Whatnot - Live Video Shopping

Whatnot - Live Video Shopping

  • Category: Shopping
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 3.32.1
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Whatnot Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
51,292 Ratings
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Whatnot - Live Video Shopping App

Whatnot is a community marketplace where you can buy, sell, go live and geek out with collectors and other like-minded people. LIVE SHOPPING, BREAKS, & AUCTIONS Attend live auctions, card breaks and shopping events from top sellers and geek out with other collectors and like-minded people. BUY VERIFIED PRODUCTS We verify every purchase on Whatnot to ensure you get what you buy. And offer hand-verification on expensive items to ensure you don’t get scammed and can have peace of mind WIN GRAILS Enter our weekly drops for your chance to win collectible grails like Holographic Charizards, PSA-Graded Rookie Cards, Tony the Tiger Flocks and more SHOP THOUSANDS OF PRODUCTS & COLLECTIBLES Our catalog features thousands of authentic products like Funko Pops, Pokemon Cards, Sports Cards, FigPins, Funko Sodas, and many more

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Whatnot - Live Video Shopping app reviews

  • Crashes 1/5

    By JD.Live
    Tells you that you have to verify your phone number before you can interact with a live. I have tried 10 times and counting. I follow a certain account that gives away a lot of free i teams and I can not interact because this app refuses to even remotely function properly
  • Don’t download this garbage 1/5

    By Broken hypothalamus
    😒 trash 🗑
  • Whatnot rocks 5/5

    So awesome !
  • Scammers and con artists protected by the site. Stay away!!! 1/5

    By Evanffff
    This place is gross. Stay far away.
  • Do not download 1/5

    By solo.cole
    This app is complete trash. It’s so laggy no matter what I do. I’ve gotten 2 items from here and both have been fake and I never got my money back. The support team just didn’t even respond. They don’t care about you they only want your money
  • Extremely frustrated 1/5

    By SarahHwang
    Spent a solid hour trying to verify my phone number. When I attempt to, the app crashes and I have to do it all over again. It doesn’t even allow me to enter it, and of course I can’t do anything without this verification. Please fix
  • Please ADD Heart Counts from viewers 5/5

    By ny.sxn
    This will be game changing not just to viewers but to sellers as well !!
  • Big Hits 5/5

    By oar3421
    This is the app to get huge hits on huge rips
  • First experience was very impressive 5/5

    By BornforBargains
    Had the opportunity other day to attend my first session. The seller was very engaging and also answered a lot of questions. I had some issues setting up a profile and she was very patient with me. I am now I want to apply to be a Seller so I bring a similar experience to my audience.
  • Buggy on iPhone 14 Pro 2/5

    By DCrawf01
    Can’t get the keyboard to pop up. Which makes it hard to do, well, anything on the app.
  • Not what they are advertising 1/5

    By lukeemp
    Just another streaming app. Buying is confusing and all of their high reviews are bought
  • Only 1 ⭐️ 🐝cause not working 1/5

    App opens fine you can watch fine you cant chat unless verified thats cool but when i click verify it goes to the phone number page so u can enter your number and type the code sent to you but the problem is you can’t enter number you can’t back out and try again you can’t do anything its just stays frozen until you kill the app please fix the issue and my 1 ⭐️can 🐝 5 ⭐️s
  • Can’t verify phone 1/5

    By mrbze
    App freezes whenever I try.
  • I basically got taken advantage of. 1/5

    By bobbyandrewson694201926
    I joined an auction and the guy had the product listed as something super vague and then had sizes 4-15 available which led me to believe he’s selling shoes which he was. Being a LIVE AUCTION he had a pair of the high top Travis Mochas in his hand and I placed a bid of $200 which would of been a fantastic deal. He then informs me that the $200 is just a down payment and I need to pay another like $1200 for the shoe (which is nuts every for resale) I told him he I misunderstood and to please refund my money and he refused. I tried reporting him for misrepresenting himself but I was ignored. Im now gonna have to cancel the order through my CC company. This app is weird and some of the vendors are really suspect and pushy. Having said that the few minutes I spent on the app (before getting scammed) I watched some people get decent deals but they charge quite a bit for shipping especially when your use to getting free shipping.
  • Awesome app 5/5

