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WordPress App

Manage or create your WordPress blog or website right from your iOS device: create and edit posts and pages, upload your favorite photos and videos, view stats and reply to comments. With WordPress for iOS, you have the power to publish in the palm of your hand. Draft a spontaneous haiku from the couch. Snap and post a photo on your lunch break. Respond to your latest comments, or check your stats to see what new countries today’s visitors are coming from. WordPress for iOS is an Open Source project, which means you too can contribute to its development. Learn more at https://apps.wordpress.com/contribute/. WordPress for iOS supports WordPress.com and self-hosted WordPress.org sites running WordPress 4.0 or higher. Need help with the app? Visit the forums at https://ios.forums.wordpress.org/ or tweet us @WordPressiOS.

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  • Wish you could work offline 4/5

    By jthoreson
    Works pretty well when you have an internet connection. Would be really helpful to be able to work offline. The BlogTouch app with offline ability crashes half the time I add pictures so doesn’t really “work”.
  • Completely worthless app 1/5

    By Mysti446
    I have been checking every update for over a year now hoping that someday you will fix this app, but its yet to happen. I can’t resize images, it can’t create clean html, it doesn’t sync with other devices worth anything, I could go on and on. I can’t tell you how many times I have considered switching blogging platforms just to have a somewhat functional mobile app. There is just no excuse for the #1 blogging software to have such a garbage app. Are you ever going to address these same issues that people have been complaining about for well over a year??
  • newd ads revenue report 5/5

    By Ffgamerz
    The app is good and a lot of new improvement have beer added. however it still lacked the ads revenue report. it would be great if you can add the report in the apps. thanks for the great job.
  • Great app, but add the statistics of the Ads 4/5

    By albert10222
    Great app, but if you include the statistics of the Ads, this is gonna be a perfect app for WordPress. Since I only can see the statistics of the visitors and if I’m not connect into a computer o browsers I can’t see the Statistics of the Ads.
  • Love the app except for the frequent crashes 3/5

    By BominKids;)
    I love this app ... every aspect of it is perfect for blogging on the go. I’ve written and edited and posted several times from this digital version. But the CRASHING. I’m kind of getting tired of it at this point and might uninstall because of the crashing. It happens in the reader, where the app crashes when I try to read a certain post, or even when I’m trying to update a draft of my own posts! Please fix WordPress.
  • Now more unstable than ever! 1/5

    By Doc Holliday 455
    With the latest update (5/19), this app now crashes more than a drunk driver on an icy road...
  • Never worked well 1/5

    By No name available ?
    I would love to be able to quickly and easily publish content from various sources to my Wordpress sites. No matter how I try, this app has never been able to stay connected to all my sites. There are many other issues but this one clumsy lack of consistency demonstrates how poorly the app is written.
  • Everything is loading (forever) 3/5

    By HamWarCat
    There are a few things I would suggest as ways to improve this app: Firstly, when I publish things, it says it’s uploading, but it would be more helpful if you showed a bar as to how far it’s uploaded. Secondly, the ‘Stats’ section just loads forever and never shows anything. And last, when I try to go to the preview, it just shows it as ‘Saving’ for a really long time. Please try to make this app work/load faster because I need it for school when I post work to my blog.
  • Broken app, broken website 2/5

    By Ranger222222
    As of now there is no way on this app to add photos to an album. If I go to the site, the method that you’re supposed to be able to do it with is broken, both in the old method and with the new layout. Adding photos to an album seems like something users might want to do.
  • Love this Wordpress app but having a problem... 5/5

    By Song In The Night
    I have used this app for a long time and love it! I post very often from from my Apple mobile devices (3) but recently I am not able to edit my posts on any of these devices. The screen freezes when I hit the edit button. I tried deleting the app and reinstalling but that didn't work. Hoping for a fix.
  • Crashing app 1/5

    By ALVAM
    The app keeps crashing on me, losing the configuration of my website. Frustrating.
  • Won’t Open 2/5

    By Tapetri
    I’ve been using this app and loving it! Suddenly every time we open the app nothing happens. The screen is blank and regardless how long we wait it never opens.
  • Stil, the Sharing Functionality is Crippled 1/5

    By pgp
    It’s too bad. But the requirement to use a Wordpress.com account and use Jetpack for Sharing functionality on a self-hosted site is a huge deficiency... Still looking for a good alternative.
  • Doesn’t Log In Anymore 1/5

