White Castle Online Ordering

White Castle Online Ordering

  • Category: Food & Drink
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 2.0.90
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: White Castle
  • Compatibility: Android
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White Castle Online Ordering App

Now you can act the moment the Crave strikes. Order on the go anywhere, anytime with the official White Castle app (and cue the high-fives from your hungry crew). Features: • Complete menu • Castle locator • Crave customization • On the go ordering • Save your fave Crave • New menu highlights • Special offers • Easy payment with Apple Pay

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White Castle Online Ordering app reviews

  • Give us the option to cancel orders 2/5

    By princessarcasm
    I ordered at the wrong location and there’s no way to cancel it. Annoying.
  • Worst app ever for ordering! 1/5

    By Beverlyjean
    I have been on this for 20 minutes already and cannot finish an order. I keep getting an error message.
  • Garbage Application 1/5

    By TmcMontana
    Ok my question is why does white castle think they are Amazon. Why do they make me add stuff to a cart, make an account, add my credit card. Do not get this app if you have at least a spare 20 minutes to even start ordering. 👎🏾
  • I want to order online 1/5

    By villalvaking
    This app is good and all but I just want to order online and I AM FORCED to DOWNLOAD the app.
  • Why wait? 2/5

    By #2058
    The app would be so much better if it did what I think it’s intended to do, which I assume would be not sit in your car for 20 minutes while your order is prepared. Even if you pay with the app, I have never not had to wait.
  • Poor Application!!!! 1/5

    By manateeou888
    I downloaded three times ... each time sim Bologna message came up about an error . This is a WASTE of Time!!!!
  • Clickbait 1/5

    By foodapprecistor
    Complete Rip off they clickbait you saying it a deal then don’t mention the tax isn’t included so the 20 sliders for 10 dollars becomes 16 after tax
  • Botchjob 2/5

    By Dudleymon
    Massive headache to sign up. Getting better but why start my order when I show up?. Stupid. I'm waiting for my order writing this review. The stores have no idea how to process mobile orders.
  • Store was confused by my order. 2/5

    By Bob_Bear
    The first time I tried to place an order, the store said they didn’t receive it. But when I repeated to order to them, they found it in their computer. Of course, the order hadn’t been started so there was zero benefit to using the app.
  • A Christmas Nightmare 2/5

    By HungryInManhattan
    I downloaded the app in hopes of getting my daughter French fries after a trip to the museum. The interface and design were nice but sadly, everything afterwards was hell on earth. I waited for twenty minutes until the cashier told me the manager would take care of the app order, then another twenty until the manager told me he didn’t know there was an app. My daughter was screaming for apple juice. The vent fan was broken. A true Christmas nightmare.
  • Poor Service 1/5

    By acbu1206
    I ordered online and received a confirmation with pick up time of 5:41. When I arrived at the store my food was not ready and I did not receive my food until 6:01. Twenty minutes after the cited pick up time. I ordered online so my food would be ready and I wouldn’t have to wait. Clearly there is no advantage to using the app or online ordering. Not to mention the service In store was terrible and the employees were extremely rude and unprofessional.
  • Online order 1/5

    By msshelia
    I place a Online order and had a hard time pick up my order because they did not Know how to find my order. Finally one person figure it out. I place my order online because I want my order make how I wanted . But that did not happen. I order everything on the burgers. I got not ketchup, mustard, onions, pickles on all 24 sliders. 10 cheese 10 jalapeño cheese 4 original. But all with everything. It took as long to get order I was very disappointed all that time waiting for my order and all my time place the order. I called but nobody answer the phone. Suppose to be ready 10:41pm Order 10347 Eastpointe. I need my order replacement or something for the inconvenient. Too hungry and tired to go back . I can be reach at 3135156110
  • No location 1/5

    By dvdhhfhjtf
    It doesn’t even say they have one in Las Vegas and they have two locations. So the app was a waste of time.
  • Fresh food 1/5

    By valenciadavis
    In spite of ordering ahead the food is never ready. NEVER!!! I can say NEVER because I ordered-over five time trying something Different. I said fresh food because , they don’t make the order until you actually get there. So much for save time. The app is only convenient to prepay. This review is based on 1550 E 79th.(Stone Island)
  • Severe UX/UI issues 2/5

    By N328KF
    The app is in severe need of an update. It looks positively ancient on current devices.
  • App Is Hot Garbage 1/5

    By Benaresu
    The app won’t show menu items I know the closest store has. Also crashed on me three times, each time deleting my “sack”. You’re better off just going to the store and ordering at the counter.
  • Not Ready 1/5

    By DamnShame22
    Even after ordering, it still wasn’t ready when I got there. They didn’t even realize there was an order so I had to wait another 20 minutes and they still got my order wrong at that.
  • Pointless App 1/5

    By BigHosk25
    Pointless app. When I get there the food isn’t ready. Half the time the orders are inaccurate.
  • Ridiculous 😡 1/5

    By Teddymello
    What’s the point of ordering your food on the app and still have to wait 20 mins to get your food. It’s ridiculous. I expect to be in and out when ordering online
  • There's no option to remove ketchup 1/5

    By nickname58548742679863468995
    If you don't want ketchup, it needs to be written as a special instructions. This app is functional but wow, White Castle definitely went with the lowest bidder. Just compare it to taco bells app, you can even choose a heavy or light amount of sauces.
  • Invalid times on app 2/5

    By adawgd
    I usually eat White Castle the same time a lot of people do. When everything is closed and craving decent food. This app says it’s closed. But ours is open 24 hours a day. So basically this app will never work for me since I’m a night owl and usually eat after the time app says it closed. Even tho it’s not. Good concept though. Still going I hope they have the same deals as apps. Wish me luck.
  • Ordering 1/5

