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WSB-TV Weather App

Chief Meteorologist Glenn Burns and Severe Weather Team 2 have made the most accurate local weather app, “The WSBTV Weather App,” even better. Atlanta’s most powerful weather app includes the following: - There is a new radar in the weather app that matches the radar found on other digital platforms and also includes future radar to provide you with a likely path and outlook of storms. The radar has 250 meter resolution, the highest available. - New alert types - We added earthquakes and storm tracks as layers in the radar. Now you can track the location and magnitude of earthquakes as well for storms the speed, direction and type. Tap the “storm symbols” icon in the radar to see the list. - Push alerts are FREE for more than 25 alerts types including everything from tornado warnings to winter storm warnings and tropical storm alert types. - Now you can scroll through the home screen to access most of what you need or want on one tab. - Locally crafted forecasts - Select a location inside the Atlanta market to see a local forecast created by WSB’s local weather experts. The app also tells you which member of Severe Weather Team 2 crafted the local forecast. National applications that come pre-loaded on your phone don’t have local experts focused solely on getting the local forecast right every day. - Place a location pin precisely where you want it for a specific address or any position on a map. When saving a location you can name it exactly how you want it. - The app works with identical features on tablet and handset. The WSBTV Weather App also has these critical benefits and features: - The app is constantly updated with the latest area storm and forecast information and includes Severe Weather Team 2’s 5-day Forecast with the “Weekend Always in View.” - Live Stormtracker 2HD Radar zooms down to your neighborhood or zooms out to check radar anywhere in the country. - It provides Location-Based Storm Alerts. While many other apps offer alerts based on your county, The WSBTV Weather App supports a more precise type of alert issued for the most dangerous types of weather threats. More precision means you get alerts that matter to you, not false alarms. - Current conditions, hourly and daily forecasts for any location you enter. - Level 3 interactive radar, animation/loops and visible satellite map - Additional items added seasonally - High resolution satellite cloud imagery - Daily and Hourly forecasts updated hourly - Ability to add and save locations - A fully integrated GPS for current location awareness *Data and alerting available for the United States only.

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WSB-TV Weather app reviews

  • Old Version Better 1/5

    By wsrmsprings0021
    The new version of the WSB app is terrible! I liked the old app MUCH better! Please listen to all the feedback on these reviews...
  • Brian Monaghan=Best forecast 5/5

    By Menuga
    It’s SO nice to have the actual weather report from TV & the app, if/when Brian does it. He, Katie& Ebony have THE MOST ACCURATE forecast I’ve seen yet from Channel 2. Brad is a close follower, otherwise, it’s like the more”fancy”, advanced equipment you get in, the worse the report gets from the others. Seriously, Guy Sharp had better forecast 45 years ago when I was a kid than SOME give now with the “all new” equipment. It’s so nice to get a morning forecast fir a change and it actually happen instead of preparing for downpours and it’s hot and clear all day, or prepare for clear, dry days and get Drenched 1-2” of rain. Thanks Brian!!! Also, Katie, Ebony & Brad.
  • I deleted this app 1/5

    By Rachelle•W
    The new app is bad in all aspects! The App developer team does not listen to people’s feedback. Instead, it’s still forcing the new app down our throats. So I deleted this app and went with another weather app.
  • New update doesn’t work 1/5

    By wmverdon
    No functionality i want the alert tab back and half time it doesn’t work
  • New weather app 1/5

    By Loved your old app
    Old one was much better. Switching to a different weather app.
  • Old version was much better 1/5

    By app user 30306
    Your “upgrade” is much worse than the old version of this app. Like some of the other recent reviews, the app typically tells me that I don’t have a WiFi or internet connection. There’s actually two different messages. One I just hit ok, and one I hit retry. Of course, I always have wifi, a cell connection, or both, and I never have this problem with other apps. After getting past this, the app then very slowly loads. Once it loads, the temperature is on the home screen, but it won’t show the humidity there like the old app. I haven’t found humidity anywhere in the app. Of course, the video forecast auto plays, even though I don’t want to watch it. This video slows down the app and sometimes makes it impossible to scroll past the video to get to the hourly info below it. Then, almost half the time the app ends up crashing. I have no problems with video in other apps, just your new “upgraded” app. I don’t know what you were going for here, but it didn’t work. If you just wanted more ad space, then fix the connection problems, don’t have auto play on the video, and add humidity back as an option. Those problems aren’t related to ads. This used to be my go to weather app. I’m done with it until you fix the problems you created. It’s just not usable now. Having more ads doesn’t help if you have fewer people using your app.
  • Ugh why??? 2/5

