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Workouts++ App

Workouts++ lets you completely customize your Apple Watch workouts to display whatever fitness data you'd like — from a 6 metric display packed with info to a focused single metric display. For each metric you can setup conditional coloring and haptic alerts to help keep you in the zone. You can even display graphs of your performance to help you understand how well your workout is going. You can view detailed statistics for all of your past workouts (whether you've collected them in Workouts++ or not). This includes summary statistics as well as graphs showing available minute-by-minute performance statistics. Your lifetime stats are also summarized to give you a better idea of what your past performance looks like and how/when you typically workout. Notes: • Workouts++ requires an Apple Watch to collect the data it displays • Workouts++ integrates with the Health App on your iPhone to retrieve the data it displays. It will request permission to access the relevant data types associated with a workout. • Streaming podcasts requires an Series 3 LTE Apple Watch and active cellular service.

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  • Missing a couple things... 3/5

    By Overrambunctious
    I mainly got this app because the standard Apple Watch workout app was missing a couple of things. I hike A LOT. But with this app, it doesn’t track your hiking distance? I don’t understand why not. It’s a MAJOR flaw that I hope gets fixed (@ developers!!) soon because I don’t want to go back to just using the workout app. It even tracks the distance for an indoor run and outdoor walking. Why is distance not an option for hiking?? Other than that, I really like this app. It works great, doesn’t use a whole lot of battery and is almost 100% customizable which I love. I definitely recommend it but for that one MAJOR issue.
  • Great App 5/5

    By Ted*
    Works as it should. I love it.
  • Must-have 5/5

    By Ehler4
    I don’t do many of the stock Activity workouts, so being able to customize what Workouts++ has on the default screen is a great boon. The audio controls in the app are great as well. It’s one of very few apps that get a complication on one of my main watch faces.
  • Fading (5 -> 2 stars) 2/5

    By cabruen
    I have used this app on the hone and watch for at least 2 years. I loved it, especially the customization of the workout. I have become disappointed with it over the last months as I realize its limitations. Workouts recorded with Workouts++ do not count toward the Activity app workout counter (for example the 7/7 workout week. The workouts dont count towards activity records. Please keep up the development.
  • Love it for what it does but wish It had more customization! 3/5

    By MaciTaki
    Well of course I used this app when I work out… I also use my watch to track my heart rate while I meditate. And that goes in the mindfulness category to be effectively tracked in the Apple health app. This app only counts as activity. So my activity is a little bit out of balance because a lo of it’s actually mindfulness. It would be great if you could make a category we could change the ‘workout’ to mindfulness instead of just activity. Even yoga could be mindfulness or activity.
  • Almost perfect 4/5

    By DSButantes
    Love that this is customizable. The screens are great. If I could customize my heart rate zones it would be perfect.
  • Not accurate at all 1/5

    By texan0772
    I went on a walk using this app to track it and it said that I traveled almost 30 miles in 20 minutes. Not sure if there is a way to fix this. How has this app gotten so many good reviews? If the app makers see this please try to fix it.
  • Used to love it 2/5

    By Esseritunes
    Now it no longer displays on my Apple Watch!!
  • Fantastic app with a fatal flaw 3/5

    By Roger39
    I don’t know if the latest update has fixed the problem I describe below. I am now bothered my an even worst problem. My most important use for this app would be the hiking workout. Unbelievably the app does not display distance traveled. I do want to be able to use this app but it sure does not seem that making it great (good) is a priority to the developer. As much as I love this app I have had to stop using it. It sometimes fails to display (record?) route data. A deal killer for me. I stand by my review below if only ... One of my favorite apps just got amazingly better. So happy that elevation is an option. And the data display on the phone is fantastic. After the last update it's even better. I wish I could give it 6 stars. With elevation as a display option and the ability to export the gps data as a gpx file it is great for hiking/backpacking. . One feature request. On outdoor walk/run after completing the activity display total elevation gain (as Apple's app does). This is way to good to be a free app.
  • Disappeared from watch 2/5

    By ?????>?????
    I like this app but seems to have disappeared from my Apple Watch.
  • Can’t get it back on my iwatch 1/5

    By LaurinAlesi
    Since this upgrade, it’s disappeared from my iwatch and I can’t get it back
  • Update the app! 1/5

