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Wix App

Now you can easily manage your business on the go with the Wix App. Receive real-time updates, manage your online store, start a conversation with your visitors & more, all from your mobile. *Invited to join a club? Download the Wix App to easily manage and book your appointments. With the Wix App, you’ll never miss out: - Interact with Visitors Get notified when you have a new visitor on your site, start a live chat and respond to customer messages. You can view your entire client history - like messages, orders and more. - Run Your Store Manage your online store anywhere, anytime. Easily track orders, add new products, get instant notifications on every sale and know when you’re all sold out. - Manage Your Bookings Easily keep track of your schedule, manage your staffs’ schedule, add new appointments, manage participants, and get instant notifications anywhere, anytime. - Manage Your Events Track RSVPs and check guests into your event. - Keep Track of Invoices View invoice details from your mobile device and get notified when customers make a payment, so you’re always in the loop. - Manage Your Reservations Easily keep track of all your reservations and see your availability at a glance. And if a guest calls, add their booking right from your phone. - See It, Snap It, Add It Easily upload photos from your phone or take photos in the app to use on your site, store or blog.


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Wix app reviews

  • Not very useful for me 2/5

    By Octobop
    I was hoping for an app to manage my website, blog, comments, and view stats, but this doesn’t offer any of that. Really not useful for what I wanted.
  • Rubbish 1/5

    By Armagumo
    I can't even explain what is happening properly. The page doesn't move down (meaning the text moves up) as you're typing new lines to give you room to see what's next. So that means the bar with the formatting functions are always going to block the line you're typing in. And then there's the fact any possible edit to your published blog posts will mess up the fonts and formatting. It's really, really extremely limited. Pretty much useless.
  • Super easy 5/5

    By mom of graduate
    Wix app & website are super easy to work. Love having the app in my phone so I can communicate with customers from the website through my phone 👍🏼👍🏼
  • The app needs work! 3/5

    By ififugo
    I love Wix, been using it for my websites for the last 10 years. But this app is really lacking. Please make this better to use on my iPad please!!
  • New Update!! 1/5

    By MacMillher
    Please please fix!!!! The new update doesn't book appointments anymore!! I’ve uninstalled the app and reinstalled still won’t book appointments!!!
  • New update 3/5

    By Lilsah
    Not sure if it’s a glitch in the new update but trying to make appointments through the app and not working! However I do LOVE the ability to reschedule via the app now and look forward to continued abilities with the app developments!
  • The best ever 5/5

    By DMV Ms.Mixologist
    I love everything about wix and what it has to offer me and my business .
  • No features, Useless 2/5

    By folkfan227
    After over 2 years of having this app there have been zero features added. No stats, no gif support, no video support, no activity visitor logs, no mobile site management, no manage of contacts, No subscribers management, no audio upload, no IG import, no share to web, no twitter integration, no spotify integration, no broadcast video capabilities, this mobile app is basically useless aside from a blog post & even then, there is photo sorting bug which does not present your camera roll in order and also does not allow you to access your camera roll albums or favorites.
  • Suggestions and feedbacm 4/5

    By Karlie2103
    I would be useful for my website to have a shopping cart, the option to select a pick up date and time and a field to add an optional card message. Other than that I like Wix. It’s user friendly and has some great tools.
  • Forget using on IPhone 5 2/5

    By DolfinFamily
    Unable to login independently, unable to scroll screen thus cannot allow app access to camera and this is all in first few minutes. Who knows what else won’t be accessible
  • Nothing loads 2/5

    By Mandabear15
    Started this blog online and now a week in I can’t edit anything nothing loads like it should it’s not any of my electronics because I’ve tried multiple times to work on this. Thinking I should’ve gone with someone else, really getting frustrating...
  • Add touch id passcode 4/5

    By Alisher T.
    Please add touch id passcode to the app.
  • I love wix. 5/5

    By KandiceBrown82
    I’ve been a wix user since 2009, and it’s been a pleasure and a joy to see the growth and development of the website capabilities and design. Wix is at the top of the list. I recommend wix to any and all size businesses.
  • Good but Scan Barcode keeps failing 3/5

    By The Couture One
    I have used the app for a few years now but of late, the barcode scan function keeps failing to work. Manually entering them is such a pain.
  • Great 4/5

