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Experience WIRED’s award-winning journalism on your iPhone and iPad. Every month, the WIRED app brings you the full issue of the magazine, packed with fresh insights, stunning design, and beautiful writing. If you are a subscriber to the magazine or to WIRED.com, access to the digital edition is already included in your subscription. Download the app, and follow the prompts for “All Access” to link your account on your iPhone and iPad. If you purchase a subscription in the App store, you can also enjoy unlimited access to an ad-free browsing experience on WIRED.com. Follow the prompts to “Complete Account Setup,” then use your email and password to log in to Wired.com. If you experience problems with, or have questions about, the WIRED app, please contact us at 1-800-825-5388. SUBSCRIBERS’ AUTOMATIC-RENEWAL FEATURE: Your subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Your iTunes account will automatically be charged at the same price for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period (another year for annual subscribers, another month for monthly subscribers) unless you change your subscription preferences in your account settings. You can manage your subscriptions through your Account Settings after purchase. No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during active subscription period. Please go to www.wired.com/go/appCDS for more information. Annual and monthly subscriptions are available. WIRED is published 12 times a year. Our terms of use and privacy policy can be found at http://www.condenast.com/privacy-policy.

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WIRED Magazine app reviews

  • Why doesn’t this work? 1/5

    By ghccmorgen
    This app won’t even open anymore - so what have I paid for?
  • Blank! 1/5

    By AppleAntDude
    I see no issues after logging in with my iPhone 4S (iOS v9.3.5)! 👎🏿
  • Paid to be bombed by Ads 1/5

    By Psh2
    One of the most confusing interfaces on any Apple device ever. They should win an award for this. About 90% ads 10% content. This version should be free a paid version should eliminate 3/4 of these ads.
  • Don’t size too small and can’t change it 1/5

    By neilschmeil
    Think size 8-10 on word document font size. Don’t strain your eyes and bother with the app
  • Only runs in portrait mode 1/5

    By Fljmayer99
    ... which makes it unusable on my iPad.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By ksfjanalfownsn
    WIRED app is a disaster. It’s the exact same application of the print version, with zero digital adaptation. I can’t tell immediately whether I’m looking at an ad page or an article because there’s no indication - not knowing whether to vertically or horizontally scroll. There’s no way to tell how long each article is thus I can’t decide immediately which article/s I want to consume. Overall I can’t tell where I am in relation to the entire magazine because there’s no easy overview on each screen which there should be. The navigation is so linear, is there a way to tap and choose a desired article from the chapter screen?? Also, the circles and squares around titles for chapters and subchapters makes no sense in May 2019 issue. It took me a while to realize what the shapes meant.
  • You USED to be able to see ALL back issue you purchased 1/5

    By greebs
    Now you can only see last 12 months. Fail.
  • Have to download entire issue 1/5

    By Asdfghjklamandaasdfghjlk
    The design is not usable at all. I have a wired subscription. I downloaded the app to read the magazine, but you have to download the whole monthly issue (must be on wifi). Not set up like any other news app.
  • The worst app related to intuitiveness 1/5

    By Frolip
    Alternate reality- time zone differences? Solar flares? Something caused the Wired Editor to lay out this app as if they are from another dimension from the rest of us.
  • 1 star is a generous rating. 1/5

    By 老上海宁
    All the complaints I have read are justified..... and then some from myself. But this app developer seems to be a lost cause already after this many updates and versions. So I would bother.
  • Font Size 2/5

    By KpccListener
    Just downloaded the app. Couldn’t figure out where to change font size. No wonder this gets a 2 star
  • Good content, app needs work 2/5

    By Megavolt
    Problems with app: - It insists on being in portrait mode. This turns out to be one of the buggiest parts of iOS. The bug that affected screen rotation appears to have been fixed, but this app triggered it constantly. And when using this app recently using screen zoom, my iPad locked up when the iPad rotated, and the app prevented the screen from following. There’s still a bug, and this app is the best way to find it. - The app won’t let you pinch to zoom, nor can you select a different font. If you can’t read their selection, well, tough noogies, I guess. - The app insists on leaving 25% of the screen as white space. You can’t expand text into it, it’s just wasted. They are forcing their aesthetics over usability, and that’s just silly. - Ads, though. Ads are allowed to use as much of the screen as they like. 🙄 So, obviously, if you’re not their target demographic, then they don’t care about whether or not you can easily read their content.
  • Unable to navigate 1/5

