Where's My Water? 2

Where's My Water? 2

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  • Current Version: 1.8.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Disney
  • Compatibility: Android
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Where's My Water? 2 App

Get ready to join Swampy, Allie, and Cranky on their NEXT exciting adventure! The sequel to the most addicting physics-based puzzler from Disney has finally arrived. Where’s My Water? 2 launches with three brand new locations including the Sewer, the Soap Factory, the Beach. Best of all, the puzzles are all free! Cut through dirt, and guide fresh water, purple water, and steam to help Swampy and his friends! Key Features: • Play 100+ levels and challenges with a brand new look in the Gator universe featuring Swampy, Allie, Cranky, and Mystery Duck! • Introducing ‘Challenge Modes’ to replay the levels in explosive new ways! • Dig as fast as you can and get as many duckies as possible in ‘Duck Rush’ levels! • ‘Tri-ducking’ is now faster, better and more fun with boosts, such as Vacuum, Dropper, and Absorber! Small fees may be required for these additional boosts. • Experience fun mechanics that are uniquely designed for each character! • Complete achievements and earn special themed duckies such as gladiator-duckie, astronaut-duckie, hula-duckie, and many more! • Stuck on a level? Use hints to help you solve the puzzles! Where’s My Water? is a multiple Game of the Year award-winning puzzle game. The Where's My... franchise has received hundreds of millions of downloads to date. This app has been optimized for OS 8.0 and above. Before you download this app, please consider that this app includes advertising, some of which may be targeted to your interests. You may choose to control targeted advertising within our applications by using your mobile device settings (for example, by re-setting your device’s advertising identifier and/or opting out of interest based ads). • In-app purchases that cost real money • The option to accept push notifications to let you know when we have exciting updates like new content • Location-based services • Advertising for some third parties, including the option to watch ads for rewards • As well as advertising for The Walt Disney Family of Companies Visit the official Where's My Water? 2 website – http://games.disney.com/wheres-my-water-2-app Privacy Policy - https://disneyprivacycenter.com/ Children’s Privacy Policy - https://disneyprivacycenter.com/kids-privacy-policy/english/ Terms of Use - https://disneytermsofuse.com/

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Where's My Water? 2 app reviews

  • Doesn’t work well with iPhone XSMax. 1/5

    By BobVanguard
    It doesn’t have a good sense of where I’m touching on the screen. Makes it impossible to play.
  • Why? 2/5

    By abbybauder
    I was enjoying this app so much, until I noticed you cannot get keys without purchasing them. I think the game is a great game to play, but keys should be earned by playing levels, not by purchasing them.
  • Wow. 1/5

    By R5660
    10000 times worse than the OG. Just how they set up the games and how you get to them is worse, I wish they would’ve keep that all the same like the first and just changed up the levels
  • It’s hard :( 5/5

    By kai.noah
    Hard game 4+ is cap, no way a 4 year old can do these levels FYE game tho
  • Pretty cool, but... 3/5

    By nickname is Bug
    The game is super fun and really hard. I have no idea how a child is supposed to play this game. The “but”.... the music is obnoxious and the ads are really really loud! I usually play games at night and the ads scare the crap out of me. I honestly had to stop playing the game (deleted it) because of the torturous ads. I can turn the sound off the game but not the ad until after it starts.
  • iPhone XR 3/5

    By D841
    I love this game! The biggest issue I’m currently having is that with the new iPhone pull up screen where you can switch between apps you know like it use to when it had a button. Anyway my issue is that when I’m trying to erase dirt or press a button near the bottom of the screen it tries opening the app menu if you could make the levels center or with space near the bottom so this isn’t an issue that’d be great!
  • Best game 5/5

    By Atrisa (taehyung)Ganji
    I really love this game and l think this game can make as to think hard & it’s good for people that they have strong brain I like it If you wanna know my believe you should download this game
  • Have to wait 3 days to get to next section 1/5

