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Wish Local - Buy & Sell

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  • Current Version: 1.1.5
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: ContextLogic Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Wish Local - Buy & Sell App

Discover amazing deals on preloved items on sale by your neighbors! Wish Local is the safest and easiest way to sell your items and find local buyers. Selling an item is as simple as snapping a photo and is completely free! All deals are done through private chats so you can buy and sell the safe way. Start shopping on Wish Local today to join a fast growing community selling everything including electronics, clothes, jewelry, furniture and more.


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Wish Local - Buy & Sell app reviews

  • Awful 1/5

    By Aidan gasser
    Gave away my address because of scammers not realizing it. Would rate it 0 stars but I can’t.
  • Wish buy,sale, & swap 4/5

    By Queen154
    I am pretty impressed by this app tho it has a few quirks just like the original wish it is fun. There would be a lot more popularity if it had a larger selection but considering that depends upon customers posting items, it will ultimately fix itself in time. I love wish and I love this new wish app.
  • Trash don’t use 1/5

    By soat1
    I received fake/scam messages non stop from out of area “people”. Items I was selling were also removed for no good reason, plus no one uses this app. Nothing personal just junk.
  • An app without direct mangment 2/5

    By Mary Ixtlan
    It’s frustrating to spend the time trying to sell your items for nothing! I am moving and I four apps to sell things that I don’t need and I have had a terrible experience with these app and I want to help others to save time that like me don’t have time to loose it and here are the reasons of my frustration. The app has taking down three of my items for no reason and there’s no one to complain. I read the reasons and every time the same list of violations appears having nothing to do with my items. It’s wrong! In addition, there are scammers asking you if the item is available to email them and when you do, they ask for you address and to hold the product with the promise to pay 100 dollars for something that is 40 dollars. And again, in the management area, there’s no one to complain!
  • Great 5/5

    By KcCowgirl95
    Love this app
  • So many issues 1/5

    By perfectly damaged
    This app is really terrible it has so many issues
  • Horrible App 1/5

    By JY1MYX1
    I put 2 listings up and paid to advertise them -my photos I had just taken of my marble furniture and an unused bathroom sink- they were taken down w no explanation after I had paid. Clearly this app can’t differentiate between legit photos & problematic ones if a picture of a sink in my living room or a 13 yr old marble set shows up as violating rules.
  • Confused 1/5

    By Yew619
    Listings are removed for obnoxious reasons. Had a retro PeeWee Herman pins. Taken down. Apparently nothing you sale through this app can have a persons face on it unless modeling the item. So paintings, posters, clothing with peoples images on them, pins etc... are all off limits to sale here if there is a persons face on it. Sigh.....
  • Like it 4/5

    By DAN the ham
    Haven't sold yet but it's nice
  • A+++ 5/5

    By Mandi_Atkins
    Awesome app
  • Big disappointment 1/5

    By mpc/rgc7375
    I haven’t had the app open for long (been a week or two) and not only have I not had any luck on selling my items but one of my items has been removed and it’s a wall decor picture Not sure if I’m doing something wrong on here cause I have the same items listed on other apps and they’re fine, was just trying to broaden my sales area. Going to give it a few more days to see what happens, and/or if another item gets removed I’ll be sure to delete my account
  • Spam 1/5

    By onkitt
    Most buyers are spam here. I sold my iPhone 6plus and I got zero it was big scam through PayPal. WishLocal doesn’t have customer support for sellers. I do not recommend this app to any serious seller.
  • Why is this on the App Store 1/5

    By KennyTheLeo
    Doesn't work. App crashes and won't let you login
  • Worst app 1/5

    By EDC DYT
    This app has taken down so many of my listings. And they have all been appropriate items with non blurry photos. It's absolutely ridiculous. I use other apps and the photos are perfectly fine on those apps. I have also gotten several messages that I believe are scammers. They ask you to email them or a family member. This app is Just more of a hassle than anything and a waste of my time. Will be deleting
  • Rediculous 1/5

