Wishbone - Compare Anything

Wishbone - Compare Anything

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  • Current Version: 7.13
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Science Mobile
  • Compatibility: Android
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Wishbone - Compare Anything App

Wishbone is your go-to for comparing anything your heart desires! Wishbone covers everything from fashion, celebrities, humor, music and pretty much anything you can think about. Join your friends and popular celebrities by voting on the Daily and Nightly Dozen that's refreshed every day! Here's how it works: You get a series of 14 pop culture-based questions with two distinct choices twice a day, you pick a side, then see how your friends voted right after! It's a quick fun way to learn about what’s hot and what’s not. But wait, there's more! You can also vote on cards in the Community Feed where we feature some of the best Wishbones created by YOU! The feed gets updated 7 times a day, so be sure to check back often. P.S. Don’t forget to follow all your favorite people. Just check out the "Friends” tab, start following, comparing and having fun!

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Wishbone - Compare Anything app reviews

  • Adds 1/5

    By EddieMaddian
    Way too many adds
  • Angry 1/5

    By Nialler's fan
    They don’t answer emails usually ,bio and background pic doesn’t work! Plus neither does pics in DMs.
  • I’m disappointed 😬😬😬😤😤😤 2/5

    By gglovescats
    So,I tried logging in and I made my account but it kept on saying “error invalid password “ even though I put everything I needed to but I wouldn’t work. So I will give it 2 stars because this was VERY frustrating
  • Not bad 3/5

    By Hermione120567
    The app is not bad but there are some problems. First there are way too many ads. It’s really annoying because I’ll be scrolling through and an ad will pop up and the ads never stop. Sometimes my screen goes black when an ad pops up and my phone acts like it’s dead. Like I said I love this app there are just a few problems.
  • Too many ads 2/5

    By Mia Ciccarelle
    I love the app but I kept clicking on someone’s page and EVERY SINGLE TIME I clicked on a poll, an ad would come and so after the 30 second ad was over I clicked again and another ad came! I am raged😡
  • Younger viewers. 4/5

    By spoopy.juice
    The app is fun and entertaining but only problem I have is that some of the people are maybe just a little young because they a little not all there. And whenever I use the app I always get off it mad, probably because I have different opinions on some stuff.
  • Read this review 4/5

    By Sophie💜❤️
    Don’t listen to the other reviews. In mine I will be one hindered percent honest on whether to buy or skip wishbone. You may get mixed feelings reading mine after the others but please if you must read all of them read mine first. I would like to say that on wishbone you can vote for cards. These cards are would you rather or thumbs up and thumbs down questions. You can vote or make your own cards. Your options are to search web choose from library or take a photo. My choice is usually web because you can find anything you are looking for and provide the best content. Yes your account is public but no one can find out personal info. Wishbone team can see your posts and feature them on the front page. A tip is to go on there page and use their hashtags. This game is perfect for party’s. I would not recommend this for young kids because of inappropriate content on some peoples pages. If people follow them your child may follow them back and say hey why not check their page. They will find disturbing photos. Of course kids can play this game. Mature ones who know who’s page to go on. I would reccomed that they follow no one and only vote on featured pictures which are mostly appropriate. I think that mature ten year olds can handle this game with some strict rules set for them. I think they can get overwhelmed with followers and think those are real friends so the can get angry if some do not like pictures they post or won’t follow them. They will get addicted and excited for new followers so have a talk first. Overall this is an awesome game.
  • Few suggestions.... 4/5

    By xX$hadow_$layerXx1
    Ok Your app is dying and I have some ideas for you can you put videos instead of pictures I saw that one time and I try to do it but it didn’t work and fix the booster pls!! I don’t want this app to die!! it’s a great app can you guys make more improvements or something? Just please... Remember YOUR APP IS DYING OUT PEOPLE ARE QUITTING NOW
  • XD 5/5

    By elitebuddyboy
    Theese girl only ones are such memes, which dress? Oh as a boy I’d sure like this dress 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤯🤯🤯🤯🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻
  • One Glitch but...... 4/5

    By Miley_Cyrus_Lover
    So I love this app I use it a lot but there are things that can change. If someone blocks you, you should be able to unfollow them. Otherwise they are on your following list forever. Other than that I am fine.
  • ... 1/5

    By xzxvmfxkvrocrghtxvy
    Okay, so there of course are a few issues. There can be a lot of hate and drama... but worst there’s no limits. There’s a lot of swearing, porn, bullying, and yeah... the list is endless. You can literally post any picture, and post any comment. I just feel like there needs to be more limits. Also if your starting a new theme on your account, it’d be a lot easier if you could delete more than one card at once. Like if there was a ‘select’ button, and a ‘delete all button’ like an iPhone camera roll type thing. There are a lot of nice people, and cool accounts on wishbone though.
  • Wishbone 2/5

