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WSB-TV News App

The WSB-TV/Channel 2 Action News app brings you breaking news and constantly updated major news stories for metro Atlanta and north Georgia. The app also features local weather, traffic, sports and more. The app has been slightly redesigned with several advancements in video. You'll find two channels of live streaming video so you can watch our newscasts and/or breaking news coverage as it happens. Download and get alerted to breaking news from Channel 2 Action News - including traffic and severe weather alerts. The app includes an interactive radar so you can track storms down to your street. The forecasts are prepared by Severe Weather Team 2 and you can watch the latest forecast updated multiple times per day. We strive to provide you with the best in local news and info, so check out our app and watch for updates as we make it even better. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. Please note: This app features Nielsen’s proprietary measurement software which will allow you to contribute to market research, like Nielsen’s TV Ratings. Please see for more information.


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WSB-TV News app reviews

  • What? 2/5

    By bigangryblkguy
    In 2018, it baffles me that a News Station would develop and release a mobile app without sharing features.
  • Worthless 1/5

    By holddown1
    Started out as a solid ap but now “news alerts” have become obvious program teases sent numerous times per day.
  • Needs to be updated for iPhone X 2/5

    By Jblue1983
    Still not updated for iPhone X
  • Average 3/5

    By Ejaazi
    WSB is great for breaking news alerts but the UI is terrible. The ads need to be moved from the bottom of the screen as many other news apps have done. Between the ads ad border at the top, visual navigation is messy.
  • Useless 1/5

    By Stephdnene
    This app is trash. The live weather maps don’t work. The live feeds freeze and don’t play. The articles that need frequent updates (such as severe weather) are never updated until AFTER the storms/threats pass. Use the 11 Alive app instead. It’s much better.
  • Push notifications 3/5

    By Nobody6382
    I get push notifications with no sound. Please fix.
  • Unreadable articles and broken notifications 1/5

    By Kaidenshi
    When an article has less than 100 words and takes two frustrating minutes to read because the ads cover it up constantly, your app is broken. When you tell it not to send notifications for sports and now the only notifications you get are for sports, your app is broken. Please fix these issues if you expect people to find value in your app.
  • Can’t use 1/5

    By In pain
    Per the App: This is what I get when I try to use my WSBTV App— The developer of this App needs to update it so it will run on the operating system iOS 11.0.
  • Wasted space 1/5

    By mark71sc
    This could be an ok app, but why do you have to use 1/2 the screen with a photo of a weatherman and othe fixed info. This leaves just a little space to select and view weather. YOU SHOULD FIRE WHOMEVER DESIGNED THIS. I understand you need ads to make money, but they should be reasonable in length.
  • Casting??? 4/5

    By JC Rockstar
    Why can't I cast it to my TV???
  • Ad Overkill 2/5

    By Morgan Jo
    I understand that you need ads to make an app successful, but this app is over-run with ads.
  • Wsb tv news 1/5

    By Cw790c
    Current version does not load. Forced update broke the app.
  • Forced upgrade to newest version but can't upgrade 1/5

    By MajorMajorMalfunction
    The app is trying to force me to upgrade it now as of October 2017. The App Store won't allow me to upgrade the app. I'm not upgrading my totally stable and working iPhone to the newest iOS. Back to using the web site again, I guess.
  • Update only to push more ads 2/5

    By Meangst246885
    Not surprised by the forced update to only reveal more ad space. 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼
  • Since there are no ZEROS I give a one. 1/5

    By Mr_Majestyk
    News is supposed to be news not an advertising platform for rent. This is worse than telemarketing so I am deleting this app because of the insidious Amazon pop up. I can't read a full article because this quiz/add has no method of escaping out of it. This effectively locks up the app. If you are a "news organization" then show me the news. There are enough "sponsored stories/adds that I must stroll past on the way to attempting to read an article spread across multiple pages. Again I say, this is worse than telemarketing.
  • Don't upgrade 1/5

    By Makingthepush
    Why Channel 2 feels the need to access my Apple accounts is disturbing. You are a news site, and very close to being deleted permanently for requiring that access.
  • Needs UI Fixes 2/5