    By jjfeom
    I’ve been using the app forever. I just updated it and it logged me out and keeps saying my password is wrong. Even though it’s not. I even reset my password, and logged in from the browser. But the app says it’s wrong, even when I log in using my saved pw data.
  • Worthless for external site management. 1/5

    By corefusion
    It lets me log into an external site, but won't show it. When I try to connect it a second time, it says logout before connecting an external site. It's an infinite loop. I give up. Wordpress, please test your products properly before releasing! Watch users struggle to use your app, so you can see where you need to improve. That's real UX.
  • Won’t Translate from Laptop to Cell Phone 2/5

    By Kmecksteiner
    On more than one occasion my work within a draft hasn’t been saved even though I saved it before closing. I just spent 3 hours writing within a draft on my laptop with a stellar WiFi connection, saved it multiple times before exiting, now I am without my laptop for a few days hoping to be able to work through the app and I don’t even see my three hours of work in the draft! Now I’m concerned it has all be lost as it has been before. This is extremely frustrating and really hurting my productivity. I am traveling and I can never get that time back! Very frustrating issue...
  • Connected 5/5

    By Peace1117
    There is nothing like the connection of sharing the power of words with others.
  • Used to work, now it doesn't 1/5

    By Eddiepotatoes
    I haven't been able to upload drafts or media or publish posts for about a month now. Each time gives me an upload failed message. This happens on all the WordPress iOS and Mac apps... iPhone, iPad and Mac. I've contacted support and haven't received a response. When the app did work it was terrific. Wish the devs would solve this issue. UPDATE: Received a response from support. Still unable to solve the issue, though.
  • Great 5/5

    By Maryplumbago
    For this reader of many blogs on Wordpress, I find it well organized and easy to follow, comment or unfollow. Plus there’s tons of blogs of every interest imaginable. For me, it forms a community of like minded people. I’m very happy with Wordpress.
  • App Freezes 2/5

    By KotosaMom2
    This app is a backup at best for when I can’t use my computer. It’s better to access WordPress via one of the browsers on my iPad. I have had to uninstall and reinstall it twice because it has locked up after trying to write or edit a blog post, and I’ve only been using it for less that two months. Turning off the iPad and turning it back on doesn’t reset the app.
  • complicated problems for simple things 2/5

    By $$$$$55555
    If you think you can upload an image from your iPhone to your Wordpress site forget about it. Apparently this an advanced operation that can result in multiple ambiguous failure methods.
  • Trouble loading customize button 3/5

    By Summer7774
    Ok this isn't about the app for phone but about the app for desktop. I wrote to support but I haven't get any response from anyone. I have been experiencing this for about 3 days now is the 4th day. 3 days it kept giving me error " sorry, the customizing tools did not load correctly " I really hope this is happening not because I am using the free plan. Or is this how you guys force us to upgrade?? Disappointed
  • Glitches everywhere 3/5

    By ReviewsByBarker
    This app needs tweaked so bad. The customizing menus option is so slow. I use this app everyday for work. It’s lacking so many key features from the desktop version.
  • Doesn’t Work 1/5

    By seasoningsbythesea
    I installed it and it ran beautifully. Very convenient to be able to use when out and about. However, now it won’t work at all. Emailed support yesterday. Still no response. Still doesn’t work! Frustrating
  • Convenient app, but bugs in iOS 12 3/5

    By mieche
    Love the convenience of being able to post photos from my phone, but running into a bug since updating phone iOS 12 where media library cannot be accessed and when it can uploading photos fails
  • Good App but Problem with 12.0 4/5

    By RCL2
    Very good app. I use it all the time. However with v12.0 each time I view my site from within the app I’m being counted in the stats as a visitor. It’s messing up my numbers. Hope this can be fixed.
  • Multiple blogs 4/5

    By AkKris10
    I have two WP blogs and use the app for them, they are connected to the same address. I visit them often. I have one WP blog with a different address. I visited that frequently by logging in and out on the iPad with my other email and password. Quirky, but not a problem. The last couple of days, I am unable to access the blog that is not connected to the app with the iPad. The app insists I need to make a new account. Which would be silly. It’s like having 3 skirts. Two are everyday and kept in drawers. The other is in a dresser that now appears to be locked and I’m asked to get a closet! It’s seriously crimping my fashion sense! Will this be the norm and will I only be able to update the third blog via laptop? 😳🤔🤔😳 I hope I can still use the laptop! I’d better check. (Asking WP help is inefficient, my question keeps crashing!) Sincerely, Kris
  • Great 3/5

