Wireless Audio : Multiroom

Wireless Audio : Multiroom

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  • Current Version: 4132
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Samsung Electronics CO.LTD.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Wireless Audio : Multiroom App

The Samsung ‘Wireless Audio – Multiroom’ system enables listeners to enjoy tether-free entertainment in any room in the house, from virtually any audio source, all controlled from a downloadable app and facilitated by easy installation. Stream all music, anywhere It’s easy to find and play the music you love from various free Internet radio or music services*. Play different songs in different rooms or play the same song all throughout the house - give a room sound simply by adding extra speakers. (* Music services vary by region) Easy Control Liberate your listening experience and take back control via a simple downloadable remote app. Please contact Samsung(Customer Contact Center or Website) if you are having problems operating Multiroom Speaker or Multiroom Audio App. - Website : www.samsung.com/support

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Wireless Audio : Multiroom app reviews

  • App no longer usable 1/5

    By Lideveloper
    App was working fine but doesn’t connect anymore with recent apple updates. Have to remove and reinstall, but only get one chance to connect to speakers then no longer can connect to speakers. Please fix.
  • Only work on app 2/5

    By kskshshshshahsh
    Equalizer only works on app which is giving me bad for my naibor cause of the base . It is not saving from site so I have this a 2 star !
  • Horrendous app 1/5

    By RoomsD
    Had to install and uninstall several times but keeps coming back with ' No WiFi connection' message for my mobile even though my iPhone is very much connected to WiFi. And suddenly the link and support for Amazon music is not working. My Samsung smart speakers are practically unusable
  • App on iPhone 2/5

    By Ffjjyrcvb
    Please fix the app, it’s really annoying to manage de volume and to connect for the first time to any of the speakers. For android is really easy
  • Junk! 1/5

    By ccrraappee
    I was told to delete my Samsung MultiRoom app. 2 hours on the phone with Samsung, that’s who told me to use this app. My phone says it’s connected but this app won’t recognize the speaker. Can’t get past the connect to speaker!!!
  • iPhone X - iPhone 11 Pro 1/5

    By YouKnow760
    Can’t use the app at all. Please fix ASAP!
  • Need another app 1/5

    By Modem7890
    Tried for two weeks to connect my WiFi with this app without luck. Thought sound bar was defective and almost returned it. Came across Samsung’s SmartThings app and tried it. Sound bar (hw-MS650) connected quickly and has stayed connected. When I tried the MultiRoom app after connecting with the SmartThings app, it also connected and I was able to update the software.
  • Always disconnects, now not working at all iOS13.2 1/5

    By EaseleeIapproach
    R1 speaker (4x) I bought 4 speakers to create a group and control via WiFi. When it works it’s good, speakers sound good. But... Sometimes for no reason at all the group disconnects. Then you’re left with 1 or no speakers playing music. I don’t like that apps like Pyro cannot play music on the group via WiFi, only apps that apparently have been blessed by Samsung are allowed. Now, they are not able to connect to the app at all. Since IOS13.2 update I am left being able to connect to only 1 speaker at a time using Bluetooth or nothing. Sure, the speakers are cheaper than Sonos, but at least Sonos works. So sad.
  • Not compatible with IOS13 1/5

    By D Jonsey
    Has not worked since last IOS13 update. Hangs at network connection.
  • WiFi setup stuck for shape m7. 1/5

    By coolclakr84
    I cannot pass through WiFi set up for shape m7. However Ethernet is good. I’m using IOS.
  • Samsung MultiRoom app crashing. 1/5

    By Seriously Dave
    App continues to crash with Apple Os 13. Since I upgrade to iOS 13 on my iPhone the app constantly crashes. The music continues to play but app will not open. States” Connect your device to Wifi. No WiFi connection”. Have to delete app and reinstall to work again then crashes shortly after and have to go through the whole process again to control music. Please fix this Samsung
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    By Viviane Monkley
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  • Ongoing WiFi Connectivity Issues 2/5

    By StarD3
    Each time I receive no WiFi connection, I check and WiFi is fine. I uninstall the app, reinstall it and it works. A few minutes later, it does it again. Update as of 10/31/19: it did it again. Ridiculous.
  • Not working correctly with Apple devices IOS 13 1/5

    By 42ted
    Seems Samsung is not investing resources to this part of the business. It takes a year to do updates to the application. Us consumers are not important to the company. No customer satisfaction focus.
  • Add new speaker - BROKEN COMPLETELY on iOS 1/5

