Wholee - Online Shopping App

Wholee - Online Shopping App

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  • Current Version: 6.13.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: V&A BORDERLESS PTE. LTD.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Wholee - Online Shopping App App

Wholee is a disruptor to the online retail marketplace which connects users directly to approved factories. Launched in August 2019, Singapore-based Wholee works by connecting users with over 100,000 manufacturers across the globe. It offers good quality products at wholesale prices and gives users access to millions of modern consumer products across a range of categories, including fashion, home and garden, and lifestyle. Today Wholee is servicing customers across the UK, USA, Canada, Australia and EU. Features 1. Know what you buy before purchase, with 3D ultra-real product view: It's impossible to know the actual products only with several images. Many e-commerce sellers or sites even over-advertise their products. That's why people always get products that don't meet their expectations. With our award-winning technology, we provide 3D ultra-real product view so that you can check every detail of the actual product from any angle before purchase. Knowing the actual products is crucial for making purchase decisions with confidence. 2. Wholesale price: When you buy from other online or offline retailers, you buy from middlemen and pay higher prices. At Wholee, we built our global reach of millions of factories so that you can buy directly from the original factories at wholesale prices. Perks: - Fun, easy shopping that's 100% secure - Browse by New Arrivals, Trend, Category, Best Sellers and more - Get first access to sale alerts and promotional discounts - Now accepting PayPal and major Credits Cards - Exclusive 7/24 Customer Service Please kindly contact us if you have any question or advice, we highly value your feedback and we will take time and effort to offer you a better shopping experience at Wholee. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, TikTok & Twitter to find more! Email: [email protected] Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wholeeprime/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wholee_prime/ Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxjST3RSpktUAVUrAWZvgXg TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@wholee_prime Twitter: https://twitter.com/Wholee_prime

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Wholee - Online Shopping App app reviews

  • worth it‍      5/5

    By Beryl_Josephinax
    I came across this site by accident, but I'm glad I did as well as the price is affordable and shipping is at a flat rate, yes you have to wait but it's not too bad. The products are well worth the wait.       
  • Pretty good    ‌   ​ 5/5

    By segura_artist
    Absolutely Love the items ordered!! Pretty good with fast delivery. Customer service is good too. ‍      
  • I love the items I've purchased​   ​  ​ 5/5

    By katy dawna
    I love the items I've purchased.. they do take some time to get here but they r well worth the wait.. ​   
  • The quality is good  ​   5/5

    By Mckeown_Jessiei
    Very happy with the site. Got what I ordered, lots of products to choose from and the quality is good.       ‌  
  • Great delivery times    ​ 5/5

    By Simmons Burris
    Every order that I've received has been excellent. Great delivery times too. I would highly recommend this site.  ​ ​‌ ‍ 
  • I got my hoodie   ‍​‌  ‍  5/5

    By KrebsNyet
    I got my hoodie. it came very fast and I love the quality of it. I will be ordering again. thank you Wholee team. ‍    ‌​ 
  • Very good collection of items      ‌    5/5

    By Hill Lidia
    First time I have ordered, Very good collection of items, Very impressed with this Site, delivery information and the time of arrival.  ‍   
  • They scam the people 1/5

    By tranimm
    They put item than than they increase their prices it is not a good app I don’t grantee it
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Roller7boy
    I never receive my package, or refund !!! Worst app!! They only gave me, one stupid dollar discount!!!!
  • Easy and convenient‌ ‌ ‌  ‍‌ 5/5

    By Triplett Royce
    Easy and convenient, no stress. Will shop more from this app      ‌  
  • Fine packaging‌  ‍   5/5

    By Meredith Gore
    My stuff came, Every thing is good Fine packaging Thanks,      
  • Two stars because it arrived 2/5

    By beenzmum
    Should’ve known better. You get what you pay for and your stuff is crap.
  • Review 5/5

