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Wishbone - Compare Anything

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  • Current Version: 8.6.4
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Science Mobile
  • Compatibility: Android
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Wishbone - Compare Anything App

Wishbone is your go-to for comparing anything your heart desires! Wishbone covers everything from fashion, celebrities, humor, music and pretty much anything you can think about. Join your friends and popular celebrities by voting on the Daily and Nightly Dozen that's refreshed every day! Here's how it works: You get a series of 14 pop culture-based questions with two distinct choices, you pick a side, then see how your friends voted right after! It's a quick fun way to learn about what’s hot and what’s not. But wait, there's more! You can also vote on cards in the Community Feed, where we feature some of the best Wishbones created by YOU, and take quizzes to test your pop culture knowledge! P.S. Don’t forget to follow all your favorite people. Just check out the "Friends” tab, start following, comparing and having fun!

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Wishbone - Compare Anything app reviews

  • To much ads 4/5

    By addisonrae1
    There are way to much ads
  • Too many ads 3/5

    By Hoofhands
    I love this app but everytime I vote on something I have to watch a full ad. I am close to deleting the app because it is no fun to watch ad after ad.
  • Way too many adds 2/5

    By Maaaaaaaaaadie
    It’s annoying when you can’t go 30 seconds without having to watch an ad
  • Wishbone 1/5

    By dhejfidd
    I deleted the app and downloaded it again and put my thumb print on and it’s saying it’s wrong even tho I saved it makes no sense I need help
  • poor 1/5

    By 🏆🏁🐔🐳😁😜
    i made a thing with a picture of my cat asking if she was cute. it’s got 519 votes as of now and 73% are saying no. i’m obviously hurt by this and so is my cat.
  • Scam 1/5

    By chey hub
    It’s scammed me and I I had to pay $175 for nothing
  • It has potential, but it isn’t quite there yet 2/5

    By 𝔽𝕚𝕒
    This is a pretty fun app. It isn’t hard to become popular and you have the oppurtunity to be creative with your cards. However, the ads make it IMPOSSIBLE TO ENJOY IT!!! There is an ad every 1-3 minutes and it is the most annoying thing. The ads are repetitive and are usually for a poorly made kids game or something like that. You could just be scrolling and your screen freezes and a thirty second video for “Crazy hair salon fun time“ comes up. The same ads just repeat over and over and over again. It’s also irritating because the ads clearly aren’t targeted to the age range of those using the app (teenagers), so its just annoying ads for apps that I will never download. Sometimes you’ll be in the middle of making a card and an ad will pop up. That’s why I rarely go on the app. And its sad because this has the potential to be a super fun app. At the end of the day, the bad outweighs the good.

    By person2166
    Okay so I loved this app when I got it and I had 211 followers and u know how whenever u post u are likely to get more followers and that crap well it is true so I started posting more often and then one day IT STOPPED ME FROM POSTING CARDS I was so mad and it is still that way! So I’ve been losing followers since then! 😡 Btw my username is xx_cheese_xx if that helps. Anyway I am very angry with what happened so please fix this. Otherwise I like it.😡🙃
  • adds 😤 3/5

    By rosewea_13
    this app is great but there is WAY to many adds!
  • Omg!! 4/5

    By vickiwlls
    This app is awesome you can vote you can make your own as soon as I got the app I was on for hours but one problem is their is tons of ads after 2 polls but everything was good I recommend it just don’t be too mad at the ads I know it’s annoying but it’s worth it I saw the reviews their not that good it’s like 3 stars maybe cuz of updates
  • great in all but 3/5

    By unicornunicornunicornpop!
    I haven’t heard anyone say this yet but I have been having a problem recently where when I have my notifications on it keeps blowing up with 300+ notifications in a row. sometimes it even wakes me up and I have to turn my notifications off. otherwise, it is a great app.
  • Good app but.............. 3/5

    By Japanease kid
    It is a great app but sometimes it really frustrates me how much ads the app have. I think you should minimize how much ads you show. And it is a ad after another and barely can play the app.☹️☹️
  • Too many ads 3/5

    By ariana ruff
    I like using this app but there are more ads than I can count. It’s so annoying
  • Not kid friendly 1/5

    By hairtie2
    Oh my gosh I got this app and I got followers and I can’t control it and I hate that because someone commented on my post and I am not supposed to chat with peeps I don’t know so it freaked me out and I deleted it immediately I think you should make it so you can have a private poll and you can still enjoy the app with out the creeps so yeah don’t download
  • videos and dms and ads 4/5

    By Madison Piotter
    i believe that you should allow people to post videos because sometimes i have edits and stuff that i would like to share on my profile. also i think that in dms we should be able to send each other actual photos and videos not just wishbones that are really crappy. my last suggestion is less ads it makes me not want to vote on cards because an ad pops up every second and it’s extremely annoying. this app is nice but it think the ads are driving people away! thanks for reading!
  • TOO MANY ADS 3/5