    By JFK.kgfh
    Finally can use phone to manage site !!
  • Not bad at all 4/5

    By chadandjacqueline
    Would love a way to print a receipt for shipping.
  • Almost Perfect! 3/5

    By skigarmisch
    Love the recent updates to the app; however, it would be great to have all the same capabilities as we do on the desktop since many of us are mobile more often than not. I would LOVE the feature to schedule multiple appointments at once for the same client rather than entering one by one. Very time consuming. Having a feature to add multiple dates/times at once would increase my stars to 5! :)
  • Ehhh 2/5

    By Honestly, Mary
    I really love Wix and have recommended them to many other bloggers and people needing websites. I love the site, it’s great! Very helpful! Can make all needed changes, the app... not so much. Too limited to me. I some days it hangs up and won’t post, some days I try to add pics and it won’t let me place them where I want them, can’t change the color of the font or font type, can’t schedule a post, etc. just things like the ones listed plus some more things should surely be added! The competition has these things available. I saw this commercial about creating a site from your phone and it is NOT like that at all! Smh 🤦🏽‍♀️ just add some things please!
  • Update needed 3/5

    By Malkasian
    I love the wix system, but I use my iPad for most if not all my business. Please add iPad support!
  • It would be 5 except 4/5

    By AS74838
    I love this app. Easy to use and very helpful for keeping tabs on my website/blog on the go! However, currently when trying to write a blog post the app won’t let me see the bottom where I am typing which makes it very difficult to keep writing. I hope this gets fixed because being able to start blog posts on the go is really important to me!
  • So far so good! 3/5

    By runwithamber
    So far the app is great. I wish I could edit the events from the app however.
  • This app slowed my site down!!! 1/5

    By Solo success
    Since installing the app and activating the site chat it is causing my websites to open very slowly!! You can uninstall the app but it doesn’t uninstall the things it automatically added to Your websites!!
  • Notification Sound / Shipping rate 4/5

    By Blackcher
    I wish I can Customize Cha-ching Sound Options when I get an order.Also I want to be able to assign a specific shipping method to an specific product .It can only make 30 variation in 1 listing can you make it 100+ and price/Variation editable on the app.
  • Undo!!! 1/5

    By upset prepoik
    I have an iPhone X and wix was working just fine. Now I can’t log into my acct. it acts as if it’s logging me then jumps me right back to the log in page!!!! And my website is not connecting now...says bad gateway!!! The update is costing me. Pleas fix or undo!!!!!
  • Coupon Manager 3/5

    It be really nice to create and edit coupons from the app. Also can one of the coupon options be “apply to all products except...” I would also like to see how many times the customer has downloaded a product. It’s hard to see if customer downloaded a pdf, when they asked for refund it’s hard to say. They might walk away with a free pdf. WhodunnitApp.com Thanks and keep up the good work!
  • Needs Work 2/5

    By VTNap
    This App needs work. As a Wix site manager there are a ton of things I wish I could do from the App, like 1) Send invoices, 2) Block users, 3) See who is on the site by name (not just location), 4) Approve and moderate comments, 5) Get realtime analytics... This App is also buggy and tends to blank out. It's almost as if you guys neglect developing a killer App. The desktop management is good but Wix has a long way to go in helping site owners like me with a truly functional mobile App. Update: You can now see who is on the site by name. Thank you! Please work on issues 1, 2, and 4.
  • Awesome but too restricted 4/5

    By The_Reaper927
    This app is very cool and easy to use, which I like very much but you restrict half, if not more than half of the things we can do and even create our URL’s for us and make us pay to connect a domain. I think that doing these things is a little too much.
  • Easy to us and super diverse 5/5

    By Shonngie
    It’s brilliant. Period.
  • The best 5/5

    By PhlameB
    Love it!
  • Great for what need. 4/5

    By NaSchelle
    Gets the job done!
  • Love WIX 5/5

    By Chefjeff2010
    I really love using WIX and the app really adds some great features to help keep my website up to date. The only complaint I have is that the app isn’t updated for iPhone X. I will change my review to 5 stars whenever iPhone X support comes out. UPDATE: The app now supports iPhone X!
  • Essential tool for our buisness 5/5

    By Budget crunch
    This app allows the flexibility to manage business at home and on the road. Updating information and communicating with customers. It has become and essential tool for our growth.
  • Problem with the iPhone X display 2/5

