Wildfire - Nearby Alerts

Wildfire - Nearby Alerts

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  • Current Version: 3.5.22
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • Developer: Day, LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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Wildfire - Nearby Alerts App

Wildfire keeps you informed of important events happening nearby, & makes it easy to spread the word quickly when something significant happens. *** Want to help us bring Wildfire to your community? Let us know at [email protected]

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Wildfire - Nearby Alerts app reviews

  • Needs wayyy too much info/access 1/5

    By hb93danie
    Like the app to stay up to date with other students, but after an update it wouldn’t let me comment on other’s posts. I redownloaded to fix the problem, and it required access to my contacts/location/phone number/notifications had to be turned on just to use the app. No thanks, I’m cautious giving an app so much access to my phone. Liked the app, really disappointed
  • Forces you to chose 3 friends 1/5

    By Shamaster
    Makes you choose 3 friends to send the app to before you can even see what’s on there. Majority of the warnings aren’t even warning worthy and most of the posts are just anonymous people looking for attention.
  • The mods on this app are trash, asks for too much access 1/5

    By Bud be
    You literally can’t have a right of center opinion. It’s pretty embarrassing. Also creating an account requires them to access your contacts list and provide 3 people. I’m not sure what for but that’s way too personal.
  • Great app, but hard to load 3/5

    By AppleD0929
    I love this app when it comes to reaching out to others on campus and getting updates on events going on. However, it’s very slow and takes forever to just open a lot of the time.
  • Won’t open 1/5

    By Nana_bean
    The app won’t start anymore it just says on the loading screen
  • Updated 1/5

    By BringIngTheStorm
    A couple of days after the update it won't open it just stays at the wildfire screen
  • Great Idea, Subpar Preformance 2/5

    By aylaaktan
    Like another reviewer already said, while the idea is great, the actual app itself is riddled with bugs. Occasionally the app will work seamlessly; however, that is very rare since there is always some sort of issue. Also, with the new update, it feels like a lot of privacy is lose since now users can see comments you have made and up votes.
  • Riddled with bugs causing crashes 1/5

    By Ngdonaclykaby
    When are the devs going to do something about this?
  • Black screen 1/5

    By Annonymisperson
    Half of the time I open this app it’s just a black screen
  • Crashes on iPhone 11 Pro iOS 13.3: unusable 1/5

    By mkov54
    Worked fine until recent iOS update, now crashes on startup
  • Great platform but... 2/5

    By Volksswaggwaggon69
    An amazing platform with a lot of potential. Unfortunately, it’s subject to numerous crashes. I can never check on it due to the app constantly crashing.
  • Great idea! Iffy execution 3/5

    By Boo- dily Bouop
    The app is a great idea and has a lot of promise but it’s taking forever to load stuff and won’t let me post/keeps crashing!
  • More like social media 3/5

    By iegisngidnfbskvgskcnd
    This app is great in how it works and it’s purpose but most of the people using it are just disgruntled about something and are using this app to vent instead of for safety. I think this is a great idea but I don’t want another place where people complain about school and what’s happening with our coach.
  • wow 1/5

    By corlzol
    only lets me use if I invite three friends from my school. i’m a transfer student and I don’t have three friends. pretty lame :/
  • Too many errors 1/5

    By bigbear123allyourtreats
    Will not allow me to post, change profile picture, or username. I have contacted support multiple times and have no received anything in return.
  • It works 4/5

    By huawei spyware
    It works. Yeah
  • Spams Contacts 1/5

    By robert1253
    I do not like how the app needs access to your contacts so that they can spam your friends.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By alex_mt431
    Terrible app. Forces you to add contacts. Developers do not respond to complaints about app problems.
  • Why is there not a way to block people on here??? 1/5

    By gaymafia22
    Also no way to report trolls
  • Deleting this app 1/5

    By asdfghjldhf
    You now have to spam 3 contacts if you want to use the app. I had deleted the app a while ago and now wanted to start using it again, but after seeing this change, guess I will just make do without it.
  • Violation of free speech 1/5