    By Trickster2346
    Just bought a year subscription and the app is terrible. You can’t navigate easily at all
  • As a developer... 2/5

    By AmericanoInDeutschland
    I can see that this app doesn’t have the love it deserves. Either from Condé Nast developers (it any) or from the Condé Nast project managers (probably way too many) - It’s not optimized for iPhone X. - The navigation is just bare minimum. - I see no integration with the iOS and Mac ecosystem (so don’t expect to read an article on your phone and continue on the iPad or on the Mac) - It just randomly crashes if you play with the zoom a little bit. - It just doesn’t seem to follow the Human Interface Guidelines from Apple. None at all. Please just revamp the app. It doesn't seem to have aged well...
  • Why tho? 3/5

    By Andy's Awesome Music
    Why can’t I zoom in? Seems like a no-brainer 🤷‍♂️
  • Ability to adjust font size is a sad oversight 1/5

    By VeganTraveler
    This is a default feature in e-readers, but missing from this app. Sad!
  • I didn’t expected this from wired 1/5

    By Sridhardumpala
    That’s the most crappie interface I’ve ever seen for an iPhone X app Guys please work on your app
  • Needs updating 1/5

    By ADDbounceyball
    The.ipad version of this app is acceptable. the iPhone version is awful. It doesn't support the iPhone XS and I can only download magazines from 6 months ago. I can't download older magazines. I thought that having wired on my new iPhone XS would be great but it's the same experience as having wired on an iPhone 7!
  • Lacks basic digital features 2/5

    By This Name Is Now Taken
    Good: - Signing in and accessing the magazine was effortless - Full-page spreads look really good on an iPad display No good: - No zoom (it even displays a little icon with a crossed-out magnifying glass when you try, so you know they know you want to zoom) - No rotation (you can literally open the app with the iPad in landscape mode, and it will fire up in portrait). This is just what I found after the first ~10 minutes of use. Overall, a missed opportunity to take advantage of a digital platform in even the most basic of ways.
  • The Future Is NOT this App. 1/5

    By Claymonger
    Wow! Come on Wired, what’s with the low tech reader app? If you want to read in landscape mode, forget it. No pinch and zoom or font increase options. This app needs to get wired and get out of the cyber dust.
  • Won’t support iPad Pro in landscape, looks awful! 1/5

    By PK&H
    I do all my reading on my iPad Pro in landscape and this app won’t support it. This doesn’t represent Wired in the best light. This is the only magazine I subscribe to and am very disappointed. Removing the app.
  • No support for new devices 1/5

    By exsling
    Wired's reader base is likely to have new devices, and this app doesn't have support for it yet.
  • Cannot increase size of font 2/5

    By theMezzMan
    Fonts too small for an old guy like me. I see no way to make fonts larger. Also app is very basic, not many features at all. I pay for Wired, but the free library app is better.
  • Make it so you can enlarge text. 1/5

    By Sottaku
    It is hard to understand why, to enlarge the text of an article, I need to open the article in a browser.... every other reading app I have lets me adjust text size.
  • Wired should provide a lens with the app 1/5

    By Kharve
    Come on! Get some UX testing done. Impossible to read the content in the tiny font. Just good to watch pictures though. Look to better your content delivery.
  • Welcome to 3 years ago 1/5

    By dallenjr
    This app desperately needs to be updated. It looks absolutely awful on an iPhone XS Max. The interface is atrocious. It’s bad enough that if I weren’t able to access the content through other platforms I’d be cancelling my new subscription.
  • Wired app in dire need of an update 1/5

    By J10293847
    Many of us love wired magazine because it stays fresh and interesting. This app does the magazine no justice. The app presents the magazine much like a scanned document. No real interface. No up to date comments from the publication or readers. About low tech as you can make it. Unless you are traveling and have no access to your tablet or laptop, skip this app.
  • iPhone X support 2/5

