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WMUR News 9 - New Hampshire App

Take the WMUR News 9 app with you everywhere you go and be the first to know of breaking news happening in Manchester and the surrounding area. Always stay up to date with the latest local news, national, sports, traffic, political, entertainment stories and much more. Download the WMUR News 9 app for free today. Our Local News, Weather and Sports App Features Include: - Manchester breaking news alerts with push notifications - Live streaming breaking news updates from our WMUR News 9 reporters when it happens, where it happens - Local news submission area for breaking news, news tips and the ability to email your news photos and videos right to our newsroom to be featured on air - Share stories via email or your social media pages - Up to date, current local weather conditions, hourly Manchester weather updates, and 7 day forecasts - An interactive radar that lets you zoom in and out to street level and watch storms as they approach. Move the map around to see major weather activity - Manchester weather alerts and updates, Storm Watch 9 weather videocasts and more

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WMUR News 9 - New Hampshire app reviews

  • Slow to post news 3/5

    By Nsnale
    I’ve seen NH news on other NON-NH news sites way before I’d see it on WMUR. And on weekends ... there is no news unless it’s dramatic.
  • Ok website 3/5

    By LondonderryLarry
    Would be awesome if they would purge “waaaay” out of date content. Also lotsa ads. This really prevents me from watching their videos. Good local content
  • App is awful 1/5

    By mejnh03489
    The old app that was just for weather was much more user friendly. All I need on this app is the weather and now I have to scroll through the news to get it.
  • News- weather 2/5

    By faster freddie
    Lots of ads, always slow and the news is usually slow in coming.
  • Usable 4/5

    By Elsa14955
    This is a very good app, I just wish the weather was more accurate 😄
  • Feedback 1/5

    By yoursaviorandmaster
    Not enough local stories to read. Seems like a waste of time looking for news on this site.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Ouga fur
    I like how the ads are not as long as they used to be. Having the option to skim them is great. This app is user friendly and overall good.
  • Sound on ads plays automatically now 3/5

    By Manchester resident
    Recently I noticed the sound is automatically playing now on ads. I was fine with the ads playing without sound. Until that changes I have turned off notifications and will only open the app when I am at home.
  • Too many ads! 1/5

    By weareRu?
    I can’t stand the repetitive ads. Ruins the entire program. I understand why you need them but way too many and too repetitive. Thanks but no thanks.
  • Apps been a problem forever 1/5

    By Metaldrummer213
    This app constantly crashes when scrolling. Some of the stories at the bottom are a year old. There’s ads throughout and during every video. That’s what’s making it crash people. There’s menu options that lead to empty pages. The app keeps telling me the version I'm using is outdated so I click update and it links me to the App Store update section and it’s ALWAYS the current version. iPhone 8 Plus — iOS 12.2. Plus I hate the color blue and this thing is littered with it.
  • Ditto 1/5

    By Getting news elseware
    Ditto, ditto, ditto to all of the complaints regarding ads. We have pointed this out previously and there seems to be no response. Your advertisers aren’t getting any bang for their buck because we are opting out as soon as the ad pops up.
  • Rid some of the ads 3/5

    By Steele Elliot 2 1/2
    Have reviewed this problem before but nothing seems to change. Some ads OK but repeatedly ridiculous. And why can’t I zoom in on anything. It’s frustrating me. Love your segments and stories. Why don’t you update the 3-D section. Been sitting there for a while. Thank you I hope that you can help resolve some of the reviewer‘s issues. Not sure if anybody is actually reading these. Not a good idea. Help please. People continue to write about too many ads from your reviews from a year or two ago yet you don’t change anything. And please let us be able to zoom in On your stories. You will receive five stars if you just take care of a few things that people keep complaining about. Thank you
  • App review 3/5

    By StreetGlide2012
    App is very unstable. It freezes frequently. Too many advertisements. Would like to see dew point added to weather.
  • Remove old stories 3/5

    By Eschew Obfiscation
    Please update stories more often. I think the story about Trump serving McDonalds has really run its course. Stories seem to hang on for months.
  • Lakes Region Guy 3/5

