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WSB-TV Weather App

Chief Meteorologist Glenn Burns and Severe Weather Team 2 have made the most accurate local weather app, “The WSBTV Weather App,” even better. New in 2015, Atlanta’s most powerful weather app includes the following: -- Push alerts are FREE for more than 100 weather alerts types including everything from tornado warnings to winter storm warnings, fog, fire, wind and tropical storm alert types. See a complete list inside the alert settings. -- New map layers are now available to be added to the interactive radar including severe watch and warning layers, the cone of probability for tropical storms, storm reports and more. Tap the layers and settings buttons on radar to see a complete list. -- Locally crafted forecasts. Select a location inside the Atlanta market to see a local forecast created by WSB’s local weather experts. The app tells you which member of Severe Weather Team 2 crafted the local forecast. National applications that come pre-loaded on your phone don’t have local experts focused solely on getting the local forecast right every day. -- Place a location pin precisely where you want it for a specific address or any position on a map. When saving a location, just press and hold the pin and then drag it to the exact location you want. -- A new location switcher in the app header allows you to quickly and easily cycle through all your saved locations and your current location. -- Both tablet and handset apps now have identical features and similar designs to make the app more intuitive for power users that want to use the The WSBTV Weather App on multiple devices. -- The new video center gives you quick access to multiple live streams and other timely weather coverage from Channel 2 Action News and Severe Weather Team 2. You can stay up to date as WSB-TV’s local experts track storms and provide minute-by-minute information on specific streets and neighborhoods threatened by a storm. In addition to these new features, the The WSBTV Weather App still has these critical benefits: -- The app is constantly updated with the latest area storm and forecast information and includes Severe Weather Team 2’s 5-day Forecast with the “Weekend Always in View.” -- Live Stormtracker 2HD Radar zooms down to your neighborhood or zooms out to check radar anywhere in the country. -- It provides Location-Based Storm Alerts. While many other apps offer alerts based on your county, The WSBTV Weather App supports a more precise type of alert issued for the most dangerous types of weather threats. More precision means you get alerts that matter to you, not false alarms. WSB-TV’s Weather App keeps you in touch with Severe Weather Team 2 using social media including Facebook, Twitter and interactive uploads of your photos and videos directly from your mobile device. This Weather App focuses on complete North Georgia Weather Coverage. **** ADDITIONAL FEATURES **** • Current conditions, hourly and daily forecasts for any location you enter • Background tracking for current location • Alerts and push notifications for more than 100 alert types • Level 3 interactive radar, animation/loops and visible satellite map • Additional items added seasonally *Data and alerting available for the United States only. *Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life Please note: This app features Nielsen’s proprietary measurement software which will allow you to contribute to market research, like Nielsen’s TV Ratings. Please see for more information.


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WSB-TV Weather app reviews

  • Not so good 1/5

    By Bobboben
    Have been in severe t storm watch, and for the past 10 minutes, warning. App says none! Worthless.
  • Needs to be updated?? 1/5

    By Mlt39
    Weather forecast video is now 2-3 days old. The current summer weather is bringing in heavy storms; the radar does not update The weather alerts do not go off...when I was depending on this for an app.?? So hit with severe storm after the first one, no power? No alert. No forecast. No streaming. Thanks, wsbtv #nothelpful
  • Al Bradley 3/5

    By 4Alb
    The app functions but I shouldn’t need to join some link to Twitter nor Facebook. I am that lightning detected so I’m safe from pop up thunderstorms. The ability to get alerts for several locations is fantastic. I’m able to set boundaries for area I work. Why I can’t tweet or post feedback to station. 😊🤬
  • Not updating 1/5

    By MiamiRich
    Today is Thursday and the forecast from Memorial weekend is still showing.
  • Accurate and indispensable 5/5

    By Ladyferns
    I’ve tried most of the relevant weather apps, and this one is the most accurate. I use it daily and it’s never let me down. I never write reviews, but value this app so much I decided I should share.
  • Advertisement Placement 1/5

    By Jeric_00
    Since the advertisement at the bottom of the screen has showed up it is much harder to view the hourly weather forecast. If you want to add advertisements that is fine but shrink the picture of the news team. It is more important for me to be able to view the hourly forecast rather than see the faces of the news casters. Update: Just deleted this app. They still care more about there advertisements and weather people and less about the weather. They are not accurate with the weather anyhow. Goodbye WSB.
  • Won’t load 1/5

