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Whataburger App

Check out the easiest, most rewarding way to get Whataburger just like you like it! — ORDER ONLINE: Now testing in select locations, and we’re gathering feedback along the way. Check Whataburger.com for updates on locations near you. — CUSTOMIZE YOUR CRAVINGS: Try the endless possibilities of customizations and add-ons to perfect your order. — SAVE YOUR FAVES: Save your favorite customizations and go-to meals to easily reorder again and again. — EARN REWARDS: Five visits earns you free food. Order or scan your app on five separate visits and get a free Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit, Medium French Fry, Taquito, Cinnamon Roll, or a Small Shake on your next visit. — FIND YOUR HOMETOWN WHATABURGER: Take comfort in the fact that you’ll always know exactly where the closest Whataburger is located. — PAY WITH YOUR PHONE: Get your favorite food faster by connecting a debit/credit card, Apple Pay, PayPal, or Whataburger Gift Card.

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Whataburger app reviews

  • Mobile ordering?? 1/5

    By Drod1321
    What's the point of including mobile ordering if not one single Whataburger any where accepts mobile orders? I like Whataburger but until they get mobile ordering actually working I'm eating somewhere else.
  • Where is the menu? 2/5

    By Khaoslogic
    This app is great unless all you want to do is look at the menu. My location does not offer online ordering yet, so I will be deleting this app until they do. I downloaded it primarily to have quick access to the menu so I can decide what my family’s order will be before going to the drive through, but unless I actually start an order, the menu is not available. Since my location doesn’t have online ordering, I cannot start an order to look at the menu. Therefore, I have no need of this app. I will just continue to use google to look at the menu online. I have the fast food app for each local drive through and this is the only one that has this problem. I usually go to my food app folder when trying to decide where we will go. This app is no longer in that folder.
  • Best Customer Service Rep helped me out! 5/5

    By EboUzo
    Firstly, I go to Whataburger at least 2x a week (it’s definitely my go to place if I eat out). I wanted to write this review because I wanted to put a smile on someone’s face and let Customer Service Reps know they are doing a good job- sometime it’s needed. A few days ago I went to Whataburger and the lady scanned the barcode. When I went the next day to check on my free item it showed that I had not received credit for the last visit. I wrote an email to Whataburger and a wonderful person, Jarrod, was extremely helpful and very swift in responding. He cleared the matter and my account was fixed by the next day. Thank you. I hope there are more helpful individuals like him
  • No drive through pickup? 2/5

    By Mousetivity
    My biggest gripe is when you order through the app, you CANNOT go through the drive through to pick up your order. You actually have to get out of your car and walk inside and wait in line for the order. How is this convenient? Why should I even bother ordering ahead on the app? After a long day, the last thing I want to do is get out of my car at midnight to pick up my order that I placed on the app. Please fix this, so I can pick my order through the drive through like McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Starbucks and so many other fast food services.
  • Why have. ? 1/5

    By Poplew
    What does this app do for me? I see no benefit to using it. I still am in a line.
  • It could be better 2/5

    By Stef072000
    I think the app should award points based on the amount spent rather than visits. The rewards are not worth me having to get my phone out, have them fidget with their scanner, just to ultimately have to enter the number manually. I also have to sit in line, phone out, constantly refreshing the screen to avoid the phone from locking. I only do this for my husband who loves WB otherwise I wouldn’t mess with the app and rewards because they really aren’t worth it. Also, where was the free tote bag after 10 meal orders? Confused on that promotion. Why not make the rewards more exciting and have more options. I don’t like the milkshakes at WB. Often times, we don’t need an extra medium fry but end up getting one as a reward just because it’s the only thing we like. But we don’t really need it. Let’s have more offerings. Maybe a justaburger, or an apple pie. Also, I have no idea if I can accumulate multiple rewards or do I have to redeem once I’ve earned a reward to continue getting earned visits? Lastly, I wish I didn’t have to remind the cashier that I am redeeming a reward. They’ve had to refund me my payment, and ring me up again, just to use my rewards because the cashier didn’t know that I wanted to use the rewards. This is after I already informed the order-taker of my plans to use the reward. That seems problematic and an awful lot of reliance on a customer to tell the employees multiple times how to do their job even though they’ve already informed someone once.
  • Payment 1/5

