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Wishbone - Compare Anything

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  • Current Version: 8.5.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Science Mobile
  • Compatibility: Android
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Wishbone - Compare Anything App

Wishbone is your go-to for comparing anything your heart desires! Wishbone covers everything from fashion, celebrities, humor, music and pretty much anything you can think about. Join your friends and popular celebrities by voting on the Daily and Nightly Dozen that's refreshed every day! Here's how it works: You get a series of 14 pop culture-based questions with two distinct choices, you pick a side, then see how your friends voted right after! It's a quick fun way to learn about what’s hot and what’s not. But wait, there's more! You can also vote on cards in the Community Feed, where we feature some of the best Wishbones created by YOU, and take quizzes to test your pop culture knowledge! P.S. Don’t forget to follow all your favorite people. Just check out the "Friends” tab, start following, comparing and having fun!

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Wishbone - Compare Anything app reviews

  • TOO MUCH ADS!!!! 2/5

    By Lily 🦋🌸🦋
    This app is amazing and fun but... there is way too many ads. Every time I would pick which picture was better pop! Just ad after ad after ad! please do something about the ads wish bone. I love but just fix your problem with the ads! 🙄

    By 72puppygirl:)
    I got this just because of her
  • Too many ads 1/5

    By quirky_lee_45
    This app has way too many ads that it’s just sad. I can’t even scroll for more than a minute before another 30 second ad pops up. It’s so annoying and I can’t exit out of it. It would be nice if you all fixed that where we could exit out so it wouldn’t be wasting our time. If this isn’t fixed soon I will be deleting the app
  • Wish 2/5

    By kendall_rileyy
    There are wayyyyy to many ads!
  • Well. Can’t say I’m disappointed. 1/5

    By Ellie Gingergasm
    App wouldn’t load. So, I didn’t get to experience this app. No skin off my nose.
  • To much ads 3/5

    By your favorite wishbone user
    Wishbone is my second fave game that I play with my friend but it just has to many ads then it just restarts me and it is very annoying and frustrating. Can you please try to get a update on that?
  • hacked accounts 2/5

    By wishboneperson
    I’m not sure what’s up with this but I have noticed that almost EVERY account that follows me has a message in the bio with a link and some very inappropriate words. I’ve also gotten comments saying “f—- me here” with a link. This is terrible and it’s caused me to stop using the app. PLEASE FIX THIS. The accounts look normal with normal posts and I’m worried that mine has those terrible things in my bio.
  • Posts and bully’s 2/5

    By FlutterFly84
    Okay so this app is full of toxics and make it Easer to get rid of posts that you don’t want any more
  • Meh, to many notifications 4/5

    By good game! could better..
    Hi, I’m gonna talk about the most annoying thing, notifications. I get like ten notifications a night, i got really annoyed about this, so I tried to turn off notifications, and I couldn’t find the button to do that so this is how I end up, I still recommend this app, just don’t turn on your notifications.
  • Karlie k. Is wrong 5/5

    By Rhiannon.
    You can just shhshshshshhah. The app is great. That hole thing that you said is right is wrong. It so kid friendly
  • Awesome 5/5

    By 😁😃🙂😀😃😄😁😆😌😉🙃🙂😝😜
    I love an app where you can have your own opinions on.
  • Meh 4/5

    By Gabbie 123 ❤️❤️
    I looove this app so much. But.... WAY TO MANY ADS I would get through voting on 2 cards and then a ad pops up. Ridiculous. Please change this.
  • It’s alright but 2/5

    By dill_pickle_2024
    It’s fun and all but WAY to manny adds you get an add like every 5 questions
  • Fun 5/5

    By Ruthlessboss
    I have so much fun and I like that it shows ads because what if I want that game on the ad and it’s fun voting and I’m only 9
  • Love this game 5/5

    By calvin 205
    I love this game soooooo much but there’s just one little thing TO MUCH ADS!
  • . 5/5

    By sophie330201
    I love the app but please lower the ads it’s a good app but I hate how much ads there are
  • horrible 1/5

