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Woodforest Mobile Banking

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  • Current Version: 8.9.8
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  • Developer: Woodforest National Bank
  • Compatibility: Android
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Woodforest Mobile Banking App

Do your Woodforest banking from your mobile device. Manage your accounts, make deposits, find branch locations and ATMs, and more – 24x7. The Woodforest Mobile Banking app provides the following features: • SECURITY – Easily sign on using your existing Woodforest Online Banking username and password. • ACCOUNT INFORMATION – Check account activity and available balances. • BILL PAY – Schedule and pay bills from your device. • MOBILE DEPOSIT – Conveniently deposit checks with your device anytime, anywhere. • TRANSFER FUNDS – Transfer money between your Woodforest accounts. • FIND LOCATIONS – Quickly and easily locate nearby branches and ATMs. View a map and get step-by-step directions from your current location. View branch hours to find a location open when you need it, including one of our several 24-hour locations. • CONTACT US – Access contact information for general inquiries, account information, or to report a lost or stolen card. • WESTERN UNION – Send money across the globe or into another’s Woodforest account. • APPLY FOR A LOAN – Start the loan application process from your device. • MANAGE DEBIT CARDS – Turn your debit cards on/off, restrict transactions, and set transaction limits. • VIEW STATEMENTS – View your current and previous statements within the app. • FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS – Quickly answer your mobile banking questions. • PRIVACY POLICY – Learn how we use state-of-the-art technology to protect you. Woodforest Mobile Banking is free to download, but data charges from your cellular service provider may apply. Woodforest National Bank is not responsible for service outages that might affect your device or internet provider, technology failures, or device capacity limits. Additionally, account activity and history may not reflect recent expenditures. © 2019 Woodforest National Bank Member FDIC l Equal Housing Lender

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Woodforest Mobile Banking app reviews

  • SO SLOW 1/5

    By Cmed9
    I tried installing and uninstalling the app, but it still works so slow! It times out every time just by signing in. If I have the time and let it go about 3 minutes to login, it does the same thing when I click on an account to view. PLEASE invest in better software, Woodforesf!!
  • No notifications 1/5

    By Cmon woodforest
    I find it really inconvenient that the app doesn’t allow an alert option for every time a purchase is made, I’m a busy person and forget to check every statement personally and when I do sure enough there’s electronic theft and I have to call. Please work on that
  • Mobile Deposit🤔 2/5

    By Bronzeleganc
    I don’t know what happened but I am unable to deposit checks using mobile banking. There is no Woodforest Bank in my town. I have contacted support but no resolution to the problem.
  • No Alerts 1/5

    By Vonn022
    There’s no option in the app that allows you to sign up for text alerts or notifications. I looked and it’s just not there. It won’t notify me when I get a direct deposit or what my balance is after each use. I have to actually log in every time to keep track of everything. need alerts would like to know when I get paid
  • Bad Deposit Feature 3/5

    By anissalovesedward
    I’ve used this app for a good while now and just recently started having to use the deposit feature. I’ve tried uploading photos of my check over 40 times now and it keeps getting denied. Called customer service and they were incapable of listening/understanding me. All four corners are present, dark background present, endorsement present, so why does it keep getting denied? Considering switching banks because living in a state without a Woodforest bank has been a living nightmare (can’t trust this app to work properly).
  • Ugh 1/5

    By Juss1me
    I deleted the app by mistake. Now it only shows a white square. I searched back in the App Store to download, and it says “open” instead of “Get.” How do I fix this? Better yet, can you developers fix this!!!!
  • Lied to and now I can’t pay my employees 1/5

    By 1seanresnick
    Yesterday I went into the silber rd. location to deposit a check I have received from a customer. I was told by the man behind the counter that my check would have to be approved by the bank manager. He took it to the back and did so. I asked the man when the funds would be available, to which he replied most likely a few hours but no more than 24 hours. I would not have deposited this check if the phones would not have been available to me soon. I now am being made aware of the fact that my check was put on hold until the 16th. I spoke with the customer service representative yesterday and they never told me anything about this. She told me that my phones could take up to 24 hours to get into the account. She never told me about anything pertaining to a hold. I’m positive it was probably right there on my account but she lied to me. The information would have been available to her last night. I waited until 119 today which is exactly 24 hours from the moment I deposited the check and called customer service. They then informed me that my check was on hold and that there was nothing that they could do about it. I would have to contact the bank manager where I deposited the check. Well he is not working Today. So the person who on the phone at the bank told me that there is nothing that he can do about it. So in summary there is nothing you can do to help me but you can arbitrarily place my phones on hold and give me no excuse after lying to me about when the funds would be available. Sounds like just another lie.The lady who wrote me the check has more than enough money in her account to cover the check(I checked). So there is no reason (new customer or not) why there should be any reason to put a hold on the check. There is no reason to suspect that I am stealing any money or that the money is not in the bank account of the person who wrote the check. Why is my money not available to me right now? Sent from my iPhone
  • Won’t send me text verification 4/5

