Words With Friends – Word Game

Words With Friends – Word Game

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  • Current Version: 13.0.7
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Zynga Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Words With Friends – Word Game App

The World’s Most Popular Mobile Word Game now has even more ways to play! Try new rewards and boosts to help you play smarter and faster! Words With Friends is the fun, free word game that lets you connect with friends and family while expanding your vocabulary and sharpening your wit. Test your brain power and spell your way to victory.   May the Best Friend Win.™ Game Features: • WEEKLY CHALLENGE: Play the weekly challenge and earn fun, themed badges • SOLO PLAY: Play offline and sharpen your skills with solo play • HINDSIGHT: Uncover the best word you could have played after each turn • WORD RADAR: Heat map reveals all possible moves before you take a turn • PROFILE FRAMES: Show off your unique style with custom profile frames • SMART MATCH: Connect with players of a similar skill with Smart Match • 6 LANGUAGES: Choose to play in Spanish, French, German, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese and British English *Play Words With Friends without third party ads between moves if you previously purchased Words With Friends Pro on iOS or any other mobile device. Be sure to login with Facebook or the email account you used to make the previous purchase to continue to play without third party ads between moves. Already an accomplished Wordie? Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter to stay up-to-date on game news, contests, polls and more. https://www.facebook.com/WordsWithFriends https://twitter.com/WordsWFriends   https://instagram.com/wordswithfriends We love hearing from you! Have a question or a suggestion? Ask questions here: http://zynga.tm/d01Tx   Share suggestions here: http://zynga.tm/r02dY Thank you for playing Words With Friends! Additional Information: The game is free to play; however, in-app purchases are available for additional content and in-game currency. In-app purchases range from $0.99 to $99.99 USD.

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Words With Friends – Word Game app reviews

  • Rigged 1/5

    By 9876ace
    Boring. Don’t play
  • Performance issues 1/5

    By Montery Willy
    It seems that Zynga got greedy and added “features” that slow the game down to the point where I’m looking for alternatives. Please make these “features” optional!
  • What’s Up With That? 2/5

    By Homebody52
    I loved this game but am struggling to keep playing now that there are all these words that don’t have a valid definition. What’s up with that? How can you have a fair challenge when your opponent can make a word that is a valid words with friends word but with no definition available yet? That’s a pretty un-level playing field if you ask me.
  • Can’t Delete Practice Games 3/5

    By 1 Reviewer
    Why can’t I delete completed Practice Mode games? AND FOR GOD’S SAKE! TURN OFF DAILY GOALS AND OTHER MESSAGES. I love playing this game, but the constant interruptions are making me look elsewhere to spend the few moments I have each day to play games.
  • iPhone words with friend app 1/5

    By channellakemama
    The iPhone version of words with friends is awful. It is too gregarious to even concentrate on the actual game. Who coded this game?
  • They have ruined the game! 1/5

    By Kevin. J
    I paid for this game long ago to get rid of the ads (and to support the programmers of a fun game). Now the new version has full screen, self promoting ads that are more distracting than the small ads you normally find in FREE apps, and there is no way to minimize or turn them off! I wanted to revert back to my old version and contacted the developer. Their answer was “No”. Now I find myself looking for a replacement game!
  • Acting up 4/5

    By Txlela
    Messages is acting up since the last update and a friend is having trouble with her game.
  • Ok game 3/5

    By bennjjjjjiiii
    It’s a great game but after every move you have you end up getting an ad. I think you should consider lowering the amount of ads in the game
  • Lol! 4/5

    By zxcyl
    Why doesn’t the word search correlate, with the hindsight
  • Not working! 1/5

    By CottonCandyChar
    So I go into the app and all of a sudden all of my games are gone. I delete it and download it again, seeing if that will work, but it still doesn’t. I can’t get anything to work and the app is going all glitchy. It was a pretty nice app till this happened and now all my games are down the drain.
  • Fun to play but too “cute” and too many flaws 2/5

    By Cjb1384
    Practice mode hangs with unplayable games. An over abundance of colorful tiles, iPad notifications that do not work, and a play board that is not anchored. To mention a few issues. A great game by itself but flawed by self indulgence.
  • No, you haven’t fixed your bugs 1/5

    By Jressex20
    I, right now, 8 Nov 2019 have 2 frozen oops games on my board. Don’t say you’ve fixed your bugs! 11 Nov 2019. All 3 solo games frozen with OOPS! I have upgraded my iPad so it’s not me. Fix this dagum problem!! Uninstalled again!
  • Play words that aren’t words? 1/5

