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WTNH News 8 App

Experience the brand new WTNH News 8 app. Get more news, more weather and more video. It's everything you love about News 8 right at your fingertips. Get all of Connecticut's breaking news, Storm Team 8 Weather and I-95 Traffic cameras from WTNH. Features: - Navigate easily through local news and information that's important to you - Stay informed of breaking news with News 8 alerts - View local news videos embedded within stories or at full screen - Understand how weather will affect you with local forecasts, radar, maps and video - Stay up-to-date on school closings and severe weather - Plan your commute with updated traffic information - Help shape local coverage by submitting photos and news tips through Report It - Easily share interesting articles via e-mail, Facebook(R) and Twitter(TM)


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WTNH News 8 app reviews

  • Liberal agenda reporting only 1/5

    By Im your Huckleberry
    Fake news culled from liberal agenda sources nationwide, clueless on current events in CT
  • Pop up advertisements ruin the experience 1/5

    By Darren W.
    The constant pop ups ads make it nearly impossible read any content. Deleting the app - will get news from a different source.
  • Apple TV et al 1/5

    By Chitownjames
    You can not download the app to Apple TV. The only way to watch news 8 is to have a HD antenna or mirror from IOS device. Needs to be updated
  • Crashes constantly 1/5

    By KPenta
    This app is useless. You open the app, tap a story and it prompts you to open the app to read the article. The app is open! Deleting - AGAIN!! Get it together WTNH!!
  • VERY biased 1/5

    By StepAtATime2016
    Ok for traffic/weather but news is so skewed it should be called opinion pieces, not news. Please give facts from both sides evenly. W
  • Amazon ac 1/5

    By hey*moe
    Said ad completely takes over the app, another reason I NEVER buy from them
  • Holy Ads Batman! 1/5

    By ElmCity9
    I’d rather pay $5 for this app to get local news updates and to be able to read a story with out Frank Pepe trying to sell me pizza in the midst of a cacophony of pop up videos and banner ads.
  • Not Voice Over friendly! 1/5

    By Joshua Cove
    This app has unlabeled buttons, ads blocking content, and links are unresponsive .
  • Ads anyone?! 1/5

    By Calichica05
    What’s the deal with the ads?! I’m in the middle of reading a story and a video ad just pops up and plays in the middle of me reading an article. This wasn’t just once or twice either. But what I can tell you is it’s VERY annoying!!! And rude! So much so that I’m no longer using your app for my news. I will at the most check the weather on it, until you also ruin that by having an ad pop up!! Thanks for... well I guess ruining my reading experience of the news. 👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾 WTNH News 8
  • So glitchy makes it almost useless 1/5

    By Steve from Weston
    OMG I didn't think they could mess this app up any further. New update is far less easy to navigate and now I can't find morning weather forecast. Don't bother with this app.
  • Not Compatible With iOS 11 1/5

    By smf72
    Updated to a new iPhone. No longer receive notification no matter what steps I take. Quality is worse then their horrible news.
  • Trump-themed ads. And clickbait.... 1/5

    By thisisbrokentoo
    My original review was removed!!! App crashes, too many ads, bad ads, video ads auto-play at full volume when phone is on silent, and tons of other bugs and issues. (Notifications, live streams, etc)
  • Ads are terrible 1/5

    By Emmaspongebob4846
    I understand the need for advertising on free apps but this is ridiculous.
  • News App or Ad App 1/5

    By hleonffu
    This is supposed to be a news app, but it seems more like an ads app. Every time we try to read an article, ads just pop up and when you close them, the ads either freeze the app or they just start a few seconds later making it IMPOSSIBLE to finish reading the news article. Worst app ever. We are switching to the WFSB app instead!
  • Horrific ads 1/5

    By Dayre
    It would be one thing if the ads were just in line with the content. I deal with that in many apps. It's another when I try to look at just the list of articles, and multiple video ads pop up one on top of another. Close one, another immediately pops up. This is a practically unusable app.
  • Mercenary advertising 1/5

    By Sporkenstein
    I've tolerated the relentless pop up ads and videos for too long. They take over use of your phone and use fake "X" symbols embedded in them that do not close the ad. If you close out the app and restart it, the video/ad immediately continues! It is way worse on weekends, so it is a deliberate function of the app. If the option to use 1/2 a star existed, I would use it. Removed from my device.
  • Please make this better!! 1/5

