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  • Current Version: 2.7.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Cross Forward Consulting, LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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Widgetsmith App

Widgetsmith lets you personalize your home screen like never before. It starts with a wide collection of highly customizable widgets, which range in function from date, to weather, to astronomy. Each can be adjusted precisely to best fit your desired function and appearance. This set of widgets can then be dynamically scheduled to appear on your home screen following rules you define. For example, a particular widget could show the weather first thing in the morning, then your calendar during your work day, then switch to your Activity ring progress as you wrap up your day. This lets you take full advantage of each slot on your home screen. Activity widgets require a paired Apple Watch The app itself also includes a wide collection of tools, such as a weather app, a timezone converter, a calendar. These tools can automatically launch based on the active widget tapped. Notes: • Widgetsmith optionally integrates with Apple Health. This data is used to display your step and activity if you select one of those widget types. Permission for Widgetsmith to access this data is controlled through the Apple Health app. • Widgetsmith includes an optional premium subscription. This is offered on a monthly or annual basis. If you choose to purchase a subscription your payment will be charged to your iTunes account. Subscriptions will automatically renew unless canceled within 24-hours before the end of the current period. You can turn off auto-renewal at any time by going to your Account Settings on the App Store after purchase. • Access to Tide and Weather hosted data is only available to Widgetsmith Premium subscribers. Privacy Policy & Terms: https://david-smith.org/widgetsmith_privacy.html

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Widgetsmith app reviews

  • Simply wonderful. Easy. Lifechanging (or at least iphone changing) 5/5

    By Oregongrl
    Y’all, I’m about to upgrade to premium (which is crazy cheap). This developer is amazing and I am so grateful for this easy peasy way to change my iphone homepages into exactly what I want. I’m huge on aesthetic! Super happy! Thank you for making this app.
  • Label 3/5

    By gusam26
    I don’t understand why the developer feels a need to have Widgetsmith displayed on the widgets
  • 呵呵你的扽变得饱饱的怕入睡里侧里侧博哦博哦博哦啊吼博哦平底锅擦天 5/5

    By 高考v根据规划的
    好生产和是不是自己 睡觉睡觉睡觉少男少女年世界杯北京呢还是很饿很呢额聚精会神嗯嗯嗯嗯嗯很饿吧
  • Very confusing 1/5

    By dragon;)(765
    Very confusing
  • Dbsbdhhebsbz 4/5

    It was confusing at first and annoying only a few could select photos thats all the critisism i can think of 🤷‍♀️
  • Kinda confusing 2/5

    By 도비 이녕하세요 ㅎㅎ ㅋㅋ
  • It is great I wish 5/5

    By kdjwjxjd
    This app is great I just wish u could edit your apps with out having to pay
  • it’s great! 4/5

    By theadoptedmaximoff
    I use this app all the time for my home screen, i recently got to ios 15 update and once in a while my widgets will go black for a while? I don’t know why but i always have to restart my phone for them to work but other than that this app is great!! <3
  • Please read developers! IOS 15 update issues 5/5

    By sanriogirl.com
    This app is sincerly the best widget app ive used, ever since I updated my ipad to the ios 15. The widgets sometimes go all black, ive tried everything and maybe you should do something about the issue.
  • It is easy and helps me get widgets 5/5

    By xxfallen_sunflowerxx
    So ya it 😃🙃
  • I CANT USE IT 1/5

  • Amazing but… 4/5

    By GamerGir on
    This app is amazing it helped me make a beautiful home screen and has so many different types of widgets. The only thing that I don’t like about this app is that I cant find any way to delete widgets. Thank you for reading my review.
  • good app but, 1/5

    By luxsmh
    This app is truely amazing however every time Ive opened it recently it’s crashed
  • Love The Widgets, Support Needs Some Work! 3/5

