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Your Wizarding Passport will be the key Create your Wizarding Passport (if you haven’t already), login and take your magicaL traits with you wherever you go. Show your house colours with pride alongside your Patronus and wand. The Official Harry Potter Fan Club Join the Official Harry Potter Fan Club and unlock spellbinDing new content, experiences and magical interactive features with the Wizarding World app. Free to join and made for fans of all ages, it connects every part of the Wizarding World - from the films, games, theme parks and stage production, to the books that inspired them all. Get closer to the magic and discover even greater things as the app develops. See where the Sorting Hat puts you Discover (or even rediscover) your Hogwarts house in the reimagined Sorting Ceremony. See yourself wearing the Sorting Hat for the first timE in the most exciting Sorting Ceremony yet – exclusively on the Wizarding World app. Discover an ever-expanding magical universe Delve even deeper into the stories, characters and experiences you love from all around the magical universe of Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts. Put your knowledge to the test with new quIzzes, go behind-the-scenes with fresh features and uncover extra special surprises hidden in the Muggle world. Never miss a thing Get all the official news, announcements and releases delivered stRaight to your device. See how you stack up with others from all the Hogwarts houses in regular polls and enjoy the latest edition of your exclusive fanzine, Wizarding Weekly, landing every Wednesday. Unlock hidden magic Secret codes and Enchanted Keys have been hidDen all over for you to discover. Use them to unlock magical mischief and unexpected wonders. Constant vigilance is a must - only the most dedicated will be able to find them. If you do, head to the Discover section of the app and tap on the key symbol to enter the secret code or scan the Enchanted Key and uncover its secrets. More magic awaits You now have the option to delve even deeper into the magical universe you love with Wizarding World Gold – a spellbinding annual paid subscription that promises to enhance your Official Harry Potter Fan Club experience. Along with a magical welcome gift - including a personalised Keys and Curios journal that comes to life with the Wizarding World app - subscribers will enjoy all seven eBooks of the original Harry Potter stories, priority booking on tickets, early access and discounts on selected merchandise, discounts at selected stores and partner locations, collectible pin badges, and plenty more. Available in United Kingdom and United States only. Keep your wands at the ready for more updates arriving soon. Take heed! The app is free to use and includes the marketing of licensed products from across the Wizarding World. Wizarding World Digital is a partnership between Pottermore and Warner Bros., delivering the latest news, features and products from the Wizarding World and their partners. WIZARDING WORLD, WIZARDING PASSPORT and related trademarks, characters, names and indicia are TM and © Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. WIZARDING WORLD publishing and theatrical stage rights © J.K. Rowling. All rights reserved. Crested eco The fifth is in the first and the first is in the fifth, the second is in the fourth and the third is in the sixth, the fourth is in the second and the sixth is in the third - and if you follow all of that you’ll discover a word. Terms & Conditions : https://www.wizardingworld.com/terms

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Wizarding World app reviews


    By girl adiccted to roblox
    I love this app so much, I love how you get sorted and getting your own wand and patrounas, I love this app with all my heart <3
  • Good app 3/5

    By alexaaaa24y
    I like this app a lot because you can do a lot of things but i think there is a glitch with the sorting hat because when i took the test i got hufflepuff and i like hufflepuff but i’m not sure if that’s the right house for me. So i kept taking the test and kept getting hufflepuff i thought maybe i was just overreacting and i am a hufflepuff. One day i asked my sister to take the test and she also got hufflepuff and we are both very different and we chose different answers so i think there is maybe a glitch with the sorting hat but that’s all i have to say otherwise it’s a great app.
  • Wizarding world 1/5

    By FluffyBunny4
    I hate how you have to sign up for Wizarding World to play. I was excited for this game, but since I didn’t want to sign up, I could not play. 0 stars if I could.
  • Good! 5/5

    By Foxmoon9❤️
    I’m a Gryffindor, for the record. I like taking quizzes, I like the crossword puzzles and word searches! There’s just one thing, every time I try getting on the app, it says something about an issue with my profile and before I have time to read it, it kicks me out!! Please help!! I hate this!
  • i’m so confused 3/5

    By Jocelyn (@jocelynmara)
    i just downloaded the app today, and i went on the app and looked around and i had fun. and not even an hour later i go back and it takes me out of the app as soon as i open it. i deleted it. it let me log in and logged me out again. someone fix this please!!
  • Not letting me on 1/5

    By gabberlou
    I haven’t open the app in about a week, so when I went to check on things in the app it kept kicking me out. I’ve deleted the app multiple times but it still won’t let me in.
  • Slytherin 3/5

