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Spaces by Wix

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  • Current Version: 2.37397.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Welcome to Spaces by Wix, the place to connect with your favorite online store, business, website or community. Stay updated, get notified about any changes and be in the know about the latest product launches.If you're looking to build a website or manage your existing site, please visit the Wix Owner app. Shop Online Browse e-commerce sites and shop items online Make purchases on the go Apply coupon codes or discounts Read and leave reviews on products Track past and upcoming orders Read Blog Posts Access content from anywhere Share, like and comment on blog posts Stay up to date on the blog sites you follow Stay up to date on your favorite bloggers Schedule Appointments Book online sessions Purchase packages Pay for your bookings online Join a virtual session via Zoom Connect with an Online Community Chat with other members Join forums and groups around shared interests Read and contribute to discussion boards Book and Attend Events Get tickets for upcoming events Join online events via Zoom Post and read discussion boards Share event photos

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Spaces by Wix app reviews

  • Essential tool for our buisness 5/5

    By Budget crunch
    This app has made it possible to juggle a small business without a lot of complicated pieces. It includes or links to everything I need for selling on line.
  • What does this app even do??? 1/5

    By the coooch
    I’m very confused on what this app even does. It does nothing that the website does. Pretty useless. Confusing. I don’t know what’s it’s telling the members of my website. Please start over.
  • Zero stars - horrible 1/5

    By failed blogger
    Ridiculously bad
  • TSP143IIILAN 1/5

    By Andyweili
    Why not support TSP143IIILAN
  • Useless 1/5

    By Horaciovel
    For me, is one of the must useless app I have installed. I has been using wix for more than one year. I like the tools and all about how to setup an manage my page. So, what I wait is to have an app to still managing my page on an easy way. This is not the case. So sad.
  • Cant Send Email Campaigns 2/5

    By makuahine7
    I haven’t been able to send any email campaigns from the app. When I click to add recipients it quickly opens the subscribers and contacts I have then the app freezes.
  • How does this Update help store owners? 3/5

    By Another creature
    What happened to the previous app? I used to log on there, check on my inventory, and fulfill orders all the time but now I can’t see anything except for an invite code and a prompt to connect with other businesses. How am I supposed to manage my store from my phone? Even the Wix for owners app won’t pull up my store. I’m losing money.
  • “Spaces” update 2/5

    By Deuces_22
    Since updating to Spaces, have been experiencing numerous problems including the app refusing to launch completely.
  • for violet 5/5

    By hmlapag007
    Lloyd managing my store via the app
  • New update 1/5

    By Its boomski
    Won’t even open app on my phone - a multiple yoga studio owner this needs to be fixed ASAP or I will have to switch providers.
  • Long Time User 2/5

    By OutdoorsEnthusiast
    I’ve been with Wix for quite some time and noticed a few issue with this new upgrade as well as some longer standing issues. New Update: 1) when entering sales orders, I click charge but the screen keeps loading and then stops and wants me to click charge again. This makes it impossible for me to charge any customer in store through the app. Longer Standing Issues: 1) when creating an invoice and a customer, there isn’t a spot for me to enter a state, which makes tracking sales tax very hard. 2) when an invoice is paid, it isn’t automatically classified as a sales order, this should occur at payment. 3) when looking at store orders, there isn’t a way to filter on Amazon, but you can filter on EBay. 4) EBay orders flow through the system without tax where Amazon orders flow through with tax. These should work identical. 5) when creating an invoice, none of the store products transfer over so you have to re-create any inventory items you want to sell 6) due to item #5, when a customer pays through an invoice, inventory isn’t relieved in the system.
  • How to delete!? 1/5

    By Juniorloz
    My clients email me and the emails are going to this app and it’s forcing me to use the app and I DO NOT want to, it’s horrible!!!
  • Can’t edit my site 2/5

    By Sarah cccccc
    With the new update I can’t even edit my site
  • It was good before the update 3/5

    By @_you_dont_know_me_xx
    I liked when Wix read was right there so I can click on it easily. I hate the new layout in Spaces and I can’t find where to read blog posts anymore or where to submit mine. Wix reads was something finally good for the bloggers that use wix
  • Update fixed Editor Issue 4/5