    By kale john cenA
    I really like this app but god I can’t go 30 seconds without an ad popping up. It makes me want to stay off the app because the ads are so annoying. Please fix this.
  • Wish I had found it sooner 1/5

    By harmony the best
    I LOVE this game is is so fun and make sure u stay safe 😷
  • It has changed so much..in a not so good way.. 2/5

    By Ella D. 10
    I had this game 2-3 years ago and loved it! There were barley any ads at all, is was less glitchy and just more kid friendly overall. Now there are an 20-30 second ads every 2 posts! It is very glitchy because when you vote it brings you to the next post but for me it goes to the one after the next post, and I have to scroll back up. So today I was on the app answering questions and voting on the posts, and I came across many of pages that have spelt incorrectly on the question above the pictures. So I looked at the comments and so many people were correcting his/her grammar. Then I saw that the creator of the post said that they were.......6 years old!!? Now that was not the first time I have seen that, there were plenty of 6-8 year olds on here!? Now put that aside and listen, I was on wishbone and saw PLENTY AND I MEAN PLENTY of inappropriate pictures, some were VERY REVEALING CLOTHING like I mean what Nikki Manaji (sorry if I spelt her name wrong) wears! When I looked in the comments of some of the 7 year old people on this app it showed SO MUCH HATE, from people making fun of them because they can’t spell a few words, and saying other stuff like “dumb” “stupid”. When I first started this app 2 years ago there were barley hate at all. I also saw PLENTY of posts comparing Charli D’Amelio and Addison Re, Tony Lopez, and plenty of social media stars from YouTube, TikTok, TV shows and so many more. Overall I hate how this app has changed in such a bad and disappointing way....
  • nope 1/5

    By Triana Xandraya Rivera
    there are ads every 3 seconds and it gets annoying
  • Ads 3/5

    By jrnejenddjeme
    i love the app just way way to many ads it’s getting annoying
  • Too many adds 1/5

    By it'so good i love drops
    I was like it before see too much adds
  • Great but TO MANY ADDS 4/5

    By Makayla L💕
    Overall it’s a good app but there is WAY too many ads that I have to sit there for 30 seconds at least. And that might not seem like a lot but every 5 polls I take then there’s another one! ITS SO ANNOYING. This is a good game I just think it’s annoying because of the ads.
  • ads 3/5

    By destiny forecone
    there’s too many ads
  • I love it but there is one thing 4/5

    By JaiDe Humble
    I really wish we could post videos because I love wb but I just wrather have videos and photos
  • Ok 3/5

    By 𝕄𝕘𝟙!
    For starters i like the app and its qualities. I hate that while im scrolling i run into sooo many ads and you cant control that or skip them. Also, there are so many accounts of the same person. Say you wanna follow charli damelio or addison rae, you dont know which account is real. Please make some changes to the app
  • Best app ever!!! 5/5

    By marshmollo
    OK so I got this app about a year ago and it has no problems at all I love that’s kind of like a wood you rather but it’s not. I love this app, but The app makes you wait never mind if you want to create a Wishbone you have to use some of your Wishbone things that look like shooting stars and I don’t like that you have to pretty much paid to make a Wishbone. But besides that it’s at least my favorite app!!!
  • Good 4/5

    By qwerterly
    So this app is actually pretty fun but there are so many adds it’s crazy please wishbone try to control the adds but people are saying it is inappropriate in my opinion it’s not all there is is bathing suits I really like this app but it just need a little improvement.
  • Hate it 1/5

    By Jimmy Beans llV
    Tooooooo many ads. Every like two votes an ad shows up.
  • To many adds 4/5

    By KweenEmaline
    When I first got the app I loved it but then I started getting a couple of ads which was not a big deal but right now there is an ad after every two which I think is very annoying I think that there should be a lot less ads like one at the end of every feed
  • seriously?? 1/5

    By CandyCorinne
    updated june 22nd, 2020 i decided to re-download this app just to write a review about this terrible app. i wish i could rate it 0 stars but i can’t. but if you didn’t know, wishbone was recently hacked and tons of emails have been put on the dark web and people have been hacked into on spotify accounts and other social medias. 40 million users info from passwords, emails, locations, names, etc have been leaked onto the dark web by a hacker with the name of “shinyhunters”. this is definitely not okay and wishbone really needs to up their security. also, people on wishbone really do get sensitive over the tiniest things. some people are terrible people on here & they do anything they can to make fun of others. those are the two main reasons i left this app. also if you try to email wishbone, they don’t even reply back to you. they don’t help you out at all and they also have terrible glitches on the app that they don’t even care about fixing. if i were you, definitely don’t waste your time downloading this app. you will be so much more secure without it. and also the ads are annoying as crap so definitely not worth it. if you want a app like this without all of these problems, download “thisthat”. it’s definitely way more secure. wishbone should be taken down by the service they have. also you can’t even delete your account, so if you put your phone number in it, (please don’t), you can’t take it out. that means that the “hackers” have your phone number as well, which isn’t a good thing. just please stay safe by not downloading this. thank you
  • tooo many adss 1/5

