Wix Owner - Website Builder

Wix Owner - Website Builder

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  • Current Version: 2.66224.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Wix.com Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Wix Owner - Website Builder App

Use the Wix Owner app to build, customize and manage a website and mobile app experience for your business and community. Over 220 million people worldwide choose the Wix website builder to create their professional online presence. Whether your goal is to start a blog, build an online store, offer services, or create events, you can do it all using Wix’s powerful business, marketing and website building tools. Build a Website to Grow Your Brand * Create websites & upload videos, pictures, & blog posts * Add web pages with stunning website templates * Build & manage a professional web presence, zero coding required * Grow your business with powerful marketing tools - Create email marketing campaigns, share social posts and create videos to promote your brand Create & Manage Your Online Store * Build an online shop to display and sell items & collections * Take online payments as users shop items in your online store * Manage orders & shipping details * Offer coupons & special discounts Become a Blogger * Write & share blog posts from your desktop or mobile * Use blog designs & website templates to bring your blogging ideas to life * Share your latest content with subscribers * Let readers share, follow & comment on your posts * Manage contributors & allow them to add blog posts * View blog stats & web analytics with Wix SEO tools Offer Services & Collect Payments * Create & update services * Take online session bookings * Get paid online commission-free * Manage staff and participants * Connect pricing plans Create & Manage Events * Manage & edit past, present and future events * Sell tickets online * Send invitations, collect RSVPs, and update guests * Create discussions & upload photos Engage with Your Community Online * Chat with members & site visitors directly through your website or app * Create groups around shared interests * Manage discussion boards for specific topics * Start forums & group chats with members Manage Your Restaurant on the Go * Get notified about new orders and reservations and manage them in real-time * Print incoming, current, and past orders directly from your phone * Immediately update your menu when a dish is no longer available

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Wix Owner - Website Builder app reviews

  • Not a website editor like I want 1/5

    By Kaylalikestrains
  • Can’t edit site! 1/5

    By jo_annev
    I did almost everything to build my website on my iPhone. Now whether I’m on a browser on my phone or in this Wix app, I cannot edit my site the way that I want to. It just tells me to go to the desktop. Everything I want to put on the website is on my phone and this is just making things much more difficult. How was it that I was able to create and edit my site with my iPhone before and that is not available now?
  • It’s fun but not serious 3/5

    By northern.stardust
    Okay for testing out a look or design scheme, but important features don’t work often times and that’s money lost.
  • Very nice app and program 5/5

    By Vida Balanceada
    Love the concept and the way you can change things. Would love that besides intagram you could share the google business pictures instead makes it less social media too. The editor part is getting better. Love it

    By $4&;&.!.)[email protected]>.>,£|'
    Doesn’t save changes I save as drafts, nor publish. This is absolutely INFURIATING. What is the point of an app that doesn’t save all editorial changes? Inexplicably lost an entire album of 30-some photos I saved as a draft on my last blog post. Won’t let me update my post after published. Doesn’t even save it as a draft despite the option to. I am so frustrated. Why isn’t a developer contacting me? Utter garbage. Update: Updated app to latest version and still having issues. I have screenshot evidence.
  • Someone is using this browser 1/5

    By 193363abc
    They have stole my photos from my Instagram page and created a pornographic website I have not given any permission to anyone to use my photos I would never do anything pornographic I am very upset and troubled with this website and it’s hard to contact anyone so now I’m going to pursue a lawyer to sue the company unless they find who did this and take my photos downand it’s very hard to contact wax there’s no email addresses I am looking to sue this company for allowing someone to steal my photos and make fake profiles in pages of my what’s my photo the original price that was first contact list call fan house but the browser is under wax

