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  • Current Version: 4.16.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Whataburger
  • Compatibility: Android
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Whataburger App

Check out the easiest, most rewarding way to get Whataburger just like you like it! — ORDER ONLINE: Now testing in select locations, and we’re gathering feedback along the way. Check Whataburger.com for updates on locations near you. — CUSTOMIZE YOUR CRAVINGS: Try the endless possibilities of customizations and add-ons to perfect your order. — SAVE YOUR FAVES: Save your favorite customizations and go-to meals to easily reorder again and again. — EARN REWARDS: Five visits earns you free food. Order or scan your app on five separate visits and get a free Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit, Medium French Fry, Taquito, Cinnamon Roll, Small Shake, Medium Onion Ring or Medium Drink on your next visit. — FIND YOUR HOMETOWN WHATABURGER: Take comfort in the fact that you’ll always know exactly where the closest Whataburger is located. — PAY WITH YOUR PHONE: Get your favorite food faster by connecting a debit/credit card, Apple Pay, PayPal, or Whataburger Gift Card.

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Whataburger app reviews

  • Always freezes 1/5

    By -hidgheuy-
    Can rarely get it to work
  • Think I’m being lied to. 1/5

    By JessyJ10
    According to a employee Whataburger is not affiliated with Whataburger app… that makes no sense. You cannot exchange or refund anything purchased through the app?
  • This app lost Whataburger a customer for life 1/5

    By cwalla221
    This app is terrible. Whataburgers customer service is terrible. What a joke. They’ve lost a life long customer.
  • Apple Pay 3/5

    By Lol monica
    No Apple Pay available
  • Can't log in 1/5

    By BrianS89
    I don't know if this is an iodine issue or app issue but switching from Android to IOS and I cannot login too my account because "the account already exists." I KNOW IT ALREADY EXISTS, I want to log in!!!!!
  • Food took too long 1/5

    By Carlos Explorer st
    I ordered through the app because that the only way they do Apple Pay or google pay. They assured me it would take the same time as a regular order. Took 25 minutes to get a breakfast sandwich. Never using the app to order. Pointless to have this app.
  • Hahahahahahahhananana 1/5

    By splitsecond
    $10.10 delivery fee? Really? I have. Screenshot I wish I could post it. This app is trash beyond trash.
  • App if buggy, operations behind others. 3/5

    By Jaydolf
    First off, this app is wonky. It seems to have an issue at certain times of the day such as when the drive through closes for orders. Other times for no apparent reason it will say 24 hour a day stores are closed. With that said, the biggest problem with the app is operations. Every other fast food restaurant has got this dialed in by now. Now Whataburger, they clear out the drive thru then the dine in customers. THEN if lucky the mobile orders. You could end up waiting an hour + for food. In short time to retire this concept. Whataburger isn’t ready.
  • Bait and Switch 1/5

    By Data Robbed
    They offer a Whataburger to signup but after signing up, this is not what they really offer you. While there are different choices, a Whataburger is not among them. Best you get is the Whataburger Jr. which is of course a total deception comparatively. Click bate.

    By Terriesin
    Since when does a fast food restaurant need to forcefully track my phone? I tried multiple times to deny it and it refused to let me proceed or sign In Unless I allowed it. Umm no thanks. Way too spammy and over reaching Whataburger! What do you think you are. The governor of Texas trying to regulate a uterus????
  • You can’t customize on the app 3/5

    By Estrella From Da Favelas
    Whataburger will always be my fav fast food chain burger joint but you mobile app needs work. It makes you choose the meal even if you only want the burger. Why is that? Please fix. The food is awesome though.
  • It’s fine, okay, muh not the best thing in the world. 3/5

    By MalikDShawn
    Need better communication for online pickup orders between customers and staff. Went to pick up my order and they said they didn’t have it.
  • Needs a fav location option THAT WORKS 2/5

    By joey_shmoey
    I’ve lost multiple orders because I THOUGHT they were going to one location but ended up at another. I eat at one site near my home - not the nearest to where I might be at any time. Adding a heart/fav on the map does ZIP for setting the site, even for repeating orders. Five stars if they can fix this, but two until then for all the frustration and money/food I’ve wasted and guilt for feeling like an idiot not watching the app like a hawk that it didn’t screw up the order.
  • App not working properly 1/5

