WNBA - Live Basketball Games

WNBA - Live Basketball Games

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  • Current Version: 11.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: NBA
  • Compatibility: Android
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WNBA - Live Basketball Games App

The WNBA iPhone and iPad app is your official destination for news, scores, stats, live games, and more! Celebrate the 25th anniversary season of WNBA action with a brand new look. All the information you want on your favorite players and team is just a tap away. News and video highlights updated daily Watch live WNBA games with WNBA League Pass* Scores, schedule, stats, and standings Chat with fellow fans & tap to cheer for all Commissioner Cup games Subscribe through the App Store? Register an account on your iPhone or iPad to also enjoy WNBA League Pass on your computer. If you’re already subscribed to WNBA League Pass, you can simply log in to the app with your existing username and password. Any questions, please email us at [email protected] *Blackouts may apply in select markets

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WNBA - Live Basketball Games app reviews

  • Ughhh 3/5

    By coco56978
    This app crashes every time I’m watching a game
  • WNBA 1/5

    By NCMountaingirl
  • The W deserves so much better 2/5

    By HighlandsBoy
    WNBA is amazing, this app insults it. There’s no “share” option on highlights so if I want to post to socials or text friends a clip...nope. The video clips, themselves, don’t work to view in full-screen mode. I’m glad W can monetize and pay its players better but a 30 second ad for 1:07 clip is poor form. No box score links to look at individual players. No team page (closest thing is to filter a player list to a specific team). This app has not been used by anyone at developer or league (I’m assuming; I can’t imagine it would exist in this form if they have). Please do something to elevate this app to match the outstanding sport it reflects.
  • Please hide final scores 4/5

    By colleenobrien
    Most games can’t be live-streamed, so I’m mostly watching games that have already happened. Please hide the final scores in the game stream user experience! Mobile Chromecast to TV works great. Apple Air Play has slower loading times and image quality issues.
  • Needs some work to make it great 3/5

    By beckslade
    The app logs me out while using , sometimes in the middle of watching a game. Pop-up says I’ve logged into a different device, though I have not, nor have I shared my account password. App lets me log back in immediately, but it’s frustrating to say the least. Also, video scrubbing is really bad. It jumps around and it’s impossible to rewind just a few seconds. Love the access and price! (hate the blackouts, especially when the only Dallas channel, BSSW, isn’t offered in most cable/streaming plans. But that’s not there app’s fault.)
  • Lost? 2/5

    By dtbkdiplomat
    Why not she game by game stats. Logs. Etc. per player. School. Hometown Etc.
  • TV Devices 3/5

    By CTkidz
    Why are there no app for tv devices?? All these years
  • League Pass 4/5

    By Cycleman2009
    This review is more about the WNBA League Pass than the app itself. Although it’s great that WNBA has a lot of games that are nationally televised, it’s a real downer that those games cannot be watched with WNBA League Pass. Today there are two games on CBS Sports Net, which means that they cannot be watched live using the app with WNBA League Pass. (And CBS Sports Net is not available on Paramount Plus.) So the app and WNBA League Pass are good, but there are major issues for cord cutters.
  • Great new design, rough around the edges 4/5

    By joeldvr1
    I love the brand new UI just in time for the league’s 25th season. It’s slick and easy to navigate, with useful tabs at the bottom. However, some missing details could make this a stellar 5-star app. For example, Commissioner Cup games have a gold badge beside them in the detailed schedule on wnba.com; that’d be useful in the app. Much of the options in the More tab, and across the app for that matter, either borrow the app’s old flat design or straight up redirect to wnba.com, which adds to loading times and doesn’t look as great; a native options to these, much like the articles in News, would do wonders. Overall, it’s still a good app. With some fine tuning throughout the season, the experience could skyrocket.
  • Wnbalover 5/5

    By woohoownba:))
    Best app! So easy to use and great to watch games. Love it!
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By Schubej
    I had the WNBA League Pass app for years but forgot my log in information. I originally established an account under a prior Email Address that was hacked and was unable to obtain info for logging in. I decided to purchase the Pass again this year and after paying twice (5/2 and again 5/7) I cannot access since it was indicated that my log information provided when I registered was already used. I attempted to log in and was told there was no record of this information. I have contacted the Help site and provided requested information with no further response. I attempted to log in again and was locked out due to too many attempts (2). Obviously, I am never going to get access and wasted money that I really can’t afford since my income source in Social Security. Thank you WNBA for not caring.
  • LOVE this app! 5/5

