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WICShopper App

**** IMPORTANT!!! ***PLEASE READ!: WICShopper CURRENTLY SUPPORTS THE WIC PROGRAMS IN THE FOLLOWING STATES: Alaska Chickasaw Nation (Summer Lunch Program only) Colorado Connecticut Florida Hawaii Idaho Iowa ITC Arizona ITC Nevada Kansas Kentucky Louisiana (Verification only) Maine Massachusetts Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania (Verification Only - Benefits Coming Soon!) Rhode Island (Verification Only - Benefits Coming Soon!) Tennessee Utah Vermont (Verification only) Washington West Virginia Wyoming Coming Soon: Mississippi WICShopper WILL NOT WORK IN OTHER STATES. We are adding new states all the time, so please check back soon if you participate in another WIC program! Grocery shopping for foods allowed by your WIC* program can be confusing. Much of the problem is from not knowing exactly what products you can purchase with your WIC benefits. WICShopper is here to help you shop with confidence. Using WICShopper, you can check the WIC eligibility of products while you shop! In all of our supported WIC programs, you can use your phone to scan products to check their WIC eligibility. In most supported states, you may register your eWIC card, then automatically download your CURRENT and FUTURE benefits every time you shop! WICShopper doesn’t just tell you if the product is WIC eligible… it tells you if you have enough WIC benefits left to purchase the product! In states that use "smart cards" such as Texas, New Mexico and Louisiana it is not possible to load your prescription because it is stored on your card. In these states, you can use the app to capture and store an image of your benefits to use the next time you shop. Here is what WIC participants are saying about WICShopper: "This app ROCKS! I was able to see my balance & the best part was being able to scan barcodes! Saved me a lot of headaches! Love this app, very convenient!" "Loooooove this app!!! So helpful, simple and useful! I've recommended it to everyone I know with the benefits. Thanks for making it." "Awesome app. I love being able to see my wic balance with out having to save and scramble for a recent reciept when I need to go to the store. Very convenient!" "LOVE IT!!!!!! I can never find my receipt so this is very convenient and handy. Even if this app was $1 I would pay for it." "This is awesome u know how many times ive got up to the register n it not b wic approved or something is wrong. Now i can check b4 thank u" "U can scan it to make sure it's approved ?!? Awesome!!" "This is a wonderful app. I love the options it has for recipes, and its so helpful to remember the benefits your recieving for the month. Its also nice that the App. sends you a reminder on the last day to use your benefits." "Thought this was neat cause u don't know ur wic balance unless u go to the store n get a receipt. It even lets u scan stuff to see if its wic approved" "Aww me gusto!" "I live in Iowa and this app has been SUCH a lifesaver! I am using the barcode scanner constantly because there are things covered by WIC that I never knew about and it's so handy! Juggling my 3 girls at the store is hard enough without having to wonder "is this covered?" or "did I use all of that already?" I love that when you scan an item it bot only tells you if its allowed but it tells you exactly how much is allowed! I couldn't be happier. :)" "I have it and love it takes the guess out of shopping for my daughter." "This is awesome!! Since we don't have checks anymore I've been forgetting what all I have left lol." We are adding new states as quickly as possible, so if your state isn't listed please check back soon! To learn more about WICShopper, please visit our website @ www.ebtshopper.com. * Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children

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WICShopper app reviews

  • After update not able to use 1/5

    By Will Power 81
    After update to the new version, the introduction screen automatically show after open the app and never able to finish it to go back to the normal screen. Wish the issue can be fixed ASAP. Thanks.
  • Love the app 5/5

    By n Girod uf
    Makes shopping more easier and enjoyable!
  • Love the recipes 5/5

    By brittpremed26
    Pj dip with animal crackers was a big hit. I love this app.
  • Works well 3/5

    By M.onica.
    Works well with letting you know what is WIC approved. Only complain is the “my benefits”portion doesn’t update after you’ve gone grocery shopping so you still have to keep your receipt to know what’s left, but now there’s nowhere to keep the benefit other than my camera roll. So I still have to search for it or ask customer service to see what I have remaining. Other than that love the ability to scan products at the store to check for wic approved items.
  • I am having so much trouble with this app. 1/5