    By WSOP is garbage!!!
    Always fun on whatnot lots of deals to be made.
  • Churmander ❤️ Whatnot! 💙💜💚 5/5

    By Dude198876541
    🔥 Whatnot has been a fun platform as both a seller and buyer. I buy & sell in several different TCG categories. The WN support team is helpful, and they are constantly working on updates to improve the app! - Churmander 🥷
  • Faulty products, fun is in the chat till they ban you 1/5

    By Triplestan2
    I collect video games, primarily PS1 and PS2 games, but I also dabble in other consoles. I enjoyed this app for a while… then I noticed several of my discs that I won didn’t work. I wanted to work it out with the seller, but whatnot terms prohibit that, so you have to go through whatnot support. After sending in my first complaint of a disc not working, I was asked for several different things. Including a picture of the box the item was sent in, and the label, which I didn’t have since who expects to be asked for that?! So I just have up after that initial list of requirements to get a refund. Nevertheless I still enjoyed interacting with the sellers and the chat, and making bids on and winning certain games in the hopes they wouldn’t be broken. Of course I’d occasionally get the broken game. Unfortunately several of these games that didn’t work were of significant value to a normal person, aka $40+. Even then I knew I couldn’t really do anything about it. Some sellers are a bit crude, but that’s fine with me and I enjoy it. I enjoy exchanging a few crude remarks. But what I DONT appreciate is being banned for interacting with said sellers, and others in the chat. At the very least there should be a strike system. When I spend plenty of money on a site I don’t expect to be banned for “hurtful language” when it’s clear we’re just messing with each other. The only good thing about this app was the chat, not worth it if you can’t feel free to have some fun. In a way I feel a bit cheated.
  • Will not verify phone number on iOS 16.0.2 iPhone 14 pro max 1/5

    By NatNrik
    Would be much better rating if they kept the app updated for the latest iOS.
  • Add video resolutions!!! 4/5

    By Wonky07
    The app works great when it wants to. Settings request please!!! Add option to data save and reduce video quality. I used around 4gb of my cell data allotment in just shy of 2 hours. This is insane! Whatever you need to do to get to YT level compression, please do so!!! Middle-out maybe…
  • WM 5/5

    By Calif Seller
    Makes me realize just how much is out there!
  • Review 5/5

    By maruca3000
    This is the best app ever…
  • Improvements 5/5

    By kyle Seymour15
    Implement a way we can delete our old offers so we don’t have to scroll through a whole list of offers that have been cancelled or are just old. Maybe also a way to be able to negotiate more with the seller after they give us their offer.
  • Where is my account??? 1/5

    By Wood Panel
    I have purchased MANY items from auctions!! The app has been freezing!! Today I open app, my account has vanished!! WTH!! I will try open on my laptop!!
  • W 5/5

    By TheeeeGuyy67
    Got some black cats from here perfect!!
  • Apparently 1/5

    By Xxxxxxxx. X.
    Apparently you are not allowed to use words such as “butt, come on and so forth”, why? Definitely won’t get a response from these people. This app should be shut down.
  • Deep Pocket Monsters 5/5

    By TenArms
    Bring your piggy bank 🤝✨
  • Phone number bug 1/5

    By caervin11
    As of right now I’m not able too put my phone number in, every time I try too it just freezes up on me
  • Bugs 1/5

    By moneyvlone
    Freezes too much
  • Can verify my phone 1/5

    By Lionel22133
    Keeps freezin
  • Sports Cards 5/5

    By 1967Island
    Is my first time in whatnot experience very good and fun of dealing sports cards online is best of all
  • Having a problem 4/5