    By etuck08
    I love this app and following the W. Can’t wait for this season!!
  • The best app ever 5/5

    By Huge WNBA fan
    This is literally the best app ever and it is amazing how u can watch old games as well as new games. The league pass is very cheap and is 100% supporting the WNBA. I watch tons of games new and old all of the time and I believe that anyone who likes the WNBA should get it. It has all games on it and you can watch games that weren’t on a channel you get. There are no commercials for most of the games unless you go back to very old games. There are occasional glitches but they do not bother me at all. And you can even watch the games of your favorite players who are retired such as Lindsay Whalen, Rebekah Brunson, and Penny Taylor. I love this app so much and it is the best way to watch WNBA basketball because we all know how major sports companies don’t play women’s sports as often as they should. The WNBA app also has different videos and news about the latest WNBA stuff and really helps you stay in the know of the players and teams. There were so many helpful tools for when I first started getting into WNBA basketball like going into settings and it showing you all of the teams so you can learn their names along with it showing all of the players and their names in alphabetical order.
  • Varying sound 2/5

    By knud12345
    Love watching the games but I have to keep adjusting the sound as some games’ volume is low but then the commercials are super loud
  • league pass is misleading 3/5

    By ktwoodn
    i bought a league pass because i wanted to watch all the games i could. i don’t have a lot of sports channels in my cable subscription, so if it airs on cbs sports or espn 2, i can’t watch. i recently learned that the league pass won’t let me watch these games, either. any game that’s airing in my state displays a popup, something along the lines of, “this game is airing near you, so you can’t watch it here.” well, really, i can’t watch it anywhere. if we want to make women’s basketball more accessible, then make it more accessible. men’s sports get primetime spots and women get the leftovers. there’s not even any mention of women’s sports in other apps (cbs sports, etc.) and it’s the most frustrating thing, so i expected more from the wnba app. i get that the wnba has a smaller fanbase, but its not growing this way, either. now is the best time to showcase diversity! the prices for the league passes are great, especially when the alternative is to pay extra per month for cable subscriptions or hulu live. its a little too late now, but making games viewable to those who purchase league passes despite where the games air would open up the market a little bit for next year.
  • Continued poor performance, never improvements 2/5

    By seoul2seoul
    I appreciate the developer’s response. However, despite a couple of reinstallations of the app on my iPhone, it still won’t even open, so I’m just going to leave it uninstalled there. It’s now working on my iPad, but I’m currently only using it to check results and stats; I’m using League Pass online to view the games due to the trouble I’ve had with the app. In addition, the standings and information on player transactions are slow to be updated. I should be able to get this information via the WNBA app first as it’s dedicated solely to the WNBA. 2020: Since the last iPhone update, the app rarely opens. Furthermore, the same issues persist from the past few years. Why should I continue to pay for League Pass? Most of the games are blacked out this season anyway, and no one connected to running this app has ever responded to the issues I address. 2018: The same issues as always are occurring: I have to log back in multiple times during a game to watch the entire thing. No, I’m not “logged into another device” all of a sudden, and no, I didn’t suddenly stop becoming a subscriber mid-game. It’s too bad because I really enjoy watching women’s basketball and want to support the WNBA. 2017: I've taken away a star after yet another game with crappy video for well over half the game and two more times having to log out and back in again to have my League Pass subscription work. So much for enjoying the playoffs. Clearly, no one representing League Pass reads the reviews since these issues have been continuing for years. Original: I have to log out and back in frequently to be able to see games (this has been the case for the past three seasons), and the video quality has been even worse than usual lately. Interestingly, the commercials are all very clear. I'm considering not paying for a subscription next season if things don't improve.
  • This app is great 5/5

    By Ava baller 11
    The aces are going to win
  • Really disappointed 1/5

    By Deacon Broda
    I got this in hopes of watching good decent basketball, but it turned out to be just a bunch of women. One star.