    By TeresaC910
    Really?! I can watch a video once a day to get to next section—without paying. I watch a video, then the timer starts for 24 hours for a key. After 24 hours, you can watch another video and wait another 24 hours for another key. You have to have 3 keys to proceed, IF you don’t want to pay!!!
  • Bad 1/5

    By abdullah13gn
    You must get 3 keys to unlock the beach this is bad.
  • Off center on iPhone X 1/5

    By Superbrian2010
    I played this apps years ago and loved it. I wanted to play again but on iPhone X Plus the screen is off center and unplayable as it doesn’t dig where my finger points. I also do t recall all these ads, perhaps I paid long ago but don’t see the option to restore my purchase.
  • Frequent long ads 3/5

    By SaraLucy
    As far as I can tell, there is no way to get an ad free version of this game. The ads occur far too often, and they are always 30 seconds! It removes any enjoyment I have from playing the game.
  • Poor game execution 1/5

    By i_Mex
    The good: 1) Nice sequel of 'Where's my water 1' 2) The more challenging games and difficulty levels keep the players quite busy, they have to think more and quick on how to best finish (players being my nephew and niece) The bad, the disappointment: 1) The app is not designed to be run on an iphone XS Max, but it gets advirtised as if though it is compatible with 'iphone'. This is misleading and poor business practice. 2) App randomly freezes. You can't also pause it if you need too (the menu for it can't properly display on the screen) 3) Touch response is very variable or inconsistent Having an XS Max, I suggest to hold off buying this app until an app update to fix it for the XS Max gets released.
  • It’s Free to Start. 3/5

    By Mattaker8012250120
    What I mean is, first 2 areas you don’t have to pay to play but the beach area you have to pay for and all the areas after the beach are like the beach, you have to pay for them. -N3RDDR3N
  • Where’s My Water is a good game 5/5

    By Capuisa
    Most perfect game ever.
  • Games 5/5

    By Nickname @
    I love you 👍👍👍👍👍👍
  • Sugar gorilla 5/5

    By sugar gorilla
    Great if you have adhd
  • Great game 5/5

    By miss culasi 1956
    It makes me so proud of myself when I am able to finish a task, especially challenging ones.
  • Add riddled, ruined.. deleted 1/5

    By Bruce OO7
    I purchased the add free versions, and these have now been changed to advert riddled annoyance. Can’t even remove adds now, just cash cow upgrades. This is pure monetization of something that was popular. Totally ruined.
  • Where's my Water 5/5

    By W2E3vdhao
    Where's my Water is super addictave? Can't stop playing.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Karen Walkerson
    I love this game!! It’s the best for young children to play and problem-solve!!💝 This game is the best!! I recommend it for all ages!
  • Really Fun Game 4/5

    By mermaid seeker
    It is a really fun game I just wish there were more ways to earn power ups. Like the vacuums and stuff. Maybe add videos to earn them.
  • So addictive 5/5

    By Akidbyeheart
    I’m 25 and enjoy finding out solutions on the spot. Happy vibes with this game.! Dope! :)
  • Where, In Fact, Has My Water Gone? 2 4/5

