Window - Intermittent Fasting

Window - Intermittent Fasting

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  • Current Version: 3.15
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: DailyBurn
  • Compatibility: Android
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Window - Intermittent Fasting App

Discover an easy way to lose weight, feel great and stay healthy! Get Window — your reliable intermittent fasting tracker. Track your daily eating window, log your weight loss and form new eating habits. Don’t limit yourself in what you eat, just eat at the right time! What features are available for Window users? - Track your eating window and your fast all in one app. - Schedule your eating windows in advance. - Get notified when your eating windows open and close. - Use Siri to open or close your eating window from any device. - Check on your eating window or fast from your Lock Screen, using the Window widget. - Sync your data with Apple Health app. Discover the Premium features: - Choose from popular fasting plans - Attach daily notes and photos - Track your weight * SUBSCRIPTION INFORMATION Сhoose from different subscription options. Our standard subscription options are: * 3-months Subscription * 1-year Subscription *Subscription with a free trial period will automatically renew to a paid subscription. You can cancel your subscription in the iTunes settings at least 24- hours before the end of the free trial period. Subscription payments will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of your purchase and upon commencement of each renewal term. *Please note: any unused portion of a free trial period (if offered) will be forfeited when you purchase a premium subscription during the free trial period. *You can cancel a free trial or subscription anytime by cancelling your subscription through your iTunes account settings. This must be done 24 hours before the end of a free trial or subscription period to avoid being charged. The cancellation will take effect the day after the last day of the current subscription period, and you will be downgraded to the free service. Window is intended to be a tool to track intermittent fasting and is not a medical or healthcare service. The content within Window is for informational purposes only. You should consult with a medical professional before starting intermittent fasting or any other weight loss program, especially if you are pregnant or suffer from a medical condition. Happy tracking! Icons powered by By using Window you agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Privacy Policy: EULA:

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Window - Intermittent Fasting app reviews

  • Too complex for OMAD beginners 1/5

    By Color_lover033
    This app is too complex for what I want. I just want to track my eating window as I slowly ratchet it into what I really want. I’m moving towards OMAD and pushing my eating window from 1 pm start to eventual 3 pm start. The app wants me to pick an IF window and stick with it. And there’s tons of other functionality too. Too much.
  • No help 1/5

    By luckytj34
    There is no help button on this app. I wanted to adjust my rating window and it wouldn’t let me adjust. Also I wanted to change my plan to ‘manual’ and could not find the page. Not worth the money.
  • Junk 2/5

    By Shelbyd505
    This app is pretty. I was comparing it to Life and Zero. What I’ve found is that this app, like Simple, doesn’t actually record when you tell it that you’ve started a fast, ended a fast, etc... there is no way to accurately edit errant fasts/eating windows either if you notice that the app didn’t record what you entered in. I’m glad I didn’t pay full price for this, but I’m also wishing I hadn’t spent one dime on it, since the free apps (Life and Zero) are actually much easier to use and don’t “lose track” of entered information. A suggestion: have a diary entry option, complete with DATES or DAYS of the week. Don’t make it impossible. Allow it to sync with other apps. Maybe write some code that will allow the app to SAVE information so that editing entries isn’t an issue. Beautiful app. Needs work.
  • Not helpful 1/5

    By frustratedfaster
    I started using this app two year ago. With all the changes I can’t get it to do what I wan which is manually open and close my eating window. My fast times vary and I just can’t figure this app out anymore!
  • Very offensive 1/5

    By your friend Calli
    I’m actually pretty offended by this app. I understand that it works— if you don’t eat, you will lose weight. But I’m offended by the fact that “fasting” is a weight loss method. Fasting is a religious practice for growing closer to God, not a practice for losing weight. It’s about giving up food to remind yourself of your dependence on God and to surrender control, not skipping meals to try to control your body and life. Fasting should NEVER be about weight loss. I also think that the concept behind this app could very easily condone anorexia. It’s literally telling people to eat less and be strong enough to skip meals. It’s also promoting a view of food as inherently bad or wrong. This app says to everyone who downloads it, “less food is better because food=weight”. NO ONE needs to stop eating food. People need to know when to eat, what to eat, and how much to eat. But they don’t need to view food as a “necessary evil”. As a girl who really struggles with her relationship with food, this app is disgusting to me. If you want to see your food rightly, if you don’t want to hate everything you eat, if you want FREEDOM from food, do not download this app.
  • Misleading Rip-Off 1/5