    By Luar55555
    They remove republican posts but keep Democratic ones.
  • REQUIRED to invite 3 friends! 1/5

    By shouldn't have changed
    Used this app for a whole semester and then I got a new phone so had to log back in, and now they require that you send messages to three friends asking them to join. Not spamming my friends! Bye!
  • Uses bots to make the app seem big 1/5

    By Yo Spleen
    This app can be nice and it can be funny. But it is obvious that the people at wildfire made a ton of bot accounts which post every few hours and upvote each other to make it seem like there are a lot of people using the app. They don't even try to hide or deny it. Half of the actual people from my school who have accounts joke about it in posts and make fun of the bots in the comments of all their posts. At first it was funny having this running joke about the dumb bots which keep posting but now it is genuinely annoying when the feed is clogged up by bots and not actual users. I have very little respect for the developers for doing this. Please remove the bots
  • Can’t subscribe if you dont add 3 ppl to join 1/5

    By Dannyyy23
    I’m recently transferring to a school and i dont have any three contacts to select to ask to also join. I’ve tried skipping but it won’t let me. Saus i need to add 3 ppl. Don’t believe that thats fair.
  • Wildfire 5/5

    By lollipop229
    I love this app because it is so easy and free. A social platform where you don’t have to add people, your connected to your school, and the dark mode is epic. Great way to receive quick safety information!
  • Yik Yak 2.0 1/5

    By Thxs4reading
    The app is useful around universities, so college students can connect. The initial idea for the app is for safety and alerts, and for me and my community, that is all it is good for. I go to a very inclusive college, and thought the community in the app would reflect that. It does not. It is the opposite. the posts can be very mean and there is a lot of bullying going on within comments and posts. People are rude and the campus rep for the app is not useful. I deleted the app for about a month just because I was tired of opening the app to see the same 5 people posting and being mean. When I re-downloaded it (today, December 14, 2019) I was FORCED to invited 3 friends to the app AND to turn on notifications. It would not let me log into my account without doing so. So I sent 3 invites to fake phone numbers, because I’m not going to invite friends without my real consent. Maybe this app would be a better experience at a different campus, but my experience is not great and the creators could definitely do better with that.
  • Great app, but has some bugs for me 4/5

    By greenzebra00
    Recently, I haven’t been able to actually use the app. I was only able to properly open it once within a week or so span, and I try to open it at least once every day to see what’s going on around campus. I get alerts and notifications, but when I go to actually open the app, I’m met with a black screen that doesn’t go away. I looked through the reviews and I saw that this was supposed to be fixed around October 30th, so I don’t know if the issue resurfaced with the new update three weeks ago or if there’s something wrong on my end. When it properly works, it’s a really good way to get info about what emergencies are happening or what’s going on in general!
  • Wildfire is 🔥🔥🔥 and wild 5/5

    By Asap Solanky
    I was skeptical at first but the more I used this app the more I got hooked! I’m excited to see the community grow and develop over the coming years...
  • Issues 1/5

    By calliebri
    Can’t even get started. Tells me to select three friends but no one shows up.
  • Let me back on!!! 1/5

    By sxphisticated
    This app was pretty good about campus alerts, but then one day I was logged out for no reason after 2 years of having the app!! Now they won’t let me back on unless I invite 3 people to the app, which is just frustrating!! Just let me back on already, it’s been a MONTH
  • Used to be cool, now it’s not 1/5

    By Carribean_King
    I actually really liked this app when I first got it, but now it doesn’t open anymore😞 it’s updated and everything and it just doesn’t want to start
  • Great but... 4/5

    By tgats37
    I enjoy using this app to connect with people from my school. We go to school in an area that can get a little scary so it is always good to have constant updates when people get their cars or apartments broken into. However, recently when I go to like a comment or expand a comment my app force closes on me. This is every time. I do not know why it’s happening. My phone says the latest update was 2 weeks ago but I think it’s due for another.
  • Wouldn’t let me log in 1/5

