WPLG Local 10 - Miami

WPLG Local 10 - Miami

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WPLG Local 10 - Miami App

LOCAL NEWS - Breaking News alerts pushed directly to your devices - Live breaking news video - Live streaming video of Local 10 newscasts - Video clips on demand LOCAL TRAFFIC -Interactive traffic maps -Accident alerts pushed directly to your device -Hundreds of live traffic cameras SPORTS -Full coverage pro and college teams


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WPLG Local 10 - Miami app reviews

  • Used to be good 1/5

    By SKY$64$
    I would use this app many times in the past when not in front of my tv, but now it’s not worth it. This doesn’t seem like a local 10 news but a local 10 commercial app. There’s more commercials than stories. Plus it freezes when the stories are being told but the commercials don’t. Strange
  • PLG rocks! 5/5

    By Castledog57
    i live in Seabrook, Texas but where do i get my news—WPLG Action 10 news, baby!
  • Review 5/5

    By Cricketisay
    Awesome job channel 10
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Gretta M
    Betty thank you for always keeping me informed and ready. I trust you and your team. Bryan has been my favorite and he’s back where he belongs. Keep up the great job!!!
  • Commercials are way too repetitive 2/5

    By Shawnw007
    App works fine, and I often have it running while I’m putting on makeup in the morning. However, the same commercials loop over and over in the background to the point of nausea. I’m serious...they will literally play the same commercial back-to-back in-between air-time. But it’s horrendous. If I hear that same jingle for “Vera” Cadillac just one more #%[email protected]$¥% time....😡
  • Annoying ads 1/5

    By chazzy daddy
    Video advertisement pops up randomly about every 10 seconds you are using the app making it worthless
  • 4 stars 4/5

    By Da mask phantom
    Because there is always room for improvement.
  • Weather & News 5/5

    By Max The Warrior.
    Excellent App.
  • Local 10 news 5/5

    By ohyeah2000
    Awesome app
  • piece of crap 1/5

    By shooter50z
    The new pop up ads that happen far too often make the app unusable. Simple solution. Deleted the app. Local 10 needs to realize we have hundreds of less intrusive news sources. Oh and Bob Norman and Jeff wannabe Weinsier are the 2 must annoying people on tv
  • Video ads play automatically now 1/5

    By video ads play automatically
    No more being discreet checking local news on this app as now after most recent update video ads begin playing randomly and automatically over and over. Can’t get through the first 3 sentences in an article without having the university of Miami health video pop up to play 6 times. Deleting this app. NBC6 and local 7 both allow you to at least read an article in its entirety without bombarding you with the same video ad over and over.
  • Auto Play Ads!? 1/5

    By AnyoliF
    This used to be my go-to news app. But the latest release has auto play video ads after scrolling down every few stories. It’s entirely too often. I regret that I have to delete this app until this is addressed. Please Channel 10, listen to your viewers! We understand having to make revenue from ads, but they should be passive. Having a pop-up every 30-60 seconds is irritating and will drive people away!
  • Just deleted after years 1/5

    By AmnesticDoc
    Local 10 app has become cumbersome. I used it for years and thought it was good. However, they have changed their service and are now exploiting users. I just deleted the app. It now Forces 30s advertisements to watch a 15s news clip. Really? Not for me. My time is more valuable than that, and there are many better apps. Recommend you avoid unless they change their tune on their practices and exploitation.
  • Delete it! 1/5

    By Jphotos
    Used to be my go to app for Miami and surrounds local news and weather. Now I have to watch a Comercial to just read the headlines. Just deleted from all devices Too bad Poor design idea See Ya !
  • Live TV 1/5

    By Niecy8
    World like to se the e tire Chanel live while at work of wherever im at. Good morning America etc.
  • Apps are separate for News org 2/5

    By Elohra
    This is stupid. I need to download the weather app. It should be integrated into the main WPLG app. Two stars because it’s lazy IT development on their part.
  • Awesome ! 5/5

    By JQuist305
    Thanks for always being on top of all the news .. and the app is great !
  • Annoying Pop up video ads 1/5