    By CrowdedShorts
    I know you’re active with updating other apps (Pedometer which who really uses??). When new iOS came out this app took a dive. Multiple times it would stop recording the work out. It stopped integrating with Apples’ activity tracking. I used to love this app because I could customize what I’m seeing for visual cues on how my workout is going. Now I’m stuck with using Apple’s workout app which is terrible. Don’t download this until it’s been updated (last update was 8 months ago). IF and big IF to the developer, if you do update it, it would be great if you could integrate music control into it. If I want to skip a song I would have to back out and then go back in.
  • Excellent alternative to Watch’s built-in app 5/5

    By HugoRabson
    I’ve been using various gadgets since 2007 to help me maintain my desired weight and level of fitness. I took a Polar watch and chest strap to Iraq; I’ve tried a Garmin and a Fitbit; I tried a WiThings whatever-it’s-called. Apple Watch has worked the best for me, if used in conjunction with Workouts++. The app is a joy to use. The user interface is friendly, the feedback is excellent, and the power drain is tolerable. I couldn’t ask for more.
  • Great but 5/5

    By ifoudmyfitbit
    Please support auto pause
  • GPS data doesn’t transfer from watch 2/5

    By Beware Phog
    I have a Series 3 watch with LTE. I run without a phone. I alternate between the watch app and this one. 95% of the time the Apple Watch sends over gps data to map. Workout does it like 75% if the time. In fact, lately the apple app works all the time after some initial issues. I’ve had the watch three months. I would use one one day and the other on the next day and Apple works, workout does not. Just not consistent and reliable to use.
  • Non-functional 1/5

    By Curt67
    Gave it a one star review because data doesn’t integrate with Apple’s activity app. Skip this one until the developer figures this out.
  • Updated iOS and app is on the fritz 2/5

    By ajohnston1988
    Down to 2 from 4/4.5. 2 straight interval training workouts that have stopped, started and incorrectly alerted me during the workout. Neither workout was saved or charted. App may not be fully compatible with the new watch and iOS updates.
  • Buggy update needs some fixes 4/5

    By swimcav
    This update disappointed me. I use this app to track my swimming workouts. Now I have to choose between 2 rotary fields and the app does not remember the last choice . Later edit : after accessing the configure tab on iPhone the workout list on the watch app updated itself to the old list . I also noticed that the app will not record a 2 lap swim , also the lap counter is constantly 2 laps behind ( but it records the distance correctly after finishing the workout ). Also the app does not display the last workout track ( I saw this both for biking and for outdoor swimming ) . The track magically appears after you do another workout . I know the app is free but I hope you get to iron out the bugs because the app is really nice .
  • Buggy and unreliable 1/5

    By whargrove
    Look elsewhere for a reliable workout app. I run with only my Apple Watch and the watch app doesn’t track reliably. Sometimes the workout never happens, other times the workout is interrupted and a new one is started without explanation. (Support didn’t provide any reasons either.)
  • Latest update a big miss 2/5

    By DaveSwimFit
    The app no longer shows you the configured workouts on the watch. Stuck with unconfigured options. This used to be excellent.
  • Love this app! But stopped working??? 4/5

    By CaptainObvious------52794
    I used this app for every workout, until the other day when it failed to track distance on my bike ride. Since then, it hasn’t tracked distance travelled in any workout. What I love about this app are the graphs that I get to view DURING my workout. And also the fact that there is more possible metrics I can view. Hopefully deleting and reinstalling the app works out.
  • Been crashing during workouts with increasing regularity 3/5

    By Dom B L
  • New user 4/5

    By wiggly_jiggly_giggles
    Interface is clean and the app is great. Thanks for all that you do. Under the Workouts tab of the app, please allow the user to select the workout logged/listed then manually update the Workout Type and Calories Burned content.
  • Well done 5/5

    By dgb12358053
    I really like being able to have a large set of data elements and the ability to lay them out in many different ways. If I may make a request, having the ability to see the feet ascended and descended would be great for us hikers. Even if it just calculated the difference between the starting elevation and current elevation.
  • Great app 5/5

    By N8te177
    This app is great for exercise tracking! Thank you to the developer for keeping it free amazing work!
  • Stops working mid workout 1/5

    By vik urs
    App does not start and is sluggish to begin with. Then half way through workout it crashes and all data is lost. Disappointed!
  • Not recording GPX routes anymore 3/5

    By bgum
    I have been using this app for about a month and it’s been great, but in the last week my runs are recorded with the correct time/distance but no route/map which means metrics on Strava are missing/inaccurate. I tried restarting phone and watch but still no map.
  • What happened to the Route tracking?? 2/5

