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Welcome to the all-new Wix mobile app! Discover a whole new way to engage with people and manage your business on the go. With your own customizable mobile place on the Wix app, you can start discussions, create a blog, host events, offer membership plans, take bookings, and so much more. Invite your contacts to join as members and enjoy all the benefits of your own app without the hassle and expense. The Wix mobile app caters to all your social and business needs, with a customizable interface and tons of features. Managing a community? Engage with your audience by starting discussions around anything you like. Got your own blog? Manage your posts and share your latest content with subscribers. Managing an event? Invite guests, send updates and let people RSVP and buy tickets from their mobile. Got a business or store? Easily manage your bookings and get in touch with customers on the go. You don’t need a Wix website to create a place of your own. Simply install the app to start inviting your contacts to join as members. Got an invite? Download the Wix app for free to join in a just couple of taps. You can use the Wix app to: Create Your Own Place on Mobile Build your own place inside the app and invite your contacts to join as members. Invite your contacts Invite people to become members so they can start discussions, share posts, RSVP, book your services and more from your place on the Wix app. Chat with Members Start a live chat with members, respond to customer messages and create group chats. Manage Your Wix Websites Never miss a thing! Manage all your Wix websites from your mobile. Add & Upload Photos Upload photos from your phone or take photos in the app. Add them to your site, chats, forum, store or blog. Keep Track of Your Bookings Easily manage your schedule, add new appointments, and get instant notifications and reminders. Manage Your Online Store Stay open for business 24/7. Easily track orders, add new products, and get notified on sales and when you’re out of stock.

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Wix app reviews

  • Help 1/5

    By mschristmas
    I downloaded this and it says I purchased something?? What the heck did I purchase??
  • Súper awesome but... 4/5

    By An gora
    I have a website that was just finished and the Wix app was recommended for me to download but when I did it just kept on crashing until now I haven’t even been able to open the app and even see how it looks. Could you please resolve this issue?
  • Login Doesn’t Work 1/5

    By Friscojeff
    Just get a spinner and can’t login. Makes me wonder if anyone is actually using this app.
  • Thank you Wix 5/5

    By inkheals
    This app is like my lifeline. It’s helping me connect to the world from my own home . Because I am afraid to socialize and my Mental illness blocks me at times . Wix is giving me that window to explore and let others know there is Hope in the middle of Chaos
  • Not as intuitive or helpful as the webpage 2/5

    By Seedyfruit
    My website is a portfolio with a store attached. I don’t want membership or events, don’t need them either. I just want to be able to edit my bio page and every time I hit manage site from the home menu it just takes me to my homepage without any editing options. I’m frustrated with the lack of options for what should be a straight forward process. I will say that the app makes editing the store a breeze and I’m grateful for that feature. I just wish I could swap these dumb hangout spaces for something more practical to my needs.
  • What the hell? 1/5

    By gbbarker
    I’ve used Wix for my web host for years, loved them. They’ve recently added (non optional) a messengering app that is horrible. Adds one more app on my phone and very cumbersome to respond to customers. Debating changing hosts.
  • Now I can’t add pictures on the app? 1/5

    Why can I upload pictures to the app anymore to the website?? I wish I had an updated- also the website isn’t letting me add pictures anymore as well I think this may be my last year with Wix- I put in a couple tickets and I’m waiting to hear back but it stinks that you can’t get anyone on the phone this is very frustrating as I’m trying to update this website and I can’t do anything right now
  • Chat is sketchy 2/5

    By nunya1371
    I use the app for one thing, chatting with my website visitors. Its sketchy at best. Notifications do not go away, hard to tell if someone is online or not. I wish the chat had its own app since its so very basic and the app is packed full of everything under the sun. 1 vote for a dedicated chat app!
  • Landscape 1/5

    By VicMaxrow
    No Landscape mode for iPad. Hard to use on iPad with keyboard. Maybe OK with a phone....
  • My app no open 5/5

    By eliyenid23
    I try to open my app is not working please help me my iPhone X
  • Extremely buggy 2/5

    By AAG Auto
    The app is very buggy and very limited to what you can actually do. The booking calendar is dysfunctional half the time. Could be improved drastically.
  • Monthly payments misleading 1/5