    By TeamBoozski
    Wow I genuinely hate the new words with friends. The app is so cluttered and annoying and people keep playing words that aren’t even real words (clon, nixe). Greatest part is the app says no definition, then I google just to confirm and google doesn’t even recognize them as English words. And now slang and abbreviations are allowed? (VIP and meh)
  • Notification 3/5

    By Hawaii boyee
    Could we obtain the original notification sound, back to its original?
  • Practice Mode 4/5

    By LeRoyFrost
    Keep locking up and I have to delete the App and redo download
  • what is up with this app?! 1/5

    By eight18
    a. what dictionary is being used? there are unreal words and proper nouns being accepted all the time. it’s annoying! how can it be a proper vocabulary game when the rules aren’t take into account? b. i have fast match games that have been stuck at 1 min left for two days! i don’t even know if the other person can get in to play. fix it. please. you’ve certainly raked in enough $ to do so.
  • What happened..? 1/5

    By chufford
    I missed playing this so bad so my wife and I redownloaded it only to discover my paid version turned into this bastardized microtransaction filled sellout nonsense. Played around with it for a bit to try to figure out how to play a game with her and just found it painful. Deleting the app, very disappointed. Please bring back the barebones original version from years ago..
  • Great App before Upgrades 1/5

    By QufuChina2019
    I agree with reviewers who are annoyed by the upgrades that force players to wait for unwanted and meaningless charms and rewards. I have five minutes a day to play this game with a cherished friend across the country. The new animation discourages us both from playing. If we could opt out, we both would, so we could spend more time playing, less time waiting for our captured screens to finish. Zynga--read your reviews and keep your games playable, enjoyable. Less was more.
  • Return to the old format 1/5

    By wvsara
    I agree with those who expressed their disappointment lately. After a long time of playing I’m about to give up. The game has lost a lot of its challenge with all the two letter words now allowed that are not legit words. They are abbreviations i.e. allowing the element table and other similar abbreviations. Stick to scrabble rules like you did when you started! Also solo puts a word in the game and then when you look in the dictionary it says definition not known and that they are working on a definition. The other day in solo play they put in the word MAGA. Why are they politicizing this game and it’s not even a word. That one really made me mad. Also I can’t delete old games which really slows down the play. Old games pop back up repeatedly and slow down play. I delete and close out and at least 10 are back up and are the same ones that I just tried to delete. Plus they say I lost (solo games) and when I go in and check it is clearly the other way and I won. I downloaded the new version at their suggestion and it is worse than ever so I went back to classic. Wish someone would pay attention to all of the other bad comments and put it back to a fun game.
  • The mandatory challenges are as bad as ads 2/5

    By Sarah_7484
    I paid for the ad free version because I have a short window each day in which to play. With the constant interruptions caused by “you played a y in ‘spooky’” and all the other garbage, the slow down in play takes longer than the ads did. I would so much prefer an option to opt out of the peripheral stuff and stick to the actual games I play with my actual friends.
  • Crash 1/5

    By Bill102
    I don’t know what caused it, maybe an update to the iOS or to the app, but my app hasn’t opened in a week. It just crashes every time. White screen after the title screen.
  • Words with friends 2/5

    By Game test dummy
    Game is too slow. Too many pop ups, rewards, etc.
  • I don’t think there is another app that has made me more angry than this 1/5

    By sjsharksfan39
    This game is a joke. Words that are not real words are accepted in this game, like “Ghis” and the worst thing is ads after EVERY. SINGLE. PLAY. I mean I get this app needs to pay the bills but it is insane how much this app interrupts its own game play. Also I think the players themselves are computers. I mean the only thing they do is play this game. You play a word and have to sit through another annoying Toon Blast add and as soon as you put down your phone and do something else the notification hits. To the other players I say GET A LIFE. I’m busy. I don’t need you nuging me to play 24/7. After I play my opponent I’m deleting this crap app. It really is a joke.
  • Some Real Words Don’t Count/Work 3/5

