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Wishbone - Compare Anything

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  • Current Version: 7.17.1
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Science Mobile
  • Compatibility: Android
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Wishbone - Compare Anything App

Wishbone is your go-to for comparing anything your heart desires! Wishbone covers everything from fashion, celebrities, humor, music and pretty much anything you can think about. Join your friends and popular celebrities by voting on the Daily and Nightly Dozen that's refreshed every day! Here's how it works: You get a series of 14 pop culture-based questions with two distinct choices twice a day, you pick a side, then see how your friends voted right after! It's a quick fun way to learn about what’s hot and what’s not. But wait, there's more! You can also vote on cards in the Community Feed where we feature some of the best Wishbones created by YOU! The feed gets updated 7 times a day, so be sure to check back often. P.S. Don’t forget to follow all your favorite people. Just check out the "Friends” tab, start following, comparing and having fun!

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Wishbone - Compare Anything app reviews

  • Glitchy and too many ads 2/5

    By shadow spinner
    I love the concept behind this app. It’s fun to voice your opinion and be presented with choices. That being said, there are a lot of ads which I understand why and it’s fine, but every ad is 30 seconds long and you can’t skip it. Also, the ads pop up about every 5-10 choices and when the ad is finished, it often glitches which makes you go back to the start of the list and you have to scroll though to get back to where you were which then makes more ads pop up along the way. It is getting very annoying and ruining the experience of the app that is supposed to be fun.

    Ok first of all, the only sandwich I want to have is a bologna. These other loser sandwiches think that they are better than me but boyyy were they wrong. A simple answer would be to say that this app is supreme and superb and sumn else and stuff. Some very cool stuff I may add. I love that good job people
  • A lot of adds🙄🙄🙄 4/5

    By Ryleegrace123
    It’s really fun and I like creating the things but there are adds and the last for like 45 sec each. I get them about every three mins🙄🙄🙄
  • Love it 5/5

    By Lit_Mads
    It’s not bad it has a few problems but no bad bad ones it’s actually really good at first I was afraid to get wishbone but I’m glad I have it it’s better than Tik Tok and that’s true!!!
  • Average Game 3/5

    By Polly Blue Bird
    Pretty good! Great job to all the developers and creators
  • To many adds 4/5

    By madisonsulacowan
    I love this game but there are to many adds. I will be voting and the next thing I know I’m watching a stupid add. So if you could please lower down the amount of adds that show that would be great!
  • Pretty Good But... 3/5

    By K-Pop Lover7
    I have started playing on my phone with my Facebook account and I jus got a new phone but it won’t let me log in with my Facebook account because it only said we can log in with out twitter account or with our username and password. Does this mean I lost all my wishbones?
  • Fun app but to many ads 4/5

    By ReAgAnMcKeNzIe2003
    This app is very fun, interactive and easy to use. The only problem is there are WAY too many ads. This app would be 5 stars if the ads were reduced by like 90%. There still would be a good amount of ads but one won’t pop up every time you are trying to do something like vote or make a card.
  • Ads 1/5

    By Ghunghaṭ kele,sm
    There are WAY too many ads

    By Reagan is bad a fortnite
    I like this app in all because you get to help people like decide which is better or just find out more about you and which things you like more and its shows a percent of people that like the same thing. Besides all that great stuff there is WAY to many ads. I wanted to just figure out the card and I was so close to just deleting the app because I got like 5 ads when I was just trying to look at the card.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By archaemi17
    I had exactly 25 ads in a row I spent about 15 minutes waiting and got very frustrated, shared this with my friends in my school and 57 people deleted it today that I know of. Shittiest website ever
  • Too Many Ads 2/5

    By joeyfdtd
    The app is a great idea but it’s ruined by the ads. Unfortunately, I won’t be using this app until this ad issue is fixed.
  • Would be great without ads 1/5

    By questioneverytg
    Unusable r n
  • Why so many ads 1/5

    By ZionGod
    There are ads every 10 seconds

    By kaaiidnel
  • Fun, but has some issues 4/5

    By Dogrule21
    This app is really fun to vote on many topics, and also see what others prefer! It is just that there is SOO many ads! Every 3-4 votes I do is an ad. Again I love this app, but to be positive again it is fun to vote on any topic, and make your own votes for people to do! Overall this is an good app!
  • Love, but too many adds 😭 4/5