    By Pcole
    App won’t load. Deleting it.
  • I don't care! 1/5

    By Jzimbert
    I turned off all the bloody sports notifications, why does it keep telling me about the stupid Rose Bowl??
  • Wasted screen on weather employees 1/5

    By mark71sc
    Too little weather on screen, too much space dedicated to WAB weather people. The top half of the screen is taken up by a picture of one of the weather people, the actual weather is crammed into a very small area on the bottom. I’m deleting the app and using an alternative.
  • Very Disappointing 1/5

    By Debskop
    Downloaded app to monitor Irma. Radar difficult to read--where is key to interpret data? Too many ads which kept updating while trying to get oriented on site. --Very distracting. Just another way to advertise --shame on you WSB!
  • Best weather app ever!!! 5/5

    By JuicyThePimp
    Keeps me update when I need it and is super eazy to use!!!!
  • No Alerts 1/5

    By Hate challenges
    It use to work well but stopped suddenly. I used it mainly for the lightning detection service. Few days ago it stopped giving me any alerts... not sure why.
  • Awful update 3/5

    By cb116
    Sorry folks but I finally deleted your app after the update. I used the previous version every day but after a few days of this new one, I gave up and went with a competitor. Theirs isn't great but it's not as bad as yours. Too bad. I expect more from you.
  • Need to update 1/5

    By Mello62
    Notifications don't work anymore. I have deleted and downloaded the app 3 times and nothing. Used to be really good.
  • No accurate location 2/5

    By DannyD01
    It will give you the city and state, but not your address. Current location doesn't work.
  • Fix the app!!! 2/5

    By Malc63
    Trying to delete and add locations has a host of issues. Number one is causes the app to freeze up. You then have to shut the app down and relaunch. Very frustrating!!!!
  • Not Same As On TV 1/5

    By @!%Josephine
    Weather by tv news or by iPad, don't match ,,,,one says one way weather and the other says another,,,how do u expect someone to rely on ur say so??? Not worth getting this worthless app, won't save your life coz it's not accurate!!
  • Tornado Warning 45 mins ago..... 2/5

    By BRPOPE94
    App worked okay till all my other apps stated we was under a tornado warning. 45 mins later I finally get an alert from the WSB app stating there was warning.
  • Great when it was working! 5/5

    By Ratwurkz
    The last 2 days the 5 day forecast in ATL is not updating the main temp. It says 72 today yet the hourly temps never come close to that all day and night. The regular WSBTV app 5 day has diff temps which appear to be more accurate
  • NWS Provides the Forecast for My Area Now? 2/5

    By SandyG123
    I used to love this app, but apparently with a recent update, the forcast for my location is now provided by the National Weather Service and NOT WSB. I am assuming WSB thinks I live too far outside the viewing area (I live in Social Circle, just east of Covington). I tested this by changing my location to an Atlanta zip code in the app, and that forecast was provided by WSB, just like it had been for my location previously. If I am able to get the WSB TV channel at my house, I'm pretty sure that makes me a part of your viewing area. If I wanted a forecast provided by the NWS, I'd use Weather Channel or AccuWeather. What gives? Did you think people who don't live in an Atlanta zip code wouldn't notice this change?
  • Crashing app 3/5

    By Crashga
    The app keeps crashing when I'm using it. It is NOT dependable.
  • Ad seems even larger 2/5

    By Kpisme57
    Are the ads even larger now, it seems so. They should offer an upgrade that removes them but probably make a lot of money and don't care.

    By Sunny Cloud 101
    Unfortunately WSB does not (apparently) have a systematic approach for real-time alignment with their T.V. coverage and this App. Just now Brad Nitz said Wednesday, 1/11/2017 there is a 30% chance of rain. I compared that to what I had (moments before) seen on this App's data. It showed a 60% prediction for rain on 1/11/2017. I reference this App each morning to decide how to dress. If my husband has just listened to WSB T.V., he counters what I tell him. It is often significantly different. That doesn't give me confidence in what I find on the App, or T.V. WSB, you should align all your weather communications realtime. This would include radio with Curt Mellish.
  • Great! 5/5

    By The biglol giraffe
    Best weather app! They have very accurate forecast.
  • Spamming alerts every hour NOT okay 2/5

    By AngusB33f
    I've to turn off alerts for the app as it Spams the same alerts every hour , over & over & over& over & over &...
  • Crash 2/5

