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WordPress App

Manage or create your WordPress blog or website right from your iOS device: create and edit posts and pages, upload your favorite photos and videos, view stats and reply to comments. With WordPress for iOS, you have the power to publish in the palm of your hand. Draft a spontaneous haiku from the couch. Snap and post a photo on your lunch break. Respond to your latest comments, or check your stats to see what new countries today’s visitors are coming from. WordPress for iOS is an Open Source project, which means you too can contribute to its development. Learn more at https://apps.wordpress.com/contribute/. WordPress for iOS supports WordPress.com and self-hosted WordPress.org sites running WordPress 4.0 or higher. Need help with the app? Visit the forums at https://ios.forums.wordpress.org/ or tweet us @WordPressiOS.

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  • App locks up every time I use it. 3/5

    By HoosierSam
    When the app works it’s good, but I’m ready to give up because it always locks after a few minutes. It’s easier to go online and access my blog that way. Needs fixing!
  • Wordpress ,good site with low visibility 3/5

    By BatShitz
    Wordpress is a platform for writing and publishing personal stories and sometimes is used for businesses. It works better for personal projects in my opinion and has a low editing capability for people who want advanced html editing.
  • Lacking features from the full site 3/5

    By Fawfulfan
    I use this app for work because I'm frequently on the go and away from a computer, and for whatever reason accessing the site from iOS Safari makes it impossible to save anything into the body text form. While this app is a lifesaver and easy to use for the most part, I'm continually frustrated by how many features from the main site are missing. For instance, there doesn't seem to be any way to assign authorship to a blog post in the app, and nor does there seem to be any way to edit metadata in the media library. I can live with the fact that embedded social media cards and iframes don't display properly in the text form while writing, but it would be nice if posting a raw url in the app's text form automatically converted it into an html embed. Another problem with the app is that it seems to have caching issues. Tons of drafts that have already been published stay visible in drafts, and keep accumulating the longer I use the app without deleting it. I hope solutions to these things are in the pipeline.
  • Remerciements 5/5

    By jymmi2019
    Super cool
  • Can’t use app on mobile device 1/5

    By coco bellicose
    I had word press for years and I always used my phone To post blogs but when I recently created a new website and tried to edit my first post the entire app freezes. It’s been happening for a week
  • @318hotsauce 5/5

    By SouthsideBoosie318
    “Perception is my Profession”-D. Nice
  • Cool app but... buggy? 1/5

    By Jentropy
    App won’t let me upload photos most of the time (it’s unpredictable). App has also decided my email hasn’t been verified, and now won’t post anything... but I’m also not receiving the verification emails. I like that I can manage multiple sites with the app, but until I can actually make some posts, this app is mostly useless for me.
  • Excelente app 5/5

    By K-chito77
    Excelente aplicación, fácil de usar. Mejor aún para los que no somos diseñadores profesionales. Pero con la aplicación uno aprende a diseñar. Con un poco de dedicación, puedes aprender códigos y empezar a crear, aún que con la aplicación todo está ya para empezar a crear. Lo único que me afectó un poco, fue el cambio de editor, puesto que uno es nuevo en esto, como que anda uno perdido, pero como dije, si le ponemos un poco de dedicación y tener sentido común, uno empieza a entender cómo crear y diseñar. Sería bueno que tengan tutoriales en español, incluso los videos.
  • Problems 4/5

    By Trememdo233
    the application to make changes on a page are recorded without any problem, but at the moment check the web page and changes are not recorded, this happens with the iphone app, if I do from the worpress web if it works perfect. Please help
  • Cool 5/5

    By ErwinEP
  • Good, but needs some updates 3/5

    By boo bugling
    Overall I have enjoyed using this app for a blog, and I think you guys did a very good job with this app, but I do think there are some issues. First of all, it’s extremely hard to like a post. On many apps it’s a simple double click, but for some reason on Wordpress I find myself taking 5 minutes to like something. In addition I think the layout for creating blog posts is a little complicated and it could be much easier. It would mean a lot of you guys could look at these problems, thanks.
  • Loses featured image, adds junk code 2/5

