Wix: App & Website Builder

Wix: App & Website Builder

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  • Current Version: 2.25472.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Wix.com Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Wix: App & Website Builder App

Use the Wix mobile app to build & customize a website and mobile app experience for your business and community - for free. Over 160 million people worldwide choose Wix website builder to create their professional online presence. Whether your goal is to start a blog, build an online store, offer services, or create events, you can do it all using Wix’s powerful business, marketing and website building tools. Build a Website to Grow Your Brand Create websites & upload videos, pictures, & blog posts Add web pages with stunning website templates Build & manage a professional web presence, zero coding required Create & Manage Your Online Store Build an online shop to display and sell items & collections Take online payments as users shop items in your online store Manage orders & shipping details Offer coupons & special discounts Become a Blogger Write & share blog posts from your desktop or mobile Use blog designs & website templates to bring your blogging ideas to life Share your latest content with subscribers Let readers share, follow & comment on your posts Manage contributors & allow them to add blog posts View blog stats & web analytics with Wix SEO tools Offer Services & Collect Payments Create & update services Take online session bookings Get paid online commission-free Manage staff and participants Connect pricing plans Create & Manage Events Manage & edit past, present and future events Sell tickets online Send invitations, collect RSVPs, and update guests Create discussions & upload photos Engage with Your Community Online Chat with members & site visitors directly through your website or app Create groups around shared interests Manage discussion boards for specific topics Start forums & group chats with members

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Wix: App & Website Builder app reviews


    By Rishaan Reader #2
    First of all, wix for a website creator is a terrible choice because they, on their mobile website don’t allow you to select a template. Also to get SEO you HAVE TO upgrade! I mean common! This app is terrible, so hard to figure out what to do, basically can only post some weird stuff for people who join my group (?????????), and basically can’t edit my site. I don’t recommend this app for anybody or even recommend using wix as YOUR website creator. +I deleted this app within seconds of downloading. TERRIBLE! TERRIBLE! 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
  • terrible 1/5

    By Awesome?or nawww
    This app is terrible . i’m going back to Bigcartel. i was on the wix app for an hour and 54 minutes just trying to delete the account
  • Add some more features 4/5

    By Pgmehta69
    Wix is great except that for the app how do you publish the app. How do you add challenges
  • Trouble 2/5

    By Uppie613
    I’ve tried several times to use the site and it just seems to have issues. It’s buffering or says refresh. I tried it even after the upgrade today and still issues.
  • Super Good!!! 👩🏼‍💻📱 5/5

    By finnthedogandjakethehuman
    I’m a blogger, and couldn’t find a good app. I found Wix on my laptop, but that’s to big to take everywhere, so I was incredibly happy when I found the Wix app. I love that I can access all my websites from my phone, and that is takes a few seconds to make a new one! This is the best free app for bloggers!
  • Verification 1/5

    By joliiiiiiiiiii
    HORRIBLE! I do not recommend anybody to use this site! It all started with them verifying my account. It was supposed to take up to 5-7 business days but took wayyyyy longer. I called customer service everyday for 2 weeks asking them and they didn’t know anything and kept telling me they have to send it to another department. After about 2 weeks I get an email for the verification department basically saying my website didn’t comply with standards when they most definitely did (I sell clothes). So they closed my account (meaning they could refund all my customers their money AFTER I already had sent the merchandise to them) I made $1,100 dollars within one week and if they refund all the customers I will sue and take this to small claim court. Customer service is horrible and they don’t know anything, also they take forever to email you back or get to you. If there was zero stars that’s what I would do. I don’t recommend this site to anyone!
  • User friendly 4/5

    By Cholefor1
    Love Wix.have used it for years now. Could have more featured options for online boutique.
  • Must Have 5/5

    By Sexxxxymama
    Love this app
  • Logging Out Issue 2/5

    By KingOfTheOzone
    App runs fine other than constantly logging me out on its own. This results in no inbox notifications when someone submits a form on my site. These notifications are very important for me to run my business. Fix this issue and I’ll no problems with the app.
  • Good but not great 4/5

    By Connor Weslay
    I like Wix. It’s very hands on and you’re able to do a lot. I wish the app was more dedicated to restaurants or had its own app for restaurants. The app is catered to more of inviting people to join the wix app and if your a restaurant owner you know customers only care about being able to order food the easiest way possible and wix pushes inviting ppl to join the app. We need more features for restaurants.
  • You Keep Breaking the Booking Feature 1/5

    By Craigcmn
    I love the WIX App. I have all of my customers set up to book sessions through the app but every few weeks you break something and they can’t book sessions. Then I have angry customers. I am a big WIX fan but if this keeps happening I will have to find another solution. Please add the booking feature to your QA protocols.
  • UPDATE! 3/5