    By Fredke007
    As seems typical of Samsung, anything of important detail or critical importance to their users, just doesn’t work at all on iOS. Say one of your wireless R3 speakers isn’t showing up correctly in this app. You need to reset the speaker and add it as a new speaker to get it to be part of the surround’s left or right rear set behind your Samsung sound bar. Well if your Mobile device happens to be the bastard child one from ... sush .. Apple, you my friend have chosen unwisely. Try and try and try as instructed to join the SAMSUNG wifi on the WiFi setup, then return to this app, and ... ... nothing. The app simply is braindead. Kind of like the decision makers at SAMSUNG, who believe that a great product is only worth launching, not worth maintaining and supporting, especially on that very odd Apple operating system. To ANY iOS user considering getting anything of SAMSUNG accessory that may need to be run or configured by your phone - just don’t do it. SAMSUNG really seriously doesn’t care at all IF it works, and obviously never tests and maintains any of their products after the splash of initial release. Trust me. I know.
  • Awful, awful app 1/5

    By TAB5149
    Spotty at best with an iPhone. Often doesn’t recognize WiFi and extremely buggy.
  • WiFi? 1/5

    By El bronze 13
    I had to delete it like 3 times because it always saying “WiFi connection is lost”. The phone is in the same network with the device , how it possible? SAMSUNG PLEASE FIX THIS!!! WHen I have parties I can’t control the scene becuse if this . Makes me look outdated and old school. I’m a gonna have to bring out turntables and play records now? CMON SAMMY FIX THE BUG
  • Broken after iOS 13 1/5

    By alex0c
    The Wi-Fi capabilities broke after the iOS 13 update. Samsung please fix!
  • Needs to be updated for iOS 13 - WiFi Entitlement Permissions 1/5

    By irieemon
    App code base needs to be updated to include WiFi entitlement necessary in iOS 13. Without this permission change the app is useless as are the multiroom feature of our speakers. I know this app does not get much attention from Samsung but a quick code fix and permission change will give us our features back. Here is how to do it: In Xcode, open the project, and go to Entitlements.plist. Add the property com.apple.developer.networking.wifi-info with type, Boolean, and value YES. Now, go to Project Settings > Select Your App Target > Capabilities tab. There is a switch to turn on Access WiFi Information. You can refer to the image below for details.
  • cheap parts 1/5

    By tomcrown
    Don’t buy any samsung product if you depend on WiFi Samsung uses a cheap WiFi chip. If you know what you are doing then get their products and replace the chipset with a better one!!!
  • Robert 1/5

    By pie is pre la
    Its not reliable waste of money
  • Hard to use 1/5

    By I.Hull
    Unresponsive, looses settings frequently and hard to use.
  • The App Keeps Losing Connection 2/5

    By BlackVadaar
    For the last several weeks, the App keeps losing connection to the router. The only solution to delete the App and reinstall it. Very frustrating.
  • Buggy AF 2/5

    By comronsamsungstepitup
    I have been using this Ap for years. Bugs have just gotten worse over time. I have been using first an iPhone 6, iPhone 8 and for the last year an iPhone X. -Bluetooth connection error at least once a month. To resolve u have to go to the speaker remove from your network then add. Such a pain. -volume fluctuates. A simple one click volume up will go from hard to hear to deafening. - WiFi connection error. Even though u are connected to your home WiFi and sitting 10 feet from both the speaker and your router, it says u need to connect to your WiFi. I am, I have full WiFi bars and every other app works great. So basically when U get this message it means no speakers for a couple days. Try again a couple days later and it will work fine. I definitely will be going with a different brand when it's time to upgrade.
  • Great app. Worst coding behind app 3/5

    By chris.1227
    I think it is an amazing app when everything is working as it should but when it is not working which is most of the time it is really annoying. I think there is a lot that Samsung could do about it but to my knowledge there is nothing they are trying to do. Btw I have a iPhone and as what I have read is that most people with iPhones have issues.
  • Tunein 1/5

    By DDV7223
    No matter what I do, I cannot login to Tunein through this MultiRoom app. I get a message saying incorrect login. This app is broken!
  • Amazon Music Log In Issue 2/5

    By Jones7jm
    This app isn’t that bad. It drops the songs on occasion. My biggest issue though with it is, it shows that Amazon Music is supported, but it doesn’t work. I am an Amazon Music subscriber, and whenever I try to open Amazon Music in the MultiRoom App it sends me to Amazon Log In. I enter my info, or find that I’m already logged in. When I return to MultiRoom, it doesn’t let me open the service through the app.
  • Update, Update, Update 3/5

    By RyanSmithSays
    I understand that you’re Samsung, but I need better Apple Music integration. When I was a spotify user, this app was useful. Now, I need updates and better integration. Make it easier to use my playlists and I’ll come back and give more stars.
  • Great App 5/5

    By jimdata
    Easy to use and navigate
  • Love / Hate Relationship AMAZON Music 1/5

    By TuyStanta
    UPDATE THE APP! Knowing what I know now, I wouldn’t have spent $1,000’s on these speakers....and here’s why: Samsung gives little to no attention to this App and definitely never monitors usage on a regular basis. It took over a year to resolve the issues associated with SiriusXM and now it’s on to AMAZON MUSIC! The app no longer allows or will logon to AMAZON MUSIC creating the same issue with this service as existed with SiriusXM. The difference is that Samsung Customer Service shows no interest in resolving this issue.
  • Samsung wireless speakers 2/5

