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Wix App

Welcome to the all-new Wix mobile app! Discover a whole new way to engage with people and manage your business on the go. With your own customizable mobile place on the Wix app, you can start discussions, create a blog, host events, offer membership plans, take bookings, and so much more. Invite your contacts to join as members and enjoy all the benefits of your own app without the hassle and expense. The Wix mobile app caters to all your social and business needs, with a customizable interface and tons of features. Managing a community? Engage with your audience by starting discussions around anything you like. Got your own blog? Manage your posts and share your latest content with subscribers. Managing an event? Invite guests, send updates and let people RSVP and buy tickets from their mobile. Got a business or store? Easily manage your bookings and get in touch with customers on the go. You don’t need a Wix website to create a place of your own. Simply install the app to start inviting your contacts to join as members. Got an invite? Download the Wix app for free to join in a just couple of taps. You can use the Wix app to: Create Your Own Place on Mobile Build your own place inside the app and invite your contacts to join as members. Invite your contacts Invite people to become members so they can start discussions, share posts, RSVP, book your services and more from your place on the Wix app. Chat with Members Start a live chat with members, respond to customer messages and create group chats. Manage Your Wix Websites Never miss a thing! Manage all your Wix websites from your mobile. Add & Upload Photos Upload photos from your phone or take photos in the app. Add them to your site, chats, forum, store or blog. Keep Track of Your Bookings Easily manage your schedule, add new appointments, and get instant notifications and reminders. Manage Your Online Store Stay open for business 24/7. Easily track orders, add new products, and get notified on sales and when you’re out of stock.

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Wix app reviews

  • Needs a few more features to be fully functional 3/5

    By CaptainGen
    Great chat app! I make my bookings through wix chat. Key needs are: 1: send and create invoices from services offered 2: set times for appointments rather than hours. Classes are 16 hours or two days 8 hours each equals one session 3: desktop viewing chat to show which site you are working with. Thank you
  • Loved it 5/5

    By Bundygroup
    Was kind of easy.
  • What the Hell! 1/5

    By Gfaustin
    I thought this update would have fixed the old issue apparently it’s still not a good experience on the iPad. What the hell is wrong with you people why send an update when it doesn’t fix the old issue serious waste of my time.
  • Bookings 2/5

    By Anointed Touch Beauty Salon
    I use Wix for my salon booking appointments. I recently got a suggestion from Wix suggesting that my clients download the app. Now before when my clients would book online I could see everything their name,number, an email an services that they were booking for. Now when they book with the app it doesn’t have the clients name or number. Just the service their getting an email. In the booking part it only shows service. I don’t even see or know who I am servicing. So I don’t know who I’m about to give service too. Although emails are fine I mostly contact my clients by phone. I will not be suggesting for my clients to use the app until it gives me more information on my end about the clients an their appointment. As for now I will continue to lead my clients to the website to book their appointments. Also I had only one conflict where my client scheduled an appointment it gave me the wrong time that she scheduled for. It was an whole hour difference. Her appointment was at 3:30 pm an her confirmation told her the same. But on my notification calendar it said 4:30 pm . I hope this doesn’t happen again. It was an inconvenience for us both to have different times.
  • Very Useful 5/5

    Use the wix app constantly for reviewing orders and (my favorite) uploading media from my mobile phone. Excellent tool for any wix user.
  • Do you not proof check updates? 3/5

    By Poop bowler
    Everything's cool and all but do you guys check features on the new updated app before you release it. When i go into products in the app and click the search button, everything goes out of screen and all you can see is white. A simple look over and you'd shift the search bar down or something.
  • Worst app update and it’s been over a month already 3/5

    By SCohen12345
    I was asked to update my review. Which I will now. I’ll bring it up to 3 stars because it stopped lagging. BUT I no longer can search my orders or my products. The screen turns blank and white with the newest update. I sent a video on twitter. Waiting for reply.
  • Landscape 1/5

    By Hair N Nail Republic
    App wont support landscape mode, and landscape would help me and my business out.
  • Lots of bad changes 4/5

    By jbartlett1030
    I bought a wiz site for a blog and loved it at first. The app was great. Now everything has gone down hill. Hate it! Don’t expect a quick reply from customer support either. Stay away!
  • Hate the new app! 1/5

