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Wix Business & Community apps

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  • Current Version: 2.24392.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Wix.com Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Wix Business & Community apps App

The Wix app lets you enjoy all the benefits of your own customizable app - without the hassle and expense. Invite clients, customers, readers and more to join you as members so they can book your services, browse & buy your products, join discussions, read your blog posts and more - right from the app. Send updates as push notifications right to their phones for free so they never miss an update. The app’s dedicated Member View lets people view more info about your place, access your contact details and get in touch with you at the tap of a button. Manage your business or community from your Dashboard, add powerful apps & features and create your own look to match your brand - all in one place. Get Booked, Get Paid Let your clients easily book and pay for your classes and appointments. Start Discussions Engage with your audience by starting discussions around anything you like. Write a Blog Share your latest content with subscribers and allow them to interact with your posts. Sell Products Let customers browse and buy your products and send them the latest updates from your store. Manage Events Manage and edit past, present and future events, and keep guests updated so they can RSVP and buy tickets from their mobile. Creating something new for your business or community? Whether you’re starting your brand or business from scratch, or you're already up and running, the app lets you easily create your own professional mobile presence with our powerful apps and features. Wix’s Marketing and Business tools let you easily create email campaigns, share social posts, take payments, keep track of invoices and view analytics when you’re on the go. You can also publish a website for your place through the app in a few simple steps. Got a Wix website? With the app, you can keep your audience engaged with your site right from their phones. Plus, you've got everything you know and love from the web on the app, so you can manage your site on the go. Invited to join a mobile Place? The Wix app makes it faster and easier for you to get in touch, book services, browse and buy products, share posts, join discussions and much more. Want to create a place of your own? Whatever you’re interested in, you can easily create your own mobile presence on the app.

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Wix Business & Community apps app reviews

  • Do not use if you are expanding 1/5

    By Scorpion six
    This site/app worked well until our business grew to over 4 customers a month, then it lagged and crashed often. The App will no longer let us access our company page, nor will it let us upload any images for our site. Add to that you cannot get in touch with anyone at Wix for any help. If you value the success of your business and want help when you need it, I highly recommend any other company.
  • Good but one flaw 2/5

    By AidanGamerTv
    I am going to make this as clear as possible, I am almost 18, and I am a user for wix.com, the first page that pops up is sign in with Facebook, Twitter, etc. I need permission to make a website, but it doesn’t let me because of the first page!!!!!!!!!! :/ :(
  • Preview of email 4/5

    By Xuela7
    Can I see a preview of the email?
  • Dark mode 4/5

    By Cooltiger190
    Love this app, I just wish it had dark mode unless it does and I’m just not seeing that feature.
  • Help needed 3/5

    By Cigar-Park
    I am having trouble figuring out how to manage my site from my phone. I have downloaded the app but cannot add my site. I don’t see any option for that.
  • Help 2/5

    By aaaaabbbbbyyyyyyyyyy
    I like the app it just i can’t get the link..
  • Mobile limitations 2/5

    By bloggerx
    My main use for this app is for blogging and I’ve been having many issues with my blog posts not saving and the inability to add photos to my blog posts. I wish there were more features/better digital integration able to allow simple blog posts to be posted without having these issues. Using the latest version of iOS on my mobile device.
  • Why pay for a premium account 2/5

    By 0000tam000
    Why pay for premium if using the app will just plaster Wix info? A suggestion would be the ability to download a company labeled app (white label). Not sure how feasible that is...
  • The site is buggy all the time 1/5

    By Valerinotrobot
    The site is buggy all the time
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By cpuppyohen
    Epic app, except I wish you could do more with the free plan, or pay less for premium.
  • Sales were not notified 3/5

    By Mercury Lab Guitars
    I did not receive a message telling me in products sold. After 3 weeks, the buyer had to contact me directly i think I have it worked out now. At least hope.
  • No addt'l info section on app... 3/5

    By Cool mod
    I really wish there was an option to add product info to the ‘additional info section’ while using the mobile app. You guys only offer a description option on the app which is inconvenient for those who travel & need to add more detailed info about their store products. Whenever I’m on the go, I’m forced to post products without an info section until I’m able to make it to my desktop computer. I use this section to enter all of the important info about what I’m selling to help my customers. Aside from this the app is functional - I’m able to edit all other fields on the mobile app. Please consider adding this feature in the near future. Thanks.
  • SPAM 1/5

    By NoleGirl904
    Tons of spam and phishing
  • Frustrating 1/5

    By Beaver of Anger!
    Doesn’t do what I want. Help is useless, I get sent in circles. I looked into hiring a “professional” that does not work. Whether web based or via app it is crap that needs to be sorted out before I pony money.
  • Need to fix NOW 1/5