    By Shadoe Haze
    LEARN WHAT YOUR APP ACTUALLY DOES. To be clear, I am a long-time, PAYING subscriber with an upgraded businesses premium account. As of right now, this complaint, or anything else from the overwhelming amount of competition WIX has, could convince me to switch away from WIX. So, as a satisfied customer, read this, take the compliment, and then FIX the way you are misrepresenting your app. When I say that unequivocally, this app WILL NOT let you build your website, as it says in the app description. Now, I'd be willing to admit I'm wrong here, if you're willing to admit that your app developer doesn't know what he/she is doing, agrees with me, and had actually posted text in the app that says "To edit your website go to your WIX account on desktop.". Now, the only reason why I am complaining is that I saw the description on this app, and specifically downloaded it, solely because it said I could edit on my phone. And that would be, NOT ONLY really convenient for me, but also... VERY BELIEVABLE that you guys would have that capability since your site is SO easy to use and the site building tools are so organized and user-friendly. SO, the takeaway here is, it's entirely your fault, as a company, that you make your customers used to all of the conveniences you DO offer, that you can't get our hopes up with something so easy to fact check. Especially if you're listing web building as a benefit of your app. It's a selling point, If it were actually real... If it's not real, you can't list it in the only way that you could have in the app description... As a selling point. Because,... you did it! Yay! It worked! I'm sold on it. That's literally the only use I have for downloading another app that I won't use. But I did... For that feature alone. I'm sold... Now what?
  • Fix the photo upload, please. 2/5

    By Moviegoer 215
    Photo upload from iOS devices is broken. At first it wouldn't see certain albums. Now it sees the albums but, when I click on an image to upload, it ignores the album I selected and proceeds to choose the latest photo in my phone. It makes no sense to be able to choose albums if you can't select the photos in those albums. The app is kinda useless if I can't make posts with photos. I still have to use a computer just to upload images that I already have on my phone.
  • 20/80 if the app will ever work 1/5

    By Anbequine
    I’ve had Wix for years and operate my website as a blog. Neither of the apps they have for this consistently work. I am constantly having trouble getting it to upload photos to galleries, or if it does it then won’t let me update the published post with the new photos. It’ll just let me save as a draft but not publish so I then have to go back in and completely repost the blog post as new. Now that method isn’t even working and I have NO WAY to update my website via my phone which is where I do 99% of my updates. This is extremely inconvenient and it’s been years. Get it together Wix
  • Do Better! 2/5

    By LZ2425
    1. Constantly freezing and takes forever to load 2. Calendar is wrong - September 01 2022 start on Thursday NOT Monday. This happens too often. 3. Low response time when issues occurs
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By Ashley Go Hunting !-!
    Wix is a great app for small business owners, and they have amazing customer service. Once I was on their website I was connected with an employee within a minute, and they helped me solve my problem quickly and politely. I feel horrible though, because the end survey was not sent through for me to answer. If you are out there wix, please help me give them a good rating🤣🤣
  • So far this is awesome! 5/5

    By Gornall1
    Keep up da good work
  • App works great for the most part and very user friendly 4/5

    By alvaroluisrodriguez
    Here to report an issue. I have my Wix owner app integrated with the new Wix phone business line. The problem I’m having is that Whenever I save a contact, quite often that contact doesn’t show up as saved when I intend to book an appointment. Rather than give me the option to book an appointment, it’ll have the option for me to save the phone number as a contact first. When doing so, I ended up with two contacts for the same costumer.
  • I like wix,I’m so used to it. 4/5

    By User Lady
    I just keep realizing that the monthly price just keeps going up and up. I remember for the online e-commerce used to be like 10 dollars less. That’s it.
  • Fix the Media manager!!!!! 1/5

    By no matter, just fix it
    When browsing through the media manager the items just repeat and duplicate folders when scrolling. Getting to the actual files is annoying, which may make it a useless feature. After deleting and reinstalling multiple times- it is clear this is just a major flaw.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Karo123456712
    App is lagging, wrong dates are showing, it’s one big mess!..
  • Unuseable verification 1/5

    By Tapper69271916393010
    I can’t login to the app because it wants to see if I’m human and need to answer a question, but there is nothing to answer. Just a blank page.
  • Good App 3/5

    By shebhbc
    I’ve Been Using This Wix App For About A Year Now And I Enjoy It. Only Thing I Would Like To Have Changed Is Making A Invoice. Why Can’t We Just Fill It Out. Why DonI Have To Make A Contact. What If Somebody Made A Purchase In A Park & I Want To Document That. It’s Too Much Instead Of Me Being Able To Just Type The Name & SELECT From My Products What She Got. NOT Type Out Everything.
  • 🤪😣 3/5