    By JaxGarden
    What has happened?! With the old app I was able to see when repeat visitors came to my website and I was immediately alerted to an email. It also notified me to which pages the visitor was landing on. Now all I can do is invite “members”! Worthless! Even my mobile photo uploads isn’t working. Bad move Wix!
  • Incredible 5/5

    By Chelsiea
    So easy, so affordable! I love WIX and I’m a web designer!
  • What about the blog for my site? 3/5

    By sjbrown
    I want an editor that I can use for the blog on my site. Why does this feel like a no-go for Wix? It’s 2019 guys. I stand corrected...I think there is a way... increasing my rating.
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By Meeluvh
    Since the new update I can’t upload products on my site nor do I get notifications when purchases are made.
  • blind persons nightmare 1/5

    By visionoftouch
    I was doing so well with the Wix mobile app I am blind and need everything to work perfectly I don’t know what you did to it but I can’t even access the calendar now because it doesn’t work with voiceover on an iPhone please stop messing with this app make it accessible and make sure your team realizes there are blind people who use this app
  • Love it, BUT 4/5

    By Lovecarii..
    I would like for this app to be able to create invoices. Per ALOT of my clients requests, change the booking calendar to begin on Sunday and not Monday!! Also there is a bug when clicking to view full details of my clients, it doesn’t load.
  • Only PC Invoices?! 2/5

    By victoriddim
    You guys SHOULD put invoices to be created by mobile cellphone. Thank you for keep improving
  • Poor Customer Support 👎& user unfriendly Mobile App😱 1/5

    By freelance writer diva
    I have created an art website using Wix premium package👎 1) the Mobile app does not allow to add new pages or Photos. this can only be done on Desk top version👎 2)using the desk top Wix application it is User unfriendly and not easy to ad more photos and update pages 3) I contacted Wix support on line and created a Support ticket for someone to call me in regards to upgrading to a business / e commerce account No one had contacted me from customer support 👎 4) I even sent a text message on Wix Instagram and no one has responded back👎 I do not recommend Wix App or Wix desk top version😱😱👎👎👎👎 I look forward to having A number / call back from Wix Support
  • Can’t edit, after I click on edit blog, it never loads 1/5

    By Kster13
    I have been using wix for a few years now and I have found some road blocks along the way. For example I can not edit my website on my iMac desktop computer so I use my windows computer. I downloaded the wix mobile ap so I can easily add blogs and I have found that I can’t get the ap to load my blogs at all, so I have been writing my blogs again on my windows computer but my windows computer would not let me add a photo to my blog, nor would my iMac or my mobile ap. I have great WiFi and have never had problems so I know it is not that. But not being able to do simple tasks is getting really frustrating.
  • Very slowww 3/5

    By Blackcher
    Not good update
  • iPad Pro compatibility 1/5

    By Em's iTunes Account
    I’m trying to set up my new business website. Luckily I’ve given myself plenty of time for this. 2 problems so far: 1. The app doesn’t function on an iPad Pro. I no longer have/use a laptop or desktop, so this is a disaster for me. It’s stuck on vertical as I’m on horizontal with my attached keyboard. Absured. I’ve tried locking and unlocking the screen rotation to no avail. You have to fix this. 2. If I go web-based (which I have to do right now because I can’t function on the App with the screen sideways!!), on several pages, the screen doesn’t scroll down. What???? Specifially, the “get a domain name page”. Most of the other pages I’ve been on so far today slide around with touch. But no that one. Again - please fix this. Your WHOLE APP needs to function on an iPad Pro. And your WHOLE website needs to function on an iPad Pro using the web. Frankly, using the web version is more user friendly but it’s annoying when something doesn’t work. I really hope you can fix this. My new business is relying on this. If I can’t set up my website, it’s pointless.
  • Search option 3/5

    By renee.terry
    This has been helpful for me to communicate with my customers for orders and such without having to get on my computer every time a message comes in. I rarely use my computer. But when I need to look up a message, I have to scroll through the messages to find the persons message. I don’t understand how, with all these updates, there isn’t a search option in the chat section. It would make life immensely easier to search a customers name in a search bar than it is to scroll through attempting to find the thread.
  • Page creation 1/5

    By Quehill5
    It’s not even making my page it’s just been buffering for hours now
  • Outstanding 5/5

    By Handsome Curt
    Can’t believe how easy this process is!
  • What’s going on?? 2/5