    By TinkerBell 2023
    I have a new phone and it will not work on my phone. I can put it on my husband’s phone. I go shopping by my self a lot so it would be nice if I could have it on my phone. I havetaken the app off my phone and put it back on. Do not work. I have totally deleted off my phone and upload it back on and it still did not work. So it’s a pain in the butt to go and look at my husband’s phone to see what we have with benefits before I go shopping so it would be nice if it could get fixed. I don’t have much longer with this program, but it would be nice to be fixed for the other families that have it.
  • Purchasing items 1/5

    By miss tiffiny
    When trying to report being unable to purchase products that are the same it’s a whole process to do in the middle of shopping in the store.
  • Deepa 5/5

    By deepa67
    This apps very easy to use. Highly recommended to use
  • Deciphering benefit items 4/5

    By bigmommajazz
    I love it! The only thing is it am not sure if it tells me which items like milk and beans are specific to my benefits so I keep having things in my cart that aren’t accepted on my card. Might need to be more specific when telling us what we can grab at the store and what isn’t on our list
  • Great 5/5

    By Devi Kadariya
    I love EWIC app because it makes easy to know remaining balance
  • It doesn’t update 1/5

    By Buttrfly3
    This app doesn’t update my benefits. Todays the last day I can use them and I don’t know what I can get bc my order from yesterday still isn’t on here. All I do know is that I only need three cans of formula and it says I need 26. I bought 23 yesterday!
  • Wic app 5/5

    By Nadherah
    Great app love it
  • Horrible 1/5

    By tajarai
    It won’t let me check nothing this yell ad in Spanish keep popping up and I can’t do nothing
  • Not working!! 1/5

    By Num#1father
    Having trouble with the app it let me enter my card number. Can’t see my benefits or do anything
  • Hi 5/5

    By lovinwoman
    Much easier and better.
  • Not working 1/5

    By Alicia.A2089
    After putting my card number in it won’t let my click the done button at the bottom. I can only scroll the 4 pages and that’s it. I’ve tried redownloading it 3 times with same issue.
  • Getting fed up 2/5

    By SkittyPhitty
    I been waiting for months to be able to view my benefits in Pennsylvania and they just announced today that you can do just that so I went to check to see it, I even got a little pop up showing me how to view my benefits but low and behold the stupid options “view my benefits” is still not there WHAT THE DUCK
  • Won’t let me get past info screen 1/5

    By velvethag
    It won’t let me get past the starting info screen because the “done” button is too low for me to press it.
  • Add Michigan Wic 1/5

    By Airtime raid
    Can you please add Michigan Wic.
  • I give it 5 stars until I try it out 5/5

    By shgg BFF sn
    I’ve been waiting and praying for an app like this. Because it comes in handy when going to the store and seeing what’s on the list but not being able to get it…..? Yeah confusing. Lol. So this should help out especially when buying my baby her food.
  • Why 4/5

    By wicmomga
    Why isn’t it offered in Georgia ?
  • Best wic app ever used 5/5

    By smariah96
    This app is seriously a life saver. My husband and I use this when we go shopping, it’s pretty accurate and lets us scan what’s wic approved and what’s not approved. Thank you for making this app, you’ve helped this family out 🙏
  • My benefits 3/5

    By CSquared#1
    It’s frustrating that after going to the store it’s takes over a week to 2 weeks for the app to update what you have left. Keeping receipts is confusing to keep up with what you actually have left. Then at check out you hold up the line trying to figure out if can purchase it or not. Please fix!!!!
  • Slow app 3/5

    By Swenson15
    I like the idea behind this. But when I open my items to see which specific things im eligible to purchase, it’ takes FOREVER to load
  • What’s great. 5/5

    By o i c. u 8 1 2
    This is wonderful. It saves us from having to get help in the store before shopping to find out what is left on the card. Wonderful!!!!
  • Shopping 1/5

    By Hunniluv1984
    You don’t know what you owe if you went over on items or if you have a non wic item it’s not telling you why you owe
  • Wic 5/5

