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Wishbone - Compare Anything App

Wishbone is your go-to for comparing anything your heart desires! Wishbone covers everything from TikTokers, fashion, beauty, pop culture and so much more. Join in on the fun with your friends by voting on the top trending polls of the day! Create your own polls and see how the Wishbone community voted. Keep creating and YOU could be featured in the top feeds and receive thousands of votes! But wait, there's more! Test your knowledge with Quizzes! How well do you know your favorite influencers? Can you name the hottest brands just by seeing the outfit? Pick a topic and see how many levels you can pass! P.S. Don’t forget to follow all your favorite people. Just check out the "Friends” tab, start following, comparing and having fun!

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  • Glitch 1/5

    By hdhfuhsjduusdhhshs
    This was a super fun app in the beginning. But then it started getting messed up. I can never searched things from your web options. I also found out from my friend that her phone number was leaked along with her password. Fix this.
  • UGH 1/5

    By kendycatz-yellow
    Hi! I have had a very good experience on wishbone... until last week. It updated and I can’t access my account. I am trying to get to 10k but it is physically impossible, not because I’m not doing the work... because people can’t view my account and I cannot either. My sister is going to get to 10k because this issue is not happening to her. It is unfair.
  • Crap 1/5

    By Nialler's fan
    I can't login half the time, the DMS can't be deleted , and my vote counts are wrong! Every time they update it gets worse! They never fix anything!
  • I deleted it 1/5

    By pixelgroot
    Wishbone is a bad app that I don’t care for. It is so glitchy and just full of bugs
  • ok 4/5

    By semorecrack
    I like it a lot but it is PACKED with ads like why is a app like this have SO MANY ads?!?!?
  • I like it but 3/5

    By i dont want to have a username
    My criticisms: 1. You can’t DM people. I have wanted to DM so many people, but I can’t 2. You can’t reply to comments. Same reason as last time 3. The amount of ADS!! it’s so annoying to constantly get ads
  • Ads! 3/5

    By 456222#6&$8
    There is an ad every 2 seconds but otherwise this game is pretty good and the ads are so long please fix thank you
  • Too many Unskippable Ads 2/5

    By ZuzuThePigeon
    I really love the concept of Wishbone itself, but there are so many ads. Every few votes you get an ad! It makes it even worse because you can NOT skip the ads! So you are just sitting there for over twenty seconds not doing anything.. I feel that ads are fine but Wishbone has so many ads which I can understand but I feel that they should at least be skip able like so many other apps!! The ads is what made me dislike this app
  • To many adds in the app 3/5

    By to many adds in
    I like it it’s a good way to pass time but after I do 3 or 4 of the this it that it has me watch a add and that’s to many adds I think I’m going to delete the app but it is fun and other than that there’s nothing wrong with it.
  • The worst app EVER 1/5

    By Hfhdhdgsuhdhd
    1. The app won't let you change your name on it or put a profile picture off the web when it gives you an option to put a picture from the web. 2. When you make a poll half the pictures on the web don't even work and only the bad ones do. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS APP! IT'S A WASTE OF TIME
  • Hello 5/5

    By car bro kill
    This the best app ever💜❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I love it but there to many adds
  • Adds 🥱🥱 3/5

    By .com111reivews
    This app is wonderful except that it has so many adds! And if the wishbones got more votes that would be nice 👍😊😊.

    By Ang9ela
    every 4 questions a video pops up and it is so annoying

    By EM Santa's elf
    Hi so I just recently got the update and I don’t really like it so is there a way u could put my app back to normal or make another update to where if we don’t like the new update we can go back to the original version and I’m not saying I hate the update it’s just I don’t like the same as how I liked the old one but I do give this update a soiled 3 stars it’s good just not for me PLZ LET ME UN DO THE UPDATE PLZZZ IM BEGGING U PLZ GET BACK TO ME ASAP PLZZZ I DONT LIKE THE UPDATE PLZ LET ME UNDO IT PLZ PLZ PLZ. PLZ RESPOND AND FIX ASAP PLZ I REALLY DONT LIKE THE UPDATE PLZ RESPOND AND FIX FOR ME ASAP PLZ I CAN’T FIX MY ACCOUNT OR GO TO MY ACCOUNT I HATE THIS UPDATE FIX IT NOW OR ME AN MY FRIENDS ARE GOING TO DELETE THE APP AND NEVER USE IT AGAIN
  • LOVE IT ..but 4/5

    By qeevee
  • Great app 4/5

    By kiley ewing
    Hi so wishbone is like social media but it’s not there are adds every few things you chose and plus not everyone can make there own wishbone
  • Updates... 4/5

