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Wonolo App

Wonolo Wonolo is your platform to Work. Now. Locally. Wonolo connects you with immediate hourly or daily jobs from the world’s biggest and best brands, allowing you to work where you want, when you want, for whomever you want. You have the ultimate flexibility to work real jobs close to you around your schedule. When you are ready to work, just open the app, and we will send you notifications of great new jobs in your area. If the job is right for you, accept it. No interview, no resume. One click, and it's yours! Finish the job, get a rating, and get paid. The higher your rating, the more jobs you will receive. Work now. Get Paid. Live your life on your terms. As Wonoloer Ollie shares, “Wonolo has been a lifesaver. It's not every day you come by work that fits your own schedule when you are chasing your own entrepreneurial dreams, but Wonolo actually delivers just that.” Adds Wonoloer Alex, “You guys have literally freed me of financial burden and made my life so much more enjoyable.” Wonoloer Shannon says, "I started with Wonolo last February and my life hasn’t been the same since. Before I found Wonolo, I spent many years looking for a job that fits into my life, not one that my life has to fit into. Now with Wonolo, I get to choose my schedule and I get to choose who I work for... I recommend Wonolo to anyone looking to make some extra money or an income. I love the different opportunities Wonolo offers as far as jobs. Thanks again Wonolo for making my life easier and allowing me to live it how I want." For more information about Wonolo, visit wonolo.com. Contact us anytime at [email protected] We’d love to hear from you.

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Wonolo app reviews

  • Horrible support for people using the app. 1/5

    By **sampson**
    Impossible to get a response from anyone here. Be very careful working any extra hours. You won’t get paid for them. They place a breach no show on your account when the app clearly shows you clocked in, and out that day, along with your location. I’ve sent 4 emails and just keep getting auto replies saying they’ve received my email. They evidently need more people working there who actually resolve issues. Maybe the Labor Board can help?
  • Not worth it 1/5

    By Brad Snider
    App is useless
  • Not worth it 2/5

    By Beseeched95
    Good if you need quick money, but it’s mostly delivering groceries. Before signing up, they say they offer jobs at retail stores and events... but after you go through the background check and everything, just delivery jobs are displayed. Super disappointed.
  • Waste Of Time 1/5

    By Trvp98
    If you have a background or just anything pending don’t waste your time!!! They waited til the day of my job to cancel the job than tell me I couldn’t work!!! I really needed the job at the moment !! Lack of Communication !!! Don’t recommend
  • You need better support 2/5

    By BlvckZarbon
    I’ve been with Wonolo for a while. I always have a problem because either the job or Wonolo people don’t know what they’re doing. When I first started I was forced to take all continuous days of a job. Now you don’t have to I got negatively effected for that—thanks- On the 4th of July I took a job and for some reason got no service at all there. I couldn't clock in or out on the app. When I got out from working 1-9pm I did so. The next day Wonolo marked me as a no show and restricted me from the app. I’m still not sure if I’m getting paid and I’ll now think twice about using this app till they actually get a better team and actually check someone did a job instead of going by the app.
  • No Jobs 1/5

    By DarnellOG
    In San Antonio the only job available consistently is Six Flags. $67 for 8-9 hour shift. Which boils down to $7.40 an hour. This app is a joke. Needs major improvements. They also respond to your concerns claiming they are trying to improve. Nothing has improved since January. App is going downhill save yourself the time.
  • After Wonlo (cut ) way below minimum wage 1/5

    By Sook914
    Most of jobs are factory jobs in new jersey / Pennsylvania.. most jobs pay under$14.85 hr and you have to give wonloo there cut which is called ( safety fee) ., You also still hAve to file this for your taxes end of year .. If you like busting your butt for $12 a hr go for it
  • I cant sign up 1/5

    By Blubberscotch
    When I tried to sign up it says that my phone number is already in use but I’ve never signed up before. there’s no way for me to update any info because i cant create an account and there is no phone number to contact support.
  • Scam 5/5

    By Blahblah 5
    Wonolo allowed a employer to lie on me because I did an extra 2 hrs and 30 mins on the job. I had gotten a bad route at 4am in the dark /hills delivering food. Spent 50 dollars on gas. Oh but wait the employer said it took me long because I took several brakes. And Wonolo took their word over mines. I asked them to prove it to me. Nothing yet.
  • Great potential, horrible understanding 1/5

