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WinIt - Fight Your Tickets App

With a risk-free guarantee for parking tickets, and high success rates in disputing traffic tickets, WinIt is the best way to manage and fight your parking and traffic tickets. We've contracted with seasoned parking specialists and traffic attorneys who have been fighting tickets for over 20 years to provide you with a best-of-breed solution to easily and cost-effectively fight your parking and traffic tickets! • Upload all your tickets • Check the status of your disputes at any time • Keep an eye out for new violations with our ticket guardian and auto-dispute feature Parking ticket disputes are risk-free: WinIt only charges 50% of the ticket amount, and only when your ticket is dismissed! Before you pay your traffic ticket, get a quote from an experienced traffic attorney for the cost to fight it! Download today and experience for yourself why the New York Times calls us "Heaven-Sent"! WInIt has been featured in: The New York Times "An App to Help You Win the Parking-Ticket War" Macworld "The Week in iOS Apps: WinIt lets you fight your parking tickets" New York Post "This app will fight your parking ticket so you don’t have to" PIX11 "New app helps you get NYC parking tickets dismissed" AOL NEWS "New app will fight your parking ticket for you" THRILLIST "This app fights your parking tickets so you don’t have " ABC NEWS "Have a parking ticket? There's an app to help fight it" If you have any questions, problems, or feedback, don’t hesitate to send us an email at [email protected]

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WinIt - Fight Your Tickets app reviews

  • Simple & Effective 4/5

    By asianblue
    I just wanted to write to thank the developers for creating such a great app. My colleague had turned me to WinIt after facing a 2 pt summons. I’m the past, I’ve hired Traffic Attorneys with fees starting under $500 and the results have also been mixed. WinIt linked me to a reputable local attorney with even less fees upfront and I learned today that my ticket was dismissed! I am ecstatic and I will be using WinIt again and I have another 2 summonses that I need representation for. A shout out to my Attorney, Craig Bondy! You Rock!
  • Azar k 5/5

    By azak k
    I received a traffic ticket and I was afraid to get 2 points but WinIt lawyer contacted me and assured me that he will do his best . Sure enough they postponed the court few times then the court day came and the decision was dismissed. I thank WinIt for the efforts that they did.
  • This site is amazing 5/5

    By Tempo t
    I’m so excited to be a WinIt customer. I no longer have to deal with all of the penalties and fees while my ticket it being disputed. WinIt has helped me to save a lot of money and time. I’m so happy to be apart of the WinIt family.
  • I use this service for all of my traffic violations 5/5

    By laurendjdndd
    I have a better rate of beating tickets with winit. The app is also easy to use and lets you see and manage any outstanding tickets.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Trmjl
    At first I was little skeptical because of the wait in a response. To my delight it was well worth it. This app gives the average joe a fighting chance and a voice. Thank you WinIt. I would highly recommend this app and use again whether I win or or lose.
  • Simply amazing 5/5

    By sandrartinez836
    To be honest I didn’t think this was gonna work then next thing I know I got my ticket dismissed and all u do is pay 50% I love this app
  • Dismissed my first ticket!! 5/5

    By Addddddyyyyyy
    In the 7 months I’ve had my license for the first time I had a parking ticket and using WinIt was awesome they got it dismissed and I didn’t have to pay for it!! Literally I tell everyone about this app
  • Effective, honest, and upfront service! 5/5

    By liantric
    I’ve used WinIt twice now and have been very happy with their service. Their legal personnel is top notch and will take care of your case with determination and skill. I highly recommend this app to anyone in the NYC area that runs into a traffic ticket!
  • Violation ticket 5/5

    By guang87
    My two tickets were disputed, it’s amazing.
  • We won 5/5

    By AMBER 306
    Took a while but we won. Win it made it happen
  • Amazing app! 5/5

    By Priyanka D Gianchandani
    WinIt keeps its word and as the name suggests - “WinIt”!
  • Great experience 5/5

    By Slyone101
    Galdy reccomend this app to any of my NYC people since we get the most tickets, They keep you updated every step of the way. Thank you very much for dissmissing my ticket. 🙌🏽 god bless you guys rock!
  • A must-have app to keep your insurance premium under control 5/5

    By Raymond_Sung78
    I began fighting traffic tickets 10 years ago when I got my first speeding ticket. I fought off several tickets during the 10 years but each time it was a pain to find the right attorney, and managed the process. I even had one attorney that missed the scheduled court date that caused a lot of fire fighting. With my friend’s suggestion, I started using WinIt with my last ticket. Oh man it was such a smooth process. It took minutes to find the right attorney in the app, instead of days of searching, and I am informed every step along the way until the ticket was dismissed. Highly recommending this app to everyone.
  • Win! 5/5

