Whatnot - Live Video Shopping

Whatnot - Live Video Shopping

  • Category: Shopping
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 3.46.2
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Whatnot Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
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Whatnot - Live Video Shopping App

Whatnot is a social marketplace where you can discover some of your favorite products like sports cards, sneakers, luxury handbags and women’s thrift, Pokémon cards and more through live auctions! THOUSANDS OF DAILY LIVE AUCTIONS & CARD BREAKS Attend live auctions, card breaks, and shopping events from top sellers and geek out with other collectors and like-minded people. UNEARTH RARE ITEMS FOR A STEAL With 1000’s of live shows happening every day, you never know what you might find on Whatnot. Search our catalog of authentic products like Funko Pops, luxury handbags, Pokémon cards, streetwear, vinyl records, diecast, LEGO, rare coins, comics, grail sneakers, and many more! EXCLUSIVE DROPS Whatnot Drops allow you to purchase scarce, big-ticket items (e.g. grail Funkos, new Sneakers, etc.) at incredible discounts. And we’re launching new Drops every week!

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Whatnot - Live Video Shopping app reviews

  • Takes to long to approve account 1/5

    By fitnlegit
    I’ve been waiting more then 2 weeks to get a response about my account and still nothing.
  • Great for making something on the side 5/5

    By Elfrijoleblanco
    I been buy and selling stuff from this app and I made not much but some great for finding stuff basically new for almost half price it’s great so I definitely recommend using the app if you need home appliances shoes whatever there a auction for everything and it’s fun

    By Scarlet56
    1/23/2023 Update: beware of snipe bidding on sudden death auctions when there are a lot of bidders in the show. One bidder was charged $3,900 on an item worth <$100. The item jumped from about $100 to $3,900 within the last 1 second of the auction. The seller said he would be sure bidder got refund but buyers bank account was automatically debited. It seems that if there are 39 snipers and you don’t custom bid you can be the lucky winner of this type of outcome. No thanks whatnot. Same type of bid happened on another item in the same show. Item jumped from $20 to $290 in the last 1 second of sudden death auction. Seller said she could cancel sale. Dropping you to 1 star because of this issue and awful buyer sale info as discussed below. 12/2022 Sellers should have to provide snapshots of their items so it’s easier to track what we buy. I bought 46 items of jewelry and had to start an Excel spreadsheet to track it. Only one seller provided shots of all the auction items in her sale. That’s VERY helpful. Later I noticed buyers would ask for screenshots so I started doing that but it’s not a good process. Holds up the auction for everyone a lot and the app should provide shots. My bank thinks many of the Whatnot charges are fraudulent and has contacted me a few times to confirm. One payment didn’t go through at first. The seller said to go out of whatnot and come back in and that worked so it appears this is an app issue. It’s not my card.
  • Y can i down load app 5/5

    By tino956
    Y can’t I download app
  • Crazylamplady 5/5

    By suz1346890976;
    Love her great auction
  • I am dumb 1/5

    By ztag-p
    Okay, I did not realize this would cost money. I’m hoping there is a way to get refunded - how do I contact someone to help?
  • NEVER ORDER FROM “Evend” 1/5

    By Davisbabe21
    My dad bought some funko pops from him and the one he most excited for was the C-3PO. One they came late. Two the stand that is supposed to come in the box was not included. The pop is clearly broken, scratch from the head down. And he filled the head with this blue substance. Never bid on his products! such a disappointment. He even turns he’s messages off after you buy from him so you cant complain. Never in my life have I ever felt the need to leave a bad review. Screw this guy. What a waste of money thanks for ruining his birthday gift dude! What a guy you are! And to everyone else we have brought pops from you guys are amazing you make sure to at least inform us of any damages. And most of you who have stated that there are damages you can’t even see them. So thanks to those who aren’t. EVEND!
  • Don’t miss out 5/5

    By Digital Poet
    What not is an interesting and addictive platform and perhaps the future of selling. Stick with whatnot, buyers and sellers, and you will not regret it. It is a dynamic shift in the way everyday sellers and shoppers interact therefore creating a new online market, in the midst of so many already established markets. That is a very powerful statement and I encourage everyone to try, use, share, and participate in this growing community during its growth period. There are a few kinks that could be worked out as it it still new, however they are not severe issues and as the platform continues to grow all issues will be worked out I’m certain🎶🎶🎶Digital Poet
  • Good app 5/5

    By SebixDuran
    Fun to watch people sell stuff
  • Service 5 Star Performance 1 star 3/5