    By Tia_Hawkins
    I usually have no problems with this app. But recently I got a new phone and downloaded the app and it asked for text verification. I never got the text messages and I tried multiple times. But It’s the same with the website too. Neither is working for me right now and it’s very inconvenient.
  • Woodforest’s Mobile app. 5/5

    By dickme once
    Has never not given me the info I need. Continued improvement of features.
  • Best bank ever 5/5

    I get paid on Thursdays but The money hits my account Tuesday morning
  • App doesn’t work 1/5

    By iLa682
    I’m not sure why but it won’t work on my iPhone XS MAX. I’ve been banking with Woodforest for 2 months and in 2 months the app doesn’t work. It won’t even let me log in or anything.
  • ??? 1/5

    By PJ77384
    This app used to be very useful but it will not let me log into my account and when I try to reset the password the link never shows up in my email! Woodforest banking has been the worst bank I’ve ever used! Epic fail and would give zero stars if that was possible! Horrible app and even worse banking.
  • Update Feature 3/5

    By Chris3545466
    Add Something That Gives Us A Notification On When We Purchase An Item
  • This App is awful 1/5

    By belowsw know
    This app never works! There is almost always a system error and it goes on all day. Don't bother. And now I have to put a nickname just to be able to post this and if someone else has it you can't use it. Get a grip Woodforest!!!!! Hmmmm looks like they don't want me to post.
  • App won’t install 1/5

    By Breannadk
    The app worked just fine before and now all the sudden it tries to update and would not update and it’s stuck won’t install
  • Password recovery. 1/5

    By lala2316
    I haven’t been able to log into my account and it is impossible to get anyone on the phone. There’s no option to recover your password online.
  • System error 3/5

    By chelleg413
    I used to love the app, but lately I get continuous system error unhandled exception that won’t let me use the app and the mobile deposit can be a pain to use. I often have to retake pics because it says I have 2 pics of the front of the check. I also wish business accounts had higher monthly deposit max.
  • No access to money 1/5

    By Alexkamaal
    The app and online has crashed. I cannot log into my account or transfer funds. I was told to call back in 30 minutes and now I can't even pay for my reservation. So unprofessional
  • Online banking 4/5

    By georgefirst
    I’ve always used facial recognition but now it doesn’t work. And I don’t remember my password. What do I do?
  • Marcus 1/5

    By okjkdf
    Love Woodforest but the app is trash. It takes literally 20 minutes for my accounts to load in anytime I open the app.

    By ayecece2002
    I recently opened a checking account with them (MY FIRST EVER BANK ACCOUNT) and couldn’t be more happy. The staff at my local branch are very welcoming and friendly. The app works great, I love how I can turn off my debit card with the click of one button - while other banks don’t even have that option available. 5 stars ⭐️
  • Help with logging in 5/5

    By grubbs19965
    How do I log in on the app?
  • Authenticator 1/5

    By crystalbug07
    I loved having my account balance in hand but recently when I try to log in it tells me I need a number from an authenticator I have no idea why it’s saying this.
  • Please update !!!! 2/5

    By Shdhdhdeh
    Need new update - can’t access unless I’m connected to WiFi - been going on for 2 months
  • Authentication 2/5

    By Saint DC $ bangalee
    Can I add my phone number for a text message authentication if I download the app???
  • Mobile Deposit 2/5

    By rmenlow
    I have been using the Woodforest app for about 6 years. It has been fantastic, until the new IOS update came out. Woodforest failed to keep their app up to date and fix any bugs that may occur, so naturally the app has become extremely buggy. The mobile deposit has become so glitchy, I’ve had to delete and redownload the app several times because it wouldn’t even let me click to take pictures of my checks. The last time I redownloaded the app, it sent each of my mobile deposits through multiple times. As someone who heavily relies on mobile deposits, if this is not fixed I will be switching banks. I think it is also worth noting that I have sent an email to the Woodforest support about this matter and never received a response.
  • It’s okay but broken. 2/5

    By Broken Experience
    Whenever it works, I have no issue with the app. I forgot my password and tried to reset it, but couldn’t get it to work. Called Customer Service and was unfortunately never able to receive my email about my password. Now I can’t even log in with Touch ID so I’m pretty much screwed as far as online banking goes.
  • Online banking 2/5

    By erinheb
    I used to get into my account using the online banking but now I can’t even get into it. I called customer service and they asked me what was the last 3 transactions on my account. What does that have to do with getting into my account? I had security questions set up for a reason so I don’t have to run into this problem. Im about to switch to another bank.
  • Touch ID 1/5