    By MR53954750
    Got my first parking ticket a couple of months ago. Submitted it through the app and even though I was 100% at fault, they fought it for me and kept me updated along the way. And they won.
  • Reliable lawyers with decent rates 5/5

    By gman309
    They were able to dismiss a traffic violation for me, located in NY. I have one more pending next month. Definitely worth the try rather than pleading myself.
  • Pretty good 4/5

    By nyc098
    In NYC got 1 ticket dismissed; a different 1 was not dismissed. I really like that they communicate well and let you know the stage of the process. I do think the 50% charge is high though and that they should tell you why exactly the ticket got dismissed if only for intellectual curiosity.
  • Hands down best app 5/5

    By emoney15st
    I’ve had a decent amount of success with win it. I’ve have had 6 tickets posted in the past 2 years street cleaners and one stop sign summons . They were able to dismiss my summons and won two parking tickets so far thank you!
  • Worth the wait 5/5

    By Theonebx22
    Keep up the good service
  • Scam 1/5

    By fgnkl
    Made me guilty with 2 points
  • Amazed 5/5

    By Mohammed316x
    Great fighting ticket app! I would be lazy and just pay the normal fee but winit fought for me and now paying half the price!
  • They WON it!!! 5/5

    By Jayv1995
    Can’t believe they won my parking ticket. I was running late for work and purposely just left my car in a no parking zone. I thought there was no way they could win the ticket but somehow they did! Thank you winit.
  • Excellent 5/5

    By Ecua63
    I am very satisfied
  • Ticket 5/5

    By Genicole135
    This app has done an amazing job fighting for a ticket and working through the system. It’s quick and easy you fight your ticket and submit the necessary documents and they do the rest for you and keep you updated.
  • Awsome A+ 5/5

    By Lou_FromTha20
    Received a ticket i didn't think i would be able to dispute and Winit got it done for me. Highly recommend everyone to give them a try.
  • Easy to use, no hassle 5/5

    By jayohwhyseeeeh
    I was referred by a friend who gets multiple traffic/speeding tickets. He tells me he’s won all the tickets using this app. Hesitantly, I used it. It’s easy to use. My lawyer, Craig Bondy, contacted me as soon as I submitted my ticket. I was able to explain what happened/what led up to the ticket. They kept me updated on the ticket. Got dismissed ! 10/10 would refer to a friend. Will most likely use it again in the future (*knock on wood*). 👍🏼
  • Thank you! 5/5

    By Van Douche
    I just want to say this is the most convenient and helpful app to fight a ticket! I’ve won a few parking tickets that I probably wouldn’t have if i didn’t dispute it. The best thing also even if you don’t win it you get extra time with no Late fees to pay it! 🙌🏾🙌🏾 thank you Win it !
  • Better than full price! 5/5

    By SlipperySnake98
    I submitted two tickets for review (two different vehicles), although I lost the ticket that was clearly my fault, the disputable ticket was won and I only paid half the fee. Better than paying full price!
  • Amazing experience 5/5

    By P. Dubey
    I got a ticket in NYC back in November 2018 (driving wrong way) I was so upset and nervous that i have to fight with them in Manhattan south . I live in Long Island . I know that it will be difficult to communicate with them and surly prove guilty no matter what. My brother referred me to Winit, telling me that Winit will fight the ticket for me and high chance to win the case. My ticket got dismissed. I always receive notifications every transaction they did for me. Thank you for your assistance .
  • Helping the fight against NYC Ticketing 5/5

    By eshgettehhhhh
    This app is simple. You input your ticket info and they take care of the rest. File And forget while the app does it’s thing in the background. No late fees on your tickets or anything. They simply inform you on whether you’ve won which you would then pay half of the ticket, or pay the full ticket amount on the app. Simple. Got wind of this app via Shark Tank btw
  • Got my ticket Dismissed! 4/5

    By LGMorgan
    Thanks to WinIt I got my ticket dismissed. It was worth paying half the total ticket price and not gettin 2 points in my license.
  • Awesome tool! 5/5

    By Jusdavila
    WinIt came in handy when it came to the ridiculous parking game in NYC. I knew I didn’t deserve a ticket, but I didn’t have the time to go and fight it. WinIt picked up the gloves for me and beat the ticket! Thank you so much WinIt team!
  • Don’t use 1/5