    By John the "Weatherman"
    I appreciate the update to the text editor in the latest version. I had given up on trying to type more than a few sentences in the prior iOS apps. I had been using a text editor and copying and pasting the text into the posts.
  • Epic 5/5

    By daveduffthethird
    Wixs makes it easy for a beginner! And has advanced options for advanced people you can grow your self using wixs My favorite feature is the SEO tools so i don’t have to pay some one to get my site more traffic! And being able to send mass emails and upload contacts in the blink of an eye there’s way to much to describe you have to check it outbid your self!! I wish I could use my I pad for it the only down side I came across is you need a decent computer with at least 8 ram for it to run with out crashing but it’s because there’s soooooo much in the program it’s self worth the month and only company that offers a monthly bill so your not paying hundreds out of pocket to start up
  • Great App - Needs Work 4/5

    By Erika Haines Zuckero
    Great and very useful but there is a glitch currently. Cannot load payments section in App.
  • Can’t do the one thing I need to do 1/5

    By total basket case
    The app is awful. I’ve had a Wix site for years and was excited to be able to edit it on my phone, but I can’t find anywhere where I can actually edit my website through the app. There’s a ton of other features but I don’t need any of them. Very disappointed.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By A. Gieske
    I try to edit blog and it goes right back to the app start page. Please fix this bug.
  • Trouble some and confusing. 1/5

    By Sithlord32
    So I had issues publishing from my iPad the other day and tried to publish from my phone. Now I have a forum I didn’t want to add to get my blog post up. The blog post finally published from my phone and I shared it to social media but when you click on the link it just asks you to download the app. Further more when I open my website from a browser and not the app my blog post isn’t even there. Navigation through the app is totally confusing. Why do I have to add a forum to publish a blog. I have tto name a category then name a subtitle then name the blog then name the blog post. It makes no sense
  • Mobile site 3/5

    By theloftat84
    Mobile site need to be upgraded. Customers should be able to view more than 1 item in a row
  • Nice 5/5

    By bubu joy
    I hope this app help me more buyers to connect with me. 😀
  • Makes doing business easy! 5/5

    By JesseBH
    This app really streamlines everything. It’s made aspects of running my business that felt overwhelming feel like a breeze.
  • اكثر من رائع 5/5

    By shoponlinedotly
    نشكر فريق wix على هذا التطبيق الممتاز
  • App not opening 1/5

    By winter lynn
    Since the last update, on my iPhone, the app won’t open and is completely useless. I pay monthly for a business account and have depended on this app to communicate with and book clients. Very disappointing and frustrating.
  • Shop 5/5

    Well done
  • Dark mode 4/5

    By Cooltiger190
    Love this app, I just wish it had dark mode.
  • Semi- False advertising 1/5

    By @jeanpaulevencooler
    Why did I have to come to the limited reviews to see you can only edit your site if it’s an ADI site with this app...? And you know how many people opted to create their site customized starting on a laptop/computer...? It was from that site that I was advised to be able to edit my site with the app, and the app description & photos don’t seem to mention this inconvenient detail... im not that annoyed since you can edit the mobile version on your computer anyways, and I don’t particularly need to edit my site on the go too much, but DEFINITELY a big let down. Especially since I don’t really have the kind of site to reep the benefits from the limited marketing/analytics this app has anyways.
  • Editing is difficult 2/5

    By very disappointed customer 9
    Editing is difficult
  • “Uh oh... Something went wrong” 2/5

    By Screbob
    Forced to update, I go back into site via the latest app, this is the response from the app, “Uh oh... Something went wrong”
  • No way to contact them 1/5

    By RJ827
    Is everyone making it impossible to be contacted? I have a real question. I need help. Where are the people that help in real time ? Time is wasting.
  • One thing wrong... 4/5

    By haily614
    The app is cool but when I want to schedule a time for a post the time never changes to the time I desire. If you can fix that then we’re straight.
  • You cannot edit your site from the app OR using a browser on your iPad 1/5