    By coo-coo love
    I’m 66 years old with custody of my great granddaughter. Since she was 2 months old. I would be lost with this wic app to keep reminding me. And helping get nutritional foods for my great granddaughter. Who’s now 4 years old 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾. I’m truly thankful for everything she’s received
  • Just slow. 1/5

    By Rajah.
    Slow loading process.
  • Help 5/5

    By omg help me out
    Can not get app uploaded on my i phone this hasbeen messing up for over a 6 month , app wont open or work
  • Easy to use while in the grocery store 5/5

    By brooke and opal
    It’s way easier to look up my benefits while shopping at the grocery to see see what options I can get and also what I have already gotten. It beats keeping the little receipts which I lose all the time. 🫢
  • 🙏🏾 5/5

    By TyyEsha
    Definitely looking forward to using this app I’ve heard nothing but good things about it!
  • It’s fine 5/5

    By jaki02
    They should put specific images of the products that anyone gets confused as a first time on wic it’s a little bit complicated vea die I have to be looking and trying to find the exact product that I can take 😩
  • MyWic 5/5

    By loknok36
    So far Excellent 😁
  • Simplicity at its Greatest 5/5

    By shegtwo
    With this app you won’t be confused, you can get straight to your shopping and done quickly
  • Fining items 5/5

    By Ennauyl
    Very helpful!!!
  • Food selection 1/5

    By lcr1980
    I really like the way California does there food selection,it’s very convenient and fast to get in the store select your items and not have to stress about finding everything in a big market
  • Items left 3/5

    By lgjbgddgjkdj
    Isn’t always accurate w what’s left and takes entirely too long to update.
  • Love idea but… 4/5

    By bdusijjdosks
    The app is great all together the recipes and it keeping track and everything is amazing, but I have ran into the issue of it saying I have no card or benefits when I did several times. I’ve told them ladies at the office and they basically told me yeah sometimes I hear the app acts up. Usually that’s not a huge issue but sometimes makes it inconvenient if I do not have the receipt to have to check with the cashier before hand. Other then that minor thing I love the app and wait to see the app improve and grow!
  • cant come off my phone 1/5

    By chetofye
  • Convenient 5/5

    By sophiepoohbear
    It’s nice and very less embarrassing standing in line with a bunch of small slips. Before the app the transaction would hold up a line and rude ppl wouldn’t understand a mother is grabbing food for her child provided by WIC. Now we use it like a regular card without the embarrassment and more communication and useful ness of all sorts from the app. Thank you for inventing this
  • Great app but could have some improvements. 4/5

    By H E Thompson
    A major improvement would be for us to have the ability to scan items as we put items in the cart and see that “pending deduction” or something as we shop and then see the final/official deduction after checkout as it currently does. That would be really helpful in keeping track whilst shopping vs finding out we have missed or grabbed something extra at checkout after we get the receipt. It would also help us make sure we’ve grabbed something that will be covered by our benefits.
  • Areas 1/5

    By quasyn
    Too many area it be having problems updating benefits
  • Support For Illinois 1/5

    By mnemonik85
    Please add support for Illinois. Thanks in advance!
  • Wic App 5/5

    By Desha G
    This App is very helpful in keeping track of my baby’s wic
  • Barcode scanner cool but app needs help 2/5

    By mmbrdj
    Cannot see the full name of items which makes it hard and very time consuming to shop. I like the barcode scanner but fruits and veggies are hard to figure out. Everything I scanned said it was not a Wic item very frustrating.
  • Thank you 5/5

    By Grandkids are the best
    Thank you for helping me with taking care of my grandson Thank you for the guidance in his nutrition Thank you for taking the edge off a little of the stress of providing for his needs Thank you for the app
  • Review for Wic in orange city Florida 1/5

    By lexxrr
    Never fix the meistakes they make and then my children are stuck without milk vegetables and what they need they are not helpful at all
  • Barcode scan 2/5

    By DKGraff
    Your barcode application needs a lot of help. Most items say not allowed when they are. Not reliable at all.
  • Review 2/5

    By marieskiiii
    Much better app then it was in 2020
  • I enjoy it 3/5

    By gallagher9315
    The I have had it not update what I could get and therefore ended up at the counter with more than covered. Also it never has my appointment stored