    By Deseeman123
    I like the six app but I hate the freaking website.It taces decades for it to load
  • 4 year wix user 2/5

    By GlowDripsGold
    I’ve been using this app for 4 years and it just gets worse. I was generally happy with experience, but adding photos through app is a nightmare. You spend time selecting and editing just for the media to stall out and see a message about network issues. Conversations don’t immediately populate although the app sends out notifications. Frustrating in uselessness
  • Website 5/5

    By brandonantlave Music
    Wix is the best website I ever used
  • Wix is great, the app is not 2/5

    By Norsto
    I wish the app worked but no matter what I do, I can’t get it to load my traffic info and analytics. The mobile app is absolutely useless to me if it can’t load basic information. It tells me “oops something went wrong, refresh to try again” but nothing happens. They let you pay hundreds to thousands to create your app, but I personally wouldn’t trust it if their app doesn’t even work.
  • Great but… 3/5

    By Abyssal Paranormal Society
    Can’t seem to remove Team members (or add) on the Team tab. I have to use a laptop to make it work, which isn’t always the easiest method when I’m on the go.
  • So far I like but no views 2/5

    By BStyles33
    I enjoy how it’s interface is just haven’t seen any views on my stuff yet…
  • Unable to sign in 2/5

    By Gonzdna
    I haven’t been able to sign in for the past 3 days. It says now that my Iphone doesn’t support the app.
  • Impossible to log in 1/5

    By @ClarkeLSmith
    I’ve tried logging in for the past 10 minutes and finally gave up. I tried going through Google and it tells me that I already have an account under that email address and I enter my password and it sends me back to the start page. Useless!!!
  • Bugs! 2/5

    By The Dutchess13
    Unfortunately, my job requires me to use WIX to answer emails. I constantly have to close out the app due to bug issues. It doesn’t allow me to type up a message, or it stops letting me type in the middle of a message; the expansion screen won’t open periodically. When WIX fixes issues (and they take forever to!), another one arises. This is very frustrating!!!!
  • Daily User Problems 4/5

    By JV 💋🖤
    I use Wix for my bookish blog, & lately I’ve stumbled across a few problems: It’s been logging me out, & I haven’t been able to add pictures to my posts anymore. I like using Wix so I hope they fix these problems.
  • Lots of issues writing blog posts on data 2/5

    By Emsgeek
    This app is a nightmare to use when writing/updating blog posts - especially when your internet connection is not perfect. Uploading photos is especially infuriating. Unless you have a perfectly stable 50mbps or faster connection (on my IPhone 12 Pro, I don’t always get this good of a connection on LTE), uploads will fail. Once a single upload fails, no more uploads will work until the app is restarted. There are buttons that say they allow you to “retry upload” but that button is a dead end and doesn’t do anything. You will not have another successful upload again, no matter the internet connection, unless you fully close and reopen the app. Often, after an unsuccessful photo upload, I can’t even save a draft of my post, so any progress I have made is lost. Updating my blog can take many infuriating hours of trying over and over again. The same problem with photo uploads happens with draft uploads. When you click “save as draft”, if the draft upload doesn’t work immediately (this happens often with LTE connection), you have no hope at saving your draft. You must lose your work and close/reopen the app to get anything to save. There is also no cue to tell you that a draft upload was successful or if it failed. Developers: PLEASE look at/fix/redesign the way your app interacts with the internet! I don’t want to have to move to another platform!! You are a web development company! This app shouldn’t feel like a beta!
  • Too slow 1/5

    By gulsahdur
    When i add product or check order this app is too slow i have start again and again i deleted and downloaded again and updated but still slow
  • Issues 3/5

    By Leah 👉😬👈
    OK my issue is when I check my inbox and people have sent me messages with photos attached whenever I go to view the photos I can’t close out or go backwards to the main menu or even to the original message I have to close the entire wix app
  • Super Glitchy on iPhone13 max 1/5

    By venusdeux
    Love the app in general. Wish you could make quotes and invoices or at least still open quotes and invoices but all in all a pretty good app. One star because the app is useless on my primary device 13 Pro Max especially the inbox/chat feature which is the main feature of the app.
  • Slow & Glitchy 5/5

