Workout Planner Muscle Booster

Workout Planner Muscle Booster

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  • Current Version: 2.19.0
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  • Compatibility: Android
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Workout Planner Muscle Booster App

Get Better, Stronger, and Faster with the MUSCLE BOOSTER WORKOUT PLANNER! Whether you work out at home or hit the gym, Muscle Booster's smart training algorithm will guide you through your sets, rep ranges, and rest between sets to help you achieve your training goals and find a faster way to fat loss. WHO IS MUSCLE BOOSTER FOR? Muscle Booster was developed specifically for men who care about their health and appearance and want to look and feel amazing. This app is a substitute for a personal trainer and will help you get in great shape, whether at home or the gym. HOW TO START? Set your goals: weight loss, muscle gain, or being more active Select the zones that you want to work on: shoulders, chest, arms, back, belly, legs Enter your personal data such as age, height, weight, fitness level, etc. HOW DOES MUSCLE BOOSTER WORK? Our smart algorithm will suggest a personalized workout plan based on your goals and data – a combination of cardio, strength, and recovery exercises that will enable you to maximize your results. Your basic plan is created for 60 days and displayed in your calendar. You can use it as a daily workout journal. Each week the workout plan will be updated according to your progress and feedback (if the previous workouts were too easy or too difficult for you). With Muscle Booster, you’ll never be bored working out – you'll have access to a library of 200+ workouts, including muscle gain or weight-loss workouts, and gym or at-home routines with minimum or no equipment at all, like bodyweight or dumbbell home workouts. Moreover, your workouts include convenient audio and video instructions, a weight-loss tracker, and a workout timer, all in one convenient health and fitness app. There is also a recipe database included in the app (available in English only). HEALTHKIT: Muscle Booster integrates with HealthKit, so you can export nutrition and exercise data from Muscle Booster to HealthKit, as well as fitness data and weight and body measurements from HealthKit to Muscle Booster. SUBSCRIPTION INFO: You can download the app for free. Further use requires a subscription. - When opting for a subscription, you pay the fixed price for your country, which is displayed in the app. - Payment will be charged to your iTunes Account upon confirmation of purchase. - Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renewal is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. - Your Account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current subscription period. - You can manage your subscriptions and turn off auto-renewal by going to your Account Settings after purchase. - When canceling a subscription, your subscription will stay active until the end of the current period. Auto-renewal will be disabled, but the current subscription will not be refunded. For more information, see our Privacy Policy: Terms of Use:

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Workout Planner Muscle Booster app reviews

  • Worst app ever give me my money back! 1/5

    By EdRangel4
    Workouts don’t save and the app shuts down during my workouts CONSTANTLY. Worst app ever, save your money!
  • Like BUT 2/5

    By Tradz5
    had this app for a year. Enjoyed it BUT now the price has over doubled. Sorry will not renew!
  • Crashing a lot 1/5

    By cezarxxxx
    Crashing a lot even if you want to use your phone this app has to stay on screen if you put it in the background it will crash and it will force you to chose a new workout which is ridiculous. Not worth the subscriptions for this very reason. Do Not subscribe it’s waste of money and time unless this get fixed.
  • Charged me and had recurring payments on even though I didn’t sign up for them. 1/5

    By matt_s123
    I did a trial of this app to see how I liked it and it wasn’t for me. I assumed that the trial would end and it would ask me if I’d like to subscribe but instead, it charged me $30. I requested a refund the second that charge hit my bank account but of course, there was nothing they could do. There are many apps and websites that do this or have very small fine print somewhere to “just” stay in the legal limit but it’s just wrong and therefore, they deserve a one star.
  • Workouts 4/5

    By Bakes1968
    It would’ve nice if there was a bell after each exercise. So, if your lying down doing these exercises, you’ll no when to stop and start the next.
  • Technical Issues 2/5

    By undeRliRcs
    Great to someone excited about body transformation but the app not progressing after certain sets at random is frustrating. There’s no way to pick up where you left off if the app is closed. The countdown also doesn’t react correctly if skipping already completed sets. The technical issues definitely causes pause if I want to continue to utilize the app.
  • This is ridiculous 1/5