    By Azilliondollas
    The administrators and owners of this app need to do better at arbitrating for their workers with the amount of prejudices and discrimination that gets us workers restricted because of their own interpersonal issues. I've been giving bad reviews and restricted because of these petty bigots giving falsified ratings! I'm homeless and without transportation and I've commuted far just to be mistreated like this. I've been withheld from earning badges because of this. I'm missing out on bonuses because of this. I've stopped using this app for months because of this and returned to it continuously occurring still! I'm a hard worker and I refuse to allow a racist company to destroy my opportunity at finding work
  • They need better communication 2/5

    By dhuvhgf
    I signed up for Wonolo two and a half weeks ago. I followed all of the guidelines; I took the quiz, I gave my banking information, and I uploaded my ID for the background. For some reason it keeps telling me that my ID still needs to be done and my bank account needs verification. I’ve done it about 5/6 times. I was supposed to work my first job today, but it was canceled due to my incomplete background. I contacted support, which is a rabbit trail, because 1. You can only reach them through email and 2. You never get the same person. It’s frustrating because I really wanted to use this for income. But while looking for reviews, I discovered that their lack of organization is common.
  • Suggestions 1/5

    By JohnJohn1735
    I live in New York City. I shouldn’t be sent jobs that are all the way in Maryland. That makes no sense. Then you have to delete each and every job. When you say you have no interest in a job it shouldn’t pop back up later with a different date. Why send feedback if you continue to send the same job. An email shouldn’t be the only way to communicate any problems. The email responses seem so generic that is not funny. When you delete the jobs that are out of your area. There really isn’t any work thru this app. Most of the jobs are in NJ where minimum wage is lower and you have to pay for transportation to get there and back. Besides paying NYC transportation. Take all that into account and you make way below minimum wage.
  • Comments 5/5

    By Ritare0610
    Very convenient, pays within a reasonable amount of days
  • It’s fine 2/5

    By Kenisha07
    The app has helped get money, but there aren’t enough jobs close to me and it won’t let me take the quiz to get my GMP badge.
  • Connect 5/5

    By birdmalta35
    These people are with us...straight, proper, community. Thanks for hiring me.
  • Easy job 5/5

    By acareyhall33
    Easy job laid back cool coworkers and manager love the environment coming back every week
  • Where Is MY MONEY 1/5

    By Angry asffff
    Went to a job for Seko and I started job yet after the job was completed they put me down as no show as if it was even possible based on the fact that I drove over 45 minutes to get there and was able to start job I lost over $700 of income do to being blacklisted on app for a no show that never happened and as well as losing $128 for the job I did don’t recommend this app at all very unprofessional and disappointed because I lost money in the end.
  • Reliable Jobs 5/5

    By SweetTruth
    Reliable Jobs Available
  • Unfair 1/5

    By itsyaboijaheem
    The background check takes months , I’ve redownloaded the app and it still hasn’t cleared. I just wanna work and every day I’m constantly getting a notification about a job . This has to be fixed
  • App has potential 3/5

    By rsls101
    The app looks simple to use. Great tool. However, I don’t think enough employers know about it yet. At least in my area (Southern California), there is never any small gigs available. In the East Coast there is. Would be helpful if we saw more activity on the west coast. Uninstalled
  • Waste of Time 2/5

    By MattyJ619
    I downloaded the app to check out the jobs that were available on this app to make a little extra on the side from my day job. Every time I search for nearby jobs (usually only 1, maybe 2 jobs pop up in San Diego through LA) I only get jobs that have already passed. I thought this was a coincidence the first couple of times I searched but it’s every job I click on.. if the job already passed its deadline, why is it listed as an option? Between the scarcity of jobs and not being able to find a job that hasn’t already passed, I don’t think I’ll be using this app.
  • Not available 1/5

    By Jumble juice
    This app has only few job in the whole United States don’t waste your time but you might get luck
  • WoHELLNOlo 1/5

