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Wikipedia App

Explore your world, find a quick fact, or dive down a Wikipedia rabbit hole with the official Wikipedia app for iOS. With more than 40 million articles across nearly 300 languages, your favorite free online encyclopedia is at your fingertips. App features: Night reading - Appearance controls let you read Wikipedia in comfort, with dark mode, text size control and image dimming to customize how you read. Places - Find Wikipedia articles about places next door or across the globe, with a map and location based search experience. On a trip or your daily commute, with Places it’s easy to learn more about the world around you. Explore feed - Discover the depths of Wikipedia through your explore feed, which surfaces Wikipedia articles and captivating freely-licensed photos. It includes a diverse array of interesting content, including: - recommended articles based on what you’ve already read - featured articles hand-picked by the Wikipedia community - daily top read articles - picture of the day - events on this day in history - random articles - nearby landmarks Find and search - Easily find what you’re looking for by searching within articles or using Spotlight. You can even search with your favorite emojis! Quick access - Add Wikipedia to your device's Today screen to pick up exactly where you stopped reading your last article, or see the top-read articles and trends of the day. Easy touch navigation, including 3D touch - Multi-touch gestures like swipe, tap, and 3D Touch features complete essential tasks more quickly and simply. Save articles - Save articles for reading later, even when you’re offline. Search and sort Saved articles, and organize them into folders. Log in to sync your Reading Lists across the your mobile devices. Multilingual support - Search for and read Wikipedia articles written in any Wikipedia-supported language — there are nearly 300! Share - Easily share articles, images, and facts from Wikipedia on social media or by email. Or use Handoff to continue reading articles across your iOS devices. Want to know more behind the scenes of the Wikipedia mobile app for iOS? Check out these resources: To send feedback, from the app tap: Settings Gear > Send app feedback Contribute to our app localizations: Code at GitHub open source repository: About the Wikimedia Foundation The Wikimedia Foundation is a nonprofit organization that supports and operates Wikipedia and the other Wikimedia projects. The Wikimedia Foundation is a charitable organization funded mainly through donations. For more information, please visit our website:


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Wikipedia app reviews

  • Very good!!! 5/5

    By Channel Ransom
    Wikipedia is so good that I'll never delete it! Thanks the maker of Wikipedia!
  • TexasLady 5/5

    By macuchla
    Wikipedia enhances my life more than I can express. I like the outline, it’s form and content. Gratefully yours,
  • Well what was the point of downloading. 1/5

    By cc4353
    I downloaded Wikipedia as soon as I realized there was an app, I used to love just learning new things in school by scrolling through random articles on this site. After so long without using it I wanted to try it out, maybe even eventually contribute. However on trying to make an account, I received a message in app telling me my IP address was blocked for vandalism by a another user. Not only have I never had an account on Wikipedia. This phone is three months old, my router is new, my computer is new. So how would my IP address even be blocked for something? Again, I haven’t used this site in years, simply haven’t had a need to. Much less to vandalize. Seriously? Wikipedia seems to like the image that they are in constant risk of bankruptcy. Maybe if you weren’t banning people before they even stepped foot on your site it wouldn’t be an issue. What a disappointment.
  • Support this app 5/5

    By SpiritofaPeople
    Information and knowledge are power and there is nothing like Wikipedia
  • Superb! 5/5

    By WormSci
    Excellent reading experience.
  • Wikipedia anti 1A 1/5

    By CsT0930
    Discontinuing due anti-Conservative behavior. Regret previous donations.
  • Dssss 5/5

    By sultansale
    You give us a lots of informations ❤️❤️❤️❤️🌹🌹😍😍👍👌👍👍💋👄
  • New to Wikipedia 5/5

    By Runhappy67
    Ian fascinated to learn more using this wonderful site. Thank you
  • Amazing app! 4/5

