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  • Current Version: 10.0.10
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Whole Foods Market Services, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Whole Foods Market App

Get the most out of every shopping trip with the Whole Foods Market app. • See what’s on sale at Whole Foods Market® and Whole Foods Market 365™ stores. Browse weekly sales at your favorite location to find the latest deals on the products you love. • Prime members save even more in store Prime members receive special savings on select items, plus an extra 10% off hundreds of Whole Foods Market weekly sales prices. Sign in with your Amazon account, then show the QR code in the app at checkout.

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  • Scan code is blocked by another page! 3/5

    By cdyh666
    The scan code is blocked by another page that couldn’t be moved away. The store associate couldn’t help so I was not able to use the prime discount! Terrible experience and bad customer service!
  • No value 1/5

    By xf-boy
    There is very little value in using this app. I wish i could just type in phone number. A whole app to show image of barcode. (More or less) Sales on items i generally buy are un common. So savings are minimal , cents usually Lots of good competition right now, Good Eggs etc where free delivery and better ordering apps make it easier to shop. Amazon will probably figure it out but this app is not answer.
  • App crashes 1/5

    By tlange
    The app crashes every time I try to log in and therefore is of no use to me as a Prime member to get the discounts that I am eligible for. Fix the app please
  • No Apple Watch support 1/5

    By dogisnuts
    No Apple Watch support. It’s an app that basically generates a code. Like a airline ticket, which I can get to my watch. If you want simplicity, let me have savings and leave my phone at home.
  • A long line waiting and you ask me to download an app or I can’t get prime deals? 1/5

    By yxian01
    Utterly disappointed. I got a full basket of groceries, and after everything had been scanned I was asked to download an app or cannot enjoy the Prime deals. Enter your Amazon email? No Phone number? No So I had to download the app while a long line of people are waiting... Thank you. Nice customer obsession!
  • Can’t search for products 2/5

    By opal x mikko
    The only thing good about the app is the qr code and seeing the sales this week. I can’t search for any specific product I’m looking for. I have to go to the mobile site for that.
  • What’s the point? 1/5

    Downloaded the app because many other grocery stores usually have a search engine to check if an item is in stock at a specific store...this one does not. I immediately decided to remove the app from my phone. The HEB app is so much better, they make things a whole lot easier!
  • Needs work 2/5

    By Bmorewize
    I remember before Amazon bought Whole Foods, the app wasn’t the best but it had basic features that you expect a grocery app to have. Now it’s basically a shell of that. I would love the app to have the ability to search inventory from local stores in order to create a shopping list etc. it’s great that there is Prime integration, but the app is capable of way more than just that. Right now it’s barely worth keeping. Please fix.
  • Just for the barcode? 1/5

    By Chitownsara
    I used to LOVE Whole Foods before amazon took over. Their app was great. You could search for products and even look up recipes. Now the app is basically just for the barcode. Deleting it!
  • Can’t say anything about it since it won’t even open. 1/5

    By Catherine400
    Pretty annoying.
  • Waste of an app 1/5

    By ressarts
    The level of effort to find and load this app is not worth the value of the savings. There could be so much more; shopping history, lists, recipes, and more.
  • List PLEASE 2/5

    By frazzled50
    As nice as it is to see Prime deals and discounts, how about an ADD button to create a grocery list. Saves time and paper. Take a hint from the Jewel-Osco app. There’s even a ✅ next to each item to remove it from view after you’ve put it in your cart. How hard could this possibly be for Amazon?
  • Just a Barcode and a few sale items 1/5

    By Mickeycoch
    This is just a barcode and a few sale items. Maybe there are too many niche products to list but I was hoping to make a grocery list from this app
  • Just useless 1/5

    By Darong
    It had worked well for a while. But I cannot log in anymore, and it says there is an error or just crashes.
  • Simple and to the point. 5/5

    By Wvusciguy
    Local deals. The bar code thingy. Store hours. Perfect.
  • Shows sales, otherwise useless 1/5

    By art_racer
    App is just a sale flyer, no other function at all.
  • Add in store search & prices 2/5

    By 22bbblue
    Please add the ability to search for items in a specific store, including prices of items.
  • Why no Apple Wallet support? 1/5

