Workplace Chat

Workplace Chat

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  • Current Version: 322.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Facebook, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Workplace Chat App

The Workplace Chat app lets you keep in touch with your coworkers, wherever you are. Simply sign in to your existing account, or create one from scratch in the app itself. With messaging tools your teams already knows how to use, Workplace Chat lets you: - Send messages to individual coworkers, or have group conversations. - Share unlimited files, photos and videos. - Make voice and video calls from anywhere in the world. - Turn on "Do Not Disturb" when you're busy or away from work. Workplace Chat is ad-free and totally separate from Facebook and Messenger, making it easier to balance your work and private lives.

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Workplace Chat app reviews

  • So many bugs 1/5

    By Sam Schehrer
    I have to use this app to communicate with coworkers, new messages don’t load properly, not able to open pictures either. Needs a lot of work
  • Speed issue 3/5

    By Akarin
    Something has gone wrong with this version. It seems to slow down quite significantly
  • Lost confidence in purple logo 2/5

    By mr_broccoli
    Does a color mark a difference in how we work and interact on an app. What if Uber was pink? What if the Red Cross, green? It seriously messed with my mind, kept confusing myself with Viber or a spam notification. Why this madness?!!
  • Locked out 1/5

    By BBW449
    The app constantly kicks me off, which up until recently wasn’t too much of issue other having to log back in. Now , I am locked out everytime I click accept it states something is wrong with my Internet connection. I even tried connecting with my work Internet, my home Internet and my personal data. The only way I can access it now is to login through one login, then work place then click on chat. So having the actual app for work chat is completely useless.
  • Spyware 1/5

    By mov ax,1/int 21h
    FB already monitors/reads your private Messenger conversations, I will not trust them with my business.
  • Worked for 5 days 1/5

    By T12D4
    The app worked great for 5 days but now I can’t see my chats on my iPhone.
  • To buggy 1/5

    By luiseduardob
    Can't handle the communications in the app, it's too slow opening, sending messages, l love Workplace concept but it doesn't work
  • Very BAD 1/5

    By diegodmc1
    Previous year we loved this app there were a lot of features that help our communication. Since last year with the new update, after they increased the price, this app is worthless. What is bad: Calls are impossible to make. Sometimes you can’t see if other saw your message We can’t sketch on the pictures anymore In order to see a picture you need to open and close one by one so frustrating Impossible to download pictures from PC, you need to download pictures by pictures. Etc. etc We are definitely moving to “teams”
  • Can’t hear voice notes 1/5

    By marianavel20
    First my coworkers with android phones couldn’t hear voice notes on mobile. Now I can’t even hear theirs and they can’t hear mine. They don’t play.
  • CALL BUG 2/5

    By woruckw
    When someone calls me within workplace chat, the notication and call screen will get stuck even if I answer it on another device and drain my battery on my ipad causing it to get really hot. For instance, I answer the call on my computer workplace chat app, but I come to my ipad HOURS later and that call will appear as it is still ringing, my ipad will be really hot and sometimes in my backpack, battery drained down from 100% to 1-10% remaining. For now I have shut off notifications on my ipad for this app, hoping it will be updated.
  • WHERE’S THE APP?!? 1/5

    By Blupaws7
    I’ve re-enrolled and have yet to have the Workday app install! It tells me my request has been received, that it’s processing. When I go to the App Store, NOTHING’S happening! I tap on the install circle and it does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!! AND I’m even in the store on the network and VPN! WORKDAY and WORK chat Facebook are two of the others having the same issue. Walmart wants their employees to “Own MyWalmart.” Tools that work would be most helpful AND appreciated!
  • App keeps crashing! Useless! 1/5

    By 2HopSC
    App keeps crashing!
  • Worst upgrade in the history of software 1/5

    By Srini194
    It is just a terrible upgrade. Multiple devices - they will all keep ringing even when you pick on the other. Integration with LinkedIn is broken. How can you put out a product like this? Did you not even test it?
  • App broken 1/5

    By pynzrz
    Latest update caused app to log me out and cannot log back in no matter what I try
  • Update broke my app. 1/5