    By Sloppy Jo 60
    When I first started using the app, I immediately saw my route. Now, after about 2 weeks, no route. I don’t know what happened in those 2 weeks, but I’m disappointed. It was a cool feature. The elevation is gone, too.
  • Crashes on long workouts 2/5

    By Lance616
    Crashed on a 22 mile bike ride and a 8 mile walk
  • Battery Drainer 2/5

    Had this app on for an outdoor workout, 1hr 20 mins and it drained my Apple Watch battery to zero. Whoa. Great app, but serious battery drainer.
  • Revsd Review: update is a downgrade 2/5

    By Anonmom
    Downgrade 4 stars to 2. So disappointed. Update seems to have changed algorithm or perhaps how data is written to apple heath. I have several workout routines I've been tracking for years with a couple of different great devices. I prefer devices that simply allow me isolate a period of time and record the activity w/in that period. I don't need the data manipulated to ‘encourage’ me to work harder, which is why I don't use the Apple Workout app and why I nearly returned the Apple Watch for a refund. With this update, my usual 5mile run now reports significantly lower ‘exercise’ minutes and lower ‘move’ calorie burn data. If this app is simply going to mimic the big brother algorithm of the Apple Activity app and Apple Workout app, theres no point to it. Really disappointed, hope it gets fixed soon. Original Review: It’s been surprising to discover how many standard issue Apple made watch apps aren’t home runs. Fortunately there are bright minds hard at work to fill in the gaps, this app is a perfect example! In its current incarnation however, it’s buggy, doesn’t always save workouts and reaching out to customer support for guidance/troubleshooting has proven pointless. So, we’ll wait and hope the Developer stays interested in the app and resolving bugs. I hope they do, because its terrific - kept me from returning my Apple watch series3 to go back to my Fitbit.
  • Currently unreliable to record workout data 2/5

    By ajrietveld
    Currently the app is unreliable and I hold out hope that it gets fixed as otherwise it’s the watch app I run the most. The most recent version of the app has crashed three times on my series 2 watch since the most recent update. After the crash the workout data was lost in two of the crashes as the app refused to load on my watch. After one of the crashes the app loaded, found my workout data and saved it however the data was incorrect and did not reflect the workout.
  • I tried but not good 1/5

    By damnitdidntwork
    I downloaded this app so many times and still nothing, the first time I was at the gym it didn’t work. I deleted it and tried again, still didn’t work. So I got home re-download again, it started to work but then it would stop randomly. At that point I got annoyed and I just gave up.
  • Didn’t work... 1/5

    By hwood98
    I downloaded this several days ago. Used it for the first time today. Had it customized to she duration, avg pace, current pace, distance, and heart rate. 5 minutes into my run I noticed that duration was the only thing recording. Had to stop and use native activity app. Not worth it. Like the stats it can provide but for recording your workouts it doesn’t work.
  • Buggy and doesn’t always work 2/5

    By kohlerj20
    My first workout I tried was an outdoor walk. After what I knew was about half a mile, it still hadn’t registered my distance or heart rate even after I granted it all those permissions. Restarted my watch (which takes about 5 min on Series 1) and the walk I started registered after that. Tried to use it the next day and ran into the same problem I first had with the app. After these three uses, not sure it’s worth my time.
  • Failed to track GPS on my first “long” run 1/5

    By Gossamerjohn
    Did a 1-mile test run and it worked fine. So I immediately did a “long” run of 7.25 miles and it did not record any gps data. If I wanted an app that fails 50% of the time I’d go back to the garbage Nike app.
  • Buggy, but promising features 3/5

    By Schultzypoo
    I actually find the podcast player on the watch to work rather well and it’s incredibly useful. Navigating the list of podcasts on the phone is super buggy. It seems like a simple list so I’m not sure why it’s so hard to use. Swiping to delete doesn’t work 90% of the time. While scrolling up and down the list jumps back to where you were. I don’t understand how it shipped like this, but the watch app is so good that I am super grateful. I wish the overall design were a little more pleasing to look at, but if it weren’t so buggy to scroll the podcast list I would be happy to pay for this app. (Heck I still would in its current state).
  • Good App! Missing a few key metrics 3/5