    By @lemonade_allday
    yeah i downloaded this quite a while ago... and went back to it for a bit. and tbh, the app is boring. you just vote on things like- really thats it???! and theres so many inappropriate accounts out there... i-
  • Fun but a lot of advertisement 3/5

    By Forever Styles
    This game is fun, I get to create my card, vote for each other, or I can also follow them and there are more cool things on Wishbone, BUT it is so much advertisement!!! When I finished with 3 or 4 or maybe 5 picture and then I can’t choose more and I have to wait because of the advertisement!!!
  • Amazing but... 5/5

    By {€§~_£¥}
    Ok I think wishbone is the best game I’ve ever bought. I love it but I can not figure out how to see what other people voted on it. I keep trying but it just says 0%. I don’t understand it. But I love making questions and seeing other people’s too. But I also think you should be able to chat. I also think that you should BAN people from the web. Peoples pictures are on there! It’s dangerous! I searched up my teachers name at dessie Evans and it showed her up! That’s bad! Also don’t put your face as your profile picture either! Ariana grande did it and now everyone can say “ ew, she has to much makeup” or “wow! I want to meet her and if I just look for that face I’ll find her”. So it’s dangerous.
  • Ads 2/5

    By bobiashia
    This is so annoying the adds go non stop and you can’t even skip them. I hope this app gets tooken down!!!! Update still annoyedddddd!!
  • Too many adds 4/5

    By b-dog_20
    I love this app but there is an add every 2 minutes it is so annoying so pls wishbone I beg of u not to put that many adds
  • hate this app sm 1/5

    By syd9ey
    i just wanted an app where i can go and do something but every 2 votes a 30 second ad pops up. i don’t have a problem with ads. lots of mobile games have ads but all the ads on this app are 30 seconds long and scams. this used to be a fun app too. everybody give this app a 1 star. money hungry mfs.
  • Too many ads 4/5

    By maddy catty
    There are SO many ads on this app. If you are just scrolling through your own wishbones, you will probably get like an add for every 5 scrolls. Other than the ads, I love this app. Im actually addicted. <3
  • Bad bad bad game 1/5

    By deemiller1130
    Horrible so many ads very inappropriate
  • Go to game but... 5/5

    By Dacota09
    I would add ads did not pop it can get annoying. But otherwise it is pretty good
  • Its okay. 3/5

    By Maddie👩🏼
    I think this game is good but it could be inappropriate. Like who would you rather meet or date. Most of those people I don’t even know, and I’m 11. Most of the cards are famous people. Now what I like about this game is it is very fun, some of the cards I don’t know like Winter or summer so I have to ask my brother (he always playing Fortnite). Anyway I hope this Review was help full (happy Valentine’s Day. Anyways it is probably not the time you are reading this lol 😝.
  • Great but less ads 5/5

    By Natalie Unicorn Yt
    I luv Wishbone and it’s addictive I still rate it 5 because I have bought some passes but still to many ads but I really like it.
  • Ads 2/5

    By Nessa Fox
    There’s literally way to many ads, I’m probably gonna delete it soon.
  • Way too many ads! 3/5

    By Glitter184838
    I love using this app as a way to pass time. It’s fun and entertaining . But the ads are out of control. I could be trying to tap something and an ad pops out of nowhere. This can lead to me being taken to the AppStore for something I don’t even want to buy. Then it takes a few moments to get back to where I am on wishbone. Other than that, I really have had a great experience with the game.
  • To many ads 3/5

    By Wzrxtcubimonawefuj
    I don’t like that there are so many adds
  • Cool but... 3/5

    By Puglife12222222
    This app is awesome but has soooooooooooooooooo much bugs and things to fix its so bad on how much bugs there are.
  • Report 5/5

    By vjjkkm
    This app is great I just love seeing what other people have in common and the food vibes it gives out
  • To many Ads 1/5