    By intentional goddess
    App keeps signing me out and won’t upload anything after update. Please help ASAP as chat messages don’t go through from desktop.
  • Voice chat option gone 👎🏻 2/5

    By catmarley
    I loved being able to send quick voice messages in chat. Why would that be take off?!? Thinking of going to another app to chat. Please bring it back!!
  • It’s getting worse. 2/5

    I have been using this app the last 3 years and every feature like searching in chats for messages i might have missed. Setting the do not disturb ON or Off and many more have been removed. This is very disappointing and making me think of switching to a Alternative.
  • Smh If it isn’t broken don’t fix it 2/5

    By 5th gen 76
    It was cool to be in a group chat and was able to turn the group chat off two your time preference without going into your phone settings and turning the entire notifications off. “I don’t know who’s idea was that but congratulations you played yourself”
  • Win some lose some 1/5

    By batrueleader
    Used to love sending audio to team members to increase productivity and boost morale. From a client perspective, removing this feature was a poor business decision.
  • Voice messages don’t work 1/5

    By gabelevel9
    This update blows. The voice recorded doesn’t work anymore.
  • New updates not functional 1/5

    By Arielit0
    Please check bugs in new updates. Voice messages are not being sent.
  • The latest update is terrible 1/5

    By dick3245
    This latest update took away so many usable features. Wish I could go back.
  • Removed extremely useful features 1/5

    By AugustDitt
    No more searching the chat? That’s a deal breaker. Our organization needs to be able to search for previous diecuesions, and now we can’t due to the most recent update. Beyond that, the interface has gotten more clunky. Replying to a specific message requires us to swipe up from the bottom instead of just tapping the message and having the interface pop up right there. This is now barely functional for our organization. Please roll back these downgrades.
  • Not many new features 1/5

    By POLARISpro489
    This app never gets new features
  • From Workplace Chat to Workplace Trash with one single update 1/5

    By Many198
    I’ve been a big fan of workplace by Facebook for years. My entire team of 60 plus uses it every day. Well, they have just massively RUINED IT! The new update is absolute GARBAGE and it’s almost like they went back in a Time Machine to 12 years ago when apps where barely developing. This is horrible Facebook. We expect way more from you. They took away voice messages. I can’t send a short 10 second video recorded on my phone. Voice calls dont work well. It doesn’t even ring. Phone calls don’t work. I mean, the list is EXTENSIVE. Let me count the number of times that I’ve left negative reviews on the App Store.... 1,2,3,4,5. ZERO! So you get the idea. I’m furious. It has slowed down my speed of production and communication with my team by easily 80%. I figured out that if you delete the app and re-install you can get the old version back. I did that and I also stopped automatic updates from happening to avoid getting the same trash put back in my phone (It happened twice until I figured out I had to stop automatic updates). Hopefully Facebook fixes this horrible update soon.
  • Features are gone. 1/5

    By TarableWithTech
    Hello! I am very annoyed with the new update, it was perfect the way it was before, now there are no stickers, can only send one photo at a time, can’t edit the chats. And so many other features that made this app functional and nice to use. Now it is a constant battle of finding all the changes and inconveniences. I really hope in the next update they bring back key features that made this better and less “simple” as they state it.
  • Newest Update May 2020 is Terrible for a Great App 2/5

    By AtHomewithChuck
    This app was one of my favorites for our office communication. It was already simple enough but removing key features like audio messages in the name of simplicity makes this chat less & less useful. Notifications don’t work right anymore either. I feel this was a step backwards in the design and user interface. I NEVER had issues with crashing or the app just spinning upon opening until the newest update was released. I wish I could go back to the older version because I really enjoyed it.
  • I don’t like this update!!!! 1/5

    By Mrslexadel
    Why???? Workplace is giving problems now. No mic 🎤 to do voice messages. And the SEARCH in conversation option is now gone.
  • Update took away features 2/5