    By KIVagant
    I spent some time filling out the questionnaire in the app I downloaded for free just to see a non-skipable money request. I don’t even know how the app looks inside, if it has to offer anything convenient to me and they are already asking for subscription. Well, the trash can has always enough space for such apps.
  • Auto-renewal and add-on trap 1/5

    By Joe Blastoff
    I bought the app service for 3 months for $31.79 through Apple. I requested non-renewal the next day and was told it would not renew. Then a second auto-renew charge of $21.99 from muscle-booster io showed up on my Visa account. I have no idea how or why it got there. I spoke with Visa about it and they said it is a sticky situation. What a total mess. I feel tricked into a trap and trying to get free from it is horrible. Stay away from these Tricksters.
  • Bmi on a muscle boosting app? 2/5

    By Meowlickss
    I don’t understand why bmi would be used on a muscle building app but after about ten minutes of questions this app isn’t for me anyway. I just wanted to record my workouts and not be called fat for having muscle lol
  • Just Don’t. 1/5

    By PDT1969
    I paid for the program only to get to the program and be asked to purchase more products. Based on the number of reviews already, this company is making a killing. Do NOT expect a refund if you purchase this program and don’t like it immediately. Expect to have to buy more once you make a purchase.
  • Terrible! 1/5

    By CHQBox886
    Keep getting charged after original purchase and can not contact them. The manage subscription button conveniently does not work.
  • Scam 1/5

    By musicangel1
    Purchased a monthly subscription after completing questionnaire only to find out that additional subscription purchases were needed in order to see workouts for selective muscle groups. Big let down!!! No way am I going to spend $59 a month!! So I’ve wasted $20 for initial purchase. Could be a great program but the lack of transparency and the way it fools you into signing up is enough for me to say BYE BYE !!
  • Great App 5/5

    By @King_Olu
  • Bad business 1/5

    By Asal kalantar
    Watch for the charges with out your authorization.
  • Not upfront about price 1/5

    By J. A. Triana
    The app makes you waste 20 minutes of your life imputing all your info just to tell you about price at the end. Not upfront, so gets 1 star.
  • Ehh 1/5

    By ava184748$$
    I paid for the app and the same day I went to open to use it and it’s charging me again! I would like my money back I’m good.
  • Don’t do it. 1/5

    By deejay shade
    I tried to sign up for their monthly plan of $19.99 . I paid the money in PayPal then I was charged again by Apple for $19.99. Then I was almost charged another $29.99 but I exited the app before it happened. Who knows how many times I would have been charged if I didn’t stop. I have disputes open on both charges and all I can say is buyer beware.
  • App crashes mid workout 1/5

    By Sam_DL
    If you accidentally lock your phone…the app crashes and you lose your workout progress. No way to go back.
  • It’s a workout to restart the app after each crash… 1/5

    By Heir of the King1
    The workouts are great, but the App quits working in the middle of each workout and I have to restart all over again. SO STRESSFUL! Not worth paying the subscription.
  • Can’t even get to workout 1/5

    By hjvdu kdjdb
    I paid for a subscription and then it tries to get me to buy books with other workout plans. It won’t let me move past this screen without purchasing the books, which I DON’T WANT. I can’t even get to my actual workouts because I have to buy the books in order to do so. Scam and waste of money.
  • I’m almost obese?!? 3/5

    I was preparing to use this app ever since a colleague recommended it Haley. I entered all of my information. And it says I’m an unhealthy weight and has a picture of an overweight guy as a representation of my appearance. To be clear… I’m 210 pounds and 15% body fat and I would like to just get down to 11 or 12%. If you exercise regularly, BMI is a terrible measurement since it assumes that a much higher fat content is the basis for the weight. So I don’t think this app is for me. However, it appears to be a great option for those who are just starting a fitness plan.
  • Great app missing one key feature... 4/5

    By Kanman01
    I've been a long time user of this app. Love it, when I travel I can customize what equipment I have. I'd love it even more if I could save my custom workouts as favorites. As of right now I have to select my equipment, select my target areas and then scroll through and make changes to any individual exercise. Waste of a good 10mins. Would be amazing to just have ⭐button when making a custom workout and always be able to call back to a bunch of your favorite work out routines. Even better would be if you could name them. "@home arm 60mins" "@hotel full body 30min"... 🤞🏼🤞🏼 one can hope.
  • BEWARE Foreign FEE 1/5