    By foodlover2018
    When ordering via app I used the wrong location after paying with debt card. Called the store for refund...no one knew how. After searching the app for a place to cancel only came across a opinion to repeat my order. I just took it as a lost 😢
  • White Castle has the worst service 1/5

    By UberIsTerrible
    Ordered online and wasn’t ready when expected. And wasn’t allowed to change even if it wasn’t ready yet.
  • Online order 1/5

    By jube23
    Got to White Castle at the time to pick up my online order and they didn’t start making it until I got there. What’s the point of ordering online if there just going to wait until you get there to start making your order. I ordered online to get in and out had to wait 20 mins for my order to get done.
  • App = waiting game 1/5

    By Quickpoint
    Placing a simple 2 crave case order took 20 minutes. 5 waiting to log in, 2 minutes to add 2 cases, 3 minutes to load check out screen, 5 to load after check out was clicked, another 5 to finish order after hitting pay at castle. Almost would have been quicker if drove and ordered in store. I would have been less frustrating to say the least
  • Complete failure 1/5

    By Starving in drive thru
    Ordered a Crave case 15 minuets before arriving to drive thru speaker. After reaching the drive thru, it took 35 minutes to complete my (30) crave case and sack of fries order. Rather INCONVENIENT, never again. Using the app or ordering online that is.
  • Locations??? 1/5

    By EdMay03
    Nevada locations not to mention how many other locations aren’t shown on the app when I do a search. I’m very disappointed.
  • Useless 1/5

    By Big Poppa 67
    Better off just ordering through drive thru. Food is never ready. Always an issue with the order. Doesn’t help when the staff only aggravates the issue.
  • Thanks for the iOS 11 Location Services Fix! 5/5

    By Kallism
    I reported this bug last week and it was great to see how quickly the support team replied and then issued a fix for this bug. The app is now working great again!
  • Can’t locate a store 1/5

    By SpaceCowboy74
    Can’t manually enter an address and can’t locate a store. Just sits and does nothing.
  • Do not download 1/5

    By Dwright5
    Awful app. Can not get past locating nearest store. Can’t view menu because it constantly searches location. Complete failure.
  • Do not work 1/5

    By Mstetris2k18
    This app does not work does let you open anything and have problems signing in
  • Can not locate my castle! :( 1/5

    By unadulterated_fangirl
    I tried to let it load for an hour, and it still hasn’t updated. There isn’t an option for me to manually type in my location...come on, guys! Get it together. I’m so disappointed.
  • Don’t download 1/5

    By Themeej
    App continues to freeze when trying to update your location
  • Needs update 2/5

    By Jaccer
    Is it really that hard to dedicate some of the budget to updating the app? That’s how people order these days, you’d be more successful if you guys would invest in the App.
  • Location doesn’t work 1/5

    By Vin-aka-BabyGirl
    One hour and still hasn’t located me. I can’t even view the menu. Needs a LOT of work. Deleting now!
  • White Castle app 1/5

    By babydoll d
    Does not work does not show location or menu
  • Unable To Use. 1/5

    By Jaime Nacole
    App freezes when trying to select location. I can’t mobile order if I can’t select a location to order from!
  • Order failure 1/5

    By Emily.Christina
    I downloaded the app for the coupon that was offered on the official website. Went to go place my order and nothing will load. Guess I’ll take my business elsewhere.
  • Won’t show the WC down the street (at vegas strip) 1/5

    By Nicerobby
    Instead it shows one 12000 miles away in Minnesota.
  • Needs a lot of work... 1/5

    By itsMYph0n3
    Ordering through the app was easy but picking up my order was a train wreck. None of my food was ready. I had to wait in the parking lot for 10 minutes while they prepared my order. Seems backwards to me. I won’t be using again.
  • We Want Coupons! 2/5

    By Jada41
    White Castle has yet to offer their loyal customers coupons through their APP. Most fast food chains are now offering coupons and savings deals.... Come on White Castle you are behind the times and loosing customer purchases! I go to restaurants who offer deals to their customers and I bet many others do as well.....
  • Mr. 1/5

    By NVS…NOT!!!!
    Can not use app on phone. The virtual hamburger had been made enough times to satisfy the Crave Case I wanted to order. Very frustrating site
  • What happened? 1/5

    By Wville Pieguy
    After using app numerous times without incident I get messages that I have no order history, unable to reach close by store for on line order. Russian hackers upset they can’t get Sliders?!?! Vos is los?!
  • WtH is up with the app 1/5

    By JNYCE31
    I opened the app and got a message stating my account is locked out.... I’m able to login on laptop with no prob. But it’s more convenient if I’m able to use the app.... Thanks pls fix this for those like to use the app....
  • Pointless 1/5

    By Serious Issues
    What’s the sense of having an app to pre order food if the staff doesn’t understand that the food needs to be ready by the time you designate you will pick it up. 3 times already. They didn’t start the order until I walked in the door saying I placed an order.
  • Login issues 2/5

    By Shopper180
    Thought the latest change would solve problem. Can’t login in and can’t set new account because email already in use. Still waiting in tech support to reset password or fix problem. 2nd time for this issue
  • Can't Find My Castle 1/5

    By IC'89 4eva
    It won't let me search or select locations in my city, even with a complete address.
  • Unable to log in. 3/5

    By PhillipeGauche
    Registered on my iPad, then tried on my iPhone and I got an error message telling me invalid email and I need to register. (Had the same message on my iPad, but it opened anyway) I was able to order with the iPad, and they received the order, but it's still won't open on my phone.

White Castle Online Ordering app comments

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