Wordalot – Picture Crossword

Wordalot – Picture Crossword

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  • Current Version: 5.040
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: MAG Interactive
  • Compatibility: Android
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Wordalot – Picture Crossword App

Solve hundreds of entertaining puzzles in this unique picture crossword game! Puzzle your way through more than 1,000 levels; the clues are in the pictures. This word game is both elegant and simple, yet will challenge even the greatest word enthusiast. So fire up your detective skills and kick your brain into gear; it'll thank you for it later! Wordalot features: - Simple gameplay! - Learn new words! - Beautiful hand-picked images Exercising your brain with Wordalot is the perfect way to take the edge off your commute or enhance your coffee break. --- Wordalot has been lovingly created by MAG Interactive, where we take fun seriously. Join a global audience of more than 250 million players and check out some of our other chart-topping hit games like Ruzzle, WordBrain or WordBrain 2! We really value your feedback, go to WordalotGame on Facebook and say what's on your mind! More about MAG Interactive at our homepage Good Times!

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Wordalot – Picture Crossword app reviews

  • Good game 3/5

    By User682
    The game itself isn’t bad. I don’t like the fact that I cannot see my progress and I don’t know how many levels are left for me to complete. I also don’t like that when I pass a level I only get two coins... I think we deserve a better reward. As for the hints, too expensive. How are you going to give me only two coins for passing the level but have me pay ten coins for a hint? Also I think you should have more than just one option for the hints...
  • Fun 4/5

    By Bigredd53
    Reminds me a lot of Jumbles that were in the daily newspaper.
  • Great Game 5/5

    By flossboss_09
    I am so happy that you have added some more levels. Keep up the great work
  • I enjoy your game 4/5

    By Dorie Lee
    Some of the spelling of words are not correct or not the common spelling in America. And some of the games I can not ask for double credits. I enjoy the puzzle but some of the pictures are hard to see, blurry or small in size. Please correct this.
  • Highly recommend 5/5

    By Kinksclash
    A really fun game app. Of all the app games I’ve played this is my favorite. Never get tired of it
  • Reusing words too often 3/5

    By googooc
    It’s a fun game but I wish they wouldn’t keep reusing a lot of the words
  • I love this game BUT--- 1/5

    By Crazybish365
    It won't load.... It worked on my iPhone 4s my iPhone 5c but when I switched to iPhone 8 plus and then to iPhone 6s Plus it's just shows the MAG mag interactive and the wheel keeps spinning... I have high speed internet plus all bars on signal so I can't play it though 😢
  • Not so great 2/5

    By Gabble gal
    They refuse to give me the hints that I paid for. I won't be here for long. They kept my $40.00, gave me the $33.00 On credit. But they wanted to know if I had a recipe for it. I got no notice of it at all. this isn't the only I purchase that I feel I got Snickered , when l paid for things.
  • Wordalot 5/5

    By 1944mg
    When I finish a puzzle, it kinda gets stuck and.looks like the ad doesn’t come up....just a little spinning circle
  • Discovering Wordalot Again 5/5

    By Gee728
    It is the best word game out there. I’m currently on level 1284 and I hope it doesn’t end anytime soon. Bravo!!
  • LOVE! 5/5

    By ge me
    The best game for puzzles! Keeps you thinking, and wanting more!
  • Question 4/5

    By Crystfran
    Can this game not be downloaded on a kindle?
  • Word a lot 1/5

    By porch momma
    Looking for new levels like 1314 had to go to beginning for the 3rd time like the game hate when I can’t go further!
  • Attagirl 2/5

    By Shimmering queen
    Did the update, nothing new on my end! Disappointed 😞
  • Used to be good, but... 1/5

    By rubysoho2006
    After this latest update, if you leave a level unfinished and exit the app, the next time you come back to the level all progress with completed words is gone for that level! FIX THIS!
  • Addicting 5/5

    By boats doc
    This game is unique, challenging, and addicting. I’m an apprentice (low level), but it’s hard to put down. So far I have only had to use the coins a couple of times, and it was ones I had earned through play.
  • Horrible Customer Relations 1/5

