Wishbone - Compare Anything

Wishbone - Compare Anything

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  • Current Version: 8.0.3
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Science Mobile
  • Compatibility: Android
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Wishbone - Compare Anything App

Wishbone is your go-to for comparing anything your heart desires! Wishbone covers everything from fashion, celebrities, humor, music and pretty much anything you can think about. Join your friends and popular celebrities by voting on the Daily and Nightly Dozen that's refreshed every day! Here's how it works: You get a series of 14 pop culture-based questions with two distinct choices, you pick a side, then see how your friends voted right after! It's a quick fun way to learn about what’s hot and what’s not. But wait, there's more! You can also vote on cards in the Community Feed, where we feature some of the best Wishbones created by YOU, and take quizzes to test your pop culture knowledge! P.S. Don’t forget to follow all your favorite people. Just check out the "Friends” tab, start following, comparing and having fun!

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Wishbone - Compare Anything app reviews

  • Rate 3/5

    By Samanturd is my bestie
    I like playing wishbone because it is very fun and a safe way of social media. But on one of my cards that was featured I was receiving some hate on it in the comment section. For some reason I can not get into the app so I might be deleting it and losing all my data. Overall it is a pretty good app.
  • Less ads 3/5

    By sunnybellaboo
    I love this game me and my friend play together but it’s hard because there is soo many ads
  • Good but..... 2/5

    By HazyQueen101
    Wishbone overall is a pretty good app it helps connect people in voting and different ideas that everyone has. And I’m not judging but I got this app and it was good at first, but I wasn’t really smart with it and I let a bunch of random people follow me because I just thought it was a number on a screen, but then I realized these were random people following me and some people might be okay with that but I’m not, so I tried to unfollow all of my followers ( 2,000 ) but it wouldn’t let me!!! And also on the comment section of some of my posts people curse and troll, and even tho I delete the comments they always just come back cuz that’s what a troll is!!! Anyway would not recommend if the creators can do anything plz do bcs it would be great if you made it kid-friendly so younger audiences could enjoy. -2019
  • 2 stars 2/5

    By kenziexox25191526
    I loved this app I always used it but now I downloaded it again and when it downloaded I clicked on the app and it brings me back to my home page .?? Anyone else ...???i think bc it’s an old app I’m not sure .. I’m so sad bc I loved this app now I can’t use it :((((
  • Mixed Feelings 3/5

    By EmmaCheering🎊🎊
    I have had wishbone for like less than a year and some of the problems that I face are not knowing what a actual account is,what I mean by this is like if you wanted to follow a famous person you can’t tell if they are real or not! Another issue is you can’t change your answers after you vote on a card which makes me mad because if your finger slips or something else you can’t change your answer.My last thing and it’s just a request but maybe make new styles of cards
  • Hahahahahah 4/5

    By jfjfifjd
    I thought this was a 4 star app i mean you get to express yourself but it’s also like it’s telling ya the answer is wrong. That’s why I give wishbone a 4 star
  • Ads 3/5

    By Taytum_19
    I love this game but every 3 or so sections I get a 30 second ad. It gets really annoying and makes the game less fun.
  • :/ 1/5

    By purple turtle 💜🐢
    I literally can’t get into the app. It crashed the moment I went into in.
  • I would give 0 stars 1/5

    By Brett the bull 128
    The app doesn’t even open
  • It’s being weird 2/5

    By royjoy#1
    So when I got the game, it was fun! But now, when I click on the app it keeps closing out on me and I can’t get on the app!!
  • Used to be good.... 2/5

    By neuroma
    I used to really enjoy this app before they started having ads pop up every 10 seconds. And the app will usually crash after I close out of an ad almost every time and I have to keep reloading the entire app. It’s very annoying and not fun anymore. I wish they would fix!!
  • 😡 1/5

    By SkinnyJ13
    worst app ever its such a money grab I literally do one card and i have an add no accounts are advised either, so inappropriate
  • Needs major fix 1/5

    By dalcowboysfan
    I cannot even open this app. I tried deleting it and re installing, and still nothing. I’ve been using this app for two years and this is the first time I’ve had issues. I wish I could actually use it.
  • SO MANY ADS!!!! 3/5

    By Coral_Reef100
    After every like 5 or so polls u get to watch an ad that u can’t skip!! It is so annoying!! Other than that it’s ok... but there are just so many ads and I just can’t even any more.
  • yes 5/5