    By amboss06
    this app it’s very interesting but it’s has wayyyyy i mean way too many ads. like every time i get on this app and ad pops up and i get right up and don’t even want to get back on bc it’s so annoying🙄please fix this
  • what the heck 1/5

    By 💜💜🖤💜💜
    so i have been on wishbone for about a month and i have accumulated a good amount of followers and have had charli damelio give me a shoutout on her page but a couple of days ago when i went to open the app it looker like everything had been erased...it said i had no wishbones when in fact i had many that were featured...i want my stuff back!!! developers give me my page back its @allysonbailey07
  • Karen 1/5

    By kkg67
  • Flooded with ads 1/5

    By Shjaskksks
    So much potential completely ruined by ads. Quickly deleted after playing for less than 3-5 minutes and having 10 ads pop up!! Unbelievable!
  • ads😡 1/5

    By hhvghbbghhgvggggggggg
    There are way too many ads in this game. it’s not even fun and you have to sit there and watch the whole ad.🥺😩😡
  • Crazy amount of ads 1/5

    By becca_2.0
    Every 2-3 times I vote, there’s a 30 second ad I can’t skip. What the heck?!?
  • A lot of adds 3/5

    By yeah beans
    This game is fun and addicting but there has been a lot of adds.
  • Way to many adds 3/5

    By Im a karen ik
    I love this app it’s fun and if you need a break from bigger social media this helps a lot but THERE IS WAYY TO MANY ADDS I voted on a card and a add poped up the when it was over I voted on the next card I kept going on and on theNI just stoped going on the app because it was SO ANNOYING I just started going on it again and it still is happening THIS IS AN AMAZING APP BUT FIX THE ADDS
  • L 4/5

    By chickenlegpiece8279
    Way to many adds
  • LOVE IT but one problem 4/5

    By hewoo:)
    Way to many ads. These days there are ads every 20 or so votes. Some of the reviews say that there are bad things but that isn’t true. There aren’t swearing or inappropriate things on there. They only problem with the app is the ads. And you can’t turn on airplane mode so u don get ads because u need WiFi to vote, pls fix.
  • They shared my info! 1/5

    By flash back!!!!!
    I got the app wishbone a few years ago but deleted it because it got boring, and today my dad got a notification that my info was detected on the dark web, because of wishbone!
  • Maybe don’t download wishbone 1/5

    By Claire Peterson
    So a lot of accounts on wishbone were talking about a hacker on wishbone I did some research and it turns out that 40 million people were hacked on wishbone I found all this information on google and some other glitches that are happening such as not receiving activity this glitch has happened to me since March and there is a lot of ads that it makes you watch. In my opinion wishbone isn’t kid friendly because one time while I was playing wishbone this account was swearing and being cruel there is a lot of rude accounts on wishbone but I did make some friends on the app. There is tons of glitches that bother me if your considering of downloading the app don’t because it is very unfriendly that’s all. Edit:OMG this weird person just followed me and creeped me out I am scared for life!
  • dark web 1/5

    By Millie & Sarah Mc
    dark web apparently got a hold of this. be careful
  • Scam 1/5

    By musical.ly hater ;)
    Identity guard flagged them as my account was compromised with my email account under the dark web even though I did not have an account with wishbone. An account was created with my email. You cannot get a hold of the wishbone app support team in order to get things corrected
  • I am hacked,developers help😭😭😭 5/5

    By mrittika126
    This app is the best but I have 2.1k followers & I am hacked & mu username was @mrittikax126 & now is changed to @******arestinky (n word)I think it’s bc I posted that many ppl are getting hacked,plz help me ,they changed the password too:(/
  • Got a dark web alert bc of this 1/5

    By Bailey3453826
    I got a web alert that my info was sold from this app to the dark web. BE CAREFUL
  • it’s alright 3/5

    By Chells95
    this app is very fun to vote on and it has some cool polls. but it has some problems. this app is very glitchy and it has wayy to many ads.
  • Too many ads😬 3/5

    By imick3
    It’s a really good app but every few polls it gives me a 30 sec ad... please reduce the ads!!!
  • Not bad but....... 4/5

    By vebyvufdbefvdbivfd
    The app is good and all and fun because you can compare things. But there are a lot of ads and it does get annoying. Maybe if the app could fix that then wishbone would be a pretty accessible app and fun.

Wishbone - Compare Anything app comments

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