    By Book&Music_Nerd
    I love this app, it’s like my fav thing now! I always use it but get frustrated when I’m about to vote and then an add pops up!1!1!1 I then close the app out completely, go back on again, and have to scroll ALL THE WAY BACK to the Card I was on. Just fix the adds, and it’s a 10/10
  • Ads ads ads!!!!! 4/5

    By ufgjtsxhyrv
    I just got this app and it is amazing! Except there is a downfall, there are too many ads!! I have had the game for 10 minutes and I’m pretty sure I have gotten at least 25 ads!! Please fix this problem. But other than ads the game is great!!
  • Too many probs 1/5

    By glittergalc376
    I love this app and all, but I have to start a new account every two months or so because the ads glitch me, I’d consider putting too many ads and I wouldn’t really recommend this app to anybody who doesn’t wanna be annoyed to death with all of the ads and restart their account. Mine is glitched right now at the moment so I can’t post anything. Why is life so hard? 😭😭
  • ADS 1/5

    By Klovelyorange
    I understand ads are necessary in free apps and games. However! I am on the app less than 10 seconds when an ad pops up. There is no skip option, the ads last way too long and there’s an ad every 5 seconds it seems. I uninstalled because of this. The app itself is truly fun and interesting. But unless I can actually vote on a few pictures before being bombarded with ads, I will not be reinstalling.
  • To many adds!!!! 3/5

    By Mark & Lina
    Every time I post or hit something I like and I do this at least three times, AN ADD POPS UP!! Please get rid of some adds!! Thank you!
  • Okay 3/5

    By Aliviah Diaz
    It’s a good app, it’s pretty fun but the one thing is that there is a lot of ads which kind of gets on my nerves.
  • Not what it used to be 1/5

    By youtube.com/Emma vargas
    I had it a long time ago and it was perfect but I recently downloaded it again and there is just to many ads it is not even fun don’t get it
  • Just 1 problem 4/5

    By blakley159
    I just got wishbone and a few days ago and now I can open the app but it stays on the loading screen and it won’t do anything so I deleted the app and reinstalled it but it still didn’t do anything.so I don’t know if it’s something that I did or not but I wanna get it fixed so I can use the app again.so if you can fix it for me please that would be awesome. Ps. Before it started messing up like this it was an awesome app 😊
  • Wishbone 4/5

    By alice____in the wonderland
    I love wishbone it awesome and i love it but every time i choose a few wishbones an add pops up and there’s to many pls can u make less of them i rather do wishbones than watch adds
  • My problem 2/5

    By kendall367
    There is way to many ads I can barely even try the app with one popping up its so frustrating other than that it’s super fun.
  • Wishes for wishbone 4/5

    By Oliva P
    It’s a great app in general, I really do like it. There definitely are some problems. There are lots of ads, that pop up overlapping each other and I don’t even get a chance to vote on any cards with multiple ads popping up. Also this app seems to be glitching on my phone when I’m on it it kicks me off and it’s not my phone because my phone is new I had it checked out the apple store said it was in good condition.
  • Keep workin on it 3/5

    By 1Purpleladybug
    The wishbone app is amazing! You can decide between two different pictures stating your own opinion and seeing everyone else’s! But the pet peeve about the app is that there are way too many ads. I cant post without an add, I can’t vote without an add, and whenever I get notifications from wishbone all that pops up is an add. And if read some other people’s reviews they complain about the same thing. So maybe this is a work in progress.
  • Incredible except..... 5/5

    By CoolUnicorn500
    I love Wishbone!!! It’s one of my favorite go to apps. I would wholeheartedly recommend this app except for the fact that there are just a few too many ads. It’s like every five Wishbones an ad pops up! 🙁😕😕. But overall, I ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Wishbone. Download Now!!!! ❤️💕🥰😍❤️
  • Money 1/5

    By gjoggghdjgdjgkg
    I think that in the apps you make, you should have coins instead of real life money. Don’t you all think?! I am not a big fan of this app. Still, no in app purchases!
  • 🤬😡 1/5

    By appsandgamesinsane
    I installed the app and opened it. It said there was an error and that the server might have been pretending to be that site. So I uninstalled it, re installed it and the same thing happened again. I tried closing the app and reopening it and the message kept on popping along with a loading symbol. I am very frustrated and I would like this fixed ASAP!!! 😡😡😡
  • Wishbone review 3/5

    By bella 153959
    There is wayyyyyyyyyyy to many ads
  • The Ads are ridiculous 1/5