    By KCD17
    Really good app. Just started using it and noticed a few things. Downloaded this app because I liked that you could set up your own metrics and layout on your watch face. However when you create your own, you’re missing some of the options. For example, if you set up a new Outdoor Other, you don’t have the option for distance. This is a pretty common one for an outdoor activity. Trying to convince my husband that the Apple Watch is better than the Fitbit. Wants to track the number of stairs he has climbed but there is only an altitude metric. Could you create a metric for number of floors or stairs climbed? Also want a metric for kayaking. Overall I really like the app. Thank you!
  • Best app on ios 4/5

    By Yogi-Yogs
    One of the best fitness apps on iOS. I love all the stats included for a workout. I would give full stars only is had a few additional stats including: 1. Steps walked during workout 2. Stride length 3. VO2 Max 4. Map of workout 5. Elevation gained 5. Recovery time in hours based on workout
  • Seems great until you use it 2/5

    By SomGye
    The iPhone app looks top notch and I love the extreme level of customization! However, trying to use it on the Apple Watch is useless, as the data during an exercise never updates or tracks anything, so you’re left with a generic workout with only a duration and nothing else. In the iPhone app, it will show that you did the workout, but the health data is all blank there too. This is especially odd since I enabled all possible data in the Health app for this, but it simply doesn’t work.
  • Good but has a major bug 3/5

    By WindyTown
    While your are doing a HITS workout and try to lock the watch, the screen does not go back to info screen but rather stays on the settings (resume/lock) page. This behavior defeats the purpose of having customized layout since you can’t see it if you want to prevent accidental taps while working out.
  • Just doesn't work 1/5

    By BGrantIII
    I've tried this app twice because I like the developer, but it's absolutely failed booty times. The first time, after finishing a workout and saving the data, it just disappeared into the ether. Needless to say I was pretty mad so I deleted it right then. Once the new update came out I decided to try it again. The very first outing I checked my watch half way through a 5k and it's literally only tracking the duration! All the permissions were on, including location. It just fell today on it's face. Maybe I'll try it again in a at some point, but I doubt it.
  • Love the app, but it keeps opening on watch 3/5

    By Tyler Colby
    Tracking is amazing, perfect for all the various types of exercise. Easy to use, sharp. Only reason less than 5 stars is that the app keeps opening randomly and persistently on my watch. I’ll be watching a timer, or checking time, and Workouts++ will just pop open.
  • I love this qpp 5/5

    By Ur8t6d
    I love this app. It's great for when I am riding my bike. I like to how you can customize the display screen. Great for walk, running, and strength training! Great work!
  • Disappointed. On run, only reported time duration. 1/5

    By RT2233
    Disappointed about it on the Apple Watch LTE. On my run, it only reported time duration. Wish I could get the time back I used to edit the layout prior to the run. The iPhone was at home and not on the run.
  • Layout on Apple Watch is great, but.... 2/5

    By Buadhai
    I really want to love this app. The Apple Watch layout is well designed and thoroughly flexible. For each type of workout you can see just the data you want, arranged how you like it. I’ve used it three times. The first time, while cycling, I noticed the app displayed only the elapsed time, not the distance, speed or anything else. I wrote the developer who suggested I rescind and regrant data permissions. That seemed to work. The second time I used the app was for another cycling workout. But, the workout got posted twice to Health. Same start time. Same distance. Different elapsed times. I wrote the developer but didn’t receive a reply. The third time was for a walk workout. The app only mapped half of my route. It was as if I left home but never retuned. I wrote the developer but didn’t get a reply. Because I like the looks of this app so much I will try it now and then to see if the data bugs have been squashed.
  • For outdoor running this is just not good 2/5

    By leighchery
    Pretty bad. The app can't track my position, when two other APS are having no trouble at all. It gets stuck on a distance, then jumps by half a kilometer in 1 second, then it gets stuck again while I'm running at a very steady constant pace, without tree coverage or anything blocking reception. I tried both miles and kilometers, it switched to kilometers seemingly randomly, and the speed monitoring is add bad as the distance. Can't use it.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    Used it on a LTE AW. Let’s see, calorie calculation stayed at zero entire workout, name of workout doesn’t transfer to Apple Activity app, just the category such as strength training. HR also seemed stuck at 103bpm entire workout. Great idea, TON of bugs
  • Yes, but 2/5

    By deeuup
    Version 2.0 works well during workouts. Allows me to listen to podcasts whether stored locally on watch or streamed. But once the workout is finished and done, the app self-launches so that every time I look at my watch I have to take action to see what time of it is rather than select my next workout. It drives me crazy and I have deleted the app from my watch until it is fixed or someone shares an undocumented solution.

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