    By mjgorman1979
    We are a longtime user of your mobile app and have been extremely satisfied. Now the recent update on 5/21/2020 has made the app NON functioning. We are missing online orders from the mobile app as I write this because we can’t log in to see them.
  • Luv being mobile 3/5

    By IGWhat?
    Like using Wix app to manage my site and customers. It’s great for products that I have in the Wix store, but I also need to use a third party store, Ecwid. It is also connected to my Wix website, so that shoppers can purchase those products thru my website. But neither I nor my customers can see or manage those products with the Wix app. I don’t like that.
  • Managing orders not working 3/5

    By nbinxy
    Within the last few days I cannot manage my orders for my website using the app. It stopped working a few days ago, and my partner has no issue. I have the latest version of the app, have uninstalled and reinstalled with no luck. Besides that issue I did like using the app so far.
  • Booking Functionality Poor 2/5

    By Horwad
    The sole purpose of my site is to have clients book my performers for events & virtual lessons. The site should theoretically operate like a personal training or salon site. I have paid for the upgrade to take payments through the site and I have spent hours developing my booking services for all of my performers. Now that I have been using the booking system/calendar I have noticed the following flaws in the booking system and would love to suggest upgrades: - The Zoom link sent to my clients and staff is just a hyperlink. It MUST include the room number and password to be useful. If the email is deleted or lost, they will have no way to enter without me being available to get them the room info - the calendar on the app has no search function. So i cant search for a clients booking by name. This is a HUGE issue. With hundreds of bookings i can not scroll through trying to find a particular booking. - I sell multiple services. They each need their own web page. Why can i only put my bookings on one page? Why can I not give each staff member their own dedicated page? - why do confirmation emails get sent to my staff ONLY if the client booked a service online? If I manually put a service in, only the client gets a confirmation!?!? - I can edit the words at the beginning of the confirmation emails sent out, but I can not control what details from the booking get sent. There should be a checklist that I can click which details I want/need included to my staff/clients. That’s all for now. Until these updates are made Wix bookings will not be worth the price tag
  • Great website/ business builder 5/5

    By johnsmith12-/
    I’ve been using Wix for my small training business for about 3 months now. It is incredibly easy to create and update my site. I can sell products and memberships online and it makes it easy for them to renew. Very user friendly.
  • Fix YOUR BUG 1/5

    App was working fine till a couple days ago! Can’t upload orders!! Fix it!!
  • Amazing With One Drawback 4/5

    By LudwigTheKoopa
    I love this app I truly do. I use it for all sorts of different things. The UI is fantastic and the event planning is detailed and perfect. My one complaint is that I truly wish that the member view option did not give me all of the different edit options that I normally have. I want to see my page exactly how my members will see it.
  • Love this app 5/5

    By Tristan Clarke
    Great for my business
  • I found this and I think it’s a joke 5/5

    When I was getting this on the AppStore I couldn’t help but notice that you have to be 4 and up to use this! Lol XD
  • App stopped working 2/5

    By hilphone
    I was using the app successfully for two weeks. I upgraded my account and all the sudden the app doesn’t work. I have deleted it and reinstalled it. I’ve reset my phone and nothing is working on the app anymore. It’s very disappointing as I used the app multiple times per day because I’m not always around a computer to log on to my site.
  • Love it 5/5

    By santiago.brooklynn
    Easy to navigate’
  • Persistent mismatch between app and website 1/5

    By mike danger 44444
    There is a persistent mismatch between what I blog on my app vs. what I blog via the website. Very unsettling, so I deleted the app and only blog via the website. Seriously reconsider using wix to blog with.
  • Uhh 2/5

    By jersi clark
    Not good
  • One of the worst things about Wix 1/5

    By IsleOfDogs
    I’ve been a Wix Business VIP customer for about a year and I’m fairly content with it. Sure, there are some things I’d like them to add but overall I find wix.com quite good. This app on the other hand feels like it’s been developed by a completely different company. The amount of things you can do on it is VERY limited, and forget being able to do anything to actually edit your site. The worst of all is that they very aggressively push you to make your own “Mobile Place”: basically a profile on their app so customers can get in touch with you, but only after they’ve downloaded the Wix app themselves. I keep getting notifications multiple times a day(!) to “customize my place to look more professional,” and there’s no way to switch them off except to block all notifications (I’d still like to be notified when a customer sends me an inbox message). The way I see it, there’s nothing professional about making MY customers download YOUR app. I’d happily pay Wix to help me develop my own app or edit my site on mobile, but that has nothing to do with this app. This app might be useful for small businesses who are desperate for a way to manage their customers, but once you’re past that point it’s useless. And to say the daily notifications are annoying is an understatement.
  • #JustWiXiT 5/5

    By #DittoPardo
  • It doesn’t even open 1/5

    By SailingSoulLatasha
    Every time I go to app it tells me something is wrong and that I should refresh the page...
  • My best partner 5/5

    By Chimi and More
    Wix is my best partner, it help me to have exposure through my webpage, to communicate with my clients, to receive orders, to charge and deposit directly to my bank, to send tracking number right at the spot, all this features that help me to have a good customer service. And I’m not a savvy, Is Easy and clear and the customer care help me at the spot. Thank you!!😍
  • Confusing. 1/5

    By dci-kk
    Good luck with that!