    By bicyclegeorge
    edit 2; 3/09 New version DOES NOT FIX POP UP VIDEO ADS, deleted again edit; 2/27 app deleted! Why is this app now popping up with video ads? I know channel 10 needs to make money, but come on, these are intrusive. You already have print ads every few stories. If they stay, I go. It won’t be the first aggravating app I’ve deleted.
  • Video Auto Play commercials 1/5

    By CharlesBenCouch
    I loved this app until a recent release auto plays commercials. So, you can be sitting in a quite public place reading the news and then unexpectedly a video commercial will begin play and blaring from my iPhone. Therefore, I have started using another local new app.
  • I’m jakie Goicolea 5/5

    By Mari Goicolea
    Hi. I’m jakie Goicolea I love. You Gus’s. I see you everyday And when I’m going out of the house I see it on my phone. Or I pad U guys are the best to the best. Thnx. U. Keep it. Up.
  • Best app for local South FL news! 5/5

    By JSF336
    Helpful, up-to-date news information.
  • Too many pop up ads. 2/5

    By imdamonq
    Too many pop up ads. Looks like a nice app but not worth the effort with the pop up ads. Tell the person who thought this was a good idea, to F off.
  • Good app 3/5

    By Twyceaznice
    I watch channel 10 every morning. My only issue is where did the close captions come from and why is there no way to turn them off? Please resolve this issue. Thanks.
  • Channel 10 News 5/5

    By Burning Bright
    This application works very well. I am able to check up on the news quickly and at my convenience. The alerts let me know of breaking news; traffic, weather, sports, and politics. Not just a “board” but has much video as well.
  • Ridiculous 1/5

    By BurpnSlurp
    I don’t need a mobile notification about a local iguana that got stabbed multiple times by a crossbow. I’m officially deleting this app.
  • The Best! Local 10! 5/5

    By MoniHof
    I have been watching Local 10 WPLG since I grew up in Miami. Now, as a daily commuter, it is the most informative of traffic in the tri-County area and provides the best up to the minute on current news and top stories! A great and easy to use Ap anywhere you go.
  • WPLG Awesome Station & App 5/5

    By Jean Claude Roisy
    Just wanted to say I’m a longtime viewer of channel 10 Local WPLG evening news. I remember the old and first news anchor crew of Ann, Walter, Glenn and Chuck. I’m showing my age. The app is great. My concern is when they let good talent walk out the door. Trent Aric and Scott Padgett are excellent meteorologist. Losing them and making Betty Davis the star was upsetting. Don’t get me wrong I like Betty but the other paid their dues and should have been the top dogs. Scott went on to Dallas and Is the CBS station affiliate lead meteorologists. He did well for himself. Trent not so lucky, he’s unemployed and kinda stuck to SoFla being he’s married now to morning WPLG anchor Jacey Birch. We watched those two grow up, fall in love, propose on air, get married, have a baby boy and then see Trent let go! Not nice at all. You broke up the viewers family. He was being groomed by Don Know to take over. So then you hire Betty from the Weather Channel and make her top dog. That wasn’t nice to cut the boys off like that. Don’t get me wrong, I like Betty and she’s good but so we’re the boys. I also find it obnoxious that we have to hear her say she’s our Chief Certified American Meteorologist before each weather forecast. Enough already with the title just display her title under her name. She doesn’t have to say it EVERYDAY and EVERY BROADCAST! It comes off as being very pompous and over the top. I hope the big wigs at Channel 10 WPLG heat or read this. It’s good honest feedback.
  • Love it but.... 4/5

    By Actionbx
    Love the new version of the app. Provides everything and all the information I need. My only complaint is for some reason, the closed caption appeared out of nowhere and I don’t see a way to remove it. All of a sudden, one morning it was on my iPad and I can’t get it off. Also, I wish there was a way to make the screen larger or expand. As soon as you tap on the screen it pauses and then you have to tap on it again.
  • Breaking news 4/5

    By knicolea
    Some of the alerts for breaking news isn’t even breaking news
  • Top news 5/5

