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  • Current Version: 1.6.6
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Fatcat Studios Ltd
  • Compatibility: Android
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$ 1.99

Wordle+ App

Wordle is a word game with a twist. Train your brain and test your vocabulary by finding as many words as you can within the given time. Simply swipe the letters to build a word, scoring points along the way. Wordle combines the best of word searching and word-related games making for a truly challenging and addictive experience! Extend your vocabulary as you go on a word hunt through hundreds of levels each with a different focus Learn a new language or brush up on your linguistics by choosing from a selection of different dictionaries! If you enjoy a word search that boggles your brain then play Wordle today! "Hi, I'm an indie developer with a passion for word games. I created Wordle back in 2018 as a student learning to code, it has since taken on a life of its own, exceeding all my expectations. I just want to say a huge thank you to all those that have played Wordle over the years, I appreciate you all and I'm humbled by the positive feedback I have received. I will endeavor to keep up the work. Thank you."

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Wordle+ app reviews

  • Who found the not word ‘words”? 3/5

    By Moosicat
    Too many ridiculous letters thrown on the puzzle —that can’t make words!!! Then, the game won’t accept real words. The Fail Jail starts showing up enough to put the thing aside. Then, you pick it up… why smash my ego on this. Get someone that knows how to make word puzzles.
  • It’s fun for awhile. 3/5

    By heidi the almighty
    I see that the way this app’s dictionary has been compiled has been addressed in other reviews. It’s still a bit confusing and inconsistent. It’s frustrating when the app doesn’t recognize a word that appears in every English dictionary. I’ve otherwise enjoyed the first part of this game quite a bit. I don’t enjoy the levels that don’t allow three letter words—I’m here for something relaxing and easy—so when I get to those, I delete it. So far, I’ve re-downloaded it every time.
  • Review 4/5

    By burbox
    Too hard at times
  • Timer 4/5

    By creative writing major
    It would be nice if when you use the joker you had a little more time. Some of the words that are listed in the dictionary are a bit ridiculous and there’s no way you could find a 10 letter word in 1.5 minutes.
  • More levels 5/5

    By zseykb
    This is a GREAT game! But new levels are slow to come in.
  • Waste of money 1/5

    By ln in wi
    You pay and then they want you to pay more. For what. Doesn’t hold my attention. I already have Boggle.
  • A Ripoff - Making Money off the title of the other real Wordle 1/5

    By escesrjhenekejjekrbjwkhdhr
    The makers of this game saw an opportunity to charge money for a game, knowing they were using the title of the game bought by The NY Times. They should have to refund the money or at least Apple should do it based on this fraudulence. This game is terrible.
  • Love this game! 5/5

    By mrslowers
    This game gets pretty tricky when it has to be so many letters, end with N, with a timer. I also appreciate being able to just buy the game and not have to watch ads. Remember those days? Regarding complaints, I have entered words that it didn’t recognize but more often I’ve ended up entering a word on accident I definitely don’t recognize. I like that names aren’t included. For some reason, when I’m stuck, names just start crowding out real words. I don’t know, I just saw the reviews and thought they needed a more positive response. It’s well worth $1.99.
  • How Do I Cancel My Subscription? 2/5

    By kathykdecker
    The game is fine, just not what I had in mind. How do I cancel my subscription?
  • Okay Game 3/5

    By annieeaec
    This is an okay game. I personally would prefer to play in landscape format. Not everyone plays word games on a phone or small tablet. Those of us who enjoy our large screen tablets would love a good word game in landscape!
  • Love this! 5/5

    By Lisa616929710
    Having fun playing this!
  • Not “Wordle” 1/5

    By Sa. Ca.
    Shame for giving this sad excuse of a game the name of the popular Wordle. It’s not even the same concept, this one is complete trash and I should be payed $1.99 to play it.
  • Doesn't remember scores 3/5

    By jcflv48
    The classic os okay, but the one with the different levels doesn't keep scores or advance. It just keeps going to "Replay". I would love it if it worked right.
  • Bad app!! 1/5

    By 19Palm07
    This is not a good game - especially since it is suppose to be free - and I was charged $1.99!!! Don’t download!!
  • Where is the next update? 3/5

    By Tnnsplyr4
    I’ve been playing for a couple weeks now and have been waiting for new words! I really like the twist in this game but I finished all the levels pretty quick! What’s the plan? Will it get the update it needs? I gave it 3 stars because of that. Thanks!
  • This is not the wordle that’s gone viral 3/5

    By Brad Silk
    Still an okay game but doesn’t have a 5 letter word puzzle like the viral game. This is basically a Tetris-boggle.
  • Fun but not for big iPads. 4/5

    By Bob Zurunkal
    Game loads in portrait format, full screen which makes it difficult to play on 13” screen. Since my pad is most useful with the keyboard attached, it lives in landscape format, where I also play. The game requires ability to scan entire board quickly it pick out words. One of the best word games I’ve found.
  • Stuck on fat cat studios page 1/5

    By Gabe merritt
    So far the app doesn’t seem able to get past the fat cat studios page. I went to app help which was no help.
  • Not the famous app expected 2/5

    By 406578
    Title speaks for itself. There is a trademark conflict here and we mere customers are worse off for it.
  • Not the same dictionary problem… 3/5

    By JSFrez
    I see that some improvements were made to the dictionary regarding included words, but why are there so many words that ARE included but AREN’T words? Like “cor”, “eth”, “est”, and MANY more. It’s not challenging when I can randomly swipe my finger and end up with points.
  • Not the App I thought it was 1/5

    By gadgetlover01
    I just bought this app for $2 thinking it was the same Wordle app which everyone has been talking about, and recently purchased by NYT….but it is not the same app. Has exact same name. Shame on you for this obvious deception. Posting here to warn others, apparently the actual Wordle app has been temporarily taken down.
  • Game stunk 1/5

    By WillBG
    Waste of $2. Shares a name with a website which is a great game. Dictionary is pathetic and frustrating on a timed game.
  • Eh….not super enthusiastic 3/5

    By MaxineFair8177
    The concept is great but delivery is not all that great. Played a few games and closed app. Today I go to open and play and it gets stuck on Fat Cat Studios screen and doesn’t load. Tried to close out all the way and reopen with no change. Not excited to pay $1.99 to use an app once. I would assume glitches would be minimal with a paid app on a very new phone.

