Wildfire - Nearby Alerts

Wildfire - Nearby Alerts

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  • Current Version: 3.5.16
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • Developer: Day, LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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Wildfire - Nearby Alerts App

Wildfire keeps you informed of important events happening nearby, & makes it easy to spread the word quickly when something significant happens. *** Want to help us bring Wildfire to your community? Let us know at [email protected]

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Wildfire - Nearby Alerts app reviews

  • Pyramid Scheme 1/5

    By The Podcast Fan
    I really don’t like the fact that one must share contact information for three contacts to use the app. Rude. I’m not doing it.
  • New update requires you to “add friends” 1/5

    By mm 1212
    New update logs you out. To log back in, you’re required to turn on notifications for everything AND requires you to add “3 close friends from your contacts”. It shouldn’t be required that you share the app with others in order to use it. Used this app for two years, and not sure I want to anymore. Plenty of crashes when you try to refresh the page. Not to mention views and shares were faked. There’s no way that 15,000+ people viewed a post and have hundreds of shares when the majority of students of a 30,000 person campus haven’t even heard of this app.
  • Too much politics... 1/5

    By AllOutJay
    Loved the app at first, but I got tired of seeing the nonsense politics over and over. It doesn’t help when the university rep encourages it either. The politics talk with be from trolls who are just trying to get a response out of people and never seemed to be banned. Don’t recommend it.
  • Ignorance 2/5

    By kaitliiiiinnnnnnn
    While the app is super useful for when things actually happen.. there are some people who aren't using the app property and spamming the feed with unnecessary conversation that is offending a lot of people. I have repeatedly reported many posts from the same accounts that are spamming feed with nonsense posts. I've been depending a lot on this app to make sure I am safe as well as my peers, although the interference is extremely annoying.
  • Great Idea, Terrible Execution 1/5

    By Joshination1717
    I love the idea of the app and downloaded it last night, but deleted this morning. The company either had terrible encryption or just sells your information, because I received 20 robo calls just this morning after having downloaded the app. Extremely annoying, I would definitely not recommend
  • Very Useful 5/5

    By nylahrenee
    Wildfire is such a great app for college students to stay alert with what’s going on on their campus. You get real-time updates on important safety issues and it also connects people on campus. You can ask questions about classes, professors, and even share memes! I recommend that you all download this app!
  • Many uses for a single app! 5/5

    By Canadrien
    Wildfire has proven to be a very useful tool for many on my campus! It provides real time safety alerts, as well as a chat area that can be used to socialize, buy and sell items, or ask questions about a class or general student life!
  • Crashed after filling out all the info 1/5

    Crashes. Useless
  • Recommended! 5/5

    By unknownuseruic
    This app has become very useful! and helps me stay updated with things that are going on on campus! Definitely recommend!
  • College 5/5

    By Mohsen.Abdullah
    it keep updating in camps and outside camps. Love it 😍
  • Lots of potential 3/5

    By Yaboyhayhay
    I really like the concept behind this app and the interactions I get with people who I might never of seen on other social media otherwise. I like how this uses your location to build your feed. With that said I think there are room for improvements. I think we should be able to block people/ follow people we like or who are consistently negative on our posts . I also think the priority of the alerts needs to be adjusted because I noticed I’m constantly sent alerts that really don’t need to be sent.
  • Helpful 4/5

    By student 12689
    This app is very helpful, however I find it annoying that I cannot see what I am typing.
  • Absolutely love it 5/5

    By Sasa0515
    I absolutely love this app. It helps everyone on campus stay connected. Whether it’s emergencies, campus talk, or just sharing memes about the school.
  • Great app 5/5

    By cmb529
    It’s nice Wildfire lets you keep up with people who go to your school and be able to relate to people you wouldn’t normally talk to in person. Also, getting alerts about crazy things happening on campus or cool events is helpful. I was reluctant to download this app but I’m really glad I did!
  • Great app 10/10 recommend 5/5

    By Lex the li
    Hey guys, so get this, super cool app, easy to use, great navigation system. Amazing at prioritizing alert messages. I feel like everyone gets heard, plus the communities formed are amazing. We’re all in this together!
  • One of the most important college related apps! 5/5

    By Mia Kalei
    From meeting friends, to emergencies on campus, and to college life in general Wildfire has been one of the most important apps I’ve downloaded! Can’t count the number of times I’ve found it useful!
  • Great App 5/5

    By MzSadie30
    So useful to manage campus life. Meet new people, find out what’s going on near or on campus. Love being able to post and get student support (tests, teachers, counselors)
  • Super useful 5/5

    By Bas3dGod
    Great way to keep up to date with what’s happening on your campus. It’s also super funny sometimes!
  • Wildfire is fire!!!! 5/5

    By 2268laur
    Great way to stay connected with what’s going on at campus and a great way to build a community within our campus across all majors!
  • Wildfire 5/5

    By Tatiahna Bentley
    Not is this app only great for finding resources on campus, I actually made some friends on this app who have the same interest as me and go to the school.
  • Saved Me Tons 5/5

    By Duvhsjwnhsis
    This app has truly made my college experience incredible, I’ve saved so much money on textbooks and have been able to connect with so many people that I previously couldn’t. I go to a commuter school so making friends is difficult, but through this app, I’ve been able to connect with others and actually have good banter. 10/10 would download again.
  • Fun and helpful 5/5

    By SaadPKazi
    Got this app initially for alerts and stuff as college campuses can be very vulnerable to threats. It’s actually turned out to be a nice social media where you can ask for tips and answers and really get a feel for how everyone else is getting by their college experience.
  • Useful 4/5

    By hirutosama
    It’s a great app to have on. It helps a lot when it comes to emergency stuff.
  • Super Useful 5/5