    By sonikku10
    As the other reviewer mentioned, you can't turn off closed captioning, even if you tap on the icon to disable it. Seems like you can tap anywhere on the video player, and it will pause the video. I suggest you tap once anywhere to bring up the buttons, then explicitly tap play/pause to interact with the video. Also suggesting Google ChromeCast implementation.
  • Can't turn CC off and videos are slow. 1/5

    By De security
    Can't turn CC off and videos take too long to buffer and are in standard definition even when I'm on 50gb connection.
  • Okay but 3/5

    By Echoglow
    Sponsored content is not news!!!!! If you need ads, use ads, but don't use stuff that slides into your news stories like they're news. It's hard enough to know what's real out there nowadays without more junk appearing to be news that's just ads or other clickbait. Also, does Suntrust Park really need its own entire section? Seriously?
  • Timberwolf 1/5

    By Henry marutz
    I live in Coweta county I am part of Atlanta metro seeing you will not have alerts for Coweta county I will delete your app
  • Live traffic not working 1/5

    By Ccbjr
    Ever since the 85 bridge collapse, could have been before, the live traffic hasn't been working. This was the most useful part of the app.
  • Unnecessary notifications 2/5

    App notifications should be reserved for critical or highly important. Why news outside the metro local area just because someone local is involved? I don't feel it is necessary to report minor non emergency things to app notifications.
  • Crashes all the time 1/5

    By Lagcco
    It works sometimes but the last several days it instantly closes when you click on the app. Today it opened but crashed when I click on story. Now it won't open again.
  • App crashes every time 1/5

    By Elitedreamr
    Since the latest update this app crashes at launch. Please fix!
  • App crashes 1/5

    By RC55mon
    Please fix, not working
  • Good notifications but app crashes when opened 2/5

    By ShawnDH12
    The title says it all. The Notification Center is a buzz with everything that's going on but when you actually try to open he app and watch the videos or something, it just crashes and closes out. Iced updated my iPad and iPhone and updated the app and the same thing. Please fix.
  • Doesn't work when you really need it! 1/5

    By Peachyeyes
    My power went out and when I really needed to know what was going on with severe thunderstorms, the app would not open. Seems to work great when there's no severe weather around. I hope they can fix it so it's useful when you really need it.
  • Good but crashes a lot 3/5

    By Cam30118
    Crashes every time I click a notification to read a story
  • Commercial commercial commercial 1/5

    By Ben not happy
    1 minute of news after 10 minutes of commercials
  • Error prone, slow to update 1/5

    By Tyrone for you
    Website often has news and information that is days if not weeks old. Need info on breaking news? Well you should probably look elsewhere. No Justin though so that's a big plus.
  • Works for me now software update works 5/5

    By bhh54
    Works fine for me here in Tennessee
  • Doesn't work y'all! 1/5

    By MarcRNBSN
    Please download and see for yourself.
  • Error Loading Video 1/5

    By MsMarieal
    Every time I try to use this app I get this error message! The only thing I can watch is The Phantom of the Opera commercial or The Little Mermaid commercial. It is happening on my iPad and my iPhone! Both devices have the most current software! So, what's up with this app???
  • Live stream won't load after update 2/5

    By YankInShef
    The app was perfect until the update. Now the live stream won't play. The ads will, of course.
  • It doesnt work half the time!! 1/5

    By Mgray3
    Trying to watch tonight from my phone, i use to be able to watch prerecorded version of 6 pm news. Now, a frozen screen Doesn't work on the weekend
  • App crashes and ads cover the stories 1/5

    By rellison302
    The app crashes at random times. Worse, the pop up ads cover the stories and do not go away. There is no way to get rid of them. There is no X to close them. Very annoying and makes the app useless.
  • Needs help 2/5

    By Mexican Spanish
    New app does not completely shut off. Audio restarts after about 45 seconds and device shut down required to completely shut it off.
  • New app 1/5