    By Vicktish
    I have tried everything I know and I can’t log in to this app. When I try to rejoin, it tells me that I am already a user. However, when I try to log in, it tells me I have been locked out due to over 3 tries, and to wait 30 minutes before trying again. It told me that on my first try….I waited an hour and It told me the same thing again. Very frustrating!
  • Good for ordering, absolutely horrible for picking up orders. 1/5

    By DigitalLightNMagic
    Let’s you remove your lettuce, but if there’s a problems with your order you can’t get a refund at the store or on the 1-800-number. Let’s you add cheese, but leaves you sitting in your car for 30-60 minutes when your order gets lost. When you go inside insisting they owe you food that you paid for, they make you call a 1-800 number where someone will happily write down your concern and email it to someone who might care at some later point in the future. If you value your sanity order in line or at the store until they make this app better. The app as it is now is dangerous.
  • Great job, great app! 5/5

    By Jaredaggie
    Truly impressive. The app works. It’s clean. No issues. Very user friendly. Delivery is a breeze as is customizing your order without having to talk to anyone. Excellent job, Whataburger!!!
  • Never works 1/5

    By JoeSaban
    This would be a great app if it worked all the time. Never able to add a receipt manually. Always an issue, I just use their website
  • Needs Work 2/5

    By passedoutwookie
    I try to use this app to pickup fairly often but it is almost unusable 50% of the time. The location selection process can take 5 or more minutes and often just times out. Speed up this process and it would be much better!
  • Refunds 1/5

    By chapoBank
    Instead of having a simple “cancel order” button on app. They make you sign up for a dating profile it seems like. You have to call a 1800 number to talk to someone for them to get your email, phone number, address. Order number and all. Mine as well put in a application. Ridiculous
  • Blue cheese burger 4/5

    By Tristensmommy12223
    Why isn’t the peppercorn ranch option un selectable?? That has no business on this burger, and I can’t unselect it when ordering. Please fix!!!!
  • Will not allow you to not track 1/5

    By Rainman39475K2
    I love the chain and have used this app in past ! No more if the app will not allow you to turn off tracking which is data I pay for then this chain and app loose my service and my money and time poor code poor care for people paying for service and paying cell phone data ! My right to deny tracking if unsupported by a app or company I will go to the competition who give me my right to choose and turn off tracking ! Poor grab at my data poor attempt at tracking my day poor attempt to send adds to my phone
  • Please Add Large Bun Option to Whatachicken 5/5

    By bjalis
    Great app, very convenient and dependable. But the only thing I would suggest is to have the option to select a large bun with Whatachicken orders. Thanks!!!
  • Not sure if it’s the app or the restaurant 1/5

    By oyea55
    Every time I use this app my food comes out 15 mins after the suggested time I could have just gone through the drive through twice at this point. Absolutely worthless
  • Poor customer service 1/5

    By BrightlyDull
    I ordered delivery through the app and did not receive part of my order. I reached out about it and never heard back.
  • no brownie for me 1/5

    By whatabuger is banned
    I am so great broken that one of my favorite fast foods place didnt give me what I want. I order a brownie bc I was so happy bc it looked yummy but when I checked my bag there was no brownie to be found. I’m never gonna let my grandma order form YALL ever again bc you forgot the best part of the meal. I’m never gonna forgive y’all and I’m not gonna ever let my children eat y’all.I will banned you when I become the president of the United States.
  • This app is junk. 1/5

    By vicstamillion
    This is most confusing food app I have on my phone. I basically stopped using it at this point. Adding points, using rewards is all confusing. I expected more from my fav burger joint
  • Quality and service has flat disappeared from Whataburger in La Porte 😐😐😐 1/5

    Stopped going 😞
  • Can’t use rewards or discounts half the time. 2/5

    By IzPech
    The app works pretty well for the most part, user friendly, nutritional facts are there and easy to order. My main problem is that my rewards and any, “Coupons” are practically worthless at this point. I’ve tried using them numerous times just to be given a system error and unable to use the rewards or coupons advertised. I’m more then happy to raise my rating I would just like to have the benefits of the app that were promised.
  • Lag and Account Disappeared 1/5

    By lawman8949
    Recently, my mobile app has lagged and I am unable to place a mobile order. I tried to log out and also erase the app from phone and upload it once more. In doing so, I lost all of my visits and rewards.
  • Useless 1/5

    By buataburger
    They take longer if you order online rather than ordering at the restaurant. Very inefficient
  • So disappointed 1/5

