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  • Current Version: v10.0.6
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  • Developer: Whole Foods Market Services, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Whole Foods Market App

Get the most out of every shopping trip with the Whole Foods Market app. • See what’s on sale at Whole Foods Market® and Whole Foods Market 365™ stores. Browse weekly sales at your favorite location to find the latest deals on the products you love. • Prime members save even more in store Prime members receive special savings on select items, plus an extra 10% off hundreds of Whole Foods Market weekly sales prices. Sign in with your Amazon account, then show the QR code in the app at checkout.


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  • Where’s the Apple Wallet support? 1/5

    By BenGiroux
    It’s absurd that I should have to open this app every time I shop. There should be Apple Wallet support. Also, there’s literally no other function to this app. None of the deals are clickable. Developer fail.
  • Can’t Add to Wallet 1/5

    By citrusmoose
    The only reason I downloaded the app was to get the QR code, but I can’t add the QR code to Wallet. Dumb.
  • What to expect when amazon takes over 1/5

    By danstein1234
    Anyone who has also tried the amazon app knows exactly what they’re about to get with this app. Lacks basic functionality as I have been unable to even login as of yet. This is all from the company that owns amazon web services (aws) which is the largest cloud computing company in the world but falls flat on their face anytime they try to make an app that even barely works
  • Option to add to wallet - Prime Member code 4/5

    By AM_Seatte
    Title says it all.
  • Needs Apple Wallet Support 2/5

    By SebastianJ2
    Now that you can tie your Amazon Prime account to the app to get your digital Whole Foods Prime Member Card it really needs Apple Wallet support so I don’t have to wait for the app to take forever to load or crash when I bring up the card.
  • What a Scam 1/5

    By Johrodo
    I have been a Prime member since day one. I am not likely to drop it in the near future, since there is sufficient value to me. However, this Whole Foods thing is a joke. You download the app and get all your shopping info. The deal is they can market your data. Nothing new about that. But the discount is BS and you’re giving away your personal data. I got a whopping 0.008% off my bill! Considering WF isn’t inexpensive to begin with, there is no value here. You’re the product without any compensation! No reason to return to WF. Let Amazon stick that in their data bank.
  • Used to be good, but... 1/5

    By kristenamyy
    I had the app a few years ago and it was great. 4 starts. I quit shopping at Whole Foods when I moved farther away from the store. I’ve had to start eating dairy-free, so I decided to start shopping at Whole Foods again. THERE IS NO POINT IN DOWNLOADING THIS APP EVEN IF YOU SHOP AT WHOLE FOODS. The app shows the sales and your Amazon code. That’s it. Dear app creators, if you want to see what a real (helpful) grocery store app looks like, I suggest you look at Kroger, where you can add items to your shopping list and see where items are located in the store (among other things).
  • IOS wallet 4/5

    By Nik pen
    Please enable to add member pass to IOS wallet
  • Limited usefulness 1/5

    By brusty81
    Purpose of the app is only to present your discount code at Whole Foods and see what “prime” deals there are. Paradoxically, if you want to order from Whole Foods you open the Prime Now app. Seems like a scheme cooked up by Amazon to get two app downloads where one would suffice.
  • No Wallet support 1/5

    By J Pechter
    Needs an add to Apple Wallet button. Also, the app was just showing me a map and no one in the store knew how to fix it. Force quitting the app and relaunching was the only way to get my scan code.
  • What happened to the recipes ???? 1/5

    By just kinda thinking
    Best part of the old app was the recipes and being able to generate a shopping list. What happened - the new app has little if any useful functionality
  • Lowers screen brightness 1/5

    By FILLUP19
    Every time I open app it affects the screen brightness on my iPhone X and darkens it. Quite an unusual bug.
  • No Wallet integration 1/5

    By Alijah Simon
    Having to lug out an entire app every time I check out is a CHORE! Walgreens has their rewards card integrate right into iPhone’s wallet app, and it can be wirelessly transmitted at checkout. Painless. This doesn’t even work without an internet connection, as the QR code resets frequently! I can’t even take a screenshot. Boo! I probably won’t renew my prime membership.
  • why no wallet? 2/5

