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  • Current Version: 4.5.5
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Capitol Broadcasting Company
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WRAL Weather App

Get all the weather information you need, including a quick-look 7-day forecast, DualDoppler5000 interactive radar with Futurecast and severe weather warnings, from a trusted source β€” the WRAL WeatherCenter in Raleigh. Our team of six full-time meteorologists knows the ins and outs of weather that is often unique to North Carolina. That means you get weather information based on more than 100 years of combined forecasting experience. Use the app's interactive radar map to see current conditions and forecasts for any location.. Turn on geo-location, and we'll show you what is happening at your current location and alert you to severe weather. Just head to the Alert Center to set your notification preferences. Get quick access to the latest video forecasts from the WRAL Weather team and live streaming of DualDoppler5000 and the Fayetteville radar. It's weather Coverage You Can Count On.


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WRAL Weather app reviews

  • Ok, but needs some updates 3/5

    By fyreous
    This app works well enough, but is in need of an update. 1. Still no iPhone X screen support. 2. I would like an option to pay to remove ads.
  • Horrible App! 1/5

    By Tdosmith
    This app is horrible and useless. It won't save your location and when the setting pop up for you enter your location there is no way to leave that screen. Pitiful WRAL!
  • WRAL Weather 4/5

    By hotlanta91
    This started with current version. Current conditions often do not load. We have to either reload app or nav away and return to it in order to see. Please fix!!
  • WRAL Weather App Is Better 3/5

    By @rogergentry3
    I really like the updated app now. I like it pinpoints your location. It's a good app and hope it stays good. Thank you WRAL.
  • Obtrusive ads make it unusable 1/5

    By briwilson
    The type and frequency of ads just keep getting worse and worse. I know you guys have to make a buck, but man. I'd pay for a subscription to get rid of this. At least on the desktop I can use AdBlock software. Use another stations app
  • Nice, but one major flaw 3/5

    By Shoot the bunny
    I like the WRAL weather app, and use it frequently. The information and various maps (both static and up to 8-hour moving history) are very good. The one (huge) drawback? If you allow it to use location services, location services stays on 24/7, not just when the app is open. Unforgivable, both from a privacy viewpoint and from a battery life viewpoint.
  • Awful 1/5

    By Wombatmatty
    Pretty much just a plain Jane app. Nothing really to wow me. Always displays blank forecasts. Have to reboot the app to see the forecast. When I hit play on the radar to see it in motion, the map goes blank.
  • Better with location services off 2/5

    By Josepha1
    When location services is enabled I have a constant location services icon and it never goes away even with the app fully closed. Highly annoying.
  • Terrible weather app 1/5

    By LizzyZig76
    When you click "forecast details" it gives you weather from over a week ago. Not actually helpful.
  • iControl radar needs work 3/5

    By theCLAMMMburglar
    The iControl radar is very glitchy. When it works it works great and when it doesn't it hardly works at all.
  • As good as a weather app can be 4/5

    By Androminous
    All of the bad reviews of this app have no credibility because they don't have reasons to dislike the app. I think this is really all you would want in a weather app.
  • Worst app ever for weather 1/5

    By Chefstimnett
    I am deleting this. It's awful. They really should update more and not make a fool of themselves. Their are so many better apps out there that will do everything and beyond what this app gives with accurate info. What a joke. I will also not ever watch wral as far as news goes at this point because if you can't update an app at a reasonable time how can I count on you for news. I will spread the word as well. What an epic failure.
  • Get rid of the non-stop push notification messages 3/5

    By Killoggs
    See subject. Would get four stars otherwise.
  • This app is a joke 1/5

    By Jett93
    I believe the title says it all. The app is absolutely no help whatsoever. Don't waste your time downloading it.
  • Sound!!! 1/5

    By Mkp459
    Where is the sound? Most of the alerts are silent.
  • Absolutely excellent 5/5

    By Shaxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Has many features. Live icontrolradar in my area works faster and better than other weather apps plus I can navigate. It's alert center notifies you of any storms nearby and their bti. You can add multiple cities as well. Well made . 5 stars
  • Wish I'd kept the 3.78 version api file... 1/5

    By RaisaIbex
    The updates for this app used to be an improvement, so I didn't bother to save an old version file on my computer. Now I'm stuck with an app that won't work. At all. I can get only a part of the current weather screen. Can I get the last version until a more backwards compatible app is released? (I'm stuck in iOS6.)
  • Good radar back and better than every 4/5

    By Plugrzr44
    Hooray, the nice Dual Doppler views are back and now will loop 1 or 8 hours. Getting back on track!
  • Videocided 1/5