    By 253 Big L
    So I’ve been on this app looking at jobs and there seems to be no way for a skilled laborer to find something that utilizes your technical skills or experience. There are currently only two offers in my area and after paying the WoNoLo “safety fees” you are still on the hook to take care of your own L&I, Social Security, federal and local tax obligations while getting paid less than prevailing wage and in some cases less than our local minimum wages in wa state. I will continue to use this app to see if there is anything worthwhile for someone like me, but for teenager in HS this might be good for a summer fling, although I was making more in high school cutting grass than any job I’ve seen posted on this app pays. It’s pretty pathetic and opportunities are limited. Any of the local temp agencies where I live (labor ready, laborworx, etc..) will surely provide you with better opportunities. Go ahead and download this app, give it a whirl, why not? I did... and wasn’t even going to write this review until after not accepting any of their slave wage positions somebody from wonolo called me totally unsolicited with a bunch of apologies and excuses, then this morning I’ve received a bunch of alerts for the two slave wage jobs in my area. Disgusting. I will continue to monitor the app and will update if it ever improves. I highly doubt it will, just another way to get poorer people to show up while others make money off of them. Sad. *UPDATE *I also see that a bunch of positive 5 star reviews on here were clearly written by bots... I am not a bit. *UPDATE* I’ve received at least five alerts this morning for the same job offering less compensation than the local minimum wage in the last five hours. It’s really annoying. *UPDATE* 6-15-2019 Still several annoying alerts for the two jobs in the greater Seattle are that pay less than half of an actual livable wage. Garbage app for garbage opportunities to get paid less than a garbage man.
  • Didn’t get paid 1/5

    By Nay&Jay
    I work for Wonolo and today was supposed to be the date I got paid and I still haven’t received my paycheck there’s no phone number to call and no one has responded to my emails I’m very upset and angry that I haven’t received my money for the work I have done
  • Could use a pay bump 3/5

    By TheSpyyder
    It’s about 5-10/hour lower than other gigs but it’s above minimum wage.
  • Confusing app 1/5

    By bluespectacles
    I spent a lot of time creating my profile, and I was disappointed because when you accept a job it disappears from the feed and you can’t view the instructions on how to get there, etc. Nor does it appear on ‘My jobs’ tab. I am supposed to show up tomorrow at 6 am and I have no idea where to go. I have emailed support twice and have received no response. They also promised a follow-up email once you are confirmed on a job and I still haven’t received it. Don’t waste your time!

    By glb5311995
    I love Wonolo! There’s simply no easier way to find temporary work in the Bay Area. However, there NEEDS to be a way to block certain notifications from companies you’re not interested in. Tired of getting multiple notifications from certain employers that I’ll never accept. At the very least I should be able to create a radius so I’m only notified of jobs within 30 miles of me. Ridiculous to get notifications from companies 100 miles away.
  • Exciting and New!!!! 5/5

    By Bernfurr
    This is such a fun way to make decent money! I live in a smaller region and still can make a decent amount of money per week. My experience with Wonolo, their staff, support, and the app in general has been amazing and so helpful! I definitely recommend this app to anyone look for gig opportunities!
  • Temp Work 5/5

    By John "Doug" Plemons
    An excellent platform for individuals between jobs who can’t afford to be unemployed for very long. Or for students who need flexible schedules and no commitments. It’s also a great way to earn some extra cash if you are already employed. It’s actually quite genius and the app is incredibly easy to use which is another mark of genius. Thank You Wonolo..
  • Fast pay 5/5

    By meks32
    Be a bit faster when paying people. I thought it was a daily pay place....but other then that love the app
  • Bad reviews 1/5

    By KenyaLin
    Wonolo will suspend your account for a 3 star review. I worked 2 days at the same location. Got a 3 star for the first day, in which I had to help the lead because she didn't know alot of the rules and I had been working this gig for several weeks thru Wonolo and knew exactly what to do. The next day I got a 5 star review from the lead that always been there. Wonolo suspended my account, stating I got a bad review for one of the days, but yet the lead keeps asking my friends and family where am I and why haven't I been back. They told them Wonolo doesn't send this job offer to me any more because of a bad review. The lead said he knows for a fact that I got 5 star reviews for both days because he did the reviews for BOTH days🤔.....which sounds about right. I even had to help the employees that's hired thru the company, so I'm pretty sure they wouldn't give me a bad review after all I've don't for this company. Uuuuuugggggghhhhh😢
  • Waste of Time 1/5

    By Itsmymoney
    I’m new to the app & this process. I completed every step that was required. When searching for “Nearby Jobs” I’m given jobs 148 miles away from me for $58.50. The same jobs appear every day yet when I inquire about the job, the posting says job expired or passed. Ok so why are the expired jobs still listed? Before I can accept a job my background check has to be ran. I came across one potential job which was for the VERY next day. I didn’t bother bc how can a check be ran well within the 12hr period allotted to withdraw?! Which would then be a derogatory notation for me.
  • Already being spammed 1/5