    By rymatta87
    Wix authorizes my account to accept credit card payments using the new Wix payment method. After 45 days and selling over $10,000 worth of products, I realized Wix had not paid me a single penny. The un authorized my account. Its been 75 days now, and I still have not got a penny from them. I had to shut down my site. Move it to a new platform and launch my site. I then had to call over 100 customers. Refund them. Wait five days, and they send them a new invoice to pay. It caused me to lose 14 days of work. I was only able to recover $7000 of the $10,000. They have responded to 3 emails out of the 25 I have sent in the last 45 days. Their phone support team says the department which handles this issue does not have phone support and that I just need to wait five days for them to re-verify my account. If you want the slowest responsive website ever with the worst customer support in the world, use Wix. They will not disappoint you when it comes to letting you down!
  • Printing restaurants orders 1/5

    By finde10
    After the updated it’s not possible to print the restaurant orders. It’s now more important than ever and I guess they just forgot about that little detail.
  • Trash 1/5

    By infuriated af
    This app isn’t worth the hassle none of the blogs formate correctly and it’s laggy way to frustrating to use. How about you make a stand-alone app guys cmon use your heads. An app to edit and create blogs and another for all that crap you think people want to do on the app. Here’s one of those people none of the other crap is useful. Just being able to say hey let me start editing this blog from the notes on my phone over to wix editor then publish. Shouldn’t have to use a computer to post a blog. Editing the site is understandable but to edit blogs. I’ll be using something else Wordpress idk or I’ll just create something of my own. Won’t be using wix app and soon wix at all.
  • Do you love 5/5

    By veteriajeanwidelinebaptiste
    Amazing Amazing Beautiful
  • Awesoooome 5/5

    By Hanna G Makeup
    My first time using, i was doing manually emails 😬😬 Im glad I started using this.
  • Super good 4/5

    By Hunnid000
    Love using wix I have 5 businesses on wix. My only problem with this mobile app is uploading product to online store and selecting category. The category page freezes the entire app forcing me to close out of it.. sometimes causing me to lose my work
  • Not helpful 1/5

    I wanted to add a service but the only two options were class or appointment it is stupid.
  • Manage Website 2/5

    By DJ Yung Vibe
    Tried to see if I could use the app to remote makes updates from my iPad, instead of having to go to the website. Found out that all the Manage Website does is just take you to the Published website, with no option of actually managing or making quick adjustments from the app.
  • Useless on iPad. 1/5

    By Allen7751
    To start off the I review, I worked for a digital marketing ageny, did SEO and site building for a living. This app is kind of useless on the iPad, I am using an iPad Pro and was trying to build a site, half of the things I clicked on said g to your computer and ________. This rendering it totally useless to me. Now to continue my search for an app that will work on the iPad.
  • Online ordering 2/5

    By GreekHab
    I really wish you would fix the online orders section. I cannot respond to my customers according to their online orders!!!
  • Photo upload failure 1/5

    By mweb8
    Want to give this 5 stars BUT I can not upload my member photo, or any other media for that matter. Every time I go to select to upload my photo to my member profile the app crashes. Please fix ASAP.
  • No invite code and no recovery method 3/5

    By 18384,
    I established a website with wix editor on my PC and am trying to join the mobile editor app with my preexisting site, which sent a link with NO join me code. I now have the app and can not find any online support or help article that assist with that
  • Not good for creating products in store 1/5

    By mmmmmmliz
    I have had my website through Wix for several years. I recently launched my online store and am completely disappointed with the app. Every time that I attempt to upload a product photo from my phone, the app crashes. When I try to upload photos from media that I’ve already uploaded from my computer, I don’t have the ability to edit the photos within the app like I do on the desktop version. It’s 2020 and I’d like to be able to create all of the products from my phone and not from my desktop only. It’s so annoying.
  • Easy and great 5/5

    By عامر منصور
    Awesome Thank you for such
  • Love my WIX app 5/5

    By PMazi
    So convenient since I’m always on the go. I can edit my site, send order tracking/confirmations and even add new products! Love love love this app!
  • Not working 1/5

    By kayyjobe
    Downloaded the wix app to keep track of my site and it’s not working.it keeps telling me to refresh .
  • iPad Pro Editing 2/5

    By Gabrielle_b
    I was very disappointed to learn that there isn’t editing app for iPads especially since trying to edit over the web is nearly impossible. I honestly hope they read these comments and try to work on an app compatible for edits on a iPad.

Wix Business & Community apps app comments

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