    By wxfflë
    I’ve been using wishbone for about 3yrs now and it’s a nice app. Yes there’s been bugs and issues where I can’t see my DMs, Comments, Updating my profile etc, for me those been fixed. But when wishbone dropped this new update, “better look, new style” it ruined everything. Everything is huge and nothing is spaced out! I can’t see my profile it’s so tiny!! And everything is to big or too small and I can’t even see my DMS!! the icon is tiny!! I like wishbone and, all it’s an ok social media app, but I hate this update I rather go back to the old version. Please bring the old versions back I can’t even do Reposts! Or Chat with Friends! Etc. That’s why I’m rating this at 4 stars...
  • Amazing 5/5

    By hxbfhdnfhfn
  • I can't comment, 🤡 4/5

    By 𝘢𝘳𝘪
    I heard about the update by my friend. She said she can't comment no more so I updated it to see if she was lying and I guess not. :/ Now I can't even comment. Fix your app man. Its stupid now.
  • The new update...not acceptable 3/5

    By its_kinly
    I’ve experienced the new update and... It switched it to a whole different account. it’s taken away half of my following and a lot of my followers (I was at 12.15k and now I’m at 12.02). Not to mention I have worked days and nights to make my account grow and this new update disappoints me. Also the cards are messed up and doubling the lettering making it hard to vote and make cards. As well as changing it to my old bio and dms are not working! I hope wishbone’s crew gets everything up and running back to normal because this is not acceptable and is making users leave the app. My main account is @dudewhoischarli if you need it. Have a amazing day!
  • Wishbone Review 2/5

    By Anonymouspersonlollll
    I wishbone should have less ad’s.
  • Dear Wishbone Developers, 3/5

    By #saveourmoney#overpriced
    I am experiencing two new issues with the app since the update 3 days ago. The first issue, is that if I type something in my bio, and then go back to change it, it has a bunch of % and numbers in between the letter for some reason. This has been happening to multiple people. The second issue is the worst issue, when I click on my followers, I can only see 21 of my followers even though I have 157. This is an issue because I can’t follow back people. If I do follow them in the activity section, I will later come back to my page and I will not be following them. This is a really bad problem and I don’t want to lose any followers because of it. Please help wishbone!
  • i mean- 2/5

    By Alex Sherwood 12345
    so to start off there are to many ads like one or two every five scrolls, and it will not let me update my profile. like it will let me but it will only save for like two hours then it’s back to a default.
  • My review 3/5

    By Casey Cotton
    I think wishbone is great but I hate that there is so many adds and like I get add after add after add and I have that it sometimes glitches I think it needs to not have that many adds and I also think that there needs to be a update it this app !

    By Oceandreamers-
    NO ONE LIKE THE NEW VERSION SO WHY DO YOU KEEP CHANGING WISHBONE! Dms don’t show up, commenting is harder, changing bio or anything is hard also posting is weird!!!! CHANGE IT BACK or you’re gonna loose a lot of followers
  • I love the app but the update is really bad 3/5

    By Itz.Autumn
    I love this app and my followers but I’m so frustrated with the new update I can’t even post.. it’s really really slow.. and it sends me notifications on comments I did! It’s really frustrating I hope you can fix this horrible bug!❤️✌🏼✨✨❤️✌🏼✨✨❤️✌🏼✨✨❤️
  • Ads 3/5

    By kayleigh2728
    I really like it just to many ads
  • Hi wishbone!😊 3/5

    By briqueen🤣😂😍😘
    So, my profile has updated and so are my friends have updated to be honest we really don’t like the update 😅 I’m sorry but I’m trying to get used to it but I did like the old wishbone better in my opinion. I love the app tho I love you guys that you for creating this app who ever had this idea you guys are smart!🥰😊💖💓💞 BYE have a blessed day!!!
  • A 3/5

    By Djdhdbdbdfbbdbbsdj
    I like it but it has ads every time I click something.I don’t like that part it’s so annoying
  • Annoying ads 3/5

    By Jomfblow
    The game is okay, the ads are annoying.
  • VIDEOS! 4/5

    By Charlotte-Rae
    Can you guys do videos for cards? And put the ads on every 10 cards instead of 3?
  • Ads. That’s all there is. 3/5

    By Flowerpeachh UwU
    This app has ads whenever you try to switch to another category of items to choose from. It’s definitely not one of the best apps out there but, it gives me nostalgia of being the rat in the backseat while older cousins and their friends played this.
  • Eh 2/5

    By aaaaaannnnnoooooyed
    I mean ig it ain’t that bad but every once in awhile it deletes all of you wishbones which is so annoying but other than that it’s not bad pretty fun
  • Bring back the old format 1/5