    By Luckylady007
    Every time you post, they take it dow for the stupidest reasons when all the other apps keep it up. Don’t bother with it! Plus, they can’t even answer a simple question about possible spams! No matter how many times you ask, call or message them! I have gotten so many possible spam requesters that I am giving up on this app! Don’t waste your time because all you will get are people asking you to text or email them even though in the ad it says you won’t answer that way and tell them you only answer them in messages on the app! They don’t even read your ads! If there were -10 stars on here, that’s what I would give them!
  • Things I ordered 4/5

    By ozarkgal63
    We have ordered several things and everything was good except the clothing. It was way to small and I even ordered a size one up.
  • Mehh 3/5

    By j_gr1m
    Scam artist central! You guys gotta work on the scam artist I mean it's legit the same paragraph to essay messages At least do better confirmations on who can buy or sell Maybe set up some algorithms that people who want cash for items only get sellers who have made proper purchases or even start a Match system for people in the area idk you guys gotta work on the scammers please
  • Scammers only 1/5

    By DivineRED
    The only messages I got were from people asking me to email or text them not through the app. I reported them all. I deleted the app.
  • $6.66 Charge for downloading a Free APP?!?!? ( BruhMonJee ) 1/5

    By BruhMonJee
    Do Not download this App. It’s a Cheap Chinese Knockoff of Let Go and they charged me $6.66 cents after downloading it even tho it’s free. I wound up getting a $50.00 reimbursement from Wish to Me through my Bank SEPARATE to the rest of this Review. TO START: I used wish a few times over a year ago and originally felt that it was definitely a place to buy Cheap Chinese Knockoffs of everything from Fancy Cologne to D|ldos. During Wish’s FIRST Christmas on the Market, I treated myself to a tremendous amount of cheap gifts. As some came, they came smashed and broken into pieces while others didn’t come at all. I instantly assumed large companies like Amazon and eBay would be jealous of Wish rising to fame so fast and was angry because Wish sold everything they did but in a cheaper ‘Knockoff’ form so they paid individuals that worked at shipping industries to purposely smash anything that had a Wish logo on it (which is everything bought on Wish). I wasn’t going to pay for garbage so I filed returns for all of it with pictures and requested a refund instead of a replacement along side reporting that my other items didn’t arrive and requested a refund instead of replacement as well and I literally got every penny I spent back. After the holidays on the other hand, Wish locked my account, preventing me to do absolutely anything. I couldn’t even take my Chase Debit Card off their site. I wound up putting a claim into Chase with a few of my people there and I got about $300.00 as a reimbursement fee from Wish to Me due to Wish changing prices after I purchased an item on many occasions. I spent at the most $100.00 after receiving the fees on by bank statement but I never said getting an extra $200.00 wasn’t appreciated. Sadly I had to close my account and open a new one which took 5 minutes but was still annoying, especially because I had to wait a week to receive a new Debit Card so I could access my funds. THIS REVIEW GOES FOR ALL APPS OWNED AND RUND BY: Wish Developer Response UPDATE ——————⬇️ I received a Developer Response recently that said if I had an issue with a purchase I should email them at the listed email address they presented: reviews€wish,com (€ = @)-(, = .) - That would be great if I could make a purchase because I can’t and haven’t been able to for over a year. That shows that Wish really doesn’t care about us as buyers and their only in it for themselves. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED - BruhMonJee (SoundCloud DJ and Producer, BRUHcorp. Private Freelancing, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube (Entertainment Purposes), STEAM, XBOX, and Mercari (Selling).
  • Be aware of scammers !! There’s a lot using this app ! 1/5

    By ..xoxox..xoxox...
    there’s a ton of scammers using the app messaging pretending to be interested in a item , the scammers will message that they want to buy the item for sale . When you reply to the person they reply back with can you EMAIL Me . ( FIRST SIGHN OF SCAM ) it’s a local selling app all sales and purchases are to be done through the app for safety reasons , if you make the silly mistake of emailing back they offer to pay you a good amount of money and give a small story to try and make it a little more believable as for why they wanna pay you so much and rite away , sorry to tell you it is to good to be true the so called interested buyer then proceeds to ask for phone number house address and other info ... Writing this review because a lot of scammers are trying this email scam so please be aware and get the word out there to users of this app new and old . so some poor innocent person does not fall for this scam