    By JimmyNH
    I enjoy the app. I wish the app were updated more on the weekend. Some stories stay on the app for a very long time. The weather app is great and dependable.
  • Overall review 3/5

    By witchywoman54
    Good app, but I agree with the person who said the amount of ads are over the top. I also would like to hear more details about the stories instead of just headlines with a few words about it. A lot of American journalism is just cheap news jumping from one shocking headline to another like sensationalism. We want to know the WHOLE story, and later a follow-up on how the story ended.
  • Crank up audio on commercials 1/5

    By Regretable listener
    Right towards the end of each news session, 3 seconds prior to the commercial, WMUR cranks up the volume. I believe this is actually an illegal thing to do, but the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has been allowing each station to monitor themselves. So WMUR and FCC to blame.
  • Pop ups are annoying 3/5

    By Another Snowbird
    I realize that having pop ups provides you with a revenue source, but it is extremely annoying - and I am sure that this is a common complaint. Additionally, I use your site for NH news and national news. Not weird or disturbing items that you grab from the wire services. Also, why is you weekend news rarely updated? Maybe you should consider a proofreader as well.
  • WMUR news app 2/5

    By Gusinga05
    It’s very difficult to read a story with all the ads that keep popping up. The weather is even worse. The search option doesn’t always work either. Used to be my go to app for local news & weather, not anymore.
  • My Go-To App 5/5

    By LadyRoseCTFan
    This app is always improving. It’s the first one I check in the morning & I’ll go to it as needed all day. Having the weather map at the top of my fingers is the best. And thanks for adding the wind direction. News is clear & concise & yes, there are a lot of ads - just like on TV. Compared to Boston, Portland & others, WMUR wins hands down. Just look at the CBS Boston app. It makes you realize just how good Channels 9 & 5 are.
  • Incomplete weather 2/5

    By .,:;/=.,:;
    I want 2 c the state map with county boundaries & precipitation markers & it is blocked by text....
  • Screaming goat 2/5

    By nasdeb
    No Thank You; to the screaming goat advertisement!! What if I was in hospital beside distressed patient and that STUPID ad screamed! Please have silence as default of advertisements. There are many times and places where that is best for us.
  • Out dated news and copies for other syndication 2/5

    By Fnuhardanddeep
    Would like to see more up to date news. Scroll down the landing page and you’ll find featured article that are months old... really??? In addition articles are copied from out syndications such as LA Time, NY Times, and Fox News. If you’re just going to copy someone else material at least cite your references!!!
  • at best OK 3/5

    By !JayThomas2
    I find the WMUR cluttered and cumbersome, and infrequently use it for day to day news or weather. I am grateful for the station’s commitment to posting up to date Closings and Delays . As well, I do occasionally watch online using the app.
  • Political stuffing! 2/5

    By Goffstown Dave
    It’s a loooong time till elections but I feel like the political stuff on phone is over the top! Move it to the political section so we can see the news that is NOW
  • Ads too much 3/9/19 3/5

    By M Springtome
    WMUR. Every day and in an emergency I turn to WMUR on TV on my laptop or on my phone. But the amount of ads on my phone is ridiculous and I won’t watch anymore. I want the news I don’t want to watch the Ads please!
  • Almost useless 1/5

    By sehmb
    Very difficult to maneuver and find what I’m looking for, except for closings. Hard to find quick weather update, too. Even when there’s a news alert, it’s difficult to reference when I open the app.
  • Just plain good! 5/5

    By NH Player
    Good news when it’s still news! App works fine. Accurate weather .... nothing to not like
  • Love the app 5/5

    By Cappy2420
    Less add pop ups would be better
  • Away from home 3/5

    By DotKd
    Have always loved NH...but life has moved me many times Feel greedy to see your news, but ADS are difficultly long !
  • The good, bad and ugly 3/5

