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Wix | Create a Website

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  • Current Version: 2.21697
  • Adult Rating: 4+
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  • Compatibility: Android
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Wix | Create a Website App

The Wix app lets you enjoy all the benefits of your own customizable app - without the hassle and expense. Invite clients, customers, readers and more to join you as members so they can book your services, browse & buy your products, join discussions, read your blog posts and more - right from the app. Send updates as push notifications right to their phones for free so they never miss an update. The app’s dedicated Member View lets people view more info about your place, access your contact details and get in touch with you at the tap of a button. Manage your business or community from your Dashboard, add powerful apps & features and create your own look to match your brand - all in one place. Get Booked, Get Paid Let your clients easily book and pay for your classes and appointments. Start Discussions Engage with your audience by starting discussions around anything you like. Write a Blog Share your latest content with subscribers and allow them to interact with your posts. Sell Products Let customers browse and buy your products and send them the latest updates from your store. Manage Events Manage and edit past, present and future events, and keep guests updated so they can RSVP and buy tickets from their mobile. Creating something new for your business or community? Whether you’re starting your brand or business from scratch, or you're already up and running, the app lets you easily create your own professional mobile presence with our powerful apps and features. Wix’s Marketing and Business tools let you easily create email campaigns, share social posts, take payments, keep track of invoices and view analytics when you’re on the go. You can also publish a website for your place through the app in a few simple steps. Got a Wix website? With the app, you can keep your audience engaged with your site right from their phones. Plus, you've got everything you know and love from the web on the app, so you can manage your site on the go. Invited to join a mobile Place? The Wix app makes it faster and easier for you to get in touch, book services, browse and buy products, share posts, join discussions and much more. Want to create a place of your own? Whatever you’re interested in, you can easily create your own mobile presence on the app.

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Wix | Create a Website app reviews

  • Cant save my services 2/5

    By jazmartinez
    I am a makeup artist im trying to creat a website so my clients can read and learn about my services but i cant seem to save it , i am working on my ipad . I cant see the save option as if the page was too big for my ipad . help
  • Making people download the app is annoying!! 2/5

    By Queana Michelle👸🏾
    Forcing people to download the app is causing less traffic to my cite! It’s annoying please Stop! 🤦🏾‍♀️🤬
  • Taking too long to create an app for iPad that you can edit on. 3/5

    By Artzealette
    I love Wix after trying a whole bunch. I’ve used it for a few years and I’m still waiting for them to launch an app that allows for designing and editing on my iPad. I solely use my iPad Pro for all my work. This was a setback for me, but I was told that it would be coming. I want to launch my own business and again, this is a big setback. It would totally rock 5 stars if this was all possible on an iPad. Crossing my fingers and toes that it’s really coming!
  • User friendly wish it was on ipad 4/5

    By Saral5
    I think creating a website is very intuitive however I would give it 5/5 if I can use this on my ipad pro
  • I love it! 5/5

    By Fun times at least
    Great Great Great Website I love it for my business!
  • Freezes 3/5

    By 👀🤦🏾‍♀️
    App freezes a lot.
  • Branded to market Wix not our business 1/5

    By disaptted
    Can’t use Wix app for the simple reason that it tries to market Wix brand not a paying customer’s business brand. There is no option to use our brand.
  • Edit 1/5

    By c⚽⚽l g!irl💟
    It’s very good app but when I try to edit something the screen goes blank and the paragraph end up deleted without me touching anything and don’t let me fix it.
  • BE CAREFUL!! 1/5

    By Dmttrice676676
    Make sure you know the person who’s website you’re joining, because I didn’t know what I was doing and once I “logged in to view the inventory” after seeing an ad for RV’s for sale on Facebook, I was unable to withdraw my information! Delete the “profile” & it was not a so called inventory.... the only thing I know to do is to pay a warning on here to help this from happening to others. I’m always very careful, but this one got my information so very fast!! The RV sales sure was called “CLOSERTOFREE” , now that they have my information, they won’t respond 👎
  • Just bad 1/5

    By seem.z
    I wanted to make a mobile website, but it only lets you make a crappy app.
  • Member Role assignment on mobile 4/5

    By Jmedirat
    The app is simply awesome! Though I do have an ask-Is there anyway we can assign member roles using the mobile app. Once on the road, there is no way to give permissions to certain pages by assigning roles. Can you tell us if/ when based on roadmap, this will be available?
  • It’s okay 4/5

    By Bubby Morris
    I started using this app but I still can’t figure out how to share my website to the public!
  • Long time customer terrible app 1/5

    By joenapp
    I love Wix but this app is terrible. It does absolutely nothing. When I try to do something — like update site details, phone numbers, email address, physical address, member site color scheme, images — basically the few things it appears you CAN do, nothing saves. I’ve built so many premium wix sites for myself, customers and friends (and recommended to many more) but this app is the worst. Not sure why they even have it. It seriously bruises their brand.
  • Counterintuitive interface 1/5