    By Andrew_Johnston
    This company has terrible customer service. Be sure to read into your payment card user terms. The charge from this app onto my card came with a separate charge from VISA labeled FOREIGN TRANSACTION FEE. And not to mention the initial price you pay for a membership will not be what you will be charged in the future. I initially started with a three month membership, then the next three month payment came through more than 150% higher. If this happens to you don’t waste your time asking for an adjustment or refund. They won’t care.
  • Another data collection and for fee app that promisses the world 1/5

    By Pedro_BB
    Collects first your personal data even if not directly relevant to the training and at no point it mentions the paid aspect neither the intentions: it is only once you answer the lengthy questionnaire that you get to understand that it is for a subscription fee
  • Great app; a few bugs 4/5

    By July5300
    I have been using this app for about 3 months and am really enjoying the variety and flexibility, as well as the adaptation when I am at my full service gym vs hotel gym. Only issue is that numerous times in the middle of a workout on my iPhone, I had to switch screens to view a text, email or change music. When I came back to app, it kicked out and put me back to creating a new workout. Very frustrating. Hopefully, that glitch can be fixed. Also, a request to add as an equipment and exercise option...TRx straps. Great option for exercise.
  • Too many questions. 2/5

    By RHMAC
    The app may be great but it asks way too many questions up front for an app. Should have an option for those who don’t need to be evaluated or need analytics. I signed out and deleted. Would have liked to simply see exercises and track.
  • Program has changed 2/5

    By Kollb001
    I have been using the program for about 2 months and was loving the avatar feature where the program shows u what to do and using a cgi person shows u the impacted/targeted muscles. In the past two days it has shifted to a video of a live person with the muscle overlay. I don’t want to watch a fit person workout in general, much less if it comes at the cost of useful info like muscle groups.
  • Paying 1/5

    By x27sav
    Terrible.. I have to pay for it when I can just get a workout online.
  • Watch out 1/5

    By mzktlll
    Keep charging you after you cancel the subscription
  • Not what it used to be 2/5

    By S&D Chicago
    This app recently had an overhaul and the new version is terrible. Example: when attempting a shoulder workout, the max option is 30 minutes with 3 different exercises. Irrelevant exercises to the muscle groups pop-in to the lists. Not sure what happened here and why it was changed but I do not recommend this any longer. Sad because I liked it previously.
  • DO NOT USE THIS APP - Jump Through Hoops 1/5

    By Cameron Sr
    ATTENTION ALL MILITARY, VETERANS & FIRST RESPONDERS I thought I could do workouts, and subscribed 3/5/23. On 3/6/23 I decided that it is physically too much for me (had triple bypass heart surgery 3/2022). I send email to support (cancel & refund) only to read that I must contact support from the App Store for refund. This is what I refer to as my having to “jump through hoops”. I have cancelled subscription within app, am searching how to cancel within App Store, and what method to obtain refund since it is within 72 hours. It is also interesting how my 3-month trial subscription ends 3/6/2023 with a renewal of $49.99 - this is unethical and possible extortion. I wonder how much money they have made using this tactic? They insist that I use this app for 14 workouts to determine if I get any results and offered me free lifetime access instead of a refund. This means they are requiring me to continue to use their app and thereby risk dying. If I die, then I can’t request a refund from the afterlife. I am keeping the email correspondence as evidence. I RECOMMEND THAT THIS APP IS BOYCOTTED.
  • Just Dont 1/5

    By Viperf68
    Do not expect a refund, a 30 day money back guarantee means 30 day money back guarantee. Except to this bunch.
  • My account does not work 1/5

    By Gwynnisland
    I opened account online and paid prior to downloading App. My email address will not work, how do I get this fixed, or do I cancel and start over. Thanks
  • Give me something… 1/5

    By Robertgutz
    No trial period whatsoever, just wastes your time by having you fill in 28 or so questions and then tells you to pay to see your personalized plan. Give me a sample workout or a tour of your interface or something.
  • Ffffffff 1/5