    By julieg423
    UPDATE: Still annoyed that legitimate words are not considered words in this game. For example- I have a word I can play and know it’s a legitimate word. After WwF said it’s an invalid word I looked it up on Merriam-Webster which proves Words with Friends was wrong. Does the developer want to explain why some people can use certain words and others can’t? For example, I am playing against someone who just used the word EE. I have the opportunity to use the same word elsewhere in the puzzle. WwF says it’s not a valid word. This has happened with a couple of other words also. I’d like to hear the explanation.
  • Used to be good 1/5

    By KaraInKentucky
    I have loved this game since it was created. BUT!! The new way to receive rewards is ridiculous! Takes forever, holds up play, takes up battery life for no good reason!! ...put it back to the old way, PLEASE!! Also....what is up with all these new words allowable that are truly NOT words. Fix that because it’s not a real word game if you can use words that aren’t real. I have heard someone hacked the game and added nonsense words.....please just fix it. I have no interest in playing anymore.
  • Ads after EVERY game 1/5

    By Lmoore9098
    This game wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t need to close and reopen every time I play a game with someone so I don’t have to watch an ad.
  • Too many ads and advantages 2/5

    By BH n DC
    I love playing but the only way to win is o use advantages and then you have to sit through 30 sec commercials. It’s frustrating
  • Crashes too often 1/5

    By gmc822000
    I can’t even play a move without the app crashing or it freezing. So annoying to try and open it again to do the same thing. Also too many creeps trying to hit on you, like wanting to know how old you are, how old are your kids contact them via a different app, give them your email or number. So annoying
  • Not so much fun anymore! 1/5

    By Fotomom
    The game is forcing you to buy coins to use for play. When I get 5 e’s and use the switch and get 4 e’s back even tho there are 30 letters available. When I play the solo challenge and only get single score letters, I switch them out for more single score letters while the computer receives and plays 10 letter scores. I absolutely hate ‘Valid Word With Friends’ word and it’s a total nonsense word. Please fix your algorithm!
  • Getting sloppy 2/5

    By DonOTerp
    Recent updates have not been put through rigorous testing. As a result some features have either stopped working (streak counter) or rewards are inconsistently updated (badges earned not awarded). In addition the dictionary allows some non-words (DUI, DOA) and words with no definition.
  • Bad game 1/5

    By zpadder
    I purchased a new iPad Air 3rd gen a month ago and downloaded everything from my old iPad via a cloud backup. Now when I play off line, I cannot complete games and get an oops, something went terribly wrong message. I can still play better off line on my 2nd gen iPad.
  • An Unfortunate Disappointment 😔😔😔👎🏾👎🏾 1/5

    By Gleedoc
    Great game to exercise the mind. I Enjoy it!!!! Yes WWF was a game to exercise one’s mind, until the change. It’s unfortunate that playing WWF allows hints and purchases of words. What happened to exercising the mind to think and spell. Basically and opponent can just CHEAT!!! Forget the challenge, let’s just cheat by purchasing hints. God bless
  • Fire Your Programmers! 1/5

    By ClarityBarb
    This game used to be tons of fun. Fast. Simple. Straightforward. Now none of that is so. So many new TOTALLY UNNEEDED features have been added that it’s incredibly slow just to load. Then all the crap that happens between plays give me time to grow old waiting! Make a version where it’s just Words With Friends...no badges, no weird extra games. I’ve grown to know and care for some of my opponents and would hate to delete this overloaded app. But not sure how much longer I can hang on through all the crappy frills. You clearly have way to many programmers on board who need to get real lives. And even if it’s just one...go outside. Take a walk. Get together in person with you friends. DONT add more crap to this weighted down app.
  • Keeps me connected to my kids 5/5

    By ejstls
    My children live across the country. Playing words with friends helps bridge the distance.
  • Love the game but too many ads 3/5

    By RP in NYC
    I have been playing this game for years but now there are TOO many ads. This is very frustrating. It breaks your train of thought and the game freezes. There used to be an option to purchase the game ad-free. I should have done this. I might have to stop playing.
  • In-game purchases give unfair advantages 1/5

    By Foshizzyl Himself
    You shouldn’t be allowed to spend money to give yourself an unfair advantage, but alas, you can. Ugh. Also, the game is frequently interrupted to notify you of these unnecessary and meaningless “achievements.”
  • Turned to garbage 2/5

    By owlk
    This game used to be fun. Now it’s garbage. It allows all kinds of words to be played that are not actually words. Another terrible addition is “power ups”, which is solely designed to make them money. These power ups offer outrageous advantages that fundamentally change the game. For instance, one lets you swap out tiles without taking a turn. Another let’s you see all tiles where a play is available. Instead of increasing your vocabulary to get better, now you can just pay money to win! Terrible.
  • Problem 3/5