    By slytherin 12
    My account is not working i turn it on and it goes back to my home screen I don’t know why?
  • Awesome App but Slight Bug 4/5

    By TiffanyTheUnicorn666
    Don't get me wrong, Harry Potter is my life and this app is awesome, but now everytime I open up the app it kicks me right out and I'm not sure why. This only happens when I'm logged in or after I've finished makinf a new account. I've tried deleting and reinstallthe app, but it didn't work. Then, I tried using another one of my account but that also didn't work out. I'm not sure why this is happening but it's really making me annoyed since there's a lot of things I'd rather do on the app and find easier to do on the app than the website, like the polls and quizzes. Overall, when I was able to use the app, it was a great app and I loved the cool little backgrounds and the house bingo. I'd be great if maybe you could try to see what's wrong with the app? My device is an Ipad Air 2 from 2014 and it's on IpadOS 14.0.1. I don't think it'd have anything to do with my Ipad but if it does, I hope this helps. Keep updating the app and the website because it's super good and I love all the cool little miniganes and stuff.
  • slytherin 🐍🐍 3/5

    By HW FAN!!
    the app is really good but like now when i go on the app it takes me out and idk why :( i just wanna go on the app without it taking me out please :((
  • Not working with iOS 14... 3/5

    By Nickols G
    I like app, however it it is crashing upon opening now... I just updated the app to see if that resolved the problem, but it didn’t... The problem is occurring on my iPhone and iPad both of which are iOS 14...
  • Problem with update 3/5

    By MarcusPaxton
    Updated app and now it shuts down as soon as you open it. :(
  • Okay... 5/5

    By 💚🐍slytherchic🐍💚
    First of all, I absolutely fell in love with the Harry Potter series as a kid. My favorite characters were Fred and George (Rowling, HOW COULD YOU KILL MY DARLING BABY ANGEL FRED?!?!) Anyway, I always wondered what Hogwarts house was. Slytherin!!!!!!! (Although I could fit in Gryffindor...) but I also love the app in general it’s so awesome!!!
  • Sorting hat 3/5

    By fjsjajxjsjs
    It only chosses hufflepuff I am a hufflepuff but I did everything a ravenclaw gryfindor and slytherin would do and say
  • Hi 2/5

    By Sha Agu Zav
    It hasn’t been letting me get in the app for over a week ! It’s says “ something went wrong with loading ur profile data “ it’s been like this for over a week !!
  • I love this app! 5/5

    By UnicornPuppy5
    Hi! I am a Harry Potter super-fan, and this is definitely the PERFECT app for me! Thanks to WizardingWorld for making this!!
  • Really great app but issue with videos 4/5

    By An Amino stan 🙌
    I really love the app, the Wizarding weeklies are fun to read but I have issues with watching older videos in the app. At around 5 seconds in, the audio just dies, and I have to tap on the time bar to play the audio again. I have to do this constantly everytime it breaks down. Very rarely will one of the videos actually work. Maybe you guys can look into this issue? Thank you!
  • sorting hat problem 4/5

    By _belluh
    so when i got the app i decided to retake the test and got ravenclaw and switched to that but i decided to take it again to see if i can get hufflepuff cause i don’t feel like i’m a ravenclaw but every time i retake the test i always get ravenclaw even when i change the answers
  • Love it 5/5

    By Miss purple hair
    I love this app! I have no bad reports. Only one suggestion, I think that they should add a search bar so that if you have any questions on any of the witches or wizards you can look them up!
  • Fake! 1/5

    By camrynpaigeismyname
    The sorting hat is completely fake! It doesn’t even work! I am a Hufflepuff and my second one is a Ravenclaw and ALL of the Harry Potter fans I know have confirmed that. But it says I’m a Slytherin, so I took it again and it said Gryffindor after I answered the questions the exact same way I did before. Would not recommend
  • Always a Gryffindor 5/5

    By robin2423
    I like it, but I keep getting Gryffindor every time I try again, I am more of a Slytherin, and I think the quiz is rigged or something, but so far it’s a good app
  • 5 friends and I tried sorting hat 1/5

    By Benjamin David Simon
    every single one of them got slytherin. not a single one of us have ever been slytherin and we all chose different answers. we’ve taken this test before. somethin ain’t right.
  • disappointed 1/5

