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Word Villas - Puzzle & Story App

Have you ever dreamed to say goodbye to the messy urban life and give yourself a long vacation? Orange town can satisfy all your expectations! Here, you can partner with family and friends to create a seaside holiday paradise Resort. In the new direction of finding a business - operating a resort, you will also marry your true love. -New playstyle Connect the letters, guess the words correctly, play the innovative vertical and horizontal puzzles, and the super difficult levels,Ready for the challenge? - Cool home decoration Tons of furniture choices, different style apartments, old holiday apartments will shine in your hands! - Nice town life A sea-filled town full of nature, more than 30 NPCs, different personal storyline, come and make friends with everyone! -Open the road of love Handsome beach boy, an elegant gentleman, or a gentle and affectionate boy next door? find your romantic partner. - Great souvenirs for tourist New branch line home design, rich and varied collection of tourist souvenirs, special room display, and even mysterious items waiting for you to discover!

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  • Too many glitches last 2 months 2/5

    By jssmi
    A few months ago i would have rated a solid four. My major issue at that time was that the grammar and verbiage in the English version is sloppy- translation needs to be better proof-read. Beginning in Dec 2019, the game has been poor. Select an option to see an ad to progress through a puzzle or get a hint and get error message saying no ads are available. The main story line has twice gone several weeks with no content available. Do not know if it is the “day” (have had issues at days 39 and 43) or the whole game but it is very frustrating. I enjoy the word puzzles themselves, but I have managed to solve 200 levels without new content! Will be switching to another Word series until this has been resolved.
  • Addictive - a bit annoying...I play anyway! 4/5

    By Pattipower
    The story line is a bit annoying but cute. You can’t really skip the whole conversation just the characters sentence. Some words I’ve never even heard of and real words are sometimes discounted. When I want to numb my brain rather than meditate, it’s a fix. My lunch hour relaxation!
  • Waiting 5/5

    By Sandee1053
    I finish level faster then the are added then have to wait. It’s addicting and I hate waiting
  • My most favorite and addicting game. 5/5

    By Hanleia01
    I have never been farther in game then this one. I love this game and am very addicted to it. I’ve read some other reviews about various issues with the game. I wanted to share that I have not had any of the issues I have read about. I’m in the 700 level range and have not run out of renovating to do. I think this game is great fun and a lot better than the match three games that plateau when you get to the harder levels. This game is so easy. The game did update for me but it was not a problem for me. I’m having more fun the further I get in the game.
  • Two words... 4/5

    By Monkeyboneluvsu
    Spell check
  • Could be fun with updates 2/5

    By Johnnydaring
    I like the word find aspect for this style of game as opposed to the candy crush-style shape-matching levels the other similar games utilize. However, the ads for this game are non-stop. I have to force-quit and restart the app after every level I beat to avoid having to sit through so many commercials. Worse, one ad had profanity all over it. Not this game’s fault; I doubt they knew the ad company would post a giant “F*ck this Sh*t” coloring book design in their ad space. But my kid was watching and helping me with the word find when this message jumped up. Not a good look. Lastly, the programming is extremely sub par. The design features don’t align with the other objects. They frequently overlap and look ridiculous. The hedges are sloppily placed squares with unseemly gaps (unlike those in Gardenscapes). Even many of the design options are just tacky. There are also occasional typos (translation errors?). This game was designed in a rush, and meant to make money through a wilderness of ads instead of making a game where players would opt to pay the occasional few dollars to enhance the quality. The ads end up just clogging up the gameplay and frustrating everyone.
  • Crashes a LOT 1/5

    By LuxurieMonroe
    It won’t even fully load on my phone anymore on WiFi or data.
  • The game is redundant. 3/5

    By MsNyaNomi
    I like the story line and many of the decorations. I even like the cute outfits that I can win for Rachel. I just wish they actually come with the hairstyle they’re presented with. My actual issue with the game is that it’s accepted names and even “obsolete spelling” of some words while ignoring the existence of actual words.
  • Terrible update 2/5

    By warrenb323
    I really enjoyed this game when I first got it. Fun and cute story line! However, with this new update I had lost every bit of my data. Even though I saved all of it onto my Facebook, I can’t log back into my Facebook now. Every time I try to log in, it says “couldn’t retrieve data”. It’s really disappointing because I truly enjoyed this game.
  • Fun but way to many ads 4/5

    By AbbaDabsMomma
    I understand the whole thing behind showing ads, but this game has went way overboard with it. It would be one of my favorite games if it wasn’t for that.
  • Glitch 1/5

    By lovecake56709
    Every time I try to play the game it turns black then it logs me out again and again please fix this app .Answer me if you can .
  • Was a good game then.... 2/5

    By Dustbunniey
    This was a really fun game once you get past all of the ads. Storyline was ok, I was here for the puzzles. Did update a few days ago and now I can’t open, it just crashes instantly. I tried to email developers via App Store but my email was bounced back. I guess time to delete and find another fun game. Too bad, it’s was fun while it lasted. 2 stars for the fun I had while it was working
  • Relaxing but no more 1/5