    By Atruss94
    The service is fine. No qualms. Some sellers are terrible people but that’s business baby The app itself however COOKS my phone. I have a 14 Pro and the phone heats up SUPER hot, like uncomfortable to hold and will drain my battery in like 2 hours. Performance needs to be checked for sure.
  • Payment 1/5

    By jesbks
    I cannot get my card info accepted- this has been extremely frustrating. I’m SO irritated. And, quickly losing any excitement for this site.
  • App going into screen saver mode between streams 4/5

    By Jason solow
    Hey can y’all PLEASE fix the app so that when I switch to another stream my screen on my iPhone doesn’t go dark into screen saver mode. It makes me have to close out the app and restart every time I want to go to another stream. Other than that great app. Thank you
  • Denied App 1/5

    By ERwhatnotER
    Waited days to start selling just for them to tell me I didn’t show enough evidence.😂Not enough inventory: 5k items. Social media evidence: 2 social media accounts is not enough.. which I only really use Social media for family and friends.. I know people with LESS inventory than me and they got in😂 that’s kind of dogwater.
  • They will permanently ban you with no explanation 1/5

    By veridynecards
    After spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on this app, gaining a following of over 9k people and qualifying to be a seller, they permanently banned me with no explanation!
  • Bid Responsibly 5/5

    By DankDandy
    It can get addicting finding good deals especially when they run the bid at a dollar start. Bid responsibly!
  • App Promotes Fraudsters and Scammers 4/5

    By Krombopulos M
    This app has some decent sellers and some are true fraudsters and scammers selling counterfeit items. I shopped a lot and continually receive fake items. I left a negative review explaining items were fake on one purchase and whatnot removed it to cover it up. This behavior is very sketchy and does not protect the buyers. Furthermore if you leave a negative review the sellers will harass you and try to intimidate you. When you report it to whatnot they don’t care because they seem to only care about the money and allowing people to be duped by con artist sellers. Half of the counterfeit buys probably don’t get reported or checked into. Beware using and buying from people on this app!!! Spent tons of money but after one bad experience that uncovered the shady practices, will never use this again. Hopefully others do not fall for this either.
  • Shipping 5/5

    By bmadding187
    I think there needs to be a lower amount for cost of shipping if you just buy like one coin like a penny you still have to pay the 4.00 and it doesn’t cost near that to send. So if they can work out the shipping cost would be a 5 star
  • iPad format 2/5

    By App Size1
    Is there plans for this app to support iPad format? The current mobile format only view is a bit glitchy and fails if I use something other than my phone to watch or use the app.
  • Say hello to the greatest selling platform on earth 5/5

    By rinz54
    Look Idc what anyone says. Been selling for 10 years I’m 29. And god I just did 200 sales in my first week with them. Life is gonna be different in 365 days. See y’all in a year when I’m next level
  • WhatNot 5/5

    By streetgeek
    This is the best app I have seen yet, I luv the community😎
  • Sleeping with giants 5/5

    By Cheri D.
    Sat in on an auction loved it! Very entertaining . Found myself walking around with my phone listening in. Looking forward to seeing it again ♥️
  • Loving this app 5/5

    By Miss Ann 7072007
    Great place to shop. Easy to use and friendly folks, great stores. So glad I have found out about this.
  • Great service 5/5

    By Racketz
    Great packaging. Great protection. Everything I won was there.
  • Improved look, same ol’ problems come back up. 2/5

    By pillar81
    The seller page when watching a stream is much brighter now that they made the background white. But an old problem has resurfaced, as it affects touching the back button to go away from the photo view, back to the BIN or auction list pages. Now I have to swipe down and start scrolling again.
  • Exuberant service, amazing deals, and great streamers! Whats more to ask for? 5/5

    By namesthewooten
    I’ve been on the app for about a week now and let me tell you it’s very inviting! Everyone usually has a great attitude and they offer amazing deals not to mention FREE GIVEAWAYS!
  • Be careful buying customer support is 0/10 1/5

    By doscdcnsrwuifnrouuwrfnrtuwuhv
    I have recently bought a pair of shoes from what not, and they came looking very different and had a damaged box. I contacted Support and they did not say anything back. I’m extremely disappointed with this app and have lost over $600 also on another note some of the sellers are very rude and do not take refunds at all even if they haven’t listed that it’s not refundable.
  • O 1/5

    By yo que se mercari chupa
    Can’t leave a review
  • Fun 5/5

    By Lilrider777
    I like whatnot. Best place to buy funko pop and comic books.
  • Great support! Felt very personal. 4/5