    By Kimblery
    I use wix because I can't code, but the app, just like the website, is strangely organized and counterintuitive. I can't find a way to do basic things like edit a listing I've already posted or put items in a category. Trying to find anything I need to do feels like clicking through a maze.
  • WIX Advertises Their Brand Not Yours On App 1/5

    By Facebook Fan2
    I would give the app in general a five star if it didn’t misrepresent. When you log into the app, WIX has its “own place” front and center already by default. As a business, I don’t want to see your brand overshadowing my brand. Please make provisions where the paying customers can brand their own app without your name being so instructive. It looks more of a WIX APP instead of the client’s business app. Especially when you first log in. I want my customers to log straight into “My Place”, not yours. And please leave the decision for me to decide if I want you as a neighbor or anyone else for that matter. It’s smart that you’ve taken the opportunity to freely advertise on every business that signs up. If we pay to remove your WIX AD on our websites, shouldn’t we be afforded the same opportunity on the app?
  • Can’t send email marketing 2/5

    By tysinc24
    Everytime I try to send a discount email on my website it freezes when I pick who I want to send it to, can you please fix it so I can send emails
  • Please Fix The App 1/5

    By MyGoodeness
    The app is still trash. While editing blogs on the NEW BLOG nothing is moving right. You guys didn’t infinite amount of time trying to replace the OLD BLOG but the new one is trash. Parts of Asia have vending machines making pizzas and cotton candy, but an American app is having difficulty ensuring you can save your draft in the app. Every time I select save draft, NOTHING HAPPENS. This is ridiculous. Then after you’ve created the blog, you still can’t post it from the NEW BLOG options.
  • Honest review, 5+ year user: 2/5

    By rtbby
    I now have 2 websites with wix (Premium plan) and I’m on my way to switching to Wordpress. First of all, if there’s anything other than the basic features on wix you want you either have to pay or know how to code. Even when you try learning how to do coding it’s very difficult with the limited tutorials and support help out there. Slow and shuts down when working on the website (I have Mac book pro). When editing little things like buttons, for some reason it will not place/stay exactly where you have it when you publish it. When it’s published and you view in the mobile view live, it’s MOVED. I’ve worked on this for hours and days! Even months. It just gives and unfinished look.
  • Loving every minute of it 5/5

    By farmer jake f.
    Currently stocking shelves waiting to go social until my grand opening with stocked shelves!
  • Doesn’t work 2/5

    By GeneralProf
    Not really happy with this app-I downloaded it to use with a political group I’m a part of, and I keep getting an error screen. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling to no avail. Hard to evaluate its effectiveness when I can’t even get it to work!
  • Loved this app 4/5

    By jess29732
    I absolutely loved this app! It is very easy to use and really helps me in my day to day business operations. As of lately the app has been closing down while I am in the middle of creating invoices and making email campaigns. PLEASE IF YOU CAN FIX THIS ISSUE, THIS PROBLEM ONLINE IS CHANGING MY MIND ABOUT USING THE APP OR EVEN RECOMMENDING IT. ~ Healthy LIVING WITH JESS
  • Order refund STILL being processed after 2 weeks 1/5

    By sarahn0430
    I purchased a few items on wix, but one of the items went out of stock so the entire order got canceled. I asked the owner for a refund, and he said he did it. When I inquired again after 2 weeks since I did not get a refund, he said I need to contact my card company about it. Does this usually happen when you make a purchase through credit/debit cards? It’s nearly been a month since I placed the order, and I still haven’t received any refund yet.
  • User friendly 5/5

    By BB&T Acquisitions
    This app has been easy to use & user friendly.
  • App on the go for my clients but :( 4/5

    By Chillaxyoga
    I love wix both website and app. However the only down side of the app is that it dies not mimic all the website features as for example, my clients can not reschedule their appointment through the app but they can do through the website. They only can cancel and then book over again. Would be perfect if the reschedule option would be available. Than I would give 5 stars :) . Besides that, it’s pretty cool.
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By andallthenicknamesaretaken
    I keep getting and on screen display saying something went wrong...the app won’t open?!
  • Great app 5/5

    By Wiscosin Hobby Farmer
    I use this app for my small cafe and it works great. I love the online ordering feature, my customers love it. This app is one of a kind!
  • Payment detail. 1/5

    By MrsBelizaire
    My only issue is that for me to receive my first payment to my account takes very long. It’s taking over a week for me to receive my funds. As a first time business owner it’s important for products to be avalible on hand and ready to ship. I am currently sold out but will have to use the funds from my current job to quickly restock. I wish there was a customer service number for me to just call instead of putting in a request for a call. I pay a monthly fee and a percentage is being taken out from each of my sales....
  • I need my money back... 1/5

    By mr_0ffcial.
    I have accidentally made a payment of 420 instead of buying one month off now I have requested for refund within the 2 hours of payment I hope to get my money back soon so I can pay for the plan that suits me I know I have to wait for 20 working days but I have to be sure you guys will really keep to your words. Please respond to me Thank you...
  • Glasses 4/5

    By jymmydean
    I had glasses made with my birthday and the color was red. They were shipped without any of them broke and they came out beautiful. The price wasn’t expensive either. I’m ordering other things too. I had a oven mitt embroidered for someone wedding, it was done so good.
  • Feature request 4/5

