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  • Compatibility: Android
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Whole Foods Market App

Get the most out of every shopping trip with the Whole Foods Market app. • See what’s on sale at Whole Foods Market® and Whole Foods Market 365™ stores. Browse weekly sales at your favorite location to find the latest deals on the products you love. • Prime members save even more in store Prime members receive special savings on select items, plus an extra 10% off hundreds of Whole Foods Market weekly sales prices. Sign in with your Amazon account, then show the QR code in the app at checkout.

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Whole Foods Market app reviews

  • Pretty dinky 1/5

    By ShaeBug19
    I don’t need to make a list in the app that’s fine but I feel it’s kind of important to list all of your sale items. Most grocery apps so you what’s on sale or what the deals for the week are. I downloaded this thinking it can’t be that bad despite the reviews but... it’s pretty bad. I signed in and looked at the items and there were 10 item listed total. Just seems pointless. Just so what the others have said, get your code on the amazon app or add your phone number.
  • Couldn’t log in 1/5

    Just downloaded this app, but received an immediate “Sorry” message that said it couldn’t reach the network. I’m connected to WiFi, so I’m not sure what network it’s attempting to reach. Maybe I’ll try again later.
  • Only Prime items can be viewed? 1/5

    By Justjoli
    I would like to explore Whole Foods website in order to explore all Whole Foods has to offer (other products, events...). Am I really only able to see just the products that are advertised for Amazon Prime?
  • Works great! 5/5

    By woodneck
    Simply put, it does what it is supposed to!
  • Cannot use my barcode! 1/5

    By andyyy2998
    there is a message that is blocking my barcode i cannot scan for my savings in store!
  • Leaves a lot to be desired! 1/5

    By Cap'nDon
    My daughter sent me some 365 coffee, and I decided to order for myself in the future since we don’t live near a Whole Foods Market. I’m not a Prime member, so much of the information on the app pertaining to them wouldn’t apply. (For the record, I can purchase pretty much the same item for less at Walmart.com and don’t have to pay $99 per year for the privilege.) I want to buy stuff, not see what’s available. It’s not a “shopping” app at all—at least not for me. Guess I’ll have break down and go online.
  • No Point To It 1/5

    By ParkerGreen
    Literally just has a barcode. But you can use your phone number for savings and deals. Which means that this app is utterly pointless and useless.
  • Not Apple Watch compatible 2/5

    By gcfriedman
    Nice app, but need to upgrade to be compatible w Apple watch
  • Featureless app 1/5

    By >Bb
    Although this version allows you to select a store, the only store information it provides is the address. How about listing the store hours so I can show up while the store is open and not waste a trip?
  • Can’t scan code on iphone 5/6se 1/5

    By Kaboo0m
    App does not account for smaller screen real estate. Could not scan my account. Gee do you guys even qa and qc your revisions!
  • Does not help me shop 1/5

    By KenB643
    The first thing I require of a grocery store app is to tell me if they a particular item and where it is. Total fail.
  • 👎 1/5

    By wendy8g
    Don’t even bother with this app!!! If you have the Amazon app, open it and Whole Foods is in the top left, tap on it and you’ll get the QR code.
  • What happened to recipes?? 1/5

    By Jilly111
    I used to be able to access recipes and had many saved as favorites. Very disappointed they are gone!
  • Why wouldn’t a list be an option? 2/5

    By sm1023
    For most people who grocery shop, a list is a necessity. Why this app doesn’t offer that, I have no idea.
  • Love to see notifications on selected items prices/deals 4/5

    By travelqqq
    It would be great to have notifications on price drops/deals on prior purchases or selected/favorites items. Deals on prior purchased items is the way to drawn traffic and increased revenues, also customers are alerted on their favorite items. Double benefit..
  • Needs Apple Wallet Option 1/5

    By Reviewerjosh
    I want to add this card to my Apple Wallet and then delete the app. Unless more useful features are coming to this app, it’s annoying to have to use this app instead of the Wallet app.
  • Ability to Add to Apple Wallet 1/5

    By Jsnrdrck
    Why can’t I add this to my Apple Wallet. It’s way more convenient to open my Apple Wallet than to find this app and open it when I buying groceries...especially since I already have my Apple Wallet open to pay with Apple Pay.
  • Add Apple Wallet support (like Walgreens) 2/5