    By GrandmaPosh
    I had troubles making it though all the initial forms. I sent them a email and they gave me detailed advice on how to solve my problem and then followed up not once but twice.
  • Sketchy 1/5

    By asapmxrg
    Ask for too much personal information. Also I never got my refund from a canceled order. Great app!!(sarcasm) If I could give it 0 stars I would people who do giveaways get mad when you ask about them even if your a paying customer
  • Beware ! 1/5

    By KornPoP 4-17
    This app will charge you $100 automatically if you do not fit with the agenda that I will not comply to . Garbage just like pay pal !
  • 3 stars 3/5

    By Vdoggy714
    Only because app was acting up..kept refreshing itself shaking my phone
  • Terrible community 1/5

    By Cohen 19999999999
    I have had 3 horrible out comes of whatnot related items one was a person was doing a giveaway and I won and sent a sticker instead of the item stated was going to be sent then someone was doing a “mystery box” and took items off camera before showing them and now the final straw discord for sellers was doing a holiday gift exchange and had a minimum value I received item the was significantly lower than the sated minimum. In conclusion if you want a place that may or may not follow rules then take your chances here because there will probably little to nothing done to person who screws you over I can’t wait till my last items I order come in so I can finally delete my account go to eBay they have better deals
  • Missing package for WHATNOT authentication 1/5

    By youngzfresh
    The WhatNot team has told me they have not received my package from the seller. The tracking stats it as delivered to them on December 30th, 2022. Todays date is January 11th, 2023. They also emailed the seller stating it was going to them but the buyer (ME) has received the item so they released his payout, I have not received the item. The tracking legit says it was dropped off in there PO BOX, how can they say they have not received it? Terrible communication from them, giving both the buyer/seller the run around and false information. I honestly think this company is going downhill and they could honestly careless about peoples items. When stuff like this happens I should be getting a 30% extra refund. I don’t care about getting a refund because I bought this funk pop for a REASON. They should be contacting the post office or when they go and pick up items, but hey they rather give us the runaround and play games I guess. I really hope they find this package and stop PLAYING GAMES….
  • Glitches 2/5

    By d's vintage
    Every time I go on the app something is going wrong. Either with the payments or something else. What not needs to get their issues resolved once and for all!
  • App crashes and wont load 1/5

    By lanae0811
    First time trying the app was watching a live and the app crashed multiple times and now will not load at all!!
  • LAGs 2/5

    By vernnnelise
    Literally can never open a live the app is always buffering or not loading
  • Great but. 3/5

    By Bbo2270
    Great idea! Love it but the app is pretty bad very laggy and frequently freezes or blacks out my phone really want to use but I get frustrated very quickly and everyone in the comments always suggest it’s not my internet it’s the app because everyone in the app complains as well would love to see some fixes.
  • Purchase grouping 4/5

    By LMM-J
    It would be great that when you buy numerous items from a live, they can be bundled for 1 shipping rate and 1 price hit to your CC than each individual item being charged
  • Great App for buyers & sellers 5/5

    By Crashbandit2459
    Use this app now for a couple of months and have made some good money and have gotten rid of lots of items at other people wanted highly recommended
  • Good app but please fix the search! 4/5

    By BMWman1029
    I love this app and the auctions but the search just does not work… bought some great things through it otherwise
  • Seller 1/5

    By Ympitv
    Getting my payments in small increments it is hurting my business
  • Shipping 3/5

    By samnoefab
    “Open bags” should be a thing (paying for item price and it goes in your bag) and shipping should be charged after.
  • The Best Community 5/5

    By The What A Deal Store
    Absolutely the best community of people I’ve ever been around in the honor to sell with and make friendsHelping each other help each other hands down best app ever
  • What’s with the uncontrollable constant refreshing 2/5

    By Gang gang gang👌😤
    I’m just trying to look at the catagories but can’t even click anything bc the whole screen is moving for what i assume is the page refreshing itself every 1 seconds
  • Great app love it! 5/5

    By WSOP is garbage!!!
    Whatnot is a great app to do business on love the app. Always working to make it a better platform!
  • Best app to buy and sell trading cards 5/5

    By bdjcjdnejfjfjejd
    Love this app
  • Вранье 1/5

    By plat0shkalol
    Не как в рекламе
  • Robbed 1/5

    By Don dula
    Do not download this app. There is no customer service and the sellers are scam artist. I was robbed for 215$ and still no refund. Its been over 2 months.
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