    By eight363
    PLEASE let the QR/scan code be exported to apple wallet. i am in the habit of opening up the apple pay/wallet UI but am NOT going to remember to go unlock my phone and go open some random app in addition to remembering the apple pay UI. especially at a stressful situation like a checkout counter where every second you spend, everyone else behind you is getting madder and madder at you. also, please stop making me “set my store”. that makes me feel boxed in or like my rewards will only work at one store or like i HAVE to go to that one. i might go to one one day and a different one another day. why should i have to go “re-set” my store just so i know that it’s going to work. just give me my own one simple unique code, in my wallet, that i can pull up with barely any effort. and please consider sending a memo to cashiers to ask people about the app if they see you using apple pay? because i’ve forgotten like seventeen times now and i’m getting barely any value out of this whole charade.
  • Nothing but in store coupons 1/5

    By Matt554367
    Useless app Nothing to see here. Carry on.
  • Where’s the qr code? 2/5

    By TechWise2
    As of 6/16 in Seattle we are supposed to be able to use a qr code to get a discount. But the app is still showing a map saying it’s available on 6/13. The date has passed and still no code. I have linked my phone number but would like to use the scan code at checkout as was promised.
  • Missing a big feature 3/5

    By JessicaSophia11
    App is very bare bones at first glance. I wish you could save the deals you want to use in a shopping list so you’re not scrolling through the list mid-store to make sure you’re not missing any good ones. But I’m excited about the savings that Prime members like me can get.
  • Good enough 4/5

    By Supergibbs
    Please add wallet (pka passbook) support.
  • App changed brightness setting iphone 2/5

    By alice71460
    Viewing the Savings tab turned display brightness down to almost nothing. Apps should not change my settings!
  • Amazon ruined it 1/5

    By amritnatt
    why do i need to install this useless app to get prime discounts? I already have Prime visa. this is just lazy design. stop ruining wholefoods , Amazon!
  • Whole useless 1/5

    By JLdog
    Still getting placeholder. Fail
  • Shopping List 4/5

    By bishopmichelle
    Cool app, would love it more if Amazon Prime Members could create a shopping list within the app for the listed Prime specials that we want, like an “add to shopping list” button on each of the items. Thanks!
  • Bug 2/5

    By gkchristopher
    The new scan view dims the screen but never resets so that all other views including springboard are dimmed. User must sleep device to reset.
  • Waste of an app 1/5

    By Dsinglez
    Let me generate a qr code and add it to Apple Wallet and be done with it. No sense in wasting space on my screen with an app that only shows a code. Silly.
  • Apple Wallet Integration Needed 3/5

    Please allow Prime Code integration with Apple Wallet.
  • Whole Foods app 1/5

    By N Ral
    Mine does not show the scan code
  • Apple Wallet 3/5

    By Erik Babakhani
    The app has beautiful design and the app would be great if i can put the card into Apple Wallet and share with my parents without logging into my account to my parents phones
  • No shopping list! 1/5

    By TasaPNW
    If all you want to do is see what's on sale, then you won't mind the brevity of this app. That's it. That's all it has! No shopping list!!!???? Look at all the other store apps - they have shopping lists! Virtually useless.
  • Now on sale at Whole Foods: SPAM! 2/5

    By M3libra
    Go ahead, sign in with your Amazon Prime account. Nowhere will you be told that you are also signing up for Whole Foods spam emails to be sent to your Amazon account email address. Want to unsubscribe? Can't do it in the app. You have to go to a special link at the bottom of the "welcome" email (did you keep that?) which takes you to an Amazon webpage that is not their normal email preferences page. What is this, 1998? The only real point of this app, besides the product sale listings, is to show the QR code to get your Prime discount when you check out. Why can't they just put the code into your Apple Wallet, like (Seattle-area grocery store) QFC does? Oh, look! The code changes every 15 seconds! I guess your developers must have been really bored or really paranoid. But it's Whole Foods, so a simple bar code or mag stripe card (like every other grocery chain uses) is clearly not good enough. Must have the military-grade security around your discounted tofu.
  • Needs a list feature 2/5

    By nhoytt
    This app is good for saving a bit of money, but it needs a shopping list feature. I don’t want to use to apps at the grocery store.
  • Ok, for what it does. 2/5

    By **Joe**
    Why can’t I add my WF + Prime “loyalty card” to Wallet on iOS? It would make life a lot easier, especially when paying with Apple Pay.
  • Bad Bad Amazon 1/5