    By hello.•.mark
    I really enjoy this app, but, there are way to many adds! I got through about 5 or 6 cards and then an add pops up that you can’t skip! I honestly love this app and think the idea is cool but when you can’t enjoy it because adds pop up every 30 seconds, it gets annoying. I think if the ads were cut down a lot more people would get this app. Another problem with the ads are that some are very inappropriate. Ads for Episode or stuff like that is not what your child wants to see when they are trying to play games and have fun.
  • It is okay just one thing 5/5

    By mr.optimistic
    I love wishbone so much it is just when ads pop up there is no X so I can get out of it I need to log out then log in
  • Way to many adds!! 1/5

    By RandomNoob_Plays
    Ok, so this app is fun and I enjoy using it, but the fact that there Are so many adds make me hate it thumbs down from me 👎🏾😽
  • My problem 5/5

    By Ramjist
    I like this game but when I want to post one of the comparing things and after I choose the vote animation, I press save, then nothing happens
  • To many adds !!!! 1/5

    By ajchisler
    Good game but to many adds fix it
  • Ok.... 4/5

    By tooequus
    Great game, thought to many ads. It’s not an overload but less ads would be nice. I love this but I wish you could make more categories and search up categories. Very fun but for the kids out there, watch out for CREEPS. I’ve never experienced a creep but based on what I’ve heard and read, IT CAN GET VERY BAD! So if you come across a creep PLEASE TELL YOU’RE PARENTS OR GUARDIAN, this is a big deal kids. Every year hundreds of kids get kidnapped, murdered, tortured, and injured because of these people. SO PLEASE KIDS, WATCH OUT. Developers please do something about this. But it’s a fun game. Thanks for you’re time.
  • TO MANY ADDS 2/5

    By Family78
    I had the game like 2 years ago and there would be a good amount of adds but now you can’t go a minute without an add popping up and the adds are way to long
  • Really?! 4/5

    By jheecaljkDslncjlkd
    This is not kid friendly. It has a girl named Kamila Sexy and she said F* Me here
  • Ads 3/5

    By j11657
    Waaaaaaaaay to many ads
  • Inappropriate 2/5

    By mckenna rose lee
    Inappropriate accounts that advertise porn keep on following me. I think there are like 3 people that are inappropriate accounts following me. The other thing is that they post inappropriate comments on my cards. I am disliking Wishbone every single time I get on to find this stuff.
  • It’s good but.. 5/5

    By 🏝b e a c h ' s t a r🏝
    I love Wishbone as much as I love my own legs. Although it freezes SO much and I have to close the app then reopen it and it gets pretty annoying and I keep running into points where I get wishes but they take them away from me and I don’t know if this happens to other too but... I would also like if you could have a texting feature other than comments that would be amazing! Anyways some other bugs were that people commented something and it would delete five seconds later without anyone doing anything it was weird but please fix those probloms. The thing that happened the most is when I tried to vote on something then go into the comments it glitches and ruins my nightly or daily dozen and it is SO annoying. But I still love this app with a piece of my heart and hold it close to me as one of my only sources to social media. It would be nice if you fixed some of those bugs I mentioned. Thank you! 👁👄👁
  • Over all good but two things 2/5

    By boogersoph
    This game s fine but two things one some images are not ok for people to see I almost fainted because I saw a picture of a killer and also there are way to many ads. Also about the images they are not ok for any 12 year old to see. I am worried about if kids see something scary or inappropriate. But it is boring and addicting at the same time.😒
  • I AM DONE 2/5

    By yayayayauaya
    I announced on my main account that I was taking a break and moving to my side account, I decided to take a break for a week, and guess what. Someone hacked my account. The thing is, is that I don’t remember giving ANYONE my password, so if you could, It would be nice if @-bestfriends got taken off
  • LAGS 3/5

    By nftdbvf
    Could improve sometime lags but other wise good
  • Wayyyy many adds 4/5

    By me when i played this game😱
    Too many ads I can’t enjoy game without add popping up every30 seconds
  • FBI 1/5

    By stever 123
    Stupid game I hate it take this game off the internet
  • adds 3/5

    By hey24356
    to much adds it really has everything for every type of group though.

Wishbone - Compare Anything app comments

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