    By Perplexed1039
    Every time I add Boynton Beach, FL to Saved locations, the App crashes. I have deleted and reloaded 3 times, same thing! I can my other locations fine. What's going in with this?
  • Radar is almost always wrong 2/5

    By Bilshup
    This used to be much better and was my go to weather app. Not any more. Percentage of rain info is confusing when you compare hour by hour to the full day %. What you see on tv channel is also different from app.
  • New weather update! 1/5

    By We r Geminis!
    Ready to delete this app! I went from two star to one. It just gets worse. Need a better web app here, guys!
  • Loud alerts in middle of the night 2/5

    By Gen. Tso
    The heavy rain alert is very loud and should not keep playing every few minutes. Probably should have a softer sound and happen only once every 6-8 hours. May uninstall app because of this.
  • Radar no longer works 5/5

    By Subivea
    What happened to the radar ? The screen now shows cross hatch squares. I also have a heavy rain alert that is on every screen. App really needs updating
  • App is Not Accurate 2/5

    By westgalady
    This app used to be my 'go to' but for the past few months it keeps giving me false rain reports. And, what's with the newest addition that makes a sound like a rain stick? I'm no longer using this app. I'm using the Yahoo weather app and it is more reliable.
  • waiting on rain 3/5

    By dry as I can be
    heavy rain alert is not accurate needs some work every thing else is ok
  • Alerts that shouldn't be 3/5

    By Blown Ears
    I keep getting an alert that a "heavy rain event" is approaching my area. Radar shows no rain within 50 miles of my area. What gives? This is a recent problem that needs to get fixed. Otherwise it's a pretty good app. I also noticed that the "Tropics" tab gives me a radar map of my area; not the tropics. Odd.
  • Already deleted 1/5

    By Songfool
    You would think a communication company for a city as large as Atlanta would have a decent app. No. They are more interested in monetizing this failed piece of journalism/media than serving their customers. Shame! No pride. Why even offer it?
  • Crap App 1/5

    By Tonyp2w
    Can't log in to see radar late at night LAME
  • Old one better 1/5

    By 68RV
    This app gets worse each time. All we want to see is the weather. Not pictures of people. If I click on a day, I want full screen. Don't need to see anything else..
  • Like! 3/5

    By 15090Nancy
    Easy to use and quick access with tabs on page. I like that you have early a.m. Forecast videos available! Pollen count page isn't working.
  • Spam app 1/5

    By Haileydenise
    Beware, this app will put your phone in a spam because mine was and I deleted it and now my phone is better without it
  • Disappointing 1/5

    By Gerbera13
    The forecast is just for Atlanta. Not my area. Plus I cannot even open the app at just crashes.
  • Upgraded to ADware 3/5

    By Dburke80888888
    This was a great app, used it all the time for weather and news every weekend. This update is now just running ADs for everything. Even ads for the airport streaming video feed. They run ads on all the normal video feed, now ads before the ads. Time to just delete it. Blaaaaaaaaaaa and boooooo
  • Please repair 1/5

    By JJones2012
    I tried to update this app and it crashed. The icon shows it is still installing. I cannot delete or update it. Please repair.
  • Budman 2/5

    By bud's iphone
    Data uploads are are very slow. Presentation freezes.
  • : | 2/5

    By LHLR
    App keeps crashing. Please fix!
  • Interrupting ads 2/5

    By TyLovesThai
    This application not only has ads in the window but every now and then it will toss you into a browser for a pop up ad. What am I supposed to do if I am listening to emergency tornado coverage and all of a sudden the ad pops up and interrupts the live feed?
  • Useless 1/5

    By wifi quest
    App freezes at start-up every time, this latest release did not fix the problem. My patience has been used up with this worthless app ... DELETE!!
  • Slow to Update 3/5

    By Toml99
    Nice looking site, but don't expect the weather to be updated earlier than 7:00 or 8:00am. I guess WSB stands for "We're Still in Bed"
  • PLEASE READ THIS!!!!!!!! I'm extremely sorry for saying this was a bad app because ITS THE BEST 5/5

    By Skyskymonk
  • app problems 1/5

    By south of ATL
    Still slow. Freezes after home screen. Go back to original app!
  • Hate the ap 1/5

    By Bjohnson79
    This updated one is horrible to read i liked the old one better. Gonna delete it
  • New version 1/5

    By bud's iphone
    Poor! Super slow in function.

WSB-TV Weather app comments


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