    By ClaireDeluxe
    I check this weather app all day bc I work outside. 3/5 times I will open it and get a Network Error msg saying it failed to connect. When the app first opens, every day of the week reads “100%” then morphs into the day’s forecast. I want to know the hourly weather for the next 24 hours - can’t do it. Don’t want to watch the video - if I did, I’d open WSB app. I used this app everywhere I traveled but it’s too cluttered and features the meteorologists too prominently. The old app was clean and quick. No bueno guys
  • App still needs work. 3/5

    By Lucibee
    This update is somewhat of an improvement. Still cannot comprehend why you all messed with a perfect app, unless it was for the additional ads. I still cannot find the pollen count. I had deleted the app. With the update, I downloaded it once again. I was hopeful that after all the bad reviews, someone decided to reset back to the prior version. No such luck. I will wait awhile and hope for the best. But as of now, this can still no longer be my “go-to” weather app...sad. I keep checking your app every week or so. Still disappointed in the changes. Video takes up too much space on the home page and the info on the right side of screen is hard to read at a glance. Never have found the pollen count. I used this app everywhere, not just for Atlanta. Sure miss the “old” version. It was hands-down the best weather app EVER!
  • Review 2/5

    By beej 15
    Why did you change the weather app? It is much less user friendly and harder to read on the phone. Since your score is now 2.2 out of 5, I’d think you’d investigate this why. Having to use a better app.
  • Live News 4/5

    By AWperry
    Thanks for putting the live tv back on the app to watch.
  • Does not work 1/5

    By NoNo Keys
    This new version is horrible. It doesn’t work 90% of the time
  • New app is terrible!!! 1/5

    By vcwd00
    What did you do??? You had an app that worked great, it was my weather go-to. Now I can’t even get to a weather forecast. Only thing working is the radar-which I don’t use. I’ve been loading and reloading thinking it was my settings but now I see the other reviews and see it’s far more systematic. Fire the person who came up with this gem. I’m checked out. It’s been weeks waiting for this to be fixed and the wsb app is still useless. Delete. I’ll use the other Atlanta stations weather app.
  • Truck Driver 1/5

    By crocodile tooth
    Like the old one better do not like this one at all.
  • Not good 1/5

    By not happy in Jasper
    I have used WSB-TV weather for years, now with this new app it is impossible to even make it work. It takes forever to load and this week it does not load at all. My connections are fine. Sorry to lose you guys but I must go elsewhere for my weather reports.
  • App change 1/5

    By Smooth like butter103
    Difficult to see what you need at a glance. Old app was perfect
  • Thanks for listening; you brought back some of the best features. 4/5

    By Ladyferns
    Editing my below review of the 2019 redesign: You rearranged the home page so the video is no longer on top, and that’s good. Frequently I’m checking my weather app on the go and having all the info at first glance is important. I’d like a bit more information to be available on that top home block, especially relative humidity and maybe the days pollen count? You could add a touch link to see more on that top block so it shows what it does now with the additional info expandable so it wouldn’t take any more room. When I touch a day on the second section on the home screen I expect it go to that days hourly forecast if available, but instead I discover the whole row is only one link to all the days again, making the link kind of redundant. This has always been my favorite weather app, I check it a couple of times a day. Your redesign had completely changed it and had ruined a great app. It looked like a commercial instead of a useful app. Now you cleaned that up some, thanks! I don’t like the settings on the map, the video on the home page, or the trendy icons on the daily or hourly charts. The daily and hourly were easier to read at a quick glance before. I truly hope you revert the home page at least to the information that was there before and move the video off the home page. You seemed to take this advice and corrected part of it. I’ll get used to the trendy icons... thanks again for listening.
  • Lucy 3/5

    By Monroe gamer
    Liked the old version so much better. New version is too congested. Main complaint is it frequently tells me I have no wi-fi connection when my iPad says I do. That never happened until the new version was implemented. Once that message shows up may be next day before I can open.
  • Does not work on older iPad 1/5