    By A.M. navy
    The reason I love Wikipedia is because I love information. The app is simple intuitive and beautiful. My favorite feature is the “mini-links” (The ability to go to any highlighted word in a Wikipedia article). There are 2 fixes/add-ons I recommend: 1) so you have a back-page gesture (swipe right from left edge of screen), but you don’t have a gesture to go back to the article you “mini-linked” from. Please add! 2) The search bar should be accessible from anywhere on the explore tab. Even if you’ve swiped down your feed till the end. Thanks for all your efforts to keep information at our fingertips tips. I hope you get more people to read your articles daily. Like 50M. Amen!
  • Great app 5/5

    By Rambo8649
    This is an excellent app, I never have problems. Great source of free information.
  • Badness 1/5

    By Mrgrimmthebam
    I actually donate to Wikipedia every year. No matter, because no matter how many times I ask, they refuse to make this app user friendly. The Android version is better. My personal peeve regarding the iPhone version is that there is no way to disable the pain in the arse "suggestions" Wikipedia pushes to the top of the page when you open the app. As a result, you receive, recommendations based on what you've read, where you live, etc. I'm not saying it's a horrible feature, but users should have the choice to disable these suggestions. Wikipanion is a better app. It is a shame when the developer of a site can't make an app better than a third party. I'm deleting this app and saving my donations.
  • Keeps deleting my saved pages 1/5

    By cuschnei
    Like a lot of people I love finding an interesting topic on Wikipedia and just getting lost clicking link after link reading page after page of something really enticing. I save these pages to come back to later but it keeps clearing my saves and history. Idk if happens during updates or if it’s just a fluke but it’s happened about three times now and it’s incredibly frustrating. Several dozen pages I trusted to be saved just disappeared on me even though I’ve never logged out of my account. The dark light tone option in the app makes it easier to read but until I can be assured this issue is resolved I have to use my web browser to save pages to my favorites instead of trusting the app to hold them for me
  • Can’t open an account 1/5

    By Kingwigg
    Tried to open an account and was blocked by user Mike V. I like using Wikipedia and will continue but I don’t like being not able to open an account

    By Maimonides66
    I have studied religious theologies and philosophies for the last 20+ years and have amassed hundreds of books on the subject, yet I have learned far more information in just weeks from the Wikipedia App. There is “oodles” of Information. It is endless, and very user friendly. It’s like a stand-alone computer data base. Love it!
  • Must-have 5/5

    By tjader416
    Can’t understand why I used to read wiki articles in Safari. You need to get this app if you are even slightly intellectually curious. It’s not a question that Wikipedia is the world’s gold standard for encyclopedic information on EVERYTHING, but if you didn’t know that, well, congrats, now you know. My dad got me a set of World Book encyclopedias when I turned 9. I loved those books but they might as well be fire starters at this point. I wonder if kids in the future will even appreciate how valuable this resource is, because they have never known not being able to briefly survey something instantly... The saddest thing about this app is not a flaw at all; it is that in the reference category Wikipedia is only #34, while the #2 is held by a bleeping bible app. Humanity, we still have a long way to go... My favorite feature: I especially love the language switch button at the bottom.
  • Biased and Censoring Platform 1/5

    By Captainbinkman
    Do yourself a favor and do not cite Wikipedia as a source. Not reliable for factual information. Great if you want one sided opinions on various topics.
  • Excellent 2/5

    By Mark WN
    HAVING A REAL B**** OF A TIME TRYING TO FIGURE OUT HOW TO GET SAFARI TO OPEN THE APP. 😡😡😡. I did it before. But Forgot how I did it. VERY FRUSTRATING This App is the best. A lot easier to use in the long run.'i can't see anything that would warrant immediate or large changes. Improving in it, In My Humble Opinion, is best,
  • Indispensable 5/5

    By Morning_Star_42
    I love Wikipedia and I’ve never noticed a flaw with the mobile app. It’s stable, quick, and has no problem showing graphs and images. Wikipedia basically IS the Internet whenever you need to know something, at least for me anyway lol
  • Good app. But a small comment 5/5

    By OsaBeth
    I’m really contented with the new update. But one tiny thing. What about if I created for example a list about animals, if I save an article about a animal, I think better would be that the article would be saved automatically into the animals reading list. But it’s already GREAT!
  • A great app for Wikipedia 5/5