    By Bopink
    My iPad version won’t notify me if a word I place is acceptable unless I hit the play button. It used to but for some reason it won’t any longer.
  • Daily rewards are a croc! 1/5

    By Pinmaster_11
    Twice in a row I have had multiple streaks of more than 20 days and both times it reset me back to day one even though I have not missed a day. I’m done with this game. I no longer get play notifications on my iPhone X, so I have to constantly open the app. Bunch of garbage all around. Used to love this game. Tired of the BS.
  • Problem with Chats on words with friends. 2/5

    By Jumblexxxiiinnn
    When chatting and want to make a correction I am unable to go back to the word to make a correction. It just moves the entire chat up and down and you can’t make changes. Very frustrating as I have made friend 6 years ago and we communicate daily...
  • Not a dating site! 3/5

    By Sheezy69
    I used to love playing this game. It’s the only one that I still enjoy playing. But lately it’s turned into some creepy pick up site. EVERY DAY I get random creepy men asking me where I’m from, if I’m single, what are the ages of my kids, and other inappropriate stuff like that. It’s annoying. It bothers me, but I don’t want to let creeps run me off a game I still like to play, so I just ignore them. But what scares me is that there are young kids that play on there, and some naive women that will fall for their crap. It worries me that it could be being used for human trafficking. Does anyone monitor those chats in there? If not, they should, because it’s getting way out of hand! I’ve been doing my best to ignore them all, but some days I get over 4 weirdos trying to chat with me and get personal information. It’s getting to where the annoyance isn’t worth playing anymore.
  • Lots of fun! 3/5

    By wallylong1960
    I like the game a lot. I do wish the developers would fix or add a couple of improvements. It would be nice to have a limited chat prior to starting a game. I would like to be able to ask someone if they’re interested without starting a game and then waiting til they either reject the invite or let the time run out. And I would really like the suggested opponents list to change from time to time. With so many people playing this game, you’d think there would be more suggested opponents. But I see the same ones day in and day out. And there is not even that many on the list. Fix there two items and it’s 5 stars.
  • Almost like scrabble 4/5

    By katrnc609
    I enjoy playing against friends. But, your solo game CHEATS. I will go back to scrabble unless the game stops cheating.
  • Crashes 2/5

    By Wandagfg
    Lately the app crashes. Today I moved letters from my stash to the board and it crashed and did not save my word.
  • One bug, one request 2/5

    By GramSusan
    With latest upgrade to 13.0.7, there is a new problem. When I create a new game with an existing friend, it creates one for me to start, but also three new blank games, all waiting for my move. I have to leave those games out there until the expire if I don’t want them to count as losses. My opponent can see them, too, and did not create them. I dislike all the bonus play - just not interested - and it really slows down play a great deal. Should be an option to turn it off. Thanks.
  • words With Friends 4/5

    By skigal9
    This latest update is confusing but now my screen for WWF is white and blank and I cannot bring it back. The update seems to have backfired, and now I cannot play. Can you fix this error, please. Oct. 30th, 2019
  • Ridiculous Game 1/5

    By MTB minerman
    For example, wica is a legitimate word which Words will not let you play. However, the game makes up words like vu which doesn’t exist. Don’t waste your time with this game. There are superior word games available. If the game doesn’t like your comment, you must go through a litany of nicknames. Ridiculous.
  • Playing 7 yrs 4/5

    By DogMom90210
    Hello this app is great fun, keeps in touch with friends & family, and helps with word and brain skills. Would rate 5 stars except more recent updates make you see (after each play) a video ad, if you played WWF letters of the day, awards you just earned, & other speed delaying messages. These could be reduced as I pay no attention. As of last week, my player settings aren’t working. Strangers are beginning new games and I have to decline. It used to suggest - according to skill, who would be match of the day. I’ve declined those. I love the game as it was and need this resolved. Thanks for a wonderful App!!
  • So frustrated 2/5

    By Scamdisguisedasfreegame
    Have been playing for several years. Now the game locks up on me every other day. Either “white screen of death” or an advertisement that I can’t delete. AND what’s the deal with all the stupid, useless boxes, word radar etc. Guess I don’t understand the point,just want to play the game.

Words With Friends – Word Game app comments

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