    By 💋Sparkle 💋
    The app update is very nice, I must say the app is faster and it has not crashed while I have been using it. But the only downside is that my logo won’t load! It says that it has loaded but when I press save, my logo is not there! I have tried this multiple times and it still won’t save. I have contacted wix support and they still haven’t got back to me. As a paid customer I must say I am very dissatisfied with the customer support!
  • Don’t buy a domain from Wix 3/5

    By kworl1
    I got sucked into a trap by being prompted to buy my domain before buying a plan. Domains are not refundable.
  • I love Wix now! 😍 5/5

    By mtrang717
    Before they put new and confusing plans that were expensive but now I think they removed it or updated it. I hope Wix never goes away because my website is constantly changing and I need to add a lot of stuff on there. I know Wix is super easy but they should put a live chat option for people to contact them in the future. I hope Wix will continue to be in business and improve their website builder for their consumers. To be honest, this is my favorite website builder. Keep it up! Thank you Wix team!
  • Banana nana 5/5

    By lokbisj
  • Good app... when it works 3/5

    By 65768798
    This app is very good for helping me manage my bakery. It helps me keep track of orders and customers. But it’s only gets three stars because the tech support is atrocious. When the app decides NOT to work, and NOT to send me notifications, I miss orders. That’s terrible for business. When I troubleshoot and it doesn’t work, the next logical step is to reach out to tech support. I spent 48 minutes on the phone. Half the time was spent on hold, the other half was spent just trying to get the support employee to understand what my problem is, which takes a very long time with people who don’t speak English. My problem didn’t get resolved, after all that time on the phone I was told “it must be a glitch” (yea, you don’t say), and that someone would get back to me later. I didn’t receive an email back until three whole days later, and the email was simply a screenshot of how to turn on notifications. As if I’m so stupid that after three days I wouldn’t consider that maybe notifications wasn’t turned on. Horrible customer service y’all. Really bad.
  • I love it but... 5/5

    By Cbreezydancer
    I move been using this app for about 3 years and I love it. The only thing is I’d love more coupon options!!! It’s so limited between the 5 they offer. I feel like we’ve been BEGGING for more coupon options FOREVER
  • Is it fair for me to rite a review? 5/5

    By Cain Monroe
    What’s to say, I wouldn’t have the Empire if it weren’t for Wix. In and of itself is phenomenal, cannot even comment on simplicity of use, integrations, and activity on apps and across devices. I started my business officially some twenty years ago. Since it and I have gone through many growing pains. Wix has been with us all the while. I’m now operating Manufacturing, Markets, and Media; all through Wix.
  • Speaking 3/5

    Would love to get in touch with someone when needing help with our having to pay for it.
  • Wish they had accessible service 3/5

    By Tifffamu
    When working with an app related to your business, typically you need as much assistance as possible. I find it very challenging to get in touch with someone regarding technical issues when needed. I love the app and the intended access given to many site features. But, when something goes wrong we need an instant chat or number to dial for assistance. Other than that it’s great!
  • Where did my blog even go? 1/5

    By porquenopuedousarlo?!
    I posted a blog and now it looks like in order for anyone to read it, they must download the app. I wanted to post it to my site directly. I’m so confused. And flustered.
  • Bring back old features 2/5

    By ItsDemi
    Bring back the ability to directly call/text clients from the agenda calendar section along with being able to see the total due on the agenda calendar as well for clients.
  • Website 1/5

    By Help get my profile deleted
    Waste of money.
  • App not user friendly 1/5

    By ajna chakra
    The app just sends you in circles. I have to get on my laptop to change sale items and amounts. I don’t want to connect or create at new site. I just want to manage my online store.
  • Worst site ever 1/5

    By Here today gone today
    The site and the app does nothing but freezes up from my phone and my laptop what a frustrating waste of time I will be deleting my account and the app save yourself the headache and find another app you’ll be happy you did I wish I could give this crap zero stars
  • Incredible 5/5

    By nando8717
    By far the best
  • Fix the update 1/5

    By GlowDripsGold
    App has become unreliable. Editing photos on import stops, app closes or becomes unresponsive. And where are the photo albums? How are those started? 😒
  • Wix and Solicitation 👎🏻 2/5

    By chiquitaneff
    I have been getting a lot of soliciting in my site for a while now!! There is no way to find where I can’t stop 🛑 this people from filling up my inbox with random crap! And it’s getting really annoying!, can you fix this? Thank you 🙏🏼 María
  • Site good app only ok 3/5

    By Rollydrew
    Wix is a great site builder but now they’re trying to get you to use the app more. The app is buggy. Sometimes I try to post and it says “oops there was a problem. We’ll get right on that.” Constantly when I try to post from my phone. Annoying and useless.
  • Online Restaurant Orders 1/5