    By Donothing50
    When there is no way to turnoff and ad then the app is wore less, it used to be great. Please take a look and fix it.
  • Glitchy 1/5

    By Vampire sheep
    Can't open articles from the app OR from my notifications banner. If I am lucky and get and article to open, it usually crashes or I get an error message which makes it unreadable. I will be deleting this application, because I have seen little to no improvements with the updates.
  • Disappointed 3/5

    By RJL2
    I understand bias in reporting, but this is just too much for me to continue using this app. Multiple articles today on a UGA football game where they nearly embarrassed themselves, but absolutely none on the Ga Tech game right there in Atlanta. I've dumped the app in favor of less biased reporting.
  • Worst App on my phone. 1/5

    By followingseas
    Works correctly about 60% of the time. Most irritating of all is the many misspelled words and lousy grammar. They should hire an editor.
  • Please fix the navigation in your app 2/5

    By Cmassey84
    About half of the time when I tap on a story and attempt to slide my finger upwards to scroll through the content, the app returns to the left-hand menu. It's very frustrating to use this app, to the point where I just use the website instead. Please make your app less glitchy and more intuitive to navigate. Thanks.
  • Forced ads 1/5

    By alkalinewish
    Ads ads ads. Every video story has a 15+ second add that wastes your time and cannot be skipped.
  • Love WSBTV, not the app 2/5

    By Nippersissa
    This app is really frustrating. The content is awesome, but every time I click on a story, it is very difficult to scroll without it returning to left menu. Please fix this! I love WSBTV and the news is local, relevant, and just what I'm looking for; however, the app just drives me nuts!
  • More bugs than a flea market 1/5

    By Drofmog
    As if there weren't enough commercials during the broadcast, you went and added a FORCED commercial when you press the "watch live" button. Then it crashes. I guess I'll have to see how the channel 11 app works.
  • Newest update.. 2/5

    By Cnprpl
    The app was updated twice yesterday (4/16/16) & neither one fixed the (not) scrolling problem. Keep trying, guys! Please! Up until the newest update, this was a great app. A lifelong Atl resident & WSB viewer (& WSB radio listener - RIP Capt'n Herb!) I was excited to find their app over a year ago. Until recently, the only glitch was that it would occasionally bring up a different video than what was selected. No big deal - it was very easy to read the story or find the video in the VIDEOS section. However, now it is really terrible. In portrait mode, you are unable to scroll through the written story - you can only read what is on the screen. In landscape mode, you can scroll through if you are VERY careful. If you touch the wrong spot to scroll, the side menu takes over half the screen and your only option is to return to HOME via the menu and try again. If video is available, watching seems to work, but it does pull up the wrong story pretty often. The new update also eliminated the separate sections on the HOME page for NATIONAL NEWS, SPORTS and INTERESTING TOPICS. There is now only 1 section for HEADLINES similar to the FOX5 App. WSB used to be my go-to app over FOX5 for this very reason - I enjoyed being to see the frequently updated NATIONAL NEWS stories without switching pages or apps. Now those separate sections aren't even available from the invasive side menu. Please take this app back to the old version! It was so much better! Until it's changed for the better, I'll be using the FOX5 app.
  • Forced upgrade 1/5

    By Georgia Man 218
    Why do you force users to upgrade? If we choose not to then the app can no longer be used, so goodbye app! There are others to choose from.
  • Lame 1/5

    By pantysnawad
    They removed "national news". Why? Separating national and local news made sense. Why on earth are you running everything in one feed now?
  • Love the alerts but always crashes 1/5

    By Taylorkortman
    iPhone6+ I love the push notifications regarding current stories, but every time I "swipe to open in app" the app crashes. Very frustrating. Please fix!
  • Good app but too many push notifications 3/5

    By Karp40534
    Pretty slick app with the ability to watch the newscast live. The only real complaint would be the excessive "alerts" that are pushed. (But that is probably more an issue with the WSBTV Social Media Team). I like to be notified of real "breaking news" but some of what's sent is pretty irrelevant. It would be nice to be able to select "Alert Types". Otherwise, good job to the developers.

WSB-TV News app comments


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