    By MDOS007
    I never used to watch the news or know about major events in my community until Hurricane Irma. That day I needed to know what was going on and be informed in a one liner type of sentence. Even since I have kept the app and now I know what going on at home. Thank you and keep up your noble work of letting us know what’s going around. Thank you
  • #1 5/5

    By Max Mayfield fan!
    I Depend on Wplg for the latest news
  • My opinion 5/5

    By ms. strp
    Chanel ten is always a great station to watch foe traffic , weather and the latest news story .
  • 👍🏾⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️awersome 5/5

    By Wonderful all the time
  • News in the palm of my hands 5/5

    I really loved this app because I know what’s going on.
  • Not user friendly. 1/5

    By Sharkjenkins
    I watch a lot of news apps. I like to scroll or swipe from article to article. These morons make you tap the article. To go to another article, you have to hit the back button and start over. Obviously the developers are still living in the 90s. SAD.
  • Didieijr 1/5

    By rirfi
  • Love channel 10 5/5

    By Fllpsp
    We watched channel 10 all day long, in sure that we are kept informed of everything that is going on. During the Hurricane your app was greatly appreciated by our executive in Chicago and our families that live in Honolulu Hawaii, knowing how we were doing here in Florida. Thank you so much for your out standing at work and your support to our families that are not living in our state. Thank you Jewell Langford-Frei
  • Dependable for up to date news. 5/5

    By Flock leader
    Great anchors and field reporters. We count on Channel 10 for our local news.
  • Quality News Personel 5/5

    By johnsitra
    I enjoy starting every morning with all of my friends on 10 news they are the perfect 10 in news thank you all
  • Just ok ... 3/5

    When clicking on the image within article the image size expands but the pixels do not leaving the image very blurry Need to include different topics - crime, sports, etc
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Leonardo bencomo
    Nice and up to date news
  • Biased 1/5

    By SJA75
    Slanted, one-sided, fake news at its best. Always siding with anyone who opposes the President or conservatives in general. An all out Anti-American fake news production
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By Elliesugarbeau
    Can’t believe I received a “breaking news” alert today about a bomb threat in Doral, only to find this happened last week Friday. I’m outrageously disappointed Channel 10 played with my emotions. Why is the media all about the hype? Just carry the news as is and stop toying with peoples’ emotions. Driving fear is what the media about today. So sad... This for me is a no go and will be deleted.
  • App on par with "news" content 1/5

    By J_in_Mia
    Neither deliver what is expected. App video streaming of the news/hype is just as glitchy as the content. The incessant "Breaking News" alerts are more likely driven by how long it's been since the last alert than by content. It's as if there's some intern staring at the screen repeatedly asking "Can I make this an alert?!?"
  • Keeping updated 5/5

    By Mist D'Boat
    I downloaded this app because of IRMA. I got up to date information & stayed connected to my city. I'm getting notifications for post storm reopening & canceled events. I'm happy .😁
  • Great app! 5/5

    My daughter sent me a link for the app. Was good to have esp during the hurricane as I'm n NY n my daughter n other family members are in Florida.
  • Ads 2/5

    By Sinal Dos Tempos
    Im in the middle of Hurricane Irma, when wanting to watch live tv , its not live , its a late recording Also you are forced to watch a 30 seconds ad that shows how great they are In the middle of a hurricane folks !!!!!
  • Loads Quickly 5/5

    By Blanck444
    Great to pull up for anything. Has worked wonderfully during Irma's wrath.
  • Excelente y completa 4/5

    By margil20
    Fácil de manejar, buena resolución para pantallas móviles. Lo único que haría falta es un traductor en pantalla para otros países.
  • Litter with ads 1/5

    By Fireman588
    This app is completely filled with ads. When you scroll it's almost impossible to not hit one and then waste time getting out of your browser. Not only do they have ads you hit constantly, but the ads are huge, as is 1/3 of the screen. As if that wasn't enough they have some 30 and 45 second ads before each news clip if you decide watch a video. It makes the experience of using this app completely unpleasant. If Local 10 would not sell out to advertisers, it would be a great news app, but unfortunately the ads make the app a terrible choice for South Florida.

WPLG Local 10 - Miami app comments


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