    By cour10e22
    Just do what Walgreens does, please. Thanks!
  • Worthless 1/5

    By wxyze
    I just bought $500 worth of groceries. ZERO savings. I asked the cashier why I didn’t save any money (my Tom Thumb loyalty card would have saved me easily $30 or more off the same purchase). She replied this app only saves you cash on special sale items. Boo!!!!
  • No more store locator 1/5

    By 22Bob
    As someone who travels frequently to different major metropolitan areas, the removal of the store locator feature is baffling and completely annoying.
  • Not a Good Deal 1/5

    By Jay112323
    I stopped using the app at checkout because it’s not a fair trade. They get all my big data on purchases, but they rarely give me any discount for purchases, and when they do, the discounts are tiny. The deals offered are very limited. Not as generous on the loyalty card discounts as other grocery stores. And they don’t price-match to Amazon. What’s up with that? And I don’t like that Jeff Bezos owns Trump-bashing Washington Post. Amazon should be broken up and very severely regulated.
  • Trade data for discount 4/5

    By da-wdc
    Would rate 5 stars to have Apple Watch app. But this works pretty consistently. Issue with in store qr scanners and register side. Scanners are iffy from store to store and you have to ask the checkout clerk if the qr code was scanned. No audio or visual verification on screen.
  • Awesome!!! App 5/5

    By surfsaltwater
    Does exactly what I want it to do. Pop up my scan code instantly for savings. Although I’m surprised they haven’t figured out how to have the amazon App scan your discount code automatically as you check out via Bluetooth option without opening the app. Love this simple app though. Does its job.
  • Do not download this app! 1/5

    By ccole34120
    Once you download this app it can never be deleted or moved.
  • Expected more got less 2/5

    By Gymbola
    Come on Amazon, you can do a lot better. Deleted it.
  • So basic, doesn’t even perform its basic functions 2/5

    By divegirl522
    This app only has Amazon Prime QR code, and sales specials, not a lot of other purposes. App constantly ‘Retry’ and fails to load. Never work consistently when I open it at Whole Foods!
  • Terrible terrible terrible 1/5

    By rachelruc
    This app is terrible. I downloaded it thinking I would be able to see everything that is on sale but it only shows you about 10 items and says ‘more in store’. Well I would shop at Whole Foods more if I could see what was on sale before I get to the store. There should also be a search bar included.
  • App Never Works 1/5

    By TAC126
    In the 20 plus times I’ve been to Whole Foods since the conversion of the app and syncing with Amazon Prime, the app has worked once. I’m never able to use the app to scan my code. Sometimes I can use the Amazon app to pull it up but sometimes that doesn’t work either. Then we try phone numbers and even though my husband has updated our phone number numerous times - that doesn’t always work. I feel bad for the people in line behind me🙁. It shocks me the connection to Amazon - they really need to step in and fix this WF app pronto!
  • App is WHACK 1/5

    By Sandieincali
    Really. Reeeeeaally?!! This is the worst app. Who the he’ll is in charge of this crap??!
  • Needs wallet support 1/5

    By notsoshire
    This isn’t practical to use unless it’s in wallet. I’m paying from a card in wallet, so I shouldn’t have to leave wallet to scan these barcodes.
  • Need “e-Receipt” feature, right now... 1/5

    By Scient5000
    Need a receipt scanning feature to store the receipts within the mobile app (e-Receipts), similar to the Walmart app.. this will also allow for easy returns/hugest planning at a later date without a physical receipt.. this should not be that difficult to implement..
  • Use Amazon App instead for QR Code 1/5

    By AJ from Cali
    This app is now pointless. All it shows is a list of sale items you cant save to shop from and the QR code. Just get code from Amazon app and delete this one!!
  • Needs an apple watch app 2/5

    By Azuramoth
    Needs an apple watch app, for the Prime scan code
  • Perfectly Simple 5/5

    By RachmimV
    Einstein allegedly said that “things should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler.” On that scale, this app is Einstein-perfect! Open it ay the register, the cashier scans the bar code, and you’re done, you get your savings. Please DO NOT add more bells and whistles to appease those who want a robot shopper!!
  • Cannot shop Whole Food online now! 2/5