    By Braizleeeeee
    So I like this app, it’s really cool, but the problem is the ads, they are seriously over the top, I was scrolling through wishbone and got and ad, I watched it, and then it was over, I started scrolling through wishbone again, not even a minute later I GOT ANOTHER AD, and I get an ad almost every time I go to my account, seriously maybe I would’ve gave this a higher rating and kept the app if you didn’t put as many ads as you do. Oops
  • Ads:( 2/5

    By Aquira_Kelsey
    To many ads:(
  • To many ads 2/5

    By Banana13!
    I really like the app it is really creative, but each time a ad comes up I want to leave the game because there are so many ads. It makes me really annoyed with everything.
  • WAY too many ads 2/5

    By Styrojake
    I like the app but there are just entirely too many ads. Every three to five votes you have a 30 second ad and it completely ruins the app. I’ve been playing for like 10 minutes and about 5 of those minutes have been ads. It’s a shame but I’m going to end up deleting the app because the ads are ridiculous.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Gymnastics-student
    Well I have had wishbone for about 4 months and it's so great you get followers and makes you happy and make wishbones you can text people in privrite and vote on you,re own cards and other peoples !
  • To any adds 🤦🏼‍♀️ 5/5

    By Sylviartr
    Ok I love this game don’t stop me against that but like every single 5 votes u get an add I understand it’s necessary to put ads* for money but seriously the ads are making me lose it and that just wants me to throw my phone on the ground. Please just add a little less ads. Thank you. But all from that it’s definitely a five star 💫💖
  • Love it 5/5

    By Dirkbarn
    It’s the best game Ever!!!!!!
  • Great app 5/5

    By gamer pro 💯
    To many adds. I love this app. I use it all day but to much hate and to many adds
  • I love this app but could be better 4/5

    By Potter4life
    I love this app so very much and I just can’t put my phone down!!! Although there is SO MANY ADDS, I still love it
  • ADS ADS ADS 3/5

  • Blah. 1/5

    By CrimsonXAngelX
    The ads are very very annoying. There’s way too many.
  • It’s okay...😐 3/5

    By Lexi (=^・^=)
    This is a okay app for me..because the I like choosing between things and seeing the results and posting things and seeing what people like. And it also helps me choose between things (sometimes). But there is to many ads u repeat WAY TO MANY ADS!! Like I’m serious right now I will just be scrolling through and then you know I get a ad after watching it I continue to scroll and RIGHT AFTER THAT O GET ANOTHER AD AFTER I JUST WATCHED ONE!! It really gets annoying so I hope you can handle that and if you can enjoy the app heh....That’s all I have to say about this app.
  • Great app but needs a few changes 3/5

    By Maddi88837366
    There is way to many ads and it get annoying. I like ads to be honest with you because they introduce me to new apps to use but this has way to many and they are so long, sometimes it’s one after another and it feels like it’s never going to get back to the app. Great app just needs a few changes.

    By Stupppid
    There is literally an ad every like every minute. I can’t even get through a couple posts without a freaking ad. It’s gets to a point where I can’t even do wishbone anymore. It’s just unbelievable how many ads there is. They are just so money thirsty it’s sick. This is basically just in app to watch ads. Like I’m not even kidding or exaggerating. The ads are 30+ seconds too and you have to watch the whole things, there’s no “skip ad” button. This app will never be as big as any other social media platforms because of these ads. The ads really do just ruin the whole app experience. I think I might just delete the app. I’m not exactly interested in watching ads. Unless you like watching ads then don’t get wishbone. It’s probably the worst app I’ve ever used in my life.
  • So many adds! 2/5

    By Unicorns rock 290
    Every time I scroll through, I can hear through at least 3 cards and then there is an add. It gets really annoying. Please fix this
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By olivia russo,age 9
    First off, this app can’t save stuff if you delete it. Plus, the whole wishes thing is ridiculously stupid. I used to like this app but now I hate it.
  • Why SO MANY ADDS 5/5

    By parissnith2333333
    Wishbone is great but why are there so many adds i can be scrolling or searching up a user and a add pops up its fine if theres adds but why that many and i had blocked a user but now were friends so when i tried to unblock her or go to her profile it took me out of the app!!🤬🤬🤬 It could also add where ur cards can get featured easily and for wishes how about whenever ur cards get featured u get like 15-20 wishes

Wishbone - Compare Anything app comments

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