    By KevAnthony10
    They don’t accept Apple Pay at my location or online orders
  • Whataburger App 2/5

    By gunbarreltx
    The last 4 visits that I have scanned my order in have not updated my running total! So why have an app that doesn’t work properly? The store can’t explain why this is happening so maybe I can get an answer on the app? Do I need to erase the app and download it again? It work fine for the 1st 9 orders.
  • The app crashes a lot!!!! 1/5

    By Yoli2431
    The app crashes soooo much, it’s ridiculous! On top of the fact that it’s slow. This is why I decide not to buy as often since it’s the most convenient way to order for me during lunch hour and it DON’T WORK!! :(
  • No point in using Online Ordering 1/5

    By KelaKee
    I can place my order online and still have to wait when I walk into the store like I just ordered it at the register, that’s happen the first 2 times I order. Only good thing is I don’t pay when then print me my receipt and hand me my number to wait... 3rd time using it I waited 20 MINUTES for my order, and I watched people walk in after me and order inside and get their food before me. They only made my food after seeing me sit there and get annoyed everyone else was getting their food. When I asked the MANAGER why did I take so long he says “they just let the order sit there”😒😒
  • Barcode not available 2/5

    By fiestajoey
    I tried using the app for the first time today. I didn’t get credit for the visit because the barcode would not display. I thought it was due to my cell coverage, but at home with wi-fi it still doesn’t work
  • PLEASE please. Build a WHATABURGER in Muscle Shoals,Al 5/5

    By 1488grayghost
    Please build in Muscle Shoals, or Florence , Al. Love the food. Birmingham is closest. Make tons of money Thanks
  • Tonight’s visit 4/5

    By 1950's whatabuger Joe
    I am a regular WHATABURGER visitor and often order a garden salad with grilled chicken. Two visits ago my chicken was badly over cooked, but I ate it without notifying the manager because the restaurant was extremely busy and I didn’t want to bother such a busy, but always nice young lady. I simply photographed my meal and showed it to her the last time and asked her to check it before someone brought it out to me. It was properly cooked then, as well as tonight. Mission accomplished! THANKS.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Txrdgtchr
    Barcode needed to scan at the restaurant has only pulled up once so unable to accrue or use any rewards. What a bummer!!
  • The Best Burger chain! 5/5

    By the boyd family
    Whataburger is unique in the world of hamburger chains as the quality is that of a mom and pop burger stand.
  • Rewards are not being counted 2/5

    By BillPintoPhotograhy
    I love the breakfast at Whataburger. So I downloaded the app. I’ve been scanning the barcodes for the rewards. Been to Whataburger several since then and I have zero rewards. What’s the purpose of the app if every trip I make does count towards any rewards? Food still good so I’m deleting the app. It’s a waste of time.
  • Love the food, not the app 1/5

    By Nachos1999
    I love the food here. So much that my grandma got a gift card with $90 loaded on it. I decided to upload it to the app to make paying easier. Only I came to find out that paying with this horrible app has about a 1% chance of working correctly. I still can’t pay with the money of the app, and it needs to be fixed.
  • Barcode never appears 1/5

    By Saint Oric
    What’s the point of the app if the barcode for rewards never loads!?
  • Doesn’t really work 1/5

    By Lovemesometwilight
    I will start by saying I love Whataburger! I really wish the app worked properly. I have visited the 5 time my app says I have earned my reward but then when I try to use it tells me no rewards available. Not much point in using a reward program that doesn’t give rewards
  • Updates 3/5

    By polyphia3
    Its great if it didnt update everytime i click on it. Then the lte happens to get super slow everytime im at the drive through.
  • ADD 4/5

