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Windosill App

Explore a dream-like world of ten mysterious vistas in this touchscreen classic. Equal parts puzzle game, physics toy box, and living picture-book, Windosill's animated, interactive world is meticulously constructed to reward playful investigation. Designed to be experienced in a single sitting (anywhere between 20 minutes and 2 hours), Windosill is suitable for curious children and imaginative adults alike. ---- “This is the one game that had the most influence on Monument Valley. It’s full of wonder and playfulness and beauty... it’s a digital toybox that anyone can play, and everyone can complete.” - Ken Wong, designer of Monument Valley ( "Windosill isn't like anything I've played on the iPad before, and it proved to be a delightful, playful surprise. Give it a shot, and you'll be glad you did." - Kotaku "An incredible show of 3D vector art, combining puzzles, physics, and gorgeous visuals, all rolled into a neat little package." - G4TV


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  • The Original Toy Gaming App 4/5

    By jeffgc7
    Toy gaming (Vignettes, GNOG) is an exciting, imaginative form of app gameplay that pushes amazing creative boundaries, and Windowsill’s colorful adventure is one of the first to do it. It’s a bizarre little gem that at times requires odd solutions, but none too difficult that you give up entirely. The game is, however, way too short for its price; I completed it in 20 minutes max and I simply don’t see how it can extend for two hours. There is a neat unlockable after the game is completed, but it isn’t enough for true replay value. And the lack of even a simple soundtrack to compliment the quirky sound effects is a missed opportunity. Overall, though, the game is quite enchanting and laid the groundwork for such a fun kind of puzzle.
  • Fun, creative, challenging 4/5

    By MatthewCh
    This is a wonderful puzzle game, with fantastic artwork and a challenging (unstated) goal. This game allows you to explore the entire environment, which gives quite a bit of replayability for such a short game. And that is my only complaint about this game: I wish it was 10 times longer! Worth the purchase! Bought the game on recommendation from Graham Linehan (this developer created menus for The I.T. Crowd DVD.) Also, I highly recommend Levels, another game by the same publisher.
  • Super fun 5/5

    By Larryreader
    This is a super fun app to explore and play with. Honestly, never played euthanasia anything like this before. Wish it went on forever.
  • Still Essential After All These Years 5/5

    By kidkoexist
    Apps by Vectorpark are incomparable to anything else as a combination of beautiful minimalist art and interactive design. I feel inspired every time I play with one. Now I enjoy them with my 3-year-old and their value has gone up exponentially. It would be a shame to ruin any of the surprises by describing them here, so allow me to simply say: get this and the rest of the Vectorpark apps, touch every part of them, and you’ll be glad you did.
  • My kids love it - beautiful game with so much to explore 5/5

    By Illgb
    Thanks for making it work on iPhone!
  • Too pricey 2/5

    By Hyppogirl
    This game is really cool and artsy. But it only has about 11 short lived levels. I would spend maybe $.99 on this, but I decided to spend $3 on it. Not worth the price, but it is what the description says. I was done in under 20 minutes
  • Stunning! Too brief 5/5

    By Feline Muse
    I LOVED this little game. But PLEASE create more levels! I was heartbroken that it ended so soon. I would happily pay for more levels!
  • Extraordinary 5/5

    By Disappointed84621
    Thank you. Truly incredible. Surprising, fun, just boiling with creative thinking, one of a kind.
  • Childlike discovery and wonder 5/5

    By LeVeLi
    Love this game. Every little discovery is a "wow!" moment full of amazement.
  • AMAZING . . . but too short☹️ 3/5

    By Ploooooooooop
    This game is amazing but the night I got it, I finished it in like 10 minutes. It's REALLY fun but it should be a lot longer. I was so exited to buy it but then I finished it really shortly. It should be so much longer. ➡️➡️➡️➡️➡️
  • Inventive Challenging & Fun 5/5

    By GraceOM
    A constant surprise through every door. It's nit just for kids

    By turkerrr1
    A short game with no apparent plot, but enough creativity and genius for a lifetime. Worth it's price, no question. PLEEAAASE make more levels.
  • Best $3 I have ever spent 5/5