    By gibsonbran
    Normally works flawlessly! But lately the app has been very unresponsive, delayed inputs, and just glitchy in general. Please look into patching anything that may be wrong. Thanks Wix
  • Bloated app 3/5

    By BikesBrookie
    Every update requires over 300 mb of data. The app requires a new update every few weeks. Please streamline the app to where it does not require that much data to update.
  • You made it worse.. 1/5

    By T jacks
    This apps processing system was already bad to start. Glitches and freezes if you’re on it for too long, very slow at uploading. Though I’d update the app since it was being extra slow and the update that was installed it worse than the previous version. It now takes 10 TIMES longer to upload photos to a product and you cannot edit ANYTHING on the product while it is uploading the photos. This needs to be fixed ASAP! Would not recommend to anyone, your better off with Shopify, Squarespace, or frankly any other website builder.
  • Nope 1/5

    By disgruntled freedom lover
    Probably a great app but I have no idea since it won’t let me log in and expects me to be a professional coder to decipher the jargon to make some callback thing. How about a username and password? Like every other app that has ever been created?
  • Updates 1/5

    By 1234682847:!,!:@-'fnei
  • It’s good. 4/5

    By SLockhart
    The System works good. One thing I have been wanting to work better is listening to the phone recordings. When listening to recordings, is it possible for you guys to add a playback speed to help skip ahead if you accidentally back out or it stops for any reason. It doesn’t always want to play when tapping to a spot on time line and dragging the time dot is very glitchy. Most of the time it drags right to the end and it’s very hard to get close to the spot you want to start listening to. So play back speed and maybe a 1 minute fast forward and a 1 minute rewind would be great additions to listening to phone recordings.
  • I’m extremely frustrated 2/5

    By bean222222
    It was fine at first, this is the only free web designer that had everything I needed as a photographer. BUT I would finish editing and click publish and it wouldn’t actually publish it? If told me it did but it didn’t. Also every time I click preview, it doesn’t preview my updated website, it previews a very early version of my website that I had changed a lot- it like it doesn’t actually save changes. It extremely annoying to go and make the same tedious edits over and over again because your app doesn’t know how to save them. I just want to finish this!
  • New update is terrible!!! Just lags!!! 1/5

    By SCohen12345
    Can’t get any work done like this. Takes me 20 minutes to get a single listing up!!! Please fix this urgently!
  • Works well overall 3/5

    By 036yamaha
    I love this app, other than when using it on your iPhone, it has issues allowing you to select an address when booking an appointment. Every time you search for an address, the keyboard and all the preselected addresses will disappear and not allow you to select one. This prevents me from booking appointments on-the-go for my clients. Has become frustrating after multiple app updates and no fix.
  • Scanner issues with iOS 15.5 3/5

    By 365Life
    My iPhone updated to iOS 15.5 and the scanner stopped working. Support has yet to acknowledge that the issue is with the update however I was using two of the iPhone 12s one without the update and one with. The older iOS worked until it also auto updated and again the scanner stopped working. Hopefully this will be addressed soon.
  • Change payment type? 3/5

    By Fr12e
    Never found a way to change my method of payment for my site and email accts. Frustrating.
  • De mal en peor 1/5

    By Menana poruro
    Ya no tiene ni es lo que era. Me salgo definitivamente!
  • It keeps making error page when refund 3/5

    By I am Swan
    It’s been quite a while - more than a month. Would you fix it bug please?
  • Nope 1/5

    By Telosmelo
    Do not sign up with Wix WIX app failed over and over ,causing me to lose business. Today June 7/22 for the whole day I haven’t been able to see my schedule ,book or cancel an appointment
  • Love the app and platform! 5/5

    By mihealthful
    I’ve used Wix for my website for almost 2 years now and cannot say enough good things about it. It is very easy to use. I did a lot of research on the beginning on selecting a site and I’m so glad I went with Wix. I am just learning the app and it’s just as easy to use as the website is.
  • Pls reply 4/5

    When i was creating my website it zoomed in on it and it wont zoom back out
  • Do not bother 1/5

    By shauna_ree
    Huge waste of time. Nothing was loading. Nothing would allow me to change photos or texts or even design.