    By **Joe**
    All this app does is show a 3D barcode. Would it be so hard to put it into Apple wallet so that I can more easily switch from this card to making a payment? Also, it’s hard to tell whether the reader at the register had scanned your card. The beep is indistinguishable from when the cashier scans an item, and there is nothing on the screen to indicate that your card has been successfully scanned. Needs some work.
  • Amazon? 1/5

    By DSmith8
    Difficult to believe that Amazon could be responsible for such a utterly useless app. The company that gave us Amazon shopping, 1 day delivery and AWS delivers this dud of an app.
  • Add to Wallet 1/5

    By Smitty729
    Seems like adding the Prime barcode to Apple Wallet would make checkout even easier. Not sure why this hasn’t happened.
  • DONE with Whole Foods 1/5

    By Kgrabowski0206
    We’re done going to this overpriced pretentious place. We didn’t know about the prime savings until we walked into the store today and saw all the signs everywhere. We stood outside and downloaded the app. We then get to the register and our total is WAY more than we thought. NOT ONCE did the cashier with attitude ask us for a barcode, phone number, or if we were prime members. When we said we forgot, can you scan our barcode, he said it’s too late bc he already scanned everything. WHAT?!?! At every other grocery chain they ask you for your phone number somewhere in the process and you can enter the number at anytime before paying. We then said fine we don’t want the $9 of asparagus or the $5 pineapple!! He then said we needed to wait in another line to return the items. I’m sick of the pompous attitudes of the employees who don’t say two words during check out and the ridiculous prices. You’re a fuc$ing cashier! You’re not better than anyone. Done with Whole Foods and will never shop there again! Too many grocery stores with better prices and rewards programs.
  • Basic app. 4/5

    By samvc
    The barcode is obviously helpful and the app does exactly what it is suppose to do. However, I would appreciate the ability to write a shopping list. Competitors offer this function and I find it incredibly helpful in budgeting for weekly grocery expenses. I think it would be a beneficial perk.
  • Sales? 2/5

    By 33tahoe
    Happy for the customer who received $12 off a $37 bill. I usually get $3 off a $300 dollar bill. It is a waste of time to use this app. Sales indeed?
  • Kind of useless. 2/5

    By Clockwork Cat
    Minimalist, and okay, whatever, but I would find it much more useful if I could filter the sale for items I’m likely to buy rather than having to scroll the entire list, muttering a litany of, “Nope. Nope. Yuck. That will put me in the hospital. So will that. Ew!” And so on. Honestly, a filtering option would be great, otherwise—really, whatever. The cost of Prime is probably not worth it since it impacts my few purchases at WF so little (mere pennies, so far). I don’t watch television, I have plenty of music already and I make few purchases on Amazon, being on a fixed income. $150+ a year paid monthly? Hahahaha no. I can put that $13 a month to better use. Thanks for the preview, Amazon, but no thanks.
  • wholefood app not worth the space on the phone 1/5

    By Will travail
    the app is only good for giving you a discount code at check out, same can be done by entering your phone number at the checkout. no way to see if a product is available, nor to create a shopping list, or even to see where the store is why bother with the app
  • Can’t use Prime QR code 1/5

    By MagmaticZebra
    There is a pop up on the QR code screen that doesn’t go away and prevents you from using the code.
  • Broken 1/5

    By Pandemonium67
    Pop up that appears in front of the barcode won’t go away. Can’t even scan the barcode. Major bug.
  • Useless if you only buy certain things at the store 1/5

    By luvdab3ach
    I only go to Whole Foods for very specific items because it’s so overpriced. I was hoping to browse and see what else they might have that I’d be interested in getting and add it to a list so I don’t forget. Nope. Not possible on this app. And if you don’t have prime is hardly even worth it. You lost out Whole Foods. Now I’m only coming in for 1 or 2 things still.
  • Create a proper app 1/5

    By Atheav
    Though this app is good for prime members to have the bar code and seeing what’s on sale, it’s useless otherwise. No search button, no way to looks at all the products. Even your website is pointless. If my regular grocery store can have an app that lets me know when things are on sale and let me search other products, why can’t an overpriced chain like yourselves do it? I can get the barcode off my Amazon app.
  • Useless 1/5

    By a...a...a
    When I first downloaded it it worked fine. Now within the last few months it hasn’t worked and I’ve tried signing in and out as well as re-downloading the app multiple times. And when I resign in with my Amazon account and try to use facial recognition, it doesn’t work. Absolutely useless!!!
  • Lame 1/5