    By chemicalmoe
    How is this still not compatible with the new iPhone X screen format?
  • No iPhone X support 3/5

    By Luke on the Farm
    The iPhone Xs ships in two days and this app doesn't support the iPhone X screen yet. This was a gimme by Apple. It was a year long freebie. Now every phone will look like this and the app will look like garbage on every one of them. I added iPhone X support to three games I maintain the week it dropped.
  • iPhone X support please 1/5

    By mikeyp123
    It’s been a year since the X has launched. Please update the app to support the iPhone X. Thanks!
  • Love the layout 2/5

    By jroooo
    Love the layout but the text is way too small. Unusable on an iPhone. Works well on an iPad.
  • App Does Not Work on iPhone 7 Plus 1/5

    By BHills09
    I am already a subscriber and I have filled in all the blanks on support I can’t even submit a support ticket and the app itself will not allow me access because I cannot sign in and do not have a username or password even though I am a subscriber. Please help.
  • Expired 2/5

    By da-wdc
    Wired: It’s Wired! Tired: It’s Wired. Expired: App still not optimized for iPhone X. But then, I’m only paying $5 for a year so... (in other words wait for the frequent discounts).
  • Great app (for 2008)! 1/5

    By Serg.1985
    This is a great example of how people used to design apps back in 2008. If you feel nostalgic - download it, you won’t regret!
  • App crashes permanently 1/5

    By phobos3
    Latest iPad. No excuse for this
  • Not Impressed 1/5

    By LoudounOldGuy
    Repeated attempts to sign in with my fully-paid print subscription account number have failed. Need digital access to read comfortably. Will not renew subscription!!
  • Need reading glasses to read the tiny font 1/5

    By Falstaff240
    I’m thinking a magazine about technology would have the best app out there. Why can’t I adjust font size. Why is it 8 font???? Is it because landscape mode is not possible? Would like to read on iphone 7. Please fix. Thanks!
  • Needs update 3/5

    By randallsmusic.com
    Needs ability to zoom and landscape c’mon!
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Watkino
    Opened magazine issue and was presented with a full screen ad I couldn’t get rid of.
  • Works fine. Looks bad on iPhone X 2/5

    By CitizenRob
    Considering their last update was 2 months ago I find it strange they didn’t also update the app to be compatible with the iPhone X. It looks horrible with the screen ratio of an iPhone 8 (and down). All this unused screen real estate.
  • End of July and not optimized for the iPhone X 1/5

    By Some_Diet
    Guys, the iPhone X is getting close to being a year old and you aren’t taking advantage of the whole screen? Trash.
  • Can’t log in to my paid subscription 1/5

    By bobvon
    I’ve spent the past hour trying to log in to my digital subscription and keep failing. My username and password aren’t recognized. I tried sending a message to the help desk and each time I receive a message that “there was a problem with the page blah, blah, blah.” For a magazine that’s suppose to be on the cutting edge of the digital world, I sure haven’t seen any evidence of it yet.
  • App Closing Solution 3/5

    By GoodFella81
    It would constantly close without opening immediately after trying to launch the app. I deleted the app and re-downloaded it which solved the problem.
  • Start Living in the Past 4/5

    By Alyx "Bigdaddy" Nguyen
    As good as the content of WIRED is, I feel that the older design around the 2013 era was better, but perhaps that’s just nostalgia. Otherwise, WIRED offers insight on current technology and a variety of sciences. I’d look on their site before jumping in blind, just to make sure it’s something you like.
  • Wouldn’t even let me create account 404 error 1/5

    By Region334
    App wouldn’t even let me create account. 404 error keeps on popping. Garbage.
  • Senseless 1/5

    By Candide18
    Impossible to sign on to. Customer support page doesn’t work so there’s no access to any help.
  • Keeps crashing on iPad Pro! 1/5

    By DonDonRCF
    Can’t open the app, not once.
  • Crashes on launch 1/5

    By dlfaust
    iPad version just immediately quits, just like other conde naste magazine aapps.
  • I’d love to love this app, but can’t even log in 1/5

    By LKS_NH
    I’ve spent 20 minutes resetting my known, good password, and even then, the app will not accept my login. Deleting this app.

WIRED Magazine app comments

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