    By kdot2789
    We’ve been using Wix for a while, and it’s been very inconsistent. Most recently it’s stopped notifying us through emails that we are receiving bookings. The only way I saw that we were booked yesterday is that I just happened to check the app when I used it to book an appointment. I’ve been missing messages from my clients, and the therapists I have working with us are no longer getting these notifications through email. It’s very important that we receive these bc the app does not send them to my therapist when I book it through the app or from my desk top. So now I’m calling or texting my employees every time I find a booking. I’m exhausted from trying to get a call back because they never call me when I request it. So this review is my last attempt at getting help. Small businesses like ours don’t have time to be glued to a computer all day hoping for a real human to finally respond to them.
  • Do not use Wix if you need to accept payments! 1/5

    By LeeMckeegan
    The app itself is useful for receiving customer chat notifications on your phone and being able to respond quickly. That’s about it. Everything else never loads and you can’t access anything. Also be wary of having your company’s site through wix in the first place of you need to use Wixpayments for processing. Customer service for Wixpayments is well below par. They also randomly deactivate your account for various reasons and find excuses to hold on to your money. When they do activate your account they will make your next transfer date weeks out instead of making an ach payment every Monday as their site states. Just long enough for them to randomly deactivate your account again and take 7 business days to get back to you. Total nightmare!
  • Update not helpful 2/5

    By Aaheli
    Loved using this app but with this new update, my orders are out of order. Can’t figure it out. I need to be able to see the latest order at the top. Now I have to go & search for it since it’s not even sorted by date or order number.
  • Trash 5/5

    By queencookie2007
    This is complete trash I started on this and it deleted my whole thing I hate you and hope you all die
  • Used to work great 3/5

    By engloria eacubar
    What’s going on? My store orders don’t even show in order by date anymore. If I try and scroll through store orders it glitches and messes up. Needs to be fixed ASAP
  • Wix App 4/5

    By Yamel David
    I’m working with a non profit and the owner asked me to add some pictures I am trying my best to make it more acessible by using the app. The problem is I can’t seem to find where the page that I made on the app is.
  • I want the old version back 1/5

    By boothplug
    I’m not sure what happened. The old version of this app was awesome. This version is unbearable.
  • Go Back to Previous Format 1/5

    By SLC1999
    Ever since this update, I have hated using this app. I’m unable to find all the awesome tools I used before to be notified when people were in my online store. I don’t see where I can update my products or quickly make social media post to promote my site. Please bring back the previous format!!! This one is not helpful to those of us with product based businesses.
  • Not recommended . Horrible customer service 2/5

    By Lux Doll
    Switching to Shopify immediately! Can’t get any support. I’ve emailed, sent DMs and still no help only a ticket number. Everyday my dashboard says i have 0 site visits which i know is not true because i have my notifications on letting me know every time someone visits my site. It also used to let me know which products customers are looking at but now it just says product page. I can’t customize my website from the app. Not satisfied!
  • This was the best thing I’ve ever had thank you for masking a website for my YouTube channel 5/5

    By Kakjsdhkhgrg
    I love this
  • Terrible 1/5

    By FvshionKillaa
    This change is so great that I no longer understand the point of the app. Before, I was able tp see website stats and traffic, etc. Now I have no idea about what im looking at. This is crazy. Why would you guys change that app so drastically.
  • Adding products 2/5

    By ThurnisHayley
    At first the wix app was very convenient and easy to use but now with the new update i cannot manage my website AT ALL. Theres no where to add products, i cannot manage my orders nor even see my website. I tried calling support but apparently they have been closed for awhile.
  • Invoices!!! 1/5

    By Star01259
    Please allow us to create quotes and invoices from mobile app instead of just being able to view the invoice only! This would be very beneficial to us business owners! Please let this be your next update. I check for updates daily hoping one day you’ll create this feature. I’m considering going with another company because I don’t feel wix values it’s customers and their opinions.
  • Limited support on mobile app 3/5

    By EshwarStalin
    My primary frustration with the app is that booking set of sessions isn’t supported on mobile. The ones that are created on desktop isn’t shown and neither can you create a set of sessions on mobile app directly. Only booking that seems to be working is ongoing sessions. It would be great if the developer can fix this.
  • App is half decent 3/5

