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  • Current Version: 5.8.19
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WRAL News Mobile App

The WRAL News app provides coverage you can count on in Raleigh, Durham and Fayetteville, NC. When you're on the go in the Triangle or beyond, take WRAL.com with you on your phone and Apple Watch! Get local news, Doppler radar images, weather forecasts, traffic maps and cameras, sports scores, live newscasts, and video from WRAL. It's WRAL.com anytime, anywhere.

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WRAL News Mobile app reviews

  • Travels 5/5

    By DJ's app
    We like WRAL news and weather app when home and keeping up with local news while traveling.
  • Bias news 1/5

    By Picc queen
    I use this app infrequently.
  • Failed to load 1/5

    By hitorque
    This app is terrible. Fails to load almost every time I open it. I just deleted the app and reinstalled it, same thing happened. Prior to deleting I checked to make sure I had the latest version of the app, there were no new updates available. I just downloaded your competitors apps.
  • Generations access WRAL NC family. 5/5

    By CatRNell
    This yankee came to Raleigh in 1978. We are now 4 generations. From rabbit ears, to cable, then dishes, the web access, and now on my phone. I’m in Franklinton now. Y’all are still the best news, weather, sports and world family focus reporting.
  • The app is crap 1/5

    By Carolina burger fiend
    Finicky. Unreliable. It’s a real shame that the “premiere” Raleigh station has such poor performance with this app. I constantly have to shut down the app or uninstall/reinstall or reboot any number of iOS devices to maybe get the app to work. I run the latest versions of the app and the iOS operating system. This problem has gotten much worse since the start of 2019. Looking elsewhere for news and weather.
  • Way too slow 2/5

    By Duke is awsome
    Every time I get an an alert and choose to see the story behind the alert it either errors out trying to load or takes forever for the story to load.
  • commercial ads 2/5

    By davedog545
    6 to 8 ads before the first second of news? really?! i don’t think so and what in the hell did you people do to greg?!
  • Concise and accurate 5/5

    By MargaretHerr
    Accurate information, well presented. I appreciate it when I travel. Reliable.
  • Has the news 4/5

    By OKChrispyKO
    It has the local news.
  • Tired of biased reporting. 1/5

    By Mound Mohawk
    Objectivity used to be taught but must be a distant memory for this news source. Your political agenda is showing.
  • Loading 2/5

    By Pgallins
    This app often keeps loading and I can't read the stories. Just get a symbol of loading over the headlines. Or it just shuts off. Would love to be able to get to those stories which are great when I can get to them.
  • WRAL app 5/5

    By #1 bitch😘
    Is a great app it lets me know TOP STORIES local weather alerts!!
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By CEDysart
    Awesome app!
  • Good to have news in ap. 5/5

    By Brudersmom
    Seems to be a lot of notifications at all hours. Going to look at modifying frequency since after I go to bed- it really can wait until the AM.
  • Auto-Openings Ads? 1/5

    By J27614
    I will use a different news app, please think about how auto opening ads ruins user experience.
  • Ads ads ads 3/5

    By Remodaddict
    To many “sponsored” stories posing as real new stories. A 30 second ad to watch a one minute news video is absurd.
  • Crashes 2/5

    By Dogonred
    For the past few weeks the app keeps crashing after 10-15 minutes.
  • Fails to load 2/5

    By BeefSupremeMountainDew
    Almost every time you try to open the app, it will not load right away. When it finally does, it takes several tries to get articles to load. It will throw an error almost every time on the first try or it simply won’t load at all. Very frustrating just to get local news.
  • Unusable 1/5

    By SlimeyLimey
    This app is so horribly slow to load articles that it’s unusable. Videos never load; the advertisement will load, but the video you wish to watch just spins and spins. Utterly unusable. Avoid.
  • Great news app 5/5

    By Losing 100 lbs This Year
    Great news app
  • Chill on the ads holy cow 1/5

    By Timmy Park
    Way to many ads
  • ITS ALL ABOUT THE $$$ 1/5

    By Bvh01
    App is inundated with ads.
  • WRAL 5/5

    By Raikenly
    Awesome app!!! Highly recommended!!!
  • App shuts down when clicking stories 2/5

    By reda cole
    When I click on some of the new stories, the app repeatedly shuts down. It’s very persistent. I will be removing app because I am unable to read most of it.
  • Wral 4/5

    By Ghetto-slim
    Up to the minute reports on everything from your back yard, to the world stage.
  • Steals location data 1/5

    By ChickyboosweetT
    Denying notification and location sharing doesn’t keep it from stealing info from other apps.
  • Best local news in USA 5/5

    By 1d44tt
    Best news and weather app bar none.
  • Go to source for RDU news 5/5

    By bkrhkr1921
    Love ability to watch news, accurate weather folks, & other on Apple TV.
  • Love WRAL news app 5/5

    By ladyuz
    I loved that during the hurricane I still received updated notifications. I love the convenience of the app and enjoying my favorite news station!!!
  • App is worse now 1/5