    By Uhm...please fix this
    This is the worst selling app I’ve ever used. Your listing are constantly taken down for no reason. There are few people in my area using this app and now I know why.
  • The app is fine. Take it did what it is. 5/5

    By hot babe !
    Nothing is perfect. But if your online marketing skills are good or better .. you might just make a sale !!
  • This app is awesome!! 5/5

    By sburnside18
    I just joined today and had a lot of people already wanting to buy my items. Made a sell within 30 mins of using the app!! Great app!
  • Really??????? 1/5

    By fukken_mo
    I put my car for sale and they took my listing down???? The stupidest app I’ve used to sell products. What’s so wrong about posting a car? 😒😒😒😒
  • So far so good 5/5

    By puertoricanprincess347
    Just started using the app so far so Good. But I will see how I like using it and rate again soon!
  • Item Unjustly Removed 1/5

    By Pinkly Smooth MySpace
    My listing for a Little Tikes Activity Center was removed... Twice. Once because I used a stock photo. Not allowed. Ok. Fine. Posted again without the stock photo. Removed again. Never mind. I’ll pass on this app. Needs work.
  • Too many false advertisements 1/5

    By Taz12546
    It’s supposed to be a app for people to sell there personally owned products but I go on and it’s all stores and dealerships such a waste of time
  • Wish app needs Help ! 1/5

    By Not happy with Wish
    This wish app is the worst I have ever delt with it lets you list all your stuff then it flags it I use my own pics and sell reg clean stuff I write down what I am selling then after a while they remove it this app does not deserve any stars they have no one to contact about their flagging but just someone to push a button and hit flag without even reading what I list I never wasted so much time with a selling site like this thank you for your time
  • Full of scammers 1/5

    By farpastinfinity
    This app is full of scammers, I listed an item for sale and received dozens of messages asking for my paypal, western union, money gram, etc. this app is worse than craigslist
  • Don’t bother! 1/5

    By Nicholas Rix
    Too many app bugs that need to be fixed, and at least 90% of the people who message are scammers. Beware!
  • Awesome Buy & Sell App... 5/5

    By ACody0077
    Cool App
  • Bad! Don’t get 1/5

    By moist_seal
    First of all I feel like 75% of the people selling things are scams. It feels fake. No one eve messages back when I’m interested in buying something. Just don’t don’t get it!
  • Love it but one small problem 5/5

    By jamestheratguy
    I love this app because every thing I can find on Facebook i can find on here for cheaper but I don’t like how when you search up stuff you only have a few options
  • This app has been disappointing. 1/5

    By Blasian_Barbie
    I have over 35 messages, and every last one of them has been from someone ( scammer) far away asking me to call or email them or a family member/friend. EVERY. LAST. ONE. I've even specified in my product details that I'll only meet locally. Still getting the same messages. This is called "Wish Local". I understand the app developers can't control what people say in a message, but I'm reporting these people every time & their profiles are still active days/weeks later. Wish Local should be shutting these profiles down expediently.
  • Art decorativo 2/5

    By lauranibek
    Vendo antigüedades y me quitan artículo de la venta y me escriben estafadores para engaños que le mande information por correo
  • Awesome 5/5

    By bestpicker
    Used this just a few times but does what I want it to do
  • Spans and scams 1/5

    By mattcollard1
    The only people that contacted me about my item were scammers that wanted to send a cashiers check or they all wanted me to contact them at an email address that was all the same 12 different people can’t have the same email address. If that weren’t enough the app or the people running the app delete your listing claiming is has inappropriate title or whatever while people selling drugs on the app don’t get deleted. Not worth the hassle, deleted...
  • Many problems 2/5