    By JML88
    It took them so long to process my tickets that I incurred late fees. None of my tickets were dismissed, this whole ordeal cost me more than if I would have just paid the tickets to the city directly.
  • Don’t fall for it’s name WINIT. 1/5

    By aknyus
    poor customer service. Out come is as basic as an individual can do by them selves. I would have done a better job than their attorneys did. Out come was 6 points on my license and $280 in fines plus $300 winit fee. It’s a total scam. Stay away from this app.
  • thanks to winit 5/5

    By atammam66
    thank you to winit and there asusuted they are great and keep me up to date they get me the second dismiss on my tekt . thank you to grige bondy my aterny they are doing there best to brotect my licince . thanks again
  • Samson. M 5/5

    By sammy2time
    Awesome work done by the WinIt team of attorneys. (Craig Bondy) They fought this Traffic ticket for me and won! Everyone must give this app a try, it can safe you the headache of dealing with going to court to fight a ticket.
  • Case dismissed 5/5

    By 24 hrs security
    Thank you WinIt Team A+++
  • Will never not use this app 5/5

    By mgcmpx2
    Submitted my speeding ticket to WinIt 10 days before my hearing date. They immediately assigned me an attorney. Never had to speak to anyone, they showed up for me and all I had to do was type my ticket number into this app. Was informed that my ticket was dismissed the next day, so happy that I found this app!
  • Awesome App 5/5

    By Sammy T3
    Great, simple, and fast! It was great to see my ticket dismissed. I would recommend them to everyone!
  • Works great for NYers 5/5

    By Skkkkkkt111112
    I live in NY and my job involves driving all the time. A ticket is bound to happen. When it comes to tickets you win some and you lose some. With this app, at least it saves you time.
  • Easy & Awesome worth a shot 5/5

    By Eric.Harms.NY
    I think the app is amazing! It usually takes a long period of time for the ticket to be disputed allowing you plenty of extra time to either pay it , or get it dismissed and only pay half! I think it’s worth it
  • Words can’t describe 5/5

    By eldiablocoño
    I got a ticket for expired registration sticker and they were able to get it dismissed.... it took a while but they did it i’ll recommend this app to anybody....
  • Stay away 1/5

    By Relepp
    This company will only win 1/25 tickets. And when they loose it they’ll charge you a surcharge to pay the ticket on your behalf. In the time you can pay directly with your back for no charge Not worth the download
  • Long Wait, But Saved Half My Money. 5/5

    By Appleton lol
    I was double parked outside of my school, i got out to greet my girlfriend and walked up to her. On my way back i saw the traffic cop in front of my car. I sat in the drivers seat and my girlfriend was getting in. He couldn’t scan my car (dirty probably). And rushed the ticket by writing my plate and car body type and handing it to me. Of course during the ticket i was technically “loading” my passenger. But anyway it took 3-4 months or more for the ticket to be disputed. Nonetheless it got disputed and saved me around $60. Recommended this by a friend and would definitely recommend this to anyone. Currently recommending all my friends to use this if they ever get tickets. Of course with moving violations i use my real lawyer he’s the best never loses and I don’t want to risk points on my drivers license😂. But for parking tickets, winit is good!
  • Excellent service !!! 5/5

    I received a moving violation ticket 6 points if I leaded guiltily. I didn’t know what to do, this is a first time I received a yellow ticket. After doing some research I used WINIT. They were able to post pone the court day for 2 years and my ticket was dismissed. I am beyond happy!!! At best I thought maybe a few points off the violation but to get it dismissed is magic. I didn’t want to have my driving record ruined and my insurance go up. Thank you WINIT TEAM. The whole process was smooth. I am very great full. God bless you guys!!!
  • Hi guys 5/5

    By Saimj
    This it’s my friend helping me with the evil tickets in NY. Thanks guys. U rock
  • Perfect for Young Drivers 5/5

    By davidpushka
    I recently got 2 Parking tickets at the same meter which was paid for WinIt won both tickets for me and I had no penalties or late fees !!! Great App
  • Great App! 5/5

    By jdh517849
    WinIt is a great app and makes the process of fighting tickets extremely easy. I trust the company, and my success rate has been high - almost all of my tickets were won. Highly recommend!
  • Great app 5/5

    By Dsmys
    I had a ticket that was dismissed thanks to this app. The best thing is that they monitor your tickets so you know when you get one. Like when you give your car to a friend and they get a ticket and don’t tell you. Like it happened in my case. So instead of getting a fine I got a notice and it was dismissed. Thank you!!!
  • Good job 5/5

    By khurs
    Wall done, my ticket dismissed love it !

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