    By raealese
    you guys made it were you can take the quiz again i’m very disappointed bc on my old account i was taking the wand quiz and my phone died and it would not let me re take the wand quiz:(( I’m in gryffindor so i made a new account and i got ravenclaw twice and now it won’t let me retake the quiz this is soooooo annoying i just want my wand and my house to be on the same page IM TOO LOUD AND NOT SMART ENOUGH TO BE IN RAVENCLAW plss let me switch
  • Emailing Verification Code and Password Change 1/5

    By anonymouslyy.747
    I've had Pottermore for over a year now. I recently checked to see whats been of it and found out they upgraded it to the Wizarding World. Thought it was cool so I tried joining in with my Pottermore email and password but appearently it does not work. So, I tried changing my password and no email has been sent. I refresh the page and nothing. Then I thought there must be an app for it and there was! So I tried it out on the app aswell and still no notification for password change or verification code. When I clicked on the "Didn't recieve the code? Send again. " it just said that there was some error and to try again later. I'm not sure if it's on my side or the website itself but I am truly disappointed.
  • Sorting in wrong houses! 2/5

    First of all, it sorted me in Ravenclaw when all my life I’ve been a Hufflepuff!! And now that I try to sort my 8yr old son so we can get his house color clothing, it keeps saying Ravenclaw! The sad part is that there is no more Pottermore quizzes other than these ones. I feel like answering all of the questions that the quiz originally had, would properly sort you into your house. I would really like to be able to take the ORIGINAL Pottermore quiz for my son. On this app, they only have you answer 8 questions...the app is fun and there is a lot of things to learn from each house but I don’t feel like it puts you in the correct house...I don’t like it...
  • poopy 2/5

    By VoodooGamerGirl
    honestly this app takes so much work to log in it’s not even worth it
  • Yaz it’s finally here! Proud Harry reader “Always” LoL 5/5

    By Maddie🦄📱
    Soo Happy you could access this on mobile! Made my really Happy Problems (only a few) One, You can only use the sorting hat filter When you doing the quiz Two, When I try to find out what my wand is It takes me to the website I got this so I did not need to use the website! Three, Is there I can redo the poll? Last but not least I am A Griffindorr! Would Like a developer response btw
  • Meh 3/5

    By cjldheldhejd
    See it’s a good app and it tells u what ur Petronas is and ur wand and ur house but when u do ur house it’s wrong for me bc I keep getting ravenclaw but I doesn’t make any sense bc im more like a slytherin bc of how I act and what I’m like but it keeps giving me ravenclaw so that’s why I give it a three.
  • slytherin>>> 5/5

    By Blue razz berry 26
    good app but like- i just need everyone to know that slytherins are superior ❤️
  • Houses 1/5

    By h.e.r 07
    I like the app but the only house is hufflepuff🙁
  • So umm.. 5/5

    By B-Pax
    I have a obsession with the books and movies so much that I literally spit out quotes from the books and movies to my friends all the time and I really love this app don’t get me wrong it’s just I’m a hufflepuff not a Gryffindor and I got that and it won’t let me change it on an iPod touch so all I ask is if you could make it more compatible for an iPod touch if that’s not to complicated thanks 🙂
  • I hate you jk your an awful person 1/5

    By sub to eleanor draws
    It’s the transphobia for me ✨
  • f jk 1/5

    By nejdbdjdbjdbejsbaja
    jkr should stop with the transphobia ;)
  • Stupid app 1/5

    By he does not want
    Not available country. I couldnt install it in my phone which has philippines as country. how Dare You wizarding world, You Disappoin me
  • Better as Pottermore 2/5

    By Shade7269
    Checked it out for the first time since Pottermore became Wizarding World, so much worse. Previously you could read about your Petronius and wand and know your American house, all that gone. It’s literally just a shopping site now, nothing entertaining just products they want to sell.
  • Not letting me take the quiz 2/5

    By shysusuv(25
    I’m very upset with this app every time I click for my wand or patrones quiz it just takes me to a website that is black so it’s kinda disappointing and I wish it worked so if you guys could fix that it would make my day but since them I’m deleting this app
  • The Hat Failed Me 3/5

    By it wont let me out yes
    I just got the app and i started with the sorting hat, ive always known i was a Griffendor but i have the personality of a Slytherin but it gave me Hufflepuff and i am absolutely in no way a Hufflepuff. Like if i’m being honest with you i would get so annoyed by them being nice i would punch them in the face ngl. But yeah welcome to my Ted Talk bye
  • Tha magic is gone 2/5

    By magicalminime
    This app had great potential and it does have some great content for fans. However, there have been too many glitches and I have not been able to access all my gold membership benefits. At the end of the day, this app is simply a vehicle for Warner Brothers to sell merchandise and promote their gaming apps. I miss Pottermore.
  • 🧙🏽‍♂️🧙🏽‍♀️ 5/5