    By Moody Aries
    Was going to give the game a 5 stars but not no more! Very disappointed that it was upgraded I lost everything all my achievements so upset I was on level 954!!! Every room I ever did is gone, I’m so upset.
  • BATHROOM! 5/5

    By Meh._.wierd
    I’m really addicted to this game BUT WHERES THE BATHROOM!
  • Decent game 3/5

    By Sburwell
    This game is pretty fun at first. I like that to earn stars you play a word game. The decor options are great and I like the furniture. However, I have a few complaints. I don’t like at a certain point the game becomes more of a story line than decorating. I would much rather earn stars to spend on decorating than chit chat about things during the game that I don’t find that interesting. For instance, the whole Rachel’s dad and Betty’s mom mystery. I also wish there was maybe another type of word game to earn stars. Like maybe a word search or a crossword? It’s weird to me to that some words are not accepted and you lose your streak but other words that I’ve never even heard of or use are answers. I’m also wondering if I’m ever going to be able to change the flooring and wallpaper in the entrance hallway? Considering the first thing you do in the house is change that rug.
  • Too many commercials 1/5

    By tiny wench
    I spent more time (not) watching the commercials than playing this game. They are soooo long you have enough time to go to the bathroom and get something to drink!
  • Word villas 5/5

    By thegamer girl
    This game is really so fun A play it almost every single day

    By Fluffyducklen1
    Amazing, fun game. My children love to decorate the rooms. With their choice of color. Addictive. However, watching an ad after EVERY step, after EVERY crossword, before EVERY renovation, ruins the fun. At my house this game is called, “The watch ads game”. Sorry developers, you hit the mark with the game, but destroyed it with the constant, repeated ads. Will I still play it, YES. Will I share it, YES. but only a fraction of what I could. Willing to pay to remove the ads, but cannot find this option in the game.
  • Really fun game 5/5

    By sunshine197840
    I absolutely love this game and play with my family but after it forced me to update I can’t get it to open the app. It just closes and brings me back to my home screen. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling but the same issue keeps occurring. I wish this would get fixed as I am having withdrawals!
  • Word villas 5/5

    By cookie_dash
    Good game to play
  • Lousy 1/5

    By Sexsi1
    Game constantly stopping you on leaderboards and there is no way you’re even close to finished. Need to do better by this game.
  • Word villas 5/5

    By Thudgtff
    It’s a good game and awesome graphics and gameplay and it’s a good game experience and i give it five stars and give it a good review!
  • Continuous Crash 1/5

    By Cgarciallanos
    It was an enjoyable game until the update. Now all it does is crash. Deleting.
  • Mixed feelings... 1/5

    By Nai nai 35
    I never do reviews. I’m doing this because I thought the crossword/decorate game was better than the other games where you match/decorate. HOWEVER, they charge you to stop the ads and fail to mention that it’s only for 30 days! I would never pay for 30 days to stop ads on any game. Ads are annoying and I paid to play with out annoyance and was screwed, even if it’s only 2.00.
  • Why is there no content????? 1/5

    By LissiiDoll
    I am at level 1159 and I am unable to progress in the story past this point. It just says “more content coming soon”. It’s been this way for DAYS now. It makes me angry to think I’ve come this far and am considering deleting. Fix it.
  • Game crashes 5/5

    By NA.ER
    My game crashes and I can’t start a new day or a new task😔😔😔
  • Stresses me out 1/5

    By Maykarami
    This game is awful. Wish I could give 0 stars. It’s a waste of time.
  • The adds 😒 2/5

    By treena84
    Way to many adds!
  • Great game 4/5

    By Ninney827
    Please do an update. I have finished and want to play more
  • Need to win more stars when you solve 5/5

    By quen 1st
    I love the game I just wish you get more then one star when you solve the puzzles I hate that but I play the game daily I love the storyline well some of it is wack but I still play.
  • Disappointing 3/5

    By sschuma
    They have had a notice that the game is being updated for weeks. The only way you can play is to buy additional side games. What is going on?
  • Ehh 2/5

    By laylend
    Ok! The puzzles themselves are fun, but the dictionary the game uses is totally inconsistent, some levels some weird words work and on others they don’t, and some plurals never work and you get dinged if you haven’t met the level challenge flower thing. Ridiculous. Find a scrabble dictionary and use that, game maker people. Stay consistent. The dialogue is atrocious and I hate the storyline. I’ve been skipping it since the moronic fights between the MC and her mom. I don’t care, I want to fix the house and play puzzles! Even if the choices for the house design are hideous! Those messes bug me, what can I say. It is silly she adds furniture before totally cleaning and has a casual dinner party with stained gross wallpaper in the kitchen...? And what is with the spazzy, unskippable animation interludes??? Do I really need to watch this Polly Pocket chick do yoga every “morning”?? What, exactly, does that add to the story or anything at all? And the ads, omg, I can see every few levels and for special stuff but after EVERY level?! More than a little excessive. I got hooked on this for a while but tbh after the cat room and bizarre dad is cheating but not storyline I’m done. Who cares?!
  • Good game 4/5