    By heatherblog
    This app is great to have for on the go blogging, and idea catching. However if I publish something from my PC it won’t show the published post on the app, it will stay in the drafts. It’s hard when you bounce around between the two often.
  • Crashes Repeatedly 1/5

    By rootfortruth
    You have to really upset me to make me leave a review. This app crashes repeatedly. Very annoying!
  • Stay on your computer to write and manage sites. 3/5

    By Samuelitooooo
    I just got an iPhone, so I just started using this app. The Reader is fantastic; I didn't even know I could read non-WordPress sites on the WordPress reader until I messed with this app, and I can even save posts for offline reading. HUGE plus. For writing and managing my sites, I'm not really inspired to use this app when I need to get some writing done; I always wait until I get a computer. I'm scared to draft offline posts, honestly. I don't know how this whole thing works. The block editor was finally introduced last update, but it too has problems. Some blocks are “unsupported”. I understand that it's not easy to display shortcode (at least show that it's shortcode instead of "unsupported"), but I should be able to see lists without needing to go into HTML view — which is hard to use as the text is so small, the tags are not colored, and spacing between lines of code are always removed. As icing on the cake, when I grab a draft from the Internet, it removes the title. Yes, the draft goes back online without the title. I would like to keep using this app, because offline functionality is important to me. Please improve the writing experience! Otherwise, basic functions such as viewing your blogs' stats and especially reading posts offline using Reader is worth keeping this app on my device.
  • Thought on Wordpress 5/5

    By Swirliphic
    I love the fact that I still can use the app in free mode. I still can grab peoples attention without paying for a thing. Gives me confidence that when I do move forward with monthly payments I’ll definitely be able to bring people to my page. Having wordpress for so long I appreciate their simplicity!
  • Inconsistent 2/5

    By QueenEricaR
    Sometimes it works great, just lacking a few features from the desktop version. Other times, I can’t view posts, add media, or check stats. Nothing updates. Very unpredictable. (And it’s not my internet connection. Other apps work fine.)
  • Since the last update , I can’t log in 1/5

    By TwisterF5 Revenge&Trouble
    It’s frustrating. I usually publish from Phone. I received a message saying there was a security flaw, and to reset my password after not Wong able to log in. Several resets later, I’m still not able to use the app. On the computer. It’s peachy and breezy
  • Really like this app 5/5

    By MusicCate
    I like the flexibility of this app, and for a blog, it does the job quite well. My one frustration is that, lately, whenever I change the size of the font in the body of the post, it also becomes bold type. I’d rather it was not bold, but I cannot get it to return to non-bold type. Any suggestions?
  • Mediocre and continues getting worse 3/5

    By Jlc09576
    I love Wordpress, I’ve been using it for my blog for years, but it’s one step forward and 5 steps back. Two complaints that need to be addressed: 1. Imbedded video. Unless I use the website I cannot embed videos in the post from the app. I used to be able to just drop the link into a text field and, viola!, the video would appear. Now, it just appears as the link, with no preview. And if I have to edit a post that has an embedded video from anything other than my computer browser, it reverts to just a link. 3. No clock coordination. I don’t know when scheduled posts are going to go live. I set the time (CST/CDT) and it either publishes early, not really a problem, or doesn’t publish at all. I like to have my posts to go live at specific times so that my regular readers know when to look. For example, if I schedule a post for 8am(CDT) on a specific day it might go live at 4am (CDT) that day or never. Come on people.
  • Draft and publish issues 3/5

    By RyanOverHere
    I don’t know what’s happening, but sometimes my drafts stay as drafts even after publishing. I have one post that was published 4 days ago, yet still shows as a draft in the app. I have another draft that I published today and does show up on the site, but isn’t showing in drafts *nor* in published posts. These are obviously problems that should not be happening. I have the newest version of the app, and it happened with the last version as well. Super-frustrated.
  • User Interface 2/5