    By Edward Galligan III
    I love this app. I love the constant feed of information. If you’re a Potterhead, this app is a must. There are a few suggestions I have for it though. One thing I would like to see changed is the timer on the quiz. This is something that has bothered me since I first downloaded the app. Some of the questions and answers are so long that you literally don’t have time to read and answer the question before it times you out. Definitely frustrating when you’re trying to do your best. It would also be cool if it let you retake the quiz for fun, keeping your initial score as what is kept for the leaderboard. While the app gives you info on your house, you can’t get info on your patronus or wand without going to a browser. If would also be cool if the app had the full directory of past articles. On that note, a search function would be nice to look up old topics. I have also noticed the refresh issue others have mentioned. Nothing will show up for a few days, then I’ll have 4 new things in my feed out of nowhere. Thank you for moving the word searches to within the app. Thank you for feeding my need for a constant submersion into Wizarding World. #ProudHufflepuff
  • Great! 5/5

    By rxteri
    This is an amazing app for Harry Potter lovers
  • Communicating with Other Wizards! 5/5

    By gygtgyg
    I love this app!! The games and quizzes are very fun! But I would like if you could comment or share ideas with other wizards, so I could share my opinions and thoughts. Other wise the app is great and I would definitely recommend it to other Harry Potter fans! -One of your friendly Ravenclaws!
  • Hi 2/5

    By Orphan😢😢
    I honestly thought this would be a fun app and it was!! but I kept getting Gryffindor as my house which is totally fine but I can barley relate to a Gryffindor at all. Do I was a little confused I thought I would have been a Ravenclaw or Slytherin. I don’t know maybe I am a Gryffindor.
  • Slytherin 5/5

    By jacey10
    I love being a Slytherin especially because I have Draco😻
  • Hufflepuff 4/5

    By Karelina2007
    Ok so the issue is that I most likely got sorted into the wrong house. I accidentally clicked the answer I did not want on almost half of them. I tried to re-take it but came to find out that you can retake the test but you will still be in the same house. Is there anyway to reset it so I can still use the same email instead of having to make a different account?
  • HATE IT 1/5

    By Diana not a hufflepuff
  • WOW but wha 5/5

    By DBot77
    This is an amazing and organized app witch will make you fully satisfied with information. Do not let any of theses trollers launch at you with hate for this app. You have everything and you do NOT need to get riled up about stupid jerks. I LOVE Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts ever sense I was born, (my mother had me when the first movie came out and she was a potter head so we watched them all the time) and I am personally love this app. My brother also uses this app and he says “I really like it.” But we both are dumbfounded about how to take the sorting hat quizzes again. (I am happy with Hufflepuff but I just want to make sure.) Thank you for responding if you do, and have a wonderful day/night!🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃💛❤️💚💙
  • Help 2/5

    By (`・ω・´)erinʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
    I have taken many quizzes showing I’m a slytherin but it sorted me into ravenclaw because I was rushed I don’t know how to fix it
  • Why won’t the Sorting Hat change its mind? 3/5

    By sofiwknfosjdkbojenslshtoshaur
    I downloaded the app, knowing already that Gryffindor is my House, and took the quiz to solidify it. But the answers are hard to choose, and sometimes it registered me trying to swipe to the next answer choice as me selecting the answer I was currently on. This was very frustrating, and it chose the wrong answers and refused to let me go back. I just continued with the answers I would’ve given anyway and it gave me Slytherin and told me the Sorting Hat wouldn’t change its mind. This is incredibly frustrating, and not just under my circumstances? What if someone else wanted to take the quiz to see what House they’re in, but didn’t want to bother making an account? The Sorting Hat should change its mind based off the answers it’s given, and that’s that.
  • Yea so.. 5/5

    By medical_aid
    I really like the app don’t get me wrong but whenever I try to do anything with it it says your feed didn’t load please tell me how to fix this.
  • Slytherin 3/5

    By Mcmmgeorge
    I am not a Slytherin. I am a hufflepuff but it won’t let me change it. And if you let your friends do it on your phone, they will get the same house as you. Because the sorting doesn’t change its mind. But I wish that if we didn’t like the outcome of our house, that we could change it. I already have lots of stuff all around my room that is “hufflepuff” I can’t tear it all down and put up Slytherin things. Please make it where we can change our house at will. I don’t like the rules. I want it to be where you can take it as much as you want. But only a certain amount of times. Please consider

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