    By auguts
    This is a rip off of the game everyone is talking about. Do not be fooled! You have to go to a website to get the popular game. I wasted $2 on this, don’t be fooled like me!
  • Not the Wordle You Think 1/5

    By Fbpr5323
    This is NOT the popular, all the rage, in-the-news Wordle!
  • Not enough levels 2/5

    By lkj78965
    I don’t mind paying for an app that I can use for a while,but after a few weeks I’m already out of levels. Either I got a bad download or 10 levels is about it.
  • Needs to legitimize all words 4/5

    By Quliter Babs
    A good concept, but I’d like to know what dictionary it uses. So many of the words that I know are legitimate are rejected by the game, thereby causing me to use more time and garner fewer points. Frustrating! Update- apparent my complaint was not the only one complaining that legitimate words were not recognized. The developer changed dictionaries to incorporate more words and reached out to tell me. It is now a much more satisfying experience. Thank you.
  • Fun for a while 3/5

    By Mchiffenberg
    Fun, seemed addicting at first. Was looking for the game thats gone viral and ended up paying for this - sorry I did now. No matter how much I play successfully, I never get above 2% complete on levels, and many common English words aren’t in the dictionary. Though oddly enough, proper nouns (names) are common enough. I’m quitting.
  • Dictionary is serious lacking 2/5

    By ArchimedesX
    Would be so much better with a good dictionary. It’s extremely annoying to have correctly spelled common words rejected.
  • Free Game? 1/5

    By Jenny521Wal
    Advertised as free but yet charged $1.99. ;( not cool!
  • Fun but… 4/5

    By Zeegal
    Good game for wordies but someone should look up words that are words but your algorithm doesn’t recognize that’s a bit annoying.
  • Dictionary 3/5

    By stockjock11
    Frustrating when common words are not accepted needs a new dictionary
  • Doesn’t know simple words 1/5

    By Adam5346
    Words that end with E. The. The ends with E and is a real word. Not according to this game. There are many others. I just gave up.
  • Wordle review 4/5

    By #WordlePlayer
    It is wonderful, but we were led astray by the “free” ad. It really is 1.99$.
  • Meh 2/5

    By Jimbo hotep
    Should’ve researched the “trend” more , a demo version would’ve saved me a couple bucks but I’m sure the developer loves the other game by the same name that sent me here , not my cup of tea but the app seems to work fine
  • Dictionary or Lack Thereof 1/5

    By HalfRipe
    You probably read the myriad of comments about the dictionary. I don’t think there really is one but merely a scrape of words from some source because inclusions and exclusions are not consistent and there is a high consistent use of some words such that one thinks it is not random.
  • Great game! 4/5

    By Notsofast756
    A dictionary should be used. Many words I’ve played are discounted. The race against the clock is fun.
  • Improve the dictionary!!! 3/5

    By gabbyoh56
    I like the game but it gets more and more frustrating to play as simple English words are not in its dictionary. After awhile it became enough to quit playing . Their are lots of other word games out there with 10x more words in their dictionaries.
  • Levels 4/5

    By Mandi w an I
    I wish there were more levels. Also, I would prefer the sound to stay off when it’s set to OFF. It doesn’t. You have to go back to settings, turn sound ON and then back OFF. Kinda annoying.
  • Small word library 3/5

    By Whydoineedanoriginalnickname?
    Good game but frustrating when you know the word you have is really a word and the game says NO.
  • Addictive but MANY problems 3/5

    By Caicoturk
    I love word games. But this one has problems. There are many times where a word is not accepted. For example, the directive was a word that starts with the letter P, but the game rejected my choice of Plow. Additionally, there is poor proof of how one is doing in a game. And, there is no explanation of the levels.
  • Needs improvement 2/5

    Game would be great if common words are acceptable. Please improve the dictionary.
  • Challenging & fun 5/5

    By Ascending_mama
    Fun, challenging game to keep your brain going.
  • Limited vocabulary 2/5

    By ByrdiePie
    Limited vocabulary, unable to get annoying sounds to completely mute.
  • Dictionary??? 1/5

    By spellswellinenglish
    Your dictionary is completely off. Is it really English? I doubt it. If you know your vocabulary, this game will frustrate you. Not worth the money or time.
  • No way to keep it from asking you to provide a review 1/5

    By asdfyyvhi
    I’m giving it a bad score because I’m super annoyed that every third game it harasses you to write a review.
  • Fun to play 5/5

    By dyyan
    Regret the number of words that come up as not words…..why.
  • Not tall words accepted 3/5

    By Pbdodge
    Game can be improved by accepting more valid words.
  • Easy to play 3/5

    By Boogiesugar
    This game is entertaining and easy to play multiple rounds. I agree with the other review that the dictionary is terrible. There are many common English words that are not included in the dictionary, such as mart. It makes me wonder if this game was created in a non-English-speaking country. The other thing I don’t like about it is that it’s a short journey through the levels and then it starts you over at level one.

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