    By Laurenfranceshair
    I WAS LOVING THIS APP...! I enjoy using workplace and workplace chat. But I am so disappointed that after the update I can no longer send audio messages. I use these a lot to clarify things with my employee. They load much quicker than video and they are a quick way to communicate effectively. I use this to keep business and personal communications separate and now I have to resort to using regular fb chat to be able to send audio messages. I am so frustrated. PLEASE BRING BACK AUDIO MESSAGE.
  • Does this app work for iPhone 11? 2/5

    By devijags
    I loved using this until I got my iPhone 11. All of the sudden I didn’t have the option to record & send voice messages or send pictures easily. There’s no information on how to fix and now it’s been taking more time to get my work done which is the reverse effect of the app...
  • Ugh, seriously! 1/5

    By Gajsndbsmla
    Put the chat I to the one app for workplace. Make it more simple or whatever you need to do. There is no reason we should be switching apps to communicate for work...
  • Why 1/5

    By Cc1453
    I don’t understand the purpose of the chat app. Why can’t you just chat within workplace. Everything is doubled because of the chat.
  • Dark Mode 3/5

    By RubyWizard
    Good lord pls give us dark mode already.
  • Can we get dark mode 5/5

    By KinGwendoline
    Can we get dark mode
  • Filled with bugs 1/5

    By QueenVictoriaIII
    This app is incredibly frustrating. It quits instantly when trying to insert and image or document. This has been going on for months and they don’t fix it.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Valyant77
    Section where polls and gifs are constantly crashes. Should also not let people other than the poll creator add items to the poll
  • cannot enable Do Not Disturb 1/5

    By hcrobg
    I can’t enable Do Not Disturb like I use to. PLEASE FIX!!!
  • live video porblem 3/5

    By Alaazyn
    why not fixing this main feature inspite of frequent update
  • جميل 5/5

    By انصح جميل بتحميل البرنامج
  • Pure garbage 1/5

    By Deedsly
    Facebook privacy issues abound. Work is forcing this horrendous product on me. Just another excuse for Facebook to make a profile on you. Once they stop selling user information it might be a 2 star product.
  • Keep Work and Personal seperate 5/5

    By Jake Kizer
    Love this app. As long as updates are continually pushed I will continue to support. I haven't found any validity to the reviews that hate on this app. It's pretty fantastic.
  • Great service, chat app can use work 3/5

    By NovaPAiNE
    - audio quality is somewhat poor when compared to other business messengers - more collaboration tools would be handy for screen sharing, a pointer, pencil to circle objects etc. - adding an attachment to chats natively in the app, use the iOS Share feature is a good option. - dark mode for the app - color themes
  • Code Block formated message not supported 3/5

    By SereiPonna
    Why Code Block formated message is not supported in Mobile app when it is supported in desktop app and web?
  • Logs out too often 3/5

    By kada willy
    I understand trying to keep things secure. I have to log back in to the app allllll the time. Add Touch ID if you need the log in so often please.
  • Two apps 1/5

    By theFlyTom
    Why should I need two different apps to use one service?
  • Why another app? 1/5

    By Me2134mm
    Why am I being asked to download another app to give me the same information the Workplace app is giving me? A total waste. I’m deleting this app.
  • Not working on my iPhone Xs Max 1/5

    By Darlinda07
    When I open the app the screen is completely blank
  • The worst. 1/5

    By LilithDestroyerOfWorlds
    I hate this app because I can’t even use it. I made an account and when my managers tried to search me so they can add me to the work group, my name doesn’t pop up in the search bar, not for them or anyone else. If I try to search them the same thing happens, I can’t find them. It always says “no results” it’s getting ridiculous because part of my job is to do visual updates and once that’s done I have to take pictures and post them to workplace, but I can’t do that. I have to borrow someone else’s workplace and verify that it is me who did them. No one can figure out what’s wrong. I tried to make a new account but every other email I try to use is shot down with “you need to use a business email” even though the original email that I originally signed up with is one of my gmails.
  • Do not disturb 1/5

    By MTB#007
    With the update the option to not receive any notification when you are not working has disappeared. That needs to be brought back so the app doesn’t blow up phone with banners and notifications when you are trying to enjoy a day off