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Wix App

Welcome to the all-new Wix mobile app! Discover a whole new way to engage with people and manage your business on the go. With your own customizable mobile place on the Wix app, you can start discussions, create a blog, host events, offer membership plans, take bookings, and so much more. Invite your contacts to join as members and enjoy all the benefits of your own app without the hassle and expense. The Wix mobile app caters to all your social and business needs, with a customizable interface and tons of features. Managing a community? Engage with your audience by starting discussions around anything you like. Got your own blog? Manage your posts and share your latest content with subscribers. Managing an event? Invite guests, send updates and let people RSVP and buy tickets from their mobile. Got a business or store? Easily manage your bookings and get in touch with customers on the go. You don’t need a Wix website to create a place of your own. Simply install the app to start inviting your contacts to join as members. Got an invite? Download the Wix app for free to join in a just couple of taps. You can use the Wix app to: Create Your Own Place on Mobile Build your own place inside the app and invite your contacts to join as members. Invite your contacts Invite people to become members so they can start discussions, share posts, RSVP, book your services and more from your place on the Wix app. Chat with Members Start a live chat with members, respond to customer messages and create group chats. Manage Your Wix Websites Never miss a thing! Manage all your Wix websites from your mobile. Add & Upload Photos Upload photos from your phone or take photos in the app. Add them to your site, chats, forum, store or blog. Keep Track of Your Bookings Easily manage your schedule, add new appointments, and get instant notifications and reminders. Manage Your Online Store Stay open for business 24/7. Easily track orders, add new products, and get notified on sales and when you’re out of stock.

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Wix app reviews

  • To many Glitches 1/5

    By Ash-Luv
    I have to power off on phone for it to work too often! And before you ask I have automatic updates!
  • Not efficient 1/5

    By Shawna216
    After downloading, and while trying to pull up orders to respond as fulfilled the app, has continued to spin for hours... this has been going on for 8 hours, with WI-Fi and without. Not good if you run a business
  • App update 5/24/19 2/5

    By King8888
    Point of sales doesn’t work anymore since the update! Fix this ASAP and go back to what it was before!
  • Notifications won’t work 2/5

    By Creative Clawz
    When I click on the notifications to view a order and see tracking info it won’t load up . I hope you guys will get this mobile app working properly very soon ☹️
  • Feedback 5/5

    Step by step instructions an amazing feature
  • Uhh... 3/5

    By feresvalante8
    How do you login to the app? I can only “sign up”!
  • My wix store is gone 1/5

    By IG>Steezyy_Zee
    My wix store is gone and I don’t know to get it back please help!!!
  • How much did i just pay 5/5

    By Ya girl's shady bff
    It didn’t tell me it costed money. Then i click download and it says “purchased.” So how much, huh??
  • Love Wix 5/5

    By ForeverHustlin'
    Helps me manage everything from my phone an that’s the best part easy to use an doesn’t cost much good website to use to sell your clothing or etc #ForverHustlin’ Thx Wix Again
  • Could be better. 3/5

    By csabine6617
    Would rate 5 if they made it so you could edit your site from the app. Until then only 3 star. Could be better.
  • Pros and Cons 2/5

    By Kinnn77777
    Update: So happy the tax feature works again. Love that you can create invoices on the app now. Wix really listens. Thanks! Can’t wait for future updates. Wix is a great way to grow your business. *********** I love Wix, but the app is not the greatest at the moment. I do not recommend it to my clients yet. I look forward to it being improved, definitely has potential. It’s not very user friendly. It’s too much work to find things. It’s glitchy. The tax setting is not working properly (it was before). I would like it if invoices could be created, rather than just see previous ones. I would also like for there to be a separate app for clients. The chat feature works great. I also like being able to schedule appointments right from the app when I’m on the go. If I could schedule appointments at any time (outside of my business hours), like you can on the computer, that would be even better. I like the new insights feature, but wish it had more information. Also, if there was a way to do automatic appointment reminder texts in addition to the emails that would be awesome and save me time. I like being able to upload product images from the app.
  • Great service 5/5

    By Hurricanesgirl
    Love the updates!
  • Great site and intuitive to use. 5/5

    By Parisredd
    I love wix. They seem to have thought of everything. Just when I think I have a question they no one has possible thought of, I can google it and wix already figured it out. I really can say enough great things. Wix on mobile is great and thoughtful too! They include everything you need to do on the go like scan barcodes to send shipping confirmation emails, add a product, upload and edit pictures from your phone, get a sale in person... they’ve thought of everything really! The only thing is I wish we were able to customize the subscriber login screen but that’s really the only thing.
  • Liked old UI better 3/5