    By Greg Kucharo
    The latest incarnation of the Wikipedia app has exceeded itself. A great experience!
  • Omg! Best app! #1!! 5/5

    By 🍍😛Awesome 🍍😛
    Everyone! This is the best app guys! 👍🏻👍🏻So as you know,..Like I will say...THIS IS THE BEST! and BTW..girls! Listen to the song aka music 🎶 😇 WITH A SHOTGUN (that emoji means ANGEL K?!)
  • Very Liberal 1/5

    By Joshwright224
    I had heard Wikipedia was a very liberal “facts and information” site, but I didn’t believe it until I looked up Donald Trumps Wiki bio. Statements like: “His campaign received extensive free media coverage; many of his public statements were controversial or false.” , and “His election and policies sparked numerous protests”. I know there may have been a few protests after his election, but it just struck me how negative most of the information about Donald Trump was. I thought that was interesting, until I looked at the list of revisions that had been made, and the statements that had been part of Donald Trumps biography that had been deleted or replaced. Just stupid stuff. Not factual at all. Like a kid filled with hate was allowed to be the editor. Nothing but an attempt at defamation of character. I expected more from Wikipedia as a professional, public information site. Very disappointed.
  • Should’ve gotten it earlier 5/5

    By Toukuss
    This is smart. Keeps you from getting other less credible answers. Keep you from getting diverted through as that look like they’re really the subject matter you’re looking for. I don’t know why I didn’t have this year’s ago. Anybody else notice it seems to make Pinterest less? Keep up the good work Wikipedia.
  • Pure Love 5/5

    By sorry4ever
    Much better than going online. Beautiful. Thank you.
  • Invaluable Resource. Needs a browse Forward button 5/5

    By bs917
    I use this app almost daily; often, multiple times in a day. It’s a tremendous resource for getting information and satisfying curiosity. The browsing experience would be greatly improved with the addition of a Forward button, complimentary to the Back button. I should not need to scroll around and replicate my clicking pattern through a series of previously clicked links to re-access downstream content. Thank you!
  • A must for international travelers 5/5

    By Wayne Knox
    Confession: I’m one of those guys who always has at least 10 Wikipedia tabs open on my web-browser. The kind of guy who pulls up the sight to look up one thing, but who then goes down an endless rabbit-hole of connected links until 2 hours later I’m still reading and now have 27 extra tabs open of “thinks I want to know more about next.” So you can imagine how difficult it has been resisting my addiction while traveling in regions where my data is tightly limited. And then suddenly: Wikipedia app to the rescue! Seriously, the ability to download articles for later reading while on WiFi, and then pull them up easily wherever I am, regardless of connectivity— that has been a huge help to me. And not only just to help me sate my thirst for knowledge. If I’m going to be traveling through several cities in a short period of time, it’s been super helpful to have articles about those cities and a handful of related articles saved, so that I can browse them during the train/plane ride — without burning through my data! Thank you Wikipedia.
  • Can’t get it to pronounce entries on an iPad 3/5

    By Zuki999
    Can’t get the listen link to pronounce an entry. Was able to get it to work in my browser on my android phone. Not able to get it to work in my browser on my iPad or the Wikipedia app on my iPad.
  • Sync across devices 3/5

    By NaungTL
    Please make it possible to sync reading lists across different devices and platforms. I mean, what’s the use of signing up to Wikipedia if you can’t even sync your favorite articles?
  • Good app, but I spotted a bug 4/5

    By MJCqwerty
    Example: look up Muhammad Ali and go to the box with the word “knowledge“ at the top regarding his parents Cassius Marcellius Clay Sr, (1912-1990)And Odessa G Clay(1917-1994). But I noticed that when I click back-and-forth between his parents “knowledge“ boxes, your app gives the above correct stated lifespans, but also says “1933-1990” For both parents. That would make his parents only nine years older than their famous son Muhammad Ali Junior!
  • Well done 5/5

    By notafamousperson
    Great app, very thoughtful interactions, it’s stable, fast, and laid out really clearly. Only thing I’d like different? I’d love the Featured Article widget to update hourly. One love!
  • Good app, could be better 5/5