    By cjano220
    It looks like this is an ongoing theme. I played this game for years, pouring $$ into it. Recently purchased 2000 coins, didn’t show up. Asked for their help. They showed no remorse and basically said they didn’t believe me. Thankfully iTunes got my money back (they’ve always been faithful). Being in customer service, it is just horrible business practice, not to want to part with $19.99 because you can’t “see it on your end.” I wanted to finish all their puzzles, but there’s something else out there I’m sure.
  • Great game... 4/5

    By Idnas38
    I love the game but there are some glitches every so often that can be frustrating. Beware that sometimes when you leave in the middle of a puzzle that it will reset! It doesn’t always do it but I lost hints when it did it too. So I was bummed with that. But the game is fun to play! It is usually the simple words that have stumped us... remember chair and tiger....
  • Love 5/5

    By Grrmrgal75
    So very addicting!
  • Terminology/spelling issues 4/5

    By PyromamaK
    I selected USA in settings but many of the words and/or terms are UK terms and spellings. Example: UK - jewellery; USA - jewelry. Example: UK - windscreens; USA - windshields. Words like these will stump me for hours or days, and unnecessarily at that. When I chose USA settings I’d expect to have USA words and USA spellings. If corrected I would give the app 5 stars! Also agree with another reviewer stating some of the words become obvious and repetitive (clouds, wallpaper, curtains, window) and after buying an iPad it does not sync with my iPhone. So on the iPad I’ve had to start over and on the iPhone I’m way ahead. Please fix this!
  • The Game itself 1/5

    By Kandycane22
    I also love to play the game, but found that on my phone I had to start at the beginning. On my iPad I am on level 867 and my phone level 22. Asked customer service via e-mail about 2 weeks ago how to get the same levels and haven’t heard from them yet. Read the help about turning phone on & off and it doesn’t work. That’s why the low rating.
  • Challenging 5/5

    By Rusty61382
    I really like to study the pictures and guess the words. Sometimes they can be difficult.
  • Review of Wordalot 5/5

    By JakInTheBx
    I really enjoy Wordalot. It requires thought and is very challenging! I don’t have any problem with buying and using my coins! Thank you for a fun and entertaining game! Jacquelyn Portee
  • Fun! 3/5

    By Mph33
    My last puzzle had ‘trolley’ for a shopping 🛒 cart! There was also ‘vegetablesg’ for an answer. Like the game......but really?!?Have had for over a year. Like similar games, there are obscure answers.
  • Fun 4/5

    By 4 sh
    I like that all the clues are in front of you. I enjoy trying to figure out the words in the puzzle.
  • Best Word & Crossword Game 5/5

    By halftracker
    Absolutely fabulous game that can provide hours of fun!
  • Love this Game 5/5

    By Chickiebruce
    It’s so much fun. The pictures are clever and it’s challenging much of the time. Really enjoy Wordalot!!
  • Undeniable entertaining 5/5

    By Jdlajo1
    I just can’t get enough. Every waking moment I feed my addiction. Beware!!! Very addictive
  • BROKEN!! Waste of time!! 1/5

    By Kookoo brain
    It WAS enjoyable but..... Your app is broken now after the recent update. When I clicked the play button I kept getting a message saying “No More Levels, did I want to start at level 1??” The last puzzle I was to start was of some cartoonish mushrooms in the ‘Amateur’ level. I had to exit the app but with plans to return later the next day. I hadn’t had any problems prior to the update. But now the same message each time I open the app since (10-31-18). So I decided to uninstall/reinstall..... BAD IDEA!!! The game has now started all over from the beginning. Thanks a lot......NOT!! 😡
  • Ads 3/5

    By Lacmorris
    I will happily pay to get rid of ads. But I won’t stay on much longer as you are forcing ads between each game. Is there a way I can get rid of them?
  • Open option 4/5

    By lachulaloca314
    There should be a option to ask your Facebook friends if they know a word or help but a great game in general
  • game 5/5

    By cvd55
    best game ever
  • Great Game 5/5

    By Mrbiglee
    Lots of fun game. Look at the picture and fit in the correct word. Challenging word game. Keeps the mind working.
  • WORDALOT 5/5

    By Samoths gal
    This Game is for the most part challenging, it’s fabulous fun, and once in a while frustrating. Why the five stars ? Simply because it is new, it is entertaining and it is a wee bit addictive. Love it to pieces. Not much more to say.
  • Loved it! 5/5