    By Proph.Chaos
    This is a problematic app if it isn’t user friendly. I’m trying to create subpages for categories of my blog but once the parent page is established, the subpages just copy whatever is in the parent page. This is unacceptable. Subcategories are the foundation of organization. Without them, every subtopic is lost in the sea of excess main topics. They shouldn’t be main topics. Please fix this. If not, there is no reason to stay with this app. Am I missing something? Are there simple tutorials clearing this up and I’m an idiot? Can someone who has mastered this app show me how it works? I just deleted an important page just to put a link in that erased the content and luckily I took a screenshot before losing it all to the cyber graveyard...
  • How is this app so highly rated? 1/5

    By sarahhh63
    I love Wordpress but the iPhone app is trash. Trying to make a new post on it is rendered a chore. The tutorial pop-ups and messages telling me how to finish setting up my account are omnipresent every time I start a new post, no matter how many times I click through them they never go away. Clicking on them also seems to have the effect of making me no longer able to scroll down to work on my post when my phone is held vertically; I almost always have to turn my phone horizontally to complete a new post. It wasn’t like this when I first installed it, but a few updates later and now it’s in this sorry state, and I wait in vain hoping that each new update will fix it. Terrible.
  • Good, but lacks functionality 4/5

    By humminghawk
    20190324 I am very pleased to find that the new block editor has been worked into the app! I found it difficult to make and edit posts in between my phone and computer before this... But I see that I cannot create a new post using the block editor. Will that soon be a feature? There are still some very basic functions that this app does not have, compared to the browser editor, such as: - Text alignment (left, center, right) - Text sizing Are there plans to match the app with the full functionality of the web editor? That would be heavenly. In Benevolence, Devin The Mindful Mage
  • Hats off 5/5

    By Matthew Temple @deadnovelist
    Having blogged with just about every alternative, Wordpress is the overall best of every alternative. If you’re going to pick one, this is the one.
  • Cant publish blog 3/5

    By Joe Brownd
    Cant publish blog for some reason. But if that worked I think I would use it. Afraid to recommended it.
  • It works, but only barely... 1/5

    By spdorsey
    This app allows posts to my personal blog, but it is extremely difficult and often impossible to format them in a way that allows me to leave the post without needing to later log in on my laptop and fix it later. Images are upside-down, links don’t have thumbnails, tags are difficult to add, and many other details are awkwardly implemented or left out altogether making this app only barely capable of meeting my needs. I could never tell my Mom to post to our blog using this app. The results would be ugly, poorly formatted, and end up with hours of me supporting her. The app is unintuitive and poorly designed. They can do better.
  • Mr Quincy Chase is my name. 5/5

    By quincy chase
    As the story is told that is a fraudulent statement made by Johnnys’ family, here are the facts, Johnny who is from another planet claimed i was married to him and the Judge ordered me to pay Money to end the the Marriage giving me a decree as evidence. Today hes family is claiming that I am him and stole hes money.
  • Useless 1/5

    By lacollectr
    Useless since I can’t log into it. My online account works fine, but the app doesn’t allow me to login
  • Can’t access products 1/5

    By Ryan in WA
    If you use Wordpress as a website versus a blog you won’t be able to access plugins and update woocommerce products. It would be nice to use your phone to upload new photos for products with your phone.
  • App is Actively Harmful to Site 1/5

    By BigDo6
    Any page on my site that I edit past the most minimal of levels, this app breaks. It hasn’t happened just once or a couple times, but every time I edit a page. Leaving me to spend my time repairing the page when I get back to a desktop. Layouts, columns, texts, images all turn into a garbled mess after updating a page with the IPad or IPhone app. Now I’m no developer, but what seems to be happening is the desktop app and the apple app are different versions of the same editor. Versions that can only be translated one way. Meaning, the app can read what is created on a desktop, but the desktop version cannot read what’s being created on the app. Specifically I am talking about the “blocks” formatting system. One is “classic” — one is not. Regardless, this app’s uselessness means I have to buy a laptop just to make changes to my site, and not just use my brand new IPad Pro. Boo.
  • Where are my reviews?? 2/5

    By Jemtree
    Funny how my reviews keep disappearing. I was going to retract my last one, but it's just gone. Why do my blog posts keep getting scheduled when I choose "publish now"? It's REally annoying. There are some things I really like about this app and some things that I want to get my money back because of.
  • What I like, but struggle with 3/5

    By terrippi
    I live the site, but as a woman I. Her upper 40’s I find it pretty hard to use. I’m still working at it and I’ll get there, but it there are some ways to simplify from the app, I would be for them. Terrippi
  • Love a Wordpress! 5/5

    By Rick6077
    Will never use another builder ever again!

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