    By shellseeker59
    In order to download this app to try, it showed a 7 day free trial. But, the only way to get that was to sign up for a subscription, which they said could be cancelled anytime in the 7 days. After proceeding to this point, there was a $39.99/year option, and a $19.99/year option. As I’m sure most people would, I chose the cheaper option. It did NOT say that I would not receive the 7 day free trial and would be billed immediately. However, that is what happened. I immediately tried to cancel, and iTunes would not let me. I filed a complaint with PayPal, and they also refused to refund my money.
  • Some good features, some annoying 3/5

    By 40s getting fit
    I like how easy it is to edit the times I start and stop a fast in my manual mode. The pop up inquiring the difficulty of a fast only allows the “easy” answer... None of the others will close the pop-up window. It is annoying and not at all helpful. I am not interested in the Christmas theme, and the color scheme is not to my liking although I have gotten used to it. It would be nice to have a choice between teal or simple black or gray. I like being able to track my weight coordinated with my fasting window. It has allowed me to hone my fasting regime a bit. For the most part, it is a straightforward app. I preferred the old version better, but I suppose offering the learning tab is good for true beginners. Please fix the pop up assessment of the fasting routine.
  • Fasting “Timer” 1/5

    By lookfabolous2020
    Thought that it will have a better way to monitor your fasting and eating window, like calorie counter, even some proposals of what to eat.. about fasting I was expecting also some suggestions about what fasting time could be the best based on my goals.. It looks more like a timer which can give you as results some statistics, of how consistent you are.
  • Success 5/5

    By Cris Coulter
    I deleted the app off of my phone and the Company reached out to Ask why Well because I lost all the weight, that’s why!! And now I know my eating schedule so I just don’t need it
  • No features are free 2/5

    By Medic1211
    I seriously hate it when app developers don’t list a price and let you download the app for free “with in-app purchases” only to find that NOTHING in the app works without a subscription. Such a waste of time.
  • Edit problems 5/5

    By gtwsrw
    Something has happened where I can no longer enter my start and stop times. What’s up?
  • Not free at all - must purchase or commit to purchase 1/5

    By jlsistrunk
  • Disappointed 3/5

    By jannew17
    Confusing, hard to use
  • Worst app purchase I ever made 1/5

    By chetteganda
    I cannot change the date of the start of my fast. Default reminder for manual fast is 5 hours. What if I need it for 3 hours? It is more focused on presets.
  • Don’t Like Update 3/5

    By traceybybee
    Sitting here tonight wishing I could close my window early. No button allows that. So I have to email myself a reminder to go back and amend today. ...or get another app.
  • Can no longer add a Note - Disappointed 1/5

    By lulu12343
    I used to be able to add notes to my daily fast. No longer able to do it unless I upgrade to the premium plan. Not worth it.
  • Lost my data 3/5

    By Jmom36
    With one of the new updates, my data disappeared! I no longer have any of my old weigh-ins or fasting windows history. It’s all gone. I get that you want to make money with selling memberships now, but you really shouldn’t have deleted the data without giving us an opportunity to download it. Very disappointed and frustrated! I’ll be looking around at the other app options.
  • Quiero un reembolso 1/5

    By hdhdhiddvdudfvdld
    Mi baby de 5 años jugaba con mi teléfono cuando por error compro esta app y la verdad a. Mi no me es útil quiero un reembolso
  • Super helpful 5/5

    By Alliboo17
    Easy to use and very helpful
  • Too costly 3/5

    By sghjjygv
    To much money for pro and too few features for free version
  • Hate the changes. 1/5