    By Letsshitrainbows
    App always works for me, only thing is you should consider adding more to the mobil ordering. I Like the honey bbq chicken strip sandwich but I sub the honey bbq sauce with gravy. Unfortunately the app won’t let me do that. If you fixed this I would love to start mobil ordering.
  • Da bees knees 5/5

    By Popeye York
    Whataburger is the bomb.com and everybody knows it. In-n-out? Trash. McDonald’s? Lol! Burger King? Burger crap! Whataburger is the best and those are just facts.
  • Disappointing 2/5

    By bellafaim
    I'm giving it a low rating because the app was practically useless for me. All I wanted was to be able to view the menu and nutrition information, but it is such a headache to do that, it makes the app useless. I may as well just google it since I pretty much can't look at the menu unless I'm making an order and then I have to find a Whataburger that accepts online ordering (none near me do) and then rather than showing me the menu, it automatically took me to a meal that I didn't even want and it wouldn't let me go back to view the menu until I had added the meal to my order (I tried four times). Then and only then would it let me look over the menu, but by that time I was already so irritated that it didn't matter to me anymore. Fix that and the app will be worth something to me - until then, it's pretty useless for me.
  • Fine, but useless. 2/5

    By ShadEiland
    The app itself runs perfectly fine, but the process of picking up an online order is convoluted. A person would think that ordering before going to the store would make things more convenient, but that isn’t the case. At our store you cannot pick up your order through the drive-thru, and must stand in the line that has already built up in the store in order to get your order. It’s honestly easier to skip doing it through the app and just going through the drive-thru to place an order. Fine app, but completely useless.
  • Great but could be better 4/5

    By kassidie.p
    I love the app and being able to earn free food (I actually redeemed my free item today). I wish there was a way you could scan your receipt after you order Incase you forgot to scan it at the counter or while in the drive thru. You only need 5 visits before you get a free item but you can only scan before you finish the transaction. Many times I would forget until after the transaction was done and I couldn’t go back and get the points for it. So that would be a great feature. But overall a great app.
  • I desperately want a Whataburger iMessage Sticker Pack 5/5

    By BlindUser1968
    Read the title!
  • Needs work. 3/5

    By Alec Leamas
    I had not used the app in quite a while, so I was surprised when I launched it and found it prompting me for a passcode. (I had not established one.) So, I had to uninstall the app and reinstall it in order for the prompt to go away. The good news is I signed in successfully got it working again, but frequently when tapping on the different sections of the app, I would get a spinning gear that would hold for quite some time with the rest of the screen grayed out. So please, I would appreciate it if the app developers worked on stability of communication with the server over a Wi-Fi network. The less spinning gears the better.
  • Disappointed in Whataburger 1/5

    By wr1212
    The app barely functions. You literally cannot send a message through the “contact us” and don’t add a gift card unless you are certain online ordering is already available in your area.
  • Need to be able to redeem visit after the transaction 4/5

    By tmoneyohyes10
    I want to be able to sit down with my receipt and put it in my phone from my receipt for a visit! Please fix.
  • Why Bother? 1/5

    By Shayhde
    Why bother ordering online? I can get though the drive thru line twice as fast!!!! I’m furious!!!! I paid for my food through the app. It said my food would be ready in 10 minutes. 9 minutes later I tapped Start Cooking. 1 minute later I checked in to the online counter. THEN they told the kitchen to prepare my order. 4 minutes later they said it was almost ready. 2 minutes later I explained that could not wait or I would be late for work. 4 minutes later I said the same thing to another person. 2 minutes after that I left WITHOUT MY ORDER!!!!!! This is the 2nd time in a row at different Whataburger location that this has happened!!!! So I can only conclude that YOUR ONLINE SERVICE DOES NOT WORK!
  • Terrible 1/5

    By alex123455677047
    Why do you have to press start cooking to actually send the order. Came in thinking it would be ready and they said I didn’t send the order so I ended up waiting which is what I was trying to avoid...
  • Throws you to the back of the line. 1/5