    By Pompatoose
    I keep this installed because I read the push notifications or whatever fits on the preview of an article. "Click to open app" does that and only that, opens the app where there is no full story. The first couple of times I did this I tried finding the story but either it wasn't there or I realized I'm expected to watch some live feed. Really very irritating and can obviously be better. If someone is inputting some breaking news story, part of which is available as a preview, than the full story must reside somewhere. Why not on the landing page when you open the app? Look at the CNN app for inspiration.
  • App needs A LOT of improvement 1/5

    By Codysmom913
    App locks up all the time, ads pop up so many times when trying to read a story, then it freezes. Weekends the app is NEVER updated, I'd like to be able to see news that is current and not the top story being from 17hrs ago. It's sad how bad this app works, you'd think it would be top notch.
  • Very Disappointing 1/5

    By G.J.H.
    The News 8 team promotes this app constantly on their broadcast but it's terrible. Stories remain for days with limited updates. Freezes occur often and FAKE NEWS stories are listed along with legitimate articles. Is this really the best you can do?
  • Ads Load on their own. 1/5

    By Doug Llewwellyn
    Their advertisers ads continually auto load as you move through the app...ANNOYING and FRUSTRATING leading to a poor customer experience.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Susans Account
    This app is awful. Get alerts and then there is never a story available. It's a trap to try to get you to turn on the TV and watch live. They are desperate for ratings.
  • An embarrassment 1/5

    By Tratra555
    This is our local news station and it's the worst app I've ever used. The articles are never available and the information is never updated if the article is available. I've had to start using another news app from the Hartford area. Pathetic!
  • Worst app 1/5

    By Colebarns
    If I could give this app a negative rating I would. The notifications are great however when you click on the notification to read the article it's a blank screen. Try spending money on technology and lose the ads.
  • SLOW 1/5

    By One angry slitherrr
    Takes forever to load, constantly freezes... just overall frustrating to use.
  • So many ads 1/5

    By Xeo1
    Open the app and you need to close at least 2 auto play ads. Then repeat after each article. Not worth it
  • App never works right 1/5

    By Awesomedude444
    This is my local news station's app. I first used it on an iPhone 4s. App constantly froze or never loaded. Thought it was my phone. When I upgraded to an iPhone 6 with 128 gB (shortly after the 6 came out) I thought my problems were solved. Not so. App still freezes or loads blank pages with no content. I have it set up for notifications so when a notification comes up and I click on it, it rarely works. Even when it does work it takes a long time to load. The home screen is organized in a very confusing way so it's difficult to search for content. Bottom line is: if you're in CT, use another station's app for your news and alerts. I also use another station's app and they pretty much send out the same notifications so you get the same news anyway.
  • Stop ad autoplay at max volume, even when phone is set silent!! 1/5

    By Amax052
    Another vote to stop the extremely annoying ad-autoplay!! Want to read a bit of news before you go to sleep? Not with this app, you'll wake your loved one up for sure :-/ Even if your phone is set silent it nonetheless plays ads at max volume! Really?! Plus navigating back into the main menu once in an article is super wonky. And: when I get weather pop ups on my homescreen, when clicked, why do I get to the main forecast site and can't read the txt that was previewed?! So much needed to improve, otherwise useless.
  • Zero stars 1/5

    By TheOfficialReview101
    This is the worst app ever. It's loaded with commercials. There are more ads then news. I can't even get the video news to work.
  • Glitchy app, terrible channel 1/5

    By JenniPoP
    The app is glitchy, crashes and is pretty much useless. The channel itself is no better. Why do you cut into programming for an entire hour to tell us it's snowing?!? You DON'T need 3p-4p to show pictures of the same roads, over and over telling everyone it's snowing. It is ridiculous that you constantly feel the need to cut into programming with useless, redundant "news".
  • Pretty much the worst app ever 1/5

    By ligs41
    How it's possible that a major news station can't get their app to work properly? When you click the alerts to go to the story it always takes me to a different story or to a blank page of nothingness. It's pathetic. Channel 8 should be ashamed.
  • Poor app 1/5