    By bbqval
    I used to love this app. I liked to track my Windows rather than my Fasting time. Since the changes I can’t figure out how to track my Windows. I started using another fasting app.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By IFERANN123
    Only wish I could get the first 3months of my fasting record back. My app got accidentally deleted 😢
  • Downgraded since sold out 1/5

    By Brc2765
    The developer who initially created the app did a great job. Since then, he’s sold it and it’s obvious he sold his soul, if you will! Certain features aren’t here anymore (like buzzing when windows open and close on Apple Watch), and now developers are charging for basic features. Darn; off to the next app!
  • Can’t even properly translate fasting period into dashboard 1/5

    By Ben Pinkert
    The main function of this app is supposed to be tracking my eating and fasting windows. I selected an 8 hour eating window and the dashboard shows a 10 Hour window from 11.00-21.00 and I have no way of adjusting the dashboard - very frustrating and makes the app kind of useless
  • Update is terrible 1/5

    By Reviewer7956
    This app used to be great when you could do a flexible window. The new owner got rid of that feature, which makes this virtually useless. Save your money and set an alert on your phone for whatever window you want... that will be more useful than this iteration.
  • Gah!!!! 1/5

    By Bella jansjdjjdjsns
    I’m trying sooooo hard to like this. I was going strong but then Thanksgiving hit. I would LOVE to not feel bad about a two day slip, but trying to edit and start anew is proving to be impossible. It makes me feel like badly that I simply cannot find a way to just start a new fasting day fresh. When I delete old days that are incorrect I’m suddenly on a 181 hour fast. Yuck.
  • Purchased from previous owner grandfathered 5/5

    By vjjensen
    Wow I gotta say these negative reviews ARE totally unjustified in my opinion, this seller is adjusting and willing to work with people and make correctjust read the feedback comments.. I am Just getting going again So far so good Will update later I paid a flat rate and helped to give input on the building of app with previous owner Facebook page.. an illness took me away for some time. I like what I see and been easy to set up a new start.. I wish the new owners luck and prosperity 😁
  • Landforms 1/5

    By kndfo
    Don’t like this new window — to hard to navigate and open n close windows —- was fine before u changed it ugggghhh
  • “Premium” subscription pop up blocking my “Note” being saved 1/5

    By Pisces Bob
    I had this app since before it was purchased. I’m grandmothered in. The pop up solicitation is disabling my ability to save a note Please fix this obstacle. No rating
  • guys have tubed it. 1/5

    By spacetanker
    Sorry folks but you truly have taken the essence of this app and subordinated it to something else. Open window, close window. That was the most important and useful thing about this app. Then add a note as to what I ate, track weight and move on with our lives. But it’s muddled and weird now. To my sadness, someone on the DDD page asked what app they should use and out of probably 50+ responses at the time I looked at it, only one person mentioned this app...the one created for Gin and her followers by her son. Everyone else said go with Life or Zero as they’re simpler to use. It’s the flexibility and just getting to the heart of open window, close window that made this app really good. And now it’s just muddled, main point lost and no longer an easy’s a job to get through all the stuff on here to get to the main window...close window... Edited to add: this app opened my window (while I was sleeping) after I had chosen “the manual plan”. I’m not sure you all understand what “manual” means... now it’s not just that it’s muddled and difficult, it doesn’t even do what it’s supposed to. Seriously you guys have ruined the point of the app and now that it has a mind of its own, I’ll have to delete it.
  • Biest 1/5

    By logobeati
    I like it a lot but it doesn’t connect to health on my phone so I had to move along but if not using this app for the health app I recommend that u use it
  • No longer supports Apple Watch features. Disappointing. 1/5

    By Skarahla
    but since Daily Burn took over, it doesn’t sync with my Apple Watch. I use a flexible window that I control through my watch. In the last few weeks I’ve lost data and notice that the data changes out of the blue, like my 2 hour window will suddenly shift to a 44 hour fast?!?! My watch and phone app often report different windows- the watch will say I’m fasting and the phone will report that I opened my window when I did not. Today the watch is not syncing at all and will not launch. Please fix ASAP!
  • Love this app! 5/5