    By Texting Magician
    I was creating my site with wix and spent a long time perfecting it and making it a good and helpful site and when I was done I went to buy my domain with the monthly plan and I thought I could pay monthly for the $23 , but when I went to buy it it said I had to pay for the whole year and it was way too much. Also, they don’t say that if you want to pay monthly it will be $28 and you don’t get the free domain, ad vouchers, and premium apps. Be more clear and you will get more customers.
  • Easy to use, app is not accurate 1/5

    By OGLadyBillGates
    I loveeee my wix app! Very easy to use and helpful. I would’ve rated it a 5, but wix isn’t up to date with the app. If you go change your availability through the app on your website it will not show the change on your website. This is becoming very stressful for me and I feel is very unprofessional!
  • Wix 1/5

    By girlygirlaaa
    I tried to create a website where I can sell slime and it didn’t work out because it’s out of my sight with us sharing photo site on the app!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Amazing 5/5

    By shutterisland007
    Wix is literally the best website, I got to do a lot with the free version. It has too many features and I absolutely love it
  • Still won’t work..... 3/5

    By zavamama3
    I’ve been using Wix for about 3 months now. Loved it! It was fabulous! I upgraded to the premium so I could take advantage of all the bells and whistles. Then, they placed an updated and now my wix is useless! My clients and I can no longer book appointments because the screen goes blank once you are on the calendar. It’s been like that for several weeks. I’m grateful that at least my current booked appointments haven’t disappeared however my clients are used to depending on this app for their scheduling needs. I’ve messaged feedback to the designers at least a dozen times with no prevail. I’m hoping this review reaches one of the designers for a fix really soon! Once it’s fixed I’d be happy to give them a 5 star.
  • How can I love and hate something at the same time 3/5

    By edenyorkknight
    I’m glad the new update allows me to send invoices to clients but now I can’t book in new appointments. As soon as I select a date, my entire screen goes blank. I have to exit the app and go back in to see anything.
  • Good, but still lacks... 3/5

    By Zeke1226
    The store needs the option for sellers to set a quantity of how much a customer purchases. I was given a link to “vote” for this option. Still haven’t seen it. Will give it 5-star rating once this option is added...on the app, or desktop.
  • APP MESSED UP ! 3/5

    By KM601
    I uninstalled it 2 times and I still can’t set my appointments !! Fix bug
  • Booking Problems in new version 1/5

    By Craigcmn
    The latest version messed up the future bookings. None of my clients or even, I as the owner can book appointments. The bookings still work through my site so it must be the app.
  • To many updates,bookings doesn’t work 3/5

    By Tony 16412
    This was a great app when I got it years ago but now every update is worse than before. I can’t block off time for the 4th of July holiday and this has happened to me many times in the past also.I can’t book appointments on the app either.This app has now been losing me money and I have to contact clients and tell them the appointment they have booked I have to cancel. Business owners don’t need a flashy app they need what works. Will be looking for another website/ booking app if wix doesn’t work consistently.
  • New updates are always buggy 1/5

    By Lilsah
    The new updates are always buggy with your mobile app. Things don’t work correctly, updates don’t make sense, and most importantly it doesn’t correspond to other google calendars which makes the bookings very difficult. Please fix the recent update cuz your app just isn’t working correctly now!
  • Booking Calendar won’t load 4/5

    By rlcstyled
    I have been using this app for a year and a half. Recently, when I go to schedule an appointment my calendar won’t load making it impossible to schedule any appointments or block out time on my schedule using the app. Hope this gets fixed soon.
  • Overall app 5/5

    By raw wonders hair
    Very efficient I don’t have to use my computer to do anything I’ve got it all on the wix app. Awesome!!!
  • App is not reliable 2/5

    By laspalife
    I’ve had this app for 2 years and it’s been mostly good except every once in awhile it will stop allowing me to block out times which is very important for my spa business. The calendar is also very questionable it may show my bookings and other times it won’t. I had to go on the desktop site just to block out a day. I’m looking for a new booking app since this has happened several times, very annoying and it’s so difficult to get support. Not a happy customer at all!
  • This seems pointless 1/5

    By philrenato
    Either let us edit our sites or call whatever this is something else.
  • Would have been 5 stars!!! 4/5

    By evoslick46
    I like the app I think it’s awesome tracking your website! The interface design is sleek. The reason why I gave it four stars is because I would like to see an iPhone widget that shows how many people viewed your website (days/weeks etc) and how many are currently viewing your website! I think that would be game changing!
  • Blah blogging 3/5

    By AKtierney
    I wish the blogging functionality was better, especially on the iPad (or having an iPad app in general would be great)
  • A thought to add 4/5

