WinIt - Fight Your NYC Tickets

WinIt - Fight Your NYC Tickets

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WinIt - Fight Your NYC Tickets App

With an easy-to-use interface and a risk-free guarantee, WinIt is the best way to manage and fight your NYC parking and traffic tickets. We've partnered with seasoned parking specialists and traffic attorneys who have been fighting tickets in NYC for over 20 years to provide you with the best odds of winning your fight! Upload all your tickets Check the status of your disputes at any time Keep an eye out for new violations with our Ticket Guardian auto-dispute feature Parking ticket disputes are risk-free: WinIt only charges 50% of the ticket amount, only when your ticket is dismissed! Before you fight your traffic ticket, get a quote from a real attorney for the cost to fight it! Download today and see why the New York Times calls us "Heaven-Sent"! WInIt has been featured in: The New York Times "An App to Help You Win the Parking-Ticket War" Macworld "The Week in iOS Apps: WinIt lets you fight your parking tickets" New York Post "This app will fight your parking ticket so you don’t have to" PIX11 "New app helps you get NYC parking tickets dismissed" AOL NEWS "New app will fight your parking ticket for you" THRILLIST "This app fights your parking tickets so you don’t have " ABC NEWS "Have a parking ticket? There's an app to help fight it" If you have any questions, problems, or feedback, don’t hesitate to send us an email at [email protected]


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WinIt - Fight Your NYC Tickets app reviews

  • Best Ticket Servicing Ever 5/5

    By Shair Butt 786
    I had gotten a parking ticket and this app had done their job by getting it dismissed and I only paid half of the ticket as a fee overall I had saved 50% which is better than paying the whole and or going to wait at court for hours which I don’t have time for and getting it fully dismissed thank you guys for your help and I will further share your guys experience with others
  • WinIt is amazing! 5/5

    By Knapol
    I always use this application and mostly successfully! Thanks!
  • Won my ticket 4/5

    By arsam rana
    Hurry! U guys are awesome I just won my ticket thanks 2 u
  • Good app, hefty fee 4/5

    By I don't wanna create a nick!
    App is well designed, easy, and works well. It also got a good percentage of my tickets dismissed (even those in which I was clearly guilty). When a ticket is dismissed, you pay half of what you would have paid to WinIt. So while paying the fee is better than paying the full parking fine, it’s a pretty steep fee. I would guess that the city makes a deal with the developer and takes a cut in exchange for dismissing a percentage of tickets.
  • Recommended 5/5

    By mr cone
    Wow super easy to fight the tickets they really save you money on tickets fees
  • It works! 5/5

    By PKHNewYork
    I recently had two: a traffic one and a parking one. I won both through WinIt. It is so easy. I just take a photo of the ticket and upload it. And they do the rest. I forget about it. Then in a few weeks I get an email that I won. Much cheaper and easier than hiring an attorney myself.
  • Ashraf 5/5

    By atammam66
    They are good and take a good car of their client I recommend them for your tekt
  • Second time case dismissed saved lot of money 5/5

    I am so impressed, they just dismissed my second parking ticket, this application is no joke, saved me lot of money. Don't waste your time disputing your parking or traffic ticket, just open WinIt and they will do everything for you. Thank you WinIt
  • Very good thankfully I found this app 5/5

    By Pllumi. NYC.
    Very good thankfully I found this app . I have so many tickets and so far it dismissed all of them even one ticket no standing anytime which is very hard to beat
  • Won it again !! 5/5

    By SimarH
    There is nothing like WinIt. First of all they are very fair about their charges, only charges if win not like others they take your money and still leave you hanging just with the word..SORRY.. WinIt people are very strong for winning for you . I trust them more than myself!!
  • Winning 5/5

    By Ghjffdjknfdd
    Amazing .ive tried fighting on my own and never win but WinIt......beat 5 of 9 tickets!!!! highly recommended. I have a few more pending. Also gave me extra time to pay on the guilty ones
  • takes forever!!! 2/5

    By soosyiah
    took more than a year to get the result which was found guilty. kept postponing the court date, and i had to keep in mind about ticket. i would just pay the ticket next time and relieve the stress from thinking about it. It would be helpful to know whats the percentage of getting ticket dismissed before submission.
  • This app is a scammed 1/5