    By Ruffian85
    I own a laptop but work mostly from my iPad. I designed my full website on my laptop but need to be able to make frequent design changes from my iPad. Not possible at all with Wix and quite inconvenient. This app only allows you to manage your sites as a marketing tool, but not as a designer.
  • Its great but policy thing need to create your own 4/5

    By Samshik
    Its been a week I started my own online business website. Its kinda hard at first but once you learn how to navigate everything its been easy. But I was not expecting that you have to create your own policy to be able to approve your account to received your pay out! Thats a bummer. If I should have know this I should have choose the other website builder but then I dont wanna do that. Hope you will have policy generator soon! And more templates to see
  • Zero support and over billing 1/5

    By C-nix
    I canceled my account last year and they are billing me again. No way to contact them and their facebook page has consistent feedback of complaints. I do not advise. I have contested the charges with my credit card.
  • E-commerce business 5/5

    By 💛💛💛💛😘
    ,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000, to the power of infinity! $$$$$
  • This app would be amazing, if... 2/5

    By badash13
    You guys fixed the bug where no orders show up. I’ve written customer support and never got any response. The app, no matter how often I update it, only shows one order from last year, making it difficult to fill orders on the go. Please fix this issue, or get back to people when they try to get support.
  • It works 4/5

    By creative bookmarks
    Just has a few bugs like when you are starting your thing it is a bit confusing if you make your account on the web page and try to transfer it to the app it is a little confusing logging in but otherwise a great experience so far for my business
  • Trash 1/5

    By Tristyn💁🏽‍♀️
  • very epic. 420/69 5/5

    By Homer3745
    Super cool
  • Business savvy 5/5

    By Dom P Davis
    I look very professional doing business through this app. Especially with e commerce
  • Far from being good, even father from being great. 2/5

    By Playerrrrrrrrrrrrr
    The contacts and phone app are not user friendly and often require double entry of the contact information. You can not do group texting either. You can not send images via text unless you have an email address. For a large company, their app sure needs lots of improvements.
  • Minimal options 2/5

    By a.j. flo
    Heard good things so decided to use Wix for a blog. The interface isn’t that user friendly. You can’t customize layout colors or customize or move font. You can’t customize text boxes. The app won’t let me edit or write blogs at all. When I select to edit blog (already in my app) it tells me to open the app and takes me to the Apple store where I reopen the app in the store and am taken back to the page I was initially on to edit from the start and I go through the whole process over and over, never getting to an interface where I can actually edit or view my blog. There’s minimal room for creativity and it’s turned out to be quite useless for me.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By iamTinkerBelle
    I paid for my website and a week later it was gone. I contacted customer service and was never refunded. Godaddy is better and more affordable. Thank me later!

    Just doing demo and as I went to press the view button, it automatically published and now I can’t get my unfinished website off/down!!! I tried to contact support and have no way to contact anyone anyway via automated voice or email!!! I WOULD LIKE TO REMOVE MY UNFINISHED WEBSITE ASAP AND CANNOT CONTACT SUPPORT!!!
  • Nickel and Dime for everything! 2/5

    By Brooklaaaaan
    App crashes from time to time … especially when sending email communication. Also tried using Mailchimp with as sending email communication to customers was annoying and crashed with wix app and online... still A MESS. I hate trying to send emails and I’m considering switching to another app like Shopify for my site.
  • Disappointing App and Website Service 3/5

    By Well Endowed Moto
    Almost everything I want to do on the app with my iPhone tells me I have to do on my laptop. The old app was able to create shoutouts, now impossible. Seems to be going backwards. I signed up 2 websites for the “Premium” plan but I’m still only allowed 3 emails per month. 2 additional emails to my customer is an additional $12. For emails!?
  • Products a Boom 5/5

    By ummkkkkkkayyy
    Products smell so good
  • I can’t edit the blog. 3/5

    By Sahara Marks
    If I try to edit the blog in safari it tells me to get the app. So I got the app, but if I try to edit the blog IN THE APP it tells me I can only edit the blog in the app... that I am currently in and when you click the “Manage in the App” button it takes me to the AppStore to show me the app I need. A.k.a the one I already have an have downloaded.