    By DrScamfinder
    WP: Please stop the app from losing featured images and fix the app so our support requests work. (Logging out and back in brought the help functionality back in the App for me, but we shouldn’t need to do that.) Love that this is available, but its buggy. Also if you look at the source code it adds junk that shouldn’t be there, like if you hit carriage return while inside of that of a block quote, it closes then reopens the block quote instead of putting in a paragraph mark as it should.
  • Save yourself a headache Don't Use/Buy this program 1/5

    By qcaptain
    This blogger app sinks. Uploads of photos fail and the program is prone to crash..... Very glitchy and cumbersome and the uploading of photos in very slow. I'm sure my review will never see the light of day but I hope to warn others to be slow to commit to using it long term.... Hoped it would work well on an iPad but it does not....now I feel stuck......
  • Would not update my edits on ipad mini :-( 2/5

    By Project Teacher
    I thought the app was great until I edited one of my blog posts. The app would not update my changes. The button seemed dead. Preview did not work either. Using Safari worked fine, so I guess I'll stick to that.
  • Will not publish 1/5

    By Proctors
    Hangs for hours or days and never publishes. Multiple retries all with same outcome. Does not even show up saved in drafts when I login online so have to recreate entire post. Bummer!!!!!
  • App crashing after latest update 3/5

    By Warn me first
    The latest version of the app is constantly crashing. It won't even let me send a crash report. It always used to work fine. I wanted to write to support instead of writing a review, but it wanted me to log in to do so.
  • Seriously?! 2/5

    By Jlc09576
    I don’t know what happened. Most of the time I’m writing on my computer, but occasionally I will need to edit a published post on the run because I spot a missed link, or a misspelling, or a grammar error, or I need to insert a graphic. If I do this from my phone, any embedded video turns a link address. And sometimes it’s a day or two before I can get back to my laptop and fix the problem. This just started happening in the past two or three versions. I mean, I can’t even embed video from the phone app. Come on people. This is the one thing that you used to do right.
  • Incompatible with new Gutenberg blocks 3/5

    By SteveMcCune
    I used the mobile app for Wordpress a lot until Gutenberg’s blocks made it incompatible. I hope for an update.
  • Can’t use Chinese or Japanese quotation mark in contents 3/5

    By Zeo Sung
    This app is fantastic! But there is some problem: I always writing in CJK(Chinese, Japanese and Korea), the quotation mark of these languages are not same as in English. But I cannot input them in Wordpress app. It always turns to be English quotation mark, not Chinese quotation mark. It happens when I using physical keyboard. When I use software keyboard, it seems fine.
  • No longer compatible with .org sites? 1/5

    By Love globe
    I used to use this app to make updates on the go for my website, which is a wordpress.org site. It was fantastic and super convenient to be able to work on my blog from my phone. Then there was an app update and now it only seems to recognize .com word press accounts? I am no longer able to even log into the app using the same email and password that I use for the website login on my computer. It says it doesn’t recognize my info as a .com account, which of course it isn’t. Am I missing something? I don’t see a way to login for .org otherwise. So would love if the .org functionality is brought back in a future update!
  • Less and less... 3/5

    By Sewing Dresses
    This App started strong. But now is less and less dependable. In fact the whole "Wordpress" functionality only gets more disappointing as time goes by. I posted something on Dec 5th. Yet it is labeled as a Nov 20h post. Therefore...NO ONE...has seen it because it's in the past. Thanks for nothing....
  • Last update does not respect paragraphs 2/5

    By Chesonis
    I use this app every day. This last update dies not respect paragraphs. I’ll save it, close it, reopen it, and under my H2 tags, it’s just one long paragraph. Please fix today.
  • Where is the Support 1/5

    By Best Selling Author Camelite
    I am excited about starting up a blog. I am less than excited about the support that Wordpress offers. Instead of offering support for technical issues, I was offered to pay 99 per month so I could get my questions answered. That’s absurd. Thank God for YouTube and the help videos. The site still won’t allow anyone to post comments and I have called over 10 times and tried several different things. Wordpress..please offer a little support..someone shouldn’t have to pay at least not for technical questions that are necessary to make things work on the site.
  • Every other update completely breaks the app. 1/5