    By BarmyDuck
    Pros: - You can see any inbox messages you have, including live chat, if you have that. - Bookings, events, blog, and some more are available. - Tasks/Reminders - SMM creation posts Cons: - (Mainly)Cannot edit site (HUGE) - Little inconveniences like not being able access your quotes you gave to businesses OR access Apps on your website’s dashboard, other than the Wix created ones in the App already, like Bookings/Events/Blog. OVR: it’s alright, but you don’t get Wix for the mobile app, you get it for the desktop version and its abilities.
  • But not the iPad! 2/5

    By REHeggie
    This app might work well on phones, but it is a nightmare to try to use on iPads/tablets! (And trying to use the website isn’t any better.) Maybe I’ll come back after it is worth something on an iPad.
  • Okay, nothing special. Super glitchy after update 3/5

    By Little_am
    My business is a little different than most eCommerce businesses, so it already a struggle to make websites like this work for our needs. We host wood sign parties, I set up each event as a “product” so that our guest can select their size and design and pay in advance. Previously on Shopify I could search by product sold and see every order that contained that event/product. It made creating my guest list easy. Wix does not allow any type of search like that, and the dashboard does not show which item/event was purchased unless you drill down into each order which is very inefficient. Here’s where the app came in handy. The app shows/lists the orders along with a photo of the product/event sold, so I use the app to create my guest list. I’m not sure why the app and online dashboard can’t function the same ways. Since a recent update the app glitches anytime I scroll down the list of orders, I cannot go back very far at all, it just stops scrolling and glitches back up. I’m super frustrated and I’m at risk of missing someone’s order/reservation. Please fix the glitches! It is also imperative to have reporting features and search features in the back end of an e-commerce site and wix is definitely lacking in that. I’ve held on for a year and no improvement has been made there. I should be able to check my app or dashboard online to see daily, weekly, monthly sales, as well as purchases for individual products. I will definitely be doing more research on other website options. I do love that wix makes it easy to create and maintain a website, but the backend is not on the level it should be.
  • Glitches really? 1/5

    By dvfrxz
    App had worked fine until last update. When I go to view scheduled appointments they either only halfway show up or are totally blank. Latest update has totally screwed up look of the mobile app. NO LONGER FITS THE SCREEN! Not only that half screen is only thing you can see. I don't see any way to fix this either. Tried looking from website on laptop but that was of no help either?! Can I simple undo last update?
  • Updates 1/5

    By Boling56
    Your updates make it harder to navigate Need to work on things that are more useful
  • The app is ok 3/5

    By Chefjeff2010
    The app is ok, it functions well. I give it three stars because we still can not edit our websites from the app. WordPress allows you to edit websites directly from their app. I work completely off my new iPad Pro and didn’t realize I would be able to make edits off of it at all. Now I have to go to my mothers anytime I need to edit it to use her laptop. Frustrating to say the least.
  • Very difficult to navigate. 1/5

    By beautywz
    I wish this app was more user friendly. I use the Vagaro app and it’s much easier to find what you’re looking for, it’s very flexible and lets you edit everything very easily. And even sends text reminders to clients. I wish wix was similar if not BETTER then Vagaro but it’s not. I had very high hopes for this. I hope you update and improve your app to something i would appreciate.
  • Update is terrible and I did not ask for this change 1/5

    By kkfitforlife
    I paid for WIX for the simplicity. I can’t even use this. It’s messed with my whole way of doing.
  • Unable to edit my site 1/5

    By Brercoon
    For years I have edited my site and loaded new pictures weekly. When I sing in to update a page with new photos, the page is BLANK?! Additionally it seems much more difficult to upload new photos. I was also unsuccessful in installing the new app. My basic needs/ desires were to update the sight information in real time and respond immediately to emails from the site. I know NOTHING about codes. I had the site built for me so that I could easily maintain it. Has been great, but I am now “dead in the water”!! HELP?!
  • Needs Work 2/5

    By Poppa710
    The app is a useful tool. However on more than one occasion I continue to loose features that I’ve used in the past. One day the feature appears and the next month the feature is no longer available.
  • Horrid 1/5

    By thisappfreakinsucksbigballs
    If i could leave negative stars I would!! I hate this app with everything inside of me! When i get lots of visitors on my site, the app freezes so i can’t answer chats or do anything. I have to keep exiting and reopening it. Please fix this
  • Lined massage therapists 4/5

    By ii voiceover
    Are use voiceover to do my bookings for my massage business! Some of the links will not speak when I click on them with voiceover. So can you fix that so can I use my website please thank you

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