    By babyrockstarkb
    Both via email and via text, less than 2 hours after setting up an account - 14 texts and 6 emails. Uhm no. And now you want to verify my identity? Why wasn’t this done when I created the account? AND NOW I CANNOT DELETE MY OWN ACCOUNT - I had to submit an email request and now have to wait for someone to respond. Stupidest thing ever. I’ll stick to other forms of social media for side jobs. This is ridiculous.
  • Wonolo has helped me provide for my family and make some extra cash!!! 5/5

    By mulaladen
  • No jobs 1/5

    By college football player
    Where the jobs at the “nearby” jobs are a whole state away in sc in the same location They make you sign up by promoting all this fake jobs like Coca Cola and so but then they disappear once you make you account
  • Cool! 5/5

    By ANCjm
    Not a bad app. Me and my hf have made about 9k extra with wonolo sonce January
  • This app in the future will compete with indeed & etc 5/5

    By zoeDollar$
    Great app, for self employ, someone that’s lay off or just in between jobs, this is an outstanding app.
  • Scam 1/5

    By Biteme2025
    Don’t bother downloading this app it’s all a scam. I don’t see why I worked 14 hours and I’m still waiting for a one day check that never showed up
  • Disappointed 😢😢😢😢 2/5

    By michelob1987
    Whenever I try to accept job offers, it keeps buffering and I’m not happy with that. I’ve tried restarting the app and phone but to no prevail. Please get this fixed
  • Good way to find temp work. 5/5

    By King Cyrus III
    They pay on time with no issues. They’re a little strict with the five star rating but then again I need something to keep me in check. :)
  • Best job app ever 5/5

    By a shmulie
    I love it I really love it
  • Scam 1/5

    By Adam marko B
    This is a scam I’m from LA I drove all the way to Oceanside CA a 2 hr drive I was promised $100 Wonolo take out 5.45$ I understand but when it was time for me to get paid they paid me 0.01 this is a scam I regret doing this I wasted so much gas and time I worked 8 hours straight just to get paid a penny and the other problem is you can talk to any customer service representative because they don’t have any instead the want you to email them and they won’t get back to you until 5-6 days later.
  • Money 5/5

    By PACMANE19
    Money on your own time...👌money money money
  • No jobs 1/5

    By Jae_dunn thats my snapchat
    There are absolutely no jobs in the Philadelphia area, none no matter how many times you search or refresh the app.
  • Real jobs real money at YOUR CONVENIENCE 5/5

    By LanjanMarie
    This app is legit..when I say legit I mean it’s grrrrrreeeeaaaat...
  • Craigslist needed an app like this to scam us more 1/5

    By Mix Tabal Bouda-Lycaon
    Hey all! Let me give an honest critical review about this junk app; its not worth your time. First off, you aren’t able to review the companies you’ve been fired from. Second, they will fire you and underpay you in wordy contracts, that include the tip that you wont receive, in the pay. Third, Wonolo will make you sit through multiple scripted seminars where the host wont know what you’re talking about and you’ll likely fail their retarded 9-question test with retarded multiple choices that will make you choose the wrong one because thats how bad this test is. Recommendation: let everyone vote on their bosses: somwhow their ratings are 4.8 while they smoke weed and talk trash to us, making us work, and penalizing us in pay and account restrictions Make an option for a help button; as these guys get shady as hell at site, unsafe, and violent Your scripted seminar was EXTREMELY offensive as you mocked people asking for an ambulance instead of withdrawing from a wonolo job. Your company has fired people for incurring multiple breaches on a batch job simply because they were minutes late. No one reaches out to these people. Youre losing your workforce because youre a dumb company that wont listen to me ever Fyi ive been working fieldnation, onforce, workmarket, etc without issue for 6years You are the worst.
  • Wonolo Support 1/5

    By tone_the_bandet
    The Wonolo team support does nothing but play ring around the Rosie with answers. There is no one to call. This is just a big waste of time.
  • The best site ever 5/5

    By poohpoohnunu
    I signed up it was easy and fast and now I’m making a steady incom thanks to wonolo and goodeggs
  • Lack of variety 3/5

    By shante615
    A lot of jobs but not enough administrative.

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