    By Parker Greenwood
    “Where’s My Water? 2” the name of one of my favorite apps to play whenever I got off work, was chillin in da pool, when at the club, and in every other setting imaginable. That is... until I noticed it’s one fatal mistake. While this game excels in its quantity of cute/quirky yet also seemingly vigorously masculine alligators it has fallen flat on its SNOUT when it comes to ~class~. When evaluating all Apple/Android applications (specifically those meant for entertainment termed: games) I apply an inordinate level of scrutiny to how much ~class~ they possess. This is merely my personal rubric and should not be seen as a gold standard by any means. That being said, ~class~ is not something that should be utterly disregarded by other professional evaluators. I have analyzed this app to its core and identified the three largest issues that are holding this app back from its true potential. (Hint: they ALL have to do with its lack of ~class~) Now everyone should know this first flaw before I even say it. The rubber duckies. If you think the rubber duckies are a good facet of this game then you might want to just go ahead and submit your life to satan because you are going to hell. The rubber duckies are a pathetic attempt to be cute when we all know that they merely serve the purpose of appealing to the perfectionist and determinist crowd that wish to collect all the rubber duckies. If you are going to implement a tool like the rubber duckies... DO NOT TRY TO HIDE WHAT YOU ARE DOING, YOU WILL NOT GET AWAY WITH IT WITH ME AROUND! Be up front and instead of a rubber duckie have the collectible tokens be represented by tokens/coins/medallions or something of the like. Now this review is getting quite long so I want to shorten the following two points so that I can remain clear and succinct. The second major problem is that the title of the game HORRIFICALLY lacks in ~class~. “Where’s My Water? 2” hurts my fingers to type, hurts my eyes to see, and hurts my heart to endure. The title of this review is a more fitting title that possesses a gargantuan amount of ~class~. I suggest changing the name of the game to something more akin to my example. Finally, I would like to make note of this games inherent sexism when examining the alligators and how they are presented within the application. Swampy, the applications protagonist, is portrayed as your everyday straight white male. He is always depicted in his bathtub as he is trying to get ready for his day at work. This shows that he most likely has a privileged office job that he was only able to achieve due to the color of his skin (perhaps nepotism as well?). He is frustrated that his water isn’t working when this is a daily reality for many minorities including those in the LGBTQ+ community. Next, we see the female character “Allie” (blatantly obvious that some cheeky cis-male came up with this name) and how she is represented in a derogatory manner. Allie is shown to have one desire: the steam. While I think steam is quite classy, how the steam is utilized in the game indicates a classless sexism. Allie is depicted as a starving artist who craves steam to power her organ. She is a musician and her craving for steam to fill her pipes is most definitely an innuendo intentionally put in by the creators. Her occupation being an artist (while Swampy is a privileged office worker) is continuing to proliferate the stereotype that women do not belong in the STEM field and they should be confined to the arts. This concludes my review. With all of these points in consideration I have decided to give this app a 4/5 stars. If these aspects of the game were altered I believe ~class~ would be restored to the game. This game would be propelled to the top of the charts at rocket-like speed. And most of all, I could finally enjoy it again.
  • The nostalgia 5/5

    By RADCARTER 3295
    Man this brings back memory’s. Someone named there child cranky dude pls get help man
  • Maddyln 4/5

    By madison0902
    This game is great but I don’t really like the duck rush but other than that I lOVE this game and can not stop playing it
  • View 3/5

    By I_Like_Lasaga
    I’m playing on an iPhone 11 and the title screen is ok, but when I get into a level the game is cut off on the right side of the screen
  • This game is AWESOME! 5/5

    By KoopaLover
    I remember when I was younger my mom had this game and I loved playing so much. So, when I got my first got a electronic device this was the first game I downloaded!
  • Where’s my water? 2 5/5

    By )/6?.() sth. newblue
    I love it amazing no bugs!
  • Great game and good amount of ads 5/5

    By fubu9718
    All around a well balanced really fun game
  • Terrible Sequel 3/5

    By Mikeycle123
    I used to play this game when I was a very little kid, and I just recently downloaded it to play before the decade ends. I completely beat the first game, and then I went on to this one. What happened? The ducks are different, the dirt is different, and it looks a lot worse than the old one.
  • This game is cool! 5/5

    By Anna Kapanadze
    I love it. Can you pls make first part for free? Pleaseee
  • Horrible forced Ads! 1/5

    By Cornbread7733
    Forced ADs, not cool. Let me PAY for the app and play without them!
  • Swampy 2! 5/5

    By xchiesa
    Smart I rote this poem because I want to do some thing cool. Wow The poem spells Swampy I forgot the 2 but oh well. Amazing I am horrible at the up side down levels. Muddy I love the idea of new ducks everyone needs a friend! Play full Not that I’m saying that the avoid ones are easy, hard! Yay I hope you have more cool updates, wish ya luck!
  • Amazing 5/5