    By foret12
    There are to many adds.
  • Wow 5/5

    By Kisffjy
    This app is fantastic because it allows me to look online for a picture!!
  • What😑 5/5

    By boybyebro
    Is there a chat ?
  • I can’t rate it 1/5

    By edc dance
    I downloaded this app thinking cool, all my friends have this app. I downloaded it. Opened it. And right away, it said ERROR! I clicked “try again” and it started loading, and loading, and loading, and loading!!! And never stopped loading! Fix this please!!
  • A problem 2/5

    Some of the people put pics of having bad stuff and I reported them and they didn’t do anything
  • Good... but... 3/5

    By dusieu
    I have just bought the app, and playing this game is a lot of fun. Very addictive. But I am a little upset about my wishes. I had 17 wishes, and I was about to buy the fireworks for a vote, and it spent all of mine when I didn’t even click save. I was very mad. I clicked the fireworks again, and it said I didn’t have enough wishes. Someone help me please!! Anyway great game, just 2 starts off because my problem.
  • Some problems like adds 4/5

    By Amanda Bettrix
    Ok I love the app so fun to do but there is way to much adds and when I was going on wishbone to make a wishbone it completely deleted my account [email protected] is my account name and I had a decent amount of followers and votes please fix this.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Dnsnsna
    I love to let my friend to vote on my cards to know their opinion
  • Could be better 4/5

    By cherry blossom 54674
    This app would be amazing if you could fix a few minor problems,I do have a problem with all of the adds and I am confused why they always put WYR because I don’t understand it and it’s getting really annoying but other than that, the app is really amazing!

    By ccgvhvxe5nk
    So my mom wouldn’t let me have a social media like Instagram or Facebook. But my cousin had wishbone and it is like a social media without so much social. You can vote on cards that get featured, and get yours featured too! I really love this game and I am shocked the rate overall is 3.8. If the creator ever sees this I personally just want him to know he has made something very big😜😜😜😜✌🏾✌🏾✌🏾. I hope u get this app and have fun! Have a good day. :)
  • The Best App 5/5

    By Madame Kendall
    I just love it!
  • Sexist 1/5

    By Fatal Scythe Mina
    Most of these questions are for girls unless your gay.
  • Limited 3/5

    By idonutkare
    There is a minimal amount of votes you can cast in a day
  • The best app EVER! 😍 5/5

    By 9 year old cocoplay lover 🦄
    Hey guys! Plz check out this app cuz wishbone is SO addictive I cannot stop playing it ever since I got it! Five stars cuz there are hardly any adds and so addictive!❤️
  • 😭😭😭 2/5

    By JulD
    I used to really enjoy this game but some things have happened. I want to start off with is that this game is meant for kids 12 and over. Why I’m saying this is because I have come across some really inappropriate accounts that kids should not see. People are posting nudes and are not getting reported. How is this game ok for a 12 year old?
  • Gives u something to do 4/5

    By Its soccer ya no
    This app gives u something to do but it has way to many adds
  • it’s pretty good 3/5

    By Ccisbc
    This is a super fun app but there are way to many ads!
  • too many ads 2/5

    By craycrayme11
    i love this app but i think there are just way too many ads like one popping up every idk 20-30 polls would be fine but it’s like every 15 polls which gets super annoying so the only thing is to lessen the amount of ads shown
  • Good, but... 4/5

    By Junior_girl
    There are so many adds
  • Wishbone 3/5

    By Ash 🤪
    It is a good app and I like doing the polls and everything, but there are way too many ads. I will be in the middle of choosing and there’s an ad and not even a minute later there would be another one. Overall I like the app I just don’t like the ads and wish that there would be less or none at all.
  • I love wishbone just a suggestion 5/5

    By Sierra❤️❤️❤️
    Wishbone is a great app, I have had wishbone for about 2 years now, and I love it! I just think that you guys should add a little something new to it! I think you guys should add live streaming! I think this could be a fun feature to the app! I think that people would love this! Also in order to live stream, the person should have 1,000 people following them in order to do live steaming! I bet a bunch of people would enjoy this! Pls respond to me with your thoughts, it would mean a lot to know what you are thinking with my opinion! Thanks!
  • Wishbone 3/5

    By .....Loading....
    This is a really great app. The concept is brilliant. But, there’re too many ads that appear randomly and take at least 30 seconds of your time. I really wish they would appear less often so I could enjoy the actual app and not waste my time watching ads where I’m sure I’m not going to buy the product.
  • It’s not letting me enter a VAILD EMAIL WHICH IS VALID 3/5

    By sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    This app is ok but I have a vaild and a account but it won’t let me do anything
  • Meh. 3/5