    By Alskdjfhg98765
    First of all, I'm rating the app two stars because it does actually work and I've made one sale off of it, but I have quite a few issues. First of all, if you open the app from a notification, it will crash. This isn't too big of a deal until you deal with the other problems. Another big problem I'm having a lot is that the app is wrongfully taking down my listings! I listed a glass hand painted ornament and some clear slime and they were both taken down. I read through the violations and nothing matched up! There's nowhere to complain! My final complaint is something that can't really be prevented but I just wanted to make others aware. There are scammers who are messaging me asking me if my item is still available and if it is to email them. Once you do (don't by the way I learned from my mistake) they email you back almost immediately saying that they want your address and pin and that they will pay you around $100 for your item (mine cost $5!) so obviously this is a scam. I strongly urge you to stay away from these people, and I would like it if there was a way to report these people.
  • Scam central 1/5

    By JasonLittleMN
    After posting some great items for sale I receive nothing but scam after scam request from hundreds of miles away. This app is a complete waste of time both her buyers and sellers. Even though I live in downtown Minneapolis, the app can’t seem to find anything that’s been posted nearby recently including my own items.
  • Can NOT sell a car ON HERE 1/5

    By vigilantcy
    the keep taking my car off for many reasons but which one is it they give list but not the actual reasons. I have to delete this account waste of time there better apps out there and lost scammers on this one from Nigeria crazy.
  • No customer support 1/5

    By gracigram
    Ive tried several times to trash some of the inquiries but cant find anywhere on the app to do thus. Tried connecting to customer support the same thing. Ive tried attaching to my profile notes stating l do not want to communicate through emails but cant. I need to know what does “offer accepted” mean but l cant find any notation either. Not a great app at all!
  • Overpriced & junk 1/5

    By hhajndh
    Should’ve trusted the reviews.. not impressed
  • Don’t bother 1/5

    By Boo loves Bub
    I wouldn’t bother with this app.. first of all they took down my items saying an they were copyrighted... secondly you can’t set an area to sell in. So people from everywhere comment on your stuff... an lastly people seem to wanna cheat ppl out of money on this app. Everything is priced like it’s ‘new’ an yet half the stuff on the app is junk. I’d look at other apps.
  • No help at all!!! 1/5

    By Chef Lisa O
    I tried to sell a tool box on this thing and was taken down!! It was approved yesterday but today I guess not!!! No reason was given just a link to a page of things it might be! It's not a weapon, ad for sex services or any other of the 10 reasons on there!!! This was a total waste of my time!!!!!
  • Inbox flooded with scammers 1/5

    By Ando G
    Wish local obviously does nothing to manage their user accounts to prevent frauds and scams. I have not gotten one serious inquiry and I have over 15 scam messages from different users all saying the same thing even! Get your acts together WishLocal
  • Scammers 1/5

    By Genitta54
    You need a pay set up Like bill.com or pay pal to avoid all the scammers and who wants to give it or address Some of us a single woman working it if it homes Really people put a way to pay without all this craziness
  • Horrible App... Lots of Scammers 1/5

    By S143m
    I never write reviews however, I felt this app needed it. I posted two items for sale and immediately got messages left and right. I was excited none the less because I was trying to make a sale. Well when I looked into the messages they all were the same. The message basically stated they were extremely busy and would send me a personal check and when the check cleared their bank they would send a mover to come pick up the item, they also included they would include an extra $50 to hold the item. They wanted my full name and address which I wasn’t comfortable giving. If the message didn’t say this it was for me to email them or text them and then they would post the same scamming message there. I never once got a real offer. Beware of who you are selling to and be sure it’s legit.
  • Ignore this app 1/5

    By zabole
    There is no way to use it unless you register. If you searched for something they only shows pictures and you have to go to every single one to know the price
  • Fashion 5/5

    By soudersusie
    05 star
  • Def Scammers 1/5

    By Wakey ,Wakey
    The idiots removed my posts for no reason we’ve gone back n forth via email no reason given whatsoever they sent email saying for me to email merchant support so I did knowing it was stupid advice ! Yup u guessed it they weren’t helpful cuz I’m not a merchant with a merchant acct duhhhh!!! I really think they should be removed for being shady !

Wish Local - Buy & Sell app comments


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