    By Tex0303
    It does not work on my older iPad and is not as user friendly as the old version on my phone.
  • New Update is Not Better 2/5

    By SusansViews
    Don’t like the new update. Much harder to use. Please bring back the old one. The new television graphics are worse too. You don’t stand out anymore. Seems less professional. Looks like it could be CBS or NBC weather. That is not a compliment.
  • New App 2/5

    By zackem75
    When launched app claims no wifi .....not true!!....internet connection fine with Safari, Chrome, and other apps!!....fix it pls!....still getting acclimated with new app!.....
  • Liked the old version better 2/5

    By Nubluz
    My experience with the new iPhone app hadn’t been very good. I find the layout too small & congested for my phone. The previous layout was much more readable & I could see what I needed at a glance. Plus it seems to take forever to load if it loads at all. It likes to tell me I don’t have a network connection when in fact I do. Cellular & WiFi! The only fix for that is close the current session then try again. Or do what I’m starting to do now which is forget this app and fire up the Weather Channel app! Really, I expect better from WSB.
  • Loading takes too long 3/5

    By Wanda_schroeder
    I really like the new update, but the waiting for it to load takes to long.. it used to pop up when I click on it, but not anymore..when I click on your app.. I stare at all of your faces for a few minutes..that’s too long.
  • Not working on iPad 4 1/5

    By SueReid
    We've tried several times on two different iPads (4) it installs but then when try to open, get an error " not compatible with this device ".
  • Deleted 1/5

    By bmathe25
    I have had the previous version of this app for years. It was clear and easy to use. I can’t understand this one. I hate the home page and map. The last two days when I’ve tried to look at it, it wont load. I keep getting a message that it may be my internet connection (it isn’t). I finally just deleted the app. I didn’t like it anyway.
  • New Update is Horrible, Unusable! 1/5

    By Pondfish 321
    This weather app was ONCE our favorite. Our family and extended family used it. We are now looking for a new weather app. Too many videos, radar is terrible, daily view was once easy to read.. I could go on. Please, change it back the way it was! Thank you.
  • Update awful 1/5

    By Thetaxwiz
    This was always my go to app for weather. Was. It’s awful now. Bring back the old layout!! I miss seeing the 5 day forecast like that on the TV broadcast. Too hard to look for and so bland looking. Now the app looks almost exactly like Fox 5 and 11Alive weather apps. Did all of you use the same designer for this app?
  • Changes are awful! What the heck! 1/5

    By sadreally
    Harder to navigate. Not user friendly. Have deleted it!!!!
  • New WSB weather ap 1/5

    By slap-heel
    Hate this new ap...want the previous one back !!! This won’t even send!!!!
  • New is not always better 1/5

    By Davidwalls
    The thing I liked about this app is it was easy on the go. Anyone looking for something different try the weather radar app. It’s close to what this used to be.
  • Update - The worst. 1/5

    By AJS1391
    This update was totally unnecessary. The previous version didn’t seem outdated. Sometimes new for news sake is not progress. This version has failed to load more often than not. Maybe hire a new developer. Cox Media Group FTL.
  • iPad 2 Support 1/5

    By MamaPeek
    Did you know you abandoned support of an older iPad ? Please fix so I can watch the weather ! Thanks
  • Hate It 1/5

    By Hate it ll
    I have an older iPad and the new version is not compatible. I used the old app even on our trip to Alaska. Guess I won't be using it anymore. Too bad!

    By ticked off anna
    Why do you change something that is working? Now when I open it on my iPad, it goes portrait and I want landscape. It’s hard to get it to change!! Also, you have buried the change of locations. I always used to watch the weather of different locations. It is difficult to do now. I’m looking for a new app!!
  • Dislike the update 1/5

    By DATL5
    This app was *previously* the best partly due to it didn’t have small minimalistic icons for the weather forecast. It had a nice visually appealing graphic representing the weather, with a more in depth description of the day’s forecast at a glance. Now it looks just like every other weather app. I miss seeing the % chance of rain at a glance.
  • Changes to app are Not good 1/5