    By AppUnwrapper
    This time I can’t update posts. Stop breaking the app.
  • Just realized this app tracks my location 1/5

    By MyInternetScout
    Why does this application track my location? Even when not in use? Why isn’t there a way to turn off geo location tracking in iOS settings? I also noticed this app was rated for approved use by children, 4+. Tracking children violates US COPPA and CalCOPPA laws. The developers need to address this.
  • Love this app but it is a battery drain 3/5

    By Mezzoishere
    I use my iPhone more than my computer. I read comment and post on Wordpress. Why does it drain my battery so fast?
  • Wordpress App 3/5

    By Jasmine (Orlando Brewing)
    I almost loved the app until I realized that I can’t check my products page, which is the reason why I downloaded it. I am a graphic designer who sometimes needs to view the total sales of a product from home. It’d be awesome if that feature was added.
  • Great 5/5

    By TABpilot
    Great way to manage my blog - ReviewBeforeFlight.com
  • Garbage 1/5

    By moxiecalifornia
    Different problems arise no matter how I try to edit with Wordpress. It’s jinky as hell, won’t save till you try 30 times, then when it does most of the pictures won’t show. No amount of updating and trouble shooting works, pure garbage. Do not invest your site with this.
  • Annoying bug in new release 2/5

    By KelleyBelley23
    All portrait pics are rotated and have to be manually changed. Please fix ASAP.
  • Needs Draft option in extensions card 4/5

    By curtian4
    The app is amazing and super easy to post articles to my blog from the browser. Two requests: 1. Sharing from Chrome browser: I don't seem to be able to use the share function from Chrome on iOS, have to load articles in Safari and share from there. Weird. 2. Option for saving draft from share sheet: Adding a feature image usually requires going into the full app (not just the share sheet extension). That's fine, but it would be great to have the option to save a draft of a post from the share sheet to not lose my progress, and add an image later. Keep up the great work!
  • The lion’s den 4/5

    By ColorStormthe original
    Easy to navigate site- tons of options and creative ways to make good posts better; Comes with a price though as in free speech that may be offensive etc, so the ‘moderation’ tool is invaluable. All in all , WP is an outstanding assets to Blogsville, and the only reason it did not get 5s is because nothing is perfect.
  • Won’t upload blog!!!! 1/5

    By JustMe236.4
    Why won’t this upload a blog anymore? It used to. It downloads them from website, uploads/downloads website media, but will not upload a draft or upload from scheduled. So odd. Can you fix this please? Very frustrating needing to login from desktop to post blog. Thx
  • Poor Editor; Videos Only Appear as Links; Browser Problems 1/5

    By tsd707
    Using this iOS app to create or edit a Wordpress.com post is difficult at best as compared to the editor on a desktop machine, provided that you can login on a desktop which isn’t always possible. Prime example: adding a video link via the iOS editor only ever shows up as a link, unlike a desktop browser editor where the video link is instantly shown as a video and not a link. Then, if you go ahead and include the link in the post from iOS, guess what: it remains a link only in the post including when viewed from a desktop browser. The only way to fix it: wait until you can login via a desktop browser to remove the link, then re-add it to show up as a video. I never have this problem with Tumblr or other blogs I’ve used. Sadly, trying to create or edit a Wordpress.com post via a mobile browser is even worse than trying to use the app. So many problems occur in a mobile browser while trying to edit that it’s essentially impossible. Then, on some computers, I can’t even login to Wordpress.com at all: as soon as I press the “Login” button it just stops working. I’ve searched all over for a solution but have never found anything relevant. All of the correct plugins are there, yet, it won’t work. The fact that Wordpress.com is even still relying on any browser plugins shows how far behind the times they are. When is Wordpress.com going to migrate to HTML5 like the rest of the world is doing?
  • Loving my blog 5/5

    By herlifeshines
    I love this app because I can post so easily. My blog is doing well so I believe that's because of the navigation
  • Hasn’t updated stats in over a month 1/5

    By won't open or uninstall
    I haven’t had stats updated on the app for about a year now.
  • Great Platform 4/5

