Will it Crush?

Will it Crush?

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  • Current Version: 1.3.4
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Voodoo
  • Compatibility: Android
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Will it Crush? App

Will it Crush? Short answer: "Yes" Building of ultimate double toothed roller crushing machine never been so easy and fun! - Free to play - Endless gameplay and upgrades - No internet connection required - Play in a boring class or meeting


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  • Eddies 5/5

    By Eddie roy island
    This game is awesome
  • More like Ad it 1/5

    By Dundun duunnnnn
    Too many ads don’t care they are short and ad every 10-30 seconds is ridiculous
  • It’s pretty fun 4/5

    By Jennyanydots11
    I find this game more like a time killer and I find it really satisfying and ya I’d recommend it
  • Why thi 1/5

    By Your main fan
    This game makes no sense I can’t even “play” it like the other guy said
  • Bonus 1/5

    By soooooooyeah
    The bonus button that pops up does not pay out and it takes you to an ad that even when watched doesn’t get paid out
  • To much adds 3/5

    By joey2peass
    There’s to much adds. Every time I start working then a add pops up. And I don’t like it
  • Way too many adds 1/5

    By too manh adds
    Every time you tap in the app you get an add. It’s insane I don’t begrudge some money to developers but this is way too much.
  • Addictive and Fun 5/5

    By ha011905
    Very addictive and fun just they need to remove some ads but you should get it
  • Great 5/5

    By NICKcool123⚔️
    Just great
  • Great 5/5

    By bob9486485533724722753(814)
    It is great !!!!!!!
  • Spooki 5/5

    By xsul6an6
    جاي من سبوكي 🌚
  • how to get rid of the excessive adds 5/5

    By potato obliterator
    this game is nice and simple but many people say that it has to many adds. a good way to work around that is just put your phone on airplane mode and NO MORE ADDS!!! so you can play add free and then this game is quite good and fun.
  • Fun 5/5

    By Angelo4747
    The game great keep up the work and I'm excited what going to be next in the future. Heres a way to stop ads disable WiFi or data in settings and then reload game There problem solved :) Heres a thing you should add Where you can Customize the wheels look by adding skins. So every time you level up you get a new skin.
  • Deathly amount of ads 1/5

    By $boopy doopy
    There is so many ads I can’t tap anything without an ad popping up it’s ridiculous the amount of ads there is it’s unplayable unless you pay for no ads.
  • Ads 2/5

    By Dj ninja drew
    The game is fun but when you level up and don’t x2 your amount it still shows you a ad
  • Ads👎 1/5

    By kacperm1
    Way to many ads
  • Waste of time and pointless 1/5

    By grahamcrackers
    Game is completely pointless and is designed to make money off you at every possible moment. If you don’t buy the ad removal it will spam you with adds nonstop. In the end the game has no point whatsoever besides wasting your time.
  • Too many ADs 1/5

    By Jyroo
    You click more than one bonus box you get and ad, you can double the bonus box for a longer ad, you can increase box worth for an ad, you can click bonus button for an ad. You either accept a low income of $5 a second or you view a 5-30 second ad every 15 second for a quick 2k-10k income boost. Basically if your aren’t watching ads the whole time you might as well not be playing.
  • Ad Watching Simulator 1/5

    By symonwill
    Hope you like watching more ads than playing the game. There’s literally an ad that plays every 15 seconds or so.

    By Doggo Plays Games
    Too many adds!!! I MEAN COME ON PEOPLE, NO ONE CARES ABOUT THE ADDS!!!! ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU HAVE TO WATCH AN ADD FOR DOING SOMETHING THE GAME NEEDS YOU TO DO LIKE LEVELING UP!! Let me tell you something important for games, If you get rid of the fricken adds maybe you'd get a better rating, I know, SHOCKING. I know the app is free witch is a plus, but make there be A LOT less adds, seriously dudes, I don't think you need all the add money just to keep up ONE game. Not to mention all the adds in your other games, almost the same situation with the adds, but also the same solution!!!!!!! The game it self isn't too bad, it's like the kind of game you'd expect from this creator. Overall the main flaw that DEFINITELY needs to be changed no matter what is the adds, PLEASE!!!!! If this doesn't change soon I'm probably just gonna delete the dumb game. Fix this problem soon or others might do as I might do too!!!
  • Sh*t game 1/5

    By Kaylajoii
    This game is so f*king stupid . Don’t download it .
  • Ads even if you don’t select bonuses 1/5

    By 3.14-PI.E
    When you log in, this game offers you a choice between collecting the points you earned while gone, and doubling them by watching an ad. This, and other “watch an ad for a bonus” incentives are common for the genre. But if you choose to NOT watch an ad and just collect the base amount ... this game shows you an ad. I thought maybe I’d tapped the wrong thing but it did it several times. That’s far from the only time an ad pops up without warning/permission, but the final straw for me was a full-sound ad that played with no trigger whatsoever. There’s lots of idle games out there. Don’t waste your time with this one.
  • Amazing game 5/5

