WhatsApp Desktop

WhatsApp Desktop

  • Category: Social Networking
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 2.2110.12
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: WhatsApp Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
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WhatsApp Desktop App

With WhatsApp on the desktop, you can seamlessly sync all of your chats to your computer so that you can chat on whatever device is most convenient for you.

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WhatsApp Desktop app reviews

  • Is it too hard to update the icon 3/5

    By Gasper2020
    It's been more than 6 months from Big Sur and I need to replace the WhatsApp icon after every update because the app don't just update the icon to the big sur UI
  • Overall OK app but annoying update frequency 3/5

    By GSinIL
    Title says it all. No real complaint about functionality, but this app probably updates more frequently than the next 10 combined. Maybe need to hire someone for release management ;)?
  • Turns off mic during calls, cannot add 3rd person to call 3/5

    By sony234
    Frist of all, THANK YOU FOR GIVING US CALLS VIA DESKTOP! Second, the call automatically turns my mic stating connection reasons and never comes back on so we have to hang up and re-call often. Third, we cannot add a third person to a call. It is only allowing one-to-one calls.
  • Works seamlessly so far 5/5

    By JWD990
    I installed this app on macOS 10.15.7 and it downloaded my messages successfulyl and seems to be running flawlessly so far. It's possible some of the other recent reviewers have used older or newer macOS versions that have more compatibility issues, but my experience thus far with the app has been entirely without issues.
  • Great but needs update 1/5

    By Alvin7610
    I've been using this app as a supplement for mobile on desktop... but until now on Big Sur... even if its updated to the recent version, its asks me to connect to wi fi even if I am connected to wi fi the whole day... now i cannot use it... really needs an update.
  • Calls are not working from macbook pro 1/5

    By shane_aki
    call actually never worked from my macbook pro. I get a ring when there is call, even if I accept it, it just hung and remain in that state. please fix it asap possible.
  • Update Won't Install 1/5

    By TivTomato
    Lilke others here, WhatsApp no longer works and gives me a message that it has to be updated. But the update just "hangs" with an eternally circling image. It will neither download nor install. Now what? Surely this can be fixed!
  • new update does not work 1/5

    By soccergirl1122
    the new update does not work. please fix this as I have been trying to update the app for over a month now and nothing happens.
  • Requires phone always on 1/5

    By Ninos iPhone
    Please allow multiple device already, the only app that does not allow. Telegram so much better!!!
  • Disconnects too much. Works better on Chrome 1/5

    By ThorbyCorvin
    Disconnects too much. Works better on Chrome
  • Cannot Add Attach Things 2/5

    By Leventozturk
    Love whatsapp, but the attachement button doesn't work properly and it drives me crazy. I am using it full screen and each time i want to send something, i make it a small window, then drag and drop the items, then re-arrange everthing. It's been too many months that this problem is not solved.
  • Extrem slow 1/5

    By HugoMaldonadoM
    Extreme slow to load and show pictures..
  • I can't even set it up 1/5

    By Definition by character
    The QR Code keeps spinning. So I can't use the app. Saw there was an update yesterday but still the same issue. Hope it's fixed. Then, i'll rate it again.
  • Finally... Video and phone calls on the desktop app…!!! 4/5

    By ITRpiano
    This is a fantastic improvement. It’s still a little fidgety, but good overall. Sometimes there are disruptions in communications, like the video is functioning but it suddenly looses audio, or at other times the exact opposite… audio is there but looses video. Now maybe some enhancements to that…?? For instance, support for background images…!!
  • screen share 5/5

    By Zia_c201087
    can i do screenshare from WhatsApp?
  • Keeps longing me out 1/5

    By SASHENKA2020
    I was using the desktop version on my macbook and it kept logging me out when the last version it never did that. It's annoying because it logs out all the time after 5 minutes.
  • Please release apple silicon support 1/5

    By gusparaguss
    Would love to see a more stable release with apple silicon support.
  • Can't install latest update. 1/5

    By Esteban de gringolandia
    I've been trying to install latest update for at least a week on a Mac with macos 11. Unable to do so. Frustrating! Steve
  • Desktop calling crashes!! 1/5

    By sam_stark
    I tried the new desktop calling feature. The call window crashes when I pick up the video call or the other person picks up. Someone please cut a sev2 ticket to the relevant team. Thanks!
  • No Apple Silicon support 1/5

    By eejd
    Was already a bit buggy and tempermental. It needs Apple Silicon support. Hopefully this will bring with it fixes and improved Apple UI consistency.
  • Awful 1/5

    By Agent A.H
    I mean the iPhone app is not a great deal either, but this one is even worse. 102 MB for a app that doesn't even work without your phone!?
  • bad font in persian 1/5

    By mamrez44
    From the latest software update Fonts for Arabic and Persian languages have been removed and are very bad
  • Update WON'T download 1/5

    By julidempsey
    Why post an update if you haven't tested it - to make sure that users can download it. VERY frustrating.
  • update is NOT installing 1/5

    By Upper Level Listener
    the Desktop App was working well on my Mac running Big Sur, but this new version will NOT install, it just hangs up during the download.
  • Can't install the update 1/5

    By diegoarcher
    I've had a few issues with this app and I was hopeful the update was fixing the lag. However, I ca't install the update. It says: Update can't be installed at this time, please try again later." It has happened to several of my colleagues as well.
  • Same problem with update as Mac Mom. 3/5

    By pkayhart
    Update fails. Advised to try again later. Rinse and repeat
  • Video & Audio CALLING 5/5

    By adela035
    So happy they added that functionality!!
  • Update Doesn't Work 1/5