    This new model of the app is a bit confusing for my use case. I don’t use any aspects other than the store app (which took me over a month to find on the new UI).. I liked the previous version before all the drastic changes
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By Okokapp
    Went to edit my site online and was proposed to download the app for editing. Paid. Downloaded only to find out that it was a lie. I can’t edit via app on the phone and need to use my computer desktop. What did I pay for the app for?
  • Helpful but needs some help 3/5

    By Cinderellaaa
    Going from computer to mobile to customize my store front was confusing & it would have been helpful to be walked through it or have a help/shortcuts bar on the first screen. It keeps freezing when I try to add pictures from my phone for my products. They make it easy to do everything once you get the hang of things though by simplifying things amazingly.
  • What the hell is this? 2/5

    By Hugsy late
    I used the app to control all my websites and clients from there. Now everything is gone. I can’t do anything on my six account through this app. What’s the purpose of this?
  • Owsome 5/5

    By yei yey
  • Less intuitive than previous version 2/5

    By NickName_0091
    The old app was much more intuitive, every time I open this I find at least 10 minutes trying to find something that took me 15 second with the old one.
  • Disappointing App 3/5

    By Well Endowed Moto
    Almost everything I want to do on the app with my iPhone tells me I have to do on my laptop. The old app was able to create shoutouts, now impossible. Seems to be going backwards.
  • Useless app 1/5

    By JiveTalkinTurky
    Why have an apple app if you can update your site using an iPad or safari? Most pointless app and website creator.
  • Thumbs Up 5/5

    By mrsislandcarp
    So intuitive! This app makes my life easier!
  • This App is Limited 1/5

    By Mandz100
    Wix is a great platform on desktop but the app is lacking. Why cant clients check or confirm payments on the app? Especially if they have signed up for the WIX PAYMENT option that integrated. Everyone might not be able to get to a desktop right away to check payments before services. This is a huge inconvenience. I will not be recommending any more of my clients to use this platform. This options needs to be added immediately if ya’ll are offering e-commerce as an option. Even the app dashboard isn't that user friendly. Clients should be able to fully customize what they want on their mobile dashboard vs being forced to see unnecessary widgets.
  • I agree, need to work on iPad Pro. 4/5

    By lispotatoto
    I love Wix, but by now it should be iPad compatible . Especially iPad Pro. Other companies have the ability, why not Wix?
  • LOVE WIX! 5/5

    By Briaarose
    Download app even if you have small business!
  • Not as good as on a Computer 4/5

    By Rater to the MAX
    You can’t add products to your store on the go, but you can do multiple other things. These include making your website and adding bookings, plans, etc. If you buy, it’s ok, but remember you won’t get everything that is on a computer.
  • No iPad app? Too bad 2/5

    By Marcos El Malo
    Wix itself is a decent website host, but the lack of an iPad app that takes full advantage of the screen space and os is very limiting. I’ll pass.
  • Glittermesunshine 2/5

    By glittermesunshine
    Would like to make site open to public to shop without invite
  • Issues at checkout, and app in general. 1/5

    By Ruby192837465
    Customers getting error at checkout when trying to enter Cc info telling them to come back, so I go into app and it tells me to complete set up but site is over a year old and payment method acceptance has already been set up for a while... I hit “complete set up” and it just spins a circle on a blank page as it does on several sections of this app. I can no longer see stats or most viewed items, and I don’t know what the “updates” are for because nothing changes. I’ve emailed for help with no responses. I used to love WIX and recommend it, and think I have to switch now because I’m losing sales and revenue.
  • It it ain’t broke... 1/5

    By Genosayqua
    Very surprise that a $6 billion company has a clunky app that doesn’t even work on an iPad!
  • Inspiring but one big minus 4/5