    By LynnSM315
    We’ve used Wix for a while now. Their online system was great until they took down their restaurants app and merged it with their Wix app. Ever since then we’ve had so many problems. The orders are always delayed, we used to immediately receive the orders our customers placed online. We’ve also had so many orders that don’t show up until we refresh it ourselves. The biggest feature missing is the option to print. Printing allows us to attach the ticket to the customers order and they can pick up the right order. It also showed us if they paid online or not. Now that feature is completely missing. All of this has caused us a great amount of trouble and embarrassment in front of our customers. Hopefully they either fix this app or let us use the old Restaurants app.
  • New Customer... 1/5

    By Shadoe Haze
    So far, I’ve been thrilled, then disappointed, then exhilarated, then exhausted. It’s like they have too many irons in the fire. I will save a complete review for after I *try* to give them the benefit of the doubt... Again. It wouldn't be so bad that this app just WON'T do anything... Like, at all... Except for the bait and switch they got me with when I bought the premium plan and suddenly all the extras were Removed because I went monthly instead of yearly. Didn't see anything about a difference until money was about to be spent. Of course, I could have missed something, but 30 years in marketing usually means they tried REEEEAAAALLY hard to not make it obvious. I just left one GoDaddy after years, because of this stuff... Dont have me tell another... "You can GO top, daddio." (That was wordplay. You're welcome.)
  • Buggy 3/5

    By smuel001
    I downloaded this app in order to chat with potential customers online. I have a lot of issues with the “customer online” notification leading me to nothing. I always think well maybe there is an update which makes the notifications in the app work better, and maybe there is an upgrade that makes it easier to find who is currently on line...but the upgrades never fix the issue and there seems to be an upgrade almost every other day?? I use the app specifically to chat with online customers looking to place an order or get more information, and I really wish that this particular part of the app didn’t have so many issues. It should be easy to find the “customers online”
  • Help 3/5

    By AbbyAndTheHorses
    I think I published my website, I have no clue how to unpublish it. Send help I want to delete it because I need to restart.
  • Wix is great 5/5

    By Davis4KW
    I love wix app its affordable and great for business!
  • Wow 5/5

    By stanwife
    WOW this app is soooo great
  • Shopkeep 4/5

    By Kaye1026
    Just needs to have shopkeep added so inventory can talk to each other when we sell something in our physical store or online.
  • Do not use if you are expanding 1/5

    By Scorpion six
    This site/app worked well until our business grew to over 4 customers a month, then it lagged and crashed often. The App will no longer let us access our company page, nor will it let us upload any images for our site. Add to that you cannot get in touch with anyone at Wix for any help. If you value the success of your business and want help when you need it, I highly recommend any other company.
  • Good but one flaw 2/5

    By AidanGamerTv
    I am going to make this as clear as possible, I am almost 18, and I am a user for wix.com, the first page that pops up is sign in with Facebook, Twitter, etc. I need permission to make a website, but it doesn’t let me because of the first page!!!!!!!!!! :/ :(
  • Preview of email 4/5

    By Xuela7
    Can I see a preview of the email?
  • Dark mode 4/5

    By Cooltiger190
    Love this app, I just wish it had dark mode unless it does and I’m just not seeing that feature.
  • Help needed 3/5

    By Cigar-Park
    I am having trouble figuring out how to manage my site from my phone. I have downloaded the app but cannot add my site. I don’t see any option for that.
  • Help 2/5

    By aaaaabbbbbyyyyyyyyyy
    I like the app it just i can’t get the link..
  • Mobile limitations 2/5

    By bloggerx
    My main use for this app is for blogging and I’ve been having many issues with my blog posts not saving and the inability to add photos to my blog posts. I wish there were more features/better digital integration able to allow simple blog posts to be posted without having these issues. Using the latest version of iOS on my mobile device.
  • Why pay for a premium account 2/5

    By 0000tam000
    Why pay for premium if using the app will just plaster Wix info? A suggestion would be the ability to download a company labeled app (white label). Not sure how feasible that is...
  • The site is buggy all the time 1/5

    By Valerinotrobot
    The site is buggy all the time
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By cpuppyohen
    Epic app, except I wish you could do more with the free plan, or pay less for premium.
  • Sales were not notified 3/5

    By Mercury Lab Guitars
    I did not receive a message telling me in products sold. After 3 weeks, the buyer had to contact me directly i think I have it worked out now. At least hope.
  • No addt'l info section on app... 3/5

    By Cool mod
    I really wish there was an option to add product info to the ‘additional info section’ while using the mobile app. You guys only offer a description option on the app which is inconvenient for those who travel & need to add more detailed info about their store products. Whenever I’m on the go, I’m forced to post products without an info section until I’m able to make it to my desktop computer. I use this section to enter all of the important info about what I’m selling to help my customers. Aside from this the app is functional - I’m able to edit all other fields on the mobile app. Please consider adding this feature in the near future. Thanks.
  • SPAM 1/5

    By NoleGirl904
    Tons of spam and phishing

Wix: App & Website Builder app comments

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