    By ☮️илбарльсвеооь
    Полная херня 💔.
  • Does NOT support family sharing 1/5

    By Momma Mo moo
    For starters, you are unable to try the app without subscribing. The experience begins with a survey and generation of a workout plan that’s only viewable after signing up for a subscription. The listing in the App Store states this app supports family sharing so I thought ok, my wife and I will get to use this so I subscribed for 6 months since that was $40 at the time. Well this app does not support family sharing. This app is also very underwhelming. The generated workouts are fine, you’ll get that anywhere. But this app lacks any sort of tracking of weights used or detailed stats about your workouts completed and progress made. At best, it tracks the number of workouts you’ve done. 2 stars for not being buggy and having quality workout animations. Do not waste your money on this app.
  • Waste of $$ 1/5

    By Geiratlas
    I so wanted this to be as cool as the ads. Typical work out : starts with stretching, all good , then the actual workout bit is split into 4 different exercises, ie push ups for 45 sec, then it repeats the same exercise 4x, there is no way I can do push-ups for 3 min straight as a beginner There is no way truly customize your exercise. I really tried to give this a go, just an extremely frustrating experience, and total waste of my money.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By jdkwidje
    Waste of time and money. Do your own research and write it on paper.
  • Free? "In App Purchases" 🙄 1/5

    By Cjigdhhffhj
    It might actually be a good app but it comes across as another scam app that doesn't even let you look at program it generates with out paying at least 20$. No trial period, no refund, just reads as no confidence in the product. 🤷‍♂️
  • Inconsistent, frustrating app 3/5

    By Whgsdtu
    I’ve been using the app for a few weeks. It’s inconsistent. The exercises are ok. Even working for me. But there seems to be no relationship between the feedback I give about workouts and subsequent ones. Some are too much, some way too easy, some just right. Plus the internal timing of workouts occasionally screws up, with encouragement “keep going” and “almost done” and chimes having no relationship to the timing of the exercises.
  • Takes 20 minutes from you then locks app with paywall 1/5

    By Vegas Blake
    Spent like 20 minutes filling out all this info to use the app, then it won’t even let me try it free for a day or two to see if I even like it. How about next time you tell me it costs money upfront? Or let us try it first? Seems like they want to get paid first because they’re not confident in their product, that I’ll cancel the trial because I don’t like it. This just makes me like it less
  • Don't buy it 1/5

    By jcb3151
    Good luck getting a refund! After 1 day of using the app, I realized that was not for me, I contacted customer support, after going back and forth with them explaining myself why I don't want the app anymore, they said that I will not get a refund! Do not buy, is not worth it! I guess they rather get a bad review and keep the $19.00 for the 1st. Month, scammers!!!
  • Updated my mental 5/5

    By Derrick D. (aka; Smoke)
    At the age of 59 and having experience so many different workout routines, I must say they won with this program. Instantly let me know this is the standard thumbs down to any other workout routine if you’re wondering whether to embark upon a total life change. This is definitely the place
  • Not Money Back Guarantee - Read the Fine Print. 1/5

    By jpstath221
    They state it’s a money back guarantee but only if you use the app and then “prove” it didn’t work. False advertising don’t buy.
  • Keeps crashing 1/5

    By DMlive
    App keeps locking up during workouts can’t get past about 75% of workout
  • Female Workouts 4/5

    By Aidragas
    So my girlfriend really likes the app because all th exercise options this subscription offers. But does this workouts can be done by females she asks me.
  • Subscription issue 2/5

    By jimmyptalks
    i really like the app and how it’s built, but recently i accidentally subscribed to a plan and i unsubscribed from it in my settings but it keeps trying to charge me. is there any way i can stop this from happening? i think it was the 6 month for $40 plan and it also wont let me redownload the app until i pay for the sub. Thanks.
  • Helpful past features are missing 2/5

    By Boisterously
    I enjoyed using this app a couple years ago because it had a feature where you could learn about different exercises based on the part of the body you wanted to work out. I redownload the app and see that a major update has been made and that specific feature is no longer there…nor is the ability to select specific exercises by part of the body. Instead they create workout plans for you based on the body part areas you want to focus on. Most of the time I want to customize my own workout so it’s frustrating and unhelpful that they removed that feature
  • There is no button to cancel subscription 2/5

    By Veljassss
    After some time using app which is great i find out that there no button to cancel subscription so be aware of this. They will charge you, and when you login to your account you will not find cancel button.