    By DJMon199999999
    Love the sound but extremely disappointed I can’t use the smart things app. Now I have yet another app for a Samsung product!! Why can’t they put it all on one app without having to buy the hub!
  • Not listing Sirius, TuneIn, etc 3/5

    By jnfjsf
    App has stopped listing music sources other than my phone.
  • App stinks! 1/5

    By 1111154555
    App stinks!
  • Useless 1/5

    By jhbljr
    I tried using this app to stream music to my Samsung MS650 soundbar. Pandora played 3 songs and then stopped. Checking the app it couldn’t find my soundbar anymore. The only way I could get the soundbar to show up in the app was to connect to the soundbar using my TV first. Now the app can see the soundbar but all the streaming choices, except for My iPhone, disappeared. I tried deleting and reinstalling the app but Pandora and whatever other sources used to be there are no longer available.
  • App won’t connect to Amazon or Pandora 3/5

    By Cora323
    All of a sudden the app will not connect. Hasn’t been updated in 7 months. What’s going on Samsung??
  • App issues 2/5

    By 123BR123
    So a couple main issues with the fist being the app now crashes every time I try to open it. I’ve removed it and reinstalled it and nothing. Just see the stupid opening screen with music note for like 10-15 seconds and then it closes. Other issues are being told the password and username isn’t correct even though it most definitely is for some apps and others like amazon music that supposedly take you to a screen to put in a code yet the screen it takes you too doesn’t have anywhere to put it to activate the account. Would love to be able to use more than just Bluetooth on a 500.00 speaker that sounds crappy on it. On WiFi sounds great but only get that option on the few apps that actually function and only when app actually decides to open. Between these speakers and my experience with Samsun smart home stuff I ya e come to conclusion that Samsung has the worse customer service I have personally ever experienced from a tech company. And by miles frankly.
  • MultiRoom 1/5

    By CucamongaGirl
    Wish I never bought it. Constantly have issues with the app. A real mistake in this purchase.
  • Terrible terrible terrible 1/5

    By Opinion Poppy
    The app seldom works, speakers drop off, the system gets locked up, this is the worst app ever, I spent a lot of money on the speakers and they never work in unison. This is awful!!!!!!!
  • Erratic behavior 1/5

    By Frustrated with this!!!!!
    Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. The top line with the apps will disappear. I’ve tried resetting but to no avail.
  • Annoyed 1/5

    By Elatoya
    Why is it sometimes this app doesn’t work I’m steady pressing on the app and it’s not loading up !!! This issue needs to be fixed I don’t know if everyone having this problem, I know I do and it’s very annoying!!!
  • App stop opening 1/5

    By Phylisha
    I have been using this out for over a year and never had a problem. However, for the past few weeks this app has not been opening. Fix this issue.
  • Frustrating!! 1/5

    By AncientCityLove
    Never stays connected and now won’t even load iHeartRadio or amusing apps. I’m selling this whole system!
  • Horrible with IPhone 1/5

    By Ken from GA
    This app will freeze up and disconnect from our home WiFi constantly. All tech support has to offer is to delete the app and RE-install. I’ve tried that more than once. I do not write reviews unless a product is bad/frustrating enough for me to want to prevent others from such frustration.
  • Need another update fix 1/5

    By Drold23
    Need to fix bugs once again, none of the music apps open, it connects to my Apple Music media but doesn’t play. Which I understand it doesn’t support but then don’t bother syncing with Apple Music. It used to work with pandora and Spotify but like I said before NONE of the music apps are loading/working/visible/open, how ever you want to word it.
  • Samsung Multiroom bad on iPhone 1/5

    By Janet B Mac
    Could have been great but there are countless problems. No support for iTunes. Broken link for access to Amazon music. Loses track of previously grouped speakers. Terrible support from Samsung.
  • Wish it had 3/5

    Wish it still had the landscape view for iPad or any handheld device for that matter. It used to show speakers on left and what was playing on the right. Also wish it could sync to iTunes or music on a Google Cloud.
  • Functional but old 3/5

    By Gabrianto
    The app works just fine, but needs to be updated for the latest phones and IOS. Works, but is slower than a Samsung over 5 years older.
  • Need a subwoofer! 3/5

    By mikwolly
    Love the app but my 4 speakers constantly unpair. Samsung really needs to add a subwoofer to their radiant line.
  • What Happened to Amazon Prime Music?? 1/5

    By ChunkyLover1968
    App is hinkey but it use to work. Now there is no way to sign into Amazon Music. I have 11 Samsung speakers set up and now have no music. No Amazon any longer and never worked with my Apple Music. Thank...NOT!!! Wasted a lot of money.

Wireless Audio : Multiroom app comments

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