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WordPress App

Manage or create your WordPress blog or website right from your iOS device: view stats, moderate comments, create and edit posts and pages, and upload media. All you need is a WordPress.com blog or a self-hosted WordPress.org site running 4.0 or higher. With WordPress for iOS, you have the power to publish in the palm of your hand. Draft a spontaneous haiku from the couch. Snap a photo on your lunch break for the week’s photo challenge at The Daily Post. Respond to your latest comments, or check your stats to see where today’s readers are coming from. Don’t forget to tag your posts published from the app with #wponthego so the community can find your masterpieces on the move. WordPress for iOS is an Open Source project, which means you, too, can help contribute to its development. Learn more at https://apps.wordpress.com/contribute/. Need help with the app? Visit the forums at https://ios.forums.wordpress.org or tweet us @WordPressiOS.


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WordPress app reviews

  • Good app but needs the ability to add captions 4/5

    By rollerskaty
    Wordpress is a great app, but the one thing which prevents me from giving a 5-Star review is that you can’t add captions to photos in the app. This feature was previously available in the app and is now only available via the web interface. Please bring it back!!
  • 7HJG7MWH+5Q 5/5

    By kuwert
  • Great app to keep you posted on the Go 5/5

    By ArtsyChic Creations
    It's a great app to help me stay up to date on my blog on the go.😊
  • WordPress 5/5

    By Little Rhet
    I love sharing, and reading other authors and writers blogs and articles. This is a great site! A friend suggested this site to me, I am grateful to her. I recommend this site to all who have a passion to write and connect with others.
  • There is no back button 3/5

    By Us jauhari
    After update to 9.9, There is no way to go back when open post on comment --- edited --- I see, this problem is only on the sites that not connected to jetpack. Other problem is i only can add one user on the same site. When adding another user, the old user disappears (both are not connected to jetpack)
  • It’s a YES from me! 5/5

    By TeeAri
    First time blogger and using this app and I LOVE IT!!!!
  • Photo upload 3/5

    By kiarra79
    I just updated my app and now I can’t upload photos!!! Please Help!!
  • Constantly changing 2/5

    By Anomalogue
    I am tired of developers constantly changing the UIs of the tools I use. I want to think about my content, not about the tool I'm using to create it. Please for the love of god freeze the UI and concentrate on improving the under-the-hood stuff. Close the security holes, etc. Stop forcing me to re-figure our how your software is supposed to work this week. You might think you are constantly improving your UI but in doing this you are destroying your user experience.
  • Won't run on iPad 1/5

    By BlondeWheelie
    With the latest update Wordpress will not run on my iPad 3. Perfectly functioning iPad is toast with the latest improvement. Why arbitrarily remove function? Because it won't work at all, I'd rate it 0 stars if available.
  • can you upload pdf documents? 3/5

    By zlovestny24
    we can only upload images on wordpress but not pdf documents?
  • Thee best 5/5

    By Diane Villela
    I am actually obsessed with this app. My brother has a website powered by word press, and I followed him. I now have one and I constantly edit my site. I started first with the free website and honestly couldn’t be any easier and there plenty of free designs. I bought a personal upgrade and recently went to premium. Love it. I have this app on my Mac iPhone and ipad!
  • 🏃🏽‍♂️💨👍🏽 5/5

    By ManRod2k
  • Novice Blogger 5/5

    By JDLdances
    Wordpress is easy to use. It has a fairly low learning curve and it's affordable.
  • Great app 5/5

    By MakersFan
    We have used it for a year for our group and it’s very easy to use
  • One issue 2/5

    By spicestravel
    Everything is awesome. Only issue is the plugins. There should be some basic ones to use with out having to upgrade
  • This version fails to upload images 1/5

    By Firstly Lastness
    The latest app version loops endlessly if I try to upload any images in my posts. I also had crash and lost an entire post. It's not worth using it ever does that. We spent a lot of time on our posts, and don't want them to disappear unless we choose that option. Thanks for a great free app, please fix it and restore confidence in it. There have been a versions that worked fine.
  • issue with portfolio themes 4/5

    By ahp13
    there is no way to access editing portfolio pages like you can on safari—please fix! ive been using the app to work on a blob and am just starting a new one to showcase artwork, being able to edit portfolio pages in the app would be very convenient!
  • So upset! 1/5

    By AllieE09
    I published a post on April 8th on the web version of Wordpress. Today I just logged into the app and it has that post in the drafts. It pulled my post down and deleted most of the content. So now, all of the links I have pointing to that post are irrelevant because I have to completely redo the post. It has been pinned numerous times and if people try to access it now they get an error message. I am so incredibly upset. This isn’t the first time either.
  • Travel 5/5

    By MaryLynnMemories
    Superb website that allows me to interact with my family while abroad.
  • Still needs tons of development work. 2/5