    By TheyCallMeXaddy
  • Disappointed 2/5

    By Thruegrace
    Too many blackout games. I would think the WNBA would want to encourage fans to pay to watch however they can to see the games, team(s), player(s), they want to follow. For what I purchased, I’m dissatisfied... I would love to see all the games and follow the players I enjoy but I cannot afford to pay for several services in order to do so.
  • App with some minor issues 3/5

    By WashingtonMD
    Able to watch games, which is the most important thing, but some longstanding problems. Tried to watch the short video highlights today and get common error message of “there was an error fetching the data. Please try again later.” Im a paid subscriber and have no bandwidth issue as Im able to watch games but occasional bugs (e.g., logging me out saying I have the app running on multiple devices when I don't).
  • i love it 5/5

    By Frankyg9876
    keeps me up to date
  • Don’t purchase team pass 1/5

    By cherylsgirl
    I wouldn’t recommend getting just a team pass if the team you watch is local. I paid for the Mercury team pass and have been able to watch one of 6 games on the app because the others have been blacked out Total waste of money. It does show you good highlights and lets you look at stats. That’s the only thing I would recommend it for.
  • Used to be great, now, not so much 1/5

    By AnybodyUSA2015
    I’ve had this app since it first came out. I used to love it. Now it frustrates the crap out of me. Freezes, re-starts, freezes again, kicks me out at haft-time. Change of complaint: now I just got kicked off in the middle of the first quarter, after it froze, played a few seconds, then froze again. Repeat. WOW. And please stop the broadcasters from constantly saying you can watch ALL the games live on this app. It’s a lie.
  • Unable to watch 2/5

    By lshad24
    Unable to watch all games on demand as advertised. Trying to watch the Seattle Storm vs LA Sparks and it’s not available in my area. WNBA cannot advwrtise yhat a subscriber can watch all games on demand if all games are not available. If the games are going to be carried on CBS SN instead, Why would a fan pay for the WNBA app rather than CBS Sports network? Disappointing.
  • great app great game 5/5

    By becccc3
    no prob w the app, glad to have one app w all news WNBA 👍🏼 10/10
  • 😂 1/5

    By Im The One and only me
    The nba is better and idk why this is a app
  • Love it 5/5

    By letsgoooo25
    Gives all the scores, highlights, and game times.
  • Needs more improvement 2/5

    By H&HKoshare
    I love the WNBA and want to support them as much as possible. I was excited to see that I can sign up and watch my favorite team play since I don’t live in the area. However, it is so frustrating to be watching the game and it either freezes, poor resolution, or repeats itself over and over the same frames about four to six times before it moves on. Yes, I also had the same problem stating that I don’t have a subscription, yet, I have to sign in again to start all over. Please Developer, work on this app to make it better so we can enjoy watching our favorite players and teams.
  • Keeps resetting 3/5

    By PigletRider
    I’ve used this app from the beginning. Half way through the game it just kicks you out (iPhone 7, latest iOS). The popup says you don’t have a subscription. Why?????? The rest of the app says you do. So you have to log out and log back in. If it were just this, no biggie. But now you can’t remember where in the game you got kicked out. So you spend the next 5 minutes fishing for that spot, hoping not to overshoot it. This has been an issue FROM THE BEGINNING! How hard can it be to isolate and fix this after all these years. Or, if this bug is just too challenging, insert a bookmark BEFORE you decide I don’t have a subscription and kick me out. Or pause the video so I can note where I’m at. Something... You loose 1 star for the issue and a 2nd star for not fixing this (or adding a bookmark or pausing) after all these years. Video is excellent, much better than in previous years.
  • Screen Locked 1/5

    By Chief Bob T
    After watching games on Sunday via google chrome and casting to my tv, I am now unable to open my WNBA app. My tv is not currently on casting but still no app. My screen is locked and screen no longer responds to touch. What has happened. I even tried deleting the app and reinstalling, still locked on WNBA logo. Help!
  • Awful 1/5

    By AnnoyedinMN2
    I have to re-sign in multiple times per game because I am continually logged out. It makes trying to watch a game very frustrating. I have never used such a consistently unreliable App.
  • The WNBA deserves better 1/5

    By arios09
    This app is appsolute crap. League pass crashes all the time, you have to restore your subscription every time you take a piss, the app is not intuitive, clean, or pretty. The athletes and fans of the WNBA deserve something on par with the ESPN app. It’s a shame.
  • Does not work 1/5

    By badnews2345
    I paid for a game pass and cannot access the game. The app will not create an account and will not let me access the game I purchased until I have an account. I’m stuck in a loop and out the money I already paid. Do not try to use this app or you will lose money also.
  • Roku 3/5

    By cparker04
    Can someone please add Roku to devices offering WNBA league pass!!!
  • Needs to improve 2/5