    By AlphaEskie
    The WRAL news app has gotten much worse. As others have noted, it is very slow to load if it loads at all. Not useful at all now, until a fix is provided. This isn’t a ‘once in a while’ problem, it is consistently all the time.
  • Scattered 1/5

    By Jane"'j
    The new version is scattered, with mixed categories of news that is hard to follow. The writing has never been great, but i will delete this app..
  • Buggy 2/5

    By Dhc001
    App needs work. In the last week or so I had to delete/reload bc it got stuck. Several times using it, it would just stop/crash. On the content side, I agree with the other reviews about consistent grammar/spelling errors.
  • Hard to find any media outlet more bias. 1/5

    By spekkio12345
    I couldn’t take these guys anymore, they always were pretty bias but the last few years has been over the top. Finally went to another local station that is night and day compared to wral. There really must be some obsessive people running the show here now because it is flat out embarrassing.
  • Good resource 4/5

    By piratess0
    I watch over-the-Air on a sister station down on the Cape Fear This Raleigh station has goings on especially in the General Court and other State-wide info. No app is perfect so four stars
  • Heavily loaded with misleading ads 1/5

    By Blues Junkie
    This app is has many, many ads that are indistinguishable from news articles. They are intentionally designed that way and mixed in with real articles. That’s a very disappointing fact. When I can’t trust links on an app for a news site that advertises itself as a trustworthy news source...it’s time to delete it.
  • Political Hacks 1/5

    By klaar1
    Just another political organization that is losing its market share and readership daily.
  • This app used to work better 1/5

    By Hotnikks
    Update this app is still broken. 9/27/2018 I fail to load this app on my iPhone almost everyday. I still get push notifications and and works great on my laptop. I even deleted the app and reinstalled. Please fix the bugs. I really would like to be able to read updates on Hurricane Florence.
  • I deleted it 2/5

    By D-n-w
    Edit - I finally gave up and deleted it. It’s taking so long to upload any stories it’s ridiculous but the tipping point was this morning it gave me 7 notifications for the same exact story, one after another. And then after a minute it started doing it again with the notification slightly rewritten. If I ever find out it’s been fixed I’ll get it again but for now I’m done. This app is barely usable now. I don’t think it’s traffic volume on the app. Half the stories don’t load on the home page and the ones that do don’t load when you click on them to read them. I let it sit and the wheel just spins. It’s not my phone or network because it’s not happening to other news apps. I hope they fix it. I don’t like the layout for channel 11 but at least it opens the stories.
  • Crashes every time I use 1/5

    By Orly1988
    I used to read the news on this app daily. No longer. For the last month or so every time I use the app it crashes. I’ll be able to read one or two articles and then it will crash. Happens every time. I’ve deleted the app and reinstalled it, but still have the same problem. I’ll be deleting the app for good now.
  • Eh 2/5

    By Wombatmatty
    Lots of grammatical / spelling errors and TONS of useless notifications. Jesus ease up on the notifications. And it’s odd how I download this app and suddenly I get emails to the email registered for the Apple ID from WRAL sports fan... claiming I signed up for sports emails. No. I didn’t.
  • the BEST! 5/5

    By kblissincarync
    the news people @ WRAL are top-notch, caring & professional...we love WRAL!
  • When the app doesn’t crash, it doesn’t load content 1/5

    By Dave73647292747838301
    This app is terrible. When the app doesn’t crash, it doesn’t load content. I’ve been trying to follow the storms while away and have had to resort to The Weather Channel and ABC11 because this app keeps hanging, crashing or doesn’t load content.
  • WRAL app 1/5

    By kalroth04
    Horrible app broken links and bad pages all the time also not very user friendly.
  • Love it 5/5

    By pinkpicklepig
    This is one of my favorite Apps.
  • WRAL News 5/5

    By Be-at
    Excellent in keeping me up to date on my beloved NC. So concerned during Hurricane Florence!!! God Bless All!!!
  • Should work seamlessly when casting to TV 2/5

    By Lillian Bubbles
    Instead, it wants a Chromecast pin and other apps loaded on your phone. TV never sees the live feed. Useless. Just work like the YouTube app. Tap and cast. Rest of app ok.
  • Cranky One 4/5

    By Cranky Jane 52
    I used to watch WRAL. Many years ago when living in the area . Now I live out of state but still have many friends and family still there ... It is nice to read about what is happening. Helps me to be less Homesick.
  • News Video Feature Not Working 2/5

    By NDNartist
    I downloaded app to keep me informed about Hurricane Florence but all I get are notifications. I can’t watch any of the News Feeds. I deleted the app and downloaded it a second time with no success. When I click on a News Story I get a black screen. It’s not my phone because similar apps from other News sources work great!
  • Duckfook 1/5

    By KDSPJ
    Pretty much a liberal/socialist slant on everything they report.

WRAL News Mobile app comments

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