    By Texkraut
    Love word games! I was sad when I completed the last one. I guess I thought they went on forever!😜
  • Please I’m begging you...save me some money! 5/5

    By Gemini Stud
    I’m completely in addiction mode with this game and have to force myself to put it down!! First I must say Thank you so much for adding new puzzles! I thought I would die when I ran out of puzzles to solve and had to wait so long for more!!!! But my biggest gripe about this...my altimeter favorite game of my entire life by far! But until I found this version...I absolutely HATED CROSSWORD PUZZLES!!! YOU GUYS MADE ME A BELIEVER FROM THE VERY FIRST PUZZLE AND IM STILL LOVING IT ALMOST 1200 puzzles later!!! But back to my only...but very serious complaints... Please go back to the original color of the squares on the words...I believe they used to be yellow, now they are orange...which is now causing me migraines because the letters are harder to see because of the shad of orange...please change it back, as I loved being able to play this game and it be the only game I didn’t get a migraine from...I cannot say that now! Or just go to black and white open blocks waiting for letter placement too. That would be easier on the eyes for someone who has issues with quick/ sudden color changes to focus on...its hard on the eyes. With sincerity Melissa Nelson AKA...Nykkolyn Adding to my last review... Still waiting on the bloc colors to change! WHY SO MANY STUPID PICTURES THAT WE CANT TELL WHAT THEY ARE OF...THAT IS STUPID. ALSO HOW ABOUT 10 Coins per puzzle we solve? Or better yet...how about 2 coins per WORD! You guys know you can make this game a bit more competitive with other games like it that offer better scoring so we don’t have to spend so much money...THIS IS NO LONGER A FREE AND FUN APP TO RECOMMEND MY FRIENDS! And how come I don’t hear back from anyone?
  • Magnet word game! 5/5

    By anotherlostsoul
    This game is good for when I’m getting depressed again.
  • Need more levels 4/5

    By Thigh disheveled
    Completed the current update pack. Game is addictive and now I’m out of puzzles. Please make new ones fast!
  • Great! 5/5

    By Mz.Leila
    Love it
  • Hate the ads, love the game 4/5

    By Fl'annie
    I love the game but after playing it for a while, I just cannot take the ads so I am deleting the app. I suggest they offer the game for a price without the ads. Until then ...
  • More 5/5

    By Mickey17379
    Need MORE games, I’ve finished all of them!!
  • Too many commercials for other games 2/5

    By 12shoestringer
    I’m offered only 2 chips to double by watching an advertisement. If I don’t choose i still have to watch an advertisement for 30 seconds any way. Spend 2/3 of time playing and 1/3 watching your advertisements. Argh!!!
  • Love it 5/5

    By hottbabylon
    I love the game I’m on level 447 but the only problem I’m having is freezing up when it plays a short show. Then I have to shut down my phone and turn it on then I can play again for about another 8 games then freezes again. Please FIX my husband and I are playing competing who’s the best. Thanks
  • Totally enjoy this game ! 5/5

    By vjb321
    It provides me enough of a challenge, keeps me engaged and continues to remind me of words I had forgotten from my vocabulary!
  • Please remove hanging picture 4/5

    By Dana H.
    I like this game. Tip for those stuck on a word - look up scrabble word finder.org. The amount of ads is a little annoying but tolerable. One picture bothers me though. It shows puppets of a king & queen, and a darker puppet in poorer clothing with a rope raised high around his neck. Really? Why is this necessary? Please remove this awful picture!!
  • Not bad 3/5

    By Sc0peDope
    I come back to play every now and then but it’s not an app that holds my attention for longer than a couple minutes.
  • Game 4/5

    By nursesully00
  • Intrusive ads! 1/5

    By Remoh Cuz
    Would pay for ad-free play, but since that’s not offered, player exposed to frequent intrusive ads, plus many ads are timed so I have to wait to exit darn ad. In some games, buying hints/coins will stop ads; tried that w this game...didn’t matter one bit, ads abound, so won’t buy more hints. Too frustrating for prolonged play, but OK for short spurts.
  • Shocked! 1/5

    By Tj benanti
    Was shocked to see a picture of a child in the bathtub with a plugged in hair dryer! I play this game with my grand kids and had to explain how deadly this can be! Shame on you!

Wordalot – Picture Crossword app comments

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