    By himdtjncc
  • . 3/5

    By dreamweaver0613
    I can’t really rate this because it won’t even let me open it so imma just rate it three starts
  • Recent update crashed app 3/5

    By andIoOp747
    I’ve been using wishbone for about a year now and I loved voting on cards and seeing others opinions on the same topic. But the app recently updated a few days ago and the version 8.03 or whatever it was (the newest update) totally crashed the app. I open it for a few seconds and it goes the the opening screen, then crashes back to my home screen. This is so annoying because I really loved this app and I wasn’t expecting this. Please, please, please, get this fixed because I know it’s not just me that has this problem. Thank you for your time and please fix this ASAP -The writer of this review
  • Bug found 1/5

    By Zdog12345678910
    Fix this please I just try to load up the app and it keeps crashing for no reason
  • Good but lots of adds 3/5

    By Dabbrace
    This is a fun app and kind of like a game of would you rather, buy there is literally an add every two minuets.
  • This is so good 4/5

    By jacksonjjjjjj
    This is one of the best games I’ve seen
  • It won’t open 2/5

    By :) 🌊:)
    I had wishbone for a couple years, then deleted it because I wasn’t using it all that often. I recently re-downloaded it to see how it’s changes, and check up on my ibfs (internet best friends). But every time I click on the app’s icon, it shows the wishbone page, then immediately closes. Please fix this wishbone. I really want to use the app again :/
  • Wishbone 3/5

    By bugheads child
    I have had this app for a whil and I love it!! But it has a couple issues. The adds are real annoying it makes me not want to play . When people follow u for no reason even when u haven’t posted anything it’s a little scary for some kids. Overall it’s a great app it just has a few issues that need to be fixed
  • ADS!! 1/5

    By ninixokerashvili
    I liked this app, it was interesting, but now ads is more than quizzes. I hate ads. I dislike and uninstalling this app forever!!!!!!
  • Glitches and bugs 1/5

    Why does the app always crash. Fix the dms and stop putting so many adds
  • Kicks me out... 1/5

    By KittyCatMeows1015
    Every time I open the app it kicks me out almost immediately!! I played it on my other account on my phone...so why is it not working on some devices...almost EVERY device is compatible with wishbone...and before the developers come at me by saying “Oh your storage is probably full” I literally have half of my storage empty just so stuff like this wouldn’t happen...nit only that. It’s like the app is stuck...as I mentioned I have another account on my phone, I used that account to follow and comment my other account that I can’t access because of the bug, and it didn’t even give me any notifications it just says one notification and it doesn’t change from that. It’s almost like the app is stuck? But I’ve deleted and reinstalled several times...and nothing happens...don’t waste your time with this until the developers at least TRY to fix the bug 🙄
  • What’s wrong with wishbone? 3/5

    By marley🦄
    So, I’ve had the app for year or so, And one day I get a notification, so it opens the app..... then it stops it just backs out so like when I go to click on the app it just backs out like it sends me back home. But I know it’s not my phone cause I just got it fixed. so wishbone fix you app!
  • it’s fun, but.. 3/5

    By 4649AJ
    it’s a really fun game! i play it every day. i like voting on cards and making them! but every time i get an ad, the app goes black and i have to close the app and open it again. it makes me lose some of my progress, too. i use an iPhone XR and it may have to do with the IOS. please fix this because having to refresh gets really annoying.
  • I can’t even open the app 1/5

    By ⛏⛏⛏⛏⛏⛏⛏
    I touch it it goes away like tf.
  • Its ok 3/5

    By hehdjdhdhd
    Well if I say I want to say that there are to many adds and somehow kind of not kid friendly
  • Won’t let me stay in the app 1/5

    By bdjsidnhdjskcndjsixjshs
    It won’t let me into the app it will go in but then it takes me back out and I keep trying this and it keeps taking me back to the home screen and im like what the heck is wrong with this. Pls fix this immediately I am not happy without playing wishbone you need to fix it before I delete all the games by the producer of wishbone.
  • Ads 2/5

    By sunny1197
    This app is pretty fun, but their are way too many ads that it makes me not want to use it anymore:(
  • AMAZING!!! •important• 5/5

    By Sallysallygirlgirldoo
    So I've had this app for a year now, and I'm not close to being sick of it! I have 2,000 followers! BEST GAME EVER!! I'm in it ALOT and It's fun!! Lots and lots of friends on here!!
  • Great Game 3/5