    By Bellove26
    On 5/7/18 I downloaded this app because i had received a traffic ticket. I wanted them to help me fight the ticket as i entered my ticket information there was a part that asked me to enter my debit card information and been told my card will not be charged until they win my ticket. These people charged my card $375 instantly. When i try to contact them there was no phone number you can only contact them via email. I sent them an email stating that i do not want to continue with them i just want my money back. They send me out an email stating that the $375 is for the lawyer to represent me if i win i wont pay anymore money however if i dont win i will have to pay the ticket price. I send them another email stating that i do not want to continue canceled the whole process they write me back on 5/10/18 stating that they already processed my ticket i can not be refunded of my money back these people are scammers on the process it says that it will take months for them to resolved the case there is no way they already processed my ticket and its my money i should be able to changed my mind about them representing i will try to post a copy of the email they if i can. Please stay away from these people stay away stay away stay away please do not trust them with your debit card or credit card. Please stay away from this app they are scammers scammers scammers. They stoled my $375 and does not want to refund me my money i repeat do not trust them with your debit or credit card information. If i could give them a -0 for stars thats what i would give them once you put your card information you will not be able to delete it because they are scammers and they withdraw the money immediately from your account. Do not trust those good reviews they paying people’s to write good reviews for them. Run away from them.
  • Excellent 5/5

    By Nasima83
    This is very nice. Amazing service. Very simple and easy. They dismissed my nyc red light ticket. Thanks WinIt team.
  • Love WinIt 5/5

    By bratman717
    I’ve been using WinIt for a couple of years now , and they are Great. Won 4 out 5 , but I knew I had no chance what so ever on the loser . But didn’t hurt to try free if they don’t winit 😎😎😎
  • Impressive 5/5

    By Ed-al
    First time trying this App, was extremely satisfied... My ticket was dismissed, saved me time and money.
  • Woohooo! 5/5

    By Prvt investor
    Two tickets dismissed, one I had to pay, and one in the pipeline. Great app, does exactly what is says it’s supposed to do. The interface is simple to use.
  • Good app 5/5

    By LPerez231
    I live in New York and this app has saved me $205 just in parking ticket
  • Great App 5/5

    By Shannon B!
    The app is simple - upload your ticket and your evidence and your done! They all all of the work for you, just sit back and wait. I do wish that it we’re as simple for the app to fight traffic tickets (instead of having to pay for the lawyer).
  • Simple and easy 5/5

    By wael labib
    Great app specially after the upgrade, awesome.
  • Winit success 5/5

    By GAP ll
    I highly recommend the Winit App. They came through for me 100% with traffic and parking tickets which is amazing since I’m from out of town. Thanks a million guys. I wish you all success in the future.
  • Awesome job 5/5

    By artienyc
    I want to thank you to WinIt team for the ticket I have thought that can not be dismissed. I was under full impression that I had to pay for it and there is no point fighting for it. I was postponing the payment close to deadline and I got email that mine ticket was submitted to be fought. So I said to myself I have nothing to loose.Few weeks later I have received update that they “We WonIt”. They have saved me 50% of money that I would have paid. I highly recommend WinIt team before you pay it to NYC.
  • tanks so much 5/5

    By Álejandro
    i love this app is the second time that i use it and i always win
  • Good option to track electronically 3/5

    By jeffrey li nj
    The app gives the capability to track your open tickets electronically. It could improve having more constant updates on the ticket situation and having the capability to call in to speak to someone.
  • Convenience 5/5

    By Xadeyu
    Just downloaded the app, upload your ticket, wait, dismiss. What else do you need? Definitely recommend!!!
  • Fantastic service 5/5

    By ItsLehcim
    I’ve already recommended this app to friends and will continue to do so. It’s a simple process, you provide your vehicle info, ticket info, and evidence disputing the ticket, and that’s all you have to do. WinIt goes and fights your tickets. So far they’ve won every ticket I’ve disputed. Also the app itself has a very clean design which is nice. One request for future updates might be to give the option to provide more than one picture for evidence, maybe up to 3 would be fair.
  • Great app!! 5/5

    By sandra 04
    I’ve used it twice. On a $115 and a $60 ticket. Both were dismissed, saving me over $85 in fees! It’s so easy to use. A really great app!!
  • Effective and convenient service 5/5

    By Tomilou
    I was dreading having to fight a parking ticket and was about to pay it out of conveniency when a friend told me about Win It. All you need to do is enter your plate or ticket number and the Win It team takes care of the rest. I didn’t waste any of my time and the Win It team kept informed of the progress every few days. The day the ticket was dismissed, they charged the fee to my credit card on file and voila! I highly recommend if like me, you do not want to bother disputing a ticket on your own! It fast, reliable and convenient.
  • It’s a real deal! 5/5

    By yevgen 701
    It’s so simple and convenient to use. I got already two tickets dismissed- no fine no points on my record. I am very impressed!
  • So simple! 4/5

    By the real marlab
    So quick and simple! Got my ticket dismissed and I didn't have to go anywhere! Saved me so much time and effort
  • Tickets got dismissed 5/5