    By jermgthenigga
    I was satisfied with my experience shopping with wholleeee but I didn’t buy any clothes but I will this week and will have a review after I receive my thing but my only dispute is the time it took to get my things but other then that 👌🏿
  • Scam App 1/5

    By thegabgab
    Beware of this app... if you choose to purchase something from here, MAKE SURE to IMMEDIATELY take a screenshot of your order when the page pops up with your order confirmation number. If not, the item(s) in your purchase history will actually NOT reflect that you bought them, and so if you’re trying to return an item they’ll claim that there is no proof of the item(s) you purchased - EVEN WHEN YOU PROVIDE A SCREENSHOT OF YOUR BANK STATEMENT SHOWING THAT IT WAS PURCHASED FROM THEM....!!! There are multiple vendors from varying countries attached to this app, so just something to keep in mind too. Because “it makes it that much more difficult for them to pin point” apparently unless you provide them with a screenshot of your order ID number... THENNN all of a sudden they’ll claim to “oh yes, it appears we have now located your purchase”... 🤦🏻‍♀️ Oh please. This is how sellers on apps like this make their money - send you stuff that isn’t that great and then nearly make it impossible to return. And if you’re even able to return it, you’re fully responsible for shipping it back, or only get 50% back of your money and get to keep the item (which you didn’t want or can’t use anyways).... Such baloney. If you could, I would just try to stay away from this as much as possible.
  • The prices are very reasonable. ‍   ​  5/5

    By Lilliana Doty
    Very easy and accurate, most especially tracking system updates. The prices are very reasonable.‌ ​​​  
  • My favorite site        ‌  5/5

    By MccutcheonEverleyr
    Love it! I intend to spend a lot of time and money with this company. They're the absolute best and is becoming one of my favorite online shopping! ‍  ​  
  • Complaining 1/5

    By what the hate
    I can't believe that I was ordered my shirts from the shop, my ordered was a size S and XS but you sent to me with the tag was cutting off, the shirt was too big looks like size L, hello if you don't have a size you should let me know know, why you cut the tag off, you can't lied about it to me.
  • Returns 1/5

    By 2lost2love
    This is a horrible site. No phone numbers for returns and products are way three times under sized! 🤬🤢
  • Great deals‌   ​   5/5

    By MclendonArnulfow
    Easy to order great deals          
  • Thank you‌    ‌ 5/5

    By Rhonda Fryer
    I love it thank you wholee         
  • Bro yes. 5/5

    By CommanderXSX
    Looking for an infinity times better version than wish. Well here ya go. Been using Wholee for almost and year if not longer and I’m am not disappointed at all. This app is amazing.
  • Good condition 5/5

    By Deray rex
    Wholee deliver as promise. The only issue with Wholee is their duration for delivery, aside that their items are wow
  • Entregas muy tarde 2/5

    By iperduty
    Malísima la forma de entrega se demoran demasiado 😾
  • Buena app 5/5

    By foster-23
    Se encuentran cosas que en otra app no
  • Phone charger. 1/5

    By 5 toes tommy
    Was a free gift for joining your company and purchasing a product. When I finally received you gift, it was for a iPhone 10 or 11. And I own a iPhone 7. So it doesn’t work for my phone. I was disappointed but life is full of disappointments so I will stick with the other one I have.
  • Love the app  ‍     5/5

    By BrubakerNoek
    The products is good. The customer serive staff is very helpful. Absolutely love the app thanx  ​    
  • Price is very reasonable    ‍ 5/5

    By mcfarlane mikki
    Great items and good quality items at reasonable prices   ‍   
  • It is to let is not good 1/5

    By chhuba
    It’s to let is not good
  • Very good‍ ​     5/5

    By Denae Babb
    Had a good shopping experience. Happy with this shopping site‍ ‌    
  • Lovely clothes  ​ ‍ 5/5

    By vitalephyllisw
    Have ordered many items from this app. Lovely clothes and they are as described as in the App.   ‌  
  • Really nice items    ‍ ​ 5/5