    By jaysonjayden
    I love what the app can do so far. The notifications when you get a visitors is exciting. Editing or creating blog post. One thing I would like the app to do would be to allow me to manage my automations and form submissions.
  • Excellent app with one glitch 4/5

    By dengony
    Great app with one exception: editing a coupon on the mobile app has a glitch. When you select the products or services the coupon applies to the app freezes.
  • Can not access groups 1/5

    By HaloEight
    Since the last update, groups is unavailable.
  • Awesome hit!! 5/5

    By zdog boi
    Hello, I’ve been using wix for two years and it made me a better person and I made a cool website from wix! I also made a shop where I make 100 dollars a month! Awesome app guys!!
  • B.A.E: Building An Empire 5/5

    By ShaunaTeaches
    So convenient and easy!!
  • Can’t send coupons 1/5

    By kirrrkattt
    Recently every time I try to send a coupon to my customers it won’t send. I try to resend it but it doesn’t go through. Please work on this, this is one of the major ways I interact with my customers.
  • Cool app 3/5

    By QueenOfFavour
    Cool app for forums, but we please get a block button on there?? It would be so useful...
  • Used to work, not so much now 2/5

    By Hannahk760
    I used to be able to work from this app quite well. I had no issues of the app closing mid-listing and it uploaded all photos so well. This worked so well for me, because I mostly work form my phone. I’m not sure what happened but now my app shuts down right in the middle of a listing for my store, I have huge troubles downloading pictures, and it’s all very frustrating. It’s the most frustrating because I do pay quite a lot to use Wix for web hosting my site, and I NEED to be able to work from my phone. Can you got back to whatever was working before, because this is driving me crazy and making life harder, and sales lower because I don’t even list items in my shop anymore. I just use Etsy. If I am not using my website because it’s hard to list items, why am I even paying you guys?
  • Email campaigns 1/5

    By shayyyy2019
    My email campaigns keep getting stuck
  • Log in 4/5

    By photoskater
    I just got the app a couple days ago and so far I’m pretty happy with it, but I find logging in annoying. Like twice a day it’ll log me out and I have to have it send me another email with a link to log in. I wish it would just do a password or keep me logged in.
  • Do not get Wix 1/5

    By Marie Stuart Noel
    It’s the absolute worst website builder you can get for your business. Zero star is warranted. I mean where do I start, every expensive. Building the site is not easy, every single feature requires payment. I used to get 30 free email marketing per month and now only get 3. I’m continuously overwhelmed with the interface. I want to move to another service but don’t want to lose my ranking on google. Feeling stuck with mediocrity.
  • Support 5/5

    By Rahwan Akrayi
    Go ahead, The most Powerful web development ❤️ So Go on and enable more future , Share more tutorials in YouTube channel ❤️
  • Meh On IPad 3/5

    The iOS version of this app still needs a lot of work to prevent unintentional changes and deletions while editing text, especially in blog postings and updates. I discovered a lot of double tapping is required to make sure the cursor is positioned where it should be before doing anything to text or risk damaging or loosing previous work.
  • Frozen app 1/5

    By rdmy12
    Just updated the App and keeps frozen during email campaigns. So frustrating!
  • Needs major improvement 2/5

    By Kdjwhnclcud
    I run my business through wix and the booking system has a lot of glitches and a lot to improve on. There’s no where to describe a service so your clients know what options to choose. There’s also no option for me To approve an appt before it’s booked. I would also like to be able to search clients and see their past and future appointments. The wix mobile app is annoying. I can’t see a full months schedule. It bugs out when I book for someone and choose a time, for example: I choose 12pm and it saves as 11am.
  • Can’t sign in 1/5

    By Anderson Ramon
    When I open the app, all I can do is sign up with a new account. There is no location to sign in with credentials.
  • Wix is on point 5/5

    By slotsguy79
    Wix is on point with its business tools! Helps us move orders a whole lot faster!
  • Not an enjoyable experience 😰 2/5

    By USA ERA
    When I first got my Template, the first thought was, THERE ARE TOO MANY BUTTONS AND TOOLS! I never got to build my website. I never got to understand anything in this app. I would recommend something else. And I’m so disappointed, because all I see is WIX adds. On TV, on YouTube, and they make it seem like it’s so easy, but honestly, it is overwhelming. There is so many buttons, and other “neat” features, and I honestly, never got to know what any of them mean or do. My friends felt the same way. WIX, I don’t mean to be rude or offensive, but, I expected better from you guys. I originally, downloaded this app, to see if I can actually build and create a website. I was trying for 2 months, and I couldn’t do anything. Please respond, WIX.
  • I can’t change font or the arrangement of everything 4/5

    By joy_matters the game beater
    I have been looking for the place to change the way everything is organized and where I go to change the font. The app is just confusing.
  • 😕 4/5

    By BeccaRojo
    Hi I started using wix today it is a really good app it’s just it won’t let me post anything it’s taking a extremely long time still hasn’t opened. ☹️

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