    By Stanbhoy
    The channel is fine, the app is slow and cumbersome. Really disappointing.
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By Hufflepuff_79
    Just use the website, this app is probably the worst app I have ever used.
  • App is no good 1/5

    By Andy0823
    Way to much ads!!! they care about ads more then the public news.
  • PLEASE fix the ads! 1/5

    By jb4374
    The in-app ads play at full blast even when just scrolling through, even when phone is on silent mode. I can no longer use this app. Disappointing.
  • Like our governor, this app is worthless 1/5

    By Beibers Left Boots
    Seriously, it's junk. Don't download!!
  • Notification articles missing 3/5

    By Fiyaaaaaa
    Every time I click on a brand new Notification alert to open the article in the app...it always says Article Not Found. There must be some delay but this is very frustrating. Please don't send the alert until the article is available.
  • Distracting sound ads 1/5

    By Worldly traveler
    Every time you click on a story an ad opens up with sound, which has totally destroyed my earlier experience of being able to receive the news. Up until now, this has been my best local news app, but now it is unusable, as well as annoying. I understand the need to generate money for channel 8, but ads so intrusive has resulted in me no longer using this app. If they decide to ditch these ads, I'd willingly return!

    By Kayakefann
    I used to use the Wtnh app several times a day, but it has been rendered useless by multiple embedded blaring audio ads that you can't even find to turn off! Way to go guys, drive people away from their local news feeds. I don't know how much they are being paid for these offensive audio assaults on the user and all surrounding folk--forget about checking the weather quietly while your spouse is still sleeping-but it can't be worth the loss of customers.
  • It gets worse and worse! 1/5

    By MusiciansKid
    I just deleted this app. Ads pop up with no discernible pattern, just willy-nilly, and there's no way to stop them. Video ads are embedded in the news feed, and you don't have to 'play' them, they just start (I disabled auto-play the minute I got the phone; this WTNH app bypasses that). And they're loud! There are so many ads that it's difficult to get the news. Don't bother with this app.
  • Delete this app! 1/5

    By FlightRN701
    Channel 3 here I come, forget WTNH, the stories are never updated anyway, not to mention the annoying ads constantly playing. If I could give zero stars I would. Do not download!
  • Awful ads 1/5

    By WhatHadHappened
    I get that it's a free app, but every time a page loads, the same videos play with no ability to disable auto play or at least mute them. It's downright awful and a disgrace in today's day and age of technology. It's especially frustrating trying to watch a video while an ad is simultaneously playing.
  • Problems 1/5

    By Fred 4 paws
    Very annoying "talking ads"! Can not stand them, I want to read the news not listen to the ads all the time. Will be deleting your ap.
  • Appman 1/5

    By Jkcmotocyclist
    I'm deleting this app, not because of a dislike for the format, layout, or information provided in it. I'm deleting it because of the constant, obnoxious, annoyingly loud audio ads that pop up while I'm trying to read the articles. They are totally unnecessary, and unwanted ads. It's the ONLY tv news app of four that I've dowloaded that does this. Bye bye tv news 8!
  • Video playing 1/5

    By Café et pain
    I hate when I open this app, and there's a video playing without pressing play, it is so annoying!
  • Fix this app immediately! 1/5

    By thegoat1011
    This app is just as bad as New Haven's politics. Do not download this app!! Extremely annoying adds play without you even clicking on them and it's so intolerable I had to delete the app. Find another news source for now.
  • Notifications 1/5

    By Guy430
    Chill out on your commercial videos playing without pressing play. Not cool. Make me leave the app.
  • Stop the auto ads 1/5

    By Jamiecar
    I like to read the news in the morning...quietly... I can't do that with this beyond annoying music that I can't turn off, playing.
  • Miserable 1/5

    By gliderflyer
    Awful. Stay away.

    By Cthtown
    I gave news 8 a month to stop that auto play. Newest update and it still has that loud obnoxious auto play that comes on after backing out of every story. I think everyone should join me and delete the app and make a statement!!!!
  • Can't silence the app 1/5

    By Ct player
    Deleting this app because these obnoxious video ads play when you open it at full volume even if you're ringer volume is turned down to zero and you're sound is switched to mute. There's a reason for the mute switch.

WTNH News 8 app comments


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