    By lps4563
    This would have been a five star review, but minus one star for the clock’s hand that don’t move, on the medium clock with calendar widget, after the 2.7 update. Then, minus one more star for receiving an auto response from support when I sent them an email about it. I realize that it can be a daunting task to personally respond to every single person that sends an email to a developer, but how is one to know that they even looked at the bug report. It wouldn’t appear so, as they have come out with a patch since, and the issue remains. What good is a clock that doesn't keep time, well….it’s right twice a day. So, wondering if they at least read their reviews, and will look into fixing the widget that has had it’s home as the only thing on the first page of my Home Screen for a year, and I have had to move it to the last page until it works again. It’s the top of a Smart Stack so don’t want to get rid of it altogether, and don’t care for any or the others in it’s place.
  • It doesn’t work 2/5

    By SnowyMythicalWolf
    Everytime I add a widget and it has the picture and I swipe away and go back the widget turns black and wont go back. Very annoying and it wont show any pictures
  • Good could use 5/5

    By luna lovegoodfan
    Hey I think Widgetsmith is good but it was confusing at first lol so it could use some instructions
  • Ehh 1/5

    By Lol🥱
    Ok,So first,Why do u have to have a billing address? Like I don’t know if u have to pay to get widget smith like I’m really concerned,I deleted it bc I didn’t wanna do my home screen anymore but now I wanna redo it and I can’t because it says a billing. So I hope u can really fix that ty ty if u do!
  • Can’t figure anything out 1/5

    By idbdsjsbiscb
  • Love this app 💗 5/5

    By best girl1234
    This app was easy (It was easy after watch 15 minute YouTube videos.) to use and now my phone scene looks better then ever ( 🙏 ☺️ for not costing 4.99 for a wallpaper 😒. 💕💗
  • really good but some bugs 4/5

    By Badonkadonk💞🗿😘‼️
    When i enter the Pictures It doesnt work and i reset my Ipad. do i have to get a other app for this to work?
  • Bruh 1/5

    By Sweet Cutei
    It hard to make thing and I’m trying to make my phone and iPad look cute but u can’t
  • GIFS 4/5

    By Ashadagoat
    The app is wonderful, however, we should be able to use gifs and have them in our home screens. It’s so boring with just plain pictures. Can we use gifs, please ?
  • Mildly frustrating 3/5

    By SuperWhoLockRYCBAR
  • Why?! 4/5

    By QueenKoko14
    I love this app I’ve had it since we can add widgets onto our phones but it’s changed so much! Every time I add all my widgets into one it changes the photos to the last one I did in the widgets app hopefully this issue can be fixed because I’m tired of fixing it myself just so it goes back into one photo!!!!!!!!!
  • Good 5/5

    By cocot567
    Y’all are the best
  • Simple to use 5/5

    By TrekkieMary
    So far it has been super easy to make custom widgets. The date, time, & photo widgets have so many ways to custom size them. It’s absolutely amazing. There are items & features locked behind a paywall. However, there is still plenty of free content.
  • Cool app 5/5

    By Donna0808
    This game is great
  • Okay app 2/5

    By ANNOYED AND MAD To many ads
    This is a okay app it would be better if it didn’t cost money. If you are someone like me who’s parents pay for my phone then you can’t pay for an app.😒
  • Very good app! 5/5

    By nater27777
    Fun to use and very addictive to make super cool home pages!
  • Good! 4/5

    By yikeslmao
    It has a lot of options for customization, but for some reason, it doesn’t have the really basic ones like a more advanced color selector. The colors they provide don’t match very well with the other colors in my theme, so that’s definitely a negative for me
  • It’s good now 5/5

    By ILoveMy_Jennay
    Figured out how to pick which ones I wanted. You have to actually click on the number before it will show you your options. Got the premium bc I like having the weather part.
  • widgetsmiths turning black 4/5

    By Y iS FoR Yopix
    don’t get me wrong, i love widgetsmiths, it make your home screens look prettier, but i REALLY despise when the widgetsmiths turn pitch black out of no where. i would appreciate if you guys could fix this, it’s getting on my biggest nerves
  • To hard but good 4/5