    By klie1766
    The app seems great I really like the idea of it and I have enjoyed watching auctions. The problem is that I’ve been trying to bid and buy a few items myself but everytime I try to buy the app tells me to verify my phone number. So I say okay and proceed to enter my number but it will not let me push any numbers at all. It’s like the app freezes. I tried deleting and redownloading, I’ve tried becoming a verified buyer, I’ve tried contacting support and nothing seems to work.
  • Number problem 1/5

    By nick.cali.1
    Won’t even let me enter my number so I can comment, or bid or anything
  • 5 minutes into the auctions 1/5

    By Three Candles
    Such unprofessional presentations! So far not impressed. I will give it another try. Hard to navigate during signing up. 1 star.
  • Can’t verify phone 1/5

    By Christian Rap Lover
    App freezes every time I try to enter my phone number.
  • cin.louwho59 5/5

    By cin.louwho59
    I just started watching and buying and I love this, but you get hooked easily. I still will continue to watch , I would love to see more cuff bracelets if possible. Thank you, great job 👍
  • Good app 2/5

    By fcvbyvc
    But I recently ran into a problem where it’s asking me to verify my phone but when I click on it it freezes and won’t let me type my phone number I’ve already tried uninstalling the app but it still has the same issue
  • Overpriced overall. 1/5

    By M!k35t3R
    You think you are getting a good deal. But over all taxes and fees ain’t the best to include the shipping. Then the shipping is garbage.
  • App freezes are every time I try to verify my number 1/5

    By I swear I'm not a bot
    Don't feel like adding any further details lol, that's literally it
  • Please fix phone verification 3/5

    By MoneyMan8721
    App work but keeps freezing every time it’s time to verify phone I can’t even try the app fully to even bid smh
  • Unbelievable app 1/5

    By BMXKID912
    I made an Oder but then it kept making charges. Now I’m broke! Do not recommend.
  • Whatnot 1/5

    By kitsndndkjc
    I can’t get in my account anymore
  • No sound. 2/5

    By hkddrybgt
    I have not been able to hear a single livestream yet. I’ve deleted the app and tried to redownload restarted my phone. I can hear other videos but no sound coming from the app. Seems like an amazing app if I could just use it probably
  • Your google voice number is no good here 1/5

    By LaFlaRedhead
    I wanted to join an auction and a phone number is required. I understand that, but I also don’t want to deal with endless telemarketing calls as a result of my information being sold. I entered my Google voice number and it was rejected so that means they definitely want to sell your information as well.
  • 2 times cancellations by the sellers so bad cuz I buy the cards I want my cards and compensation 1/5

    By vntgthrasher
    So sad
  • This app is so much fun! 5/5

    By Skatedude53/Jared
    It’s a great place to socialize as well as buy and sell cards. For everyone saying bad things about it they just are not aware of the fact that every streamer on here is hand picked and formally hired with a background check. It’s not a random unregulated app as many people try and say.
  • So Happy 5/5

    By Sithtattoo
    I love them. The crystals are so beautiful. Thank you so much for making my first purchase a fun one.
  • Offer page not showing up 3/5

    By notGi0
    I love to show support to other streamers, it is very addicting to buy on here, steals and deals almost everywhere, but as a seller myself, the offers tab stops working and it doesn’t load or says it you have no offers when I get an email someone sent an offer!
  • Scam 1/5

    By this is a evil gambling app
    Don’t do it you will loose all your money and the sellers loose to. Only person that wins is whatnot
  • This app blows 1/5

    By Bigswater
    The app wasn’t working properly so I deleted it and sent a request in to have all of the information scrubbed. I waited several days and re-download the app. I filled out all of the information again. I joined an auction and was placing a bid when it said it would need to verify my phone number. When I put in the phone number, it said that this phone number was already associated with an account. Do you think that maybe this could’ve been done before the auction started? Like as I’m setting up my payment information and my shipping information? I lost out on the opportunity to buy merchandise. I’m never going back to this app.
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