    By BargainAl
    First, your news and weather is top notch (easily 5 stars)! Everything is always up to date and spot on! Next is the amount of ads! I understand you have to sell advertising to pay for everything but the amount of ads is just too much (3 stars). Now the ugly, the length of your ads on videos are wayyyy too long! In 30 seconds I can usually read the story below the ad and move to the next one. I actually shut my sound off when I click on the WMUR app! It helps me read the article without a distraction (0 stars)!
  • Give the viewers local NH news *not* Mass news! 2/5

    By bvcxz!
    We watch WMUR for Nh news-if we wanted Massachusetts news we would switch to a Boston station! This is sooooo annoying.
  • One state TV station 2/5

    By himself 123
    This station needs work. Stories stay on the web site for the weekend. The staff need a face make over. You can only change the back ground look so many times. So staff need to retire. It’s not that informative.
  • Not up to par 2/5

    By frustratedinmanchester
    I go to a news app to get news, I feel like I get very little on your app. Almost no national news and the local news isn’t very up to date, you keep some news items up for days. I look at the app several times a day, but it hardly ever changes. I would think it would change as news comes in. I just get frustrated with it. Come on, you can do better.
  • Please get rid of the adds!!! 2/5

    By Lndfall*
    I check the weather and the news because that’s what I’m interested in. Not all of the adds that are thrown in interrupting what I’m reading. I make a point of not looking at any of them. I’ve considered taking this app off my phone because I dislike the adds so much.
  • Too many ads 2/5

    By ztbofd
    Way too many ads. They start sometimes when scrolling through. Sometimes you sit thru the ad and the story comes on and gets dropped for no reason. Have to go thru the ad again. Also the alerts that pop up don’t always show on the news page.
  • Ads 4/5

    By colin.upham
    Ads are to long on the weather section. Other than this the app is very good
  • Poor news app 1/5

    By SharonRF
    You still have too much advertising You keep old news on forever Get rid of Stiches Stick to local news You do not seem to change so why bother asking for reviews This site is really poor Jsf
  • Too 3/5

    By sheepchickens
    Too many ads and stories are in place way too long.
  • If you like ads you’ll love this ap 1/5

    By 0 strars
    ADS,ADS,ADS,ADS,ADS,ADS and more ADS,ADS,..... oh and a ten second “news” (liberal biased op ed mostly) This apps horrible at best! They don’t give a zero star option so keep in mind the only reason they get a 1 star!
  • Josh Judge 5/5

    By SEABROOK. Commissioner
    Deserves a raise , he is very accurate, entertaining, and professional. An asset for sure !👍
  • WMUR App 2/5

    By TGsews
    New one not much better than old one. Breaking news usually already heard from another channel. TOO MANY ADS! You can’t read more than 1 story without having to see the same ad over and over. I prefer NECN and WCSH out of Maine, they both do more New Hampshire news than WMUR.
  • Update your stories timely 4/5

    By Memac76
    This morning at 7am the weather story from 6:45 pm the night before was still up
  • WMUR 9 4/5

    By 2shatehs
    Love being able to open this & get the news I’m looking for quickly. The pop ups & ads during the stories can get annoying but besides that....great job!
  • More up to date news 4/5

    By Jmacmsa
    I would like to see up to date news and remove old stories from the main page, nothing more frustrating than clicking on a story 2 to 3 weeks old
  • Good local news app 4/5

    By YiayiaA
    If you want NH local news, it’s the best app. I don’t care for the non-news additions that WMUR has added, such as stitch. A lot of adds but I understand the need for them.its the best place to gofir local weather.
  • Way too many ads 1/5

    By Unrealpatch
    If this station wants to be relevant, they’ll reduce the amount and time we have to spend watching commercials.
  • Bugs 1/5

    By DancingDevra
    I can only watch about 30 seconds of the videos and then I get the boot. I have to go back, watch the damned ad...AGAIN... scrub ahead to where it left off and... repeat the process. Your app needs some work!
  • Please develop an ad free version 2/5

    By harleywoman50
    I look at this app every morning. I really only need to scroll through about half the content since stories seem to live on here for months before new ones replace them. But I really hate the ads; I NEVER play videos because of the ads. Develop an ad free version and let me just have news. PLEASE!

WMUR News 9 - New Hampshire app comments

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