    By Zinzino001
    This is the dumbest app I’ve ever used. Saved $.10 on a $30 purchase, yeah! Amazon is milking you and your data.
  • Malfunctioning App 2/5

    By App to Test
    At first time downloaded the app, on the ‘Prime Code’ option, there’s a pop-up ad of Prime Whole Food that takes up 80% of the screen and there’s no way to click it away. So, the store workers couldn’t scan the code bar. I tried deleted the app and downloaded over and over and still doesn’t work.
  • Switch it to the amazon app 1/5

    By henryhampton
    One app done.. this app doesn’t have a shopping list.. wahhhhhhh
  • What’s the purpose of this app 1/5

    By DDW2018
    This app just list few items with discounts for prime members, you can’t browse store items and or check out prices. You can’t even read existing product details, tiny letters and pictures, stupid app
  • No search 1/5

    By brucesimian
    I can’t find any searching. I have to go through what they are presenting product by product. Who shops like that?
  • Basic info 3/5

    By paripassu
    It’s good for just seeing what’s on sale. However, the app from other grocery stores allow you to search an item to check out the price and see if it’s in stock. I have to use instacart to see what the price is at my local Whole Foods. Furthermore, I use the apps to compare grocery prices, and see who’s selling it for less. The price difference between Whole Foods and the other markets can be from .10¢ to several dollars unless WFs is having a sale, and even then it might still be higher.
  • Why does this app exist? 1/5

    By Beaters
    It’s a barcode
  • No support for iCloud password 1/5

    By soundscreen
    The app offers the opportunity to use iCloud password- but nothing is entered. Very lame support for a feature built into iOS and supported in any decent app.
  • Prime benefits blocking QR code 1/5

    By nickarlsvik
    There is a giant white overlay listing prime benefits blocking the QR code.... There is no way of removing it. Renders the app useless.
  • Junk 1/5

    By shawnoisin
    First time logging in and the app won’t even load the password option. Reset it and tried again. Nope. I’m not new to apps and passwords...It’s a bit of a joke. Update...got in...wow, that was a lot of work for such little satisfaction. 😣
  • Search feature? 3/5

    By mehvishkhan123
    Would love to see a search feature based on the store location and creating grocery lists within the app. Other supermarkets do it, I’m not sure why it’s so hard for Amazon and their amazing engineers to build a simple app which can help save time of thousands of people. Otherwise, it’s good for scanning barcode and checking ongoing offers.
  • It’s Amazon 1/5

    By G155
    Unless you have an amazon prime membership you can’t take advantage of all the specials.
  • Not an app 1/5

    By Mr Deezee
    Such a pity that Amazon can not develop a proper iOS app for Whole Food. I got blinded when the app turned brightness all the way up when I opened it to enable my phone number to be used at checkout. No other iOS app has ever done that for me! Then the user interface is all custom (not iOS like) and it looks like the app is just a web browser. It’s clear this app was just an afterthought and put together in a hurry without regard for customers actually using it. Typical “let’s ship something and we’ll make it better later, maybe”.
  • Brocken app 1/5

    By Qwertyzol
    Tried to reinstall the app a few times and restart the phone. The app doesn’t start or freezes. The problem exists for a few months. Can’t Amazon fix a few small bugs in trivial app?
  • Shows sale items, not what’s in stock 1/5

    By ..... .. .
    Other competitors’ apps include items in inventory and location of items in store, and in real time. Would be useful if WF followed suit.
  • Worthless 1/5

    By Shotbull
    Who ever is responding for this worthless app should be examined to see if there an actual brain inside their head. This app is the biggest disappointment in the history of apps.
  • Does exactly what it says 5/5

    By pi31459
    Barcode to get your discount. Shows specials. Nothing else. Maybe a stupid millennial will give it 1 star because it won't call an Uber.
  • Needs Apple Wallet Option 1/5

    By Reviewerjosh
    Please add the ability to add the QR code to Apple Wallet.
  • Unable to Even Log In 1/5

    By SR Jacobson
    I’ve had significant issues being able to even log into the app. When I use my password, it says it’s incorrect even though I’m able to use it in Safari to log in. This isn’t a new issue. Had the problem a few months back and deleted the app. I redownloaded thinking the bug was fixed, but it’s not. I would also like to point out that while it’s connected to the iPhone password manager, it doesn’t populate the fields.

Whole Foods Market app comments

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