WhatsApp Desktop

WhatsApp Desktop

  • Category: Social Networking
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 2.2100.11
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: WhatsApp Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
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WhatsApp Desktop App

With WhatsApp on the desktop, you can seamlessly sync all of your chats to your computer so that you can chat on whatever device is most convenient for you.

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WhatsApp Desktop app reviews

  • Behind other apps 2/5

    By three_31
    Only works if the phone is connected to the network. BUT, it often can't detect the phone when connected and shows an error so you can't send a message. No other desktop app requires this. Telegram, WeChat, Signal, Line, Messenger - NONE require simultaneous phone connectivity.
  • Disconnects frequently 3/5

    By rigopants
    While I love the ability to use the desktop application, it is frustrating that it disconnects frequently. I see the notification that my phone is not connected, yet I continue to receive messages on my phone. This seems to be getting worse lately.

    By Sorcerer2007
    The concept was clearly a phone app and then along came a desktop app with the concept that people would only talk via phone and the laptop would only mirror the chat texts but the laptop had to prove you had a phone by scanning a barcode. I'm sure Whatsapp can justify this logic but really the history of something is not relevant when the end result is so bad. Picture me sitting at my laptop with earphones - I receive calls on facetime/phone and talk to others on Skype with fully intergrated text - I don't really need a phone when I'm sitting at by desk. A call comes in on Whatsapp - I have to switch my headphones to my phone and then pickup the call on the phone instead of my laptop - how annoying is that? Whatsapp won't be fully functional and world class until the desktop app works like it should.
  • privacy issues 1/5

    By Vinyamr
    stop sendind my data to facebook!
  • Rather Switch 1/5

    By KiloptrhjkiutfjbdNo
    We all know there's better now.
  • Buggy and clunky despite getting constant updates 1/5

    By HTZ Cactus
    I don't get it... these guys update this app like every week.... each time it's for "bug fixes and improvements"... yet if you sat down and used this app, there's tons of blatant problems I'd say warrents a change. If you change to dark mode while the app is running (using an Automator script rather than system preferences… yes, it causes a different result), it crashes. Everyting is so fat... like this mammoth interface barely fits on the screen. It's totally not a native Mac app and it totally does not feel like it. Look at Apple's Messages app... even that is not great but it's miles better than what this is, even just from an interface standpoint.
  • Needs video call feature 3/5

    By Alisante
    It works well for chat purposes except: 1) I constantly need to re-connect my phone to the computer 2) The call feature, including audio and video calls, does not work on the computer
  • Great App! 5/5

    By MarianoSATX
    I have a Mac and this App works great with Mac!
  • Whatsapp desktop Mac 4/5

    By Hankeepankee
    Love this desktop version but not a fan that you can make calls or video calls on the laptop. Oterhwise works Great!
  • Needs work 1/5

    By andrp92
    This would be an awesome app if only it had flexibility with typing in another language.
  • No audio or video calling 2/5

    By alicao
    There is still no feature on the web or desktop applications that allows you to make an audio or video call. This is one of the main ways I use the app on my iPhone & it would be wonderful to be able to video call with the ease of the macbook's webcam. Please please PLEASE add video calling to the desktop app.
  • MOVING AWAY to avoid being stalked 1/5

    By In770
    There are other options which don’t sell your personal information!!! Down with big tech control!!!
  • logging out 1/5

    By Manighsmi
    It keep logging me out on Macbook pro (M1).
  • So far from ideal messenger 1/5

    By Mehdi_hz
    For better vision about messenger tasks just check up Telegram Messenger and will see its functionality. Very poor functionality rather than that.
  • Updates too frequently with no reason given 3/5

    By yogatoaster
    If you're going to cause everyone to update this app every 3-4 days with no discernable changes, at least tell us why. "Updates and performance improvements" is lazy and a little sus.
  • Voice recordings are easily cut off 2/5

    By Wikithoughts
    When you receive a phone call on mac the recording stops and all the recording gets removed. I have to repeat On my iphone. It stops but after the call the recording is available i send it and record another voice clip to send
  • 1.7 gigs of memory 2/5

    By Eddie1974
    On my Mac mini A1 its taking 1.7 gigs of memory. thats crazy im using the web interface for now.
  • Frequent Updates 2/5

    By MandMHG
    Why does the development team keep putting out bad code and then patches it the next day? I’m glad the fixes are quick, but wouldn't it be better to publish a fully functional / tested / debugged app less frequently? AT least it’s free...
  • Keeps crashing after several"bug fixes" 1/5

    By p1934857kgrjh
    Desktop client on MacOS Mojave is super unstable... simply keeps crasking every 1-2 hours without any visible cause.
  • Pointless Desktop Version 2/5

    By Xhaxaa
    There are far better messaging apps that provide better encryption than WhatsApp (see Signal, Telegram). What I don't like about this desktop version is how the app disconnects from itself when my mobile gets disconnected from the internet. If an open-source tech company can do it, why not something owned by a multibillion dollar tech company like WhatsApp can't?
  • icon need update 3/5

    By Gasper2020
    When the app will update its icon for Big Sur?
  • Poor App 1/5

    By New Cafe!
    This app doesn't work when mobile device internet signal is weak or disconnected when the phone is in your bag. It doesn't have direct messaging support such as wechat , slack or teams on desktop. Also you won't be able to make voice or video calls.
  • review 4/5