    By lmoon2550
    I've just tried update the website app. It won't download. I've tried it while logged in and out. Worthless. What you do want? It's Facebook.
  • whatsApp call 4/5

    By mohammad_1993
    please add whatsapp call in mac version.
  • Need to put videocall and voicecall on desktop version 5/5

    By DragonDerp
    Need to put videocall and voicecall on desktop version
  • no privacy 1/5

    By orakzai.shahid
    zuckerbergs apps have no privacy..
  • super amaze 5/5

    By yoyo peach
    i love whatsapp on my iphone and love it even more on my mac its super useful plus i like to type my texts on a keyboard rather than touch screen its clear to say that im pretty much obssesed with is app 10000/10 as the kids say its super amaze. i will be telling all my friends about this.
  • Computadora sin conexión 1/5

    By Tata robles
    Mi computadora si tiene conexion pero la aplicacion de escritorio no funciona, siempre muestra ese mensaje.
  • Useless when there is no phone... 1/5

    By (Farhad)
    An absolute misconception....
  • Privacy! Cannot control 2/5

    By Paid member
    Very hard to control privacy of this app. Most of my friends now use other messenging apps
  • Doesn't work 1/5

    By WorthyPlatypus
    The newest update won't connect the app to the internet. I've tried everything, (restarting computer, using a different network, deleting the app and redownloading, etc). It's very annoying
  • Latest Update doesn't work 1/5

    By *MacMom*
    I was enjoying using the Desktop version of this app, but your most recent update is not working. It just hangs and doesn't load, and my app store is perpetually showing me that I have one update that can't be installed. I tried deleting WhatsApp thinking I could reinstall the app and start from scratch, but that's not working either. It still shows an update and now I can't reinstall it on my MacBook and I can't update it either cause there's nothing on my computer to update. Hope you can fix this problem soon. UPDATE: I no longer see an "Update" notification on the app page, now I see an install icon, but the app won't install. It just hangs. When are you going to fix this? Your app pushes out more updates than any other app on my computer, and I don't see substantive differences from update to update. Also, why not make it possible to videochat from the computer with your app. That would be a great feature.

    By greasyballs69
    Privacy matters just as much as speech matters. But companies like WhatsApp are waging war against privacy and sharing ALL user data including message content with Facebook due to a recent update implemented on February 8th. Shameful and disgusting behavior. I encourage anyone reading this to never use this app.
  • Uninstalled within 30 seconds 1/5

    By j-smoov-99
    A friend moved back to India and uses WhatsApp to stay in touch with others. I didn’t want it on my phone, so I downloaded this and installed it. Only to find out that I needed to have it installed on my phone to get started. Fail.
  • Killed by recent update? 1/5

    By Sir Jackson Peaks
    A few days ago I noticed that my sent messages were not being delivered to all recipients targeted. I would also miss (and not register) attempted video calls. Some recipients could message me, but those same were unable to receive messages from me. Now, I am also unable to link to WhatsApp desktop. The app has been rendered useless and I have yet to identify the cause. No response from WhatsApp as I attempt to remedy, so it gets 1 star for now. Will be forced onto a new platform and will have to abandon WhatsApp if no response or remedy by Monday.
  • Since Facebook decided to start a war... 1/5

    By LeoCaballeroV
    WhatsApp has not been the same since a few updates ago... It doesn't update as fast from the Mobile version to the Desktop version. I attribute this to Facebook trying to update things in a Facebook kind of way... CI/CD for a simple program and Facebook's wants to be invasive has destroyed the basics of this application. Sometimes simple is better and although Facebook now owns and is integrating it's features into the app... don't destroy the basic functionality to operate normally by incorporating the functions that the corporation wants or many users will move on... and there are plenty of other apps to move on to...
  • Not sure how I can use my laptop for phone conversation 5/5

    By onewithgoodtaste
    Needless to say whatsapp is a ground-breaking piece of software. Only wish I could use my laptop for doing video conferencing on Whatsapp (as with Zoom)
  • Great app, but lack video chat or telephone chat 4/5

    By Rhinnah22
    I love using what's app the only down side is that I wish it would had video or telephone chat
  • Works but it's a web app 1/5

    By EdiPhone
    On the plus side it works. Yay. On the minus side it's a web app that uses the malodorous Electron framework. And it's 560 MB so super fun to download and even way more fun if they decide to update it more often. I guess Facebook isn't big enough to write a proper desktop app. Maybe with Catalyst Facebook will scrape together the few pennies of loose change they have in the folds of their beanbags and port over the iPad app. Oh, there is no iPad app either. Never mind.
  • Worst...Get Viber and be Happy! 1/5

    By llulua
    This app is constantly being updated coz it's no good. Hard to use compared to Viber and not as user friendly. We try to avoid by asking peeps to use Viber instead. Then they usually just stick with Viber. I will say, it's better than line and Skype, but that doesn't take much. Finally, DO NOT TRUST FACEBOOK!
  • privacy issues 1/5

    By robberyguy2000
    facebook bad privacy good bad
  • Update Not Working 1/5

    By Sreekanth A
    Update for Feb 9, 2021 does not work.
  • unusable if you speak multiple langauges 1/5

    By Questtt
    The app overpowers the langauge settings of my computer making it unusable for multiple languages. My primary language is English and secondary language is Spanish. Whatsapp prioritizes the primary language and every spanish word will show up with a red line. Whatsapp is the only app that does this
  • Worst Social Networking App 1/5

    By Hangoulory
    So many limitations using this desktop app. If your phone is low on battery or dead, you can’t use the desktop app either. If your phone is not connected to Wifi, you can’t use the desktop app. What’s the point of having a desktop app? So very unhelpful. Please learn from other apps such as Kakaotalk.