    By Hazal025
    So, I used to love this app. I used it even when I wasn’t in Atlanta. It gave me a message today that I would be forced to update on May 1st, so I just went ahead and updated. I wish I hadn’t updated, I actually wondered why it had bad reviews even as I clicked update. I sorta hate this app now. A. I had multiple locations saved, and it did not retain any of my locations. B. It no longer has an option of what type of map you see. I find the green background jarring. It formerly had multiple options, and one of those was a light colored background similar to a traffic map. I believe it used to call them satellite view, or hybrid view. It no longer has any choice other than seeing a satellite view of green grass, and with green radar on top of it. C. The general method of navigating is very different, and not as user friendly. Those weird shortcuts that you have to drag a choice to, are not user friendly. I would like to easily check on the actual radar, with the warning/watch zones off by default, but able to be added. I would like the map to provide more contrast by defaulting to road map appearance, not satellite. I would like the cloud transparency to be an option, but the radar only on by default. And I would like to easily switch between saved locations. All of which I formerly could do with this app, but not since the update.
  • New app 1/5

    By awuppy
    I depended on your weather app for accurate easy to check forecast. Your new app is just too complicated. I am now trying to find one similar to the perfect one you had.
  • Weather App update 1/5

    By andnxjeid
    I used to love the old weather app but this new one is not user friendly I will be deleting it
  • Not a fan 1/5

    By Mecoonme
    Too hard to navigate. This was always my go to weather app but I think I’m going to have to find a better one now unless there is an update soon. I can’t find what I’m looking for - not sure if it’s just not there anymore or just too hard for me to find. Can’t seem to set my pins in the map or set weather alerts for those locations. I open them and it asks me to mark location (again-every time). I thought I had (every time I tried). I preferred the old version for many reasons but the biggest two were: more options to navigate to/from on the opening page without having to scroll and the easy ability to set my location pins.
  • Very unhappy with new app 1/5

    By Tbstrick
    I loved the previous app. Now, too many adds, not user friendly. I could quickly find info I needed, now it takes too much time to navigate through.
  • New app 2/5

    By Sick of Rolex
    The new app upgrade is lousy. It doesn’t understand landscape mode on the iPad unless you turn the thing upside down. GED rid of the unnecessary, silent video on the home page and get the basic functionality right, please.
  • Hate it 1/5

    By charlieswife2019
    I use to love this weather app but since the latest update I hate it! So much more difficult to navigate and takes forever to load! Will be deleting the app and trying a new weather app
  • New weather app 1/5

    By Jet Puppy
    Love WSB, however, hate the new weather app. Old app was much more informative and user friendly. Way too complicated for elderly relatives to navigate. Bring back the old app!!!
  • Horrible 1/5

    By DannyD01
    Fire the guy who designed this! Cannot add your home to the Map. Can’t you fix this? Current location is the only address you can add. i have a family and i want to see the threats at their address as well.
  • Oh No! 1/5

    By Minnie_1998
    This used to be my go to weather app, however now it horrible. The user experience it’s horrible. Today GA has a lot of storms and bad weather the app doesn’t reflect any of that. I used to love the fact the I could even check and have alerts from other parts of the states all of that is gone sadly not all changes are for the best. Like they said if it’s not broken don’t fix it.
  • From Average to Useless 1/5

    By Bet I don't get in again!
    I just tried the new WSB weather app and it doesn’t appear to be an improvement over the old app. In fact, the video had no sound so it was pretty worthless. I don’t understand why apps aren’t tested before their release. Oh well, back to the Weather Bug and Accuweather until they release crappy updates.
  • New Weather App 2/5

    By daywill
    I totally agree with previous review. The new app is not user friendly. Please consider going back to the old set up. Thanks
  • Hate the new app 1/5

    By lo4minpins
    It doesn’t open all the time. It just sits on the picture of the weather people. The new app is not easy to read like the old app. Hate the new app.
  • New app 2/5

    By 4hoop22
    This used to be my favorite weather app. I hate the new layout. It crashes and i enjoyed the old 5 day forecast layout that you see on tv.
  • Dislike the new format 1/5

    By Dislike the new format
    The new format for your weather app has made me look somewhere else for local weather info. The old format was perfect and gave me exactly what I was looking for on the front page. Easy to dig deeper the few times I wanted more info. Sorry you ruined the best local weather app in town

WSB-TV Weather app comments

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