    By Brandy_K
    Crashes constantly. Doesn’t remember setting to always send report to developer. Doesn’t lock the post or respect locked posts so if you have a team you can easily lose an entire post. With latest iteration have noticed that it creates duplicates of things. Cannot set author or slext authors to see posts of, doesn’t use pending posts as a filter in posts screen (I have 100 pending posts to review but would love to see my own stuff...). Cannot manage custom taxonomies on posts. New photo upload management is good, so it gets two stars.
  • Ransomeware 1/5

    By polarpal99
    I used to use this routinely to upload blog entries during my vacations (storm chasing). This the app used to work flawlessly, but now it refuses to upload. After several hours of trying to debug why this is happening, it seems that what used to work smoothly is not impaired by some kind of sales pitch. I used to have a level of access that was free, but now the price of admission starts at $44 per year. Thank you for holding me and my blog site hostage, Wordpress. You’ve taken a system that worked well I made it nonfunctional. I will never forget you!
  • Needs major improvement 1/5

    By kellyefitz3
    It is nearly impossible to update my blog on the app. I use it to upload photos from my phone but often times, my text is lost and I am forced to re-write my blog over and over or write it all in one sitting.
  • Wordpress 5/5

    By oskul266
    Been using Wordpress for just over a year and I love it!
  • Nice & Easy 5/5

    By SuperC8T
    Wordpress.com I have been using for years to work on and build up my blog website and it is by far my favorite. I have tried other blogging websites but always go back to Wordpress.com and use it the most. It is easy and accurate to my needs and the people that blog here seem to be genuine writers.
  • I wish it worked better! 3/5

    By Bduepancwiene s
    I love the idea of the Wordpress app, and this one has the potential to be so amazing. I love being able to draft posts, reply to comments and check my stats. The app tends to be unreliable most of the time though. I have to copy my work often and save to my iPhone Notes because so many times I have drafted a post, hit ‘update’ and I’ll get an error and lose EVERYTHING. A lot of times it won’t let you upload pictures. There is an error stating the max allowed for a photo is “zero KB” which is pretty frustrating. In today’s world, people like to do everything from their phones, but this app DEFINITELY does not replace the computer experience. It’s unfortunate. 😔
  • Beware of editing on mobile 1/5

    By JohnnyYesPapa
    Editing on mobile screwed up all the formatting of nested bullet points!
  • Not smart enough to reset my password 2/5

    By choklatstar
    I’ve been in your reset password loop for an hour now. I’m already registered so I know I did it at least once. The new password generator creates a very complex # which does not copy into the iPad (mini) password list. Wordpress popped up when I was at one of my yarn blogs. It never went back for me to finish. I’m pretty persistent when I am following instructions. I think u have a problem.
  • So far we litty 5/5

    By gugunfonz07
    Thanks wordpress for allowing small timers work and feel just as important. Perfect for authors and readers💪🏽🐝 Follow me ToldbyMarlee
  • So Buggy 1/5

    By Dani_EG
    I've started writing to my blog exclusively on my computer, just because this app has gone so far down the drain. I can't add captions to photos and, despite selecting center alignment, they come out without alignment, which looks awful. It still messes up with lists, and headings often lose their formatting as well. If it weren't for wonderful 3rd party apps ending their support (Blogsy), I wouldn't even be using this. I'm on the search for a new third party app, because I don't trust Wordpress to ever come through on the iPad app. It's been years with this buggy mess, and it's gotten no better. I don't know how this app has above a 1 star rating. I can't imagine anyone using this app is updating their blogs with any sort of regularity, images, or formatting.
  • The greet site in kuwait 5/5

    By السوق الكبير
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Dentman4411
    I checked for updates and there are none. The app fails to upload anything or save anything. I hope for it to work but it does not.
  • Outdated terminology and buggy 2/5

    By Sprockethead1
    Blog posts?? Wordpress hasn’t been blog software forever. Please eliminate the old wording. It’s just posts. And it’s just pages, not site pages. Bug: the app wants to save your changes even when you haven’t made any. Bug: doesn’t refresh to the latest set of posts well if you haven’t used it for awhile. Bug: media library doesn’t update well.
  • I love it! 5/5

    By Geek Boy Jimmy
    Very smooth and user friendly interface! The learning curve is pretty painless, and the mobile app works pretty well too!
  • Uploading images 3/5

    By Opossum9932
    Still doesn’t handle image uploads well. Even images less than 100k get blocked if uploading to the media section. Fortunately you can get them into a post.
  • Great for beginners 5/5

    By Erika Eclipse
    I love this app. Super easy to learn how to use, personalize your blog, and share to other platforms. I’m so excited to learn what else I can do with this awesome app! ❤️
  • Crash Bug 1/5