    By fifi.14
    Hi, I have had Wishbone for around 5 years now, so I have a relatively good idea of how the older version looked. I’m sad to say that the newer formats and updates are not working for me. I’ve had problems posting, especially the picture posts, as it no longer allows me to use the emojis I want to. The newer format also doesn’t look as visually pleasing as it once did, with the fully white font on the picture posts as well. The comments are too close together and there’s a lag on commenting time plus the time it takes to press the “back” button to return to your main page. I’ve also noticed “error occurred” messages whenever I post a comment. The comment still posts, but it takes significantly longer for it to show. I’ve encountered this weird glitch where I posted 3 cards in a row and none showed up until I deleted the app and reinstalled. The new update did not show up for my friend until today and she’s found the same exact issues as I have. The texts have shown up as white font in front of the original text and half the picture cropped out around the edges. My friend has also had this problem. We’ve also encountered the commenting problem where it adds various special characters that we did not intend to add. There have just been numerous glitches and delays, plus the many ads that are also bothersome and not exactly “kid friendly” although I don’t know how much power you all have over that. I have missed the older version for quite some time now. I will still use Wishbone but probably not as often. I’ve also encountered this strange phenomenon where a few of my accounts have gotten their password changed? I can’t reset because it requires an email and when creating these accounts it didn’t ask for an email. Please consider restoring the older update as the format looked way better then. Thank you very much and have a great day!
  • HACKED 3/5

    By Weirmargob
    I’m seriously so sad because I had a great account with my great posts and 1,423 followers but I went on wishbone this morning and all my posts were deleted and I had and new username and it said to create my fist card. I was really really upset. I searched up my account and I’m following it but it’s still really sad because I worked so hard getting followers and I had such great posts.
  • I’m sad.... 3/5

    By Olivia Irene Chilton
    Wishbone is great! I am obsessed with it! But one day I got on the app and it had totally logged me out of my account. I forgot the password so I couldn’t get back in! I remember reading a comment that this had happened to multiple people. I really want this fixed. Wishbone was my only social platform since I don’t have Instagram and tik Tok. I really want the creators of this app to fix this for everyone. It’s really uncool. I had close to 220 followers and I loved making polls. It was totally random and I love the app. I miss it....:(
  • Just no 1/5

    By eyeyeyyeye
    Too. Many. Adds. 🗑
  • My advice 3/5

    By Gbear0426
    This app is pretty cool but one of the problems is that Way too many commercials! And technically if you’re a parent and looking at this report do you really want your kids to look at these commercials that may not be appropriate. And I’m not sure but I’m not even sure you can pay to take the commercials off correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t know. The second problem is that after you post a few more pictures then you have to buy wishes to make more posts. To me that is foolishness because who wants to pay to get wishes when you can just post whenever you want. Unfair first of all and I literally just got on this I’m Already having problems
  • great app! 4/5

    By Will only rate good apps
    This is a great app but pls remove the adds. They are rlly annoying other than that there is nothing wrong.
  • Ads 1/5

    By babybrinzzz
    This app is fun but every 4 posts there’s an ad?!?
  • Way to many ads 2/5

    By Sidbug06Furrytrash
    So many ads, it gets really annoying so I’ll probably delete this soon
  • Great app but few complaints 1/5

    By toxic_madi_
    The app is very cool and entertaining I love this app personally. However every five or so questions has an add and it gets very annoying. I feel as if this app should have less adds maybe like 1 every 20 questions because after a whole of having adds every 5 questions it just makes you want to leave or even delete the app.
  • Eh 3/5

    By kiwicatlover
    Ok just got the app and it’s AMAZING!! The only problem is the ads, I get a 50 second long ad every five poles. Awesome app just WAY to many ads. Still would recommend tho.
  • My account vanished 1/5

    By bdjsidnhdjskcndjsixjshs
    I went into Wishbone to see what was new, I go to my account because someone followed me and it shows all my followers and cards are gone! I was like what the heck my account name changed and I was so mad. I had so many followers and it took me a long time to get that many.
  • To Many Ads 2/5

    By emma11!!?
    When I first got the app it was so fun I could play on it for hours but now there’s just to many ads and it’s just gone downhill.
  • Great app but... 4/5

    By octopus#1
    This app is great but there is to many adds after you pick 3 things then they throw you another add and it’s just excessive.
  • No 1/5

    By cat bunny 5376
    So I don’t recommend because is sent me so many notifications like every second I had to power off my phone 😤
  • I GOT HACKED 1/5

    By Kstar2022
    I got this app a few years ago on my old iPod. I don’t have the app anymore, but I have the same email and everything. My data (email, passwords, ip, phone number, everything) got stolen. I recently found out because I got an email from a scammer. When I check my app that tells me if my passwords were leaked, it told me that this app was responsible. DO NOT GET THIS APP! I had to change everything I owned. If I could give zero stars I would!!!
  • Cool 4/5

    I love everything on there except there is so many ads 😒 but it’s not so bad 👌🏻