    By georgeb12
    This app was great when there was an emergency at school and no one knew what was going on and everyone would post any news the saw and or heard in the app to keep us informed.
  • Great app! 5/5

    By luisevargas111
    I love how I can stay up to date with alerts faster than with my schools current alert system! The chat options are also a plus!
  • Not alerts about wildfires 1/5

    By Alex e c
    How about some alerts about wildfire eh? One stars just for the poor name.
  • Can’t see what I’m typing on dark mode 3/5

    By AeroRespawn
    The text I’m typing in dark mode is also dark grey so it’s really hard to see what exactly I’m typing. I don’t understand how something this simple was missed.
  • Wildfire is Great 5/5

    By Chylan Rushinobi
    If you want to know what’s happening on campus, hit up the Wildfire app. Wildfire is basically Twitter for college students and is easy to setup. What I like about the app is the ease of use and frequent updates of the feed. One thing I hope the Wildfire developers can implement is for us to be able to reply to comments directly in a post instead of making a separate comment to reply to others.
  • Helpful/ Entertaining app 5/5

    By cindylhndz
    I think I found out about this app through an email and I’m glad that I downloaded it because it is really helpful as a student. There are plenty of student interactions that occur within the app and I find that it can come in handy for things like asking others if they would recommend taking a class with a certain professor. The app also serves as a platform for students to spread news about events that take place on campus. I would recommend the app.
  • School necessities 5/5

    Basically this is Twitter for your school. It lets you connect to other students, see events happening and push alerts when serious situations may be occurring. A nice and personal way to connect to your peers without having to use your other social media accounts
  • Great app! 5/5

    By RaulThe Great
    This app allows you to connect with students from your school and lets you stay informed about anything going. It also allows you to socialize with your peeps!
  • a college twitter! 5/5

    By Derp_yUnicorn
    Sometimes it’s fun to kick back and relate to people’s posts on our college specific group! Definitely a nice change from the more popular social media apps out there. It’s also really helpful since there is an alert function that students can send out in case of emergencies or for useful information. I’d duh this the college twitter since it really is a nice social app that sole may use to meet new people and such.
  • A New way era 5/5

    By stacymendez15
    This app doesn’t ask for much and yet allows you to interact with classmates in a new way. I would highly recommend to download as a resource.
  • Useful 5/5

    By DOAkillzs
    This app is so useful! I love how news gets faster through here than through campus. Dark mode is a pretty nice touch ! Will definitely be using it more !
  • Developer sends marketing texts for positive reviews 1/5

    By BramV
    Send me a marketing text encouraging to give me an in-app reward in exchange for a positive review.
  • Needs better updates 1/5

    By haytheredalila
    Freezes or doesn’t want to open after loading for the longest want to open.
  • Not working 3/5

    By ssircole
    I really like this app but it updated recently and since then the app won’t load or open it will just crash not sure how to report the issue
  • I keep getting duplicate notifications for safety alerts 3/5

    By Iso Mo
    They’re spread out about 15 minutes apart
  • I like the app itself, but it stopped working for nobody else but me & they were no help 1/5

    By Showlityeah
    The app suddenly stopped working for me. I asked for help and they told me to try it again and tell them if it worked. Well it didn’t work—it goes to login but then crashes when I try to login. I had my friends try to get on on their phones and it worked for all of them. The creators won’t respond to me about why my account isn’t working, and i know it’s not a bug because it works for everyone else. Edit: have tried texting them many many times and they have not replied to me at all. They say they’ll help but they just ignore you.
  • Bugs 2/5

    By Luar55555
    Posts aren’t in chronological order & it only displays posts from 1 day ago. It additionally doesn’t allow me to endlessly scroll to see things I’ve missed and instead limits what I am able to view. This isn’t helpful when you consider how I am only exposed to posts made a day ago & can only view a handful that were recent.
  • Too many bugs 1/5

    By alex_mt431
    I tried reaching out to the Wildfire people about the app problems ( for me it keeps putting me in the wrong school and will not let me post) to no avail.
  • images 1/5

    By at7772019
    shuts down when trying to post a picture, then posts only the caption
  • It's like Yik Yak 5/5

    By BringIngTheStorm
    It feels like Yak when they added handles and profiles but not when it went downhill and became toxic. They need a regional section so people can talk to other campuses from all over.
  • Asks for an inappropriate amount of information 1/5

    By Induvidual
    First name, last name, email, phone number... just let me give you my school email. Uninstalled.
  • helpful 4/5

    By Vegi101
    i really like this app i use it to get most of my information for school but one thing that needs to be improved is the app crashing often. overall i’d recommend this to others!
  • Really useful app 5/5

    By abcdefghi-einstein, elon
    Really useful app to stay alert and updated with campus events and surroundings.
  • Good app 5/5

    By sarahul
    I thought I would not like this app but turns out it is quite useful when it comes to recieving alerts and as well as having a connection with the sac state students.
  • Knowledge is Power 5/5

    By Mohammad6
    This app is great. I always know what’s going on around campus because of the safety features. Also, I like that this app is more than just an app to stay safe while on campus. You get to build a community with the people that go to your campus if you don’t have a chance to meet them in-person. Everyone on the app is bonding over how sleep deprived we are because of midterms. I do wish there would be a function to block certain users if they are annoying unless they post in the safety section.
  • Great app. 5/5

    By el_guero🇲🇽
    The app is awesome! Let’s you connect with students and allows you to meet new people you probably wouldn’t have met. The app also does a great job of allowing students to see the possible hazards that are happening in or around campus as well letting you know what events are happening !

Wildfire - Nearby Alerts app comments

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