    By Dpvallery2
    The app use to work perfectly. Now I can't even get past the find location option
  • Did not receive rewards 3/5

    By Demensionzzz
    I signed up because the app promised me I would get a free whataburger, after I signed up I never received it and it acted like the offer never existed. Not only this the app will try to track everything about you. Great place to eat, not a great app.
  • System Error Occurred 2/5

    By notjeffmoore
    Been getting the same error message for the past week and a half. Can’t use the app
  • Terrible App 1/5

    By Milus C
    Unable to order unless the restaurant has online ordering (mine does not), unable to see a menu, generally a terrible, almost totally useless app.
  • Disappointing 1/5

    By Theguyasdffd
    Always slower than restaurant. I have gotten many orders wrong from app (from several different stores). Also so, so many push notifications. I want to have some of them but you guys send them daily. So finally turned them off. Sonic, McDs, CFA apps blow this out of the water.
  • Delivery never works! 1/5

    By Pitboss_432
    Ordered twice using the app and never had my orders delivered, and trying to get a hold of customer service seems impossible.
  • Ice on milkshake default 1/5

    By Juan G. Guzman
    They put ice on a milkshake after paying extra to upgrade from soft drink disgusting.
  • No free burger off a advertisement download! 1/5

    By null1369
    So I downloaded the whataburger app today with a promotion advertisement I had seen, and I created the account just to see it say I had the deal and then it went black and the deal is no longer in the rewards tab, so I deleted the account and app.
  • Rewards view 1/5

    By Wb All In
    The last update, on one hand, is great!!! However, the update removed the ability to see the available rewards and when they expire. When you click “view rewards & offers”; you can see available offers, but not any rewards. Please update the app with the ability to see available rewards and the expiration. Thank you 😎
  • Mushroom swiss 1/5

    By Marty6283
    I refuse to return to WB until they bring back the Mushroom and Swiss burger. Stick with what works. That was the only fast food I ate, no McD, not Hardees and not bk. Whataburger and now you took that away again. Take some of that other crap off your menu and leave the MS burger alone!
  • Woow 1/5

    By fwlikobey
    I got food poisoned🤦🏾🥲
  • What’s the point 1/5

    By lani8266:94
    There is no point in using this app if i cant order from it in a timely manner. You will sot and wait 20+ minutes. Even then, you may never recieve it without going inside. Stick to the drive through.
  • Bug 1/5

    By JEJ9707
    Fix your add to payment method, put in everything that word/numbers on my card and still does not want to go through. I want to save my card, so I don’t have to deal with this crap anymore.
  • Drains battery 1/5

    By Calculated Cactus
    Abuses location API to keep app running in the background even after pickup is completed.
  • do NOT get curbside 3/5

    By Kansur Kris
    Says order will be ready in a certain time frame. When in reality it will take 20 more minutes from when they say it’ll be ready
  • It depends.., 2/5

    By Mgunner64
    If your goal is to earn a free reward then this is a good app. If your perception is that it will improve your order accuracy, time or effort, this app is not worth your time. I have experimented with multiple scenarios to seek fastest service. It truly is better to do drive through, followed by the counter, followed by online. I had this hierarchy confirmed by a manager. Even ordered on the highway to pick up 20 mins before we would get there. Sat in the waiting area watching people start their order after we arrived....still got it much later. Currently sitting here watching the same thing again, de ja vu. Promised time is 6:35-6:39, currently 7:05, no order yet, counter folks come and go. This is not unique to any specific whataburger location. Yea Rewards! Booooooo on the rest.
  • 114 million Americans 1/5

    By altname2
    More then 114 million Americans either have diabetes, or are pre-diabetic. Yet this app doesn’t allow its customers to order protein only options. In store I can order eggs, sausage, or just large meat patties. The developers gave the option to order carbohydrates a la carte (Biscuits, Hash Brown Sticks, Pancakes, Cinnamon Rolls, and many more). Why doesn’t the app allow the same for protein a la carte options? Does Whataburger not care about diabetes? June of 2022. Where are the protein options?
  • Headache for nothing 1/5

    By F'n Hangry
    Spent an hour trying to order but it wouldn’t accept my card at all. Like HELLO, take my money will ya. Just TAKE MY MONEY AND GIVE ME THE FOOD!! nope…just a stressful headache for nothing. Whatever
  • The app has gotten worse 1/5

    By Granema
    After the latest update (06-23-22) the app is worthless. You can’t get to the menu at all!