Wix: App & Website Builder

Wix: App & Website Builder

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  • Current Version: 2.31142.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Wix.com Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Wix: App & Website Builder App

Use the Wix mobile app to build & customize a website and mobile app experience for your business and community - for free. Over 160 million people worldwide choose Wix website builder to create their professional online presence. Whether your goal is to start a blog, build an online store, offer services, or create events, you can do it all using Wix’s powerful business, marketing and website building tools. Build a Website to Grow Your Brand -Create websites & upload videos, pictures and blog posts -Add web pages with stunning website templates -Build & manage a professional web presence, zero coding required Create & Manage Your Online Store -Build an online shop to display and sell items & collections -Take online payments as users shop items in your online store -Manage orders & shipping details -Offer coupons & special discounts Become a Blogger -Write & share blog posts from your desktop or mobile -Use blog designs & website templates to bring your blogging ideas to life -Share your latest content with subscribers -Let readers share, follow & comment on your posts -Manage contributors & allow them to add blog posts -View blog stats & web analytics with Wix SEO tools Offer Services & Collect Payments -Create & update services -Take online session bookings -Get paid online commission-free -Manage staff and participants -Connect pricing plans Create & Manage Events -Manage & edit past, present and future events -Sell tickets online -Send invitations, collect RSVPs, and update guests -Create discussions & upload photos Engage with Your Community Online -Chat with members & site visitors directly through your website or app -Create groups around shared interests -Manage discussion boards for specific topics -Start forums & group chats with members

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Wix: App & Website Builder app reviews


    By young man3
    I’ve had it with this app and the web version of Wix to they are TRASH. Never answer email questions! I’ve been trying to update and publish my PREMIUM website for over a month and it always get stuck in the publishing page and never updates I have misspelling on the website I can’t fix because WIX won’t publish my edits. CRAZY
  • Using app 4/5

    By Beyond Temptation
    Awesome thank you
  • the uploading. 2/5

    By rghnkk
    I can’t upload no pictures to my website without the app shutting down and I need these photos for a grade and I see a good “F” in my future is this isn’t fixed !!!😒
  • How do you edit the website from the app? 3/5

    I’m unclear how to use the app in the most efficient way. I do get real time inquiries through the chat, but if I am using my Ipad or my iPhone because I’m on the go I just can’t edit it . It forces me to get to a desk/laptop. I would like to be able to issue refunds, fix spelling errors , minor things. It only shows me my dashboard, and if someone is on the site. I expected more. Overall the platform is great in website building, but using it from an IPad or from a mobile phone which we are on most often is not really user friendly. And I am always on the go so I want to be able to use the ticket manager create an event, open a discount code, or turn off a page from view using my iPad or iphone that’s all.
  • This app is horrible now 2/5

    By Alchemist Titan
    Whoever changed the app did a very bad job at taking a user friendly experience & making the job of running my business harder. Please fix this asap because im looking for a different website host & others are too.
  • Follow @karens.beauty.bar 3/5

    By 831507
    I’m loving the App
  • Very simple & Efficient 5/5

    By BrianDevilla
    I’m starting my own auto detailing company and have no experience at all when it comes to building a website. Wix made it EXTREMELY simple to do it on my iPhones browser in just about an hour from start to finish and now pairing it with a membership on their app as well? What more can you ask for!?
  • Works good but... 5/5

    By go peo2.0
    I’ve been using wiz for a year now and I love it but when I’m in the editer it likes to not save my stuff even know auto save is on so I would like to know what I’m doing wrong but it is a grate app/website
  • crashing?! 3/5

    By kdpsnsma
    So i recently started using wix for my small business because it was easier to set up and easy to manage. I love wix. I started by using the website it was perfectly fine. then i downloaded the app so i can post my pictures of my products on there. Well at first it worked perfectly fine. Then I started noticing that every time I open the app it crashes. I will open the app and it will freeze it will just be a purple screen with the word wix on it and then it will automatically kick me out and take me to my home screen. so every time I want to use it I will have to delete the app and redone load it .😒
  • Missing features 4/5