    By marilyn izzy
    I love this game I wish it was more popular BUT they’re too many adds. And for the past few days every time I try to open it it kicks me out.
  • This is awesome 5/5

    By jahsjnsn
    5 star
  • This game is trash. 1/5

    By everything went wrong
    Today I got on wishbone the realized, my account was deleted. I had 129 followers and had 7 featured cards. Not only that but this game needs major bug fixes. You can barely post anything because it’s always loading. If you just started wishbone or got your account deleted like mine you would know that you get 50 wishes to start with. After you have no more wishes you have to watch videos to get more, and no you can’t save up because if you don’t get a detail for the end of your wish you can’t post. So you watch that video 3 times and then it won’t let you watch them anymore. (by the way you have to wait 3 hours 30 minutes to watch a video again). So now you can’t post anymore and all you can do is vote on other people’s posts. So just don’t get the game, it’s complete trash.
  • Not working 1/5

    By Camcordercam
    I just downloaded the app and as soon as I open it. It just kicks me out. I have tried it multiple times and it still doesn’t work. HELP ME
  • AMAZING 5/5

    By manninggirl(:
    This is one of the best things ever I ❤️❤️❤️❤️ this app it’s AMAZING. The only thing bad is the adssss ugh I HATE how many ads there are they sooo ruined it
  • Help me with this bug 3/5

    By kitten_puppylover12
    Hi! So this app is by far amazing but the one problem is that after I updated it, it wouldn’t let me use the app so can you please fix this bug so I can use Wishbone more? Thanks for your time -kitten_lover
  • My game crashes each time I open it 3/5

    By JagerMer
    Every time I open the app it crashed on the loading screen. So if you could tell me why, that would be appreciated.
  • Not letting me in 3/5

    By gfdxvhuhkgvj6
    My storage is fine and the game is great but the game won’t let me in.Its been going on for the few days. I tap on the app and right away it takes me out.

    By Emily-Kit :3
    look, this app is great. You can vote on cool cards, post your own cards, get followers, and follow. There’s just one thing that needs to be changed: GET RID OF ADS PLS. THEY’RE DRIVING ME CRAZY. And you can’t even skip them! I’m playing wishbone and all of a sudden, an ad pops up. So, pls try to get rid of ads. Thank You!
  • Umm 3/5

    By Saltymations
    I really like this app and im on it very often, despite the huge number of ads, but a few days ago when I tried to go on it, it would just crash. I haven’t been able to get back on it since. I’m not sure why but can you please fix it??
  • Kick out 1/5

    By Behy2004
    Every time I try to go in the app it butts me out before I can do anything.
  • Awesome 3/5

    By NOPE 😎
    I got wish bone like a year ago now I’m updating it can’t wait to see how much better it gets
  • WHY? 1/5

    By yeetboi666
    All I wanted to do was troll people on this app. I haven’t been able to be on this app since October 2nd. I guess I will have to wait for another few weeks. When I get to the Wishbone logo I get kicked from the app. And it says that my device is compatible with Wishbone. Really?
  • Fix this please 1/5

    By Jolted 464356
    When I first got this app I liked it and it was fun and easy to play, now every time I click on the app it will start loading and then put me back on my home screen so now I can’t play the game
  • Adds 1/5

    By sieñńä😐
    There is way to many adds after 3 questions there is a freaking add! Plus the questions I get are all stupid mainly just outfits that I’d never wear in real life!
  • Glitch? 3/5

    By Doodle_delong
    These past three updates I can’t access al of my emojis to be able to put on the solo vote cards. I also noticed that when I vote on cards they don’t acknowledge it for a moment and it takes a moment for everything to load.
  • Ridiculous 1/5

    By OrangeYellowBannanah
    This aap is ridiculous it was kid friendly and I loved it now it’s just bizarre what they r doing. For starters, on the accounts, when u report someone, they hardly ever get that card or comment taken down. On other people’s accounts I see people harassing each other so I report it and I go back a month later to see if anything changed and NO IT DOESNT CAUSE WISHBONE DOESNT CARE and once it got so bad my friend had to delete the app. Also the adds are really inappropriate and come up every 15 seconds after every 8 cards it’s just do stupid and most of the adds r for kids 18+ like what the heck and I have seen girls post nudes so I report it several thousand times and then I see the same picture on another account so went back to make sure wishbone deleted it but they didn’t and now this girls photo is in several other accounts like wishbone u r ruining people’s lives I rly hope u do not get this app because it is annoying and inappropriate

Wishbone - Compare Anything app comments

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