    By fan cat
    We love watching the WNBA games but this app needs improvement. It is difficult to sign in. If we have purchased the app for the year, why do we continuously have to sign in each time we want to watch a game? Can’t be used on more than one device at a time. Why can’t we have multiple games on different devices. Not a fan of commercials but why can’t we listen to the announcers during the breaks?
  • No live feed???? 2/5

    By 👑🔱✨
    I just got this app, why am I asking to watch live and I’m seeing a game for the previous day?????
  • Can’t watch games 1/5

    By Cj2235
    I’ve seen 5he ads for boost headphones SEVERAL times but cannot watch a game. I only get the logo.
  • Don’t waste your money! I am an idiot for purchasing this garbage! 1/5

    By Bb1579
    Trying to get access to wnba games should be as simple as buying a pass from the wnba app? Wrong. I live in Montana. The closest professional team is a 10 hour drive from my home, yet I experience blackouts for every game that I want to watch. Shame on your greed! I just want to watch a live game with my wife and daughter.
  • Blackout Area 1/5

    By thunderstorm!
    I live in the NY area but I can’t seem to watch games from the west coast. App is a waste of money.
  • Pretty good but there is an issue 5/5

    By wlfpp
    5 stars for the WNBA 5 stars for league pass which is SO CHEAP it doesn’t even matter that there’s blackout dates. (But be warned that there are.) You can watch league pass on a computer/any device. You can watch and re-watch old games as much as you want, even blackout games. I love making clips and it’s very easy to do that with streaming games. 3-4 stars for the app: I love the info about players/teams/news and ability to watch prior games. HOWEVER there is a majorly annoying issue where the app forgets that you have league pass. You have to log out and back in for it to remember. This tends to happen to me when changing wireless networks. I have always been able to log back in and watch games, but at first it looks like it lost your subscription because you are logged in and it says you don’t have league pass. Pretty sure one of my friends became discouraged the first time this happened and never watched another game! That’s really bad news for getting new WNBA fans! Please fix this!!!!
  • I’m confused... 2/5

    By ProMeteorologistNow!!!
    So I am looking into WNBA league pass because my favorite college players were just drafted, but I am running into a few issues. First off, the app says that WNBA league pass is not available in my area, even though I live in New York. Then, when I click on my location, instead of asking me to use my location, it just spins around for a long time then says unable to locate. Wouldn’t it just be easier to just have the app ask me if it can use my location and work from there? I knew I lived in a small town, but I didn’t think it was that small, especially since no other app for mlb and nba has trouble identifying it. Now how am I suppose to watch the Indiana fever and Seattle storm games this season?
  • If you want to cut the cord, don’t get WNBA league pass 1/5

    By Acmephot
    I had purchased the WNBA league pass with the idea that I could watch the whole season, and the playoffs. I have cut the cord, from cable and satellite TV providers. This makes the league pass almost useless. Regular season games are hit and miss, depending on what network the game is playing on. The playoffs, are on the ESPN net work, and are part of the blackouts if you don’t have cable or satellite. This is not mentioned in the blackout definition, provided by the WNBA league pass. I would not waste your money on this app. One star, only because you can’t send a review without putting up at least one star.
  • Unable to open app 2/5

    By abdjjfhssodhbwkd
    As of late, consistently unable to open the app. Stays loading with the logo until I close the app. Very unfortunate because i am always on the go and like to have UTD information on the league.
  • Was a very good app 1/5

    By Izzman33333
    When you could buy a league pass and watch every game. Should be called Half the season pass. So madd
  • Local Blackouts 2/5

    By econ22
    It continues to amaze and anger me that games In Atlanta (about 4 hrs away) are blacked out in Knoxville. The screen says to check local listings to see where the game is being shown. It is not on Xfinity here, even though it is listed on the Guide as being on the NBAtv channel. Somehow between NBAtv, the WNBA, and Xfinity I should be able to view the telecast. I pay mucho bucks to both the cable folks and the League to get to see as many games as possible and my enthusiasm for the sport wanes every time I expect to be able to see a game only to find it’s not available “due to contract restrictions.” If you expect the League to grow, find a way to make telecasts available to those of us who don’t live in the same city as the team.
  • App much improved 4/5

    By poobard
    I’ve watched three games without any problems. Hopefully this means they have a handle on the various issues.
  • Far too many black out dates!!! 2/5

    By Lakeview61
    Why pay for games you can’t watch?
  • Issues 3/5

    By Trudynot
    I have had this app for years and love the content but it freezes all the time. It’s worse this year. I can’t watch videos or live games. And when the videos do play, the image is poor, like they can’t focus.