    By mtg58
    Linked my Amazon Prime with my Whole Foods app and now I cannot shop online for home delivery! I am home bound at the moment and wanted to add items to my cart (no more cart option) so I can have groceries delivered. What gives? I can only shop If I go into the store now?? If there is a way to still shop fresh foods, and not just see what the prime specials are, I’d sure like to know how!
  • Does not support Apple Wallet 2/5

    By Jonathan1412
    Even though Whole Foods accepts Apple Pay, their app doesn’t support Apple Wallet, forcing me to open my phone and fish through a bunch of apps to find their store card. I expected better.
  • Needs Apple Watch support! 3/5

    By Don'tWantAny
    I don’t want to dig my phone out of my pocket when I’m checking out. Please put the QR code on the watch.
  • Get the prime card in wallet 2/5

    By wfccnyc
    Stupid to open up the app for the prime card... Wallet has been out for a while- please get it implemented.
  • Just a proprietary QR scanner 2/5

    By cundimundi
    The only reason I have this installed is to use Amazon’s proprietary QR code scanner. The scanner provides no additional value over giving Amazon the ability to track your shopping. Discounts are okay, but this would work even better with passbook.
  • Add to Wallet 2/5

    By Smitty729
    Seems like adding the Prime barcode to Apple Wallet would make checkout even easier.
  • Just has deal prices 2/5

    By jinredmie
    App just has deal prices. Should have more functionality.
  • Useless 1/5

    By LucVid
    I’m sure it would be a great app, if it would let you log in. Or if it would keep your Prime barcode active without needing to be connected to the cell network, which doesn’t work inside my Whole Foods store. Other than that, no problems.
  • I cant see the scan code 1/5

    By fiercey13
    I cant see the scan code because of some white message advising what Amazon Prime does for Whole Foods shoppers... useless.
  • A.S. - Artificial Stupidity 1/5

    By znic18
    With good internet connection in multiple Whole Foods stores, I’ve found myself standing at the checkout waiting for the app to fully open so I can scan the prime bar code and get the ‘discount’ I’m paying for with my membership. The cashiers didn’t seem surprised so it didn’t seem like a one time issue. Ended up having to just pay with my credit card and not reaping any of the savings that Amazon was so excited to announce they’d be offering their members. Why this cannot just be a function in Apple wallet or have it just be something linked to my credit card is beyond me. For a company excited about AI this is artificial stupidity.
  • Doesn’t even work 1/5

    By Videoperson528
    The app is a piece of garbage and doesn’t even work at all. Just says “can’t load page”.
  • App won’t load 1/5

    By jtw II
    Just downloaded the app and then tried to open the and I get “ Sorry we are unable to show this page. Please make sure you are connected to a network. “ Really, I just downloaded the app so I’m pretty sure I’m connected. I looked afterwards and saw several review saying the same type problem. You would think a Amazon company would would have an app that works.
  • Dead link 1/5

    By Fast Eddie 1011
    “Link your mobile phone....” Is dead.
  • Want to List Items to Buy 2/5

    By GeorgeW6
    Saving money at Whole Foods will be by accident using this App. You’ll see things to buy on the app and there’s no way to save them to any type of list for reference while shopping. At the cashier you will have to open your phone for a Q code or tell the cashier, and anyone within earshot, your phone number. I might use it, not too. The store is too far away, anyway.
  • Capitalism at its best 1/5

    By Dmitryd9
    If you shop at Whole Foods before the merger with Amazon and there are a specific set of things you would normally buy you’d know the price. Of course Whole Foods has sales on certain things at certain times and you knew you were getting a good deal but with Amazon in charge now they’ve began ripping people off. Here’s how it works, the normal sale items and certain staples that they know sell really well they began selling at a “discount” when in fact it was just a normal price for Whole Foods. They then began charging $2-$3 more to people that did not have a prime membership for those same foods. Now, it’s not a big deal BUT the simple fact they’re getting money from overcharging customers without Prime membership is outrageous, the fact they require you to get a prime membership for deals that didn’t really exist is absurd, the effect of screwing people to pay for a prime membership and overcharging regular customers (getting paid at both ends) is just infuriating. Monopoly much Amazon? How they are still a “nonprofit” still blows my mind. Sheer and unadulterated greed. Find yourselves a local grocer or farmer and give them your money, Whole Foods has been assimilated into the corporate monster Amazon and they’d resell you your own spleen if they could for a profit. Also the app works intermittently for what it is, an over glorified weekly ad with a barcode, trash.

Whole Foods Market app comments

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