    By Strong Jessica
    Good game but the skip needs work. When I press skip I want it to skip. Not just skip the conversation from one player. That’s my only issue. Other than that I love the game
  • Freezing and won’t let me in game May delete 3/5

    By joanna99850
    Game has some bugs that need fixing love the game just wish would work better.
  • Horrible! 1/5

    By Education of the game
    The game just WILL NOT let me on the app and I have DELETED AND REINSTALLED it and it Still kicked me off, I hate it!!!
  • Annoyed 2/5

    By T Malley
    I gave 2 stars because I really freaking irritated with Word Villas. I had gotten myself really far in the game, in the 600’s at least, then the app quit working. It won’t load. I’ve deleted it many times and redownloaded it and synced it to my Facebook and it still doesn’t freaking load. I’ve wasted so much of my time getting as far as I did just to have to start all over at level 1. Please fix this issue.
  • Slow moving - could have been fun 1/5

    By OShenigans
    Get rid of the lame story and and the tutorials and it might have been fun. I had more fun playing the advertisement.
  • Addictive 5/5

    By tuesman
    So far so good
  • It’s fun to play but... 1/5

    By MaggieRosethorn
    I’m really enjoying this word game. It tests my vocabulary and I learn new words. The story is fun so far, and I really like being able to change the rooms after they are done. I have 2 complaints: first, you can’t ever look up the definition of the final word, and those are usually ones I don’t know if I’ve had a problem with the puzzle and needed to use hints. Second, and HUGE complaint - I HATE all the ad interruptions. I like the game enough that I’d be happy to pay an amount to remove them. Similar games let you shut off ads for $4-7, and I like the game enough that I’d pay that. I skip as many of the ads as I can because I find them obnoxious, time consuming, and just plain awful. More than once I’ve considered uninstalling the game, which is a shame because I do enjoy it, the special events and the story I’ve reached so fat. 1/17/20 edited to say that I found how to turn off the ads. It’s $1.99/month. I’d be willing to pay that, but since I paid it, I now get VERY annoying ads on the main screen that give you the option to say “no thanks” but all that apparently does is give you something to tap because I’ve tapped it 25 times in succession and STILL not gotten rid of the video ad offer. I’m at the point where I’m thinking of seriously deleting the game. All this ad junk makes it not at all fun to play. Which is a shame, because I really like the game and story. I just hate the ads!
  • Needs bug fixes 1/5

    By 🙄❤️🌿
    It won’t even let me open it after I’ve downloaded it! I even tried to download it on my phone AND my IPad, but it never worked on either one...it needs to be updated really bad
  • Not real words! 1/5

    By blitzenmarie
    This game will count non-words as words yet then not accept something like the word “boring.” It’s an extremely common occurrence and is game ruining. The characters English is terrible. Considering this is a word game, that’s ridiculous. The characters are ripped off from Disney and other movies. They’ll get sued for this eventually....and I won’t mind.
  • Crashes 1/5

    By Twickster14
    Updated but all it does is crash now! Still no update!!! I still cannot play!!! Fix this NOW!!!!!!!!! Missed events now, thanks!
  • Ads blah 3/5

    By Mrs. JHaunce
    I love this game but all the ads are frustrating!!!!!
  • Pretty Fun 3/5

    By Aunt Steppy
    I have enjoyed the game somewhat. There are a few things that irritate me. Instead of getting so many flowers, I would love to see more stars given per round or every 10 rounds. Then when you are completing the puzzles, there are some words that I have never heard of or even seen in a dictionary. Lol!! I wish all of the Christmas decorations would go away now. We are in a new year and it’s time for them to go.
  • Cool Game 5/5

    By Sadie of Tempest TX
    It inspires you to improve your vocabulary skills, in a fun way. It’s also very much addictive.
  • Liked it until.... 1/5

    By ali262649229
    Liked it until the new update and now I can’t even open app! Please fix!!
  • Game not running 1/5

    By Newhomeowner
    Downloaded this app and I got as far as a green and white striped screen and it kept crashing. Tried several times to play and same thing every time. Ya’all need to fix this. Seemed like a game I would have liked to play. Disappointed
  • Angel has a ???? 4/5

    By Angelwolves
    I want to know what the light bulbs that you receive are for I do not understand their purpose
  • still playing 4/5

    By kathy0705
    too addictive to give up, lost all my progress at level 186, but couldnt resist the game. started again and reach level 200 plus, the only reason for four star, not one is because the commercials after every level, will be better if player can get some bonus out of each commercial

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