    By JG2580
    Yes, the game is fairly short, but it is so interactive and there are so many little hidden details that you'll find yourself playing it through several times. It's also absolutely GORGEOUS and it's obvious that the author put a ton of effort in to it, right down to the tiniest little detail. I just wish there were more levels (fingers crossed)!
  • Super fun... But 5/5

    By emma:)2002
    I think its super fun and interesting but you should add more levels please
  • This game is great but 5/5

    By Caiden 1111
    I love this game so much but there are these annoying sounds when I try to open a door and when I interact with the stars in the sky. Can you please fix this. Otherwise I love your games and keep up the good work.😉
  • Omg 5/5

    By Ooooeeeeehhiiiiiiiii
    This game is fun, and creative, but trippy as f**k
  • A puzzler that is as fun as it is a feast for the senses 5/5

    By al_truistic
    I got this for my wife but found myself getting into this unassuming puzzler as much as she did. Gorgeous visuals, atmospheric audio and effects, pulls you in and happily keeps you solving the dreaminess of each new vignette. No it isn’t hardcore but, at times it can make you work for the payoff…you’ll be glad you do. Highly recommended and I look forward to another installment.
  • Loads of fun. 5/5

    By HRHJen
    My kids and I really enjoy playing Windowsill. It is a unique piece of interactive artwork. :0 )
  • This game is adorable, fun, challenging(yet 20 to 35 minutes long)! 5/5

    By Kc 1 5
    This game is as of yet an undiscovered classic but just because it's not well known give it a try short but well worth the price.
  • Great Find 5/5

    By Teeferz
    Happy was the day that a friend of a friend told me about this app... While many apps have been added and since removed from my iPad Windosill stays on... It seems new whenever I play with it... And it is absolutely addictive to watch others figure it out in new ways. Thanks for the fun !
  • Stunning 5/5

    By Working9-5
    Absolutely amazing app. Mind-blowing. Played it with my 4-year old son who loves it. Very different. No loud fake screaming BS for kids--they must use their minds to figure things out. Unparalleled app.
  • Good game 4/5

    By Kawaiicrafter
    For those of you saying that there's only one level, that's not true. In the bottom shelf of the first stage, there should be a car, like the one in the app icon. There should also be a cube. Pick up the cube, put it through the hole in the wall of the shelf, open the door, and be on your way. The rest of the levels involve finding the cube that opens the door so that the car may proceed. It's a very fun, strange puzzle game if you can actually figure out the first level. Which, no offense, isn't that hard to do. My only complaint is that some of the later levels are too hard, and you just click a bunch of stuff hoping it'll work. However, it's over all a very good game!
  • It's absolutely the best 5/5

    By Ricey012
    Beautiful puzzley fun for everyone.
  • This game is art 5/5

    By Buzznick
    Some of the words that describe this game: intriguing, curious, satisfying, peaceful, dreamy, artistic, challenging, relaxing. The way the elements move and sound really pull you in, and everything is very well done. It challenges you, but never makes you frustrated. This has been a favorite of mine to show people.
  • Just love this app 5/5

    By jkandell
    Beautiful soulful graphics, no distracting ads, and genuine visual puzzles. Children like it too, though feed the head is a bit simpler.
  • Very clever! 5/5

    By Jharlan99
    My son is 4 and it took us a few minutes to figure out the goal of the game but after that it was ON. The app is very enjoyable, engaging and really made my boy think. We love it!
  • Surreal on an unprecedented level 5/5

    By nerd wannabe
    No words can describe this... thing. I struggle to call it a game, and yet I had just as much fun. Experience it yourself, if for no other reason than to see the pretty art they made.
  • Best game ever!!!!! 5/5

    By Elyet123
    Most creative game ever🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
  • Best game 5/5

    By Fluffy Beansprout
    I love it...
  • Terrific 5/5

    By SweetieHammy
    These levels are healthy for the brains strategics, you guys rock !!!
  • Brilliant little game 5/5