    By I'dchemist
    Won't sit through video ad to get a two-second glance at radar. Delete.
  • Too many bugs, but radar is better 3/5

    By Doolick
    ** updated after a month of using. ** The radar is much improved, and for those of you missing dual Doppler views - they are an option on the Icontrol radar. It also has overlays that lets you see all the active alerts. On any of these options you can quickly zoom in locally or zoom out and see the entire nation. it took me a while to find the settings because I was used to the old version. I think this is a problem for a lot of users. I am running the last version of iOS 7 and this app freezes all the time. Can't get out of video forecast or radar live stream without closing the app and relaunching it. This sort of bug should have been eliminated before publishing the app. While I find the aesthetics of the new version pleasing I agree with some of the functionality complaints from other users. The slider for hourly temperatures is fun but not quite as easy to use. I have always preferred WRALs forecasting (seems most accurate in my experience) but this app is kind of a pain.
  • New app? Why? You've made your app not usable 1/5

    By Desubu
    The old app had just gotten their refresh problems worked out and even with those problems it was a better app than this one. Their radar was the best and the reason I came to your app years ago. Now that useful radar is gone, replaced with a useless icontrol. The Doppler switching between two widely separated viewing areas every 15 seconds is also not useful when users are trying to pin down a 'powerful thunderstorm in your neighborhood' that a phone call has just alerted them to. How about two doppler views for the two areas? The combination of trying to depend on this and what little you had online in the last big storm in my neighborhood pushed me to ABC 11 so I guess I'll leave it at that.
  • Bad update 1/5

    By Addictive99
    Love to hate... Traded in best radar for 2 junk replacements WHY ?????
  • If.you don,t change it back. I,m only going yo watch. Channel 11. On TV. 1/5

    By Clownisscary
    Your new app. Is not worth a. ? I will watch channel 11.
  • Go back! 1/5

    By JBart in Cary
    I really do not like the App update. Please go back to what I use to use everyday!
  • Unusable 1/5

    By 352FE
    Terrible. Bad design, nothing makes sense. The doppler's been called Doppler in all the apps and now it's called something else. Radar doesn't close gracefully you have to kill the app. Never remembers my city. Daily view is a mess and I have to slide something to get an hourly view by hour, can't just get an hourly view at a glance. Terrible. Love WRAL weather but will look elsewhere for a weather app.
  • Awful Update 1/5

    By jsm97
    I have tried hard to like this current update. I have tried to give it time, to try and learn my way around the app. Every time I open the app frustration begins. I have finally given up. The overhaul of this weather app is awful. It is not user friendly, at all. I do not understand why developers insist on changing things that are not broken. The only answer I can come up with is job security. While this used to be my go to app for weather, it is not anymore.
  • Update is a disaster 1/5

    By Telepalmter
    I loved the old version. Now the app crashes constantly when I try to get alerts. The radar used to be easy to read and very accurate. Now it is useless. I hope they fix this fast. In the meantime I have to rely on another TV station's app. When tracking a dangerous storm I need information fast, not bells and whistles that make it impossible to know what is happening.
  • Huddy66 1/5

    By Huddy66
    Whatever WRAL paid for this revision was a terrible waste of money. The current version is a complete makeover of what was previously one of the most useful apps available. In the previous version the radar was useful, clear and accurate. This is gone, replaced by something awful, including an intrusive location arrow so large that it covers local conditions one could previously view. WRAL has a great weather department. This representation of their expertise is an embarrassment - bring back the old one. As the say in Virginia, β€œThe old one was better!"
  • Successfully ruined a great app 1/5

    By Gotodengo
    The previous version of this app had the best radar map anywhere. Used it all the time when traveling NC. The new version ruined by including a crappy wunderground style map. The best part is there is a big plus sign right over my location that I cannot find a setting to get rid of. So I can see weather approaching, but when it gets near me it becomes a big annoying obscured mystery. Uninstalling. Bring back the old radar.
  • 1234 1/5

    By 7lks
    Terrible radar.
  • Not a useful update 1/5

    By Muggiemen
    Goodness gracious! The point of a weather app like this is ease and quickness. The new version is neither. I agree with the points everyone else has mentioned... Go back to last version. I will be using the weather channel app..and abc11.....now until this gets reworked.
  • Weatherman 1/5

    By CarsonFW
    Prior app version was far superior especially for radar.
  • About to delete 1/5