    By k_yshla
    It’s missing a couple features that are helpful when doing it on a laptop
  • Not worth it 1/5

    By mikmej
    I paid almost $300 for my site that I created with Wix but my site doesn’t show up when I google it. I have since contacted their support but still haven’t anything back. I don’t recommend this app at all.
  • Blog editing is broken (apparently resolved) 2/5

    By The Mac Doc
    The ability to edit an existing blog on iPhone is broken. You are forced to edit your blogs using a desktop or laptop. After a few clicks trying to edit an existing blog, the app freezes, and after a few seconds you are presented with a blank page with the blog title on top. X-ing it out brings you back to the Dashboard where your blog now reports “Unpublished Changes”. When I first I reported the issue on Oct. 3rd, I was told that “creating a blog” worked fine and I was given a laundry list of self-help links. I had to write back and tell them it’s the *editing of an existing blog* that is broken. I explained that it takes a few clicks to see the issue, but it is 100% repeatable. I even went so far as to send them a movie capture of the entire process, at which point a different service rep wrote back saying he’d verified the issue exists and that the proper department would be notified. In the meantime I’m still waiting for a fix and must do everything on a laptop. The last update for the app was one week ago, so this major issue has not been fixed yet. UPDATE: For the second time, a different rep has contacted me claiming it’s a problem on my end, WITHOUT following my instructions. This new person simply started typing new text without EDITING EXISTING TEXT. So either the people employed at Wix Support cannot comprehend English or they are just too lazy to follow instructions. I even went so far as to send them a movie capture of the entire process, yet I am STILL being told it must be MY fault. UPDATE #2: It appears that with this morning’s update (2.30025.0), which addresses “minor bug fixes and performance improvements”, this issue has been resolved.
  • missing visitors missed sales opp 3/5

    By seanjari preeti
    I’ve had wix for over 5 years. The wix app is not as functional as it used to be. If a visitor is in your site you’ll never be able to engage them until they speak to you. That’s missed opportunities. The only way to engage them is to hit the notification button on your phones home screen which I do more than 50 times a day. You’ll never be able to open the app and see the amount of visitors or engage. Just catch the notifications. Then when a visitor is on the site, the automated pop up welcome box does t always pop up.
  • Not an App designer 1/5

    By HBSteve
    Don’t mislead people Has nothing to do with app design and yes I’m very familiar with your product. Just had to review this poorly for your misleading description —-/ Update they respond to this asking what is misleading!? Your title of your app! IT IS NOT A APP BUILDER. IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH APPS
  • NoPain.us family are Happy with Wix 5/5

    By Theheather1
    Easy and affordable, doesn’t disappoint!
  • Scam 1/5

    By ChecotahBeauty
    Whoever sent me check and then when I deposited into my account they stole my money.
  • Fix the autocorrect 3/5

    By madenohio
    For the most part the app works well. Need to improve the 2 space to automatically make a cap and period. It never makes the “i” capital. At times it gets stuck and won’t progress scrolling down on the post as I type. The auto correct on spelling can get all funkie. It won’t recognize accepting my word. Sometimes it will only recognize the letters from the point of my correction. For example: I misspell “correctaon”. I go back to correct. It will then only recognize “ion”. Not the previous part of the word. Just little frustrating things they waste my time to correct on fly and can get me cursing real fast when it won’t recognize my correction and have to repeat. Thx
  • Confused 1/5

    By Sun1869
    Where are these products that I see come from? They are not my products for my site. Do they appear on my site? Who are they for? Who ships them? How do I get ride of them? I’m so confused.
  • It’s great, but... 3/5

    By Painted Peony
    I’m having communication issues with my clients through the Wix messenger. Some of their messages are not coming through to me and vice versa. This is critical to my work. Please fix this issue. Other than this glaring issue, the app is nice.
  • No Customer Service!!!!!!😡 1/5