    By M.Conley
    This app was working great until the last version. Now it crashes all the time! A text bubble comes up asking you to send a crash report to the developer. It doesn’t matter if you hit yes or now, the text bubble won’t go away, so you can’t use the app. Even if you delete the app and redownload!! Ugh. Pointless to have if it won’t work even for 5 minutes!
  • Glitchy 2/5

    By Chris Desatoff
    I really wanted to love this app, but it’s glitchy af. I have four self-hosted sites, and every time I add one it disappears after a few seconds or minutes, and then I have to add it again. I deleted the app and reloaded it, but it doesn’t matter. Frustrating
  • Will not update. 2/5

    By RedFridge
    Just sits in my Apple updater. Just sits there And sits there And sits there Does it not work with IOS 10ish? I refuse to update my IOS. Do I just need to delete it?
  • A Great Outlet 5/5

    By Cowgirl85DDS
    I started using this app so I could encourage others through what God has shown me in my life. This is a great way to do that and gives me a sense of peace when I write.
  • PRIVATE entries posting as PUBLIC, NO HELP SITE FOR THIS APP 1/5

    By Amryfal
    I can’t log into the iOS forum even though my credentials are accurate. When I select PRIVATE in the app post settings, it’s publishing those entries PUBLICLY! My blog is for my writing and public entries go to twitter and Facebook, so my PRIVATE notes, unfinished thoughts, and PERSONAL entries are being sent to the entire world, forcing me to track down all the copies and delete them before anyone clicks on them. Those entries are private for a REASON. I can’t contact anyone - Wordpress, FIX THIS or I’m taking my blog elsewhere!
  • Intuitive interface 5/5

    By Sibigtroth
    I’ve been using WordPress for about 8 months now and am extremely pleased by how easy and intuitive the process of writing, publishing, and editing is. The only complaint I would have is the inability to post directly to Instagram, but from what I can tell, that’s more of an issue on Instagram’s side than WordPress’s.
  • weak...stupid log in issues 2/5

    By Werdrath
    App says my login is incorrect..then go to desktop to login and get a safety hold then after hold my same login works. The app wont take my login information as correct. Deleted it.
  • Easy set up! 5/5

    By Carrieh1
    I was up and blogging faster than I could have imagined! WordPress is easy to use, and easy to customize!
  • Outstanding blog outlet 5/5

    By Annerockthefashion
    This blog outlet is one of the greatest way to express yourself and get the people you want to be inspired to have a great life. You can’t go wrong with Wordpress because you get a reasonable price for your work to be shown for the people all around you.
  • Stop fixing what isnt broke 3/5

    By Mikuhatsune01
    I shouldnt have done this last update since everything was fine well ok before it now I cant find my drafts and theres useless crap everywhere an of course its not like you can just send a quick email and get any help...I know how to find them thanks but in the appthey were gone now theres also a loading issue when trying to read blogs I follow nothing but problems in this app 😔
  • Bad ! 1/5

    By 57R1CK3B4CK_404 T34M DEV FUR D
    We will not update the application until Wordpress gives us an answer and solution to the problem posed !
  • Wordpress app 5/5

    By MarthaMichael
    A few years in, still love Wordpress. They make it better all the time. Now that I have a little bit of a hang of how Wordpress works, I'm in love. Thanks for asking. One year later, I'm still in love. Still in love with this app.
  • Very pleased! 5/5

    By mrw6788
    Very easy to navigate and use!
  • From sugar to donkey dust 1/5

    By TreoRenegade
    April 5, 2018: Max size for featured image upload is 0kb. Late April Fools Day joke? Insanely incompetent. No. You don't need to talk. TEST the dang thing! April 9th: Surprise! Can't even use Reader. Crash City. Thought: testing is your friend, WordPress. April 3, 2018: Seriously, no testing phase? Preview invariably yields a 404 error. I've sent so much time flipping back and forth re the classic /wp-admin web interface, since this app bombs in multiple ways, that I now use wp-admin as my go to. So much for iPad mobility. Thank goodness for my ChromeBook. === Previous: Search bar no longer accessible on ipad b/c only the top tip appears. HTML edit gone AWOL. No way to access featured image ALT tag. The list of infirmities stretches for miles. No clue crew re mobile access. Sad. And I'm paying for this ongoing debacle. Fortunately, only a few months to go before the annual sub date materializes, allowing me to explore alternatives.
  • Wordpress Review 5/5

    By spotlightofahighschooler
    Hi! I’m a fairly new Wordpress user and I am absolutely in love with it! I am 14 and I have already had a fair amount of people view my posts off of a free plan on Wordpress. I love writing and Wordpress has allowed me to share that with everyone else, there is nothing you need to improve, any of my concerns are probably just things I have yet to discover. The only thing that could be I proved is the html section because unlike other sites, it makes you input all the coding and confusing information manually.

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