    By xxCrazy_Babyxx
    The app is great and I have had no issues with it. However, I think it could be greatly improved if there was an option to browse through articles based on the topic.
  • The Best App On IOS 5/5

    By didjehurhegritijeuf
  • Missing many features 3/5

    By MTpr listener 406
    As a user who normally accesses WP via computer, the app is disappointing. The TOC access is not intuitive, infoboxes are inconsistently displayed, features visible via browser on phone don't appear via app ( even main page looks different). Needs work
  • I love it 5/5

    Is very good
  • Feature Request: 5/5

    By Champion.#2
    I’d like to see my local view history and bookmarks/saved pages behind a Touch ID authentication. Along those lines, it would also be cool to have a web browser-inspired “private mode”. In that mode history and caches would not be retained on the device. Great app. Thanks for considering these features.
  • Search seems slow, stalled even ... 5/5

    By dandergreen
    Although my iPad is up-to-date with iOS 11.2.2, some searches on Wikipedia seem slow, stalled even, since the Wikipedia update a week ago. For just one example, search results for David O. McKay are immediate, but search results for his niece Fawn M. Brodie are stalled. A faithful Wikipedia patron, I'm not about to abandon this ever-before reliable source ... just hoping the glitch is quite temporary!
  • Great, free and easy to use! 5/5

    By HBDUF
  • Great app for a great website. 5/5

    By Jakexhalo12221
    I use Wikipedia almost every day. I mostly like to read for fun. But, I have learned a lot of information that I normally would have known nothing about. The app runs great and I have never encountered an issue with it. The app really surprised me with how great it runs and all the cool features it offers compared to the website. Best of all. It’s free!
  • “Random Article” 4/5

    By CodyDilyn
    Give me the “random article” feature and this app would be perfect.
  • Thank you. 5/5

    By Unruly Tate
    Just awesome.
  • 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹 5/5

    By سايز فونت فونت ريز
  • News 3/5

    By Upacreeknopaddle
    Keeps forgetting my saved articles, usually only days after I’ve saved them.
  • A longtime source of information 5/5

    By Jhenrya
    Discovered about 2003 and us the app often. The concept is fascinating and wonderful and I love to use it.
  • Wikipedia app is extremely good 5/5

    Wikipedia is very helpful for people who want to build up theirs power knowledge. I love their design, fully settings (text size, dark mode...etc) that the other apps lacking.
  • I hate this app because I spend all my time using it. 5/5

    By Ethine
    The amount of time I spend using this app is really depressing!
  • Love Wikipedia 5/5

    By rudeadam1
    Love Wikipedia love the app. Would love more options for offline use, but otherwise does everything I need.
  • I’m so made of you 5/5

    By in the name of cubans
    There in no way to value what you guy have made human development and freedom. In Cuba where the access to information is so limited and sensuous we have your off-line source to educate ourself you have know idea how useful your platform has been for my generation in Cuba and steel is in US.How could someone not give you 5 stars, it is not the app what really matters. So thank you very much for link so many dots for human development.
  • Request: highlighting & notetaking 4/5

    By elgrego1939
    It would be really nice to be able to highlight parts of an article and (additionally) to type out a note in relation to a certain part of an article. I would suggest that highlighting and notes be stored locally (on the device) or on iCloud at most, as opposed to being uploaded to a Wikipedia account, for privacy reasons.
  • Hazards 2/5

    By Heartofelrondfrodogandalf
    First of all I have found that where political correctness is involved Wikipedia editors frequently violate their own neutrality policy, but I would not argue that this is a good place to start a research project. However it's not excepted as a valid source on its own because accuracy is not guaranteed. That being said, it's a good starting resource but I wish there was a way to back up bookmarks So that if the app is deleted you don't lose all the pages you were working on. I deleted it because I kept wanting information that was only available in the online version and didn't know how to force my iPhone to use the online source instead of the app.
  • Not great 1/5

    By ワインは飲ま
    The search bar element is harder to access and it now has a greater tendency to freeze

Wikipedia app comments


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