can ruin orders. For example, this past visit I got two burgers, one was a combo. I edited my burgers to my tastes but when I went to change my second burger from a meal to just a burger by itself, all my changes were reset. Instead of getting a burger with everything but onions, pickles and mustard I got a burger that only had those things.
  • Third time my order has taken over an hour to deliver with no updates 2/5

    By thouunamed
    This app needs a lot of work when it comes to updating the customer on deliveries. I’ve placed maybe 12-15 orders, 6 of which I’ve needed to call the store or driver to confirm if my order has arrived. The driver also has hung up on me before. My order has only arrived at the designated time twice. Up until today it had only been an hour late twice, but I still at least got my order. This most recent order was the deal breaker. No updates on my order for over an hour, called Whataburger, they said they had technical issues and they had no way of reaching the driver, then said they could only give it to me if I drove up there. Clearly this app isn’t ready for delivery options at least in my area. Would give it 1 star, but I assume it works fine for the other options.
  • Crash 1/5

    By AgsGranik
    Crashes or errors out more often than it works
  • App is good, Locations need to catch up 4/5

    By JCTowers
    The app is simple and easy to use but still lacks the customization that Whataburger is known for at the locations. I order the Hatch Green Chile burger, but only wanted a single patty. The app doesn’t have a way to modify it nor a ‘instructions’ section to add this request. I always include condiments on the app but rarely get them in my order when I go and pick up. I always have to tell them to bring them. The last thing that is the worst part is the estimated time for the order to be done. It has never been ready at this time. Why have it stated if the order is not done? Otherwise, do what others have done and direct them to the restaurant and say that’s when the order starts to get made. See Chick-Fil-A app.
  • Won’t load and can’t get support 1/5

    By BradleighBreland
    I recently began having problems with the app not loading. Just get a circle going around and around. So I deleted the app and reinstalled it. I changed my password. Still no luck same problem. And when you click on support in the App Store there is no link to any telephone number or email to get support for the problems with the app. I love the store but I hate the app
  • I should have 3 rewards by now, but I don’t. 1/5

    By jojolasoul
    The rewards keep resetting. I’ll get up to 4 visits and the next time I go to scan it’s back at zero. Y’all gotta get it together. I feel cheated.
  • All Locations Closed?? 3/5

    By MoPotato
    I love this app but for some reason when I tried use it to place an order today it wouldn’t go thru as it said my location was closed. Checked other locations in my area and it showed them all closed. Tried online and got the same thing. Am I the only one experiencing this? (Also, yes, I checked and they’re all open)
  • Crash 1/5

    By Georgeg04
    App crashes at checkout
  • There are no deals. 2/5

    By Vahreck
    The app works fine but if you are expecting deals like any other fast food app then sorry. There are no promotions other than “try our new weird chicken at full price.”
  • Very convenient 4/5

    By TXMrls
    I absolutely love the Whataburger app and use it very often but I don’t like salt on my fries so if it would be possible to have the option of no salt on the fries would make my meal perfect when ordering.
  • Great app and service but pricey 4/5

    By Low Sko
    I love using this app, they even send you rewards and double the points if you spend a certain amount. However, the only thing I do not like is the delivery fee and service fee. No matter what, the delivery fee is $8.25 with a $1.00 service fee. Even if I just want a shake and apple pie, the total is almost $20, excluding the drivers tip. It’s disappointing. I would happily drive to the restaurant but due to being exposed to covid, I can only receive delivery drop off. I hope they change it and make it a little bit cheaper on that part.
  • Not worth it 1/5

    By bfducky
    I love WB. But the app is not worth it. They stores don’t make it the way you order it. 90% of app orders I’ve done are wrong and I have to go back or have them remake. Just no point in ordering through it.
  • Worst delivery ever! 1/5

    By dana45678967884357832
    Placed an order for delivery thru the app. Order was wrong, stuff missing and burgers wrong. Called the store, mistakenly thinking that they would want to make it right. No, because I ordered online, they couldn’t even refund the missing items. The answer was to come pick up missing items. We had it delivered for a reason! So $40 wasted for nothing! Thanks Whataburger, thanks for nothing!
  • Technical Errors 2/5