    By GenX50
    It can be a little expensive if you don’t know how to create your own themes but it’s a great marketing tool.
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By noads1
    It wouldn’t let me sign up because my email address was incorrect. I regret downloading it.
  • has been failing me 3/5

    By KevinCossaboon
    I have used this for years but since my site went to Gutenberg or just the latest version, it fails to upload photos, or uploads them upside down. Server timeouts, and many other issues. Going to a PC and redoing the last entry, as half the photos are missing, and the other half are upside down??
  • Just another social media site 1/5

    By Packerbacker_1977
    I’m making this brief (short memo, pun intended because it is a writing app) because if I had been asked to write a review 3 months ago I would have given it 3 stars. However, upon closing out and deleting my account over a week ago, now I’m receiving spam from one of their 3rd party partners or at least I hope it’s spam, otherwise, the alternative is Wordpress has a security breach and my data has been compromised. In case you are wondering, TrustPilot sent me an email to the email address in Wordpress’ possession thanking me for a recent purchase (good luck with the payment as the debit card used was prepaid and now has $0 value) and asking me to review Wordpress’ based on a ‘free’ gift they were mailing me. How could I receive a gift since I have deleted the account and if I hadn’t deleted the account why did it take 3 months before I was told of the free gift but if there an honest to god free gift, ever, then why is Wordpress partnering with a party just to solicit a response by offering a made up item. You can’t really trust any of these social media sites.
  • Love it except for one thing 4/5

    By Hiro Nakamura esq
    I love the ease of use, and customer service is generally excellent. I’d give 5-stars for a clean and full-use mail chimp integration.
  • iOS WordPress App Becoming Main Production Hub 5/5

    By Pete Bernacki
    It’s taken spending time growing accustomed to the many layers within WordPress hosted by Bluehost, and with the iOS WordPress App along with 24/7 Tech Support by phone, it’s becoming increasingly enjoyable as well as productive. Pete Bernacki, Owner Veronica Nicole Goldsworthy, Corporation veronicanicolecorp.com
  • Annoying notifications 4/5

    By V0lvera
    I love this app. This is my most used app on my phone but please someone tell me how to turn off the “You’re on a xx-day streak on Example Blog” notification??? I want to get notified for stuff that i can interact with such as new orders, new blog comments etc but this notification is just annoying because i have many websites and i get this notification constantly. Please developers, either add an option to turn this notification off or if there’s already a solution for this let me know. Thanks!
  • Perfect for blogging on the go, but... 5/5

    By ThatDamnHoney
    Being that I tend to work on my iPad and not a laptop like most bloggers I know of, having this app really makes it easy for me to do just that. I do have a couple of suggestions. While I realise not everything that can be done on the browser can be possible on an app, I’m still suggesting: 1) Please integrate Gutenberg into the app. It’s been a bit messy going back and forth from browser to app without the integration. 2) Please integrate a way to adjust the uploaded photo size. Not just the display size but the actual image size. Sometimes, it can only be downloaded into one giant resolution that isn’t necessary for the size of blog content and it could help with storage and bandwidth issues. Thanks! Truly enjoy WordPress.
  • Problem since recent update 2/5

    By StoriesinBetween
    Since running the most recent update, the reader freezes up every time I swipe down to refresh. Running on IPad with most recent OS update.
  • Trying the blogging thing. 4/5

    By colorteal
    Wordpress makes it pretty easy to self manage a blog.
  • What’s going on?? 2/5

    By SteelersCavs17
    I’ve been trying to preview my posts before publishing, and I can’t see them. What’s going on???
  • Pretty handy app well designed but there are bugs 4/5

    By bogdanovicu
    Please fix featured image bug. It randomly disappears while I’m configuring my post. Also, there are a lot of problems while copying text from ms word, apple pages and similar apps. Instagram connection and automated publishing would be handy also if it’s even possible. All in all amazing app that could (if all those bugs got fixed) significantly reduce my need for carrying my MacBook all the time.
  • Never works 1/5

    By Fat rid
    This is an unreliable app because it doesn’t update half the time. Save the space on your phone and don’t download it.

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