    By Cnell
    Good for the brain. Hope you add more levels.
  • Very Good 4/5

    By Mr. Kayak
    This is a very good game. I disagree with some other reviews in that I don't think the graphics are that incredible, good but not incredible. I very much like the way the game is a bit of a challenge but at only one point does it become so difficult that is just plain dumb luck if you get through the scene. I would give this game five stars but it is a very very short game.
  • Stunning 5/5

    By FergyK0416
    Absolutely brilliant point and click style puzzle game. Loved it.
  • Not working on iOs8 1/5

    By Charl Zero
    I dont know who's fault it is but this game won't load at all on my iPad Air on iOs8
  • It won't let me play the game all it does is crash 1/5

    By Sskilz
    I'm seriously getting annoyed with this problem
  • Rubydeu 5/5

    By Rubydeu
    Still coming back to this puzzle, so does my 5 year old grandson for over a year. We both wish for added levels or updates that change it up some more!
  • Incredible 5/5

    By Robert Cantoni
    This is a beautiful game that is able to be both difficult and fun. It’s a magical experience.
  • Imaginative and engaging 4/5

    By kaplag
    I'm struck by how creative and satisfying the interactions are. This app is great for children and adults alike. The "game" experience is short however it's fun to go back and play around in your favorite sill. It is less a game and more a playground where cool things happen.
  • Wonderful! 5/5

    By IlliniosSurferDude
    So imaginative, so beautiful, so fun! Are you goal-oriented or do you just want to play? Either way, this clever and beautifully designed app is awesome. Play, think, have fun!

    By Oinjjko
    Gave a bad review earlier. I than looked at this app more for its artsy ness than puzzle ness. Give it a five star review now.
  • Cool, But Short 3/5

    By JJoLew
    Very beautiful artwork and definitely entertaining, but solves it very quickly (less than an hour), so I'm not sure it was worth the price. I've paid less for other games that entertain me for weeks. I would only recommend if you have money to spend and you're more interested in the art rather than the game.
  • Nice but maybe not worth it 4/5

    By _jas_
    The game/piece-of-art is quite visually wonderful as others said, however it didn’t wind up lasting very long for me (nor my 5 year old). It is not that challenging from a puzzler standpoint. Once you’re done, it’s over; and besides my wonder at the art of it, I also had a vague feeling that was barely worth the cost.
  • SmarticleParticle 5/5

    By SmartPerson3.141592654...
    Amazing app. Curious surprises at every level! Wish it was longer . . . Other than that, great job!
  • Absolutely beautiful 5/5

    By Hdfreema
    Marvelous little game, absolutely stunning graphics, clever puzzles and very charming. It's a little gem, worth every penny. I, too, hope the developer creates more games... Great creative mind, there!
  • Doesn't work 1/5

    By Kimberley Sweetser
  • Best game in the wholeeee freakin world!!!!! 5/5

    By Kplover #1
    This is the best game I have ever played and ever will play. It is worth every penny and will be willing to pay much more for next game. Please please please create a second, and third, and forth one!!!!!!!!!! I don't care if it's 5 to 10 bucks I want it!!!!!!! Don't hesitate and buy it right nowwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Sweet & Lovely! 5/5

    By AnythingQuiet
    I would liken the experience with that of playing with a piece of interactive art. You play through several levels or windows where you experiment with the objects and backgrounds in each one to solve a sort of mystery puzzle, the end result is you get a little block key to unlock the door to the next window. But the most fun is in interacting and figuring out what everything does and how it all works together.
  • So Cool!! 5/5

    By HondaMom66
    Great APP...need to make some more!
  • OMG! 5/5

    By Toops tunes
    This is so cool! I love the art style and the creativity, this app opens up an amazing world and it's just AWESOME!!! I want to play more levels though, it's just so amazing and I want to see even more! If you read my comment, thanks for listening:)
  • Love this game 5/5

    By Click here to earn $100!
    This is one of my favorite point and click games. Despite its short gameplay, I'd go as far to say that I'd pay a full dollar per level if I had to. I have replayed this game several times since I first played this as a flash game.

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