    By Srodulfo
    I ordered my meal with app just before getting to Whataburger. My friend ordered at the restaurant. My friend got order first, ate and went bathroom before I got mine. I think the app puts you behind the line instead of front. Please fix this.
  • Not letting me sign up 1/5

    By TKDJOSH12
    I’ve been trying to sign up but it always says technical error
  • Wont stay logged in! 1/5

    By noneyabiznz
    Every time I go to use the app in the drive thru I am logged out! The app cant seem to keep me logged in and I can never remember my passcode so it locks me out of my account for 30 minutes! This kind of security is not necessary, I don’t think anyone is going to try to steal my burger rewards. Please fix it so the app will keep me logged in or remember my login info.
  • App works fine 3/5

    By Quinnarrific
    The app works fine for me as far as the mobile ordering goes, but my food is usually not ready when I get there between the chosen time frame. I wish the app had a feedback section so that I could rate my store experience, especially when the order is wrong. Also, it’s a pain to have to go inside to get it sometimes. There should be a drive thru or drive up option where someone can walk it out.
  • Useless 1/5

    By xxcGeorgecxx
    Every whataburger in my location states that is not ready for online ordering.
  • Improvements needed 3/5

    By joe c 361
    Please fix the app so it doesn’t require to log in randomly
  • Never get rewards 1/5

    By SethJax
    I’ve had this app for months Ana we eat here ALOT and still only shows I have been here once
  • No Bar Code 1/5

    By girliejr
    Hard to earn rewards when your app has no bar code to scan. The page is there but it’s just blank where bar code should be. Total waste of time.
  • ⭐️ creating a mailing list 1/5

    By LSUKnowIt
    All I want is to be able to order delicious Whataburger without the standard 10-20 minute wait. Despite my hope, no online ordering in Dallas two months after my initial review. Not all is lost however, I do receive regular email updates pertaining to all the benefits that I can’t have!
  • Terrible service 1/5

    By Foxigon
    I ordered for 20 mins from the current time, so of course they made the burger immediately and let it sit out for 20 minutes. The “start cooking” button is literally worthless and is only for your benefit. They never even made my onion rings at all, and I still had to wait in line when I went in to pick it up. Using this app is no different from just ordering in store, except your food is cold. Gave 2 stars because the app is designed well.
  • Got screwed out of a reward! 1/5

    By G_Spell
    I hate this app. In fact, I should just delete it because it’s terrible. I open it tonight and in the bottom left box it says “Reward Expiring Soon.” So I click the box and it shows me my choice of 5 rewards with NO EXPIRATION DATE. I place my order and get to the window to check out and click the barcode button, that’s when it said “Reward Expires 12/28/18” and DISAPPEARED. I was at the WINDOW and I had to tel the guy what happened. He didn’t give me the free fry because i couldn’t prove it. But why doesn’t the app tell you a date until the check out screen. Absolute total crap app.
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By Triston1983
    You can not use the app to look at the menu anymore unless there is online ordering at the locations. This is very inconvenient especially when you are trying to figure out what you want to eat.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By NoraYolis
    The app can’t sign in, what happens???
  • Preload the account? 1/5

    By Iphone_Junky
    No way.....App deleted
  • Good but 5/5

    By Alexj.r
    You can’t order and pay at store, like other fast food places. It would be amazing to be able to just order in phone and pay at the place
  • Only one minor complaint or issue 4/5

    By DjBat7
    The app has worked for me pretty flawlessly from ordering to rewards tracking and redemption. The only hang up is the start cooking button. I wonder if the restaurant actually is notified when I push it or if my order gets put the queue. I get to the restaurant and they don’t start cooking until I go inside and let somebody I’m there. It takes away like 60% of the usefulness of ordering ahead.
  • Not a great app 2/5

    By Tropigurl
    Love Whataburger breakfast but not the app. half the time the app is down and you can’t redeem rewards or get credit for your purchases.
  • Online survey on the app? 5/5

    By fatesdisastr
    Can we get the ability to do online Whataburger surveys on the app?

Whataburger app comments

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