    By NaneScarz
    I’ve been playing for years, and I haven’t gotten bored with it yet. I just got it on this iPhone 7, after having it on my tablet since 2014. It’s easy to play, even on his small of a screen. Whenever I try to cut through dirt and other things, the game always does what I want it to do. Sure there are ads, but the ads are minimal. You can skip them after 3-5 seconds, and because of that, they don’t annoy me too much. The levels aren’t repetitive and you usually have something new every level. There are many different areas in the game, all of them having new challenges, gates to unlock, items, and even duckies. Overall, the game is breathtaking, and it is worth your data. I sincerely recommend it to anyone, children and adults.
  • A joke 2/5

    By Michhs
    This game is nothing like the first one. Multiple adds, lags, and you have to play the same level like 4 times with different objectives which makes it very repetitive. Literally first review I’ve written
  • Years of where’s my water 5/5

    By kkkjkklkkljkllll
    I’m 26 years old and I’ve beaten these Where’s My Water games at least ten times. I had it on the galaxy 3, that’s been about 7 years ago. I just downloaded it on my iphone9. So that shows the time frame. I’m still playing it and enjoying it. Great way to pass my time when nothing else is going through on. I don’t play many games, but I definitely love this one.!
  • Plz update to for xr phones!! 3/5

    By Evilsam31
    Love this game but every level is falling short! Literally! Every level is place way too low and it’s hard to do certain levels Bc it’s too close to the “swipe up” feature on the phone that it keeps pausing the game. Then when it does pause it’s even harder to unpause it.. please please please update the game to fit new iPhones . Just move the level higher on the screen !
  • What about IPhone version 1/5

    By Budahkan
    Would be nice if you all would release the iPhone version.
  • It is great although 4/5

    By meagan2486
    You have to pay to get in the soap factory and for a young child that is bull crap. I love the game and I grew up with it but they really need to make the whole game free if the original is $2. The worst part is is that the sewer simply doesn’t have many levels.
  • it’s free 5/5

    By Tuyệt vời Thank
    i like this one because the og one cost money and im not wasting money soo yeah. free stuff is kewl
  • lvl 13 is impossible 1/5

    By bubbakate
    So I have the game and its great fun and all but once you get to level 13 you want to pretty much rage and delete the game. The poison acid is what makes this level impossible. It deletes all your water that isn't from a infinite water source. You move on and there are two puddles of this acid. NO MATTER WERE YOU GO YOU FAIL THE LEVEL! 👿 Even if you have the infinite water source YOU STILL FAIL! 👿 A great change to this level would be to not have those two puddles of acid there or better yet just have one of those and your good, dont make the level feel impossible.
  • Just wow I’m a bit disappointed 4/5

    By awsomgamee
    I used to play this game a lot I just redownloaded it and from reading the reviews and I did not even start yet after the No water cut scene I just got a ad😑
  • Love it🙃😞🥴😻🙀😿😾😽😼😸😺🎃🎃 4/5

    By Black sold unicorn.
    Love it The levels are very very very challenging but it is still very fun I could sit here and play all day long if I could.😻😻 it is awesome and very fun.
  • Best game ever 5/5

    By ev🐅🐆🐈🦄
    Best game ever but it is a little hard at times but other then that I love it!!
  • I HAVE A CRUSH ON SWAMPY❤️❤️❤️❤️🐊 5/5

    By Nataile Portmen
  • Game is good 5/5

    By jojo😻
    The game is really fun and addictive but there are a few flaws like when cooking steam dissipates and the steam in the game doesn’t so I think their should be a time limit to how far the player has gone all though the game. Has flaws I never really stoped playing it when I was a child

    By Eatdatpud445
    Absolutely love it!!!!! Best game I have ever downloaded!! My kids even love it!!
  • About the game 3/5

    It’s ii 🤷🏽‍♀️
  • An ad right after install, wow. 1/5

    By Angelx702
    Uninstalled. How can we get a feel for the game/app if you automatically bombard us with propaganda from the get go. Unacceptable.

Where's My Water? 2 app comments

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