    By Eliema1
    this application is awesome but I have a suggestion for the developping team, make it accomodate more than 1 number because some of us have multiple phones and the ability to just have all of them on this app would be great. Thank you in advance.
  • We want a Big Sur icon refresh! 4/5

    By TristanS2000
    Great app, but I'd love to see a new icon to match the shape/design set forward by the new MacOS Big Sur design!
  • up and running in under a minute 5/5

    By Jim from Oakland
    Stunned at how easy it was to link to my account. Just had to scan a QR code on my computer via the camera on my phone. Bam. Done.
  • Recommended feature - Option to disable online 2/5

    By abhi5689
    One feature i would love to have is to ability to disable online, i don't want everyone to know that i am online everytime i open Whatsapp
  • Dark mode please 4/5

    By I shot blanks
    5 Stars when you add dark mode
  • No calls from computer? 1/5

    By LeitoAB
    Version 2.2043.22 is more stable. However, not being able to make/receive calls from your computer is a total setback. Your back to 0.00001 beta. Leave it to Facebook to buy apps and make them worse.
  • Don't send updae every day 1/5

    By amrit99999
    every day update needed
  • calls 2/5

    By AlexaStar21
    I was able to make video and voice calls on the mac app and now i can't for some reason. This was really helpful for me to communicate with my friends and family.
  • Viber does it better 1/5

    By llulua
    Everyday, an update and still can't get it right. Fewer sticker, emojis and options. I'm sick of it and gonna stick with Viber. Oh, yeah...I don't have to have my phone on to use Viber's desktop version.
  • Forced Updates 1/5

    By coyote504
    please stop forced updates and destroying previews version.
  • Has bugs 3/5

    By ilikeapps1234567890
    The window buttons disappear after a while but everything else works okay
  • افتضاح 1/5

    By .a.sasdszx
    هر هفته ۱۵۰ مگ باگ فیکس چه خبره ؟؟ این همه باگ توی اپلیکیشن واقعا که. اینم از دسکتاپ اپلیکیشنتون که بابت هر مسیج باید توی واتس اپ گوشی لاگین باشیم . یعنی رسما ریدین!!!
  • Update broke this app 1/5

    By passedoutwookie
    Pretty awful scrolling bug that makes this a much worse user experience since the latest two updates. If you haven't updated to 2.2041.6 or 2.2041.7 DON'T!.
  • Used to be better 2/5

    By Kos650
    do not disturb doesn't work anymore as well as a scrolling issue; moving the entire menu up as you scroll down
  • unacceptable 1/5

    By chris45324
    This is just unacceptable. First you can't use it without a phone. Second sometimes my messages won't send until I open up my phone with faceID. Third, when I play voice messages the message geos for 1 second, then stops for 5 and continues playing with bad quality. Fourth, if the phone is off you can't even use this app. I mean... What kind of brainless morons could create something like that? The worst app for MacOS ever created.
  • Notification bug 2/5

    By WhereisNunu
    works well except for the notification bug, it stills play the notification sounds even if the mac book is on 'do not disturb'
  • The top & search bar are disappeared after 2.2041.6 update 3/5

    By Qiwing
    On Mac desktop version >> The top and search bar are disappeared when you scroll down in the message window, after today's update 2.2041.6. It was fine before this last version.
  • Don't Work! 1/5

    By goshire
    it never worked since i download it. i get a vpn, and google , facebook.. all work good. only this app. keeping loading the QR code....
  • Take Video within the App 4/5

    By Oso-Malo
    I use WhatsApp as part of my remote teaching. Having the ability to manage a large group chat from my phone and desktop is very helpful. There are some lags in the desktop version, for example: an audio message sent from my phone take a very long time to load and play on the desktop version (or sometimes never load at all). I would love to see more of the phone app features come to the desktop version. The most helpful for me would be: the ability to record/send video directly from the desktop app.
  • Calling is not available 1/5

    By Tej Ronur
    Calling from your mac or desktop is not available.
  • Some times the 3 system control of close, minimize and maximize is just not there! 3/5

    By rajesh91
    Some times the 3 system control of close, minimize and maximize is just not there!
  • video chat/ chat back gruond 5/5

    By AKhan102188
    id like the video chat function and changeable chat to be on your laptop/desktop version as well other wsie works pefectly
  • Worst app EVER! 1/5

    By Miladxisla
    How you can be this HUGE bad!
  • The most backward app 1/5

    By MeTe-30
    Hello WhatsApp managers, have you ever used Telegram? I doubt it! Please install.
  • Update doesn’t work! 1/5

    By Atmostud
    I was forced to “update” my WhatsApp App and now it won’t open at all! When I go to update it says it can’t while it’s open. But if I close it and try to update, then it opens before it updates and the same problem occurs. I’m stuck. This is a “bug and performance” update? LOLOLOLOL I never had problems at all before!! If something isn’t broke, don’t try to fix it for Pete’s Sake!
  • App Won't Even Start 1/5

    By rauger1
    It worked fine, then I updated it, then it proceeded to just show a blank screen whenever it was open. Apps like this have a responsibility to work. When you trust a company with something as important as messaging, and convince a billion people to use it, you have to test before releasing.
  • Realy Bad Performance! 1/5

    By 7__nirvana__2
    uploading or downloading in this app is like using a turtle for off-road driving! it's useless for many users all around the world.