    By RNloveswalkingthepup
    Why would Amazon delete the best parts of the Whole Foods App?!?! No more recipes. I loved searching for new recipes by certain foods or specific diets. If I needed to go over to someone’s house that was gluten-free, the app had great recipes available. No more lists. Grocery store app without the ability to generate a list? No more events at my local store. If I wanted to check if a speaker, cooking class, demo, or brewery night was going on at my local store - I just checked my WF app. Now, the WF app only shows sale items - really? You’re been very bad Amazon for taking away the best parts of the Whole Foods app. I’m deleting my WF app.
  • New and improved! 5/5

    By Knavarro008
    Love the new version look and functionality!
  • Add an option to add to wallet! 4/5

    By oty62
    Need to be able to add the barcode to the wallet.
  • Dimming of app 2/5

    By Target shopper <3
    I like that wholefoods has an app but the only thing that annoys me to the point where I don’t want to use it anymore is when you go to “savings” my entire lighting on the phone is dimmed. WTH!
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By 4pugs
    Just updated the app and it doesn’t work :~\
  • Display dimming 1/5

    By chsnyd
    Every time I open your app, it causes the display on my phone to dim. This occurs when opening the section on local sales.
  • Goodbye everything 1/5

    By Drawn together
    The ability to see sale items is great. But it seems like most people (including myself) used to app for its recipe section and list making. Why eliminate the most popular part? My local supermarket app (H-E-B) has recipes, lists, allows me to search for an item and it will tell me if the store carries it and what aisle it is in. Surely Amazon can add search inventory functionality, right?
  • Long ways to go! 1/5

    By Allen Kent
    This app has miles to go before it is worth downloading. First there is no way to sort on sale items, and who wants to scroll through an endless list of items that qualify. We eat organic, so a sort on organic items would make sense. Also, what not link a bank card so once scanned the cashier could ask, “Do you wish to pay for this with the app?” I could go on...
  • Check-out QR code 1/5

    By no-nick-mick
    Please integrate this into the wallet app. It’s so annoying to use it in app.
  • Agile is 1 thing; minimum MRD is another 1/5

    By PetraInNoe
    Way to NOT put your user at the center. No grocery list even in stripped version? Didn’t use the app before, will be uninstalling and just using ph# at checkout.
  • Simple but missing one big thing! 4/5

    By Wooglin173
    This app is now very simple and clean. Only reason not 5 stars is that you cannot add your prime code to wallet! Once this ability is added, it is 5 stars in my book.
  • Screwed up Amazon account 1/5

    By Fed up with Amazon
    Wouldn’t accept my password, then couldn’t identify my Prime account then locked me out of Amazon for trying too many times.
  • Am I missing something? 1/5

    By WineDineDive
    Others write about recipes and shopping lists but I don’t see any of those. Just items in sale. It would be great to click on a sale item to create a shopping list.
  • This might be the most useless app I have ever seen! 1/5

    By Max-Kline
    A long running list of sale items and NOTHING else.
  • Bad design 2/5

    By C0019
    Went to use it at Whole Foods to get my Prime discount. App REQUIRED an update. Could not bypass and “update now” button did nothing. As a software developer I know that is a blatantly stupid design.
  • New app is useless 1/5

    By lhmartini...
    At one time, the WF app held shopping lists and recipes and was very useful. Those features encouraged people to shop at Whole Foods. Those features were taken away as an improvement. With the unlimited resources of Amazon, it is now nothing more than a list of what’s on sale while being told that it has been reworked into something great. Worthless.
  • Feel duped 1/5

    By Berternie70
    It told me to sign in with my amazon account- which I did reluctantly...Only to find out that “feature” is not available in my area. I wish they would have told ne that before I logged into amazon!
  • Useful Info, mediocre implementation 3/5

    By Mevans87
    The app does a decent enough job of displaying sale items and discounts, but is. It very polished. Also, the lack of support for iPhone passbook is a glaring omission. Did Amazon omit this to drive users to the app (so that they might further advertise to them)? It is for these reasons that I give 3/5 stars.
  • Useless 1/5

    By SunLand7
    This app is pretty useless. Why don’t you allow us to search items like other grocery stores? I’d like to be able to plan a trip to Whole Foods but every time I start, it’s so hard to find the prices online that I just go somewhere else instead.

Whole Foods Market app comments


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