    By PAC828
    I have repeatedly tried to get help and there is no place to get to a person. The help they give via virtual directions is not applicable. Very unhappy
  • Not sure what’s wrong 3/5

    By too go to be true
    I started out using this app about a month ago. Things were ok. There are a couple of glitches that made me lose entire blog posts and that was frustrating. But for the most part it fit my needs. I got this app because it’s much easier for me to do things off of my phone. Now the blog part won’t allow me to scroll down far enough to see what I’m even typing. And if I save and start again later good luck getting the cursor to the last thing you wrote because it won’t let you see that far down. I’ve tried reinstalling. Completely shutting down my phone. So my choices are type all in one sitting and try to catch my mistakes later and hope I’m allowed to scroll to them or don’t type on the app at all which is the entire reason I got it in the first place.
  • An easy way to get started 5/5

    By shoppe1sweets
    Wiz is everything you could expect and need in a website for free.
  • WiX is the best 5/5

    By RacquelTristan.com
    I’ve been using Wix for almost a decade and I love how they have grown to be an all inclusive web provider as I grow my businesses. Always user friendly, seamless, and professional. I recommend it to all of my friends creating businesses. Keep it up Wix.
  • Has potential 3/5

    By MattMacedo
    It’s okay where it’s at currently but I wish there was more features like actually being able to preview your site on how it would look on desktop/mobile. I just wish it looked a bit more like the desktop experience.
  • Bug after upgrade - Please FIX!! 2/5

    By Qtn1
    After the last couple of app upgrades, I can no longer scroll up and tap to go to a users orders while in the chat screen. This was a very useful feature when reviewing their latest or past orders. It’s very frustrating now to have to go out to orders and search for it to view their order information. This function is still available on the desktop device. PLEASE FIX THIS!! It was such a great feature. Why would you take it away? There is no easy way to report this issue in the app either. Why isn’t there a more intuitive way to report support issues in the app? Other than those issues, I think the app is great. Quick and easy to setup and use! I really love using WIX. The mobile app makes managing my store so easy and convenient. 2 stars for the recent upgrade that took away some important features and no intuitive support area to report app issues. 5 stars for the app when that issue is fixed. Thank you!!!

    By Optimusdyme on ig
    This app is sooooo annoying, way too many bugs and glitches and I why after all these years have you guys never found out a way to add multiple services when booking an appointment. That’s a HUGE feature that ppl Who run a busy hair salon need. Come on...for $28 a month, something Got to give 🥴🤕
  • Review 2/5

    By Hannah Gingy
    Wix.com has been great to use and I would give it 4 stars. Wix the app hasn’t been super useful to me though. I like that it has the chat feature, but I wish I could view stats or resend email marketing campaigns. Simple stuff that I’d like to check when I’m not at a computer.

    By tiredofads!!!
  • Pretty Cool 4/5

    By Jnm25
    I literally love this app. I use it to blog about basketball. My only issue is that when I use my phone, the pictures upload in a square. Like I literally have to use a desktop to upload a picture because of this issue. It is a tad annoying but other than that I like it.
  • Waste of money 1/5

    By doesnt provide to dish
    Can’t edit website on my phone waste
  • I love this app 5/5

    By Pablomoney232
    Easy to use, the app is really nice
  • I love wix so much 5/5

    By colte354
    I love wix so much it cool you guys have to get wix it sooooo cool
  • Wiz 5/5

    By danielle benton
    I love this app because it help me wiz my business and made it easy for me😘
  • I’m having loading issues when using desktop 4/5