    By E. Ayala
    I love Wix, and I have a blog on my webpage and everything, but I can’t seem to use the App in my iPhone X the way I want to. The display is glitchy, small, and uncomfortable. I have downloaded all of the recent updates, and it still doesn’t look good. Can you fix this?
  • Phone version never able to load!!! 1/5

    By Drock1222
    I used my laptop built our website through WIX.it looks great.but most people use mobile phone.so I try to edit and preview from my phone.no matter under WiFi (100mbps)or data mode.Its just not work.not loading preview at all.(I have iphone8 plus 256G)
  • New website features 4/5

    By stlteek
    I love wix but would love to see an abandon cart feature for websites.
  • Love my store 5/5

    By FashionLucky
    I have been loving Wix from the beginning very easy and effective !!
  • Issue fixed! 5/5

    By Jaytiv
    Wix responded to me on here based off my review. Happy to change to a 5
  • Tax option 4/5

    By Dennis_0724
    I have noticed that when putting an item in manually it do not add the taxes is there a way it would populate automatically or am I missing how to do this? On mobile app
  • Brilliant! 5/5

    By Brandyshereehill
    Wix has made developing a website for my business so dreamy. It really is so simple to use and change to your liking. I get compliments on my site often and my clients love the online scheduling! I also love the online scheduling! I would highly recommend using Wix for your website needs!
  • Mobile view lacking 2/5

    By KBos822
    I find it completely absurd that after all this time, we still can’t customize the mobile view. 75%+ of my visitors are using mobile devices and they need to scroll down pages and pages of full size photos to see what they want. Would it be so difficult to just give us two columns?! A grid to make viewing easier?! I’m sure I’m losing sales this way as the average visitor will lose patience. Also, they click on a product and see the title in humongous letters and a teeny tiny product photo. Can’t edit that either. There are a few other things that are absurdly behind the times like the tax setup. You can’t separate by category. So it’s completely inefficient/useless unless you only sell ONE type of product. You should at least be able to compartmentalize by collection. That way I could make jewelry taxable and other items non-taxable. They need to work on this; tax is a huge deal. Meanwhile I stay because it’s easiest to customize my site with their editor. Did not like Shopify’s editor at all.
  • Confusing... 2/5

    By Nikislame
    This app is... Confusing? The idea of having an app that you really can’t use for much of anything is just a little off to me. I’m not hard to please; I’d be happy to simply be able to write & post to my blog from the mobile app. That seems like a basic feature that shouldn’t be missing here. Part of me regrets moving from Wordpress.org simply because this app experience is so so inferior and I do a whole lot of my blogging on the go.
  • Wix App 5/5

    By LprettyB
    I love the app. I use it for both of my businesses...a Beauty Bar and an online store. It’s easy to use. I wish the online store showed analytics, reports and live view! Is this something that can happen ASAP?
  • Great, but... 3/5

    By KrissyChilds
    Great app but still waiting on a calendar feature on the app or at least be able to sync your iCloud calendars to the events calendar, as well as an app for iPad and website editor. I hate that I can’t use the app on my iPad while I’m using it on my keyboard. The app is designed for iPhone so it displays sideways on my iPad Pro. Serious pain.
  • App keeps crashing 1/5

    By Nikkimarie0618
    Every time I sign in it brings me right back to the login screen. I can’t get into the app, and haven’t been able to for months because the issue has not been fixed. I am also visually impaired and have to use dynamic text. Though the app supports dynamic text, it is impossible to use. The large text takes up the whole screen and makes impossible to tap on the right buttons. Wix also makes it extremely difficult to contact support. I like the desktop website, but the app does not work well and is not adaptive to users needs.
  • Not too useful for me 3/5

    By Ashgirl30
    I have a blog and there is absolutely no web access to that part of my account. I would love to be able to post to my blog from my mobile device.
  • Premiums not helping 3/5

    By Durrick22
    I can say paying more for add ons hasn’t helped my business.
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By mrippey74
    Tried GoDaddy, but this site is soooo much better and easy to use.
  • The Candle booth 5/5

    By Betty's Booth
    It’s so user friendly!
  • Make update for iPhone X users 5/5

    By Sabbyf
    It will be great if you guys could make a update for the iPhone X users
  • Good app 5/5

    By Jfkfjfmdkdjfm
    Pretty good app. I've been using it for about 20 minutes now and it's really nice, and easy to use. Keep it up 👍🏼

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