    By Reddman15
    It needs to be more easy to do the widgets.thank you for your time.👉🏼👈🏼
  • SammiStrawberri🍓✌🏻 4/5

    By KayleeKiwi🥝
    Hey y’all!!! Widgetsmith is a strawberrific app and u shud defs get it, it makes ur widgets so strawsthetic, but the only problem is that it can be StrawVERY confuzzling, and u can’t do a lot of themes with the no premium version, but otherwise superberry fun and cutesilicious!!!!! Luv y’all, and remember, ur NOT too fat or too skinny, u are literally so beautiful, I love u soosososo much and don’t let anyone get u down, K? Ok, now go and slay queen!!!! And slay even more with this awesome app!!! Luv y’all!!! StrawberryByeBye!!! Love, Sammi🍓✌🏻
  • A little issue 3/5

    By Normany K.
    I like this app a lot! But for some reason it’s doing something’s it’s never done before. When I add the widget to my screen, the widget is completely black. I put pictures on the widgets, but it’s just completely black when I add it to my screen.
  • Problems 1/5

    By lanee772
    I had a lot of problems because I could only add four widgets in if I tried to add more than that they would all turn black
  • It’s Meh 2/5

    By Dont read this ok?
    I downloaded it because of a friend and I wanted my homescreen to look like theirs… But it just turns out I can’t get premium, and it’s kinda hard to understand
  • Confusing 1/5

    By Gjgfddgjutfh
    Hard to figure out how to add to spot you want pic
  • It doesn’t work 1/5

    By MystiqueAngel222
    I downloaded this today to use some widgets and every time I try to stack the widgets to show off multiple different photos, it automatically switches to one picture when it’s not the picture I picked. I switch it back and then it does it again. This app is a freaking joke and I’m very disappointed. It’s pretty bad when it’s up to date and it still does this.
  • Good but needs little work 4/5

    By ahtziri540
    Everything seems good but today I was fixing some few things and one of the widget that I had made has moved up when I tried to put the apps in certain folders. I try to bring it down like the aesthetic widget on google but it seems to not go down when I tried to. I did it multiple times and it does not go down where it was supposed to be where I wanted it either is a glitch or I don’t know what is
  • Love it 5/5

    By &97&
    Love it it’s so fun
  • cute 5/5

    By madds._.✨
    Widgetsmith makes your phone so cute
  • What’s the point of subscription? Money grab 2/5

    By J Bling
    Subscription for widgets, really
  • Help 5/5

    By what do ⟟ put creative
    How do ⟟ put ⏃ my own widget as my widget?
  • I hate it 1/5

    By hdgdnjd fv
    I downloaded this app so I could get some customizable widgets but it ended up never working and it’s so glitchy and I would recommend for you to NOT get this app.
  • Works with iOS15! 4/5

    By Works with iOS15!
    I just downloaded iOS 15 on my iPad last night and it works so well! I’ve been dying for an update that would bring widgets :) I just think they could make the settings a bit less difficult.
  • Great app - just one suggestion :) 5/5

    By Irma Herschman
    This app is great! I use it to customize literally my entire homescreen (minus the background and the app icons of course since is just for widgets) and I’ve received so many compliments on it. It’s easy to use and I absolutely recommend it to anyone who is looking for a way to customize their homescreen beyond what Apple gives. I absolutely love it; five stars. I do, however, have one suggestion. I think it would be great if we could also resize the pictures we chose instead of just the alignment so we don’t always have to do that in the photos app. Other than that, no problems!! Love it! P.S. I found that the grey boxes many people were talking about is from loading and stuff like that. ❤️
  • Useful, but could be better 3/5

    This is a really good app for simple utilities or simple photos. I think that it could be improved in a few ways such as custom photo on the round clock face and the ability to display seconds. Also, custom photo for the battery would be good too. Thanks!
  • It was good with ios 14 3/5

    By black_moon123
    All my widgets are coming up black and it doesn’t seem to work with ios 15