    By Awpetty
    The game is really fun but there should be a way to get gems without having to buy them
  • Good but no sound??? 4/5

    By Jonathan Foxworth
    I love this but no sound it gets to quiet but don't get me wrong it's a good game
  • It’s not bad but it’s not good 3/5

    By pokemon4ever😍
    I mean, it’s not a bad app, but it’s not a good app. You don’t really get to do anything. It does look pretty cool though. And you can speed up the crushing and give the crushers more power.
  • Great game 5/5

    By bdhdhsbdjdns
    I love this game and there is one thing that could be added: a way to get more crushers instead of 2
  • Ads Ads Ads 1/5

    By R. Norman C.
    If you crave pop up ads this is the game for you. I’ve played other games with pop up ads but this thing is insane. Seriously, I think I spent more time watching ads than playing the game. As soon as I post this review I’ll be deleting this game.
  • Plane rides and road trips 5/5

    By Zachary Cook
    This game is great for fading time. I’m 13 and I have a shot attention span and ADHD. I can’t sit still long for very long without getting antsy. This game kept me occupied for a good 3 - 5 hours at a time on our road trip to Colorado, in which we drove 8 hours then stopped at a hotel the next day wash rinse repeat. To get there it was 4 days. I played this game so much, it felt like I had accomplished so much because of how fast time passed. Long story short, it’s great for long rides.
  • Adds 1/5

    By mcthee
    I get you want to sell but they’re a lil much at least starting out I feel like I spend more time with the adds then playing the game
  • Alright Game 2/5

    By Pawps808
    Every time when the bonus button appears an ad pop up right after clicking it. Not only that do don’t get the amount given. Junk brah.
  • Pretty good 4/5

    By sfjstilhdkgsyidgk
    It pretty good
  • Ads 3/5

    By dongkeypong./.
    Too many ads
  • Will it crush 3/5

    By duckoooooooooo
    Well this game is a bit boring but also addicting and has too many adds
  • Way too many ads 1/5

    By Havocfail
    Ads after every other collect, just sad and ridiculous.
  • Full of ads 1/5

    By Burbaderp
    You’ll get a 30 second ad every 30 seconds
  • All ads all day 1/5

    By Rakomaiwvwi
    Play watch ad repeat.
  • Love it 5/5

    By ignid1
    So cool I love this game awesome
  • The best game In the world 5/5

    By fdffsfde
  • It’s okay, but I’m having a BIG problem 3/5

    By Ava_Gaming💕
    I saw this game as an ad so I went and downloaded it. At first it seemed like fun, but after I shut my tablet down for 10 minutes I tried going back and I could grab my offline earnings and it wouldn’t even let me upgrade anything. It was such a bummer. But the game idea it self is a great idea. Make an update to fix this plz! Ps. I’ve tried everything to fix it.😭
  • Lots o adz 5/5

    By you suck👍
    Too much adz
  • Good game 5/5

    By cohenpainter
    Your game is amazing it is really easy to earn money but not to easy I like a challenge but it can not be too hard if it is too hard that I will quit thanks for making this app
  • lol 😂 4/5

    By rebecca
    GOOD APP! but I always fall asleep when I'm waiting to get enough money to upgrade.😐
  • Pointless, stupid game. 1/5

    By SU0IVEX
    If you have an IQ of a falling box that is falling into pretty much static screen with 2 wheels spinning, then it might be a game for you. Game is completely pointless as you run out of upgrades within few “investments” and no matter how much you fiddle with the game you go nowhere unless you watch ads, adS, aDS, ADS! On top of that you actually can make more, by NOT playing!! Which of course defeats the whole purpose of playing the game!
  • No point in not clicking movie ad 1/5

    By Kane8997
    Not sure why we’re given the option to click “collect” and “2x collect w/ ad” when you click on collect and still have to watch the ad. I don’t mind ads but this is one of those games where you watch more ads than play. Not worth it at all.
  • Good game 5/5

    By captincreepper
    I have a ton of fun in this game and so much fun telling my friends and family. One thing can you make a button we’re you can clear what is coming down so can catch up
  • 😏 4/5

    By thisisbestcauseitsnottaken
    I would’ve put 5 stars if there wasn’t an add once you clicked anything
  • To many adds 5/5

    By ripzzfan
    The game is fun but to much adds If you don’t like adds don’t get this game
  • Enjoyable 4/5

    By LolgurlXD
    It’s very well made for how simple it is. I can be entertained for hours by simple idle games like this so it’s perfect for me! If you like strongly interactive games I wouldn’t consider this though, it’s similar to all the tycoon games in that it’s mostly idle.
  • Gsdjbsyk 4/5

    By ffjhfjjff
  • Why I like crush:D 5/5

    By nicklepickle7
    I like this game because I have SUCH a fast spinner and the game is fun and yeah.

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