    By Tameika Callaway
    Really nice products, and I got a FREE gift...Thank you, Wholee Team.     ‍   ‍
  • Was worth the wait        5/5

    By guerrero melisa
    Was worth the wait. Product quality was actually quite good!! Already ordered again. ‌‌  ‌  ​
  • Shipping fee is very good         5/5

    By Thibodeaux_Karra
    It's really amazing that you only have to pay one flat shipping fee no matter how many items you have for oneorder and the products that I have received at are real affordable price.‌  ‍​ 
  • good quality‍‍    ​  5/5

    By kentdyerh
    Easy to order and get the good quality products‍   ‍
  • incredible app ‍    5/5

    By Acuna Maier
    It's an incredible app with great things to buy and they have good deals. so I will give it a 5‍‍‌‍‌ 
  • Easy to shop    ‍   5/5

    By BourqueRebekahc
    Easy to shop. Many varieties. Need to buy one size * to fit. All the shirts that I have received having good stitching.​   ‍   
  • Giving it a try.    ​‌     5/5

    By rafael ashlyn
    Seems like a neat collection of unique stuff. Giving it a try.  ‌      
  • Easy  ‌    5/5

    By Wing Willene
    Very easy to use​‌ ‌    
  • Fantastic price      ​‌  5/5

    By Macdonald_Alejandrinaa
    Fantastic price's. Goods are just as described. ​   
  • What happened to the app 1/5

    By Prieta_Linda
    I have downloaded and uninstalled reinstalled this app so many times it’s ridiculous. Each and every time it says error and I can’t shop. I’ve made one purchase total thus far and it haven’t worked since.
  • Fraude 1/5

    By yulienFlow
    Hice el pedido y decía asta 19 días ya llevo 22 días esperando y no me a llegado ni me dicen porque la demora verdaderamente es un fraude a la experiencia que e tenido con esta aplicación
  • Don’t buy things from this app! 1/5

    By Naserh.
    I didn’t like this app at all. I ordered a pair of shoes but the shoe size was too small. I sent it back because I didn't like the things I ordered last time, but they still haven't sent my money. And you have to make a request to have a conversation with customer service. How many hours after making the request they write to you and usually around 2 or 3 am. And this happened a lot of times. This not the first time. Do not purchase something from this app. UPDATE; I tried to get into the site you said but when put my email address it said that this is a incorrect email address which was not. I don’t what to do and I didn’t get my money back from the things I returned.
  • Order 1/5

    By nuyorican45
    I ordered some shoes in May of this year and here it is almost the end of September and I haven’t received them yet. This is my first order, not a good start.
  • SO BAD 😡😡😡😡😡 1/5

    By pugbrofficial
    There’s no mama 😡😫😡😡😡😫😫 or shoes ☺️😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 very mad vet angry
  • Fit well ‌ ‌   5/5

    By Guffey_Speedb
    Just got my first order and everything is great I'm a size 18 and got a 4xl and they all fit perfectly‌    ‌ 
  • Very good experience        ​ 5/5

    By Olson Warden
    Very good experience..got my parcel before the expected time..  ​   
  • Awsome       5/5

    By Munn_Aureliak
    Awsome shopping,will buy more products from here.          

    By Airam kate
    I ordered some items last August 22. The estimated arrival of my package is supposed to be last September 9, 2021. I let it go because maybe it's the pandemic. But it's been 7 days and I still don't have my package. The tracking info stopped updating me since August 31, 2021. Then they told me to contact my local post office. WHOLEE is responsible for every package to arrive in the address that were provided for. WHOLEE, I need answers, where exactly is my package? I need it now! NOW! This is crazy!
  • Love this app so much       5/5

    By wallace_rodgersl
    Love this app so much ! I can get the products at such low price. And the order tracking details on Wholee is easy and convenient, everything is transparent.     ‌ ​