    By PMEinDenver
    I started using Wix a month ago. Within a few days of playing with it I upgraded so I could have my own domain name and more features, and access to images, etc. Wix is very user friendly both on your computer and the app allows you to do a lot too while keeping an uncluttered look. (Perhaps most amazing is the AI assistant you use on your computer—after doing a short questionnaire about you needs and wants, it whips up a website for you. Frankly I was amazed at what it came up with for me, beautifully designed. You can then do a lot of customization. The more customization you do, the more learning curve. But I’ve been so inspired, I’ve been playing with it a lot. I downloaded the app; it too is to super easy to use with attractive design. Thanks for the blog manager! BUT...here’s the thing: I went to use the app on my iPad Pro and, well, there is no app for the iPad Pro! I was stunned and disappointed. It’s not like the Pro came out yesterday. The Pro would make the perfect work space for Wix—more design features would be possible than with phone app. You could then have pretty full featured Wix app on the go. Please tell me an iPad Pro app will soon be available?!
  • Very bad and confusing 1/5

    By fadynaguib
    Very bad and confusing , and if you try to contact the customer service will not help you!! They just copy and paste the rules and send it to you !!!
  • Insights 5/5

    By rarae1234
    I love the insights are visible and it’s able to add products and coupons quick and efficiently
  • Can’t open my account... 1/5

    By Jack Rodgers, Jr.
    Gotta admit, Wix is the most difficult website/blog I have ever used. I’ve made my peace with the browser version and try not to touch anything. This app is awful. I want to open it and log into my blog and do stuff. Can’t do that. Or can I? Is there a secret way of logging in? I have my account, I think, but I have to have a message... I see you give standard replies that don’t relate to the reviews so let me be precise... How can I as a paid up Wix’er with use this app to get to my site.
  • Can’t reply to website emails 1/5

    By MenaceTX
    Useless since you cannot reply to a customers contact us request. Forced to reply using desktop site
  • 👎🏽 1/5

    By GeezyP
  • All the money I'm paying for Premium Is Not worth it 2/5

    By Ashleywindley_diamond
    I seriously would like for premium service for premium price. The templates are nice, but I think I want someone to build the website for what I'm paying. I already have my own domain. Do you offer premium services? Perhaps a live person who walks you through setting everything up? Even better, what does it cost to just get this thing up and running?
  • Awful 1/5

    By fufu loves unicorns
    I can not find any use at all! I’m quitting wix all together
  • Not compatible with Instagram shopping 3/5

    By julianwortel
    I have been using Wix for 4 years and sadly is the only platform not compatible with instagram shopping and Facebook.
  • Great way to stay in contact 5/5

    By Authors lewis
    Stay in contact with potential customers and see who’s visiting your site.
  • LITERALLY THE WORST... don’t even wanna give stars 1/5

    By summerislive
    I’ve been using wix for awhile now for my blog/website. They charged me $169 without even notifying me and they refuse to give me a refund. ): Aside from this, I found that it was extremely limited in terms of features for my blog. I am going to use Wordpress or godaddy. I’m so disappointed in WIX. They are extremely difficult to contact and it is such a rip-off. They do not care about their customers and I HIGHLY DONT RECOMMEND WIX.
  • Updating my review 2/5

    By PeterPapas76
    I’ve been using the app for two weeks now and I give it a thumbs down. For starters one of the key components to most websites is posting anchor links which you can’t do on the wix app. With the Wordpress app you can. Second when I’m trying to edit certain posts they won’t open with the app. That’s not cool considering I hardly have any time to post from my actual pc. The app needs lots of improvements.
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By Nessy98338
    You can never reach customer service, they put your account under investigation for no reason, try to make a living and they question everything about your site, not mobile friendly. Worst place ever! Not happy. Ripped off my money too.
  • WTH 1/5

    By Gfaustin
    I thought this update what I’ve done something useful such as to utilize the full screen of the iPad Pro however it’s rather disappointing I guess I’ll just have to use square space.
  • Rating 4/5

    By S Desireee
    App is great and manageable I just wish there was an option to book multiple services at once like an add on to a main service. The other scheduling apps have it, would be great to have it in Wix.
  • Wix app 1/5

    By Dagny met Jesus
    This app does not let you do most of what you can do on the desktop. Specifically not capable of email marketing / shout-out features.
  • Bad 1/5

    By Sandra124598
    U can’t even delete ur email off of u acc it’s unsafe
  • Perfect for What I needed 5/5

    By Kathy_Ann65
    Easy to use and great for creating a mobile community
  • Confusing 3/5

    By AlfredHarding
    The App is confusing in that it acts like an end user App instead of a website owner App. The UI in a web browser makes more sense. I find myself trying to use the App and then ending up switching over to the wix.com interface to get work done.

Wix app comments

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