    By Anharvey1234
    I have used the app for a while and in the beginning I had no problems. Lately it refuses to take my order and says that their system is having a technical problem. Not sure if it’s the location I use or the app, but it has been frustrating.
  • 1 star for whataburger: Crestview Fl 1/5

    By lil kixxx
    It used to be that going to Whataburger was exciting, yummy, and get everything you ordered. Now (and the past 3 trips) have been full of hope; HOPE YOU GOT EVERYTHING THE WAY YOU ASKED! Why have the option to cut the sandwich in half, if the guy who cuts them is obviously illiterate?
  • Continuously Crashes 1/5

    By LTodd820
    Can't use app to order ahead, app crashes when you try to order.
  • Can’t customize your order 3/5

    By EvyEscamilla915
    One of the things I love about Whataburger is that you can customize what you’d like to eat. I’ve found I could do that with the sandwiches but MUST order a drink. I am forced to make my order a “meal”. This is not customizing my order. I’ll try using the app again in the future if this option is integrated.
  • Works Great At Night 4/5

    By DFW333
    At night this app is great. Order for the drive thru, go by and pick up the food and be gone. All orders should be like this. During the day, the app lies to customers and says drive thrus are closed. I’m sitting curbside pick up right now waiting because it said the drive thru wasn’t open. But there’s people using it. This error needs to be fixed.
  • Needs to work out glitches. 1/5

    By Tac0slayer21
    Second time I exit while checking out, second time my app glitches and lost my reward. You guys seriously need to work this stuff out. I felt cheated.
  • Great app, but it lies to you 3/5

    By J. Allen TX
    It's overall a great app, but my biggest complaint is that it lies to you about when your mobile order is ready. In my experience, if you place an order for immediate pickup at 1:00, then the app will tell you it will be ready by 1:10. Then you arrive at the store at 1:15 and check in. Around 1:20 you'll get your drinks, and then it'll be another 20-30 minutes to get your food that was supposed to be ready 5 minutes before you arrived. To be honest it feels worse than just sitting through the drive thru line.
  • Horrible Ap 1/5

    By Nori love 123
    Impossible to navigate. Starts with meals. You have to force it to undo the meals. When you do, it undoes your selections. No search features for sides. One of the worse I’ve used.
  • Has never worked for me. 1/5

    By irreversibility
  • Terrible experience 3/5

    By Kurtz201
    The ordering system does not take into account overall demand at the restaurant. I placed an order for curbside through the app. When I got to the restaurant there was pandemonium in the parking lot and a mob of frustrated customers. I waited over an hour only to be told they gave my order to another customer and I would have to wait for it to be remade. I asked for a refund but the store isn’t responsible for the online payment system. Customer contact is backed up due to the volume of complaints. I will not be ordering through the app again. Edit: My request was fast tracked and I received a refund.
  • Restaurants don’t pay attention to it. 1/5

    By JerkyChid
    What’s the point in ordering on an app or getting curbside delivery if the restaurant isn’t going to make your food and/or isn’t going to bring it to you? I ordered, was charged, drove to the parking spot, and was never given my food and have yet to be refunded or hear back from someone.
  • Stay away 1/5

    By fagq
    If you try to select drive-through they schedule you for 11 at night. It only lets you adjust in 10 minute increments so if you go back it makes you go through a whole day of times if you go forward it tries to schedule you for the next day. Customizations you put in the app do not go to the restaurant unless the restaurant has been getting it wrong consistently. If you go and pay extra for delivery they will mess the order up and when you call the number in the app you will get a bunch of platitudes and never get your refund. This is what happens when a Texas company sells out Portillos hot dogs. What a burger is no longer in Texas treasure but the app is a Texas travesty!
  • App doesn’t work well 1/5

    By Polishballz
    App doesn’t connect or work well You morons lost a sale because you limit 3 cards on file
  • Dan ONeal 5/5

    By Danoneal2
    Whataburger is my go to burger no matter where we are. You can always count on that same consistent taste all the time weather it be the BOB or the double meat double cheese bacon burger. Not another burger joint can’t compare.

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