    By Charles_Crain
    For days now I’ve been trying to edit my website to add the rest of what I want that I can’t do in mobile so when I go online to desktop version it lets me do whatever in six editor ADI but when I want to goto Editor X, the place where I need to go isn’t loading and when I try updating it in ADI it’s makes it where I can’t see anything when editing and when I try to publish it it says “please wait” and I waited for 6 hours for either editor X and 1 hour to get past making my site live....this is ridiculous I pay good money and I should be getting my full running of the site. If y’all can’t fix it, I want to get a refund!!! Please fix immediately Ps I have absolutely no problem in the app, it’s when I use editor ADI and X or try to make it live! PLEASE FIX DESKTOP VERSION!!!! So I can continue my work. Thanks, -Matthew Crain
  • Wix 5/5

    By kokobjskaodbd
    This is the best app
  • Amazing quality product and service. 5/5

    By Opal Croom
    Very talented young artist.
  • Not BAD! 4/5

    By Na3dott
    I dont like that the mobile version doesn’t automatically change to the way you set it up on desktop I had to start all over it was do confusing but overall its easy and acceptable.
  • Not working, locks up 1/5

    By DVanWie
    My Wix app used to work, but not working now. It flips to some blank page and then locks up. I can’t get into my sites to edit or adjust. Also the photos on the mobile version of my blog have gone all weird. NOT HAPPY WITH WIX... want a refund if they don’t fix it soon!!
  • Falsely advertises “all the features you love” 1/5

    By scottierivera
    This app is totally useless to anyone managing a restaurant website. Between no functionality in the app to edit restaurant menus and no way around the mobile wix site which is just an ad for the app I am very disappointed. This is 2020, we should be able to do anything we can do on computer’s web browser on our mobile devices!
  • Terribly inconvenient and awfully painful to use 1/5

    By Jdkbillyboob10-12
    Just like every other wix app I’ve ever tried using, its about as worthless as they get. Don’t bother with it
  • My experience 1/5

    By squillo57
    Is nice to help people to make a website to get a business but went people use to rip people off then that creates a bad business publicity and got burned 2 times by the people that is doing the secret shopper Alan Smith James Smith I hope that you can stop then in taken people money and especially on this time that is so many people looking for work and they offer a job and they send a check expecting you to put it on your bank account and do the job but if you do that before the check clears and you sent them the money that they ask is like this you get a check for 1980.00 dollar you take 480 but they ask for 1500.00 on eBay cards and if you do that you loose your money and that is fraud I hope you can stop this from happening to other people thanks you Richard Carrasquillo
  • Handmade jewelry business (The Qu33n Roxx) 5/5

    By The qu33n roxx
    Wix helps me with my business so much.
  • After untold attempts to escape 5/5

    By FireCaptainRetired
    After untold attempts to escape, Wix has me trapped in reCAPSHA HELL. I am a retired firefighter, engine & ladder truck driver. You’d think I’d at least be able to spot fire hydrants!!
  • Love it but I need spell check. 5/5

    By Fhgdsfh
    I’ve been using wiz for the last 4 years for my Business. It’s come a long way since then. One complaint I have is there isn’t a spell check option when adding new product to your page. I know how to spell however, having that certainty you are misspelling something is a nice feature. Wix has it when adding things on the website pages itself but when you’re adding product to the store, you have to be careful. Can we please add it! ❤️
  • great app 5/5

    By valuemyreview
    Great features and easy to use.
  • What I Have Looked For 5/5

    By becdr2
    I have been with Wix for over a year and h
  • Crashes 1/5

    By lorenawaddle
    Update it 😡
  • Not working well 2/5

    By ohmygod!!
    - I am a small business owner I communicate with new customers via FB messenger. My FB message is link to Wix account. I replied back from Wix app never sent to my customers! Now I make sure I reply on FB messenger NOT Wix. Wix needs to fix this. I almost lost customers! - the app is often loading forever to open. - if you change your setting on the app, it never works so I have to use computer and log in to wix.com and change. Then why we need app!
  • Exactly what I was looking for 5/5

    By AirlieScribbler
    I’m an illustrator and I wanted a site that was simple/easy to use and change. It’s a breeze to figure out and very intuitive. I like the way it optimizes for mobile use, and the app works well for what I need it to do. Good job, folks!

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