    By kuku Hui
    I drove to New York from Georgia for the first time therefore I did not know much of the traffic laws in New York. I got there late and parked my car in front of other people driveway and I got a parking ticket next morning. At first I thought this was definitely my fault so I would have to pay the full amount. However, I really did not want to pay that much money so I went online and found WinIt. They dismissed my tickets and I only had to pay half of the amount for their services. It’s worth it.
  • Thanks to WinIt team 5/5

    By Miwa921
    First of all I wasn’t really sure if they can dispute tickets, but in fact I am really glad I used their service. 100% dispute rate so far. Great work. Thanks!
  • A great service! 5/5

    By Jonney e
    WinIt has been instrumental in alleviating the burden of NYC parking ticket and moving violations since I first came across it in 2013. NYC parking meters seem to be robotic in issuing these violations, even if you approach them in person to debate that you were not necessarily in the wrong. The idea that WinIt would go through the lengthy process of fighting a ticket through the NYC system on your behalf is incredible and well worth the 50% commission. I appreciate everything WinIt has done for me over the years, have boasted about their services to friends on many occasions, and will definitely continue to use them in the future!
  • Satisfied 3/5

    By bronxborn67
    I downloaded the WinIt app and I won. WinIt kept me informed on where I stood and I was constantly updated on the process. They got the ticket dismissed and I was responsible for paying them a fee. Half of what it would have cost me. So I am satisfied. Thank you WinIt.
  • Great App! 5/5

    By Yurikrup
    They win every time!
  • Ticket dismissal 5/5

    By vanees karim
    Best app ever to win a parking ticket. I have tried many times to fight a parking ticket by going to the court and was never successful. Waste of time going to courts WinIt is best possible app where it’s easy to use and you save Great work team WinIt
  • Wow, best service ever 5/5

    By dinho17
    Winit is number one amazing ticket beater ever, from 5 tickets submitted they beat 4 saving me over $130. I can’t thank you enough..
  • Ticket was dismissed 5/5

    By Robbxusmx
    First time using the Winit App and it was successful. No need to pay the full price of a ticket when you can youse Winit and instead only pay half if dismissed. Highly recommend it!
  • A complete Success!!! Use them !! 5/5

    By Cdleek
    Omg 😯 Never thought you would have beat this last ticket, but you did. Your batting a 1000, my last ticket, and now this parking ticket. I can’t thank you enough. 😀👍
  • Works as advertised! 5/5

    By dieselbravo23
    I recently use the app for the first time. I live in New York City, I disputed a parking ticket which was quick and easy through the app. I didn’t even need the violation number, they were able to find it with my plate number, they submitted to dispute on my behalf for the ticket and one so I paid half of what I would’ve paid the city of New York. Definitely worth using you have nothing to lose by trying it because you don’t pay extra if they don’t win.
  • Awesome!! 5/5

    By Roy Suarez
    I honestly didn’t think it would get dismissed. Gave them a try and was pleasantly surprised. I’ll be using this app from now on.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Kamyabnet
    The app is great. You don't always win but it is great that you have a chance to fight it.
  • Won it! 5/5

    By pippyl0ngpockets
    Takes sometime but it’s worth the wait!
  • The best 5/5

    By Sara32006
    I recommend 100% Win It... I don’t know how they do it but they help you to get dismiss your tickets.
  • No customer service 1/5

    By Zamzam9
    WinIt is an app that just makes a try to dispute your ticket just by luck something that any person who knows basic computer skills can do it . Traffic violations is the worst , you pay the fees once you submit the ticket even if your hearing is after a year , they assign an attorney for you that you can’t even reach to explain . I had a court today and tried to reach support from 2 weeks with no answer . Worst customer support I ever experienced. Deleting the app never using it again.
  • Thank WINIT 5/5

    By Cassamba
    Thank WINIT for dismissing my moving violation ticket. I got the website from a friend of mine when I was looking for a lawyer. It works!!! I was so worried about this ticket and thank God it got dismissed because WINIT and I didn’t have to miss a day of work. You simply send the ticket to them and they take care of everything. Guys, it works!
  • Thank you WinIt 5/5

    By Ronsooth
    The Process was Per longing but the end results was great. My ticket was Dismissed.
  • Excellent service and app 5/5

    By dado6367
    Although not all of my tickets are dismissed, most of them are. Great service, recommend highly!!
  • 5 star 5/5

    By Msh Jey
    Nice and easy. No hidden charge. No overcharge. I loved it.
  • Automatic and effective 5/5

    By LearnedSponge
    I give it my license plate, it searches for tickets issued to me, and fights them. I did nothing and they got my ticket dismissed.

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