    By esprnza
    Touch ID keeps disabling itself.
  • So far so good 5/5

    By Longtime Woodforest Customer
    I get paid from different source which can sometimes trigger a delay in the funds clearing, that combined with the number of checks I write to people who sometimes sit on them makes me often second guess my account balance. I find it super convenient to open the app and log on with just a fingerprint and instantly be able to see up to the minute account activity. I haven’t tried the mobile deposit yet, so hopefully they’ve got all the bugs worked out.
  • Seriously???? 1/5

    By Greg Mount
    This app worked great in the beginning. Now for some reason I keep getting “Region Blocked” error messages every time I do anything mobile, or app. The ONLY way I can access my account is by the telephone number!! I have called them 4 times about this and evidently none of them are intelligent enough to figure out how I’m blocked in a region where I have lived and have been accessing my account for 4 years until now!! They claim the “reset” everything on their end and that there are no restrictions. However, if I drive across town, it works! How stupid is that!? Why can’t someone with half a brain figure out how “Region Blocked” was ever written into the code, why it was written, and how to change that!? It’s not rocket science!!! Well...maybe it is to them.
  • Grrrr 3/5

    By jerm0725
    Loved the app until I got s new phone and now I can’t use it cause I don’t have an Authenticator number
  • Login info forgotten 2/5

    By aussies crochet corner
    I have forgotten my user is and password and there isn’t anywhere to find it. Where do you get help for that?
  • Poor app , fails a lot 1/5

    By Sugarred64
    Frequent errors and crashes. Most of the time I have to go to the website to Get into My account or to the bank branch to get many things done like transfers to other banks
  • Ok app, features and updates a bit slow 4/5

    By Fyrefang
    They been slowing rolling In features over the years and redesigned the interface awhile back Still would love to see push notifications for account activity like purchases and deposits. All my other financial apps have had this feature for awhile.
  • Not for iPad 2/5

    By Lane 87
    This app is not for iPad it doesn’t have landscape view.
  • Can’t access 1/5

    By hatefulrob
    Need help. I have a I phone 6 plus and it asks me to biometric verify and continues to ask will not accept my finger print
  • Idk what’s going on. 2/5

    By bdudbeheh
    I accidentally logged out when I got a new phone and now I can’t login because it says my password and username are incorrect. I reset my password twice and made sure the user name is right and it still will not let me login.
  • Problem with mobile deposit 3/5

    By CelebExpert
    I used mobile deposit. I hit submit twice, and it counted it as two deposit submissions to review. Didn’t know it at the time because it counted it as an error message, and told me to try again. When I checked my mobile deposit history, it said I cashed this check twice.
  • Password 1/5

    By MolbyDickyyy
    How do I change my password for online banking???
  • Creating an account 1/5

    By cssj8
    I don’t see where you can create a mobile account?
  • Cannot deposit a check 1/5

    By Grumpelstiltzkin
    I am unable to deposit a check using the app. I keep getting the message "Invalid Request The security token provided is not valid. Please restart the process." I don't know what I'm doing wrong, I've used this feature in the past but it is no longer allowing me to complete the process.
  • Mobile deposit 1/5

    By woodygoingtoChasebank
    Several months ago I started having issues with my mobile app on all my apple devices. I could no longer login without it asking for a code. The code never worked and then I would could random codes late at night that I didn’t ask for. My mom thinks Woodforest was hacked I am beginning to think that too. This last update made my option in menu on the regular site disappear which mean now I have to go all the way to the bank to make a deposit. I will be be switching banks now this is just not acceptable anymore I wish they would get their technical issue fixed.
  • Latest version is perfect 5/5

    By EricBinPA
    The app has been working perfect. Hopefully it’s good to go from here on!
  • App Does Not Open 1/5

    Please fix. I’m unable to us this app. It’s been a few months now and I have not been able to open app on my iPhone.
  • Crash crash crash 1/5

    By PAG 089
    Not working. Won’t load login screen. Will consider raising rating if glitch is fixed
  • Bad Bad Bad 1/5

    By Hayhay270
    Used to have no issue with app until past couple of days , haven’t been able to open app just keeps saying “unexpected error” which usually just means I need to update the app to the latest version. But my app is up to date , also tried calling using the toll free number to get my account info and they won’t accept my passcode which I know is correct , even online website says unexpected error when I use my info which has always been the same ! Have to go to atm or nearest bank to even check my account . Very annoying !!!
  • Mobile deposit just stop working 3/5

    By LindseySimo
    I used to love this app but out of nowhere, the mobile deposit stopped working for me. When I go to choose an account, nothing is there to choose. I recently closed one account and reopened another one and that’s when all the trouble started. I was able to deposit something once into the new account and now it no longer shows up. Maybe I am doing something wrong but I can’t figure it out. Not sure if anyone else is having the same issue. But if there is a way to fix this, I would appreciate any help.
  • Excellent 5/5

    By lizzym09
    For me is good managing multiple accounts I never had any problems good app

Woodforest Mobile Banking app comments

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