    By Go2camp
    This app is very addicting. Although I must say, you need to have less adds. I feel as a if very five wishbones, there is an ad. Also, I think that right when you post a wishbone, it should go straight to be featured, this way everybody gets a chance for people to vote in theirs. That's is all that I am saying because I think that that is all that is bad. I will give this game 3 stars, but if you take my suggestions, then that could change to a 5.
  • How do I do this?? 3/5

    By BooYahtzee
    I’ve seen a few accounts private on this app, but I have no idea how to make mine that way. I’m given no indication that you can do this to your account. I also spent wishes in a boost cuz I didn’t know what it was. This app would be great with some instructions and less ads.
  • It so annoying 2/5

    By im gonna delete the app
    It Has way too many ads
  • It is a game but not!!🤩🤯 4/5

    By kaylah omalley
    This app is very addictive and fun to do while your on a long car ride or something that takes a good amount of time.The only downside to this app is the ads.There are lots of ads that interfere with your app time. But overall this app is amazing and I recommend it.👍
  • Not for guys 1/5

    By is this a good nickname???!!!
    Sorry guys, not an app we can download. If we do, majority of it is girl questions. Don’t recommend!
  • Notification Spam 4/5

    By Tick Tocker
    Hello, I like the app, it’s great! But one thing. You guys SPAM the notifications! Every hour or so I’m getting notification after notification. Please fix this
  • Absolutely perfect🤩🥳😜 5/5

    By ja447
    I love this comparing game a lot! It is very amusing! I don’t have any corrections to this game! So keep up the good work! 😉😉😉😉☺️☺️☺️☺️😂😂😂😂😂😂😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
  • Fix Things Before I come Back 4/5

    By Trinity olson
    The app keeps kicking me out of it while I’m trying to take a quiz. That’s not fair. It loaded like it was loading and add and my screen went black. My phone was fine it was your app cause when I clicked out of the app nothing was wrong with my phone. So fix your app before I reinstall it please, thanks!
  • Wishbone 5/5

    By love this game100
    I absolutely love this game it’s so fun and I’m so happy I have it!
  • Good And Bad! (Lots of info here) 2/5

    By Julia Just Reviewed That
    THE BAD STUFF- So I think wishbone is a cool app but there are a few problems. The number 1 problem would be ads. I usually don’t mind a few ads here and there but on wishbone you get a lot of 30 second ads. Sometimes I will be scrolling down on some cards and an ad pops up, then 2 more! It’s ridiculous! The second problem would be inappropriate content. I will randomly get followers that post nude pics and extremely dirty things! One time a card got featured that was extremely disturbing and not appropriate one bit! Let’s just say that there was a shower and naked people! 🤢🤮 I report so many people with horrible accounts all the time! The third problem would be about small ads. The ads that are just on the bottom of the screen that aren’t videos. They randomly pop up and you can’t press anything on the bottom...you can’t get to your account, you can’t vote on other thing because you can’t switch when one pops up. You have to exit out of the app. 😡 THE GOOD STUFF- Wishbone is a great social media. It’s different from most but it’s a cool change. If you download you will frequently make kind friends! Most people are nice, but be careful for the people that are on wishbone not for the fun but for the follows and votes. Wishbone is like any social media. You can follow, get followers, and post! It’s really fun! Remember your username and password though because if you forget you could be in trouble! You can make your account have themes and it’s so fun to get peoples opinions about how to improve your account! There’s a leaderboard for if you get a lot of votes! It’s fun to vote on everyone else’s cards too!😊
  • Ads ads ads 2/5

    By AFMedic16
    Soo many ads! And they’re long! And it’s really annoying that a lot of these people that post “this or that” stuff, can’t spell! “Witch” do you like better? It’s WHICH!!! It’s annoying and so I deleted the app.
  • Best game EVER but... 5/5

    By KatherineG♥️
    This is the best game I have ever had! I play it everyday and I have had it for so long! But, there are so much ads it’s crazy! I think that there should be less ads. Best game EVER 5 star!👍🏻
  • To many adds 4/5

    By slimey gymnast
    It is a fun thing to be on except the adds the adds are like 1 than 2 right after it there are just to many adds!
  • It’s ok 3/5

    By <3~~
    So, the app is ok. Theirs a lot of kids on it who get butthurt if you don’t like BTS or trans people. And, when you exit and go back into the app it shows cards you’ve voted on already and not the next card on the list which is very annoying.
  • I don’t want animation on my cards 3/5

    By snakelover 🐍
    I’ve had wishbone before and it’s ok, right now I’m trying to post a card but it says I need “vote animation” and I get zero of them and I’m not gonna pay $2 just to create one card, can I please make and post cards without “vote animation or can I at least get them when watching ads ?

Wishbone - Compare Anything app comments

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