    By Beckyiheart57
    I love Window! I can go back and forth between different plans with ease and I love that it keeps all the information I need on an easy format.
  • Rigid! 2/5

    By Lyoshka5
    The app has a good promise, but as of now, I don’t think I want to use it any longer. ....if I forgot to start my fast in the app the night before, the edit button does not allow me to go back to a previous day. Come on! Really? It’s such a small thing, but one that will cost you customers. We don’t all always remember to tick the app when the new daily fast or eating window starts. Please give us the ability to go back multiple days.
  • Happy Window user for over a year now!! 4/5

    By Angry Bird playing Mom/RN
    Overall, I really like this app. The only thing I wish it had was a social aspect. I recently started using the LIFE app in conjunction with Window, only because I’m able to have a group of IF Friends on LIFE where I can follow their daily fasts and message with them. Otherwise I’m pretty content with how it has all of my fasting data since I started in August 2018, perfect way to looks at my stats!
  • Blank screen 4/5

    By cindylbw
    Won’t open even after closing down phone. Please respond !
  • Apple Watch 3/5

    By Dmg 1212
    I love this app but recently I have noticed problems with my Apple Watch 4. The timer on my watch just stopped working.
  • Menu 3/5

    By addymont26
    I think the app was for recive information of what can I eat
  • No editing available 1/5

    By Ju if
    This app is very limited in what it can track. I thought I had a 30 day free trial and would only be charged if I chose to continue. As I used the app 2 days and have not looked at it since I was pretty perplexed to be charged the annual fee. Not a happy camper at all!
  • Sold and now useless.... 5/5

    By sad faster
    This was my favorite app....until it was recently sold!!! Now it is useless to me. So sad! Wish they had left it like it was when they purchased it!
  • Stopped working! 5/5

    By Moemoco
    This app was amazing and was clearly geared towards intermittent fasters. Now it is as if they are thinking we are dieting because you can’t customize the fast. Also, I have had more problems with the app working properly. Now in fasting I just have a blank screen in my dashboard and nothing is updated since October 21?!!
  • Don’t like new updates 1/5

    By grateful4l
    I prefer the old version. This one is too rigid. If you accidentally open your window you can’t cancel it. You also can’t do anything in the app unless you pick a plan.
  • Beth 3/5

    By Nsjsieirjendndn
    How to cancel this app???
  • Worthless 1/5

    By peterbilt386
    I can’t believe I just paid 20 dollars for an app that will not ell me when my eating window opens and closes..........that’s it? Very sorry I didn’t look more closely at what it does. No food log or anything. LOSE IT app is much more useful and does everything this does ( basically nothing) and so much more. 20 dollars wasted. Save your money.
  • Deleting this app 1/5

    By T35A
    Hate the update.
  • Great app & app support! 3/5

    By rvnurse
    Update to 3 star. New company assisted me to redeem my purchase. Great app support. Thank you.... Having to lower review again. They are not able to grandfather in previous purchases. I just got notified that I am leaving this app. I am not a subscriber. I purchased this app from original developer. Frustrated customer.
  • Used to be better 3/5

    By Whisk a
    Some other company bought this and made it clear fusing and hard to use and manipulate - will be stopping use and finding another one.
  • This is just a timer 1/5

    By talulaheose
    Is this all this is? It’s a timer.. I know I don’t forget when my window opens or closes 😂
  • The new update is very frustrating - please go back to the way it was !!!! 1/5

    By Mary30T
    I learned about the app through the book of Gin Stephens. Her son built the app. after subscribing, I learnt that the app got bought out by somebody else. Loved the app till today. When I opened it today it looked different which is fine, but the new update took away the option to close your window when you decide. Now you have to wait for the window to close itself from the settings you have put in at the initial set up. Personally, I loved that I could open and close my window the way it was before this new update. I wish I could get a refund for the $19/ year I already paid!

Window - Intermittent Fasting app comments

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