    By natezfite
    There are many kids or adults wanting to learn to program/code it would be cool if there was a feature to turn on to show the code it uses when adding it to the website
  • Love Wix 5/5

    By ussohiorob
    Great website builder
  • Great app but... 4/5

    By amanda-the-panda
    I love this app but I can’t seem to figure out how to change the website name and link. It says I can edit the business name but it won’t seem to save it.
  • Design on mobile 2/5

    By Imperfection man
    When are you guys going to catch up and let us design from our phones? I would Be doing more business if I had this option.
  • Still no iPad support 1/5

    By iToNeG
    After all this time and where we are in this day in age, wix is limited to only desktop or mobile device support. How is there no option for iPad application or to customize website from safari on 12.9 iPad. Shame
  • Website 1/5

    By Chattanooga40
    I have a wix acct for my website that I am designing and now I can’t find it on the Wix app. Where is it or how to I access it so I can work on it? I like this app but it’s not what I need now. Please help me. Are they one in the same or are they separate?
  • Went from Great to BAD 1/5

    By EazieDaGod
    The mobile app was so useful before to manage & upload things to my clothing store straight from my mobile phone. Now i can’t figure anything out. I have to do everything on the computer. Very annoying when your always on the go
  • Love it 5/5

    By brittanyy bee
    I really love Wix
  • Love it but... 4/5

    By KareemGotKicks
    I love everything about WIX. Ease of navigation, simple to operate. However, I wish there was an option for Collection separation. Even though you upload an item to a specific collection, it just shows in all products. There should be a drop down to allow you to select a specific collection. Other than that, I enjoy WIX.
  • They should fix small issues... 2/5

    By ceobusiness5526
    “ edit site “ runs extremely slow regardless of the type of device I'm using... Email Marketing works when it wants! Always freezes up when you try to add recipients Customer service cant do sh* but send you files to solve the problem they think you’re having Hesitant to renew my subscription because wix has yet to fix any issues I'm having to be charging me $35 every month. thinking about switching to big cartel or shopify
  • I would go five stars but... 4/5

    By Pixelriffic
    I would like to see swipe delete of chat messages. Currently it takes four steps. Otherwise a good app.
  • Almost useful 2/5

    By jkhinzman
    This would be a fabulous app if it were an iPad app. Using it on the iPhone is great, but to do any kind of editing or anything useful is just not a realistic goal. PLEASE make an iPad app, it would be so great....
  • Chat is no longer available 1/5

    By tbscot
    Why would you take away the only thing that made this app great? Interacting with customers while they are on my site was the one thing that I needed to use this app for. Ow this app is useless.
  • Good app but still needs tweaking 4/5

    By icontej
    Overall I enjoy the app and it’s easy to use BUT sometimes the app freezes for absolutely no reason when I’m trying to do something which is annoying.

    By SLC1999
    If I had the time I’d switch my website & delete this app!! THE UPDATE DOES NOTHING TO HELP PRODUCT BASED SMALL BUSINESSES! It is driven towards interactions of some kind & I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. Businesses selling products need more ways to get their orders in & out quickly not another social media platform. I just received an order & it seems that the information has cleared out randomly. Thankfully I previously recorded the info. Based on complaints, I’d hoped they would’ve changed things back by now however, no such luck. GO WITH A DIFFERENT APP!
  • Chat function 1/5

    By leo_stanton
    Hello wix I really hope you see this. Your chat function on this app is extremely flawed. You have numerous issues with it and I’d really love if they can be fixed cause I use the chat feature to talk to a lot of costumers.
  • Doesn’t work great. 1/5

    By tahahah8
    It won’t allow me to upload photos or save a draft.

    By JC Alvarez
    It’s great that WIX offers its subscribers so much to play with when it comes to designing and promoting a website using all the tools in their toolbox — it’s unfortunate that they haven’t devised a way to produce a portable app that also works (or works better) on an iPad. As a writer/producer blogger/tastemaker always on the go, I rely heavy on my iPad to get the most our of my day. If there was a WIX iPad app that functioned as seamlessly as the app from WordPress, WIX would be unbeatable!
  • Visitors 3/5

    By Émmmyyy
    I get notifications that people are on the site and when I open the app their not
  • Cry Wolf false notifications 1/5

    By Carey James Balboa
    Cry Wolf false notifications , so when you think a customer from your site needs you they don’t.
  • C.e.o apparel 5/5

    Love doing business with this app

Wix app comments

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