    By SYN629
    There is nothing in this new version that didn't make this app worse, if not unbearable. Advice for WRAL, do NOT try to fix this version, go back to the last version. Go back NOW! If you are wise enough to do that, don't try to make it look pretty or fancy, just keep it simple, like it was.
  • I hate the slider 2/5

    By Tav111695
    I don't like not being able to see all of the hourly temps at once
  • Terrible Update 1/5

    By Wingo1224
    Looks like someone failed to test the font size on the 7 day forecast details. Talk about sloppy. The slider for the hourly forecast does not work well and doesn't allow users to see any hour they wish. Worst of all, to even use the app, I had to get this awful update. What a joke--I might as well delete it now.
  • New version ruins the app 1/5

    By ZenArcher444
    With this version, what was once a perfectly usable app has been made unbelievably horrible. Really, a slider to see hourly conditions? Used to take 2 seconds to get a sense of the day, now I'm fiddling with a tiny slider. Users want to see temperature and conditions trends quickly. Features I used every day have been buried or deleted. I've been turning to WRAL for weather since I was a kid (that's decades). Not up to the standard I'd expect of WRAL. One struggles to understand just why someone would deliberately create such a weak, unusable app. Goodby WRAL, at least on my iPhone!
  • terrible update 1/5

    By boolittlek
    The best thing about the old app was the selection of Dual Doppler views (just like the website). I hate iControl, and the Radar Livestream is useless. The new 7-day forecast view is a bust too--the temperature doesn't stand out enough.
  • Horrible forced "upgrade" 1/5

    By SLove2015
    Just... No. For all of the reasons already stated in other reviews. I hope WRAL didn't actually pay a firm to "redesign" this "upgrade."
  • New update is horrible! 1/5

    By Adventuremann
    This new version is not user friendly at all! I used this app many times a day to check hourly forecast, and the county-specific radar views. This new version took all of that and made it more difficult to see! You just lost a regular user with this update!
  • Please bring back prior version 1/5

    By tlgpottery
    What happened to the Hourly temps with one touch? Now it's a slide in 4-5 hour blocks!!. NOT HELPFUL!! And the format of Forecast Details in huge font. I don't want to have to scale down just to read more than a sentence or two each time I use this feature. I only used it once before I knew I had to write my first review ever. I guess I'll have to go back to using the Weather Channel app... And I really liked this app before this update...
  • Bad update 1/5

    By BranDNC
    Old app way better and easier to use than new one. Old radar feature, current weather conditions and 7 day forecast were much much better and easier to use than new. I used this app every morning & if it doesn't go back to how it was I will delete. Always liked WRAL weather app until now.
  • Thumbs down 1/5

    By Net n will
    I really really liked the old version this version gets a thumbs down!!! Radar doesn't pull up and isn't easy to use!
  • You lost a user & a viewer 1/5

    By Chthm
    Horrible interface. Not at all intuitive. The ease of swiping for different locations is gone. Can't even set a permanent home location. Once-favorite weather app is deleted. And since you heavy-handedly stopped usage of previous version, I now have switched to another TV station for my news -- after 25 years. Goodbye forever.
  • Don't bother 1/5

    By Flip flap the app is crap
    It's a waste of time. They "improved" something that didn't need to be improved upon.
  • Love the new app 5/5

    By TarHeel1987
    Clean design and easy to navigate. Love it!
  • Major disappointment for an "upgrade." 1/5

    By Dave In NC
    Took most if not all of the useful features and either buried them in the application or removed them completely. A lot of information that was available at a glance now requires manipulation of a slider. Why would anyone using a LOCAL weather app want the maps zoomed out so far. Horrible step backwards for the UI. I'm in search of a new weather app. This one stinks.
  • Please replace it 1/5

    By Huntington-Meath
    This new App is a regression. Audio doesn't work. Can't rotate the phone. Too bad.
  • Ruined the app 1/5

    By Yoda0317
    You guys took a nice simple app that I used everyday and made it worthless and annoying. Please put it back the way it was.
  • Huge disappointment 1/5

    By VanillaBabies
    This app is a gigantic step backwards both functionally and aesthetically. The drop downs and slider bars are counter-intuitive compared to previous swipe functionality, the UI is horribly inconsistent, and it's unclear where some features have gone. πŸ‘ŽπŸ»
  • Hate the new version! 1/5

    By Jenn27539
    What happened to the 7-day high/low temperature graph? The new hourly conditions slider is awful. I liked the previous version where you could scroll top to bottom through the hourly conditions. It makes it easier to plan your day when you can see all the information at once instead of having to slide back and forth. The radar features were far superior in the old app!

WRAL Weather app comments


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