    By DoodleKins3
    Wouldn’t let me log in unless I sent spam to my contacts. Bye then!
  • Tons of fake posts and accounts 1/5

    By ae4zi
    There are around 20 fake accounts that post irrelevant or overly general/relatable content. For example, posting about midterms at the end of the semester or about bike lanes on a campus that doesn’t have any. On days when there aren’t many other posts, they post exactly once every three hours.
  • Definite improvement to the college experience 5/5

    By Wolfie623
    Met my best friend at school on here by complete coincidence, highly recommend!
  • I love this app! I have one recommendation though 5/5

    By Wylie.K
    This app has been more entertaining than most other social media apps for me and it makes it really easy to find first-hand photos and videos of things happening around campus or the town. I love it for that. However, I do wish there was at least this addition to the app, among others that I can’t think of right now: The ability to mute/unmute people. Some people post obnoxious stuff 24/7 and that can get annoying. I don’t want their account to get taken down because other people find it entertaining but I also don’t want to see it myself.
  • I’m not advertising for you 1/5

    By Aka wag
    It is stupid how it won’t let you use the app unless you add three of your contacts
  • Useful but.. 2/5

    By *N.J.*
    I cannot read replies since the last update
  • great but 3/5

    By Skyscraper_love
    i love this app and i use it to get advice from other students but the app takes forever to open and lately it just doesn’t load at all. i get notifications but the app won’t open for me. i tried deleting it and reinstalling and its still not working. it’s a shame because i really did like this app. it was very informative especially when there’s a bunch of creeps at our campus. (God the Mother). please fix it!
  • Clicking a notification doesn’t work 1/5

    By Iso Mo
    It just brings up a black screen
  • Fix the bugs 1/5

    By Flunkel
    The app obviously serves a purpose but if you don’t fix the bugs people will quit using it and find a better version somewhere else. So little of the basic functions work
  • Why though 1/5

    By Jayleni
    I deleted the app for a few days while I concentrated on school. When I try to sign in again it does not let me unless I send an invitation to three friends -_-. I don’t even have one friend!!
  • Pyramid scheme 1/5

    By schranktank
    Forces you to text other people about the app before letting you use it.
  • Bs 1/5

    By unicornchickens
    It makes you add 3 friends like they don’t give you an option to not put it
  • The app is broken 1/5

    By sadspagehttio
    The app won’t even open for me after I updated it, it either won’t load or would crash.
  • Pyramid Scheme 1/5

    By The Podcast Fan
    I really don’t like the fact that one must share contact information for three contacts to use the app. Rude. I’m not doing it.
  • New update requires you to “add friends” 1/5

    By mm 1212
    New update logs you out. To log back in, you’re required to turn on notifications for everything AND requires you to add “3 close friends from your contacts”. It shouldn’t be required that you share the app with others in order to use it. Used this app for two years, and not sure I want to anymore. Plenty of crashes when you try to refresh the page. Not to mention views and shares were faked. There’s no way that 15,000+ people viewed a post and have hundreds of shares when the majority of students of a 30,000 person campus haven’t even heard of this app.
  • Too much politics... 1/5

    By AllOutJay
    Loved the app at first, but I got tired of seeing the nonsense politics over and over. It doesn’t help when the university rep encourages it either. The politics talk with be from trolls who are just trying to get a response out of people and never seemed to be banned. Don’t recommend it.
  • Ignorance 2/5

    By kaitliiiiinnnnnnn
    While the app is super useful for when things actually happen.. there are some people who aren't using the app property and spamming the feed with unnecessary conversation that is offending a lot of people. I have repeatedly reported many posts from the same accounts that are spamming feed with nonsense posts. I've been depending a lot on this app to make sure I am safe as well as my peers, although the interference is extremely annoying.

Wildfire - Nearby Alerts app comments

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